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    Cadence Abigail Grace Nelson
    Friday, April 27th, 2007 1:16pm
    8lbs 9oz, 20.8 inches

    I was starting to get antsy starting a few days after I was due (April 20th) , b/c my DH had a week long trip coming up that he couldn't get out of. I had no contractions, no show, nothing to indicate it might be happening. Every night I went to bed hoping this was it, and DH wouldn't have to commute to work and then come back, and every morning I sent him off. Thursday night, I had some bloody show. I got all excited, finally SOMETHING, and then lo and behold, I wake up at 5:30am and nothing. So I sent DH off to work and went back to bed to read a novel.
    I had asked my SIL a day earlier what contractions actually feel like, b/c I thought maybe I was having them and just didn't realize it. She said just really strong period cramps. She never felt them in her back. So I'm lying there, and all of a sudden I get this prolonged period cramp with no warning, and nothing in my back. I'm like hmmm...I should look at the clock in case this is it. It was 9:55am. At 9:58 I had a smaller twinge. At 10:02, another big one. I was like ok...maybe something's up here. About 10:20 the cramps sent me to the bathroom...emptying my bowels (TMI) and there was a TON of bloody show. (I was still reading my novel!! lol) I had a couple more trips to the bathroom, and the pain was coming every 3-4 min. I decided I should call DH (I didn't want to bother him and have it be a false alarm) so at 10:45 I called and said I think I'm in labour, you might want to head home. He asked if it hurt, I said yes! He said ok, I'll talk to my boss and call you back. He called back and said he'd be there in an hour and a half. (It only takes 1hr 15min but he told me later he didn't think it was a big rush as I didn't sound too concerned over the phone). My SIL texted me asking "Anything?" I wanted to get showered and ready before anyone coming over so I ignored it and got in the shower...where I promptly realized things were speeding up. I had one as I was putting shampoo in my hair and before it was rinsed out I got another one. They were roughly 2 min apart, and starting to make my eyes water. I tried going on hands and knees in the tub, but standing upright seemed to be most comfortable. So after about 20min I got out and started getting ready. I had planned to do my hair nice, put on makeup etc b/c I'm one of those people who look DRASTICALLY different w/o makeup. I get told "you look tired today" or "are you sick?" and the last thing I wanted was labor room pics of me looking worse than my worst. However, I had a contraction as I was getting ready and I was crying and thought, I really don't want to be wiping mascara out of my eyes in labor!! I was going to leave my hair down, but I got hit with a wave of nausea and almost vomited. I thought, forget that, I don't want to be shoving my hair out of my face every 2 seconds!! So up it went. They were strong enough at this point that I had to stop what I was doing and talk myself through them. I said stuff like, "You can do this" and "ok its not that bad, you get a break in between" (although sometimes there was no real break...the pain lingered). I prayed a little too. All this time I was debating whether to call my Mom over, or my SIL or both...I kept deciding against it b/c my SIL has 2 small children who would be really distracting, and I didn't want to bother my Mom. But I knew both of them really wanted to know ASAP when something was up. Finally at 11:45am I was in enough pain that I wanted someone to at least be there with me till Jared got there. I phoned my Mom, and told her what was happening. She said well I'm at work, but ____ will be here at 12, so Tanya (my sis) just has to come pick me up and I'll come over. I was thinking that she'd leave AT 12, so there'd be no point b/c Jared would be home at 12:15pm. But I had a contraction during our conversation and she wouldn't take no for an answer. She later said when she heard that she knew I didn't have long to go and I needed to have someone there. (I was her firstborn, and her labor was 2hrs 8min from start to finish...she woke up with contrax 2min apart, in transition) Then I realized she meant someone else would be there soon so she could leave right now. She and Tanya arrived at noon, and I was running around the house trying to grab all my last minute things. DH still hadn't even packed his stuff yet!! I had told her on the phone that my contrax were 2 min apart. We were talking and I had one, and then another...and she goes, Honey, those are NOT 2 min apart. We have to go to the hospital NOW. (they were 30 secs - 1 min apart now) I said no, I want to wait for Jared. I didn't want him feeling like he wasn't there for me when I needed him. I finally texted my SIL and told her what was up. My Mom and Tanya were almost ready to pick me up and throw me in the van when Jared arrived at 12:15pm...and stayed outside!!! We were all trying to figure out what the heck he was up to. Finally my Mom goes running out muttering "He better get his buns in here NOW" and gets him to come in. He was CLEANING OUT THE CAR!!! He thought we had tons of time lol!! He walked in and took one look at me (I was in the middle of a contraction) and realized ok, we need to go now!!! Tanya was trying to call the hospital to let them know we were coming (I hadn't called b/c I didn't want to be told it was a false alarm) but I couldn't remember the direct line to the mat ward so she had to go through all the stupid menus...and my SIL was trying to call me to get an update so Tan finally just gave up. Jared got on the line in the car and it took a full 2 min before we even got thru to a person! My SIL finally got thru to me, and I had a contrax while on the line. She coached me thru it. I said I had to go, we were almost there, and she goes "Ok, well call me when its closer to the time" As if I would be calling on the delivery table!!!
