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    Default one more thing...

    ...we haven't decided on names yet!
    We have several possibilities for either gender but the lists seem to be getting longer, not shorter.

    The good news is that DH is slowly coming around to my favorite boy name. Then again, that name may not suit him (if it is a him) and I don't know which is my 2nd favorite!

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    Sounds like everything is wraping up nicley. And thats great about your DH graduating, congrats to him
    Crystal, wife to Sterling and Mom to O 7/06, E 5/08, C 6/10 and Baby​

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    Nuclear hot wings while preggo would have killed me! Ihad the WORST heartburn i actually required an Rx this go!

    Its great you gave that baby permission to come out now!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by helivt View Post
    . I love being at work and having people ask me when I'm due and telling them with a big smile, "Yesterday!" Their eyes get big and they act like I'm some kind of superhero or freak of nature. It cracks me up.

    Loved that with Emma Claire! I was so looking forward to this again! Enjoy it for me

    I figured on a little OT for it but it appears I'm going to get a lot more than expected! We were dreaming of getting a Phil & Ted's dual stroller and now that's going to be easily covered and then some. Bonus!
    Ace! Link please! We're still not sure if a double stroller is a need or a want although I think we're leaning toward the former.

    You look gorgeous as usual, Helina. Pregnancy looks great on you!

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    Hey Helina. Did those hotwings do the trick? Maybe I will order some tonight. I am planning on making spicy chicken fajitas for dinner with sauteed mushrooms, onion and red pepper. Hope all is going well!

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    Default 40w 2d

    Val, you poor thing! I don't know how I escape it but I never get very bad HB, just occasional slight discomfort--nothing a Tums or 2 can't handle.

    Laura: here is the Phil & Ted's website. We're looking at the Sport model. My bro & SIL have the E3, now called the Classic, and they still use it all the time with their sons (barely 5 and almost 3.) They are pricey but I hear well worth it--very maneuverable, rugged, etc. (Here is a site w/good pricing but I have seen them NIB on eBay too. In a more populated area you might even find them used on Craigslist...) We almost never use the stroller w/Lidia--literally one time since November!--but with a good dual we could go on longer walks/flat hikes out on the rail trails. I love to wear a newborn, and I'm all for toddlers walking, but I have a feeling that it could really come in handy.

    Nicole, funnily enough my mom (who ate 1 wing) and my DH (who ate 5) both complained but ol' iron stomach me didn't notice a thing. I think it's worth a shot for you, though!

    And just in case y'all are wondering: nothing happening today! My belly occasionally turns to granite but I'm nothing more than tired--we stayed up too late compiling names. DH bottled his beer this morning (brewed a few wks ago--can you say procrastination?) and the PnP is finally set up in our room.

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    I've heard amazing things on those strollers! Congrats.

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    I was wondering how you have been doing. I am hoping that little one comes soon! I am ready to hear all about em.

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    Helina you look wonderful!!

    That is so exciting about dh!!! Hopefully you will have a wonderful newborn by the time of his graduation.

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    Thanks, Lori! I just hope I have more than 4 days between birth and graduation ceremony! It's about 2.5hrs from here.

    Just took a really nice bath--scented bubbles, candles, the whole thing. DH hung out in the bathroom with me to keep me company. I'm about to go to bed and hope that DD sleeps until at least 8am, 8:30 would be great. (She wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30 usually but occasionally 6:30, ugh.)

    Lots more BH and a few that I couldn't straighten up from but nothing feels urgent yet. Still no plug or show or the big D. Earlier I tried to take a nap and felt what seemed like menstrual cramps that came and went a few mins apart, but they were really mild.

    I'm feeling really calm about this. I'm still pretty comfortable physically, and every extra day I get is another day I can enjoy being mommy to only Lidia. DH & I both get teary eyed at bedtimes with her, lying on her bed after stories and songs, and telling her how much we love her and what a great big sister she's going to be. It's been such a great 23mos with just her and I'm going to miss the way things are (while loving the way things will be, of course.)

    Night night! I'll have to check on Julya's lodge on one of my many overnight pee trips!
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