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    akpufa's space

    I met my DH in 2003 & we got married in 2006. We decided to wait to TTC until my last semester of college, then a cruise bumped the date out even further (they are strict on how far along you can be), but finally in June 2008, we decided to give it a go. Finally on our 6th cycle (and ironically right after the crusie we'd bumped TTC'ing for), we got our beautfiul BFP! It is so surreal, and I honestly won't believe it until I see our baby. Stick bean stick!

    My Pregnancy Journal: *Finally Expecting Baby #1*

    THE BFP'S!

    I love blinkies...feel free to use any of these if you'd like



    9 weeks...

    18 weeks...

    12/4 - BFP!, weight = 116 lbs
    12/18 - 6 weeks! Still no major symptoms except bloat!, weight = 117 lbs
    1/1 - 8 weeks! Nausea hit hard last week with exhaustion and headaches, weight = 116 lbs
    1/17 - 10 weeks! Still nauseous & very tired, BBs feel heavy, getting "thicker" in waist, strange cramps (not like AF cramps at all), weight = 117.5 lbs
    1/29 - 12 weeks! Nausea comes and goes now (hopefully that means it's leaving soon!), a lot of twingy cramps, weight = 117.5 lbs
    2/12 - 14 weeks! Almost completely m/s free!, can feel the top of my uterus, occasional minor cramping (body adjusting?), weight =119.5 lbs
    2/28 - 16 weeks! Finally over the nausea, started feeling baby move (flutters!!), energy is back, weight = 122 lbs
    3/12 - 18 weeks! Little girly is a wiggle bug & has given me some good kicks, feeling great, weight = 123.5 lbs
    3/26 - 20 weeks! Baby is getting really active, feel great other than really hungry all the time, weight = 126 lbs
    4/8 - 22 weeks! Still a very active baby, digestive system hates me but feel great otherwise, weight = 130.5 lbs
    4/22 - 24 weeks! Baby starting to have a schedule of when active, lots of heartburn, still feel pretty fantastic, weight = 133 lbs
    5/6 - 26 weeks! She is still hanging out pretty low. I'm getting tired again early at night, but feel good other than that, weight = 134.5 lbs
    5/20 - 28 weeks! Starting to fill out at the top of my belly now, having a hard time getting comfy in bed, weight = 137 lbs
    6/3 - 30 weeks! Rib/back pain from pressure of uterus, occasional BH's, all else is great, weight = 139.5 lbs
    6/17 - 32 weeks! Got the flu , so feeling awful! Have had a ton of BH's & some menstrual-like cramping (doc said it was ok), weight = 141.5 lbs
    7/1 - 34 weeks! Feel great but huge , approx. weight = 144 lbs
    7/15 - 36 weeks! Starting to slow down, but not totally miserable or anything, weight = 147 lbs
    7/29 - 38 weeks! Sleeping has gotten pretty bad between my current size & heartburn, swelling a lot in my legs/feet, weight = 150 lbs
    8/12 - 40 weeks! OK baby, time to come out!! weight = 151 lbs

    01/12 - First Appt with OB, 9 1/2 weeks... We were able to see & hear HB (188 BPM), changed EDD to August 12th, all looks good
    02/10 - OB appt, 13 1/2 weeks... HB in 160's, all bloodwork came back fine from last appt including I'm RH +, good appointment
    03/12 - BIG u/s appt! 18 weeks... IT'S A GIRL!! She's measured right on track & her HB is in the 130's. Still totally shocked, but thrilled!
    04/07 - OB appt, 22 weeks... Uterus measuring a week ahead, HB was hard to find because she was moving so much - 150's
    05/05 - OB appt, 26 weeks... 1-hr glucose test (passed! ), uterus measuring on schedule, HB sounded good & she kicked the doppler a lot
    06/02 - OB appt, 30 weeks... last monthly appt , uterus now measuring about a week behind, HB in 140s, head down
    06/23 - OB appt, 33 weeks...measuring a week behind, HB sounded great, head is engaged so hopefully she stays put!
    07/08 - Appt w/OB's nurse, 35 weeks... measuring 2 weeks behind, HB is strong, starting weekly appts!
    07/14 - OB appt, 36 weeks... measuring right on now (baby must have grown!), HB good, still head down, not dilated at all
    07/21 - OB appt, 37 weeks... Doc was out delivering so saw nurse, heartbeat was really good (140's) & she was very wiggly
    07/29 - OB appt, 38 weeks... HB in 140s still, she's rolled over to the other side but still head down, still not dilated
    08/05 - OB appt, 39 weeks... HB in mid 130s, I'm a fingertip dilated, BP 140/82, OB says I'm in for a long labor...
    08/12 - OB appt, 40 weeks... HB right around 130 bpm, still fingertip dilated & no progress, BP 150/96, go back tomorrow for BP check
    08/13 - Appt to check BP BP up to 170/106 so being induced tonight

