Addisyn Jade is here! birth story and pics (xp)

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Addisyn Jade is here! birth story and pics (xp)

Addisyn Jade was due on thursday 9-8-11. Our 5yr wedding anniversary. DD1 also started preschool that day. And DD and DH were in a wedding on 9-10-11. For the two weeks leading up I was dialated at 2cm and 50% and holding. Had 39w checkup on 9-1 and was still at 2cm and 50%.
So i was hoping to deliver the weekend before or wait until after the wedding so that i didn't miss anything from being in the hopital. But of course, things never happen as you would like them to happen...

the week leading up to my due date I was having very mild ctxs that would be 10-15 mins apart and would last about an hour or more, but would stop before increasing intensity or decreasing duration. I walked as much as my SPD could handle, DH helped, I had pineapple after pineapple to try to get the LO hear just a bit ahead of schedule.

Tuesday 9-6 after DD1 had her "meet the teacher" at preschool we took her to the zoo so i could do some walking.

Wednesday 9-7 DD1 had orientation for dance and 6pm. took her there, then we had family hair cuts scheduled at 7:15. That evening and night(before bedtime) my ctxs were very quiet so i had no belief that anything major was going to happen, well, I was very wrong!

That night DH and I went to bed about midnight9-8. I probably fell asleep about 1230 for Addisyn was moving around well(as she normally did as i was trying to fall asleep) which left me feeling and "playing" with her as she moved.

At about 130am that night I was woken up with leaking. confused, i went to the bathroom and my pj shorts were indeed wet. by the time i got back to the bedroom i had a very intense ctx. Laid in bed and a short time later i had another. with not much sense of time i thought those seemed close together. so i pulled up my ctx counter app on my phone and had it ready. At the next ctx i pressed the "start" on my app and the "end" when it was over. The next one came and i did the same think. Those were 5 mins apart. I decided to time for one more, which came in under 5 mins later. So i woke DH and i called the dr. The doctor told me to head in to the hospital. So DH then called the babysitter to come and stay with DD1 so we didn't have to wake her.

Baby sitter got to our house about 2am. In the meantime DH put the bags in the car, got the last minute stuff(toiletries, laptop, camara...)together and i spent most of that time doulbled over on our bedroom floor in pain with my ctxs now being between 2-3mins apart.

We arrived to the hospital about 230am. By the time we finished checking in and got into the room and me in my gown in was about 3am. They checked my cervix and i was dialated to 6cm and I think 80%. they asked me if i wanted the epi and i said yes. They worked on my iv's as i suffered through several ctxs. they were still working on iv's and hooking up monitors when i had a ctx that made me scream out "she's here!"

that was about 320am and they checked my cervix then and i was dialated to 9 and completely effaced!. as soon as I heard the 9 i remember thinking, "oh great! no time for the epi now!" at that moment the lady who was to do the epi walked in. She and the nurses asked me if i felt i was able to sit for it. With ctxs still 2min ontop of each other that seemed impossible to me still with absolutley no pain meds in me yet. But i mustered up an yes answer to them and I was helped into position over the table tray with a pillow.

They gave me an epi/spinal combo because the spinal works alot faster and i was ready to start pushing. That was finished about 330. The medicine started its magic within minutes. after a few minutes i was asked if i could feel the ctxs, to which i replied not really. So the nurse said she would push on my belly to feel when i need to push. 345 we were getting ready to start pushing.

I pushed through one set(the hospital teaches you to push 3 times starting a ctx) and she had crowned! One more set and her head was out. The doc then did some suctioning from her nose and mouth until my next ctx. Then one more set of pushing and at

357am 9-8-11 8lb11oz, 21.25in on her DUE DATE and our 5yr wedding anniversary Addisyn Jade had arrived!!! apgars 8 and 9

Now! for the interesting part! that damned placenta!!
IT....WAS....STUCK!! are you friggin kidding me?!?! at the top tip of the uterus there was bit that would not release. I pushed and pushed, the doc would manually try to scrape it loose and nothing! the doc paged another attending on the floor to help. He came in and also tried to manually get it loose. A bit later finally at 440 the placenta had been delivered! I also lost alot of blood from all the manipulation to get the placenta out. To which to doc was concerened and ordered blood counts and told me there would be possibillity to need a transfusion for myself. thankfully when those results came back my counts we ok. though I did get a Rx for iron pills to take for a month.

We are already in love of course and Addisyn had a fantastic big sister who just adores her!!!

on mommy for the first time

her checkup

meeting big sister jocelyn for first time

me and my girls (made me cry)

she is DD1's clone at birth. her eyes seem blue. she would not eat anything until she was 12hrs. wouldn't suck on anything. not my finger, a paci, or breastfeed. she was tongue tied just like my DD1. so the pedi at the hospital clipped her tongue. then she did start bfing. slowly. she nurses very well on the right, but my left is inverted so that's going slow. i have to pump after feedings cuz she refuses so far to latch on that side.
as of when she was last weight at the hospital she had only dropped to a weight of 8lb 8.5oz. so i was relieved for i thought she would have lost more than that not eating very well.

we came home yesterday. and are doing well. still not latching on the left. but we are just smittin and in love

thanks for reading.

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Oh my gosh! She looks exactly like Jocelyn did! What an awesome birth story, I'm so glad it went quickly and easily for you. That sucks about the placenta though!

Congrats Lori! You're going to love having 2 and Jocelyn is going to be an amazing big sister!