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    I just first want to say that I had such an amazing, positive delivery - and I am so glad that I chose to get an epidural this time. It may have prolonged my labor longer than my previous baby, but it was for the better, since my labor was progressing so fast WITHOUT the epidural, and my parents had a 2-hour drive.

    I posted on Tuesday (the 21st) when I had my doctors appointment. My doctor said I was at 4 cm and he stripped my membranes. I went home and had a few mild contractions, but nothing worth getting excited over, as I started having contractions around 37 weeks. Although I did start having "bloody show" every time I went to the bathroom after he stripped the membranes.

    Wednesday morning (22nd) I woke up having mild contractions. Again, I didn't think anything about it, because they weren't regular and I had been having contractions for several weeks now.

    I started getting them about every 10 minutes apart around 3pm, but they were not regular at all. They would range from 10-12 minutes apart, to 5-6, to 7-8, back to 10 minutes apart, then back to 6 minutes apart.

    About 5:00 pm I started timing them, because they were getting pretty strong. The funny thing is that my contractions never became "regular" - they would come anywhere from 2 minutes apart, to 6 minutes apart.

    I decided I would lay down in bed and try to take a nap and watch the 5:30 news. I was laying there for about 25 minutes when I felt something warm in my underwear, like I had peed myself - but I didn't have to go pee. I got up and went to the bathroom and as soon as I pulled my underwear down, white fluid (with white flecked stuff?) came flowing out. But it wasn't a huge "gush" like a lot of women describe it. It was more like I just peed myself - so I wasn't really sure my water had broke.

    I called L&D and explained to them what happened. I told the nurse that I had been having pretty strong contractions but they were not regular. She told me to get a bite to eat, b/c if I was ruptured they would not allow me to eat once I was in active labor, and to take a quick shower. I decided to call DH and come in right away. I wasn't in the mood to eat (nor was I hungry) and I had already taken a shower earlier that morning.

    DH said he was on his way from work and we would immediately go straight to the hospital once he got home. By the time he got there, I was in intense pain and was having problems breathing through my contractions.

    We get to the hospital around 6:45 pm. All the delivery rooms are full, so they stuck me in an older room, which I could tell hadn't been used in awhile, since there wasn't even a monitor in there. There were tons of nurses that were freaking out b/c I was in so much pain and I didn't have a room.

    The nurse checked me really fast and told me I was 6-7 already, and yes, it was my water that had broken at home when I was laying in bed.

    Finally about 10-15 minutes later they cleaned up a delivery room for me and they prepared me for my epidural. I was in so much pain and having a hard problem dealing with my contractions, they didn't even have time to go through all the normal "questions" they ask you before they do the procedure. I just wanted them to get the epidural in, as I couldn't handle the contractions anymore.

    I have to admit, it was painful getting the epidural, but it was SOOOOO worth it once the drugs started to kick in.

    I went from screaming in pain, to laughing and joking throughout each contraction. It was HEAVENLY. I quickly went from a 6-7, to a 7-8, and then to an 8.

    My parents were still on their way (they had a 2 hour drive), so I really am thankful that I got the epidural, so I could relax and kind of prolong my labor, to allow them time to get there.

    They finally arrived and I was still at an 8 - thank god!

    Around 9:45 pm my doctor came in and told me that I was at a 10, but he was going to let me labor on my own until 10:00 pm, to make sure I would be ready to push.

    At 10:00 I started pushing. I felt no pain whatsoever, and not even any pressure. I couldn't even tell if the pushing was making any progress. I pushed 2 times and then all of a sudden, when everyone was getting their gloves on, I felt this extreme pressure and said "uh - I kind of feel like I need to push". The nurses and doctor was like "no no no, don't push!" The doctor was still putting on his gown and gloves. I knew how to hold it in - so I didn't push. But I felt the baby coming anyways. About 10 seconds later, my baby was out, without a third push.

    Madisyn entered the world after 8 minutes of pushing, at 10:08 pm!

    And the best thing of all - NO TEARS and NO stitches!!!!

