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    Wow - First, I must say that I think it is amazing how some of you ladies get on here and post your birth stories so quickly...here it is 10 days later and I'm just getting around to it!!

    My story is crazy...my little guy was born a month before his due date. I went in for an appt. with my midwife on Tuesday night (March 20th). At that time I was only in my 36th week and she decided to check me and see how I was doing. She said good words like "soft" and "thin" and that I was dialated to 1-2. She could also feel the head. Looking on the ultrasound, we saw that the baby's lungs were doing that practice breathing. Well, over the next two days, I just felt different. On Thursday, I started having irregular and not painful contractions. When I called my midwife in the morning to let her know, she told me that if I went into labor I would have to go to the hospital (instead of having a homebirth). About 7pm, I started having contractions that were 10 minutes apart. Again, I called the midwife and she told me no big deal, that you could have contractions like that for a week. She also mentioned taking Benadryl to try to stop the contractions. I didn't realize that she wanted me to take the Benadryl right then...and called her an hour later to tell her that the contractions had moved to 5 minutes apart. At that point, I started taking Benadryl....but the contractions kept coming. Good thing was that my midwife then told me that she would deliver the baby if the contractions couldn't/wouldn't stop. By 11pm, I was not a happy camper - the contractions were getting painful, but didn't seem to be regular. My husband called the midwife at that point and she had him fill a tub full of HOT water. She said they would make or break the contractions. As it turned out, the hot water didn't do too much. The contrations slowed a little and didn't progress or get more regular, so we went to bed. I continued to wake up off and on throughout the night with painful contractions.

    In the morning, I started trying to wake DH up...starting at 5am. He kept saying he was too tired!! Finally about 6am, I got him to wake up and call both the midwife and my girlfriend who was going to attend the birth. I was scared to move cause I felt like if I did the baby would be born right there on my own bed. When DH was ready to go and my friend had arrived with her teenage daughter to watch my girls, I got out of bed (still in my pjs), slipped on a pair of shoes, and went straight to the truck. It is a half hour to the midwife's office...we got there at about 7:30am. She checked me - I was fully dialated. What she actually said was that there wasn't anything holding the baby in except the water. I think the midwife could tell that I was stressed and tired, so she let me go get in the jacuzzi tub and relax while she put in the IV (for antibiotics for that beta strep thing). Next time she checked me, she said the baby had pooped in his water so we had to get him out.

    So, I got out of the tub, moved to the bed, and in two pushes we had our little boy! His cord was around his neck, his shoulders were stuck, and he came out purple from being bruised. We are still confused about the dates, because my midwife looked at him and said he couldn't really be a 36 week baby...more like a 37-38 week baby. I had a miscarriage just before this pregnancy and so the dates were hard to figure, but we had been going by what they said at the ultrasound. Oh-well, he's here, he's perfectly healthy and I am soooo glad not to be pregnant anymore!!!

    Michael-John was born at 8:07 am on Friday, March 23rd. He weighed 8 lbs 5 oz.

    We stayed at the midwife's office for about two hours and then headed home. I spent the rest of the day on my own couch, holding my precious bundle, and greeting friends and family who came to meet the baby.

    As I was typing this, Michael-John was sleeping happily in the sling on my chest. He is now starting to squirm...must be time for his lunch. I'll post this now and try to figure out how to post pictures later

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    I woke up Sunday, April 1 just feeling exhausted. All day long, there was nothing that I could do to gain my energy back, and so I spent MOST of the day in bed resting and sleeping. I couldn’t remember the last time I had spent so much time sleeping!

    Closer towards the evening, I rolled out of bed for the second time and decided to make my way downstairs. Around this time, I noticed contractions again – and every now and then, I’d feel one in my back. By the time 9:00 pm arrived, I was having regular contractions, and feeling most every one in my back first. However, they were totally manageable and I really didn’t even think much of these contractions except for the back pain. When I spoke to a friend on the phone and told her what I was experiencing, she suggested calling the midwife. So I did, and at my midwife’s recommendation, I went upstairs and checked myself. WHEW! I was about cm dilated, and could literally feel the sack bulging out of my cervix. At that point, I began to question if I would be having the baby soon! HA! I told my midwife what I discovered, and she asked if I thought that tonight would be my night. “I honestly have NO idea! I mean, part of me thinks that surely something must be going to happen soon….” - - but I couldn’t guarantee to her that I was in active labor at that point! She suggested us putting the boys to bed, and then seeing if something happened after that. I don’t know HOW she knows these things!?!

