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    Default April 2005 Birth Stories

    Thought it was time to add this thread to our board.

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    I thought I would post this for Carrie so everyone can keep an update on little ryan.


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    The birth of COBY CHRISTIAN! Well as most of you know I had a very quickly scheduled c/s. Had to be at the hospital by 4am, couldn't get to sleep til almost 2, so I started on very little sleep. Once there I got the IV and prepped (shaved, cathetor, etc) then got to wait til 6. About 6 I was took to surgery where I had the epidural/morphine combo injection then was finished being prepped while the drs stood around talking. Dh was next to me holding my hand the whole time. I had come in with a BP of 146/101 which got even higher, but once I had the epidural the BP dropped so suddenly that I was very nauseus and dizzy. They had to give me drugs 3 different times to steady me the nthey got started. I couldn't really feel a thing, just some tugging. As they pulled the head out I was shown with a mirror and got to see my darling baby be pulled out. It was just beautiful!! I had tears running down my face & couldn't take my eyes off him. He was taken to the other side of th room where dh followed, then brought back to my side for a few minutes of kissing, more tears and that perfect bonding moment. Then dh & baby headed off to the nursery and I was left to be "fixed" and put back together again. Yes I went ahead with the tubal, and am sure to regret it, but it was the decision that dh felt we should make and I hope to one day agree with him. ANY ways, back to the story. As the drs were working I started feeling a heavy pressure in my chest. It hurt SOOOO bad, I honestly thought I was dying. I was afraid to say anything but the antistialogist (sp) noticed my face and asked me what was wrong, I was quickly relieved to find out that the pain was normal and from the air getting into my body (so keep this in mind fellow c/s mothers!) They were quickly done and I was rolled back to my room. I got to hold my precious Coby and was given time to rest. Coby had a low blood sugar level and was given a bottle while I was out. The next time I seen him I was able to nurse him. That whole day is such a haze. I was able to hold ice chips or any liquids down and ended up throwing up several times. I had 3 doses put into my IV for the nausesu, which they finally got under control late that afternoon. That evening I had some visitors but barely remember it. I was so "out of it" that we canceled the kids coming to see the baby. About 8pm dh went home to get kids ready for bed with my mom and didn't return til morning It ended up to be too much for my mom to handle the kids so close after the death of her mom so dh spent alot of time helping her or the kids were at my BIL's (exactly NOT what I wanted to happen). To be honest I was very dissappointed, I badically spent the majority of the hospital stay alone with Coby, dh was maybe there a total of 8 hours the last 4 days. But the good part was its over we are together now! Brady only visited a couple times, since the leaving upset him so bad, and Denny & Thena were there 3 or 4 times I think. I am home, my staples are out and I am very sore!!! For some reason my Dr didn't prescribe pain killers this time, so I am just on reg tylenol - not a good thing Thanks for reading my novel!!!

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    We showed up at 6:00, didn't get in a room 'til 7:00. They monitored me for a bit w/o pitocin, was having contractions on my own every 5 minutes. My doctor came in and broke my water (holy crap that's painful) at 8:00. I had to pee and was afraid to get up, that is a bunch of water we hold! Went all over the floor, different than with Jordan. They hooked me up to the pitocin and checked me and at 8:30 I was still at a 3. So they let me just labor with the pitocin, no internal monitors, another difference from Jordan's birth. The contractions were every 2 minutes and were quite painful. I held off 'til 10:30 for the epidural. I didn't want to wait too long and have it be too late to really take effect, and knew I'd have to have the whole bag of fluids first. So they got that started and I had the epidural at 11:15. They went ahead and checked me, mostly b/c my mom had been begging to know where we were so she could make her little phone calls. I was at an 8....no wonder they were so painful. By 11:45 I was a happy woman!!! Caleb said I was a regular comedian after I got the epidural, now I know for sure it didn't work with Jordan and it wasn't just "pressure" as the nurse told me. I couldn't feel a thing. At 12:15 I paged the nurse and told her I wasn't sure if I was feeling contractions or the urge to push and b/c Jordan came so fast towards the end she might want to come peek. And sure enough, it was time to push. So I pushed twice for her, she called for the dr., pushed twice for him and Alex was born at 12:32.