    I am recovering wonderfully and breastfeeding is going well. We are having some latching problems, but the hospital here has a wonderful breastfeeding consultation team and they are extremely helpful. With the use of a LOT of Lansinoh cream and the help from the lactation consultants here, I am positive we will have BF'ing down like a pro before we leave tomorrow morning.

    Here are a few pictures:

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Yup - I am DRUGGED and LOOPY!!!!! haha

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Proud DH!

    Thanks for looking!

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    We got to the hospital at 6am, I was admitted at 9am, the doc started the meds to help thin my cervix right away, I don’t remember the name of the meds (I was a tight 2cm and long when I got there). My doctor checked me at 2pm, I was 3cm and soft, they started pitocin on me. The pitocin started the contractions but they weren’t terrible and I was able to breathe through them. My doctor broke my water at 6pm and the contractions started to get pretty harsh and very very frequent after that. I managed to breath through them until about 8:30, and then I sent my sister to tell the nurse I needed an epidural. Well, the time between waiting for the anesthesiologist and them actually inserting the epidural was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. First the anesthesiologist had to ask me a bunch of questions…she stopped talking during one of my contractions and I SCREAMED at her “do you have any more goddamn questions, and if you do SPIT IT OUT”, LOL. Sitting still on the edge of the bed waiting for them to insert the epidural was AWEFUL. Tears just poured down my cheeks, Kevin started crying watching me going through this. While it was great to be numb, the epidural made me really nauseous, I filled 2 buckets with vomit . I was checked when this was done and I was between 4 & 5cm’s. Everyone was allowed back in after the epidural (my mom, my sis, MIL, FIL & BIL were all there). My doc told Kevin everyone should leave so I could get my rest. So Kevin sent everyone away for a while. I tried to nap and right when I was about to fall asleep I could feel my contractions again, BAD (the push button wasn’t helping)! So Kevin went to get the anesthesiologist, they inserted more meds into some IV thing I had on. The doc came in after that, it was about 11pm. She checked me….and to mine and Kevin’s utter shock, her head was there and it was time to PUSH! You should have heard me, lol, “huh, what, huh”. LOL! So they got the room ready, Kevin went and got my mom and my little sister and I started pushing. The L&D room I was in was beautiful, it was huge, and had couches, hardwood floors, panoramic views of NYC all lit up and everything. They broke down my bed into a chair kind of thing, shut off all the lights, so there was like a spot light on me, and 40 minutes later out came Natalie Lorna…

    I am sooooo in love with my little girl, and even more in love with Kevin then ever before. He has been so great.

    Natalie’s Stats:
    Born: August 19th, 11:47pm
    Weight: 5 pounds 9 ounces (she’s already gained 3 ounces)
    Length: 19 inches
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    On Monday, August 27 I went to the hospital to be induced at 1:30 PM. At 3:30 PM, cervidil was placed on my cervix. At 7:50 PM, I rolled over in bed to lay on my side to watch the Bengals football game because they said the cervidil was going to take 12 hours to dilate me one cm. Well, while lying on my side, my waters broke and regular contactions started. The Dr. came in to measure me, and I was 1.5 cm. The cervidil fell out which was a bad thing because another had to be put in. The second was put in, and the contractions became stronger and harder because of the extra dose. The nurse said I was in active labor because the contractions were 2.5 to 3 min apart.

    At midnight, I was given a narcotic because the Dr. said it was too early for an epi. It took the edge off, but wasn’t great. At 3:30 AM Tuesday, the narcotic wore off, I was only dilated to 2 cm. At 4:30 AM, I was induced with pitocen, and the contractions became horrible. I was screaming for the epi man, and the nurse didn’t check on me for 2 hours. (Please note that my birth plan said that I wanted the epi once I was induced with pitocen. Why couldn’t they wait until I got to 3 cm before the pitocen, so I could have it with the Epi? My birth plan was totally ignored)

    At 6:30 AM, I had the epi and the difficult thing was holding still enough with the painful contractions. I got thru it. Then, from 6:30-7:30 AM Tues. my BP dropped 90 over 49, and they lost Peyton’s BP. So, all the nurses were working on stabilizing me. I felt nauseated, but not in pain with the contractions.