    DH pulled into the parking lot, sees that there are no stalls near the entrance so he decides to go to the upper parking lot. Its bumpy, I'm having a contrax, and I was like, I am NOT walking all the way down there. He's like there's no parking!! I said Get my sister to park it later!! We have to get in there! So we head up to the mat floor. He offered to get me a wheelchair but I'd found that being in a bent position made the pain worse so I walked. I had one all the way up the elevator, and then we arrived and got put in a room. The nurse asked me to give her a urine sample. DH goes in with me to help me get into a gown (major event...the man refuses to believe women even use a bathroom and will NOT use it if I'm in the room or vice versa lol) and I'm trying to pee but only got one drop of blood. I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink that day. Finally I come out and apologized that I couldn't give her a sample. She said thats ok, lets get you up on the bed so I can check you. I was dreading that moment, b/c I thought as we walked into the labor room, "What if I have like 15 hrs of this to go thru? I'm probably only 2-3 cm right now" - so she checks me and gets this shocked look on her face. She goes "You are 9cm dilated right now...there's only a little lip of cervix left. She checks again and says, "Your waters are bulging...there's no cord in front or anything, but if they break, you will be pushing. I just sent the other nurse on her lunch break and I need to find the dr. So just lay there and DON'T PUSH!" At that point I started to realize that VERY quickly, I was going to have a baby. It became very real to me in that moment.
    My Mom and Tanya had gone down the hall to the waiting room, but then all these alarms started going off and Mom saw a bunch of people going in and out of my room. They walked right back and planted themselves outside my door for the rest of the labor. The dr arrived a few minutes later. It was my own dr's husband...she was taking live teleconference courses over the Internet and had handed all outpatient stuff to him. They called her but he was the one who came. A tad awkward, but he was really great so it was ok. They brought in a guy and said "We have a nurse student here today, would it be alright if he observed?" I said "sure" and DH goes, Are you sure??? (I normally wouldn't do that). The dr looked up from what he was doing and smiled, "NObody cares when they're in pain". They hadn't even had time to assemble all the instruments on the tray properly, I could hear them explaining that to the dr. He told me, "I'm going to break your water now, ok?" Knowing that the pain would get even WORSE, I said, Are you sure? He laughed and said, "Well, we want to get this over with, don't we? Why go through more pain than you need to?" So he broke my water...felt a bit like I was peeing, but the warmth actually felt good. DH was amazing...going and getting water for me, telling me I was doing good. He was so excited. And still in his shirt and tie from work lol! I had about 20-30 min of contractions, breathing through them etc while waiting to be fully dilated, and the nurses were scurrying around the room getting the incubator and everything ready. The dr at one point left the room and told my Mom that it would be a while yet. She turned to Tanya and grinned, Its not going to be very long at all! Then it was time to push. They told me "When you feel the pain, take a deep breath, and then let it out. Then take another deep breath, hold it and PUSH. We're gonna try to do that 3 times per contraction." So started the pushing. I never actually got the urge to push. I had my legs propped one on DH's hip and one on the dr's. One nurse had her hand supporting my head and counted to ten with me with each push. They had to keep telling me to slow my breathing down, to not let my breath out during a push. I was feeling pretty panicky and kept asking DH why it had to hurt so bad. In between one of the first few sets of pushes, I asked the dr how long I would be pushing. He was like, oh, maybe 1 or 2 hrs. I was like, "I don't think I can do this for 1 or 2hrs!!" He winked at me and said, "Well, thats with all the stuff we have to do afterwards too, right?" (trying to make me feel better lol). At one point, I didn't want to push and the dr and the male nurse student were like, but it feels better to push. I was like, "No it doesn't!!!!!" They laughed. Jared at one point joked, No pain, no gain! I said Jared Nelson!!! That was the extent of my DH bashing lol. He really was awesome.
    While I was pushing, it wasn't "relieving" like they say. It felt like someone was smashing my pelvis with a sledge hammer. One nurse offered me nitrous oxide. I said no. The next push she offered it again. I was like, No, I don't want to feel anymore lightheaded than I already do (I actually felt like passing out after one push). She offered it again on the next push, holding it a foot from my face. I was like No! The other nurse said, she doesn't want to feel more lightheaded. Then she offered again!!! This time me, DH AND the nurse said no. As the baby started to crown, it became excruciating agony. They let me feel baby's head, to encourage me, and that was cool! - but it got to the point where I was yelling a little at the end of every push. They tried to get me to hold my breath, to have more power, but I couldn't help it. I HAD to make some sort of sound just as a vent! The "ring of fire" felt like someone was ripping me with razors all the way around. My second to last push, I gave a loud shriek. Tanya said to my Mom in the hall, I don't know how much more of this I can take!! Mom said, Don't worry, it'll be over soon. Then I pushed one last time...and gave the longest, loudest, highest scream I'd ever heard or done. I was SO embarassed...but it really felt beyond my control. Jared said it was "eerie". My Mom turned to Tan and said, Maybe this will be a one-kid family!!! She came out all the way, and Jared was the first to announce - It's a girl!!! He was in awe with the whole experience...He's normally squeamish and didn't want to even look down there during labr but he said it was amazing. They took her and wrapped her in a towel and handed her to me. I was crying and smiling and couldn't stop touching her little face...it was so surreal. She was still covered in lanugo, and her hair was all kinky..I think it will be curly. She is so perfect! The dr and nurses were all like, "Oh, she's a big baby...at least 9lbs!!" I was so gratified to hear she was 8lbs 9oz. She's so dainty and delicate. NOTHING like most of my friends babies, who look 3 months old from the start. She was totally healthy..Apgars were 9,9,and 10. No jaundice or anything.
    The dr massaged my belly for a few seconds and just pulled the placenta out. DH got to cut the cord, which was bigger than I expected. Then they started stitching me up. I had 3rd degree tears, and it took about 30 min. I took some nitrous oxide to help till the freezing started working, and it actually knocked me out to the point that I was dreaming about some random thing completely unrelated to labor! They didn't put enough freezing in near the bottom, so I felt every stitch....oh my goodness, it hurt SO bad!! And they're telling me to "relax" and "open up" and it was SO super sensitive down there!!! I ripped in a big W...up each side, and almost to the anus but not quite, and up inside my vagina.. They never told me how many stitches I have lol.

