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    Oh wow, Kim! I loved your intro. You were a lovely bride. What a story about how you guys ended up in Thailand! I'm so envious of people who just pick up and move across the world once they feel led to do so.

    One of my RLBF's went to Wheaton though she was probably finishing grad school when you were there.

    I'm so sorry about your dad. I remember having seen that picture of him with Ian in your signature and wondered what the back-story was. That had to be heartbreaking for you.

    I know what you mean about the baby sneaking up on you, although it was under different circumstances for me. We listed our house when I was around 16 weeks pregnant and moved into our new house when I was 27 weeks which then meant painting, unpacking, etc. It wasn't until the last month that I really got to slow down and savor it. I kind of feel cheated out of the experience although all my BTDT friends have told me that subsequent pregnancies are just that way. You never really get to cherish it like you did your first.

    But here you are - 36 weeks! You have 4 to go so try to enjoy them!

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    Julianas Mom


    I am so excited to follow your lodge and your upcoming birth! I love your back story, the pics are great.

    I'm so sorry about your dad. It must be hard for your family.

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    Ahh, Kim, what a wonderful intro. I feel like I'm getting to know you all over again I know I've expressed this to you privately, but again, I am so sorry about your dad.

    You are an amazing, grounded, and well-rounded woman, and I'm so happy to be sharing this experience with you!
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    I really enjoyed reading your intro and seeing your pictures. What an amazing adventure you had in Thailand!

    I'm very sorry about the loss of your dad... I can't imagine how difficult it must be. I love the pictures of him holding your baby, what a sweet memory. Hugs.

    I look forward to following these last few weeks of pregnancy with you.

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    What an adventurous life you have had. I'm so looking forward to following your journey. I'm so sorry again about your dad.
    Jenny, Michael, and Catie

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    What a fantastic intro! It is such an honor to share this experience with you! I think it is fantastic you had the opportunity to travel with your DH before your first. My uncle is getting ready to undergo a bone marrow transplant as well. in a few weeks. I want to send my deepest regards I am so sorry about your dad.

    I am thrilled about your new LO. I can't wait to follow your journey through your last few weeks. Congrats on your lodge!

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    Welcome to your lodge, Kim!

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    Default 36w1d

    Today we're becoming a two car family.

    It's not really on purpose. We actually kind of like only having one car-it forces good communication, and since DH works from home and I'm a SAHM, usually one car is more than enough. But since my dad died there was an extra car, and things got traded around so my brother got my dad's car and we're getting my brother's 99 Ford Taurus.

    Truthfully, we didn't really want it. At first we said no, but then we thought about the fact that in approximately 2-3 yrs, when child #3 comes along, we'll need to upgrade. Our little hatchback seats 5, but there won't be enough room for all the strollers, diaper bags, toys, groceries, etc. And it will cost us less than $100/yr to insure this car. So we're going to keep it, drive it enough to keep it running, and hope to trade it in for $1500 or so towards a big vehicle.

    On the baby front, we did finally order some newborn cloth diapers. Woohoo! So now we have a place for baby to sleep and diapers, and coming home outfits for either gender. Once the baby gets home though, I think I have about 6-7 outfits for a girl and a bunch of long-sleeved outfits for a boy. Either way, unless I want to do laundry twice a day (ha!) I think we'll be going shopping soon after baby's born.

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    That intro totally made me get teary-eyed. Especially the story about your dad! If you have a boy, are you planning to name him somewhere after grandpa? TFS. My former youth pastors have been in Thailand for a while now. What an amazing story!
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    What a great intro! I am so sorry to hear that about your father, I imagine this has been quite the roller coaster your entire pgcy!

    I love your wedding pics, looks like you were both so happy That is cool that you got to go to Thailand w/ dh and work there- sounds like it was a great experience.

    That is nice about the second car- esp if it is going to come in handy and save you $ down the road!

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