    After I was stable, I dilated very quickly because I was relaxed. I went from 2.5 to 8 in four hours, and 8-10 in 1.5 hours. I was pushing at 12:30, I could have started at 12:00, but there was another patient that they were delivering first, so I had to hold on. So then, it was my turn. No pain with pushing, and Peyton Cole was born at 1:16 PM Tuesday, August 28.

    He weighed 8.32 pounds and was 21 inches long.

    I ended up with a 3 degree tear, so I have a lot of pain with the stitches right now. My feet are no longer swollen, and I am 17. 5 pounds lighter. I still cannot wear my wedding rings.

    Peyton latched on really well. My milk came in Friday, so that is going well. It just hurts when he first latches.

    I learned some lessons for the next time I’m induced because my birth plan didn’t go the way I wanted. I also felt that I didn’t get the greatest care from the nurses. My DH also felt insignificant, and he wanted some coaching on how to help me more. Anyway, next time, we are going to look at other hospitals and explore more options. We also will take a relaxation class verses child birth because I had a hard time relaxing. The only thing is that I really like my OB office, we just didn’t like the care at the hospital. Plus I’m 5’7”, and I don’t consider myself tall, and my feet hung over the bed. The beds were horrible. We left a day early so that I could recover more comfortably at home. I did like the lactation consultants and home nurse care that was provided. We had the home nurse come Friday to make sure Peyton and I are doing well, and everything is great! That’s my birth story.
    Mommy to Peyton Cole 8/28/07

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    Better late than never!

    I had a scheduled c-section since Nolan was breech. My mom came with me and DH to the hospital. We got there at 5:45 am and I was put in a bed and they strapped up the monitors and there was Nolan's heartbeat. WHEW! Secretly, that had been my fear, that we'd get to the hospital and there would be no heartbeat. My c-section was scheduled for 8 am. It was time to get the IV going but 3 nurses and 5 pokes later they were having no luck. See, I wasn't allowed to drink anything after midnight which meant my veins were not going to cooperate. The anaesthesiologist came in and he was my last hope. After 2 sticks he finally found a vein on the side of my left hand, just under my thumb. YEAH, OUCH! And I had to hold my hand in a weird, ****-eyed position until I had enough fluid in me and could relax my hand. What a nightmare.

    DH's dad and stepmom arrived about 6:30 am. They drove from Neenah, WI down to us in IL (about a 3 1/2 hour drive!) We chatted it up and found out that an emergency c-section bumped me so we had longer to wait. Not a big deal, I understood.

    Now it's my turn. I get into the OR and have to sit on the table so I can get the epidural. This was the worst experience of my life. I have back issues and alot of damage to in my lower lumbar so I don't know if that was an issue, but getting the epidural hurt so bad. I thought the numbing shot was supposed to take care of that ? I had electric shocks shoot down both my legs, jolting them so badly they kicked on their own. I felt the needle going thru the bone in my back. I was crying really hard actually stopping myself from screaming. LORD HAVE MERCY.....I WILL BE HARD PRESSED TO GET AN EPIDRUAL NEXT TIME IF I'M SUCCESSFUL WITH VBAC.

    Once the epidural was done and I was laid down, DH came in and the doc started cutting. I didn't feel anything, not even tugging really. He was so far in the front she didn't really have to move much around I guess. I think I was holding my breath as she said she was pulling him out. I just waited and waited and as soon as I heard Nolan crying I was in tears. He was born on August 8, 2007 at 10:15 am. He weighed a whopping 9 lbs 7 oz and was 21 1/2". Before I knew it the nurse flashed him around the corner of the screen so I could get a glimpse but then she whisked him to the warmer to suction him and wrap him up and that is when the neo-natologist checked him over. He does have hypospadia, which means his urethra is split. At 6 months he'll have to have surgery and a circumcision to repair the urethra but it's not a big deal. DH and I weren't planning on having him circumsized but we have to and we are fine with it. Hey, nothing has really gone our way with this pregnancy, so why should the "after" be any different, right?