    Immediately after putting the boys down for the night, I crawled into bed and laid on my side, thinking about these contractions. It was seriously starting to irritate me that I couldn’t tell which way things were going. I felt out of touch with my body. 30 minutes passed, and Corey spoke with the midwife, asking her to come on out. Since she lives an hour and 15 minutes away, we knew it would take her a little bit to get here, but it was also just after 10:00 at that point, so the roads were more than likely clear for her to get here a bit sooner than normal. I was still second guessing everything – and telling myself that we were probably having her out here for nothing. I honestly thought at that point that we’d just be sending her back home with no baby in our arms yet. Corey said, “Better safe than sorry, though. Let’s just see what happens.”

    Corey pulled out some chux pads and ran a hot bath for me. I got in there and little did I know that it would be a few HOURS before I climbed back out!  The hot water helped me relax and made the back contractions ease up quite a bit. Thank goodness! While I was in the tub, though, the contractions gradually picked up and between 11:30 pm and 1:00 am, I was in full blown labor! With each and every single contraction, I motioned to Corey and he put his hand on my lower back just right to put pressure on my spine and ease the pain. It helped a LOT! I absolutely needed him there doing that for me, and he was just awesome.

    The contractions grew intense, and I could feel the powerful waves start to push baby down and slowly start to spread my hip bones apart. The baby was moving down further and further, and pretty soon, I could feel such a pressure on my butt and the baby’s head at the opening. Now I was softly moaning and involuntarily pushing with each contraction. “Thaaaat’s good! That’s what we want!”, my midwife spoke gently. She grabbed her Doppler and kept a check on baby’s heartbeat here and there. “Baby sounds good! Everything is going great! You are doing PERFECT!”, she said. I could REALLY start to feel baby’s head coming out, and for some reason, I started to arch my back in the water. “If you’re going to have this baby in the water, then you’ll have to keep your butt below the water. If not, then let’s get out and try something different” my midwife told me. I felt like I was trying but to no avail to get the baby down past a certain point, so my midwife directed me to come forward and get up on my feet (with help, of course!). Corey and the MW assistant helped me up, and before I knew it I was standing up in the tub and REALLY pushing the baby out! Her head had crowned and more was coming out when the midwife directed the birth team to help me out of the tub and let me squat on the floor beside it. SQUATTING! How could I have forgotten about squatting? It works SO well and feels SO good birthing a baby that way. I should have been in that position all along! They helped me squat on the floor, and the baby’s head popped out so fast after that…and then the shoulders and everything else came out in practically one big motion. WHOOSH! It felt great! The baby was covered in the creamy vernix and I reached down to pick up my child “Oh my baby! Oh my baby!! I can’t believe it!”…after a few seconds, it actually occurred to me to see WHO I had just birthed, so I quickly looked down there and proudly, loudly exclaimed, “…and it’s a GIRL! Oh my goodness! A girl!! Her name is Gianna Belle! She’s so beautiful! A girl, Corey, a GIRL!!” I held her so close, and kissed her and loved her. She was just sucking all over her hands and was TOTALLY ready to nurse right from the get-go! I couldn’t believe that, either! This was a first for me! It was a bit before I could nurse her, though, and she pitched a FIT over it, too!

    The birth team let the water out of the tub, cleaned it and ran a new, sparkly hot bath for me and Gianna. Within minutes, we were back in the tub relaxing and bonding. My midwife was also waiting for the cord to stop pulsating so that we could cut it. She kept checking it every so often, but it was a good 35 minutes before it stopped pulsating, and she set it up so Corey could come over and cut the cord. Then we had to wait on the placenta. Corey held Gianna now while I got in a in a squatting position in the tub to push out the placenta. After that, my birth team cleaned me off in the tub, and then helped me to my bed. Corey brought over Gianna, and I put her up to me to nurse, which she was past ready to do. She latched on like a champ and had such a strong suck! Whew! That kicked my uterus in gear again with those intense contractions! After that, my midwife gave Gianna a thorough checkup and found that she was very tiny indeed – weighing in at only 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19 inches long! Everything about her is perfect. God has blessed us with another healthy baby!

