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    Default August 2003 ~Birthdays & Birthstories~

    Hot August Mama's Birthdays

    10 ~ Lori/ClaudiaBean1 ~ Stephanie/PurdueLiz9 ~ Tammy/Tammy2002
    21 ~ Misty/mybugtay7 ~ Kimberly/KimPossible
    29 ~ Rhiannon/Rhi13 ~ Sabine/Sabine
    17 ~ Kelly/kem
    20 ~ Maria/citysides

    23 ~ Michelle/chase0076 ~ Esti/esti14231 ~ Shana/Sivan
    30 ~ Janice/Janice=)21 ~ Heather/Ham2 ~ Jess/JessNBoyz
    29 ~ Anna/tigger529 27 ~ Martha/Muphin

    7 ~ MaryBeth/marybeth77689 ~ Abi/RazorbackMommy7 ~ Betsy/betsymazzara
    9 ~ Jennifer/baozi10 ~ Patti/Patti Anne11 ~ Melanie/mommy2nathan
    15 ~ mama2J&J/Natasha19 ~ Tera/Storrmey13 ~ Brooke/Brookie
    17 ~ Kim/KIMSTRM22 ~ Magi/smagi18 ~ Stosha/stosha
    30 ~ Susan/Peasoup29 ~ Audra/boilermaker
    31 ~ Dorothy/DottyB31 ~ Anna/annaz

    3 ~ Stacey/Melvin7613 ~ Kristi/KristiLue4 ~ Iliana/IliLexy
    3 ~ Cat/Cat23f23 ~ Kelly/kelkev7 ~ Denise/TxCuties
    5 ~ Melissa/dreamer287 ~ Carolyn/Mommydearest
    8 ~ Angela/AustinsMommy
    11~ 2moms4baby/Michelle
    21~ ~BrightEyes~/Nicole
    23 ~ Angie/JourdanandMattsMom
    24 ~ Shannon/Izzy B

    If you are not included on this list and would like to be, please post here with your name and birthday so I can add you!

    Kool Kids' Birthdays

    6/26/03 6:00 & 6:02 p.m.

    Steven 5 lbs. 8 oz and Meredith 3 lbs. 15 oz.

    7/17/03 5:26 p.m.

    Benjamin Joseph 5 lbs. 14 oz. 18 in.

    7/20/03 5:37 p.m.

    Gavin Seth 5 lbs. 14 oz.

    7/22/03 10:14 a.m.

    Meagan Elizabeth 6 lbs. 3 oz.

    7/22/03 1:11 p.m.

    Lee Nik Salek 6 lbs. 9 oz. 19 ¼ in.

    7/24/03 3:57 a.m.

    Anthony Michael 5 lbs. 9 oz. 18 ½ in.

    7/24/03 10:12 a.m.

    Aodhan Felix 6 lbs. 12 oz. 20 in.

    7/24/03 4:56 p.m.

    Seth Rodney 5 lbs. 6 oz. 17 in.

    7/26/03 4:04 p.m.

    Kohana 6 lbs. 9 oz. 19 in.

    7/27/03 1:59 p.m.

    Zoe Olivia 7 lbs. 3 oz. 20 ½ in.

    7/30/03 6:15 p.m.

    Alison Emma 3.59 kg.

    7/31/03 6:27 p.m.

    Fritz Johannes 8 lbs. 20 ½ in.

    7/31/03 10:50 p.m.

    Makenzie Marie Davis 7 lbs. 1oz. 19 ¼ in.


    Juliana 6 lbs. 7 oz. 19 1/4in.

    8/2/03 2:27 a.m.

    Alexandra Emily 6 lbs. 9 oz. 48 cms.

    8/2/03 11:59 p.m.

    Julia Katelyn 7 lbs. 15 oz. 19 in.

    8/3/03 10:49 p.m.
    Patti Anne/Patti

    Rilee Anne 6 lbs. 10 oz. 19 in.

    8/4/03 12:48 p.m.

    Nathan Andrew 8 lbs. 5 oz. 21 ¼ in.

    8/4/03 12:54 a.m.

    Walter William 8lbs. 1 oz.

    8/5/03 8:38 a.m.

    Kyle Patrick 9 lbs. 2 oz.

    8/5/03 9:18 p.m.

    Cloe Michaela 6 lbs. 11 oz.

    8/5/03 10:18 p.m.
    Samantha Sheppard/Samantha

    Skylar Faith 8 lbs. 10 oz.

    8/7/03 3:19 p.m.

    Taya Elise 7 lbs. 6 oz.

    8/7/03 3:33 p.m.

    Ryan Jacob 10lbs.

    8/7/03 5:46 p.m.

    Brooklyn Paige 8lbs. 8oz. 19 1/4 in.


    Hailey Renee 6 lbs. 4 oz.

    8/8/03 12:29 p.m.

    Olivia Grace 6 lbs. 9 oz.

    8/8/03 1:07 a.m.

    Julia 8 lbs.

    8/9/03 6:26 a.m.

    Delia Joan 8 lbs. 2 oz.

    8/11/03 11:53 p.m.

    Caden Riley 8 lbs 21 in


    Isabella 7 lbs. 6 oz.

    8/11/03 4:17pm

    Debra Anneliesa 7 lbs. 1 oz. 19.5 in

    8/12/03 9:13 a.m.

    Joshua Brian 10 lbs. 1 oz.

    8/12/03 2:03 p.m.

    Kelsey Marie 7 lbs. 5.6 oz.

    8/13/03 11:22 a.m.

    Jessica Ashley 6 lbs. 12 oz.


    Amelia Gehret 5 lbs. 11 oz.

    8/13/03 12:48 p.m.

    Logan Clifford 10 lbs. 4.5 oz


    Isabella Skye 6.14lbs.

    8/15/03 11:43 a.m.

    Ethan Cain 7 lbs. 12.2 oz.

    8/15/03 11:36pm

    Amanda Christine 7 lbs. 9 oz.

    8/16/03 1:23 a.m.