    He was a screamer!!! Jordan was a puckerer, he screamed bloody murder. She said his scores were a 9 and a 9. As the doctor stitched me up though (he says I have a slight tear, right along the old episiotomy, but nothing major), Alex's crying wouldn't slow down and she said he was really retracting with each breath and she was going to call the eopc. So they paged and 4 more people showed up, they took him in a small room connected to mine and I heard them say they were taking him to the nicu. The nurse that had been with me came to tell me what she thought it was. She said it was either 1)pneumonia, 2)he swallowed fluid on the way out and it was in his lungs or 3)something else that would have required small incision in his lungs to let the air out (which dh has a scar from above his lungs, so I feared that was what it was).

    Mom's crying, mil's crying, I just felt like it was all o.k. The nurse said his color was great, he was a great size, odds were good that it was just precautionary. So they take him up there, put the band on him and the longer they stood there the better he got. The nicu nurse came down to tell me that had they kept him they'd have had to do the full treatment, i.v., tubes, etc. And they didn't think he was that bad. So they took him to the regular nursery and just kept a closer eye on him and I got him back at 3:45.

    He's doing REALLY well. He's lost an ounce, he's quite spitty and has had tons of wet diapers, so they think he's nursing really well already. I'm thrilled about that, it's going so well!!!!

    My only issues are my tailbone, I feel like I broke it, it's horribly painful, but no real "pain" from the tearing yet so I'm thankful for that!!!

    Anyway, got my baby, Caleb asked if I'd slept with an Asian man w/o telling him, we're not sure who he looks like with all this hair and squinty eyes, but he's an angel and we're soooo glad he's here!!! Jordan came to see him right before the nicu staff took him, she giggled and patted my belly and said "Now I can love on you mommy!" She was even more excited about the My Little Pony amusement park thingy that Alex bought her Typical 3 year old I'm sure!

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    The Birth Story of Brendan Keith

    On the beautiful day of Friday March 18th, 2005…

    7:00AM: My sister and I arrive at the hospital for the scheduled induction.

    7:30AM: I was escorted to a room and hooked to the monitors. Dr. Brown arrived shortly after and broke my water.
    Dilated to 3.5cm & 50% effaced.

    8:00AM: The Pitocin drip was started to get the contractions going regularly.

    9:00AM: Dilated to 4cm & 50% effaced. Pitocin level raised.

    10:00AM: I was in a lot of pain, so I called Brian to come to the hospital immediately. He arrived 5 minutes later…lights and sirens!

    10:30AM: Thankfully, the anesthesiologist was there to quickly give me the Epidural. Dilated to 4-5cm & 50% effaced.
    Still feeling contractions, but no longer painful. Pitocin level raised.

    12:00PM: Dilated to 5cm & 50% effaced. Pitocin level raised.

    2:00PM: Dilated to 5-6cm & 60% effaced. Started to feel a little pain again. Pitocin level raised.

    4:00PM: Dilated to 6cm & 75% effaced. The pain was becoming unbearable. Attempted to use the bolus epidural for relief.
    Contractions were coming every two minutes. Pitocin level raised.

    5:00PM: Dilated to 6cm & 75% effaced. Still having terrible pain. Called the anesthesiologist back for relief.

    5:30PM: Anesthesiologist removed Epidural and installed new to help with pain. Feeling much better now!

    6:00PM: Still only 6cm & 75% effaced. Pitocin level raised again. Told to turn on left side to help cervix dilate and efface.

    6:30PM: Still only 6cm, but 90% effaced. Dr. Brown advised us to start thinking about a C-Section. Started Praying.

    7:00PM: Prayers Answered! 10cm & fully effaced!!! Dr. gave ok to start pushing.

