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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellaluna
    Ok, it started Tuesday the 7th when I went in to see my MW to get induced that day. I found out that she made other plans and wasn't going to induce now till Thursday. I was 39 weeks and 2 days. 3 cm dialated, very thined out, and baby's head realy low.
    So I went home. Ate half a pinapple. Then decided to try castor oil. I didn't want to take alot. 2 oz (4 Tablespoons) is the recomended dose I guess. I took half a T at 7 another half at 9 and a half at 11. Didn't do to much at first. A few contrations, a little bit of feeling sick but nothing bad. I went to bed at 1.
    Then at 2:30 in the morning I woke up to some pretty pain full contractions. I walk around for a few minuets and then decided to try and find the contration timer to see if they were regular in frequency. At this time they were about 3 mins apart. I never did have the time to find the site cause while I was looking my water broke. That was more then enough to get me motivated to go to the hospital.
    I started waking people up. My DH called my father to come get the kids. One word of advice. Make sure noone uses the car that doesn't know how to put the keys back where they are suppose to go. Last thing you want to be doing in labor is looking for car keys.
    We ended up getting to the hospital at 3. By this time my contrations were about a minent to two apart. I had to stop in the parking lot 3 times before making it to the door because of contrations. We got checked it. I was probably in my room around 3:30 where I got check and was dialated to a 7.
    I asked for my epi at this time. And also some pain med since I didn't know how long it would take to get the epi and with labor coming on so quickly and painfully. So they gave me something. Not sure what it was. But big mistake. It didn't take the pain away at all. Just made me feel extremely drunk. I couldn't make sense of anything. Took me several mins to process information.
    At 4 my father still hadn't shown up so I asked DH to check on the kids. Where someone from the hospital complained at him for the kids being alone in the waiting room that my nurse said they could be in. So DH decieded to take the kids downstairs to wait for my father.
    From 4 to 5 was the worst. My father hadn't shown up. I had to many side effects from the medication that I felt completely helpless. And had to go throw labor by myself beliving my dad was dead since he should have been there. I got the epi. around 4:30. A push button. Which took 15 mins to kick in and this time unlike before I could feel everything when getting it. And the anastegoligist was kindof a *****.
    At 5 they decided that the it was time to push. So I asked the nurse if she could find DH and bring him up and if there was somewhere for the kids to be. The ended up having to have a nurse run out to the parking lot to grab him and the kids. When he showed up 7 pushes and Annalea was born at 5:15am on 8/8/07. 5 pounds 14 oz, 19 inches long.
    She was placed on my chest for a few minents while they cut the cord and cleaned her up a litte. She was having a little bit of a strugle crying so the ended up taking her to the nursery.
    At six o'clock I finaly was alittle clearer ( not much) and able to remeber where the calling card was and my dad's phone number. So I called him up. He was still at home. Said when he got of the phone with DH he decieded that he didn't want to drive because he had a beer earlier and didn't think enough time had past. I was pissed. He could have said something or let us know somehow. Afterwards I think he believed I'de be in labor longer or something. I'm still pissed about what happened but I try not to think to much about it now. At the time I felt totaly robed of enjoying the birth of my daughter because of that. But enough of that. anyways.
    I'll go a little into the hospital stay. I found out a few hours later that she had to be put under oxygen for about an hour because of the drugs they had givin me. The first day she slept most the time, barely ate, found out that her blood type and mine were different and because of what they were she was more at risk for jandice. So we stayed an extra day to make sure she was going to be doing ok when we got home. The second day went great. When we were getting ready to leave the third day her doctor detected a heart murmer which they had to look at with an ultrasound. Turns out one of area in her heart that is suppose to close when born didn't shut completely. But the hole is so small it should close up on its own. They are just going to keep a close eye on her.
    As for me it wasn't until 3 that afternoon, after she was born, that I had use of my legs again. And even then they were weak. I now know what it would be like to be paralized. I was completely dependent on everything. But the nurses during labor and post partum were so wonderful. Also it was nice. The hospital gives the new parent a candlelight dinner (well no real candles since in a hospital but the had a light that looked like one). Which included a nice meal, dessert, and sparkling apple juice for both parents.
    Anyways I know this was realy long. I tryed to shorten it down some. But we are home. Things are great. Busyier now with house, company, and baby. But it is so amazing how you can fall so completely in love with someone you don't even know. She barely crys. Most of the time just makes noises. And looks at you with her eyes while talking to her. I barely put her down. I even have to hold her when she is sleeping.
    Congrats to everyone that has had their babies. I see there are quite a few. But I haven't been able to check to much around the board right now.
    And here are some pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinlilly
    Well my last post, I asked you guys if your menstrual cramps were horrible...