    I think once I knew he was safe and DH followed him to the nursery I fell asleep and woke up when they got me into recovery. DH was there and so was my dad and his dad. They brought Nolan right to me and he started BF'ing right away. I thought he'd be a champ but now, 4 weeks later, I'm only pumping about 2 oz of milk a day. He's a lazy latcher and even in the hospital I had to supplement because the colustrom wasn't enough for such a big baby.

    Here are some pics of Nolan after he was born.

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    I warn you, this is long and I apologise for any spelling and grammar mistakes (NAK).

    I woke up at 2:45am, on Monday Aug 13/07, with mild, but regular, contractions. I wasn’t really sure what to do (you plan for this for 9 months and then have no clue what you should be doing). So I got in the shower, cleaned house a bit and contemplated whether or not to wake Aaron and my mom. I tried to go back to sleep but that wasn’t happening as I was too bloody excited about maybe finally having a baby. After about an hour I woke Aaron up and said, “I think the baby is coming”. He just looked at me and was like “Ok… wake me up when you’re sure”. Then he rolled over and I hit him and was like “If I am up, then you are up!”

    About half an hour later (4am) I paged my midwife and told her that I was having regular contractions. They weren’t too bad but they were coming every 5 mins. As we live an hour away from the hospital it is hard to know what the best thing to do is, so my midwife said to come in, meet at the midwife office and she would check me. After changing the bedding and emptying the dishwasher, Aaron, my mom and myself took off to the city. We stopped at Mc Donald’s and Tim Horton’s for breakfast and were at the midwife office around 6 am.

    I felt bad about getting my midwife up so early but since this was my first baby I was worried that I may be a quick labour person (boy was I wrong!) and would want to be close to the hospital. Well the midwife checked me and said I was about 40% effaced and I can’t remember if I was dilated at all yet (weak, I know). She told us to go home or get a hotel room, get some rest and come back in a few hours. So we went and got a hotel room and got some rest. At 11am I woke up with stronger contractions, but still not too bad. I showered and watched some TV with my mom. Aaron woke up around noon and we decided that we would go shopping but stop at the Midwife and get checked first, just to have an idea of where I was at. At 2pm I was 80% effaced and 3 cm dilated, not much progress there.

    Then we decided to go to Wal-Mart because I had forgotten to bring any decent clothes with me and I wanted something else to wear aside from my pj’s. While in Wal-Mart, I started to get really uncomfortable and had to leave. I just grabbed a shirt and some pants and went to the checkout. The checkout girl asked me when I was due and I was like “I’m in labour now!”

    We went back to the hotel after that and I got in the shower. I alternated between showering and bathing until 8pm that night when my midwife showed up to check me again. The water was awesome and had the pain relief effect of taking a drug. I was labouring in it for over 5 hours and was really hopeful that I had made some progress, as the contractions were getting more painful. My midwife checked me in the hotel at 8pm and…NO PROGRESS!!! Nothing, nada, zilch!!!! Still 80% effaced and 3cm dilated. I was bummed. I figured after 6 hours of 3 min apart contractions, something would have happened. So my m/w said to just keep at it, try and get some sleep (sooooo not happening) and call her when they got unbearable. She also did a membrane sweep to try and help things along (that was my 3rd one she had done that day).

    So… back in the water I went. After about 30 minutes, the contractions got really awful. My mom was sitting with me and I started to cry. I told her that they had just gotten really bad and were a really sharp pain, they didn’t feel like menstrual cramps anymore. When I told her it was sharp pain she got up and said she was calling the midwife. She came back a minute later and asked if I was ready to go to the hospital. Since I felt like dying with each contraction I said yes.

    We got to the hospital about 15 minutes later and my midwife checked me again. No progress again!!! At this point my midwife told me that she felt it was time for me to get the epidural. I had been in labour for about 17 hours and had made very little progress. She felt that my body was too tired to finish the job and I could end up with a c-section if I got too exhausted. This was the low point of the labour for me. I felt weak and defeated. I didn’t think 3 cm dilated should be this excruciating. I also really did not want an epidural. Aaron and my mom also got in an argument in the hallway because my mom wanted me to get it and Aaron knew I didn’t want it and he felt that I was being pressured into it.

