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    Default August '09 Spaces

    Just thought I would start an August Spaces post since we are getting our BFP's in now Take your place ladies!

    Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

    * Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!
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    December 24, 2008 @ 9 weeks.
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    11/21/08 @ 11:30am recieved the call confirming my pregnancy!

    11/21/08 - 14.5
    11/24/08 - 70 Doubling time: 31.6 hours!!!!
    12/01/08 -



    Meet the parents

    The Happiest Day of my Life! (Until this bean comes )

    Furbabies (coming soon!)

    Belly Pics!

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    Angel, at 5 weeks.
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    Angel Baby at 7 weeks
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    The OPK's that got me here

    Got my BFP today November 23, 2008 at 13DPO.

    Belly Pics!

    December 10, 2008 - Got weighed in, checked (yep I am pregnant!), recieved paper work, wastold to get blood work done.
    December 30, 2008 - Got weighed in, checked because of some yellowish discharge (everything is fine, he said everything is growing right on track. Next appointment I will get an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat!
    January 20, 2009- We have a heartbeat (172)!!!! we also had out first ultrasound and everything is measuring perfectly!!! What a major relief.
    February 17th - Everything looks great, go back in 4 weeks and IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!
    March 17th - Everything looks great, gained 10 punds!!! Go back in 4 weeks
    April 15 - Everything looks great, gained 4 pounds (much better), I have to get my glucose test before my next appointment.
    May 12 - I passed my diabetes tests - everything looks great! I am at the same weight at 30 weeks as I was my son. Go back in 4 weeks for my ultrasound.
    May 15th - Had some bleeding and cramping did an ultrasound everything looks fine. My cervix is soft but could have been that way the entire time. Come back next week to check for any change.
    May 20 - No change so that's a relief - go back in a week.
    May 27 - Everything is still the same but the dr. still wants to see me everyweek. He assums I will go early again.
    June 3 - No change everything looks great
    June 9- ultrasound shows a healthy big baby boy. They estimate him to weigh 4.6
    June 16- 1/2 cm. dilated got the strep test - now I am nervous I will go too early!
    June 22 - 1 cm. hangin in there.
    June 29 - 2 cm. dialated and 70% - dr. says to hold out for another week or two and we will be fine. SCARY!!!
    July 6 - Still 2 cm and 70% - I mentioned to the dr. that some days I don't feel LO move as much so I had a NST and he didn't move at all. He said that he is not too concerned because his heartrate was consistant the entire time and that he is probably just running out of room.
    July 9 - Another NST baby moved a little bit more this time and had the hiccups too! Heartrate was still good.
    July 15 - no change NST was ok
    July 20- 2 cm. and 80% effaced NST showed very low movement
    July 22- No change NST was great this time. Dr. can't believe I haven't had him yet. Get induced on the 27th unless he comes on his own before that.
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    Reserving my space!!


    EDD somewhere between 7-29-09 to 8-2-09.

    Ticker for now is based on 8-2-09

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    Reserving my spot

    Here's my BFP on November 24, 2008. At about 10:00 AM

    Here's my first EVER positive digital...OMGosh how lovely that one word is!!
    Taken on November 24,2008 as well but at about 4:30 PM.

    About a month to a month and a half ago...kind of bloated during pic, but oh well,lol!

    Taken today by DH on November 25, 2008....bloated much!!! Sorry if it comes out huge.

    EDD is August 4, 2008
    First appointment and second blood work is on 12/04/08..didn't have appointment due to doc delivering.
    Doc appointment on December 15th. Things look great with levels and such.
    Next appointment is on January 5, 2009.

    First Beta HCG blood work on 11/25/08...HCG level is 41.
    Beta HCG level on 12/05/08 was 9,093!! ER visit.
    Beta HCG level on 12/10/08 was 15,000!! Progesterone level on 12/10/08 was 22.2!!

    Angel baby on 12/30/08 at 9 weeks along
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    BFP 7:20am 25/11/08

    Digital 7:20am 26/11/08

    1st midwife appt. 09/01/09 at 2pm
    1st U/S 11:30 am 21/01/09

    1st scan 12wk5day (my est. 11wk 6 day) 21/01/09

    London Eye

    Belly 23/01/09

    Nuchal scan - Harley street - 23/01/09

    2nd midwife appt. 20/02/09 1:45pm
    All is well!!! HB 144 bpm

    Ultrasound scan 24/02/09 (Unexpected bonus)

    20 week belly

    09/04/09 - 24ish weeks

    24/04/09 26 weeks

    01/05/09 27 week baby

    30 week belly 24/05/09

    33 week belly 14/06/09

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