    I felt awful so I called my OB at 8:30a on Thurs and told him I thought I has a temp so I went in....Lorelei was showing signs of distress so he immediately sent me to L&D and said that today might be the day. At L&D her heart rate was normal and they were about to send me home when the doc said lets do some blood work and my white blood cell count was throught the roof so they begin to try and induce me

    I won't go into detail of all the horrors they did trying to get me to dialate, lets just say that I am seriously upset about all they put me through, they made this experience a true hell.

    But anyways at 7:30a this morning the doc came in and I was only 3 cm and the internal monitor they had just put in was showing that she was under an immediate...and I mean immediate C-section.

    Epidural was too weak and I could feel the procedure...another piece of they gave me something that kind of made me trip out so I didn't hear her cry her first cry or see her until they already cleaned her up and DH was holding her....

    Anyways I have a gorgeous 8.5 lb, 21" baby girl and she has the greatest temperment..she has slept since being born and when she is awake she is just so peaceful....I haven't heard her even cry.

    APGAR scores 9 & 9

    Sorry Stacy I didn't have your number or anything for that matter, I was not expecting her birthday today. Whenever I get home I will post some pics, I am using a hospital computer...

    Anyways....I have a few days worth of reading previous posts!!

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    here's my birth story

    Well, as most of you know. I had my 36 week appointment and it did not go as I had planned. My doc said Averi was only 4lbs 11oz and that I did not have much fluid in there. So then I saw a specialist and yadda yadda yadda... long story short for those of you who don't know. They said my placenta was not feeding her enough and that she needed to come out. They scheduled an induction for Aug 7, 2007.

    So Aug 6th I went out on a date with DH and saw a movie, had dinner, he bought me a slushy at the movies and we had a great night. Then Aug 7th I went to work early got off at 3 and I was not allowed to eat anything after lunch ... DH had scheduled a hair appointment for me. He is so sweet! So I chopped off my hair to my shoulders and got it highlighted!! I love it...anyway...then we head to the hospital where my mother had already been waiting for us...

    They got me registered and situated in a room and told me I could not eat just in case I needed a c-section.... this was aggrivating since Averi's heart rate had always been great... but oh well.

    They hooked me up to monitor her heart rate and contrax... i was having mild contrax that I could not even feel and when the nurse checked me I was at 2cm ...yeye...

    Then a nurse came in to start an IV, she stuck me once and it was no good...ouch...she stuck me twice and it was no good...ouch again so she gave up and a second nurse came in to start an IV, she stuck me once and got it but she blew it... needless to say that was a big ouch and I have huge bruise to show for it...then the third nurse came in...she stuck me once and got...Thank God!!!

    Then they left me for a while...I have no idea why the cervidil had not be inserted yet...I was feeling cramps in my back (I always feel cramps in my back when I am laying on it ever since the 2nd tri)... so I rolled over to my side...then I sneezed and a bunch of fluid came out of me...the nurse came in and told me to get off my side (she did not tell me why) but I got back onto my back and told her that when I sneezed I felt a lot of fluid come out and I don't know if it is pee or my water. So she checked me and she said the test came up negative for fluids... okay...

    Then she does an ultrasound and measures my fluids...they were at 2cm...yikes, she told me the safe amt is 10cm.... and since the test came back negative that my water had broken, it meant my placenta wasn't working enough to replenish the amt of fluids... then they have the on call doc come in... (my doc was scheduled to be there in the morning when I was supposed to start the pitocin) The on call doc starts talking about how much stress the baby is in because her heart rate drops every time I move and he showed me the chart... it was dropping dramatically , he told me that with her showing signs of stress and my fluids being so low he did not want me to have any large contrax. He said that the fluid is what helps cushion the baby during labor till it breaks and that in the current situation it would be easy for her cord to wrap round her neck or for her to pinch her cord by laying on or what not... I am probably not explaining it very well but the point is her heart rate was dropping with my movement and my fluid was low so the on call doc said the only option was c-section and I agreed...