    My baby girl was born August 14th @ 12:06 pm after a successful induction!
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    Stacey's Space! (paciencia)

    The story:
    After 3 early losses, DH and I were talking about adoption. Then I got this "feeling" that I needed to try IVF before we went forward with any adoption. IVF worked and we are THRILLED! We transferred two embryos, and found out that they are BOTH doing great! Yep, it's TWINS!!! TWO GIRLS!!

    The top two BFP's are too faint to see clearly on the Internet, but there is no mistaking #3 at 12 dpo!

    Bring on the Belly Pics!:

    Important Dates:
    11/30-First Positive HPT
    12/4-First Positive Beta (14 dpo=300!)
    12/23-First u/s (saw two beating hearts measuring perfectly!)
    1/29-First OB appt. with doctor
    2/24/09-U/S Appt. with a Specialist (genders=TWO GIRLS!! )
    8/13/09-EDD (but Twins will probably come in July)

    16 week U/S

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    ~Stacey (31) ~DH (29 ) 5/22/04

    Proud Mommy of Cosette Alegr?*a and Kiana Denise
    Born at 34 weeks 6 days.

    July 8, 2009 (07-08-09)
    4 lbs. 6 oz. and 3 lbs. 11 oz.

    My August Space #22
    Our two sweet girls are here!

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    Here comes baby... 35w 6d

    my little miracle then..

    and now...

    Surprise, surprise!!!

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    Jessica ~ mommy to Hayden 10/17/07 and Camden 8/03/09

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    Saving my space

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    My Space

    Important Dates
    BFP on 12/1 12/2 and 12/3 yes I really wanted to be sure!!
    12/8 Confirmation Appt!
    12/23 Firt ultrasound!!!
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    ds 2008

    dd 2009

    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

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    Heidi's Space
    Bfp: 11/05/08 at 15 days dpo
    Doctor confirmed: 12/22/08

    Starting Pregnancy Weight: 174.8 Current Weight: 182.4

    Next Appt: 3/16/09 @ 10 am Big U/S!!!
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    DD Katy 03-30-99, DS Mychal 02-01-02,
    DS Aydan 09-01-07, DS TJ 07-28-09
    And the newest DD Kylie 08-19-10

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    Meghan's Space

    My Dh and I
    DS Jack
    DD Ella
    DD Bailey
    Our BFP 9 dpo Edd August 23rd
    First Belly shot
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    Hi, I am Jennie. My DH is Todd. He is wonderful and we have a very happy marriage. I have no children of my own, he has two daughters from a previous marriage that live with us (he has primary custody). They are 13 and 7. I have problems with my cycles, as I don't ovulate on my own. I went on depo when I was 17 until I was 24 (I was getting ready to marry my 1st husband - which didn't last very long). When I stopped getting my shot, it took 18 months to get AF back and when it came back it came every 14 days. It stayed like that for 6 more months until I finally went to the dr. The dr put me on bc pills to regulate my cycle and they did. 28 days like clock work. She suggested I try to go off of bc pills to see if my cycle would stay regular. Nope, 14 days or 40+ days, i was all over the place and not ovulating. The dr recommended clomid and stated I may have difficulty ever getting preg, but I did not want to ttc actively again until I was married (DH and I were engaged at the time), we made a choice to not take medicine (clomid) but not to try to prevent a preg until our wedding day. We ended up accidently getting preg in May of 2007. It was a wonderful surprise. However, at our 8 week appointment, no hb. I had a d&c at 9 weeks on June 26th. We were devastated. The dr made have on AF on my own, then go on bc for 3 months before ttc again. We were married in Oct 2008 and we started clomid. First cycle I did 50 mg on cd 5-9 = BFN (no positive HPT), second cycle I increased the dosage to 100mg on cd 3-7 and we got our BFP!