    Isabella Ann 5lb. 9oz. 18 ½ in.

    8/17/03 6:30 a.m.

    Isabella Katherine Grace 7lb. 7oz. 19 in.

    8/17/03 9:40 a.m.

    Tommy 7lb. 13oz.

    8/18/03 8:03am

    Zoe Alexandra 7lbs. 0oz. 21in.



    8/19/03 4:31 p.m.

    Brianna Lynn 8lbs. 5oz. 20 in.

    8/19/03 6:59 p.m.

    Avery Danielle 8lbs. 4oz. 20 1/2 in.


    Ryan Jeffrey 7 lbs. 3 oz. 21 in.

    8/22/03 2:48pm

    Bart 7 lbs. 14 oz.


    Melanie Anne 9lbs. 9oz. 20 1/2 in.

    8/26/03 8:57 p.m.

    Emily McKenna 6lbs. 2.5oz. 19 in.

    8/27/03 1:43 p.m.

    Dakota 8lbs. 1oz. 20 in.

    8/27/03 8:57 p.m.

    Madeline Selah 6lbs. 2.5oz.


    Madison Pie

    8/28/03 10:45 p.m.

    Gavriel Simcha 8lbs. 10oz.

    Evan 8 lbs. 5 oz.


    Adam 7lbs. 13oz.

    Gender predictions prior to birth
    Girls 34
    ~~anna2~~ ~~OutdoorGirl~~
    ~~Chase007~~ ~~IliLexy~~
    ~~Betsymazzara~~ ~~kem~~
    ~~Janice =)~~ ~~AustinsMommy~~
    ~~Citysides~~ ~~Shawnta~~
    ~~SharnHeaps~~ ~~pmartzloff~~
    ~~Kenziesmom720~~ ~~RazorbackMommy~~
    ~~smagi(twins) ~~ ~~stosha~~
    ~~2moms4baby~~ ~~IzzyB~~
    ~~Lyssa_anne (twins) ~~ ~~Txcuties~~
    ~~Claudiabean~~ ~~ham~~
    ~~melvin76~~ ~~mybugtay~~
    ~~Carrielle~~ ~~jackthebean~~
    ~~mikos_mommy~~ ~~esti1423~~
    ~~Mom2CalinNBella~~ ~~zoobeewabee~~
    ~~Elaine728~~ ~~feather24~~
    ~~~BrightEyes~~~ ~~mrspunkin~~

    Boys 19
    ~~baozi~~ ~~marybeth7768~~
    ~~tammy2002~~ ~~stormey~~
    ~~Mommy2Bearcub~~ ~~smagi (twins) ~~
    ~~MeganNataliesMom~~ ~~KristieLue~~
    ~~PurdueLiz~~ ~~mommy2nathan~~
    ~~dreamer28~~ ~~lyssa_anne (twins) ~~
    ~~jacksmommy~~ ~~mom_in_denver~~
    ~~wellensa~~ ~~Eclypsia~~
    ~~KIMSTRM~~ ~~Natkennedy ~~

    Don't Know or 12
    ~~boilermaker~~ ~~cesara~~
    ~~Dottyb~~ ~~Samantha Sheppard~~
    ~~Tigger529~~ ~~muphin~~
    ~~KimPossible~~ ~~Brookie~~
    ~~Boyjoy~~~ ~~kelkev~~
    ~~Sabine~~ ~~3kids+1~~

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    Quote Originally Posted by smagi
    Posted: 01 Jul 2003 02:47 Post subject: I'm here!....and so are they!!!!!!! (Really long)

    Sorry I couldn't write sooner--been a little crazy the past couple of days!

    Thursday I had a dr appt at 10:45 but at 9:30 I started having contractions every 3 minutes. I went early to my dr appt and she sent me straight to the hospital. She said "I don't think you are having them today. I bet you will get to the hospital and the contractions will stop just like they did Tuesday." I got to the hospital at about 11:30 and they hooked me up to all the monitors. My blood pressure was pretty high (160s/90s) and the contractions sure enough were coming every three minutes (and pretty strong!). They nurse called my dr about noon to tell her what I was doing and the dr decided to go ahead and deliver rather than try to stop the labor (she told me previously that she wasn't going to stop labor if I started it). So I started a mad rush to call all my parents and Adam. At first it was supposed to be at 3:30 but the neonatologist couldn't get to the hospital until 5:30. So my whole family and Adam and Sarah were all at the hospital and we were waiting around for the doctors!

    I got the epidural and other than the fact that the guy had a hard time finding the right spot, I thought it was a wonderful experience! He kept hitting my bone and was about to give up when he finally got it right. They lay me down on the table really fast (20 minutes to take effect is a bunch of hooey) and the doctors started mushing around on my belly. Adam came in and sat down and as I asked him if he was ok, I heard Steven crying. Adam told me later that they had already cut me open when he came in and he was barely in time for the delivery! Steven was born at 6pm weighing a hefty 5 1/2 lbs. and Meredith at 6:02 at only 3lbs, 15oz. They both were crying and wiggling and beautiful. The neonatologist team took them both immediately to the NICU.

    Recovery wasn't so bad. Standing up the first time was scary and I have no sense of modesty anymore after standing naked having a team of three nurses giving me a sponge bath the next morning.

    So I was discharged today and the kids stayed at the hospital. Steven had some initial trouble breathing so he was on a C-PAP (air blowing machine) for the first two days but he is off now and only getting a little extra oxygen. Meredith didn't have any breathing difficulties at all! They are both starting to take bottles (of my breastmilk mixed with high calorie formula) but they still take most of they feedings through a tube that puts the food directly into their tummies. As they get bigger and stronger, they will take more from the bottle and eventually from the breast.

    I will take more pictures since these are from the delivery so they aren't super clean or clear. I still can't believe that they aren't in my belly anymore. They are both so wonderful and beautiful--now I'm gonna start crying again! The post natal hormones blow the prenatal ones out of the water! I have never had such flashes of sad and mad and happy in such a short amount of time! So here's the pictures and I'll post more as I get them!