    At this point it was "get my baby out and make sure she is healthy" its all I cared about...

    So then they start talking to me about drugs
    Do I want the epi where only one person can be in the room with me or do I want to be knocked out where no one can be in the room with me...they also described to me the dangers of being knocked out and having a complacent baby...risks I already knew about because that's why I never wanted a drugged birth ....

    Then they start talking to me about what they were going to do to me...and I freaked...I literally freaked out...I started crying and I was so scared, I even said and I quote "I can't do this, I can't do this, just knock me out I can't do this"
    The nurse grabbed my hand and reminded me that we don't want to be knocked out for the safety of the baby...and I was still crying...then DH stepped in and I will forever love him (if not for anything else) for this one thing he did for me!

    He put his forehead to mine and looked me dead in the eyes and said, Stephanie calm down, God has it all under control, you are going to be fine and Averi is going to be fine, and then we prayed... I calmed down a lot. I was still nervous and still crying but I knew I could do it and I knew it had to be done.

    So then they roll me out to get my epi leaving my DH behind...WHAT??? ... I didn't want to be without him but they said he couldn't be back there while they put the epi in. My super nurse (the same one that got my IV in the first try) held me against her chest and talked to me and rubbed my back, then the epi guy said a sting... and it was over... my legs started going numb and they had to place me on the bed, they had my arms out like a T ... and they raised a blue curtain. Then DH came in and sat by my side I told him to just keep talking to me...he kept me very distracted from what was going on... I felt a lot of tugs and pulls but no pain.

    DH was right there the whole time...God I love this man so much more just from this experience... then I felt them push on my stomach really hard and I heard her first cry!! She was born 08/07/07 at 9:57pm weighing 5lbs 7.7oz and 17.75 inches long! DH got to see her and he took some pix, I got to hold her for the first time, then they handed her to DH and he was told to leave as they stitched me back up. They had previously warned me that if she was as small as they thought she would have to be in the NICU...but with her birth weight...Thank God, she could go to the nursery!!!

    The recovery room was a nightmare, they could not put me on morphine because I am allergic to it so I had some other drug on a push as needed thing... they brought Averi to me and she had some issues latching on but seemed to get it after a few tries. Then they said they had to take her away due to checking her sugar and all that because of her size and I didn't see her again for a few hours... it made me sad. The nurse came back and said Averi's sugar level was 37 (very low) and that they wanted to supplement with formula to get it up... and I agreed...

    The rest is a bit of a blur, the drug they had me on made me loopy. I would talk to people and in mid sentence pass out then pop back awake and try to finish my made everyone laugh!

    I got to breast feed finally cause Averi started passing all her sugar tests! And I have to use a breast shield on my right nipple cause in mid-suckle it likes to flatten out. But other than that the breast feeding is going super smoothly. We are home now. Have been since Friday but I just have not had time to post yet.

    Averi is doing great!!! She is so healthy and steadily getting bigger and stronger. She likes to push her head off my chest, and sometimes while she is laying down she tries to roll over so I know she is getting stronger and stronger each day. She is perfect! I am sooo in love and its so great to see how much DH loves her too! Her cord fell off last night... and I cleaned it up this morning and that's where we are as of today!!

    Both happy, both healthy, I do feel a little sad I didn't get to birth her naturally or vaginally... but I am confident the right decision was made...

    Sorry this is soooo long...

    Here is a pic of her today!

    and here are just a few more pix

    Okay I will stop, If you want to view all the pix I have of her thus far.. (a lot) you can go to
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    Well she made her big debut last night (August 12th).

    I went into the hospital at 8 yesterday morning not sure if they were going to be able to induce me because they were so busy, they did my NST and then my doc came in and said since it was her last day she would be delivering her and that she had to do a c-sec first then would be in to break my water and get things one the road.