    Gianna Belle
    6 lbs. 9 oz.
    19 in. long
    Born at 1:12 AM, April 2, 2007

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    I was awaken at 5:30am on March 24th by a pain in my pelvic. At first I thought I had just caught a cramp or something because I always got them in my lower back and my legs. I tried changing positions but the pain only got worse. I went to the bathroom and found it hard to go. Then minutes later I got a really strong contraction and then another. They were close like 3 minutes apart and so strong that I could feel them in my rectum. I then woke up my dh and we called my doc. My doc said go to labor and delivery. It took me a good 15 mins just to get dressed because the contractions were so strong and painful. I became nervous at one point that I wouldn't make it to the hospital. My husband woke our 2 sons that are 3 and 3and a half and they were super whiny from being awaken and didnt know what was going on.
    As my husband drove, it seemed like every bump in the road brought on the worse contractions and I hollared the entire way to the hospital. My dh was so nervous he parked in the ER right next to the ambulances. It was funny. That God we didn't get a ticket.
    We got to L&D and my bladder felt so full, yet everytime I tried to pee the contractions would come and they were getting stronger and stronger. When they checked me I was a 3 and that hurt so bad all I could do is cry. What's worse I caught a bad contraction in the middle of being checked. My blood pressure was up, so due to my history the on call doctor ran labs for pre-eclampsia and PIH(pregnancy induced hypertension). They came up negative and they proceeded to offer the epi. I took it, but they explained they have some new epi which also is given with a spinal block. Well I was fine until the needle hit a nerve and my left leg jumped. I panicked and told them to stop and I changed my mind. I freaked so bad because I got hot and began to sweat uncontrollably and my legs got super hot that they had to hold me down and apply cold compresses to me to calm me down. Shortly after I was fine and was able to relax. The labor progressed fast. THe next hour and a half I was 6 centimeters and then 7. The nurse was so nervous because I tested positive for group b strep and she was trying to get the second dose of antibiotics in and wasn't sure she could because there is a time space between the first and second bags of antibiotics. Soon I was a 7 and a half /8 the nurse said and the doctor came in with a crochet like thing to break my water. I"m like can we just wait and see if it breaks on it own. (I was being such a chicken~LOL) She's like no I"ll break it and I didn't feel it thank God for epi and every contraction then got more and more intense and the water leakes for awhile. My husband had left to drop the boys off over my MIL's house and had returned. My Mom and one of my sisters had arrived by now also. I was so thankful because my Mom has lung cancer and she's been feeling so well and God has been blessing her health so much. I'm her last born (the baby) and would've just cried if she couldn't make it to the birth.
    Soon it was time to push. It seemed I got this point so fast and as they broke down the bed and turned the warmer on for the baby, all I could think is oh my God, I'm about to meet my baby. Of course the reality of pregnancy kicked in ages ago with the pains and weight, but this part was so unreal.
    They had me laid flat on the bed so the baby could pass under my pelvic bone. Pushing like that was so hard. It took an hour to push him out. I got the labor shakes real bad and my back began hurting really bad. At first I thought it was from the epi, but we learned it was back labor. THe baby was post terior looking up instead of down. THe doctor kept trying to turn him but she couldn't. Finally and I do mean finally, he crowned and she told me to stop pushing and he turned slowly as he came out all by himself. They took him out and laid him on my chest. I was to weak to really hold him but I was so glad it was over. I prayed so hard for a fast and safe delivery without stitches and God gave it all to me. Praise God for giving our family an addition so beautiful.
    I was in alot of pain the next two days I felt like I strained every muscle in my body literally. I couldn't even push good to pee. By Sunday nite my blood pressure was super high and while I got released Monday, Tuesday I had to go back and get put on blood pressure meds as a result. My OB was busy the day I delivered and never came once to see me in the hospital. So I saw her associate Tuesday who said many women can run into problems postpartum. So I guess the pre-eclampsia or pih tried to show its ugly head but I'm praying confessions of being healed everyday. I felt so bad lastweek I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't sleep and I think the baby blues was getting to me. The meds have really helped and I'm feeling stronger by the day. I'm breastfeeding and I'm literally up no matter the time doing that every 2 hrs . Getting sleep is a challenge. But I sleep while he sleeps.
    My 3 yr old is acting out horribly so I've had my hands full. Please keep me in prayer and I will keep you all in prayer too.



    PhotobucketBRAELYN 14 MOS
    <"R.I.P. Mommy, I love you always" 8.2.45~ 6.6.07

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    Jameson William Perry was born on March 27th, 2007 at 12:53PM. I had a scheduled c-section due to placenta previa. It was a strange feeling waking up that morning knowing that I was just going to go have my baby. All of our natural childbirth classes were now useless!

    We arrived at the hospital and they hooked me up to fetal monitors. It was a surreal moment for me because I had read so many birth stories and that is always the first thing they do. I guess it was the realization that NOW was MY time. While being monitored, the nurse started an IV. I had heard that the IV hookup could hurt worse than anything, but I didn't think it was that bad. All of the fluids they gave me though made me swell up like a balloon!

    After about an hour, it was time to go have baby! I walked down to the OR. What a weird feeling to walk in there. I guess I thought they would wheel me in there. DH was all dressed in his scrubs. They gave me the spinal which was NO PROBLEM at all! I thought it would hurt or I would feel uncomfortable pressure, but I didn't and it was a piece of cake! Suddenly my toes and legs got very warm and they spun me around to lay down. Everything happened really fast after that. I was a little overwhelmed. It seemed as if everyone was talking at once and I couldn't tell if they were talking to me or not.