    Woo Hoo! Babies are here!

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    Well, everyone saw my post that I wrote right after my water broke at 4:20 a.m. I called the dr. right after that and they had me come in to be checked. As Patti wrote I was 1cm dilated and 100% effaced with baby Benjamin at 0 station. The dr. told us (around 8:30) that we would probably have a baby by evening. This was exciting news although I wasn't sure I wouldn't go longer, like into the later night/early morning since this was my first baby.

    So they had me walk the halls since my contrax hadn't really changed in 4 hours. It was at this point that we found out my GBS test from last Friday came back positive. Around noon the dr. advised me that she was concerned, since my water had broken, and I was positive, that unless I went on my own before 24 hours was up (she wasn't convinced I would because the contrax were taking their time and so was dilation - I was only 2cm after nipple stimulation which only worked while I was doing it), I would be at increased risk for infection. She wanted to start me on Pitocin. Yikes!! Told her my fears about that and she said 1) it would be low dose to begin with, 2) I was a perfect candidate for it (not like I wasn't effaced or baby wasn't down at all) and 3) she would let me walk around some more and think about it. I did that and decided to agree with her about the infection part... since she said she would've been willing to let me go longer (up to 48 hours) without the positive test.

    Pitocin started around 2pm and they ramped it up gradually till about 4:30, when I was getting cranky and asked to hit the hot tub. Because of the Pit I was on an EFM so they couldn't turn on the jets just let me sit in warm water. After about half an hour I was REALLY uncomfortable. The contrax were probably 2 min apart but the worst part was the pressure in my pelvis... I just could not get comfortable!! And it ticked me off because I felt like if I could get comfortable to deal with the pressure, I could deal with the contrax. That was when I started asking for a c/s... I was so hell-bent on an unmedicated birth that I actually *wanted* a more complicated procedure, can you believe it!! Fortunately my nurse recognized that this was transition (oh yes the uncontrollable pushing urge I was feeling helped) and had me get out of the tub to be checked.

    And... after just 3 hours on Pit I was 10cm and ready to push!! Good thing because I just couldn't hold it in. The dr. was great, very encouraging when she told me to stop wasting my energy on screaming (not because it hurt, well it did but it was more because there was so much pressure and effort and pent-up energy) and use it on pushing. So after just five or six pushes (DH says 5) Benjamin Joseph popped out all at once!! DH thinks he was turned to the side so his shoulders didn't need to be turned... not to mention his small size helped. I still ended up with a 2nd degree midline tear which the dr. said was no worse than if she'd given me an episiotomy.

    They put him on my chest right away and he turned toward my voice right away, which was cool. All in all, L&D was different from what I expected... better in some ways (the contrax never got worse than severe period cramps for me), worse in others (that intense pressure on my pelvis).

    Oh about my birth plan... didn't really need it. I remembered most of the major stuff and then there was other stuff I said I wanted (like no unnecessary staff in the room) that I just didn't care about at the end. Also the nurses and doctor ROCKED at making even an unexpected turn of events turn out the way I would've wanted. I am definitely going back to this hospital if I ever work up the nerve to do this again!

    DH Bill ~ 10/9/1999
    DS Benjamin Joseph ~ 7/17/2003 "All of my sunshine..."
    DS Evan William ~ 11/20/2006 "...and all of my joy"

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    5:00am Thursday morning I woke up to some of that very strong menstrual type cramping and thought that this might be it. I layed awake for 20 minutes or so, not able to sleep. I woke Seamus up and told him what was going on and then got out of bed to see if i could find a list of things i should pack online(totally not prepared!). I started to get a little more uncomfortable about 6am I went back into bed. All of a sudden while I was laying there, the cramping got about 1000 times worse..literally all of a sudden..and I had a few super quick and ultra painful contractions. By this point Seamus was awake trying to make me feel better and I was completely freaking out thinking something had to be wrong...why would i be having such terrible pain and such fast contractions all of a sudden? Nothing like the last time.

    I told Seamus that whatever it is we need to do before we go, we should hurry. We took a quick shower and I could barely stand in the shower it hurt so much...i think Seamus could sense the panic in my face, i told him we had to go to the hospital NOW. I got out and tried to finish getting ready, called my parents and the doctor. Emma had woken up by this time and I'm pretty sure I must have scared her some because I just couldn't control the pain. Overall she handled it well though.

    We were about to drive off to the hospital and take Emma with us because my parents hadn't gotten there yet and I just couldn't wait, i was in agony. Just as we turn the car on, my parents get there, my mom takes Emma and my dad(who's a doctor) came with us to the hospital because they were afraid we might not get there in time.

    We got to the hospital at around 8:30am or so, they measured me and I was 7cm already! I told them if they thought it was going to happen soon that I didn't want anything. They reassured me it wouldn't be much longer. So I labored for a little while longer and thought to myself "why did I tell them that??". Although I think it would have been way too late at that point anyway. I reached 8cm and they broke my water...from that point until actual pushing time i had such a terrible urge to push i could barely control it. Since I had an epidural the last time..i didn't realize how much the contractions changed after they break your water! Intense is all i can say. Finally around 9:30am they told me I could push. Aodhan was born at 10:12am weighing 6lbs 12ozs and 20 inches long.

    I had a little bit of second degree tearing along my old scar but overall it wasn't bad...and much better than last time. My recovery has been a breeze compared to delivering Emma and overall i feel really good. I can't believe that my entire l&d only lasted about 5 hours and 15 minutes total from the very beginning to the very wasn't even 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital that i got to hold my little man!

    Introducing our little baby boy...

    Aodhan Felix

    6lbs 12ozs, 20 inches

    Aodhan is pronounced just like Aiden, its just the gaelic spelling of the name. Felix is my father's name.