    I decided to go with the laughing gas instead and see if my body would progress at all with that. I started it at around 9pm and I loved that stuff! It was like being drunk, it was great! It really helped with the pain too. After about 2 hours I was huffing away on the stuff and it seemed like my contractions were coming every 1-2 mins. My midwife kept asking me if I was really having a contraction and I was like “Of course I bloody am!!!! It feels like my guts are being ripped apart!!!!” She got this funny look on her face and said she was going to hook me up to the contraction monitor. She watched me and the monitor for a few minutes and then at one point I went to start breathing the gas and she said “Emmy, are you sure you are having a contraction?” I was like “Yes!!!!! It hurts like hell!!!!” Then I looked over at Aaron and he was just staring at me. Then he shook his head to say ‘no, you’re not having a contraction’. I was shocked! If I wasn’t contracting then what the hell was all this pain?!?! I turned my head so I could see the monitor and I watched as a contraction came and went and I could feel the contraction at the same time as the machine said I was having it, but the other sharp pain wasn’t going away and it wasn’t reading as a contraction and it was about 1000x worse then the contractions. Aaron later told me that about 1 in 5 of the contractions I thought I was having was actually a real one.

    Anyway, as all this was happening, the baby’s heart rate started to go from the normal 140-160bpm to 170-190bpm. My midwife told me this and said it was time to check me again. I had been on the gas for 3 hours and it was starting to not work very well anymore. I felt that I had been fairly relaxed and laboured well and must have made some progress. Guess what…. Nothing!!!!!! 3cm still!!!!! After 21 bloody hours!!!!! I was pissed and add to that the baby’s heart rate getting high, I said “F**K it… Give me the bloody drugs”. I had done my best and though I was disappointed in having to get an epidural, I knew that I really needed it and it was a better alternative to the c-section. For whatever reason my body was just not co-operating and my midwife hoped that if I could get some sleep I might dilate overnight.

    So at 1am, I got the epi. As much as I resisted getting it, the pain relief was nice. I slept on and off until 6am when the midwife came in to check me again. I was at a whole 5cm.dilated. Not very encouraging. My midwife then broke my waters and by 8:30am I was 10 cm (finally!). We decided to wait another hour and let the baby’s head move down more. At 9:30 I started pushing. It was really weird because the mood was so relaxed. Aaron and the nurse each held a leg; my mom watched the baby being born and my midwife was great at telling me I was doing a great job! I pushed for about an hour and at 10:25am he was born. I had a 3rd degree tear and lots of stitches. As the doctor was stitching me up I was very thankful I was drugged, it took forever and they were making awful comments like “What would you do with this piece here?” and “Where does this piece go?”

    Eric came out kicking and screaming. He latched right away and was not druggy at all, which was my main concern with having the epi. He weighed in at a healthy 9lbs 9oz, which was not too surprising considering Aaron is 6’5” 300 lbs and I am 5’8” 170lbs (pre-preggo). As well he was 12 days overdue. We expected a good sized baby.

    The absolute highlight of the entire birthing experience was when they put the baby on my chest, I still had no idea if it was a boy or girl. My midwife looked and said “I’m not going to tell you, you have to look for yourself”. It took my last ounce of strength to lift up the umbilical cord to look. I turned to Aaron and said, “It’s a boy” and then flopped back down, totally exhausted. I was so happy that we waited to find out. It was really cool to see for myself the gender of our baby. I know everyone is different but for me, I loved the surprise and suspense and will always wait until the baby is born to know the gender.

    All in all it was a long day and a half but both Eric and I came out healthy and happy, which is what matters. I still sometimes feel disappointed that I never progressed on my own and I wonder if I am a super wimp or what, but I can truly say I did my very best and thank goodness for modern medicine. My midwife never was able to explain the sharp pain I was getting. She said it could be how Eric was holding a hand or she said it may have come from the D&C I had last year, perhaps there was some damage or something. Whatever it was, we both check out perfectly fine now.

