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    Welcome to your lodge, Helina! I am really looking forward to your intro. I think you are one of the best writers on here - and we have lots of good ones! - and that we have come a long way on a very similar journey.

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    Welcome to your lodge! Looking forward to getting to know you.

    DD July 2006
    DS August 2008
    DS November 2011


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    Congrats on your lodge Helina! It seems like only yesterday we were in your last lodge...sigh, how the time flies. How are things in VT right now - is this what they call "mud season?" I'd give anything to be in the Green Mountain State - it is our favorite place to travel
    Karen, Mom to Anthony, Victor, and Elizabeth

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    Wow! I can't believe how close you are! I hope that we get to meet before your little one is born!

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    Hurray for your lodge! Welcome back!

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    Welcome to your lodge! lol, I was thinking I hadn't seen a lodge for you yet, glad I looked before I started one!
    Looking forward to your intro, and and another one of your lodges. I just reallyhope that I can keep up!

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    Hi ladies, I've been such a slacker about posting in my own lodge--I think it's a true sign that I'm in full & complete denial about being in the home stretch! I have composed my intro in my head but am scrambling to get a grant submitted at work so I can't justify taking the time to actually make a long post w/pics just yet.

    It is such a trip to be going through this with so many of you again! I loved having a lodge last time even though I felt kind of new to this board. You all made me feel so welcome and supported. It's weird--I met almost all my IRL "mommy friends" in a post-partum group, so none of them were with me on my pg journey last time. But you were!

    Quote Originally Posted by KarenEMT1 View Post
    How are things in VT right now - is this what they call "mud season?" I'd give anything to be in the Green Mountain State - it is our favorite place to travel
    I moved over the river to NH in November but I can still *see* Vermont from here. It is such a beautiful area. Yes, it's mud season! Our yard is still partly covered with snow but things are melting and drying out. We're still in the in-between ugly phase of the winter/spring transition when the thawing snow uncovers all the crap it mercifully hid for months. No buds have appeared, and I have yet to see any daffodils or crocuses poking through, but the birds are out and spring is definitely in the air! A great time to have a baby.

    Oh, and as for pregnancy: I'm feeling peachy! I'm finally starting to slow down in the past week as my belly feels heavier and achier. The BH are frequent and sometimes uncomfortable. Every now and again I'll get a really sharp cervical twinge, and sometimes I get very lowwww back pain (more accurately, upper butt pain. ) This morning I put my foot up on the shower bench to wash my toes and I got this awful pain in my belly, that's new. But overall I am well. I haven't been to the MW in 3wks but my 37wk appt is Thurs (GBS swab, hurrah.) I did get checked last time because I was having a lot of BH, and at that time I was high/tight/posterior/firm and baby was freefloating head-down at -4. I suspect he/she is a little lower now just because of how it feels to walk.

    Back to work, more later!!

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    Yay for late April/early May lodges!!!!

    I'm getting those "aches" too. Oh, the joys of late pregnancy!

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    Darn it! I thought you had posted your intro I am sorry that the pregnancy is now catching up to you. Oh well, it's just a few more weeks, right?

    GL on Thursday!!

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    Default back story

    A little history...

    I met Tim in early 2004. I had moved cross-country from SF Bay Area CA to Vermont 5yrs earlier and was living alone. I was 33 and had recently ended a LTR that had stalled, so I was grooving & doing my own thing.

    We met online. We both had ads up and were looking for friends/concert buddies, and in the backs of our minds, thinking it might be nice to find something more, but around here you can't get your hopes up. This is a very population-sparse area so it's really hard to meet new people w/similar interests unless you go fishing. Tim and I are both major music geeks with a shared history of DJing in college radio and very similar taste in music. At the time we met, I was still going to several concerts/shows a month, often driving alone 2+hrs to Boston or Montreal to see bands that I liked. You can see why I was looking for concert buddies!

    I answered his ad. His headline was a lyric quote from the band Wilco (a favorite) and his username was from a Pavement album (another favorite.) It was as if he were speaking directly to me! He was only 25 at the time and I think he may have listed an upper age limit of 30 or so, but I couldn't let that stop me from writing to him just so he knew that *someone* got his references. Plus, the pic he posted was really cute! I wrote, "I know I'm a little out of your age range, but..." (He told me later that he thought it was a joke--he couldn't believe that someone like me had written him!) We talked on the phone several times and met up for dinner a few wks later. I thought he was sweet and so young, but we got along great. After dinner we drove around in my car listening to music and talking, and the whole time I was thinking, "please don't try to kiss me," because I really didn't want to be put in that position, know what I mean? Later, back at his car saying goodbye, I gave him a hug and he said, "I think I'd like to kiss you." I agreed (relented, you could say!) and there were fireworks! Best first kiss ever. I was totally unprepared for that to happen. We got in our cars and drove home, both of us shouting "WOOHOO!" to ourselves.