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    Default Seth's Birth Story

    July 22nd
    My water broke at 2:35 p.m. Tuesday July 22nd so after a family member arrived to babysit we went to the hospital. We arrived around 7:00 p.m. and got checked in to our room and out of observation at around 8:00 p.m. I thought we were doing well, contractions were around 5 minutes apart. Around midnight the nurse came in to give me a hep-lock (sp?) and with my large fear of needles I got really stressed out which made my contractions stop completely. *sigh* I decided to try and sleep and see what happens next.

    July 23rd
    Well the next morning they decided to test my amniotic fluid to see how developed his lungs are (why they didn't do this in the first place I don't understand). The rusults came back low so they immediatly put me on bedrest and I got my first steriod shot to help speed his lung development at noon on the 23rd. I was a wreck, I had no clue what was going on and I'm not a person that handles not being in control of myself and my life very well. I layed there all day, worried, scared you name it and at midnight I got the second shot. There are only two of these given.

    July 24th
    The morning of the 24 my midwife and the doctor come to check on me and the midwife decided that since he had so little fluid left they were worried about cord compression so she called a specialist for advice. Lucky me they told her to start pictocin (yes at this point I actually wanted pitocin) so I can have the baby and that the way they tested my amniotic fluid is not always so accurate! So pitocin was started at 12:15 p.m. It started really kicking in and somewhere around 4:00 I was more than ready for that pain to end! I finally got in to the big tub full of water and it did help for a while until I started feeling the pain so bad I wanted to push. I got into the bed and finally begged to push, the midwife said OK. I pushed one time and he popped out! Leif cut the cord. I was so out of it from the pain that I didn't know until later that his cord had been wrapped around his neck twice! I feel blessed that we had him early now, I can't imagine what would have happened had he been bigger. I'm so thankful for the caring and concerned midwifes, doctors and staff that helped us.

    July 25th & 26th were spent in the hospital mostly because they wanted to make sure he was going to be OK. Finally we we're allowed to come home on the 26th.

    Seth was born at 4:56 p.m on Thursday July 24th. He weighed 5lbs. 6ozs. and was 17" long. He's a little yellow but he should be OK. He is breastfeeding and doing very well with that so far.

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    The Birth Story of…

    Lee Nik Salek

    Events & signs leading up to my water breaking…

    For a couple of weeks before going into labor, I was having shooting pains down the back of my hips. I attributed this to my hips moving due to Relaxin hormones and preparation for labor. These shooting pains started to change several days before my water broke. They became shooting pains down the inside of my thighs. I figured these were either also due to my hips moving in preparation for my little bundle or else due to pelvic pressure.

    About the same time as the shooting pains in my thighs started the increased need to urinate began. Especially whenever I stood up. I went from getting up once a night to use the bathroom to getting up every 2 hours and then every hour.

    I had tons of pelvic pressure. I did not look like I had “dropped” so I just assumed it was because the baby was bigger but as far as my pelvis was concerned… it felt like I had dropped.

    The most significant and obvious symptom that I had was my increased need to have bowel movements. About 4 days before my water broke I started to use the restroom about 3-4 times a day. I had heard that sometimes loose, frequent stools prior to labor is a way for your body to cleanse itself. But as far as I knew this only occurred right before labor. I still had four weeks left so I placed the blame once again on increased pressure on my bowels.

    Swelling had begun approximately 1 week before I went into labor. This was not fun, but it did not hurt. My sleep habits had also gone way down hill largely due to frequent urinating.

    Sunday, July 20th

    My family came over to celebrate Dillon’s birthday. They stayed into the evening for hamburgers and hot dogs and to continue swimming. Other than swelling, I was feeling great and I was excited because I was exactly one month from my due date (as if that really means anything). I slept horribly that night and felt exhausted all day Monday.

    Monday, July 21st

    I was extremely exhausted all day at work. I really did not want to be there and just wanted to go home and sleep. Needless to say I did not get much work done.

    I was feeling very crampy this entire day. I hadn’t really had much in the way of Braxton Hicks contractions or else I just couldn’t feel them. But this day I felt something. I thought maybe it was Braxton Hicks. It felt like menstrual cramps. My stomach would feel hard when I felt one but would only feel hard where the baby was laying and otherwise it felt normal. So I thought I was imagining things. It was happening enough that by the afternoon I started timing them. They were coming regularly 9 minutes apart, but I did not really trust this since I could hardly feel them and did not really know when they stopped and when they started. At one point I just really felt like telling work that I was going to go home.

    When I got home from work I took a 2 ½ hour nap until about 8pm. I then started cleaning out the cars and getting the car seats ready because we had an appointment at 6:30am for them to be installed the next morning.

    When Sassan got home we went to Wal-Mart looking for the latch piece for our car seat because the base we had bought would not work. So we got home around 11:30pm and I went to bed.

    Tuesday, July 22nd

    I was asleep about an hour when I had to go to the bathroom. After this I could not fall back asleep. Sassan had come to bed about 1am. At about 1:30am I got up to use the bathroom. It was getting so hard to roll out of bed because my stomach would get so hard I could not bend. I had incredible pelvic pressure. I remember thinking that a month was a long way to go if every night went like this and if I felt this much pressure all the time.

    I went to the bathroom and as I stood up from the toilet my water broke. Water gushed all in the toilet (how convenient!!). I looked down and not only was it water but it was bloody. I hadn’t ever heard of this. It scared me because I was four weeks early and there was blood in the water. And I knew once my water broke there was a baby coming. I called to my husband. I said, “Sassan, Would you come here please?” He replied, “Are you okay?” I said, “Would you just come here please?” He came into the bathroom. I pointed to the blood in the toilet while water was continuing to gush out of me.

    I told him I didn’t know what to do because it was too early for the baby and the blood threw me. I asked Sassan if we should call the hospital or call my mom. He put a call into labor and delivery while I called my mom from my cell phone. Labor and delivery advised that we come in to be checked. My mom was thoroughly surprised to be getting this call so soon and I told her we were heading to the hospital and would keep her posted.

    Sassan and I had every intention of laboring as long as possible at home. This is the first point where out birth plan proceeded out the window. We intended to go get checked at the hospital and if all was okay then come back home to labor at home. But fortunately we brought our hospital bags anyways because that also never happened.