    Also Eric is named after my Grandfather. We had chosen the name a few months ago but it was even more significant as my grandpa passed away 2 days before Eric, his first great-grandchild, was born.

    Since he was born breastfeeding has been awesome and he has been a really good baby. There were a few awkward days getting to know each other, but I really have no complaints. I can’t wait to have another baby!!

    If you made it all the way through this…Thanks!!! J

    Here are some pics to go with the birth story…

    My last belly pic. 41 weeks.

    Me telling Aaron that I think I am in labour

    At the hotel with my mom

    In the tub

    Arriving at the hospital

    High on laughing gas

    Me in shock that I just pushed this thing out

    Our first family photo

    Me and my awesome midwife

    These two are exausted!

    Our second day as a family

    Going home
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    So, it all started on Tuesday, the 21st at 2pm when I went into the hospital to be induced. They put Prepadil on my cervix (I was a fingertip dialted) and told me to relax. I was supposed to have to lay in bed for 2 hours and then I could get up and walk around. They said it would make me a little crampy, but it would go away by the end of the 2 hours. I did get crampy, but it didn't go away after 2 hours. The doctor came back in arouns 7 and put in another dose of Prepadil (at that point I was at 2 cm). Around 10 pm, I really started having contractions about 5 minutes apart. The nurses told me that people really don't go into labor from Prepadil, so I should just relax because tomorrow was going to be a big day. At 1am, I was in soooo much pain and they were coming about every 3 minutes. The nurse told me to get into the shower becasue she said "water works wonders". All it did was make me stand on a slippery surface having contractions every 3 minutes! So, when I got out they checked me...still at 2! So, they gave me Stadol (sp?). It didn't really take away the pain, but it definitely took the edge off, so I could rest. I didn't get any sleep, but I at least didn't have to do my breathing every few minutes.

    Wednesday morning at 7:30, the doc came in and checked me. I was still at 2 (shocking!). So, he broke my water (which I didn't know he was doing and hurt A LOT) and started the pit. That stuff is not a joke! The contractions were crazy and around 1:30, I started asking for an epidural. When they checked me, I was at 5, so I got the go-ahead. Thank GOD for that epi...I slept for 2 hours straight as soon as it kicked in! Then, When I woke up, it needed to be redosed and I was only at 6cm. So, they gave me another dose, but this dose only worked on my right side, so I felt everything on my left! Once my left side was absolutely killing me, I asked to see the anesthesiologist again, but I was at 9 to a lip and they wouldn't let me get another dose! So, I labored from 9-10 without meds and then around 5:40pm, I got the urge to push. All I remember from that point on was screaming a lot. It was so unbelievably painful. My back was killing me and I have never in my life felt anything so intense. Pushing as the contraction is building is the worst part! God, that hurt! After about an hour of pushing I started telling the doctor that I really coudn't get the baby out without help. He just kept telling em to push, saying that's how it feels, but that I could do it. Well, after about ten more minutes, it became evident that I was right . Hello, I think we know what our bodies are doing?!? Apparently, she was recessing back up the birth canal with each push! So, he tried using 2 different vaccuums and neither worked. So, out came the forceps. I will tell you, there is nothing more painful than having forceps placed around the baby's head. Yowza! It took 3 pushes with the forceps and finally her head was delivered. The unbilical cord was tight around her neck, so he had to remove it with her shoulders right at the opening of my vajayjay! Double Yowza! I just remember screaming a thim to get her out. Finally I could push her the rest of the way out and she arrived! Then, the doctor spent the next 40 minutes trying to stitch me up in the delivery room. Apparently the forceps gave me to vaginal lacerations and I had a fourth degree tear straight through to the rectum. But, He couldn't see enough in that room, so I had to be taken up to the OR so that he could stitch things up properly. It took a little over an hour and 150 stitches, but I'm back together again!
    So, she was born Wednesday, August 22nd at 7:11pm. (41 weeks, exactly)
    She weighed 7 lbs, 5oz and was 20.5 inches long.
    Her Apgar scores were 8 and 9.
    She's so beautiful and worth every pain and stitch!

    Sorry the pics are so enormous!

