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    welcome to your lodge!!

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    Welcome to your lodge!
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    Because I'm too lazy to go hunting for my other lodges I apologize if any of this is a repeat read for anyone...but a start to my intro...

    My name is Conni, I'm 29 and I've been married to Brian for just over 6 years. I met him in the 11th grade though he doesn't remember that. We had mutual friends. He remembers meeting me for the first time in a physics 30 class the next year. His lab partner was boring and he claims the two cute girls in the back were much more interesting. We had friends in common, and ran in similar circles so we kind of fell into a typical high-school relationship - kind of silly and not particularly made of the things that last. The summer after we graduated I told him I wasn't interested in anything serious with him - after all I was going off to college. I think I might have even said something about us meeting other people etc. At the time I thought I was nice about it but he says I wasn't lol. We didn't really keep in touch after that strange enough

    I managed to graduate from college without nabbing myself husband though many of my friends paired off there. I was burned out from taking on too much over the last year so I moved back home to work for a software company as a part time receptionist while I figured out what I wanted to do next. I graduated with an associate of arts and religion...so I needed more if I planned to have a career doing anything lol.

    I started semi-dating a guy I had gone to college with in my first year - I was working with his bil and he set us up. Anyway so life was continuing on when out of the blue I decided to clean out an old e-mail account of mine. Out of the blue Brian had e-mailed me. I think the e-mail said something like "not sure if this is the right e-mail address but if it is...what's up? Long time no see." He had been living out in Vancouver working on an education degree at UBC but the faculty didn't recognize 2 credits the university had accepted already and they dropped him from his program one week before school was to start again. It was very random but rather than stay there and work on getting those 2 credits he was moving back home. So we met for coffee...and a week later went on a walk, and a week later he came over to help me paint my parent's kitchen while we flirted mercilessly. A couple weeks later we were officially dating...for real this time. Within 6 months I knew I was completely in love with him and this was it. I had moved into an apartment downtown at the beginning of our relationship but the next summer moved back home as I was sure we’d be getting married at some point – maybe the next summer.

    At our one year anniversary DH planned a special evening out at a dinner theater. The name of the show was “My big fat geek wedding” – I don’t remember much of it to be honest lol. It’s an interactive theater so at one point they pulled Brian into their scene (a fight between the two main characters) and the girl says “well I don’t need you I have Brian…right Brian? You’re not seeing anyone special are you?” They handed him a mic where he proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and then got down on his knee and proposed. (He had worked out getting put in this scene with the director of the show).

    4 months later we got married! My poor sister and matron of honor was 38 weeks pregnant at our wedding…how she must have loved me eh?

    During our relationship and the first couple years of marriage I worked hard at my job and eventually worked my way up to a trainer for the company and spent a lot of time travelling around training our clients how to use our software. From there I learned a lot about business and our clients as well as got a good handle on how the software was developed. Eventually I fell into a more technical role as a software developer for the company. It’s a fantastic company to work for and though I’m not sure I’m headed back there this time I will miss them a lot.

    I will come back and post my birth stories for Hunter and Adelle soon – but I should probably wrap it up for now.

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    Welcome to your lodge! I enjoyed reading this first part of your intro.
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    Welcome to your lodge!!!

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    I'm going to skip right to this pregnancy and come back to my other two later so I can give back story as to why I'm where I am right now.

    My last two pregnancies I was part of an amazing midwife program which was a pilot project (for like 6 years) run by the govn't. Midwife care other than that program was not covered by our healthcare insurance so it was so wonderful to be a part of it. The midwives who worked with the program all worked out of the small town hospital where I lived so it was convenient too. They worked under this amazing Dr who spent years in Africa - I actually never met him until a few weeks after I had Adelle - I broke a glass while cleaning up and split my thumb open - needed 10 stitches and he just so happened to be the dr that stitched me up. I really enjoyed talking with him about the program and his vision.

    Anyway we moved a few weeks after Adelle was born into the city and decided that our next one would be born at home rather than having to drive 45 minutes back to the hospital/birthing center the other two were born at. Adding to this back in April of 09 our province finally made some changes! (based partially on the success of the Midwife program I had been a part of that had for way too long been just a pilot project) Midwife care would now be covered by our healthcare - including homebirths! I was on cloud nine that week - dreaming of how amazing my next birth was going to be!

    Fast forward to Sept of 09... DH and I started the "talks" about when the next one would be joining us. I've had a photography business as my part time job for about two years now and we wanted to be sure we didn't end up having a baby during the summer or fall...which is my busy season - a winter baby would be best! Although November would be a perfect time to have a baby and still get in some of my fall season but have an older baby by the time wedding season started up again - so we decided sometime after xmas we would start TTC. In the mean time my day job was not going well and I was dreaming of being able to walk away for a year and really assess what I wanted to be doing right now. Photography was busy enough that trying to do both jobs and manage my family was becoming very difficult.

    TMI probably - but AF started up at the end of September just as I was flying out to San Diego to spend a weekend with a group of photographers on a workshop. I spent 4 days there and DH welcomed me home in style lol. I was still spotting at the time and on day 5 or 6 so I told him I was "safe". We don't usually risk it and use condoms most of the time but I was still technically ON AF! I felt completely safe. I felt myself Ovulate almost a week later.