    10:45 they tried to break my water but it was still too high for her to reach and break properly. At 11:15 the nurse came in and started the pitocin and my doc wanted me to have some contractions before she tried to break my water again, so every 30 min they increased the pitocin and i was having some contractions but nothing that was major or painful, the doc came in at 2:10 and was able to break my water this time, they moved me to a birth room about an hr later where i would spend the rest of my time. Around 4:00 the contractions started coming strong but not really regular, i was about 3-4 cm dialated by this time. At 5:00 they told me that i was not having strong enough contractions and so they increased the pitocin more, the nurse checked me i was 4-5 but her head was high and my cervix was just starting to really thing out. At 6:30 the nurse checked me again and i was still only 4-5 but really thin and her head had come down ALOT. This was really discouraging cause the contractions were very painful at this time. Because i was on pitocin the baby had to be on a monitor at all times so they inserted one that clipped onto her head to make it easier to monitor while i moved around. At 7:00 the nurses changed shifts and my new nurse checked me when and said i was still 4-5 CM but that i was thinned right out, i was so upset when she said this and then said she would check me again at 10:00 pm that night to see how i was doing. at 7:45 the urge to push was really strong, they checked me and said i was ready already and they were very surprised, they called the doc in, got the bed ready and the stirrups on the bed, the doc checked me and said not to push cause i was having a strong contraction, by some grace of god i managed not to push that time, the nurse was trying to get the heart monitor off Maddisyns head and my doc got mad and slapped her hand saying the baby was coming to get out of the way. On the next contraction Maddisyn was born with one push only.

    She was born at 7:54 pm weighing in at 5 lbs 13 ozs and 19 inches long. Here are some pics from last night will post more from her coming home today later on once i get them off the camera. I did it all without driugs too woot

    •°o.O Jess O.o°•
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    Hey ladies! Here's my birth story. Well as you all already know I came in to be induced Thursday night and it seemed to be going pretty well at first. They started the induction by putting a foley bulb in me to get me dilated to 4cm and then once I was at 4 they would start pitocin. Well the next morning at about 6am they started pitocin and I could definitely feel the contractions starting. They weren't too unbearable though so I figured I would wait around for something to happen. Well I labored allll day and still nothing. They were still only getting me at 4, even though the contractions were getting way worse. They seemed to get even worse after the dr. broke my water bag and put a contraction monitor in me. I finally broke because I couldn't handle it anymore and I got an epidural. After throwing up twice I was able to take a nap until my dr. came in to check me again, by this point it was almost 10:00pm Friday night and I was at 10cm so they had me start pushing. I pushed and pushed and pushed, I don't know how many times I actually pushed but I know it was for 2 hours and still nothing. They brought in a midwife to help my dr. and that didn't even help. We tried tug-o-war and me leaning over the back of my bed, but still nothing helped. After 2 hours of giving it my all I couldn't handle it anymore and I was totally exhausted and falling asleep between contractions and stuff so I told them I couldn't handle it anymore and I wanted a c-section. So they ended up doing kind of like an emergency c-section but it wasn't really an emergency because he wasn't in distress or anything like that. Seth went in with me and he looked too cute in his little scrub outfit. MacKenzie was finally born at 12:54am Saturday and he came out balling. His apgar was 9 and 9 and he is absolutely beautiful! He only weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 21in long, so I could have delivered him naturally, but his head was getting stuck on my pubic bone causing me lots of pain and him a lovely bruise on the back of his head. I'll post some pics as soon as I get home to be able to download them on here, right now I'm still in the hospital but I'll probably be going home tomorrow. They said I was doing wonderfully, so unless I'm just so tired I can't handle it then I'll probably go home tomorrow. Things didn't work out as I had hoped, but thanks for the wishes and good luck vibes. Congrats to all the mommies who have had their babies between now and then!
    ~*~Amanda & Seth~*~ 7/12/08
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    I went in for my weekly check-up on Monday, August 6 and the Dr. said that I was 2 cm dialated (from 1 ½ the previous week. He didn’t say the exact effacement, but I remember him saying that I had progressed from 50% the prior week, so he did a membrane sweep. He told me that the show I was going to see that day “didn’t count” and I went off to work. I was seeing a little bit of “bloody show” all day long and I could tell it was tapering off toward the end of the day, so I thought that was it for a while. However, I got up to go to the bathroom at around 3 am and felt a little off. When I went there was more (new) blood, so I figured this must be the real thing. I was also feeling like crap and the cramps were very regular. I pulled Contraction Master up and they were about 2-3 mins apart. The Dr. wanted me to come in for antibiotics (group B +) once they got to this point for an hour, so we called around 4 am. The midwife on call seemed a little surprised that we were calling so soon, but had us come in once I told her about the group B. I was only around 3 cm when I got to the hospital and the nurse and midwife seemed to be deciding whether or not they were going to keep me. I was a bit confused since I was following orders and knew that I needed at least 8 hours for 2 rounds of the antibiotic. They decided they were going to keep me after a little monitoring and put the hep lock in for the antibiotic. My blood pressure was not looking good at all and they wanted me to stay in bed. (I REALLY wanted to walk and get things moving). After a bit, the midwife came in and told me that she wanted me to stay on my left side since that seemed to help. Laboring is bad enough, but this really was BAD. I had a feeling that I was getting near the end, but couldn’t do anything move to ease some of the pressure or get into a better position. All I could do was grip the bed railing and try my best to breathe through the pain. They also put me on a magnesium sulfate drip to make sure that I didn’t have a seizure due to the high bp and that made me feel kind of weird. After a little while I decided that I had to get an epidural. The anesthesiologist came pretty quickly and I felt relief soon. I laid back down on my left side and the nurse came back in to see if it was kicking in. I told her that it was, but that I was feeling a lot of pressure. She checked me and I was already at 10 cm. She told me to push with the next contraction and after one push told me to stop so she could get the midwife. The midwife came back into the room and after three pushes, Jacob was born. 11:44 am, 8 lb, 2 oz, 19 1/2". I couldn’t believe how much faster it went this time and I had just a couple of stitches—no episiotomy like last time. Once I got him back from the nurse weighing him, he started nursing like a pro. And, after all that debating about whether or not I came in too early, it turned out that I didn’t have a chance to get a second round of the antibiotics so they had to test him and everything came back OK. The only other part that was not so good was that I had to stay on the labor floor in bed for a full day so I could receive the magnesium drip. They wouldn’t leave the baby alone with me because of the side effects of the medication, so it sucked when DH went home to shower and get some lunch. But, we’re all home now and everything is going very well.