    Once strapped down, I looked over at DH, who was just standing there in the corner. I asked him if he felt okay. He said he did, but later on, he said he felt faint. I think seeing all of the medical stuff really got to him.

    Soon, they put up the drape so I couldn't see anything. DH, I and the anethesiologist started chatting. I was trying to distract myself so I wouldn't hear what they were doing behind the curtain. After about 10 minutes, the anethesiologist said, "there's the head! Now he's born!"

    I heard a gurgle and a cry. I had this huge feeling of relief. I felt like the pregnancy journey was over and I had just transitioned into another new journey of motherhood.

    I felt helpless just strapped to the table. I couldn't see my baby very well and I couldn't hold him. The good thing was DH was there and had some special time with him. I remember hearing DH say, "Hi Jameson. I'm your dad." Too cute.

    DH finally brought him over to me. I still couldn't see him very well. That was frustrating. Then, I got a wave of sickness. I didn't care so much about seeing my baby anymore because I felt so sick. That made me mad that I could be so selfish in time like this, but I didn't really have any control over how I was feeling.

    They wheeled me into recovery where I did my first round of breastfeeding. Amazing! I loved it. He latched on pretty quickly. I loved the hospital and the staff. It couldn't have been better. They were so helpful and patient. They made us feel as if our baby was the only birth they had there. In actuality, the nurse said they deliver over 700 babies a MONTH there!

    We feel so blessed to have this amazing, healthy little boy home with us.

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    Birth Story Seth Taheton April 1 9:43am 8lbs. 3oz. 20 3/4 inches. head 31 3/4cm

    Wed. night I had major heartburn for 4hrs to the point where I was cring.

    Thursdy night picked DH up from airport

    Friday night major heartburn again and after 3 hrs I went into L&D. It went away and I was sent home.

    Sat had heart burn off and on but that night it got bad again so I went into L&D again. I was hooked up bp was up to 167/99 after an hr bing hooked up the took a urin sample and blood work. They wanted to set up an induction date after my 39w but I informed them I already had one on Wed.

    Sunday at 12:25am they came into the room to explain to my I had protin in my urin and I was not going home without a baby. That it could be my liver acting up and not heartburn. I was moved to a LDR room at 1:30am

    2:22am they broke my water started Magnisum cause my bp was still high and my blood work came back to show my liver enzines was high. This stuff sucks. I felt like I was on fire, I could think, I got an bad headache, started cring for no reason. Just felt like hell.

    3:17am I started contrating in a pattern and was 5cm 90% effeced

    3:32am got pain meds. and not changed

    5:45am I said forget it and an epidural and I noticed I was swelling up pretty bad.

    6:05am 7cm

    6:40am 9cm

    7:53am contractions started spacing out so they started pitocin.

    9:30 complete after finding out the reason i didn't feel i needed to push was the cathater was blocking his head from pushing against the cervix. i started pushing. now hear comes a good tip as the head started coming out she had me to stop pushing as they counted to ten and instead she had me to grunt take a breath bare down and grunt and take another breath and so on until he was out. This put me to pusing for about 2 to 3 seconds and then taking a breath. He was born sunny side up ( face looking up) which is why labor took so long too. I have always had to have stiches with my other kids even the one that was only 5lb 10oz which was my last one I still torn. He was 8lbs 3oz ang I didn't tear at all, I think it was because of the way she had me pushing it gave it time to stretch. Once his head was out I head the doc say someone get him he is going down. My DH passed out LOL. I think it was because he hadn't ate and he was like me dead tired from all his plane rides and not getting alot of sleep cause of all the problems I was having. With the next contraction I pushed as long as I could until he was born at 9:43. I got to reach down as he was coming and pull him up on me. He laid on me for a few min. and once daddy was able to stand he cut the cord so the cord wasn't cut right away. After a few more min they had to take him over to give him a little oxygen.

    After 30 min or so they brought him back over for me to feed him. At this point everyone left the room to let me and DH be alone with him. about 5 min. into feeding I noticed he looked gry to me. I had DH hit the call button and turn on the over head light to see if it was just the lighting, but he still looked gray to me. He was still sucking but sounded congested and was grunting. I sent DH to get a nurse. She came in and took him to the warmer. She started oxygen on him and hooked him up to the oxygen monitor. She then told DH to go get another nurse now. The other nurse came in and she told her that his oxygen level was 48% so she went and got the doc. they got it back up and then took him to the nursery. After over an hr they broght him back and explained to me it was due to the magnasuim they keeped him hooked up to a portable monitor and he was fine from that point on.

