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    (((((HUGS))))) Neither of my boys ever engaged - still don't know why. I know all too well that feeling of your body failing you... Don't give up hope! There's still time!
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    I'm so sorry you got discouraging news. I'll be thinking about you - I hope the belly binding and acupuncture do the trick!

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    I'm sorry, Drake. My babies tend to not engage until labor either. My MW has me taking Flower Essence Corn (zea mays) to help ~ Have no idea if it might help but it can't hurt to give it a try.

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    Sorry the news wasn't great. I hope the belly binding and acupuncture help to get her engaged.

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    I have been stalking you and I'm sorry the baby is being so stubborn. Stick with it and hopefully she will come soon.
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    I've never heard of that. I'm so sorry your MW gave you discouraging news. Hope the binding and acupunture work wonder and your baby girl finds her way out and into your arms on her own.
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    Thanks everyone. It really means a lot right now since most people in my life do not get how important is to me to have the birth I want and not just the baby. Finn is the only one who understands and he has been really good through all of this. I had a good talk with my mom and decided that if I do end up being induced next Monday I know I will have done everything I can. I wish I could go longer, but that just isn't going to happen. My mw is giving all the time for a hb she can and after that she has to schedule the induction and it would look bad on her if I did not show up and we have a really good relationship I do not want to damage since she is also my and my kids NP when not pg.

    I do think the binding is helping though since I had some contractions last nigth that were strong wnough to wake me up. I have not had that yet since usually when I am lying down she is way up high. Also I felt her really wiggling this morning and then some more pubic pressure. So we will see.

    The bright side of yesterday was I did get another u/s and even a 3-D of her face, so that was cool. She is super chubby and big, which I had already guessed. They estimated 8lb 14 oz. I know that is not accurate, but I have been thinking about 9 lbs anyways, I can tell she is not small and big babies do not scare me. She really did not like the u/s wand and was moving as far away from it as she could so they had some trouble checking my fluid, which was fine. I was not expecting anything else since my kids are always fine inside no matter what is happening to me.

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    I had similar issues with my first pg. My doctor couldn't even reach my cervix to do anything. Would your MW be able to give you a dose of miso at home and see if that works? I'm not sure if it's legal to do that out of the hospital, but one dose of that vaginally was all I needed to trigger things. It took about 5 or 6 hours for things to really begin, but once they did it was 4 hours till she was born. I did not require any pitocin and it was a completely "normal" birth. Even if you do need to go into the hospital, it does not exclude a natural birth.
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    Just seeing this now...I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time, and I echo all the pp in saying I hope the binding and such does help baby get where she needs to be. I completely understand how important the birth experience is, not just the baby! Although of course if you sincerely need an induction to get a healthy baby in your arms, I hope you are able to come to a place of peace with the way things work out. It sounds like you are on the right track either way...hang in there and KUP!
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    No my mw cannot administer anything like that. I know I can still have a natural birth in a hospital, but I really want the hb even more. Hospitals give me panic attacks and I want to avoid that.

    I think the binding is helping. When I just checked my cervix it is way lower and feels more open. It is still tilted back though. Now just to get rid of this YI. I took a diflucan yesterday and it is better, but not gone. I really want it gone before labor since I had one in labor with Hawkes and we battled thrush for six months.

    Well at least I had a productive day. Got a bunch of errands run, went to lunch with my mom, made some appointments and my mom scrubbed my fridge and freezer. It is so nice having her here.

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