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    Quote Originally Posted by Klyllie
    Things have been pretty crazy around here and I haven't had any time to post!! I miss you ladies so much.

    As promised...here is the birth story. My dad was in town, he is a peri and used to work in the same practice as my peri now. He asked how I was feeling and I told him that I was feeling pretty crappy. He made me go take my blood pressure. It was higher than usual, as I have extremely low blood pressure, but still low enough not to raise too much concern about pre-e. However, being the protective father, my dad made me go to the hospital and asked my doc to run some tests. Turns out my platelet count was really, really low, this combined with the swelling that had started and my elevated bp made them worry that I was getting pre-e. My doctor gave me the option to wait a couple days and run the test again, but warned me that if my platelet count dropped lower that we would probably have to do a transfusion, or he said we could do an amnio on Reid, baby "B", to make sure that the lungs were developed. If they were, we would go ahead and deliver. I opted for the amnio. The lungs were developed and so we went ahead with the c-section the following day.

    The surgery went well...I just had a spinal, not even an epidural. It was strange to feel everything that was going on without feeling any pain. Both babies came out breathing on their own...no oxygen for either one. Tahna, the little girl, weighed 6lbs 4oz...she is now 6lbs 9oz. Reid was 4lbs 13oz...he is now 5lbs 2oz. Thank goodness we took them out when we did, Reid had stopped growing and pushing it to 38 weeks would have led to some problems for him. Both babies are doing great bfing and we haven't had to supplement. Bfing is harder than I possibly could have imagined...but we are working it out. I have the babies on a 3 hour schedule...I just couldn't do on-demand feeding with twins...I would be feeding all of the time. The little ones wake up every three hours on the hour and are ready to go. Luckily this is working and they are gaining weight.

    I want to thank you all...you have all contributed to making this journey the best experience of my life. The support and friendship I have found on this board means everything to me. I wish you all the best in welcoming your blessings to this world.


    Momma with the kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by SandyBaltimore
    Liam Arrives 3/18 6lbs15oz 20 3/4 inches born at 3:44 pm on Sunday March the 18th.

    Well what a week! The hospital has internet access and I just found out and been here since yesterday go figure!

    Anyway Liam has arrived! I awaoke at 7 to my water busting and went to the hospital on arrival I was 4cm and contracting at regular intervals. They wanted to speed up my delivery so after a few hours they introduced pitocin as I was only 5cm at that time. I was then checked 6/7. Then checked to be 8 cm about 15 minutes after that. Then oh within 5 minutes from that point I was ready to push. I got a nice second degree perineum {spelling on that} rip. Geez took an hour to get stitching done but Liam was there and he had unfortunately swolled some amniotic fluid and had to go to the nicu for a few hours. After a few he came and joined us back in the room where I began to breast feeding then they took him for first bath etc.

    We get out of the hospital tomorrow and I have tons of pictures to share!!!!!! He is getting some testing done at the moment. He was an rh positive baby so I had to get the shot again because I am rh negative!

    But he is absolutely perfect!!! Thank you Lord for such a blessing to our family and thank you everyone putting up with me! LIAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM IS WONDERFUL!

    Latched on like a champ and the staff at the hospital has been great though you girls know I am a pain in the rear!

    Wanted to let you all know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xSweetAngelx
    I wrote some of the birthstory, but I'll write it all up now...This way I can copy it...then I can go send some pics and the story to some family members lol.

    Around 1 am, I was getting really excited to have the baby, so I did everything to try and fall asleep (even make myself orgasam) I know tmi. Anyways around 1:15 am, I started having intense contractions...where I was screaming/moaning in pain...Ive had BH like this before...so I thought all they were was a bunch of painful BH's...so I laided around...trying everything to get rid of them...around 3am..i felt like I had to make a huge BM...so I went to the potty, and while sitting there pushing...My water broke. It was like a balloon being popped...Even DH heard it...anyways I told DH we needed to go to the Hostipal. On the way there DH was speeding going 65mph in a 45mph zone, he got pulled over needless to say, as the very young cop was walking up I had an extreamly intense contraction...and he radioed ahead to the hostipal and followed us there, when we got there, he(the cop) walked me in got me in a wheelchair, and helped me though the regerstartion and contractions...When I got upstairs they hooked me up checked to see if my water broke (Which they were sure it did) and checked me...I was dialated to a 5. They immetally called the surgical team, and my OB....took them a good 30-45 mins to get there...When they got there, they rushed me into the C-section room(DH wasn't allowed because they put me to sleep for it..due to rods in my back) Last thing I remember is the anastergioligist, telling my OB to get a gown on, that the baby was in distress. She was born at 4:43 am, weighing 6 pounds 6oz...19 inches long...