    7:41PM: Brendan Keith Watson Arrives!!! 9lbs 10oz & 22inches long. Brown hair, blue eyes.

    God is Good!
    Wife to Brian
    Mom to: Brendan, Kyle & Carolyn

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    March 18th 2005
    6lbs 1.9oz

    On Monday March 14th Harvey and I went into town for the usual bobing about. We needed to be in Williams by 8am to get his licence just to wake up and find about 3in of snow on the ground after a week of 60 degree weather. By the time we got to williams he couldnt get his licence anyways.... not starting out to be a very good day. We decide to drive to Flag and dilly dally around town until our ob appointment at 3pm. After a very very long day going to Walmart, eating out at the Olive Garden, and everything else under the moon.... finally its 3 and we get to the doctor only to find out that they have been closed due to weather all day!!!!! What we have been waiting in flag the entire day to get to our app, I had a million questions to ask like am I having real contrax? How do I time them? Ohhh and about a million more. Well I decide to go to L&D and give them my birth plan as well as ask a few of these questions. I didnt realize they would be hooking me up and monitoring me or anything.... welll 3 turned into 4 then 5 then 6 as they have been monitoring my contrax they have been watching my bp. Finally a nurse comes in and says I my bp is high and she called Dr. Varella to come talk to us. She said that it could potentially be serious if we just left, she suggested that we induce now and now wait and see what happens incase it is too late....
    Well this was alot to take in we didnt plan on having Keegan this weekend we were just going to ask a few questions.... well our heads were spinning and the next thing I know Im in a room hooked up to monitors and getting cervadil put in me. Well next day no change they start the gel next day no change they do cervidil again .... fingertip dialated no effacement and gel again.... next day no change 5 DAYS LATER!!! I have been having contrax 2-3min apart and they hurt but there is STILL NO CHANGE.... Ok Im tired and frusterated and pissed off and then Dr. Thomas starts to get worried .... he thinks that keegan is teathered and that is why he is not decending and why Im having all these contrax on a steady patteren and hard but not doing anything down there. He suggests a c-sec. At this point we just want an end all to the tourture I agree to the c-sec. The day we were told 6pm and the at 3 the nurse gives me the concent forms and starts the talk.... then the meds guys gets there and says hes ready to go and were going at 4!!! ahhh Chaos starts shes rattling off things to me the lab tech guy is drawing 5 more viles of blood (not my fav part) I had already had about 15 viles drawn throughout the 5 days alreay!!! Well I hate needles with a passion and this was the worst part the the whole thing the nurses are trying to get this IV in me and goes through my vain PAIN!! then she gets another nurse to try she blows the other hand!!! Im about to have a cow at this point Im bawling and in PAIN. I need a break but no another nurse trys and gets it in YEAH!! Finally.... well I get all my saline in and the meds guys gets back to give me an IV but I had already had one.... well apparently that one is not working now!! and he has to do it again..... i have a vain on my left hand blown and my right had 3 sticks and an IV already so he trys again on my left hand and completely blows the hand then starts trying random parts of my arm I think he tried about 5 times before finally he makes it in. Then the cathater lady comes in... (OMG will the tourture ever end!!!) That is not pleasent to have put in ..... Ok at this point Im done I just want to go home and forget the whole ordeal. I have been poked probed checked and stabed I want the pain to end. So Im walking to the c-sec room I am holding my pee in a handbag and my IV in the other hand. The eveil meds guy starts to do the spinal.... ouch 4 misses later finally he got it..... (everyone loves there meds guy but me) Well I thought ok here we go were almost to the good part..... he asks me if I can feel him pinching me I say no he pinced my arm and I barely felt that... But then in a matter of a few seconds it started to feel like someone was steping on my chest and then someone was squeezing all the air out of my lungs ...... I started to get really scared I kept saying help me help me I cant breath and then I noticed that I couldnt even talk anymore and that I wasnt able to gasp or anything for air I could only look up and hear everything that was happening they kept saying "your fine your breathing it just feels like you cant" YEAH boinking RIGHT!!! I wansnt breathing I heard them saying something about get the air and that this had never happend before.... well super Im thinking Im the first to die in a c-sec at this hospital... Harvey wasnt allowed in and they tubed me to breath and but me under...I thought I died.. seriously died. I woke up to see Harvey holding Keegan in recovery and all the nurses are like ohhh goood shes awake... they actually remembered my birth plan (the only thing on it that I actually got) and they didnt put the eye gunk in until I got to hold him and see him. That was the best part of the whole thing I finally had my baby and I was alive. Harvey looked like he was going to cry I think he was scared but we were just so happy now. Keegan was quite the nurser I was barely awake and they threw him on the boob and he went at it. He was born on Friday the 18th at 4:50pm. a woppin 6lbs 1.9oz (I guess I had no worry about the 16lb turkey hu) We spent another 4 days in the hospital totaling a whole week there.... I was sooooo sick of being there it wasnt funny at all. I had this crazy nurse who made me get out of bed and walk around the morning after!! I didnt even get my pain meds first I wanted to rip her head off but in the long run Im glad she did I think I would have stayed in bed for about a year if she didnt. My Grandma made it up here just in time to watch me to into the c-sec, Harveys parents made it there in time as well. Keegan failed his hearing on his left side at first but passed the next day he also had a dimple on his bum and they did some tests to make sure it wasnt nerological, he passed that as well Keegan is in perfect health now except for the pain of the circ. which I have no idea why I did. Keegan left the hospital at 5lbs 8oz my milk came in then went back up to 5 130z and now I think he is back to birth weight. He is a perfect feader and it doesnt even hurt. Im healing slowly but I have great meds so all is well. Keegan is the greatest thing that has ever happen to Harvey and I and we thank god for every moment we have with him.