    About 4hrs after that I started passing hudge clots and my bp dropped to 98/50 which is very low for me. They started the poticin back up and watched me. After a couple hrs. I stopped passing clots and bleeding had slowed down alot. At this point I was very very dizzy and felt like crap.

    At Mon. 1:30am I was finally moved to a room. That evening my 22month old trip over her older sisters foot and feel into the door hinge. SHe had to be taken to the Er cause it cause a very very big knot on her head. She was ok just had a concussion.

    When I had my oldest the had pads that you could break and they got cold to help with the sweeling, I loved them. One of the nurses asked if I wanted an ice pack and she brought one in made from a size one diaper. You just take the end with the tape rip it at the top in the middle fill it with ice and fold it over and take the tabs wrap them around and you have a ice filled pad you can put to help with the swelling down there. It was a live saver cause I was very bad swollen.

    We are home and he likes to eat every hr to hr and a half. so no sleeping around here.Tylena loves him and is all over him gives him kisses about ever min.

    I got Christmas Cheer

    Seth Taheton April 1,2007, Tylena - 1, Jonathan- 10, Britney- 14, Billy- 18

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    April 2nd I went to the Dr. at 5pm, I was dialated to almost 3cm and 70% effaced and he could feel my bag of waters bulging with baby's head right there. My Dr. said anyday, or possibly longer. So I came home with an appt. made for the 9th and u/s scheduled to check size.

    I got everything ready at home in case I had to leave. At this point all I have had were BH and some light menstrual-like cramps. I went to bed at 1230am and got up at 1am feeling nauseous from acid reflux. Took a bath and shaved my legs and relaxed for about 30 minutes. Back to bed and slept so good until I woke up in a nice sized wet spot at 315am. My water had broke!! I woke DH and said I was not positive that it had broke, I was not contracting at all. Took a shower and washed, blow dried my hair. At 430am we left for the hospital. The nurses confirmed, after several tests that my water had indeed at least started leaking. I was dialated to almost 4cm and 80% effaced, still not feeling contractions. I sat in the rocker, and about 9am I finally started feeling the contractions that I had been having. DH went downstairs, was gone 10 minutes, when he returned and 945am I told him I him I had 3 strong contractions that I had to concentrate to get through. By 1030am when I had a contraction I my whole body would shake uncontrollably, this made it difficult to breathe through. At that point the nurse checked and I was 5cm almost 6cm and 90% effaced and completely thinned out! I asked for a light epi, at 1130am that was in and working. Had planned natural, but the shaking was taking a lot out of me. I loved it, it was light enough I could feel the contraction but no pain. I labored from 1130am until 3pm. Then I was starting to feel a ton of pain and pressure and asked for a little more epi medication! They said to wait about 30 min. so labor would not be slowed down!! My nurse, who was awersome, decided to check me at 3pm instead of 4pm like the dr. said...good thing...I was fully dialated and baby's head was less than a knuckle from insided!!! My body had pushed her down on its own!! The nurse got everything ready, and had me do some test pushes from 330pm until she called the Dr. at 340pm and told her the baby was coming fast!! I had to lay and wait on the Dr. With every contraction her head was getting closer and closer to crowning without me intentionally pushing. Finally at 350pm the Dr. arrived and I started pushing...11 minutes later...at 401pm Aloryn was here!! Total labor time was 12hrs 46min. from my water breaking at 315am. But I only had contractions for a little less than 7hrs! I had 2 very small internal tears that required a stitch each.

    It was all so much easier than I had imagined....I feel lucky...I know it could have been so much worse!!!

    If you read it all, thank you I know it was long!!

    Aloryn born 04/03/07 0401pm est 7lbs 13oz 19.5in...breastfeeds like a champion.

    Good luck to those ladies who are still awaiting there little bundles!!!

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    Well Corban Jedidiah finally made an appearance. I'll try to keep my story short...cause you know how long winded I can get.

    I went in on Tuesday for my induction at 8:00 pm. They didn't have a room available for me until 10:30 pm. They started by painfully shoving a Cervidil insert under my cervix about 11:00 pm. I contracted over the next 12 hours, which was quite more painful than I thought it would be. I truly had no idea and was unprepared. I got a dose of Nubain to help fend off the pain. After 12 hours of Cervidil I had only dialated to 1.5 cm! OMG! I was disappointed. Not only that, but the internal check hurt so bad that it left me in tears! I'm telling you I was miserable. Not to mention, my MIL arrived at the hospital. Cervidil was the biggest waste of time and pain I ever had. The doctors were busy with emergenices and didn't have time to remove the Cervidil. So finally around 2:00 pm the Nurse removed the Cervidil. For something so small, I can't believe how much it hurt coming out. Bottom line, my whole Cervidil experience SUCKED!