    It was a crazy 3hrs and 20min of labor. I never used HALF the stuff I packed lol!! We stayed in the hospital 2 full days and were released Sunday afternoon. Someday soon I'll post some pics for you lol...but I have to go now. Sorry it's so long!!!

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    Here's our story...

    On Thursday, April 19 I went in for my 39-week appt. around 1:30. After my internal exam I was still at 1+ cm dilated and had progressed to 70% effaced. I was feeling kind of crampy afterward and mentioned it to the dr. and she said that it could lead to labor and or not, so I went on my merry way. I called my husband around 2:00 from the parking lot to update him on my appt. and mentioned the crampiness to him in passing and headed on home. Almost the minute I walked in the door I felt stronger "cramps" and was thinking it was just gas; little did I know...

    Well, they were "gas pains" that came and went about every 2-3 minutes! At this point I wasn't sure if these were true contractions this being our first baby and all. DH called home to let me know he was going to make a quick stop at Home Depot to pick a few things up and I told him what was going on and told him I was going to walk around a bit and then take a bath hoping it would help. Let's just say they continued to come at regular intervals and the walking and bath didn't help much. My good friend called and I filled her in on what I was feeling and she was almost positive that I was in the beginning stages of labor. At that point I hung up with her and called DH and told him he needed to come home right away, funny thing was as I called him he was just pulling in the driveway, thankfully. After some discussion we decided that this could be "it" and got ourselves ready to make the drive to the hospital. On our way there we stopped at Subway and DH went in to get us a sandwich since we knew if I was really in labor they wouldn’t let me eat. So, on the road between contractions I was attempting to get my last meal in! We got to the hospital parking lot and sat there for a few minutes and had a few more bites and I then headed in.

