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Thread: *~*~*LucyBear/Andrea's Lodge!*~*~*UPDATED: BABY IS HERE!!

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    Thanks, everyone.

    Yeah, I actually feel better today. A friend may come to visit this afternoon, I'm going to ask her to bring more Emergen-C. We ran out last night. eep!

    Hey - I managed to wake up, feed Luke, cook breakfast for DH, see him off to work, then settle Luke and shower! WHOA! If every day goes like this, I'm golden. I do realize, however, that babies love to change things up and keep us on our toes! I'm going to enjoy it while I can....

    The Mali thing is totally a grief process. She's my first baby, and I'm used to lavishing all my attention on her. We used to run for 3-6 miles 4 days/week, and walk the other days. Since I've been pregnant, DH is only walking her sporadically. I do love on her, and give her dinnertime and treats so she still knows I'm "mommy". I seriously can't wait until I can start running with her again. I'll have to arrange for a babysitter for that hour during the day, but it'll be so worth it, for both of us.

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    Rock on on your day! That sounds like a GREAT day! Plus you had time to get online, bonus!!!

    You should get you a fancy jogging stroller, have Mali pull it and you run to keep up! It will be a site I can see it now!!!

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    Luke is ADORABLE!! And, Andrea, you look GREAT!! So happy to hear you had a great first day alone!! Hope they continue!!

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