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    Default Little Jonas's birth story

    On Thursday, March 24th I was scheduled to be induced at 37 weeks due to a condition called Cholestasis. That morning I was supposed to wait for the hospital to call me to come in and to call them if they didn't call by 9am. So, shortly after 9am I called them and turned out they had tried to call me but had the wrong number somehow. They told me to come on in. So...

    I get to the hospital before 10am. Turns out that they were full at the moment and had to wait for a bit and get some rooms cleaned. There were 1 or 2 other inductees waiting as well. I was finally in a L&D room by noon. I had two nurses at the beginning because one was new to the hospital. They were both pretty nice. I got changed and got hooked up to monitors etc. They had to stick me 3 times to get the IV set up. However, they had to wait for orders from the doctor on call before they could start me on any meds. They also were not going to check me to see if I had progressed any farther than the 3cm/80%/-1 I was at on that Monday at the doctor's office. They said they don't check unless the outcome would affect my treatment. I wish I knew if I had progressed since that Monday. At any rate, they got orders from the Dr but the Dr wanted them to do a quick ultrasound to make sure the baby was still head down and in a good position before giving me the pitocin. So, they tracked down a nurse with the right certification and found that the baby was in a good position.

    It was 2:15 pm when they finally set up the pitocin in the IV. My timeline is a bit fuzzy after that. I know that for a long time I couldn't feel any contractions and when I was the monitors didn't pick them up very well. That continued all night. I swear that monitor didn't do my contractions justice. At 3pm my normal OB was now on call at the hospital. Before she could come see me she got called to the OR. After she was finished she was going to come break my water. Sometime between 4 and 5, i think, I started feeling significant contractions. When I went to stand up one time my water broke, though it turns out it wasn't nearly the entire thing, maybe just a small part.

    When the contractions started hitting one on top of the other and breathing didn't help at all I asked for drugs. At first I was going to get narcotics but then changed my mind and asked for an epidural. The dr came in and did that. it took a while to kick in but it was much better after a while. Sometime after that my dr came in and checked me and broke the rest of my water. I didn't feel it at all and i didn't feel the water at all either. The epidural must have been really working. At this point I was 8cm/100%/0 station.