    It was about 4 and a half hours after my appt. that I was admitted, in a hospital gown, and was 4 cm dilated! Not soon after I was in bed and hooked up to the fetal monitor my water broke. The was some tinge of brown in the water indicating the baby had had a bowel movement inside me, so they mentioned they’d be checking her out right away to make sure he/she did get any in his/her lungs at birth. About 2 hours later I was resting after the epidural took effect. We had planned on using the birthing ball, walking around, and massaging during labor, but those plans changed rather quickly.

    After the epidural I was 6 cm dilated and I continued to progress 2 cm about every two hours till midnight when I was was fully dilated. Not too much longer I found myself pushing for 1 hour and 45 minutes and gave birth to our beautiful baby girl! It was the most amazing experience of my life. Towards the end I just wanted the baby out, I had tore and had to have an episiotmy(sp). I cried tears of happiness as they said, DH didn’t know at that point whether if I was okay or not, it was just so overwhelming, so many emotions going through me. I wasn’t able to hold her right away because they had to check her out due to the bowel movement she had in me. Meanwhile I got stitched up and DH was snapping pictures on our digital camera and bringing them over to show me since I didn’t get to see her right away. Everything was done right in the same room, so the baby never left the room. DH did get to cut the cord. He was so good during the whole labor and delivery, right by my side, feeding me ice chips and encouraging and coaching me.

    Her vitals:
    She was born on Friday, April 20th at 2:18 am, weighed 7 lb 11 oz, and was 20 inches long.

    We named her Emily Ann. My mom is deceased so we decided to carry on her middle name. Emily has given us great joy, we can’t believe she’s a month old already! It is still hard to believe at times that we are someone’s mommy and daddy, but in the same sentence can’t imagine life without her.

    Not the most attractive picture, but considering...

    The "Three of Us..."
    Going home...

    Thank you for letting me share this amazing story.

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    Here is my birth story.. Sorry I'm a little behind on posting but I've been busy with visitors and such..

    On May 6th at 7:00 AM I called the hospital to see if I was going to go in for my induction, they told me to be there in 2 hours.. So I got all ready and headed out to the hospital, and arrived on time at 9:00 AM. They started with the induction, they used a sort of tampon like item.. I can't recall what it is called. But anyways, they monitored me for 2 hours and I was starting to have some good contractions. They asked if I wanted to go home or if I wanted to stay there. I wasn't feeling too too bad so I decided that my hubby could take me home. So Terry and I left and drove the 25 minute ride home.

    On the way I found that the contractions were getting a bit more severe and that they were located mostly in my back. Whenever he accelerated it killed me, due to the fact the carseat was pushing into my back. We got home and I was getting ready to have something to eat (the hospital told me it was okay) and I had a knee buckling contraction. I ended up sitting on a kitchen chair backwards in order to ease the pain and pressure from my back. So I called the hospital and asked them if I should come back. They said to come back whenever I felt that I needed to and to not eat. So I told Terry to take Archie out (the dog) and I would try having a shower. After the shower I laid on the bed for about 5 minutes and I told Terry it was time for us to go back. I was very uncomfortable and with this being my first baby I didn't know what to expect and how fast it would be.

    We got back to the hospital and by then I was having 4 contractions every 10 minutes. So the nurse set me up in the birthing room and the doctor came up to check me. He said I was 3 CM dialated. By the way the doctor was not impressed with me I because I screamed bloody murder when he checked me, all I have to say is "MAN HANDS". After he checked me the nurse introduced me to my new best friend, Mr. Nitros Oxide.

    My husband and I sat in the room with me in pain, both from the labour and from hunger. By this time it was about 1:30 PM. We ended up walking around a bit because I was getting bored sitting in the room.
    After a few more hours the contractions started to slow down. At about 8:00 PM my Mom and sister, Kirsten showed up to give Terry a break. He went home to take our Puppy out. I played cards with my Mom and sister. At this point they had given my a morphine shot so I was in love with the world and Mr. NOS of course. Those hours went by very slowly, as I was very hungry and had gone over 12 hours with no food in my tummy, just ice. I asked the nurses to let me eat and the finally told me I could. This was due to me only being 4 CM dialated the last time I was checked. I called Terry and asked him to bring me some food, I was so happy to have it delivered but I only ate a small amount. At about 11:00 PM they gave me another dose of morphine so I could sleep. My Mom and sister left. Terry slept on a bench in the hallway next to my room and I passed out from being all drugged up.