    We started dating and he moved into my cottage a few months later. He had been living an hour south but was able to transfer w/his job so it worked out perfectly. The relationship was so smooth from the beginning, it was almost a foregone conclusion that we would get married, and we got engaged that fall.
    Here is a pic from the wknd we got engaged (Nov '04)

    My brother's wife was expecting her 2nd son in May '05, so we needed to plan the wedding so that she could comfortably fly from CA: either March or later in the summer would work for her. Not wanting to wait we chose March 26, 2005 for our wedding. SIL was willing to come at 7mos pg w/a 2yr old in tow (bless her!) We saved up cash like mad and pulled it off beautifully, honeymooning in Belize.
    Wedding pics

    By this time I was 34 so we knew we didn't want to wait too long to TTC, especially since we had no clue how long it would take. I had my IUD removed about a month after our wedding. A couple days later, I was in Boston having a Botox treatment for the chronic daily migraine condition I'd had for a few yrs (quarterly Botox injections to my face, scalp, and neck cured me of an intractable migraine that had plagued me for 4yrs!) After my injections, I asked my doc, "How long should I wait to TTC?" thinking he'd say "a few days." The answer was 3 months! Oops. So, I started idly charting in July to TTC in August. We had a practice cycle while on vacation in CA and unfortunately were on a relative's sofabed on fertile days (right time, wrong place!) , but caught the egg on Labor Day wknd! We were shocked and thrilled that it happened so quickly.

    I had really miserable M/S for 18wks but other than that it was a fantastic pregnancy and I loved every minute of it. We planned for NCB and took a Birthing From Within childbirth course through our hosp. I went past my EDD, had an induction due to various complicating factors (will post birth story later), and after many days of labor pushed my baby out--a girl! It was such an intense, surreal experience, and even though the birthing wasn't what I had expected or planned for, it was so moving and wonderful. It was the best I could've hoped for under the circumstances and I have no regrets.
    5 days past EDD (I was pg for another week but this was the last belly pic I got)

    Minutes after birth

    Day 2

    BFing came easy and we never had any problems (though my daily struggle to pump enough milk would later consume much of that first year.) I returned to my FT job around 2mos PP (boo!) and DH cared for DD during the day while I was gone, since he works nights. He went from never having changed a diaper to changing all of them for the first 2wks (I never even saw the meconium!) and being a FT hands-on Daddy to a baby girl. We are so happy that he and she had that opportunity to bond so closely from so early on. When she was 9mos he had to go on a week-long business trip, so we figured it was time to find some back-up care. We found an in-home DCP who would be willing to take DD 1-2 days/wk as needed, which also gave DH some much-needed time to sleep and do his homework (did I mention he's been finishing his B.A. in his spare time when he's not working FT or taking care of DD? He graduates this May!)

    We decided to try for 2yr spacing, so we removed my 2nd IUD in July '07. I charted for a month and we caught the egg on the first cycle! I was still BFing several times a day at that point (DD was 14mos) so I wasn't too hopeful, but a regimen of B6, Mucinex (to increase EWCM), and lots of DTD did the trick.
    Announcing: Big sister! (15mos)

    By that point we had saved enough money to buy our first home, and we moved in on Nov. 1. I was 14wks pg at the time, so M/S was peaking during the entire packing and moving process. DH did almost everything.
    New House

    This pregnancy has been great--dare I say it, even easier than my first! I didn't expect it since I'm 37 now, but hey, I'm not complaining. The M/S tapered off by 15wks, and unlike last time, I haven't been plagued with excessive swelling or many other discomforts. DD weaned gradually and our last nursing session was at bedtime when I was around 30wks. I admit when it came down to the end it was mama-led weaning--I am philosophically totally open to tandem nursing, but being a FT WOHM w/short maternity leave I just felt that I needed to be able to focus on BFing the newborn alone. And once again we are going for the gender surprise!

    So that pretty much brings us up to date. I will get some current belly pics and update on my 37wk MW appt today but right now I need to get back to work! Thanks for reading, and if you made it this far I think the protocol is that I offer you a cookie!

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