    After a while of laying on my right side I started to get this spot in my back that was radiating pain. At first it was annoying then it grew to be really bad. I was also feeling contractions on my left side (guessing gravity was sending all the meds to the side I was laying on). When I got ready to ask for more drugs the nurse checked me and said it was time to push so we should skip anymore meds and call the dr. Dr said to start pushing and she'd be there in a while. Pushing was hard with the epidural not entirely worn off, especially because the monitor really wasn't picking up my contractions. However, i managed to make some progress. By the time the dr got there you could see the head a bit (or so I was told since I didn't care to look).

    At any rate, I didn't have any stitches or an episiotemy but I did have, and still have, a LOT of swelling and bruising down there as well as 'roids (though surprisingly the ones I had during pregnancy hurt worse so far).

    The end result: Baby Jonas was born at 10:54 pm... 8 hours 40 min or so after starting the meds. Not bad for a first pregnancy! When the head came out the Dr was surprised to find that the cord was around his neck and that they didn't know before hand. His apgars were 8 and 9.

    Now comes a series of worrisome events that turned out to be nothing...

    1) First the doctor thinks she has a problem with me... I'm bleeding from somewhere she can't see. Apparently it turns out to be the cervix and stops quickly on its own.

    2) Jonas is apparently 'grunting' which can mean a host of things. The NICU team has to be called down to assess him. They take him to the transition nursery. They are allowed to stay there 6 hours and then have to transfer to the NICU or the regular nursery. I send Daniel off to go with him. Meanwhile I'm really worried that there's something wrong with the baby. By the time I'm able to go to my room though, Jonas had been moved to the regular nursery waiting for me

    3) At some point during this I get really dizzy and nauseous. Daniel was in my room at that point, I think between trips to check on Jonas. I tell him to get the nurse. My BP had dropped to 67/30 or something like that. A nurse came in and did uterine massage (did I mention this really hurts?) and tons of blood clots came out. I immediately started to feel a lot better. They put me on more pitocin at this point. I had to stay in L&D a good bit longer than the original plan but eventually I got to my own room.

    4) Fast forward to Friday. Jonas has had issues with a bad suck and not staying awake long enough to eat anything. I had to supplement with formula because it had been about 10 hours and he wouldn't eat. What we did get down him he spit back up so he wasn't keeping anything in. I saw the lactation consultant the next day and we had the same issues. She even tried to give him formula and had all the same issues as us. She suggested sending him to the nursery for a feeding so the nurses would see what was happening. She also brought in a pump and gave me a plan for pumping, etc. When we took him to the nursery in tears because he wouldn't eat he was doing the grunting again so they decided he needed to be assessed on that as well. However his vitals, including blood sugar, labs and a chest xray were all good. The nurse also successfully gave him 20ml of formula. (After that we didn't have any problem bottle feeding him. Coincidentally this was when he turned 24 hours by which time a lot of feeding problems can resolve they told us).

    5) On Saturday after the morning pediatrician rounds, the NP came in and gave us the rundown of everything concerning Jonas. They had drawn a blood culture that would be ready at 10pm. They wanted to do one last check on the grunting to make sure it wasn't caused by an infection. If it wasn't it was almost certainly a transitional thing that would go away. If he did have an infection he'd need 7 days of antibiotics, 2 of which would be in the hospital so I'd have to go home without him. Talk about a depressing wait! (Tests later showed his blood culture to be negative! The other thing is that they heard a very slight heart murmur and had called in a cardiology consult although they thought it to be a transitional murmur. The cardiologist was going to come by later that day to do an echo. When the cardiologist came, we got to go into the nursery and watch him do the ultrasound. Nothing big came up in that exam. The story is is that all babies are born with this opening between 2 of the heart chambers. In 80% of people it closes completely after a while and in 20% it closes almost completely. Jonas's is a larger size, probably what is causing the slight murmur, but there is tissue there ready to close the hole but it just hasn't closed yet, which isn't abnormal. But, to be precautious they want to see him in 6 months just to check the progress. Even though things look normal this one is hard to get out of my mind

    Needless to say I had a great birth and a not-so-great post partum stay. Now if I can just not worry about any of those things since they all seem to be nothing... I am scared that I'm going to break the baby or that something will go wrong I guess that's normal for first time parents.