    The doctors on duty during that time NEVER got around to see me, so I labored on my own for another 2 hours. Once the Cervidil was out the contractions weren't nearly as painful though. The nurse gave me a cocktail of Nubain and Phenergan, I think, during that time also. That helped a bit and I was able it ignore the endless chatter of my MIL, who somehow got stuck in the seat and wouldn't leave. Finally around 4:00 pm the nurse painfully checked me again, seeing how the doctors got lost in the hospital somewhere. The miserable labor on my own had gotten me to 2 cm dialated.

    Around 5:00 pm and 6 hours after arriving, my MIL finally managed to work herself out of the chair and out the door. The doctors, whoever and wherever they were, also decided about that time to hit me with Pitocin. After hearing all the stories about Pitocin and what I went through with Cervidil, I was rather scared, and was anxious for any type of pain relief, particularly an Epidural. But they said I hadn't progressed enough to get an Epidural, so the nurse gave me another dose of Nubain, which helped. She also started me on the lowest dose of Pitocin, one. By the time her shift changed, she had only bumped me up to two n the Pitocin.

    I labored on the Pitocin until I waited for the doctor on duty to arrive at the hospital. Would you believe she was at home diddling around? I cannot believe my experience with doctors that night! I was told that she'd break my water whenever she arrived, which would be sometime between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Well, she didn't arrive until about 10:00 pm. She painfully checked me, and told me I was 3 cm dialated...more disappointment, then she broke my water. As she was leaving the room she told the nurse, "be liberal with the Pitocin and Epidural." That was the last I saw her until it was time to deliver.

    Finally my luck changed. The anethesialogist (sp) was already out on the hall and came in right away to give me an Epidural! The nurse assured me that they were going to get this baby out of me...and gradually began to increase the Pitocin I was receiving. From there, things progressed rather quickly. The nurse came a couple of times to check my progress, but for the most part I slept painlessly until about 1:00 am. Around that time, I started to feel a bit of pressure on my tailbone. It gradually increased over the next hour to start to feel like the need to take a BM. Rather than call the nurse, I just waited it out. The Epidural made everything more than bareable...but I was getting anxious. From the time I received my Epidural until 1:00 am, the nurse had increased the Pitocin from 2 to 14.

    The nurse finally came around about 2:00 am and checked me one last time and said I was ready. Then she began to move like molassass. It took her 15-20 minutes to get everything set up and ready. Finally she sat down and had me push a bit. I gave four pushes before she said that's it, she was going to call the doctor, because the doctor was still getting ready! Okay, I was a bit peeved at that, because I had felt the baby crown! I said, "the doctor should be here already!" The nurse tried to reassure me and then called the doctor on the intercom to come and make her grand appearance. Meanwhile, I could actually feel the baby being sucked back into my body! Thinking back now, I wish I had just finished pushing the head out...but I didn't.

    So, the doctor arrives on seen and wants the bed to be adjusted because it's too low. Then they nurse and doctor start talking about how some doctors like to catch the baby sitting on the stool, but others like to catch the baby standing. Are they kidding me? Am I the only one that realizes I'm having a baby? Interrupt their grand talk and ask if I can push now, as I felt the next contraction coming on. The doctor tells me whatever I feel, go ahead...so I push once or twice and the baby's head pops out. It was the oddest sensation. BTDT moms...especially those who've just given vaginal birth know exactly what I mean. Doctor tells me to stop pushing so she can do whatever they do while they're down there...then gives me the go ahead to push the rest of the body out. One push and Corban is out with another odd, but milder sensation.

    I think my first words after he was born was, "well, that's done." Where that came from, I do not know. My feelings after he was born was relief and emptiness. It felt strange, but great not having all that extra baby inside me. Right after the birth, I felt extremely cold and had uncontrollable shaking, which was odd. I asked for the heat to be turned up but the doctor said it wouldn't make a difference...it was hormones.

    As far as my DH, he did pretty well with the birth. He was very attentive and responded to all my requests. He avoided all the exams, I think because he knows how uncomfortable I was with him watching. He watched the whole birth though. He saw the head crown and get sucked back in. He even cut the cord, which surprised me. He was a real trooper.

    Anyway...Corban was born at 2:27 am on April 5, 2007. He weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. If anyone recalls me mentioning, the doctor had done an external check on the size twice and told me she thought he'd be 7.5-8.0 lbs. Well, on the way out I heard the nurse and her discussing his weight...and the nurse was praising the doctor on pinpointing the size he'd be. That lying doctor knew he'd be at least a pound heavier than she she told me. What is wrong with these people?!?!?!