    5/15/08 = 1st BFP
    5/27/08 = 1st dr appointment
    6/17/08 = 2nd dr appointment, no hb
    6/23/08 = D&C

    10/8/08 = 1st cycle of clomid,50mg on cd 5-9
    10/21/08 = DH & I were married in cancun
    11/9/08 = 2nd cycle of clomid, 100mg on cd 3-7
    11/24/08 & 11/25/08 = Pos HPT and temp spike - I finally o'd!
    11/29/08 = 2nd temp spike
    Dec 8th, 2008 = BFP!!!

    Jan 14th, 2009 = 1st Appointment. U/S and HB
    Feb 28th, 2009 = U/S at private place. HB 150. Measured 16 weeks. It's a GIRL!
    March 13th, 2009 = 3rd Appoinment. Everything OK. HB 152.

    EDD = 8/16/09

    No m/s
    No sore bb's - I DO now, and they are huge (3/15/09)
    Had mood swings early, but stable now
    Sleepless nights (I wake up from 1st potty break and can't get back to sleep) - Better now, I can sleep easily (3/15/09).
    Frequent urination
    Pimples (Not too bad, but a few every now and then)
    My bump came early and is bigger than last time! I am terribly uncomfortable in my clothes. (Bump is definitely noticeable 3/15/09)
    Just starting to feel fatigued (could be lack of sleep)
    We are not telling anyone until after a good 1st appointment & I am trying to put off buying maternaty clothes until after I know everything is OK. (1st appointment went well and now I am in maternity clothes and thinking of going up another size)
    I am scared to death of what work is going to say. I am expected to get a promotion on Jan 15th. (I got my promotion. I told work at the end of Feb. and everything is OK.)

    Wedding Pic #2

    Wedding Pic #1


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    Jennie (30) DH Todd (41)
    DSD1 (15) & DSD2 (10)

    DD Izzie Ann born 38w 4d 8/6/09 8lb 1oz
    DS Easton James born 36w 3d 7/11/11 7lb 7oz 19.5"
    DS Ashton Todd born 36w 3d 7/11/11 7lb 0oz 19.5"


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    Glitter Words
    [ - *Glitter Words*]

    TTC since a couple months after Dominic was born 9/7/06. M/c June 08 at 9 1/2 weeks due to a blighted ovum. This is a very much wanted baby! Hoping for a girl!!!!
    first appt: 12/17/08
    1st u/s: Dec/08 due to bleeding hb 122
    2nd u/s: 1/14/09 looks good! hb 188
    2nd appt: 1/15/09 everything looks good

    first BFP's:

    first u/s pic 12/30/08: hb 122

    2nd u/s 1/09: hb 189!

    I'm a nursing student (graduating in May with my RN), and starting in January, I'll be taking my OB/Peds class so I'll be learning lots about pregnancy while being pregnant!
    I have one son Dominic, born 9/7/06, and he is wonderful In August of 08 he was diagnosed with Autism. He sees a therapist twice a week and we work with him very intensely with his language and social skills. He doesn't talk or interact with other people/kids. He can sign for "more" and helps me sign "cat" and "dog". We are looking into getting him an autism dog (like dogs for the blind, comes with medical papers and everything), but it's a long process, and he isn't eligible to receive one until he is 5.
    My DH is Rob, and he works full time as a security supervisor for the Bayer Corporation in Pittsburgh, PA. He is also in school full time, going for a history major. He does most of the work with Dominic as I am way too busy with nursing school.
    DH Rob:

    DS Dominic Fall 08:

    Dominic as a ninja for Halloween 08:

    Dominic all happy after crawling around in the oven. Yep, crawling in THE OVEN. That's oven crud on his face. Good lord:

    Me Winter 08:
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