    He is the cutest thing in the world (see my pics on my other post!)

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    Hi everyone! We are home Very Happy

    Monday was delivery day and so we go to the Women's Center and get all checked in, nerves and all Wink We get to our room, get changed and they start my IV. They kept blowing my veins so I am now full of bruises. The nurse could get one IV in but not the other one. I had to have 2, one for the fluids/pit and one for the blood. The anethesitologist was able to find another vein - finally! The dr came in and did an ultrasound to check on Katie's position and she was still laying transverse. She went over all the dangers of my surgery (just when I was able to "forget" about it). In fact everone kept telling me of the dangers and how they have been having meetings for the last week on how to take care of me and my complications. The blood was running late so they postponed my surgery until about 2:15 cause they could not start without it. We finally get to the room and and they stick me with a spinal. I layed down and they were quickly prepping everything when I felt EXTREMELY Sick to my stomach. I yacked everywhere! Mostly on my hair. They had to wait again to start until my BP stabilized. After having me laying at a tilt for a few minutes and a bunch of added drugs, I felt better. Dave was brought in and we got started. It was really hard to breathe like everyone has said but I was doing my labor breathing and was able to "relax" through my freakingoutness. Dave just kept rubbing my head in a rythmic way so I concentrated on that too. Before we knew it she was born. They had to do a classical cut to get her out. When they got her to breathe I could not stop crying, I was so happy!!! They took her to the NICU within minutes cause she was having troubles with her breathing. They finished with me and took me to recovery. They told me that she had TTN (can't remember what it stands for) which basically means she could breathe but was doing so way too fast. She had fluid in her lungs on x-ray. I was told that I could not breastfeed her until they could get her respirations under control which could take up to 72 hours. She was able to breathe on room air though, thank God. I got to see her for about 10 minutes later that day. That night I spent puking. The next day They made me get up out of bed but I could barely stand I was so shaky. I was able to get into a wheelchair and was taken to the NICU to see my baby with wires all over her. Very hard to see. To my surprise they let me nurse her later that afternoon for a short amount of time. I was so happy. Back in my room they hooked me up with a pump so I could get my supply going since I missed out on breastfeeding for 24 hours. Over the next few days I spent nearly every waking minute with Katie in the NICU. I got to know the nurses quite well. My little fighter was able to beat the initial odds and we were both able to go home together on Thursday. I have been having a hard time dealing with the pain of the section and blood loss. I am also having severe edema. They gave 5 liters of fluid which my body still does not seem to know what to do with. My dr is amazed at how smooth the surgery went all in but I know it was because I have had so many people praying for Katie and me. I am so glad to be with her now (being separated from her in the hospital was sooooo hard!), she is so beautiful She nurses like a champ! She was 7.6 lbs when she was born and 7.02 the night before we left the hospital (Wednesday). Friday, 1 1/2 days after that last weigh she had gained back 4 ounces and was 7.4 lbs...thank goodness for breastmilk and a baby that loves to nurse. I have been so blessed!!!

    Wife to Dave and Mommy to:
    Brooke-13, Hailey-11, Ian-9 and Katie-2.
    My Angels...not in our hands, but in our hearts! Addy Rose 5/20/02 (20 weeks), 4/04 (8 weeks) Katie's twin (6 weeks)

