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Thread: *~*~Aime's (redmachchick) Birth Lodge~*~*

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    Default *~*~Aime's (redmachchick) Birth Lodge~*~*

    I can't to hear a new update on your birth plans!! Best wishes for this venture

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    Welcome to your lodge!
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    Welcome to your lodge.
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    welcome to your lodge!

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    Welcome to your lodge, Aime!!
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    Yay, Aimee, welcome to your lodge!
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    Oh wow! I have a lodge! LOL

    I haven't been posting as much as I'd like too...I have an extreme bout of procrastination lately...

    We are planning on a HBAC2C with an awesome dr/midwife. She is a naturalopathic (sp?) dr and also a midwife who has been delivering babies for 20+ years. I really like her a lot! She seems very very intuitive about pregnancy and our bodies.

    Things are going really well over here and my lil man has dropped a lot into my pelvis and I've been having contrax and extreme crampiness already. Which for me I think is a good thing because with my last pregnancy I got none of that..nada until my water broke and then went on to have a great birth but unsuccessful vbac. I think things are going to be different this time since babe is NOT a posterior babe and has been in prime postion for awhile now. *fingers crossed*

    We have THE homevisit scheduled for monday and everyone is coming over here to go over everything. I will have DH the midwife and a good friend here for the birth so they will be there and plus my mw is bringing some doulas she wants me to meet and choose for childcare and postpartum doula. I am not getting a doula for the birth since the last time she didn't do anything to help me labor the two days at home...but was wonderful at the hospital so I'm afraid of going that route again and wasting my $$.

    I'm thinking next week sometime I'm going to ask my mw to do accupuncture on me. We talked about doing it at 38 weeks and I figure if things havent happened by next thursday or friday I'll go in to have her poke me! I'll be a few days shy of 38 weeks...it couldn't hurt! I've been walking a lot and on the birth ball and also DTD a lot and I think its whats helping my baby drop and all the cramps...

    So thats pretty much it I think...just waiting around to see when lil man will make his appearance. thanks for the lodge!! I will try to be better about posting on it!
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    welcome to your lodge Amie! I am so glad I was lurking and found this. I wish you the best of luck with your homebirth. I am rooting for you. Sounds like you have a great MW.
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    Welcome to your lodge and wishing you the best with your HBA2C.
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    Cross posted from my BB...I'm way too lazy to type it all out!

    We had the last homevisit yesterday before I have this little man..

    which is the last one before I have this lil man! I totally meant to post about it yesterday but afterwards we went to look at a truck and ended up getting home late and all I wanted was the BED!

    So everyone was there DH my best friend Laura and my midwife and two doula's that I have never met. They brought the birth pool in tow as well... Since I am so late in my pregnancy moving here Dr. L (my midwife) thought it would be good to meet two of the doulas at the homevisit as I'm looking for a postpartum and a childcare doula.

    We had a great time all of us together and I just "click" so well with my midwife and I especially like the doula she chose for me to watch the kiddos. I feel like my kids will be in great hands and the plan will be to call her when I absolutely in hard labor and need her to come get them.

    I broke down and cried about the lack of support I got from my midwife and doula at my last birth and they didn't make me feel stupid for crying actually were happy I felt comfortable enough to express myself like that. They assured me this won't happen this time... I also asked Dr. L to cut me if it looks like I'm going to tear up(its my weird fear at the moment)...and even though I have some scar tissue from a previous surgery she has a lot of faith that I'm not going to need it. She said she has been delivering babies for 25 years and she hasn't had to give a episotomy in a LOONG time...like when she was first starting out!

    And....I made an appt on THIS SATURDAY with Dr. L for my acupuncture and possibly I will be taking some herbs along with to (hopefully) get things started!! I'm SOOO excited! Unfortunately my friend who is supposed to be here for the birth is going to Maui this weekend but she should be back on Sunday so I guess we will see how it goes!

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