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    Loved your intro, and the wedding pictures. You are a really good writer. I also loved the pics of your DD as a new born she looks so perfect and pink.
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    Those newborn pictures of Lidia are so sweet. She really is adorable.

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    I'm a bit late joining in here sorry. I really enjoyed reading your intro Helina. I met my DF under similar circumstances. Your wedding pics and little girl are gorgeous, and I love your house!

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    Default 37wk appt

    I had my 37wk prenatal on Thursday. I hadn't been seen since a few days shy of 34wks so I was curious to see how things had changed. I'm going to steal Karina's format here:

    BP: 116/64 (great!)
    Weight: up 2lbs (they never ever mention it, I'm up a total of around 35 & happy about that, it's a lot less than last pg)
    Fundal height: 37 @ 37
    GBS: she did the swab (she was thorough, I might add), but I forgot to ask how long it takes to culture. Anyone know?

    160 with wild & crazy hiccups! This baby doesn't get them very often so it was a funny coincidence that they started the sec she put the doppler on my belly. Usually the HR is around 130.
    Position: head down but she estimated -5 station this time, when at 34wks a diff MW called it -4 (from an internal, that time.) So, either way, baby is still floating high! Butt was upper right of my belly, feet were left (ROA?), but I still feel the baby rotating a bit from side to side.

    While she was feeling the baby, she asked, "Is your daughter tall?" DD is, in fact, off the charts for height. MW said that she thinks this baby is very long, based on where the butt was and how far over the feet ended up. Interesting!

    MW does not think this baby is coming anytime soon, based on position & my history of going post-dates (DD was induced at 41+1, born at 41+5). I'm cool with that.

    Oh, and I asked about their policy for IV/heplock for mamas who had a prior PPH. She said that I would absolutely have a heplock. I asked if that was non-negotiable, and as I expected she said no, it wasn't, but IHO it wouldn't be smart of me to decline it, since a mama could bleed to death. Ugh. I *think* she said that they automatically would give IV pit. Honestly she's not my fave MW out of my team of 8. I get along with her well enough but it's just her vibe. I think she was the one who ordered my induction last time, and while they all agreed it was prudent due to circumstances, I was mad at her at the time and probably still resent it. Anyhow, I'm not sure how strongly I feel about declining the heplock. Still pondering it.

    One more thing: they gave me a sheet about a study they're doing with collected cord blood. They're testing titers related to DTaP (or DPT, back when I last got it.) I asked if I'd have to opt out of the study since I want to let the cord finish pulsing before clamping, and she said no, and noted that I wanted delayed clamping in my file. I didn't do a BP last time and wasn't going to this time since they are so pro-NCB in general, but now I wonder if I shouldn't just draw up a very simple half-page of a few basics...

    ETA: Play our baby guessing game! I need to squeeze it into my siggy but for now here's the link:
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    I guessed in your game.

    If I test positive for group B, then I will have the heplock too. I'm also hoping that I don't have to, but who knows? It's not as bad as an IV, but I certainly understand not wanting it.

    That cord blood study sounds interesting. I wonder what that's about? I also had the DPT (I think).

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    Good that baby is in position - I really hope you don't face an induction this time. I want you to jump start things on your own this time!

    I'd draw up a short birth preferences list no matter what. At this point, I'm just not trusting of hospitals in general, though so it's JMO.

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    Just wanted to say hi, and I really enjoyed reading your intro (another Wilco fan here). Sounds like things are going well for you in general, and I'm looking forward to reading your birth story!
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    It sounds like things are going great & I hope you don't have that midwife when the time comes. To say heplocks are non-negotiable, come on.

    You have to let me know what Wilco song you and your DH danced to. I'll be thinking of you when we're at the concert, this is our third time seeing them and should be the best show since the first I had to leave early and the second was at the Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge so it was a short set.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby_Vol View Post
    That cord blood study sounds interesting. I wonder what that's about? I also had the DPT (I think).
    They're checking the impact of maternal vaccination on levels of pertussis antibody in mothers & infants at delivery and before & after infant DTaP vax. After reading into it further, I think I will have to opt out because we don't do infant DTaP on schedule. The DPT booster is one that I am severely allergic to. I had it several times from infancy to teenhood, including a few times extra when we moved and my vax records were lost. It gives me seizures and puts me into anaphylactic shock. (And no, a prior history of reaction wasn't a good enough reason to enroll me in a new school w/o it, can you imagine? Nowadays I think we'd have better luck just because there is more awareness & it's easier to opt out.) Because of my history, we do a custom vax schedule w/our kids just in case they inherit any of my sensitivities.

    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisgood View Post
    I hope you don't have that midwife when the time comes. To say heplocks are non-negotiable, come on.

    You have to let me know what Wilco song you and your DH danced to.
    She said the heplock is technically negotiable, but that I'd be foolish to refuse it. I'm torn--a heplock isn't the worst thing in the world to me, and honestly my DH is really worried about me hemmorhaging again so it might be a tiny thing to do to help ease his mind--but she could've put it a different way that didn't make me feel stupid.

    Oh, and our first dance song was "Jesus, Etc." We decided on it at a show way before we were engaged--I don't even remember which of us whispered to the other that it should be our first dance song if/when we got married. I still can't listen to it w/o crying but I'm that way about a million songs. Have a great time at the show!

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    It's so nice to read your intro and stories! Looks like you have a super nice house too! I would love to live up there. Maybe someday...

    So do you like JBT too? I recently (in the past 2-3 years) discovered JBT and I love them. I love the song "Peaches and Cream" which is about the birth of his daughter. I keep joking with DH that I want him to write me a song when our LO is born. He's not a musician, so that would be a stretch.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences in the home stretch!

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