    Moving on...my postpartum stay at the hospital was WONDERFUL! The staff was gracious and responsive. The food was EXCELLENT. Corban had some problems latching, but he seems to be catching on lately. I have one extremely sore nipple and one mildly sore nipple from the past day or so...but I'm sure that'll pass soon. Corban resembles Robin Williams if you ask me....that or one of those troll dolls with the wild hair.

    EDD April 7, 2007
    Born April 5, 2007

    "I've been shot in the bum by a little angel"
    "The Easter bunny bit me!"

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    Sophia Renee
    11:47 a.m.
    7lbs 3oz
    20 inches

    All day Friday I had been really crampy but didn't really think anything of it. I got home from work and was walking out of my house and though that I felt a little trickle so I called my doctor and he wanted me to go into L&D just to make sure it wasn't my water breaking. By the time I got there I was having some mild contractions but nothing that wasn't manageable. Come to find out, my water hadn't broke but the kept me there to see if I really was in labor.So DH and I walked around for two hours to see if my cervix would change anymore. By the end of the two hours I had dilated another centimeter so I was admitted (which was about midnight)

    My contractions were strong at this point, but still bearable. I got into my room and was checked within the hour, but was still at a 4. They decided to give me Nubain so that I could get some sleep (2:30a.m. by this point). I was able to sleep from 2:30-5:30 when the on-call doctor came in to check me again. This time I was dilated to a 5 but my contractions were practically gone (the Nubain had knocked them out). So they startecd me on pitocin at a bout 5:45. My contractions gradually got worse and by 9:30 the doctor decided to break my water (still unchaged at a 5).

    Now this is where everything starts to really pick up. The very first contraction after my water broke was horrible - but I still made it through it. The nurse had asked me if I was planning on getting an epidural and I told her I was but wanted to wait to see how the pain got. Within the next 5 minutes I couldn't take it anymore and my back was killing me (definately back labor). The nurse explained to me that it woudl take about 30-45 minutes for the anesthlologist (sp?) to come up so I decided to have her go ahead and order him to come and see me (which was around 9:30). My epirudal was all done and in place by 11:00 but I was only getting comfort on my right side. So he had to keep giving me extra shots, which didn't work, and ended up giving me a button so I could control the amount of medicine that went in. By this point I was feeling immense pressure and told the nurse, asking to get checked. From 9:30-11:10 I dilated from 5cm-10cm and was ready to push. I opted to not push yet so I could rest a bit, seeing as how there is no guarantee as to how long you'll be pushing for. The on-call doctor came in and told me that they couldn't get a steady ready of the heartbeat on baby so they wanted me to start pushing right away (no real concern as they could still get her heartbeat, they just wanted to be safe).

    I started pushing at 11:40 and by 11:47 she was out - 2 contractions and 3 pushes later. I didn't tear at all too! She is absolutely perfect!!

    All in all - once my labor progressed (and after my water broke) it went VERY fast.

    She is doing very well at breastfeeding - latched on right away after she was born. It is a little uncomfortable to me (as her mouth is kinda small and doesn't get all of my nipple in my mouth, which can be very painful!) So we're in the hospital until tomorrow but are so blessed that we got our little Easter Bunny Baby!!

    Oh, and Jacquelyn is IN LOVE with her. She always wants to hold her and make sure she is happy. She kisses her all the time and is being the best big sister!

    Here is a pic of her a couple hours old:
    Kristen & Jake; DD Jacquelyn - April 21, 2004; DD Sophia - April 7, 2007

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    Okay ladies, thanks for all the good thoughts and good job Tracylynn for finding my webpage!!!

    So I had my baby April 1st at 7:57pm. Was I the first actual April baby???

    Here is my story:
    I woke up Sunday morning because I thought I had to pee, as I got out of bed I felt like I had started peeing a little. Made it to the bathroom and had a little pink mucous...and had a slight belly ache which equals poops.
    I woke up every half hour with cramping all night, every time I had cramps I would have a little mucous-ie (don't know how to spell it) thick water leak out of me. I woke DH up at 6:30 because I was taking a shower trying to feel better or make the cramps go away. Called the Dr around 9:30 they said to come in. I went in and was 3cm at like 11. They said my water was leaking so I couldn't go home and I was going to have my baby. (my thought April Fools Day, great!!)

    The contractions got worse from 11 until at 4 I couldn't stand them anymore and I got an epi. By this point I knew that I had been in labor for 13 hours and still had to push, so I needed the epi to deal with it. It took the Dr a while to get the epi to work, it didn't work right away, he had to give me more meds 3 times. Either way it wasn't painful (so don't worry!) What did hurt was the contractions while I was waiting for the epi to start. The nurse checked me once I was numb and come to find out I had gone from 5cm to 10cm while we were trying to get the epi to work (thats why my contractions were so bad!!)

