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    Oh, I'm so sorry you had problems with the hospital at the end. We had something similar with Tiven, they had said when she finished the antiobiotics on Sunday morning, she would be released, but then some head honcho came in & said she wasn't satisfied that we were nursing well enough. Luckily my midwife & my afternoon nurse (who was also a non-hospital LC) were able to convince her that we were fine and she let us leave. It was July 4th, I told DH it was Independence From Kaiser Day.

    How are you feeling now? Are you settling into a routine as a new family of six?
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    Sorry I have been so distant. I have been struggling quite a bit since the birth. I have all these what if's going through my head. Nursing didn't go as planned either and that made me really depressed. I mean I have successfully nursed 3 other kids with no real issues. I am not making enough milk. I think between her latch and her being a lazy nurser my milk didn't establish like it should. Plus I am on 2 different blood pressure medications. My bp is still high. Lizzy was not gaining weight like she should either. So I went to see a LC. She had me pumping and nursing and supplementing. It was rough. I pumped for a good 5 days and then quit. Her latch is way better and she is nursing better now. We are still having to supplement though. I don't know if I will ever get to stop, but at this point I feel ok with how it is going. I am 39 and have health issues right now. I am doing what I can and just can't beat myself up anymore. So on a more positive note... here are some fun new pics.




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    I'm glad things are improving for you both. Cute kids you have
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    That sounds like a lot of improvement. I hope your milk starts coming in more, maybe when she has a growth spurt she'll be better nurser and will get that milk flowing. Your kids are adorable! How are they adjusting with the new baby?
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    I'm sorry to hear that you have been struggling. Lots of hugs to you!

    It is great that you could stop pumping. I really hope it continues to improve so that you don't need to supplement. Of course with your blood pressure up, you are probably just out of wack in general. I really hope it all gets better soon.
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