    We got to labor & delivery and they set me up in a room. They said if my water did break then I am not going anywhere. Well there was no doubt that my water had broken. I got in my gown and then I had to answer a bunch of questions. The hospital did not have any of my prenatal care information because the doctor’s office usually sends it over after 36 weeks. I was 35 weeks 6 days. I had also intended to pre-register around August 1st because the information is only good for a month. So I had to answer a bunch of information while Sassan went downstairs to registration. He then brought up all of our bags. It took a little while for my contractions to pick up. At first there was no “real” pain. The nurse checked me at 3:20am. She said that I was 100% effaced, 2-3 centimeters dilated, and a –1 station. She said, “You’re doing good, girl!”

    Then the contractions really started to hurt. At around 5am they were lasting 90-120 seconds but only about 6 minutes apart. Things really started picking up. The pain was getting rather intense and I was getting serious. I don’t think Sassan realized yet exactly how much the contractions were starting to hurt.

    My OB doctor arrived around 6am. He said I was still 2-3 centimeters, but the baby was about 0 station and his head was very well applied to my cervix. He immediately started talking about giving me pitocin around 10-11am if things did not pick up. I think this was jumping the gun a bit because there were no signs that labor might stall. This is the second fallacy of our birth plan… Not having good support and encouragement for our interest and desires.

    Somewhere between 6am and 8am things got really painful. The pressure in my pelvis was incredibly intense. The contractions weren’t so bad but the pelvic pressure was very painful. I also starting get LOTS of lower back pain. It was just wearing me out. There was no way I could relax during contractions and lay down in bed. During every contraction I was jumping up and walked or mostly just went and sat on the toilet. Sitting on the toilet took away some of the pelvic pressure so this is where I spent most of my contractions. Not only that, but I was having to use the restroom VERY frequently. I was still having to cleanse my system I guess, but it was getting rather ridiculous. Here I am having to deal with contractions and also have the greatest need to have a bowel movement during every one.

    My legs were shaking uncontrollably at his point and I was getting nauseous. To top it all off I was thoroughly exhausted and just did not have the stamina to do this for several more hours.

    I had lost just about all my water. My tummy already looked about half the size it was. I had never thought that my water breaking would start my labor. It certainly makes the contractions more intense and there is no cushion for you and the baby so you can feel everything.

    All these signs were pointing towards my being in transition but it just seemed far too early. I was already wanting to give up which is a for sure sign as were the shakes and nauseousness. Whether or not I was approaching transition rapidly I do not know. I gave up at this point and asked for an epidural. I just wanted to sleep. They check me right before the epidural. I was 4 cm and received the epidural at around 8:30am. This felt good and I settled in to just relax and wait.

    At this point I started to put on some makeup. I was going to do this and then take a nap thinking I had several hours ahead of me. My mom kept telling me to take a nap. As soon as I finished my makeup the nurse checked me for dilation because she said the contractions were not getting closer together and we would probably have to start pitocin. I really did not want this to happen so I had been sitting up as much as possible in bed with the hopes that gravity would help the situation.

    As it turns out the timing on contractions really doesn’t mean a thing nor does your current dilation and you really should go by how you are feeling. I thought I was just a wimp and couldn’t even handle early labor and as it turns out I was probably headed into transition when I gave up. But hindsight is 20/20. The nurse checked me around 10:30am and I was fully dilated and ready to push. The baby was about a +1 to a +2 station. So just because they didn’t think my contractions were close enough together didn’t mean something wasn’t happening. I should have trusted myself and hung in there a little bit longer because two hours wouldn’t have been so bad, but I thought I had about 12 more to go. Thus, this is the next lesson that was learned. “Trust yourself and have faith in yourself.”

    I had the anesthesiologist come back into the room after I found out I was dilated so he could turn down the epidural. I wanted to be able to feel at least some thing while pushing. We start pushing around 11am. It took the first couple of pushes to get my breathing right because I wanted to breath through the pushes and I was supposed to hold my breath. But we got that figured out quickly.

    My mom and Sassan were holding my legs for me. My left leg was almost usable but my right leg was extremely heavy and numb because I had been laying on my right side. Pushing kept going on and we could see a little bit of the baby’s had, but little progress was being made. We were having to wait between 6-8 minutes between contractions. So most of the time was spent just waiting for the next contraction. Unfortunately this was causing problems because the baby was slipping back up after each push because there was so much time in between.

    My OB came in around 12:30pm and said that there was way too much time between contractions and we needed to start pitocin. That was started and he said if there was no progress by 1pm he was using the vacuum suction. This really upset me because I did not want the vacuum. So the pitocin got going and there was no change in contractions. So the vacuum was brought in around 1pm. I asked the doctor not to cut me unless absolutely necessary, but I knew with a vacuum it was likely. I was really upset with the way everything was going at this point and I know Sassan knew that.

    We started pushing with the vacuum. The doctor said he was using minimal suction and just guiding the head out. I saw him grab the scissors to cut me and I started to cry. We were continuing to push and the baby’s head was coming out. Sassan started crying while he was counting for me. He said it was because he new I didn’t want the episiotomy, but I truly believe it was because he saw the baby coming out and was overwhelmed with his emotion.

    The baby came out and Sassan announced, “It’s a boy!” We both started crying and hugging! They put the baby on my tummy. He was all wet and slimy and I was just thinking how he was so small because I was holding him under his little but and he felt so tiny. When I talked to him he looked at me. I think he recognized my voice.

    So little Lee Nik Salek arrived 4 weeks early on July 22nd (his cousin Dillon’s birthday too) at 1:11pm. He was ready to great the world.

    NICU was in the room for the delivery because he was pre-term. But since he cried right away they left him on my belly until the cord was through pulsating then they took him to the little bassinet to get him cleaned up and checked out. They had to suction his lungs because he swallowed some fluid on the way out but other than they he was perfect.