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    So i just realized that i never put my birth story on here and even though it was almost 2 months ago i still remember it like it was yesterday.

    I went to my doctor on monday aug 13th (he had been out of town and i had to go to another doctor until he returned. I was having blood pressure issues and the doctor that I went to see told me to see my doctor the day he came back) I was 40 weeks and 3 days, I was more than ready to have this baby. My doctor told me that we were going to have a baby! I was so excited!

    I called my mom and Jeff and told them that I was going up to Labor and delivery! Jeff was so excited he called his dad and mom! I called His dad Dave befor i got up there, and he was already on his way. I got up to labor and delivery and they started my IV and gave me the oral meds to get my cervix to dialate. Dave got there and then my Mom followed by Jeff. By the end of monday i still hadnt dialted any and my water hadnt broken, i was having contractions but not regular. It was a restless night for my mom and dave, Jeff and I slept great, me only because of the stateall (SP) they were pumping thru me! once they gave me that the room spinned and i passed out.

    August 14th at 6 am they started the pitocin, the contractions were still really irregular. Mom had went out the car to try and sleep cause she couldnt get comfortable! The uped the pitocin and my water broke, at the time i was excited, well with the water breaking comes the contractions! They started out at 5 minutes apart and they were pretty strong, I was dealing with them, breathing through each one. They uped the pitocin to 6. My contractions were supposed to go to 2 minutes apart, well they didnt they went to 1 minute apart and the nurse checked me i had dialated from 1 cm to 4 cm! AHHH i was like shew come on bring me Drugs. Jeffs Grandma Sue,Jeffs mom Pam, and Dave were in the room with me! I was laying on my side griping the side of the bed screaming cause the contractions hurt so bad. Sue was rubbing my back, Pam was on the other side of the room crying and Dave had a overwhelming feeling and had to leave the room ( he was upset cause there wasnt ne thing he could do). I was crying for jeff! Finally Jeff gets there and im still in the worst pain of my life! Crying my eyes out! About 10 minutes after jeff got there the man with my EPIDURAL (SP) shows up! Thank god for HIM!! The meds worked really fast and i felt much better! My doctor came in and told me they were worried cause when i would have a contraction Jayla's heart rate would drop and it wasnt coming back up so they did some internal monitering! They watched me for about 15 minutes and decided that we should do the c-section!

    They started preping me! I remember asking the guy what it was going to feel like! He said that i would be numb and i would feel some pulling and pressure. He stood beside me the whole time making sure that i was ok! he was talking to me keeping me calm! what a nice guy! after they preped me and i was ready to have this baby they let Jeff come in. Jeff came in and sat by me talking and keeping me calm, I had a lot of pressure and tugging and pulling. All of a sudden my daughter was here! I didnt really get to see her b/c they took her over to the table to clean her and Jeffs head was in my way. Jeff and Jayla went to the nursery (they sent jeff b/c he started looking a lil pale and they didnt want him to pass out) so off they went! they were finished with me and I went to recovery after 5 minutes of being there they brought my daughter to me! finally i got to see and hold her, i started crying i couldnt believe how beautiful she was! I got to breast feed right then. I was in recovery for 2 hours when they moved me into my room! They told me that my daughter weighed in at 7 pounds 8 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long! shew i couldnt believe it! they most amazing day in my LIFE!!

    Well thats my story sorry its long!
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    Smile ~~NEW - Sweet Pea Spaces!~~

    Since the old Sweet Pea Spaces thread has a lot of members on it that no longer want to have a space - and those of us that DO want to have a space would still like spaces....

    This is the NEW Sweet Pea Spaces thread. We will be sticky-ing this and removing the other from being a sticky (but I will try to keep it bumped for at least a week so you can copy/paste any info that you still want to keep!

    The RULES are:

    *PLEASE try to keep pics smaller than 600x600 pixels so that we can all enjoy them easier w/o long load times or needing to scroll..... And if you DO choose to put in a video or slideshow - please try to use one that hosts it on another site so that it does not take so long for the page to load. When they start immediately it makes it take MUCH longer to load the page.

