All 4 of my birth stories.#5 still pending

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All 4 of my birth stories.#5 still pending

Well im trying to cram all 4 birth stories in one not to long post, so here it gos.
Amber was due in august of 1997. i was 17. I started having contractions on friday night, and slowly and painfully dialated to 3cm and effaced 80% by tuesday. tuesday they broke my water and i went from 3cm to 8 in like 2 hrs. Amber was born that afternoon weighing 6lbs and 12oz.
Im starting to thing that most first time babies keep their moms in pain for days befor their big moment.
amber was about 10 days 2 weeks early.

My second child was easier, but in my opinion more of an intense labor. i started having contractions 1 at 8pm in my 39th week. I really really didnt want to go to the hosp. i figured ild be in pain forever and i just wanted to try to rest. however after about an hr and a half of 5min apart contractions, i went up to the hospital. at around 10ish the dr broke my water and after some serious contrations that had me convinced i was dying, jade was born like 12:05 am. She was 7lbs and 7oz at birth.

Dylan was the best of them all. i went to a rutine apt at 37 weeks. when the dr did an internal he asked exactly how far i lived from the hospital. As we were expecting a snow storm. i told him about half an hr. he said well i think we should go up to the hosp. now then. i went up to the hosp and he broke my water at 10am. i walked around and checked out what was on tv for like 2hrs befor i started to have contractions. finally they started but werent to bad. after a couple of hrs, i said i wanted drugs befor they got real bad. you know how they are. "oh your doing great you dont need anything." i said yes im fine now, but i wont be later, so gimme something NOW. they gave me some of the stadol crap the same stuff i had with jade that wasnt worth a crap. a few min later the dr came to check my progress and said we were ready to deliver. my actual response was,"your kidding!" well after a few min of pushing i gave birth to my was around 5 in the afternoon.he weighed 7lbs 6oz.
Well katie was alittle different of a story. i went over by like a week. THAT SUCKED! i walked miles and miles everyday from 38 weeks. sometimes i had to crawl back to the car. we tried sex,everything. finally!!!!!!!! at a little after my 41st week i went in that morning and my midwife streched my cervix. i went out and walked and walked. i felt some week contractions, so i called her. she said to come up. i went to the office and they checked and asked if my water was leaking. leaking, i feel like im always leaking something......IM pREGNANYT. well my water was leaking. i went up to the hosp were she broke my water. i changed my mind half way through labor and told my husband today wasnt such a good day to have a baby after all. lol, like i had a choice. Well as my labors go i was only in labor for like 6hrs. after pushing for a while she was born. all 7lbs 15oz. she had her cord wrapped around her neck came out crapping and they thought she had bllod poisioning. she couldnt even regulate her temp. it was freaky and i asked like 1,001 questions about what they were doing and what everything ment. THANK GOD everything turned out ok.

well as for baby 5........still have some time to go. for details on this pregnancy see my journal, pregnancy take 5!!!!