    Now as for mom when I was in recovery...I started hemerging(sp) apparently, Insted of tighting my uterus relaxed allowing blood to flow...which caused bloodclots, they for awhile thought I might need an emergency historectmy.Needless to say, for all my bloodloss I'm anemic(sp). but we both are home now and doing fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiff0502
    Sorry I didn't update sooner It all happened so fast. I went to the hospital on Saturday @ 3:30pm because my blood pressure had been pretty high all morning. I get there, they hook me up to the monitors and watched my blood pressure for about an hour. Everything looked good and my bp went down to a safe level. So the nurse calls my dr. to tell her the update and they start getting ready to send me home. Well....wouldn't you know it - I started having regular contractions 3-4 minutes apart. They started getting stronger - so the nurse tells me to go walking around the hospital for 20 minutes or so and come back. I continued having the contractions and when they hooked me up again - the size/strength of the contractions was DOUBLE! I was actually in some pretty bad pain. So, after an hour more of that, the dr. says that they are ready to do the c-section in an HOUR. At 8pm they started the surgery and we had our sweet baby girl @ 8:25pm. She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and is 19 3/4 inches long. We were released from the hospital yesterday and she is nursing great, although quite the sleeper.

    Here are some pics...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassidy1999
    I have a brand new baby boy!!!!

    After a miserable bout of prodromal labor, Jonathan Connor decided to grace us with his presence on Friday 3/23. I was 38+4weeks.
    Thursday went pretty much like every other day has for the past 2 weeks. I woke up after a miserable night of painful irregular contractions that stopped just in time for me to have to get up and get the kids moving with no sleep. I decided that I would just resign myself to the fact that he wasn't coming unless I was induced and went on about my business. Towards the afternoon, my "usual" contractions started getting stronger again, but still irregular. I didn't really think much of it because I had been doing the same thing every day for a while. Then I went to the bathroom and felt an extra gush that I was pretty positive wasn't pee, but wasn't completely convinced that it was amniotic fluid, so I decided to risk being embarassed and get checked. So, off we went.
    We made it to L&D about 5:30pm. The nurse came in and used the litmus paper to check for amniotic fluid which was "inconclusive". I'm thinking "great, just my luck". Then she checked my cervix and to my surprise I was already dilated to 5cm. I was still thinking that they would send me off to walk or something since my contractions were still irregular, but the nurse said if she did that I'd probably carry a baby back with me. Needless to say, I was thrilled. So, we settled in to have a baby!!!
    My doctor was actually on the elevator when we came in, so she was able to get right in there and assess the whole water breaking issue. Turns out that the amniotic sac actually has two membranes and I ruptured the first, but not the second. So, she went ahead and finished the job for me and since I always have dysfunctional and really long labors she offered to go ahead with the pitocin. I agreed since I knew it was inevitable anyway. So, I got the pitocin and my epidural and waited and waited. Then I started to feel everything. Not good. The anesthesiologist kept trying to adjust my meds, but nothing worked. So, at 12:32am I delivered a 6lb 6oz baby boy with no drugs! Thank goodness it was only a 6 hour labor and 6lb baby! No episiotomy or tears either. Overall, I think it went very well. I spent a little over 24 hours in the hospital and then asked to get out. So we are all home now and doing great! Our little guy is absolutely adorable!

    Thanks for reading!

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    I started having contractions on Saturday, a few here and there. They continued on into Sunday becoming somewhat more intense but nothing regular. I also had been losing mucous plug with some blood in it all day. Nothing really came of them but I had a regular OB appt on Monday morning. When I got there I told the doc what had been going on and he did an ultrasound to check his size, which he said was around 6 lbs 12 oz. He told me since I was 37 weeks to head on up to L & D cause we were going to do a csection!