    *Post any pics/stories/video clips that you wish to share about your pregnancy, Lo, family etc.... BUT please be sure not to show any items that will put your family at risk (like phone numbers, license plates, addresses, etc.)

    *Try to keep the photos up to date - and if you remove a photo from your photo-hosting account, please also remove the photo from this thread!

    HAVE FUN!!!

    And for your photo viewing pleasure - I have moved our Photo Contest Results here as well:

    And here is the link to our Sweet Pea Recipe Collection:
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    We were married....

    Then 5 months later we found out we were having our baby!!!

    This was me........

    This is my sweet Brayden Skye just minutes after being born. 8lbs 5 oz and 201/2 inches!!

    2 weeks old...





    4 months....

    5 months...

    6 months...




    10/11 months....

    1 YEAR........

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    First comes love...

    Then comes marriage...

    Then comes Stephie with a baby carriage...4 weeks after we were married we found out we were pregnant. Pregnant with a honeymoon baby!!!! But October 9th of 2006 our little one grew wings. He or she was the 4th loss for me, but the 1st lost for Brandon and I. The baby was due July 17th 2007.

    According to the doc, December 5th we conceived...however, neither of us knew, and I kept praying for another chance to be a mom. Then on December 23rd 2006 I received a BFP.
    January 1st 2007 I started posting on PO. At 7wks gestation I had some cramps and went to ER, I was told my LO did not have a heartbeat. DH and I did not believe it. I still had M/S so at 12wks gestation I had my first OB DA and we heard the most beautiful sound in the world, our little bean's heartbeat. I had M/S for almost 4 months. At 19wks gestation we had our first U/S and it was a girl!!

    PIX OF MY BELLY AS IT GREW! 19-28wks gestation

    She tried to come early at 28weeks Gestation but then the contractions stopped. She tried to come early again at 34weeks Gestation and again the contractions stopped. At 36weeks Gestation we learned my placenta was no longer working as good as it should. An induction was scheduled at 37weeks Gestation for 8/7/07 but her heart rate dropped and she was in distress so instead she arrived via c-section

    PIX OF MY BELLY AS IT GREW! 29-37wks gestation

    She arrived on 8/7/07 at 9:57pm 5lbs 7.7oz and 17.75 inches long. I call her my miracle baby. Fifth try, hard pregnancy but she made it here safely.

    Slide show of her first 3 days of life

    A slide show of some of Averi's firsts!!!!

    Averi's 1st Swim

    Averi with some of our family.

    Averi at 1 month old!!!.

    Averi is growing up so fast. She's 6 weeks old

    Averi is 2 months old

    Averi is now THREE MONTHS old. I can't believe it. 3 MONTHS old. She's holding up her head, sitting and standing with assistance, and trying to learn how to crawl... she's almost 10lbs, and changing more and more every day.

    Averi at 4 months old

    Averi is 5 months old

    Averi at 6 Months old!!!!!!!!!!! These are pictures of her before she went to the hospital

    I took pictures of Averi while we were at the hospital because it looked like we were going to lose her. I thought I'd never again get to take another picture of her. I was so scared. The most I have ever been in my entire life. Put your curser over each picture to read the whole story

    These are some beautiful pictures of Averi after the hospital visit

    Averi at 7 months old

    Averi at 8 months old

    9 Months

    10 Months

    Fire works pictures. Averi's first 4th of July

    11 Months

    All of Averi's 1st birthday stuff

    Pix at Averi's 1st Birthday party

    Her 1 year old professional photo shoot photos!!!

    12 Months

    Found out on August 8th 2008 that God intends for us to have a little brother or sister for Averi.

    Unfortunately our shock pregnancy has come to an end. M/C of our hopeful 2nd child on Saturday Aug 16th 2008. This is the 5th child lost for me and the second child lost for Brandon and I.

    Averi at 13 months old!!

    We just found out we are pregnant again!!! This time we are ready. Both of us had the baby fever after our recent loss. And we are so pleased to be expecting once again.

    SECOND ULTRASOUND 10/22/2008

    BELLY PIX!!!!

    12 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS.............................................. ...............13 WEEKS

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