    He got apgar scores of 8 & 9 and pinked up very nicely. His reflexes and muscle tone were good. They assessed him at having the abilities of a 37 week old. Even though he was 4 weeks early he still weighed in at 6 lbs 9 oz. Assuming babies grow ½-1 lb during the last weeks of gestation he would have been around 9 lbs had he been full term.

    While all this was going on I got stitched up and I delivered the placenta. The placenta was sent to the lab to be checked since the baby came early. I never heard the results of this but I assume everything was fine. I got the baby in my arms a short time later. We tried to breastfeed; however, there was little interest on Lee’s part, but we were not concerned.

    My sisters were anxiously waiting in the waiting room to hear that we had the baby. After my 21-week ultrasound my nephew, Dillon, bet me $5 that I was having a boy because, “It just looked like a boy.” So my mom went to the waiting room and instead of announcing whether we had a boy or girl she just handed my nephew the $5. Everyone understood immediately and they were looking forward to coming in to see him.

    I was in this room for about 2 hours and the baby got to stay with me the whole time. I was able to get up and walk around very slowly while the epidural wore off. We finally got to our recovery room. I took a shower and got cleaned up. I had been told by a couple of nurses that I would be really swollen and sore because I pushed so much. They recommended that I take some medicine so I had some Motrin.

    Surprisingly, the soreness was not that bad and the swelling was gone about 36 hours later for the most part. I was feeling great.

    The baby had trouble nursing and barely had anything to eat for the first 24 hours. A lactation nurse came in on Wednesday to work with him and said he was just early and needed some time to learn. So in the mean time she recommended we pump so he got some food. She said it could take the four weeks until his due date for him to get the hang of breastfeeding.

    We were released 24 hours later even though he was pre-term. I got little sleep the first few days between pumping, cleaning the pump, and feeding every couple of hours. But by Saturday, my milk came in and Little Lee was nursing like a champ. He is now waking himself up about every three hours to eat. So we won the breastfeeding battle and it happened a lot sooner than we expected.

    Mommy feels fantastic! I don’t feel at all like I just had a baby. It is amazing how fast I felt normal again.

    So even though almost nothing on our birth plan happened the way we had hoped - our end result is the same. We have the most gorgeous little boy. There are things I wish would have been different and things I would most certainly change, but to dwell on that is a waste of my time.

    So life with Little Lee has begun…

    Mommy and Daddy are falling in love all over again with their new little treasure. When he was in my tummy I thought I couldn’t possibly love him more. How completely wrong I was. Our hearts are swelled beyond belief and our blessings plentiful. Who would have known that something so little could make you feel so overwhelming complete?

    I never imagined I could stare at the same thing for so long and never tire of it. We can’t stop looking at him or smiling at each other.

    Looking back, the whole pregnancy and birth process is just amazing. It is weird to feel sad that you don’t have a big belly anymore with a little stranger inside there kicking you. It’s such a fast transition into motherhood and the whole experience is impossible to explain let alone fully comprehend.

    Our family has begun and as far as Mommy is concerned, we’re ready to do this all over again.
    Brooke - Mommy to...

    Lee 07-22-03 Luke 10-18-04
    Baby Boy Lance 05-01-06

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    The birth story of Makenzie Marie.

    We were scheduled for induction on Thursday July 31st at 7am. After a fitful night of sleep, I got up at 5am and took a shower and got dressed. Woke Dh up at around 5:30 and he did what he needed to do and we loaded up the bags and DD and left the house at 6:15am. We stopped off at the store and then made it to the hospital at 6:45am. We went upstairs to L&D and got checked in. Our nurse showed us to our room and we started to get settled in and I got changed and got in bed. Nurse comes back and we do paperwork and all that fun stuff. 7:30 am Dr shows up and checks me. He says I am still at 2 cm and 50%. Tells the nurse Debbie what to do and then he leaves. 8 am I start my pitcin drip. 8:15am contractions start to come about every 2-3 minutes but with no pain. Noon Dr comes back and checks me and still no change even though I had been on the pitocin for 4 hours. So he attempts to break my water and was unsuccessful because she was still way high up -3. So I spoke to the nurse and asked her what was gonna happen next and she said that I should try the birthing ball so she brings that in and I sit on it for about an hour and still having contractions but still no pain. So she comes back and says that maybe I should try the rocking chair so I do that for about an hour and still no pain so she checks me and says no change still at 2 and 50. Then she decides to let me get in the jacouzzi tub to help me relax. By this time I am getting so discouraged that I just wanna go home. So I sit in there for quite a while and get relaxed and get out and my nurse suggests that I walk around a bit to help the baby come down so I do and continue to have contractions but STILL no pain. After walking for a little bit she decides that its time to put me back on the pitocin. So we go back to our room and I get hooked up to all the monitors and get my IV things back in and sit and wait for something to happen. 5:30 pm Dr comes back and decides to attempt to break my water again and this time it WORKS!!!! About 5:45pm the contractions start to get uncomfortable and were about 2 minutes apart. By 6:45pm I was in so much pain I was starting to lose control so the nurse comes in and asks if I was ok and I told her no that I needed something. So she comes back with something I dont remember exactly what and tells me to stand up so we can untangle my IV lines and I do and she injects the stuff in my IV and I got dizzy and about fell so she and Dh put me back in the bed and she checked me and I was at a 2.5 and my cervix had thinned almost all the way. I was so excited and so dizzy all I could so was smile. So I layed down and tried to get some sleep and about 8pm I was hurting again and asked her for some more "stuff" and so she checked me and said I was at a 3 and could get my epidural if I wanted it so I agreed and about 15 minutes later the anastesiologist (sp) came and asked me all the necessary questions and off we went. After I got the epi my nurse decided to go home (she stayed over 1 1/2 hrs to see if I had the baby soon) and I got a new nurse. So Leasa came in and she checked me at about 8:45 and put an internal monitor thing in and told me to get some sleep because it could take a little while so I turned over and went to sleep. For some reason though she sat there next to my bed the whole time instead of going off and tending to her other patients. (I found out later that my blood pressure went way down and she was monitoring me to make sure it didnt go any lower) I kept dozing off but with all the people continuing to come in and out I found it impossible and just decided to stay awake. I started to feel some pressure and told her about it and she said that I probably had to potty and that it would go away but she checked me just in case and I was at a 6. Well the pressure didnt go away and after a little bit (about 15 minutes) I asked her about it again and she said that she would "potty for me" IE.. catheterize me and she did but she got quite the shock when she checked me and I was complete. She had me push the nurse button and she told them to call the Dr and tell him to come NOW. She told me not to push at all and to keep still so I did as I was told and she broke down the bed and got me prepped. After I was prepped and the bed broke down we had to wait for the Dr and she kept starring at me saying that she has delivered babies before but she doesnt wanna deliver one tonight and that the Dr better hurry otherwise she will have to. Finally the Dr walks in and after 3 pushes Ms Makenzie made her entrance into our world at 10:50 pm. SHe was nice and pink and all the nurses kept commenting on how calm she was and how pink she was. They layed her up on my chest after Dh cut the cord and then the took her to the warmer. The cleaned her up and returned her to me and all I could do was stare at her. They did the weighing and all that and I got to feed her very shortly after. She latched on like an old pro. About 1:30 am I had Dh go get the nurse so they could do her bath and stuff and then she was returned to me shortly after. When people ask me how long my labor was I really dont know what to tell them. Do I say it started at 8am when they started the pitocin? Or do I say it started when he broke my water and things actually started happening?

