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    Default *~*~Robin's (nibor_55) Birth Lodge~*~*

    Hi hun, welcome to your lodge!! Sorry it's a bit late Wishing you all the best with your birth.

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    Welcome to your lodge!
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    Welcome to your lodge! Can't wait to hear about your last few weeks and your delivery -- reading these lodges really helps pass the time while I'm stuck back here in the 2nd tri!
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    Congrats on the lodge, you're almost there!


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    Hi! Thanks for the welcome ladies! I wasn’t really expecting a birth lodge here, but I am glad to have one!!

    I'll start with an introduction, my name is Robin and I am mother to Johnny, he just turned two on Feb 7. John and I have been together almost 5 years now. We met through family because my cousin is married to his sister. I met him at a co-ed softball game and from the first moment I saw him, I knew he was my one. We got pregnant with Johnny in May 2006, it was something we both wanted very much. My pregnancy with Johnny was wonderful, he was born a day after his due date. My body is a little sensitive to pregnancy compared to other women in my family, but I still love and enjoy it very much!

    With Johnny, I was so excited to finally be a mother. I couldn’t wait to meet my son and hold him, I thought I read all that I could on labor/birth and had pictured a regular birth with no complications. I went into labor about 4 days before my due date; at least it’s what I thought it was. I had pretty strong contractions (to me) and they were all in my back. I had no idea what this meant, and nobody told me it was because my son was posterior. This went on and off for 5 days. I was going into either the doctor’s office or the hospital every day thinking this was going somewhere. I was progressing very slowly, meanwhile having contractions pretty regularly day and night. Finally on the 5th day the nurse practitioner said this was enough and I was very relieved, she stretched me to a 4 and sent me to the hospital to be admitted. Finally got admitted and got the epidural. I was exhausted and so worn out by that time. The doctor came in and broke my water and the contractions started getting stronger. I had the epidural in and working but could still feel pain on one side of my body. I then started getting a fever and throwing up a lot, they gave me ice packs to cool my temperature and both our heart rates and my blood pressure were through the roof! I did dilate to 10cm but Johnny was under a little distress. She just told me to bear down like during a bowel movement for like a minute and didn’t really explain what was going on. I was just totally scared for myself and my baby. She said there is no way this baby is coming out of my pelvis and that it is too narrow. I am sad to say, at that time I was ok with all of this. I had not informed myself enough to trust myself and my body. I ended up with an emergency c-section. I saw Johnny for a second and since there was a risk of infection they whisked him off to the nursery to get him on antibiotics and to get his temperature down. I had to be alone in recovery for an hour and then didn’t get to see my child for 6 hours after I had him. They weren’t even "allowed" to take him out of the nursery and I was going to have to wait till the next day, but the nurse was nice and decided to let me see my baby because I started getting frantic. I was in such euphoria that I was just happy that my baby was here and ok. We still bonded and breastfed extremely well. I believe we are lucky in that aspect because I very much believe that immediate contact helps a lot in those departments and it could have easily went differently. This time, no immediate contact or bonding will be unacceptable!

    I was "ok" about the c-section and was a little confused about the CPD diagnosis but was still going to go ahead with RCS with this baby because it was hospital policy and I was scared of the idea of driving far away. Not a single one of the OB’s after I gave birth or when I got pregnant again told me that I had the option of VBAC and could still see someone locally, but would have to travel to give birth. I never knew much about it, except they used to do it routinely about 10-15 years ago locally and now they don’t. About mid-way through this pregnancy, I started second questioning my medical community and realized I am angry about how my first labor and birth went. I found a midwife in the area who I felt very comfortable talking to and trusted immediately. She explained to me why this hospital works the way it does and that VBAC really is the safest route. If I had found her earlier in the pregnancy, I would have definitely hired her as a doula (There is always next time!). Apparently midwife-assist home VBAC is illegal in this state. I started researching and realized that I could have done SO many things differently and could have been in charge with my own care to make sure my baby was delivered the way a woman was made to deliver. I decided that another major abdominal surgery scares the crap out of me, the risks of infection, the risks of complications with future pregnancies, and the risks of undergoing a major surgery for no medical necessity except to "go along" with hospital policies. Sure the risk of VBAC is still a little scary to me and will probably be nagging a little bit in the back in my mind, but I believe in my body and I believe that it is overall the best choice for me and my baby. This was my golden chance with only one previous c-section. I definitely don’t believe my pelvis is "too" narrow or that I can possibly make a "too big" baby for me to give birth to. I believe this tiny hospital and doctors like to cover their butts and are knife and induction happy to get more money and fit their schedules. I will continue to see my current OB till 37 weeks, and at 38 weeks I will see the perinatologist again to make sure everything is in order. I was able to continue seeing my current OB and then the perinatologist team (that will be delivering) here where I live which is great for us economically, but at one point I was fully prepared to continue my prenatal care in the other city and drive back and forth about 1.5-2 hours. I feel like I still have a lot of reading and preparing to do, but basically feel very comfortable with decisions I will need to make and being able to stand firm when I need to which is a downside to having my baby in the hospital. I shouldn’t have to be “prepared” to go in for a fight. But honestly, I don’t think it will be much of a fight. If I didn’t have the experience I did before, I would be full on board with home birth. I am going to TRY my very best to do this without any drugs! I do have a very low pain tolerance and am a little scared, but it’s really something I want to do and I think I can do it. I am scared of the epidural and side effects of drugs (even though I had them last time), and I really just want to give myself fully to this natural, amazing process! I've heard that regular contractions are a little easier than back labor? I don’t know, but here's to hoping! I'm hoping this labor will progress fast (at least faster than last time) I am so scared of having another c-section, that I will be so disappointed and upset if I don’t get this VBAC that I have worked really hard for. Along with loads of research on VBAC I am trying to obtain as much information I can about breathing techniques and natural pain relief and doing exercises to make sure this baby is in an anterior position. If he just wants to be like his brother and be posterior I will just have to try even harder to open up my pelvis and get him through no matter what! I have visited the hospital and I just have this wonderful feeling about it. It is complete opposite and much more relaxed than the hospital in my community. They have an 80-85% VBAC success rate, and I feel so much safer. I feel like everything is falling into place and will go right this time. Anyway, this has gotten very long. I feel like I’m maybe a little too patient and enjoying these last few weeks. I’m waiting for the day that I will freak out to get everything ready and prepared, but feel like I have plenty of time. I am excited about bringing another son and brother into the world, and on my own terms!

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    Welcome to your lodge, Robin! Good luck with your VBAC!
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    Welcome to your lodge, and best of luck to you!

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    Welcome! Hope your experience this time is much more pleasant and to your liking/desires. KUP!
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    Welcome to your lodge!! Can't wait to hear about your VBAC!!
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    welcome to your lodge. I hope your vbac goes well
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