    I woke up at about 7:00 AM and I wasn't having very many contractions at all and I was still only 4 CM dialated. At this point MY doctor was back from her vacation and as soon as she came in I was so happy to see her. She broke my water at 10:00 AM. Then all the action started!

    I started to get heavy contractions in my back and I opted for another dose of morphine. Once I got that it helped out a bit and I was feeling a bit better. My Mom and sister came back to the hospital, as they both wanted to be there for the birth. So we got a system going right away. Kirsten (my sister) held my hand, my Mom had the cold cloth on my head and Terry was my leg holder. I was laying on my side because of the back labour. After 2 hours of sitting through constant contractions I was finally fully dialated. So it was pushing time!

    I pushed while laying on my side as it felt much better than laying on my back. While I was in the middle of pushing my Dad came into the room to offer moral support. He took over the cold cloth from my Mom (she backed off to just the wetter of the cloth). So at this point I had Terry, my Mom, my Dad my sister, 2 nurses and my doctor in the room. I pushed for about 45 minutes to an hour. This was a big blur to me, I had it described to me later on by my sister and Mom. After all that pushing at 1:09 PM on Monday May 7th a baby came out!!! I saw the the baby out of the coner of my eye and said to my husband "It's a boy?". He said back to me "NO! It's a girl, we have our little girl".

    So our little Lorali Ann had finally arrived after 28 hours of labour. She was a huge baby (JK) at 6 lbs and 11 oz. She may have been 11 days overdue but she was well worth the wait!

    We stayed in the hospital for just over 24 hours and then we went home to sleep. I tore during the delivery so it was difficult to walk for a week or so but after that it wasn't too bad. She had many visitors come to see her all very excited for her to finally be in the world. But none as excited as her Mommy and Daddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandyr

    We checked into the hospital and they put in some medicine to ripen my
    cervix more (Cytotec). At 8pm they checked me and I was at 2cm... Contractions were
    painful but nothing I couldn't handle. They were really great... kept
    asking me if I was ready for my epi yet, but I figured I was doing really
    well and I could handle it. Contractions started to space a bit so they
    gave me some pitocin to spice it up... and man did it! The contractions
    were absolutely unbearable so they gave me some meds in my IV to take the
    edge off... which it did a bit... this was at 10pm and I was able to fall
    asleep for about 30 minutes but awoke to some CRAZY painful contractions and
    so they checked me and sent for the anesthesiologist so I could get my
    epidural. I was 5cm. Well, about 2 minutes later I told the nurse I HAD to push. She kept saying no.. don't push..
    you're only 5cm... but I couldn't stop it. I told her he was coming!!!
    They checked me again and I was COMPLETE!! 10CM!! So I went from 5-10 in
    about 2 1/2 minutes!!!! It hurt so much to try holding back from pushing. She
    told me to blow air out and don't push because the doctor wasn't there...
    but he was coming!!! So she said go ahead and push and 6 pushes later my
    little boy came into this world.... at 11PM on the nose!

    Stephen nearly passed out also when the pushing started, I was having a
    terrible time with the pain and just felt like I was outside my body! It
    was incredibly amazing though... and to have had him with no pain killer?!!!
    WOW! I NEVER would have dreamed I'd have a natural birth... the epidural
    was in the cards from the get-go because I have a low pain-threshold... but
    I DID it!!

    It was an incredible experience. Some of you may remember that at 5wks
    gestation I started bleeding and the hospital sent me home after telling me
    that I was in the process of losing this pregnancy. I wish the doctor who
    had told me that could have been there to see this little guy come into the
    world. He surely is our miracle!

    Garrett weighed 6lbs 12 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. He has a full head
    of beautiful dark brown hair and he's the quietest baby I've ever seen!!! I
    got ONE stitch (and some skid marks) and that's it!
    Stephen and I are completely in love with him. It was completely worth the
    wait, completely worth the pain. Sorry this all seems so out of place.. I'm
    still intoxicated from the whole experience!
    DH - Rudi(30/10/04)
    DD#1 - Astrid(24/03/06)
    DD#2 - Beatrix(23/04/07)

    DD#3 - Kaylin(23/10/08 )

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    Aiden was born on April 18th, 2007.
    9lb 5.8 oz
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    I'm new here... Elijah Hayden was born April 17, 2007, 2:37am, 7lbs 13oz, 20in. My husband and I are not trying, not preventing.

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