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    Just a quick recap of my rollercoaster pregnancy.... 1st trimester we were told we had a 50/50 chance losing the pregnancy due to a possible miscarriage, by 10 wks all was "in the clear"! At 20 wks, was told the placenta was low lying but should be fine. From 24 wks on I was having PTL contractions and was put on modified bedrest/limited activities. At 28 1/2 wks was diagnosed w/ partial/marginal placenta previa after a bleed in the middle of the night. After weeks of being put on bedrest and 2 sets of steriod shots to mature Anthony's lungs just in case, we made it to 37 1/2 wks .

    Labor/Birth Story

    I had been having contrax off and on for literally months but they started getting stronger around the middle of June(33 1/2 wks along) which is also when I lost the mucus plug. At my 7/01 appt., I was 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and at -2 station, which I stayed and remained at until the night before Anthony was born (about 3 wks).

    7/21/03 I lost what definitely was the rest of the mucus plug, or maybe a 2nd one, tmi. 7/22/03 Ctrx were fairly strong and were coming steady @10 min. apart around 5:30pm. Around 9:45pm I started having what we & the Dr on call *thought* was the bloody show, this we found out later was soooo wrong. Dr said to head to the hospital when the ctrx were 5 min. apart. I asked him about the blood (because it was fairly bright red) and he said "don't worry, unless it streaming down your legs, your fine" ha ha. Ctrx started coming every 5 min. around 10:45pm.

    7/23/03 Finally decided to head to the hospital at 3am, got there and checked in. The nurse did an internal exam and I was STILL 2cm dilated, 5-% effaced, and -2 station.... dh and I couldn't believe it, almost 12 hrs. of ctrx for zilch. My regular OB came in around 8am and did another internal and I was STILL the same. She decided to keep me there until lunch time and then we'd "discuss options". So, over the next 4 hrs., dh and I walked around the hospital grounds, up and down stairs, anything to get things going. My OB came back and did another internal at 1pm and there was still no change even though my pain level was about a 7/8. She wasn't willing to induce labor yet but would go ahead and schedule it in 1 wk. DH and I asked her "Then, WHAT sign do we wait for before calling/coming back to the hospital since ctrx every 5 min. isn't it...?" (we were both exhausted). She really didn't give us an answer, but fortunately we only live 5 min. from the hospital, so, we went home tired and frustrated. Least by going home, I was able to eat something, lol. By about 5:30pm that night, the ctrx were excruciating (like a 15 on a scale of 1-10) but still only 5 min apart. By midnight, dh said "call the Dr and demand to be seen".

    7/24/03 So, I called, my OB said "OMG, I can tell your not tolerating this very well", mind you, I was in tears with every contraction. She told me to go to the hospital. We got there, checked in, etc etc. nurse did an internal exam around 12:45am and I was finally making progress, 3cm + dilated, 65% effaced, 0 station! Talk about feeling a little relief~at least the horrible pain wasn't worthless finally. The nurse asked what my pain level was and I said, "what's the highest # I can pick? Can I have a c-section?" So, with that, she called my Dr and got the ok to give me a shot of morphine which took a slight edge off, brought the pain down to about a 11.

    By 2am, I was 5cm, 75% effaced and I was starting to feel trickles so I asked dh to look if my water had broken. He said "no, but there's an awful lot of blood". By then, my OB came in and checked me. She said my water had broken but I was also bleeding (so much for the bloody show theory, bloody show, at least the amount I was losing, doesn't last for 36 hrs). The nurse offered me the intrathecal (similar to an epidural) but I had really wanted to do completely natural childbirth. Despite the fact that I had the morphine shot already, I was still determined to keep it as natural as possible, so I said no thanks.

    By 3am, I was 8 cm, and 90% effaced (can't remember what station, lol) and felt like I wanted to push. By this point, the pain level seemed actually less even though the morphine had wore off (only lasts about a hr). I was told I couldn't push yet since my OB was performing a c-section... talk about bad timing, lol. Anyway, By 3:30 am I was 10 cm and had just a lip of cervix left. The nurse had me do a few pushes so that she could push the lip out of the way, then my OB came in. Finally got the OK to push BUT by then, I didn't need to anymore, lol. I had about a good 10 min. of "resting period" before the urge came back. I pushed about 6 or 8 times but Anthony's head would come forward then go back. My OB said that she had to do an episiotomy b/c my old scar was so bad it wasn't stretching at all, so snip OUCH snip OUCH and 3 pushes later, Anthony Michael was born @ 3:57am~ talk about RELIEF!!

