Aiden Drakes Birthstory

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Aiden Drakes Birthstory

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know, I had my son on Friday May 27th at 7:20 pm. Heres the story:
I had an appointment with my OB at 9:20 on friday. The checked me and I was 4 cm dialated at 80% effaced. The doc made me go and be monitored for contractions because the baby wasnt moving very much. Turns out I was contracting about every 3 min!! She was going to let me just go home and wait it out but I knew I could go like that for days and my Hubby had a 4 day weekend so I requested to be induced. She called the doc on call at the hospital and and she sent me up to the birthing center. I went home and packed and then ate a giant sandwich and went to the hospital. I checked in at 12:30pm and they brought me to a room and had me get in my gown, put in an iv and all that fun stuff. I got put on the monitors and was having contractions every 3 min still.

Then we sat around for an hour while the nurses asked me a bunch of questions. At that point I wasn't feeling my contractions yet. Then at about 130-145 the Doctor came in and broke my water, wich didnt hurt at all, although I felt like I was peeing myself for the next 20 min!! This is when I began to feel the contractions!! I requested my epidural at 2:30 and had 3 doses of Fentenyl while the epidural man helped out another woman in the birthing center. By the time he came I was going out of my mind, contractions were feeling like they were not ending, just one right after another with a 5 second pause in between!

The epidural was cake...a tiny pinch and some pressure and I was in heaven!! I felt absolutly no pain!! They checked me again and I was 5.5cm! It was now about 3:45 so me and my husband just hung out, my parents came and sat with us. We were told It would be several hours till I would be ready to push. My parents began talking about going and having dinner and coming back. About this time the nurse noticed my contractions were getting really weak on the monitors so she called the doc in. The doc got there at 5:00 and began telling me I would most likely start pictosen now, but she wanted to check me first. She checked me and got a really suprised look on her face and explained that I was now completely dialated completely effaced and the baby's head was at a +2 station!! I was ready to push!!! They had me lay on my left side because he wasnt coming down completely straight, I layed like that for about 45 min wile they set up the room and got everything ready for me to deliver. Then I began pushing!

It was really hard at first because I had no idea where to push since I wouldnt feel anything, but my nurse was really helpful and with her help we got his head to the point that we could see it even without a contraction! So they called the doc in again and I pushed for another 20 min. Then the baby started having decelerations after my contractions and they were getting a little concerened since he was no longer moving down the birth canal. they decided to use the Vacume to help him out while I pushed, this is when I started to feel pain again! It wasn't as bad as the contractions but I was crying! His head becan to crown and the doc let me know I would have an episiotomy (sp?) I just remember yelling "YES DO IT!!!" They cut me and delivered the head within seconds, then the rest of him with the next contraction.

Everyone was crying and yelling and they put my son on my chest, he was staring in my face and kind of crying but he was pretty quiet. They rubbed him for a while and then took him to have a bath and be weighed. I laid there and had to be sewn up for about 25 min (I had a LARGE episiotomy) The babys apgars were 8 and 9 He weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 21.5 inches long. after I was all sewn up they put in a catheder to help me empty my bladder and then gave me my son, Aiden Drake Stilwell. He began to breastfeed imediatly, and has been wonderful ever since!!

They never took Aiden out of my sight which was great and made me feel a lot better, they moved us from the birthing room to the postpartum room about 2 hours after he was born and he stayed in the room with us until we left today at about 6pm. He did visit the nursery once for about 20 min on friday latenight (4 am) because he had swallowed a bunch of fluid and blood durring delivery and was spitting up blood which scared the heck out of me!!

All the nurses kept commenting about how lucky I was to have such a short labor (about 6 hours!) But that next time I have to be very careful since each labor after the first is usually faster!! Next time I could be looking at 4 hours!

All and all everything is great, im pretty sore from the episiotomy and really tired but the baby is really happy and healthy. I feel spoiled because he almost never cries, and I actually have to wake him up to get him to eat!!