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    We went in on Tuesday the 29th to be induced. We had to be there at 6 in the morning. I was so nervous about the procedure. Anyway When we got there they hooked me up to the monitors and Laurens Heart rate dropped pretty low. So they wouldnt start anything (Pitocin) until my Dr arrived at 8 and gave them the green light. At 8 after my Dr said it was a go they began the induction. They could not get my water to break they HONESTLY tried about 10 times. Poor Lauren came out with scratches on the top of her head from their attempts. My Dr joked that my bag of water was made of Teflon hehe. Anyway I guess all of the atemps atleast weakend the bag because When I went to the bathroom an hour later I gushed water everywhere!! I labored for a couple hours VERY uncomfortable. I wished very much to go without any drugs because I did with Katie but the induction brought the contractions so fast and so hard that I didnt have a break in between. I finally decided to get the epidural. It only took on my left side. I could still very much feel them on my right, the nurse told me this was pretty common. Anyway I labored until 1 and was checked I was a 4. I began to feel pressure and quite uncomfortable on my right side an hour later and I was checked and was a 10 and complete. I couldnt believe it. A little after 2 and it was time to push WOW!! Anyway I got mentally ready and began to push and I was really surprised at how much control I had. Since my right side wasnt numb I could feel each contraction. My husband was an AWESOME labor coach he reminded me to breath and kept me calm. I pushed a few times and Lauren Claire arrived at 2:34 and weighed 7 lbs 11 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. I was beyond thrilled because I didnt have to have an episiotomy. I cant believe how fast I am already healing. It so much easier this time then with Katie. Well anyway thats my story, Mom and Daddy are so in love with BOTH of our little blessings!!

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    We arrived at the hospital Wednesday night at 7:00 pm for my induction. I was surprised they actually got us in right away and I was in my Labor and Delivery room by 7:30 pm. As soon as we got in there they hooked me up to the monitor and I was having contractions 2 minutes apart! Right away they had a really hard time finding the baby's heartbeat. The nurse would get him but he would move every single time so she had another nurse come in to help. They wound up finding his heartbeat UNDER my boob! They were really worried he was breech and started talking about a c/section. I started freaking out since they seemed pretty sure he was breech. They said they would send a resident OB in to do a quick ultrasound and we would go from there. About an hour later we found out all the worrying was for nothing- thank goodness! They were still concerned that he was so high but happy he was head down. They checked me and said I was a good 3 cm and 75% effaced so we didn't even need to do the prostaglandin gel. It was about 10 pm and they decided they would just let me rest and start the pitocin at 4 am. I didn't sleep at all. I just sat there watching the clock wishing SOMETHING would happen! My nurse came in at 2 am and said my OB wanted the Pitocin started right then instead of at 4 am. They knew they were never going to be able to track the baby through the reg. monitor so they went ahead and broke my water so they could do the scalp monitor. The pitocin worked right away and before I knew it I was having STRONG contractions. They gave me Nubain and that helped but by 4 am I was begging for my epidural. I was getting my epidural soon but as soon as I was getting it I knew something was wrong. It was taking a long time and it hurt so bad. I had an epidural each time and it never hurt at all. They said it would work a few minutes later. Nothing. They told me just to wait and it would eventually work. Nope. Actually it did work- my left thigh was numb. Shocked That was it though. The pain and pressure was so intense. I was screaming things I never thought I would say in public and LOUDLY cursing at Dh! They checked me at around 6 am and I was 8 cm. I layed there for about the next 45 minutes just begging them to give me another epidural. A resident OB came in at 6:45 am and told me I was complete and my OB was on his way. She was sitting everything up when I told her I had to push NOW. I know she said something about not pushing but I told her I couldn't stop. She looked at Dh and told him not to blink or else he was going to miss it. I pushed once and as soon as he came out he was screaming. I looked down at my belly and saw my beautiful little boy. I couldn't believe he was finally here! They said he looked perfect and took him for just a few minutes to get him cleaned off and weighed. Brennan Connor was born at 6:51 am and he weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.

    We came home this evening. I was so nervous about how Aidan & Keegan would react to him but they were just so in awe of him that it made me cry. They were both so sweet and gentle. I didn't worry about Kenzie at all- she has been attached to him since the moment we walked in the door. I am just in love. He is so cuddly and he makes the cutest noises. Smile

    Here are some pics:

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