    6 weeks later I still hadn't gotten AF. I mentioned it to my mom and sister in passing - but said "I'm not pregnant - there's no way." My body must just be getting older. (Not that I'm that old...but after a couple kids and a year away from my 30s I definitely notice changes!) I didn't want to test. I had no symptoms (the other two I felt off and it felt like my back was out) and I knew if I bought a test I would get AF - so it was silly to test. Also by this point I would be starting to puke if I were pregnant. Lo and behold one morning I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I was off work that day so I just let the kids crawl into bed with me and watch tv while I dozed. I thought...hmmm...maybe I should pick up a pg test just in case. I did, but for some reason really couldn't bring myself to poas. DH came home from work and I told him that I was thinking about testing. Then in the same breath talked myself out of it yet again. I'm like - I'm not pregnant - there's no way. (famous last words right?) He said it was up to me - and the kids started pulling him to their room to show him something or other. I changed my mind again and thought - ok I won't obsess - I will just poas and then we'll know I'm not and life can go on.

    Ladies...this was the fastest positive I've ever gotten lol. By the time I stood up I had a blazing plus sign on my test. Uh....I guess I AM pregnant lol.

    Next came the processing of it. I kind of sat on this pregnancy thing for another couple weeks before I even told family. Then the reality of having a home birth for this one kind of through me for a loop. I tried to figure out what I wanted to do. I e-mailed and called a couple midwives in the area but they were all booked up already. So after thinking some more about it I gave a midwife group out in my old town a call - they aren't the midwife program but when healthcare coverage changed the pilot project was closed and a couple of the midwives started a group much like the one I had been a part of. I went on a waiting list with them. Sigh... Maybe having it covered by our insurance wasn't going to be such a great thing after all. It made it impossible - especially for me who was already 8-12 weeks pregnant by the time I was making these inquiries - to actually get in with a midwife. We only have a handful of them here.

    So I started getting care from my gp. She eventually referred me to the OB I'm seeing right now. I have never felt like such a sell out. I've been encouraging myself with the fact that the OB doesn't really matter - I've done this before...twice before and really I'm just going to stay home - I know what transition feels like now for me so I'll just go at that point. The less I'm in the hospital really the less chance of something I don't want happening will happen! My OB appts are much quicker than I'm used to - so I've been probing a week at a time as to her natural minded-ness. So far she's seemed on board and understands I've done this before.

    At 32 weeks she had me have an u/s (to check size lol). I laughed and said "seriously?" I still went - I enjoy seeing my baby No big deal - the only thing that came out of it was that this baby was breech. (Oh and also we had tried to find out the sex at the 20 week to tentatively land on "boy" and the tech at this ultrasound said that she wasn't all sure it was a boy afterall...so now we're having a surprise). No one seemed all that concerned though. Around 34 weeks I thought maybe the baby and turned (though I thought I would have felt it more) based on movement but then this last week I was feeling for parts and there is a rather hard lump up by my ribs...it's suspiciously head-like...a little too round to be a bum. Dang.

    I just had my 36/37 week appt with the OB and brought up that I thought this baby was still breech. What was the plan? I'll be honest - I was prepared for a fight. She just looks at me and says "plan? Well lets just see if you can go into labour on your own with baby in this position. I'd like to keep things natural if at all possible." What? You mean you will deliver a breech vaginally? "There's no reason why not - especially in your case - provided baby is bum first."

    Now don't get me wrong - there's a few things that could go wrong if this baby doesn't turn. IE - I NOT go into labour on my own since baby isn't really optimally positioned, or I do go in but she is away or unable to deliver this baby. So I am actively doing whatever I can to turn this baby! But I have to say I feel far more like my OB (who is relatively still a stranger to me) is more on my side than I would have thought. I'm so thrilled that a c/s hasn't been scheduled and I am right on track so far for a good birth experience!

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    Wow, what a story...I'm surprised too, but also so glad to hear that your OB is so supportive...hearing about this stuff happening out in the more medical community is really encouraging. I hope that you are able to get your little surprise to turn, but if not I hope the breech delivery is a success!

    And by the way, my baby is confirmed head down (even as of last night!) but I am constantly worrying because her little butt does feel so big and round and sometimes I can't find her head down low like my mw has showed me a thousand times now...baby mapping is HARD. In your position, I wouldn't be 100% convinced baby is still breech based on my own poking around. I've been wrong too many times
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    WOW! Nice Story!

    I'm sorry to hear that you got stuck when Stoney Plain closed the midwifery program. It's also been WAY harder to get a midwife around here since then too, especially since people who were on the fence before now are all calling up to have a midwife assisted birth in the hospital. As much as I suport that, it takes away the service that people wanting home births could have an dthey are now ending up in a hospital where they really don't want to be.

    Honestly, We need more midwives around here, and there are more than 3 years ago, but PLEASE... I managed to get a midwife only because I called mine BEFORE I got pregnant!

    Anyway, I'm very glad you got a good OB who is so supportive of your choices.
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    I enjoyed reading your intro!

    I hope your lo is not breech, but it's great to know you have such a supportive OB. It's hard to find that even when you are looking for one and you just fell into one!
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    Your OB sounds great! I'm sure it's a lot different from the midwife care you had before, but it sounds like you ended up with pretty good care anyway.
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