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    You have one of those beautiful, stretchmark free bellies. Mine is SOLID stretchmarks AND not as cute and compact as yours. You're glowing too, which is SO nice! Have fun at work, since it's not going to last much longer and I concur, better to get in a few extra hours now and have more time with your precious babies to play with.

    KUP and stay positive, it's so refreshing

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    You really do look wonderful. Lovely belly.

    Add me to the list of those who are jealous that your daughter can behave for four hours.

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    Hi Helina. How's work going today? Pretty boring for me... I am looking up papers to read and add to my knowledge base. I am going to teach someone to design primers later and am actually looking forward to it as it will be something to do!

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    Forget Lidia's behavior, I'm surprised your DH lasted 4 hours in LnT!

    I have *so* many toddler-grab-at-the-camera shots! Either that or she's saying, "Emma Pair bictures" as I take her pic (her way of asking me to review her pictures with her ).

    Good mindset about taking a day to work now and getting more time off later!

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    Default 40w 4d

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the kind words. I love my pregnant belly but I'm not so into my pregnant face -- I was too lazy to crop it out of the pics. I could do without the puffiness, extra chin(s), splotchy melasma, etc. (No, that's not a mustache, it's my mask of pregnancy!) Oh well.

    It was nearly 2hrs in LnT and then >2hrs in Target. Lidia did pretty well but towards the end in Target she was so over it, so we folded the stroller and put her & it in the cart, and let her play with various things we were buying. She fussed off and on but we just kept saying, "Hang in there, we're ALMOST done!" Cries of "Lidia WALK!" were ignored. DH did great--he loves to cook (and SPEND!) so he was into LnT, actually. Plus we had $100 in gift cards to use (banking rewards) so we *had* to stay in LnT until we could find $100 of stuff we truly needed. It's much easier to do damage in Target!

    And yes, I'm at work! Actually I feel fantastic this morning, despite only getting about 6hrs of patchy sleep. I couldn't have come up with a valid reason to stay home if I'd tried. As for doing much actual work, well, let's just say I'm here. Everyone is so surprised to see me! I *will* head out if I feel anything start. I'm only 5-10min from the hosp and 35-40min from home, but I'd rather go home first if I have the chance...
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    Sounds like a good shopping day, and my DH could spend $100 at LnT so fast, he really loves to cook, but I could spend it just as fast, I have a thing for collecting bed sheets

    Sounds like you are doing great, I think at 40w4d I would be ready to die, I really hope I don't have to eat those words next week
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    I am checking in on you...I have been checking your lodge, but I am dying for email updates with some good news. I am just excited to have another pumping buddy again!

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    Just got through reading up on you, looks like your getting close to the end! I'm so excited to see how things go for you!

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    Oh, My Goodness!!! YOu have such a cute self!!! Glad you had fun shopping!

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    I've always heard that feeling extra well means labor is on it's way.
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