    Chillin' in the chair:

    He turned away from the camera when the lbs and oz showed up:

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    On Saturday aug 18 I was noticing some light pink discharge, so I was pretty excited, because that was the first sign of labor I had. On sunday morning, I had 4-5 mild contractions that were 5 minutes apart. I wasnt sure if that was what they were, but I figured I'd just pay attention to the time just in case. that stopped, but about 2 hrs later when I went to the bathroom I had a good amount of bleeding, so I called the doc. He said I should come in, so DH & I packed up & headed for the hospital. We both thought I would get checked & sent back home. I got there, & they hooked me up to the monitors, and the nurse said she could see I was having some contractions. I was surprised cuz I hadnt felt anything since the few earlier in the morning. (this was about 1pm) The doc came in & said I was dialated to just about 2 cm, & said for me to stay for 2 hrs, and if I was the same after that I could go home, but if I progressed, I would be staying. Well, 2 hrs later I was dialated to just under 4, so he kept me. I kept having contrax all day, and I did feel them, but they were pretty mild. I did continue to dialate, but it was pretty slow. By 2 am the contrax were getting pretty painful, but they were still quite far apart (about 10 min), and I was about a 7. I got my epidural (ohhhhh, bless my epi!!!) & they started pitocin. I pretty much dozed the rest of the night, and at 930 the next morn I was all set to go. the doc had to break my water, and then I got to pushing. We had a little trouble getting her head under my pelvic bone, so I got to experience the forceps, but due to my really good epi, all I felt was a TON of pressure (that was SO weird!) Once she got past that point, it was smooth sailing. I only pushed for a total of 1 1/2 hrs. I tore a little, but not bad, doc said it was pretty superficial. I also managed to get a couple of hemmroids, which I have never had before - yeah, I am SO sorry for all of you that had to deal with these during your pregnancy! Holy crap does it hurt! Anyway, if you got this far, thanks for reading! It was all definately worth it! I can't stop looking at my beautiful little girl!

