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    Quote Originally Posted by selkiemom View Post
    Marjorie, that is interesting to hear because I never had back pain with any of my contractions during labor.
    Could be a sign that I'll have back labor or something. I just know that's the difference between what I consider to be BH and 'real' contractions. *shrugs*

    Helina: Sounds like your appt went well. I think the RRLT might have something to do with what's going on in my belly. It started after I drank my first cup BUT I'm happy to be feeling it so I'll continue drinking. HUGS!! You'll do great!
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    Helina it sounds like you had a really good appt! GL with the cohosh and the EPO- you have to give us some details on the EPO, as to how it is working for you!

    And as for the conversation with the back pain- I bet when you felt those ones baby was facing your belly, and that is why you felt the pain on those, but not all ctx. Since baby has so much room to rotate, and is doing so freely- it seems like the most logical answer why some hurt and others don't. If you are worried at all about babies positioning, do what the m/w suggested, and avoid reclining whenever you can. I've heard from my doc and read here too that that position encourages baby to face forward to be comfortable b/c of how the pelvis is or something...

    Anyway, hope things continue to go well, and that lots of ripening starts happening! lol, I have to agree with Laura that it is SO funny how we can be so interested in another woman's cervix when she is pg.

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    Sounds like a good appt.
    I really hope that your baby will come on his/her own and you can avoid an induction.
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    Happy Friday! My lab just took me and DH out for a lab lunch/mini-shower. We had Chinese so I made sure to order spicy General Tso's chicken with hot & sour soup. I doubt it was spicy enough to do anything but it sure was tasty.

    We got some really cute things: little baby T's and booties emblazoned with our institution's name across the front, a beautiful frame & tabletop photo album, generous gift card, some natural mama & baby balms, cute onesies, a stuffed bear, a stack of books, etc. The majority of my labmates are male postdocs from Japan & China so the whole baby shower idea is very new to them. They are all very sweet.

    Then instead of racing back here, DH & I went to Ben & Jerry's (a rare treat--we are always dieting!) just in case ice cream has some labor-inducing qualities as well.

    I'm going to get the EPO capsules tonight but probably am going to pass on the black cohosh. Oh, and DH has been very cooperative in helping the ripening process.

    Last night on one of my bathroom awakenings I had very severe belly cramping. I don't know if it was a ctx per se but it hurt like heck to get out of bed and I pretty much hobbled to the bathroom. So maybe things are happening in my sleep...

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    YAY for Ben and Jerry's and belly rumblings!! Maybe that's when you'll go into labor, during the night. I hope things get started for you real soon!


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    Mmmmm ice cream....

    Sounds like a great afternoon! That was cool of them to do that for you. lol, Glad that dh is a willful prostaglandin donator! Have fun with that!!!

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    The baby shower sounds awesome!!!!

    Hopefully, things are getting going for you.

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    Hi Helina. Interesting about the RRL tea. I started drinking it and then had contractions and then I just didn't drink it as much and they appeared to back off, now I am drinking 3 cups a day and I am feeling contractions again... I wonder if I just feel them more after drinking the tea. Maybe I will stop as I don't love drinking tea. Anyway, I am glad to hear that your appt went well. Also, it's so cute that your labmates had a shower for you. Maybe things will start up this weekend.

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    Thinking of you Helina, how sweet about the mini shower

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    I'm jealous - ice cream and DTD!!! Ice cream is off limits for me because of the GD and I was a bit worried about DTD when I was told I was at risk of pre-term labour... but I'm almost out of the woods.

    I'm glad your last appointment was a good one Helina. How much EPO did the MW say to take? I've been on a low dose all along - I was already taking it when I fell pregnant, but might increase it now. I'm right there with you in crawling around on all fours. My doula told me to do the same thing today.

    I'm thinking of you and hoping things start happening really soon.

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