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    I'm so sorry it has taken me forever to update... please forgive me! Our internet has been down and I haven't really been up to getting on the computer anyway...

    Wesley was born Sunday 6/13 at 6:36 p.m. after 10 hours of active labor and 1 1/2 hours of pushing. He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and is 20 1/4 inches long! He is sooooooo cute!


    Labor pics: These are my favorite non-graphic ones:

    Just born!

    I caught him!

    Me cutting the cord. DH didn't want to.


    DH and I before leaving the hospital

    Big sister!

    Picture overload, I know, but I figured you ladies wouldn't mind.

    I have tons of birth pics too but IDK where I can share them as theyre really graphic...

    I got the all natural labor and delivery I wanted but it was HARD. After the first stage of labor, I really didn't find any of the hypnobabies to be any help to me - I just couldn't concentrate on it enough for it to work I guess. I had all back and hip labor so most of the time I had 2 people pushing on me - counterpressure on my back and hips. Pushing was insane, I had an anterior lip for about the first hour but didn't know it. It was sooo hard pushing and feeling that the baby wasn't really moving down. Once the MW moved it out of the way I was able to push him out pretty quick. Still it was such an amazing experience, I wouldn't have done it any other way and DH was so awesome and supprotive and is such a good daddy already. Wesley looks exactly like him.

    After he was born I hemmoraged pretty bad and it was really scary. I was holding him all alone and the nurses had just changed shift, so I didn't have the nurse call button and I started gushing blood everywhere, I could see a huge puddle under me. I thought I was going to bleed to death. I was really out of it and couldn't nurse, and so Wesley had to be taken to the nursery for low sugar - he got some formula, but after that he came right back and has been nursing great ever since. He is really calm and sweet and I feel soooo lucky.

    I'll post my full, super long birth story later when I have a chance to write it all out.

    Sorry I made you wait so long for an update!
    Maggie, mama to Juliana Elise (03/07), Wesley Dominick (06/10) and expecting Surprise Bean #3 (11/12)

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    Hooray and congrats! Sorry about the back labor- sounds similar to my labor with Daniel- but kudos to you for going all natural for 10 hours of back labor!
    He's beautiful! Daniel happened to be nearby when I was looking at the pics and was very interested in the "babeeee" and kept asking for more pictures when I ran out. Your daughter is gorgeous, too, by the way.
    -Jenn -
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    Congrats!! Sorry about the back labor, but I'm glad you were able to do it naturally. WTG, Mama! He's adorable!
    DD 9/3/2010

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    Congratulations! What a beautiful family you make!
    Leo (3 1/2) with Malcolm the cat

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    Congratulations! He's adorable!
    Audrey, 3.20.07

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    What a beautiful baby! I have heard the same things from others regarding hypnobabies. Even my mom said it worked for her only during first stage (not hypnobabiies, but whatever hypno was being done back then).
    DD-Zoe July 2007
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    Congrats on your new baby boy! I'm so glad you got to experience the labor you were hoping for. Great pics! TFS!
    ~Joy~ DS1-8/5/05, DS2-10/18/10 (VBAC#1), DS3- 4/11/12 (VBAC#2!)

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    Yay, finally an update! I was waiting on pins and needles. So happy to hear everyone is doing well, and he is adorable! Awesome pics!! I wish I had better pics from L&D. I have very few, and they're not that great.

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    Yay!!! Congratulations! LOVE all the pics. We have TONS from when DS was born and it's nice to have them to look back on. Can't wait to read your birth story.

    Momma to Daemon Aras 7/8/08 and
    Orson Graeme 7/1/10

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    Congrats! He is adorable. I'm glad you got the birth and labor you wanted. You all make a beautiful family.
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