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    Sunday night, (8-19) I went to the hospital for my planned induction. The plan was to use cervadil (since I was just 1.5cm dilated), use the cervadil (cervical softening agent) for 12 hours. I got the cervadil at 10pm at 4 am I woke up in mega-momma contractions. (rarely happens with cervadil). I sat on the birth ball & thought of a happy place during the contractions and was able to breathe through them until about 6am. When I requested the epidural. I got the epidural 4 hours LATER!! I was 9 CM & it only worked on my L side! I was still in a lot of pain. By the time he got the epidural to work on both sides, it was literally about 30 minutes before pushing! (but I would do it all over!).
    Anyways, when it came time to push, DH got suited up, to catch the baby! we used the big mirror, I pushed for close for 2 hours (it was pretty long, but I really wanted to do it without pitocin, so it was worth it!).
    I watched the whole thing through the mirror, watched DH be the first to put his hands on our little boy. It was so beautiful. Then they passed him up to me for about 20 minutes of skin to skin. I was so happy, it was the most amazing experience of my life. In fact, just writing about it, I want to cry! It was so amazing! I am so in love with my little Sammy

    8 lbs 4 oz
    20.5 inches

    Seeing the world one more time, through my son's eyes.

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    My water definitely did break last Friday! Everything after that was a blur, I was so flustered and overwhelmed! I didn't even have my hospital bag packed because I was certain I still had time (procrastinator ).

    I was admitted to the Prenatal evaluation ward at around 5:45 pm 8/11 to determine whether or not I had actually broke my water and by that time, I was starting to get contractions for the first time. I was really worried that maybe I was wrong and they'd send us back home, I mean what a let down that would have been! Luckily, a litmus strip test proved my water actually had broken and I could stay. Phew. When they checked my cervix, however, I was still at 1 dilation but really soft. That was a bit disappointing. They gave me the lowest dose of pitocin possible to get the labor moving and after that I was taken to my birth room.

    It was a really lovely room with a wall of tall windows that created a panoramic view of the forest and sky outside. During my labor, there was a spectacular electrical storm going on outside, the lightening lit up the sky like a fireworks show, it was really neat.

    The pain, however, was not so neat. As I got to 6 dilation, my contractions were so intense that I was shaking uncontrollably and was constantly uncomfortably cold, no matter how covered up I was. I gave in to an epidural and it was like night and day, I was finally able to relax and get some rest for pushing, something that would have been impossible for me to do otherwise.

    Fortunately, the small dose of pitocin helped me dilate really quickly, well, at above average quickly, according to the nurse. At around 5:00am, the midwife checked me again and I was completely dilated, unfortunately, the epidural was working so well that I couldn't really push. They decreased the dosage and I had to wait until I could feel the contractions more in order to push. It wasn't until 8:30am that I could finally start pushing.

    I had a really easy pregnancy but boy did I pay for it big time in labor. I ended up pushing for four hours straight. The midwife and nurses were great but by the forth hour, I was just so exhausted and despairing that I'd never get my baby out. It was the longest period of time in my life, I can't even describe accurately just how exhausted I was by that time. The midwife finally suggested that she bring in an OB to use the vacuum. I hated the idea. That was something I always wanted to avoid that and forceps but for the life of me, I just could not muster the strength to keep trying. It got even better when the doctor arrived, checked me and said that the baby hadn't dropped enough to use the vacuum. That made the despair even worse, like all the work I had done to that point was for nothing. He said I could either keep pushing or get a c-section. I always wanted to have a vaginal birth but again, my level of exhaustion made that simply just impossible.

    So, we stopped pushing and they upped my epidural again so I could try to relax while they fetched another doctor for the c-section. The contractions were still so intense that I couldn't help but bear down whenever they occurred. This went on for about a half hour and when the second doctor showed up, he checked me and said that the baby could definitely be helped out with suction. I guess in the short period of time I was allowed to relax, unintentional bearing down actually helped my baby move low enough. I didn't have to have a c-section after all.

    I should have felt elated when I saw the midwife, nurses and doctor get all suited up for the birth but I just couldn't feel anything, mainly because I was so worried I'd have enough strength for these last pushes. Thankfully somehow I did find the strength to give it one last go and in two pushes, he was out. My husband said that right after that, my eyes were rolling back into my head because I was so incredibly exhausted. Hearing the first cry instantly made it all worthwhile though. We found out that not only was Rowan sunnyside up, but he also had his cord wrapped around his neck twice, and around his body once, AND he had been pointed crookedly towards the birth canal. All of that pretty much insured I had a very very difficult labor and a third degree tear. He made me work for it, that's for sure but he was so worth it all.

    Rowan was born on August 11, 2007 at 12:19pm weighing 6 Ilbs 15 oz and length of 21 inches!

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    Lilypie Maternity tickers

    DH Shawn
    - married 7/24/06
    DS Rowan
    - born 8/11/07

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