    I got up there around 11:45am. Nurses came in immediately and got all my paperwork done and started an IV. By 1:00 I was headed to the OR. They preped me and gave me my spinal. Surgery started around 1:10 pm and at 1:26pm my beautiful baby boy entered the world. He looked so tiny but screamed like a big boy!

    Grant Jakob was born March 26, 2007 @1:26pm weighing 6lbs 9.2 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

    Jenn & Andy-Married Oct 11, 2003
    Gage Mackenzie- April 4, 2006
    Grant Jakob- March 26, 2007

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    Default Luke's Arrival

    On Thursday, I had been having fairly strong contractions all day, and I didn't want to go to the hospital too early. So, my brother was here in case we had to leave in the middle of the night, so he could stay with Will. He is a great cook, and he made a HUGE DINNER. I laughed and said that I hoped the steak with sauteed mushrooms was greasy enough to 'send me over the edge' and into labor. Though I was uncomfy, I went to sleep at around 9, and was having painful contractions in my dreams. LOL....at about 3 am, one woke me up. The next one, less than 2 min. away, was REALLY PAINFUL. I woke DF up, and away we went. We called the hospital en route. I was tearing our RangeRover apart I was in so much pain. We went about 80 mph all the way. I had to wait for contractions to stop before even getting out of the car. We raced through the hospital (I was soaking wet as my water broke on the way). We got off the elevator (which faces the nurses' station) and all the staff was standing there watching me as the elevator doors opened. Once a big contraction ended, I ran off the elevator and was begging everyone for an epidural. They led me to a labor room, where I stripped off my clothes, hopped into bed, and my midwife checked me between contractions. She said, there's no time for an epi, as you're over 8 cm dilated. I had about 4 more killer contractions and then HAD TO PUSH. It was about 4 or 5 strong pushes that I thought were going to kill me. They were so strong that I HAD TO SCREAM, even though every part of my brain was trying to calm and quiet myself down. I couldn't believe it when they said he was coming out. It was awesome. Because he was born so fast, he had a lot of fluid still in him, requiring lots of suction. However, his breathing and color, etc. were good from the get-go. He weighed exactly 7 lbs and is 19 inches long. Poor DF was teary-eyed, as he was hating to see me in such pain. He was thanking God that the baby came fast. The car ride really scared him half to death. All I remember is the midwife saying to him, "Now what role do you want to play during this labor, Dad?" And he answered, "I don't know. I just need you all to get him OUT, I guess."....LOL...He was so traumatized!!!! It was such a hassle being in the hospital for 5 days. (We just hung out in a room most of the time, and nurses assessed Luke every 4 hours for 5 days, to make sure he didn't withdraw from the pain meds that I had been taking).DF has been so wonderful throughout this and we are both just totally floored at how perfect Luke is and how in LOVE WITH THIS BABY we are. William is psyched to have a little brother and is excellent with him. I'm gonna copy this note into the 'birth stories'. Thanks to all of you girls for your support throughout this time and good luck to those who haven't gone into labor yet. It feels great to be home and I am recovering quickly. I had a tubal ligation on Saturday, but other than the breastfeeding soreness am feeling great. No more back pain.....YAY!!!!!!!!! Love you all!!!!! ~Cory

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    Default Claire Isabelle has arrived!!

    Hi Guys! Thanks for all your warm wishes and thanks Julie for letting everyone know!!!