    I pushed for 2ish hours, had to get an epiosomity (sp?) and had the baby at 7:57. the pushing wasn't bad at all more of a workout. Yes I pooped on the table, but you don't notice or mind at that point, neither did DH!

    Benjamin is great! he is sooo tiny, none of our clothes fit he was 6lbs 2oz when he was born and lost a little, when we left the hosptial he was 5lbs 12oz. The whole thing was amazing, weird and a totally different experience. Here are 4 pictures

    Oh by the way you swell after delivery here I am with DH and Ben:

    Me and my sister

    Little Benjamin

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    ok so it all started on the 3rd, i noticed i was having a lot of cramping that would come and go, into the afternoon i decided that it must be contractions. so me and dh went and took an hour walk. we got home and i still felt the cramping, but it was nothing unbearable at all. as it was getting closer to the night time they started to get uncomfortable and i was able to time them using the contraction timer online. they were about 5 to 7 minutes apart and lasted about 40 ish seconds. this kept up for hours. at around 12 i called the hospital and spoke with the midwife there and she said that when they were about 5 mins apart and lasted 1 min to go in. now they started getting painful, at about 3 am we went to the hospital, got hooked up and i was a fingertip dilated and 30% effaced. they sent me home and said the contractions were too too spacey, they were from about 3 mins to 5 mins. i was in tears, so upset cause they were hurting to bad. so we went home and stayed up all night cause they were so painful. at about 730 went back to the hospital and got monitered, the contractions were about 3 mins apart lasting 1 minute but still no more dilation. they decided to keep me and gave me a room and told me to go walk around the hospital for about an hour and try to take a hot shower. we went walking round and round the labor and delivery unit. i would stop and lean aginst the wall every couple minutes cause the contractions were so painful. when we got back to the room i really had no desire to take a shower but the nurse kept insisting so i went in there for about 10 minutes. at about 11 the midwife came in and checked me and now i was about 40% effaced but nothing else. she told me to go walking again and take a longer shower. so we went for another hour... rested.. go back in the shower for about 20 mins... at about 3 got checked again, still no progress. i went in for another shower and when i got out my mother had came. when i was checked again around 4 i was now 80% effaced.. so upsetting and im like moaning through every contraction making such slow progress.... so at about 6 the midwife came and i was now 1 centameter dilated, so she decided to start me on some pitocin. OMG the nurses could not find a vein for the life of them. i was crying cause they kept poking my hands and arms and couldnt put it in a vein. so then she said i could have an epidural because the contractions would be getting so much worse. then finally the came in the door.. he looked just like howie mandel LOL.. he was so comforting and so nice, i was so scarred. but at the end of it the the nurses that couldnt find a vein to put my IV in hurt so much worse the the epidural! so then they told me soon they would have to put in a cathater! the scarriest thing in the world to me.. so i told them to wait, finally i had to pee so bad i told them i needed it.. it wasnt that bad. the epidural worked miracles. the midwife would come in every two hours to check me, i was basically progressing 1 centimeter an hour, when i hit 3 centameters she broke my water, what a weird feeling, and they attached a little thing to the babies head so they could moniter the heart beat that way. i asked for some more epidural a couple of times and they were pretty good about giving it to me. i was begging for for some more epidural at about 1030 and they didnt want to give it to me...i told them i was having so much pain and rectal pressure and they said it was normal. finally she checked me at 11 and i was 7 1/2 dilated so she figured i would have plenty of time and called to c if i could get more epidural, he came and i felt a little better. i couldnt feel pain but i had so much rectal pressure, like i had to push.. i kept breathing through the contractions then about 30 mins later i rang for the midwife and she didnt even want to check me cause she just checked me about 40 mins ago... she checked me at 11 45 and i was 10 cent! ready to push! it was the midwife and 2 nurses in the room.. one nurse i didnt care for much at all. durring pushing my dh was giving me ice chips and faning me off when the contraction would pass. i was getting hot flashes, my legs were shaking. it was the hardest experience in my life. i remember looking at the clock and only an hour had passed.. and i would ask the midwife .. soon? and she owuld say not yet. when you see me get up and put my coat on then its soon.. finally she put her coat on and i was determined to get this kid out.. and she was finally born at 1:39 on April 5th weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces 20 1/2 inches long. she did pass a BM when i was in labor so they had to suctino her out pretty good.. but they got everything so she didnt swallow it at all.. her apgar scores were 9/9 and she stayed with me in the room over an hour before they took her to the nursery. i did tear on the inside a 1st degree tear and she put in 5 stitches, also i had a few rips on the outside but nothing to stitch up.

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