    K, where to start??? Wednesday morning, another morning with no sleep, I just couldn't stand the back and rectal pain/pressure anymore so I drove myself to L&D. I figured that they'd check me and that I'd still be 3 cm and they'd send me home. I was 3cm alright, but they kept me for a couple hours and by 10am I was 5cm. I called Mike and they moved me over to the delivery room at noon. They broke my water (what a weird feeling, but didn't hurt) and I went to 6cm within the hour. I asked for my epidural because I was only feeling contraction pain in my back and bum. Yep...total BACK LABOUR. Not nice at all. When I was getting my epi Mike decided to pass out, but the nurse caught him and the doctor and her eased him to the floor. He came to after about 10 sec. So, after the epi I felt much better but I couldn't feel anything at all - not even pressure. I went to 9cm in about another hour and started pushing at 9:15pm. At first it didn't go well because I couldn't feel where to push and I spiked a fever. The baby's heartrate started to climb and they were worried that I wouldn't be able to get her out. The doctor gave me 3 more pushes and told me that she'd help with the vacuum but that if she wasn't out after that I'd go and have an emerg. c-section. After 2 pushes she was crowning but I was told to stop pushing because the cord was around her neck. She gave me an episiotomy at that point and 2 more big pushes she popped out at 11:49pm. She had shoulder dystocia (shoulder was stuck) and there was no way she would have made it out without the vacuum. She also had fluid in her lungs and spent about 3 hours in the special care nursery for observation. Finally Mike brought her to me around 3am. I was so relieved that she was okay after all we've been through. She's a big girl at 8lbs 11oz and we think she's the most beautiful thing we've ever seen. She's eating like a pro but man, bf-ing is alot more work than I ever imagined!!!!!

    GL to all you ladies having your babies and to all the ones I probably missed while I've been gone. It's the most amazing feeling in the world. I highly recommend it

    I will post some pics tomorrow when we get more settled. Hugs to everyone!

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    on the thurs morning i woke up crampy and had abit of a show, dbfs mom popped over 4 a coffee then as soon as i shut the door on her, i felt a gush so rang dbf at work n we went to hospital, i got checked n was sent home for a couple of hours then went back and i was about 4cm. the contractions were gettin strong so i had some entinox which worked 4 abit but then the midwife suggested the birth pool so i went in for abit, it was relaxing but i got hot n fed up so i got out, contractions still gettin v.painful i had a shot of pethedine (didnt do anything) i kept crying saying i couldnt do it, the time was dragging n i was only about 6/7 cm labor had really slowed down, my m/w suggested i got sent to the other hospital about half hour away as they dealt with more difficult deliveries, i was too much in pain to decline so off in the ambulance i went with dbf following, we got there n after about 10mins the new m/w checked me n said omg its head is there y arent u pushing?!! his head was right there ready to come out n i cudnt tell lol i was in too much pain i think. so i got pushing then about an hour later at 3.38 in the morning he came out, dbf cut the cord n he had to go on a heater 4 a little bit as he was cold. i had a nice 2nd degree tear which is quite sore but im coping just glad to be back home, my son is so perfect i cannot express in words how proud i feel.

    thank u for everything ladies, your words of encouragment have been such an inspiration to me. thank you again uve all played an important part in the last 9months of my life

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    So, here's the story:
    Checked in at the hospital at 5am. It went fine but one of the nurses yelled at us for not calling an hour before we got there. No one had told us to call - but whatever, that's the chance we take and we told her so! Right after I got there I guess someone came in so they put off giving me the IV. A first (young, I think) nurse tried to give me my IV and she couldn't do it. So, it was until 7am that I got my IV. Because someone else was ready to deliver they waited until 9am to give me the pill by my cervix. I had slow regular contractions after that but they didn't do anything. At 1pm they started the pitocin and at 2:30pm the doctor came in and broke my water. Yuck, I didn't like that. By 3pm, I'd had enough of the contractions. They hurt really bad but weren't doing anything. So, I got an epidural that took effect at 4pm. I had a few problems with the epidural and kept having to hit the button for more meds. Things were going really slow and pretty much all the contractions were doing was lowering Phin's heartrate. I started to get scared that I'd have to have a C-section and I didn't want that. They had monitors coming out of every hole in my body, I felt like a pincushion. I just dozed and prayed really hard that my cervix would open up. Finally at 7pm, just as Survivor was coming on, I hit 4cm. By 7:20, I was at 7cm. The nurse told me if I felt any pressure to tell them to come right away. At 7:40 I rang the button. I felt a bulge between my legs and my ankles were so swollen they were bothering me. When the nurse looked, Phin's head was about to pop out. The tv was shut off and she got the doctor. I pushed maybe 3 times while Phin just sort of slid out. He was born at 7:51pm on March 29, his scores were 8 and 9 (same as Elias), he's almost a pound smaller at 7lbs 9oz and an inch shorter at 20 inches. I tore in the same spot as last time but not as bad so I have maybe one stitch and I feel much better than last time too.

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