    His 1 min. APGAR was 8 and 5 min was 9! After the placenta was delivered, my Dr said that it had started to detach early, thus why I had been bleeding and more importantly, why I wasn't progressing the day before and why my contractions were so excruciatingly painful. My OB apologized, if she had known what was going on (placental abruption) she would have made some different decisions. She also said that the placenta was slightly aged (which it shouldn't have been since he was born 2 1/2 wks early going by LMP date) and was probably the reason why Anthony was pretty small, 5 lbs. 9oz, 18 1/2". We both did great after delivery and were discharged the next morning!

    Fortunately for all of us, Anthony and I are both safe and healthy . I am grateful that my OB was on call that night, mostly because she knew my pregnancy history of problems. As for the bleeding, it was enough to be concerned, but not enough to do an emerg. c-section, so we (the Dr and I) were caught in the middle.

    Thanks for reading my long long long birth story!

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    Alicia's Birth Story

    Quote Originally Posted by alicia.
    Our baby girls Birth story

    Signs the week before labor
    Id been feeling crampy and was having BH contractions all week and my mucous plug was slowly slowly coming away.

    Wednesday July 30th
    I woke up and my legs were feeling very achy, a bit like growing pains and my lower back was also hurting a lot. The insides of my thighs were also feeling very crampy and I was feeling a lot of pressure ‘down there’ but it didn’t look like I had dropped and I was still having a lot of heartburn so I thought it was just the baby getting bigger and pushing on my bladder. I went to the toilet and when I wiped there was what appeared to be my mucous plug. It had some strings of blood in it but not too much so I decided not to get excited too soon.

    Thursday July 31st
    I was excited to go to my doctor’s appointment to see what was going on and ask for an internal but I was a bit disappointed because the doctor refused to do one. He said that the head was engaged though and that losing my plug was a good sign but that it could still be a couple of weeks until I went into labour. I left the clinic a bit annoyed and decided to go home and rest a bit. At about midday I got a phone call from James telling me that there was a problem with our rent money and that the money hadn’t gone through and that I would have to go down to town and sort it out cause he was at work. I was really tired but decided that a bit of walking would be good for me. So I went down town (where I also bought the raspberry leaf extract) and went to the bank. It took me about 3 hours to sort it out, and I was walking from one bank to the other being so stressed! I felt so achy and I was getting more and more pressure between my legs. I finally got it sorted by 6pm when I went home and watched some TV. James got back and we got ready for bed. I was sitting on the bed and felt a trickle but I thought it was just discharge and I laughed at James and teased him and said I think my water broke! We laughed a bit and then went to bed. I kept waking up to go to the toilet and every time I stood up water trickled out. I didn’t think much of it and I kept putting TP down there but it kept getting soaked. At this point I thought that maybe I was still losing some of the plug or that I was leaking pee because of the baby’s size so I decided to go back to sleep.

    Friday August 1st
    I woke up at 6am and my underwear was absolutely soaked. I got up and it kept leaking and it was very clear and had no smell. I woke up James and showed him but we still weren’t convinced so I came online here and u all told me to call the hospital so I did. The midwife told me to put a pad on and call the in an hour. I did that and then called them back. I told them that the pad was half full and they told me to come in straight away and bring my hospital bag just in case. James had left for work cause its only about 15 minutes away and I had told him to go and if anything happened I would call him. So I packed my bag with a few stuff and walked to the hospital. I got there and got checked in. They put me in one of the labor rooms a midwife came in to check me. She was really nice and told me not to worry. She did an internal and looked up at me and said: yep your waters have gone! I felt so scared and excited! She also said though that it had broken at some part at the top of my uterus and that’s why it was just leaking and not gushing. I called James and told him to come straight away. The midwife called the doctor in who stripped my membranes (that hurt!) and a lot more water gushed out with some blood. They took my BP and were very worried cause it suddenly shot up and decided to give me pills to lower it, which made me feel sick and drowsy, and gave me the worst headache. They were worried cause I wasn’t contracting and had lost lots of my water and were afraid that the baby might get an infection so after waiting a few hours and nothing happening they decided to take me to the delivery room and put me on a drip to induce me. We started packing bags and I suddenly felt the urge to empty my bowels cause I was cramping. I sat in the toilet but nothing was happening so I decided to stop and go ahead with the room change. By the time we had walked to the other room I felt the same feeling again and suddenly realised that I was having strong contractions and they were coming about 3-4 minutes apart! I was in a lot of pain and I was afraid that because they were coming so close I wouldn’t have time for the epidural. Suddenly the midwife looked worried and checked me asap. I was 4 cm dilated! She told the nurse to call the doctor straight away to give me the epi. I was hurting so much by that point and the contractions were so close together so I started breathing on the gas and air which made me feel like I was drunk so I stopped. I was sitting on the side of the bed getting the epi in and I got sooooo freaked out cause I could hear a woman screaming in the next room like she was being tortured. The doctor finally got the epi in after about 20 minutes and the midwife told me to sit back and relax. I sat back and the epi started working. It was a low dose one so I could still feel everything but it took the edge off the pain. After about an hour they came to top it up and the midwife said she had to leave for a while but would be back in an hour. She said that I should be dilating about a cm an hour so we it would still be about another 4 hours probably. So she left and I was alone in the room with James. About half an hour later I felt urge to push and I couldn’t stop. The epi had almost worn off and I could feel almost everything again and was in so much pain. I told James to get someone ASAP! The midwife came after about 10 minutes and by that time I was hurting and couldn’t stop pushing. She checked me again and looked up and said wow u r 10 cm!!!! She looked so shocked! I had dilated 6 cm in only 2 hours! I begged her for a top up on the epi but she refused. She said that it would be better to do it natural and that it would be over soon if I did. I screamed at her to give me the epi again and she said no cause it would slow things down. I swore at her a bit but then decided id better do what she said. I got up and tried to push on all fours but I was very weak because of the BP pills so I decided to lie down again. I pulled my legs up to me and did it that way. The pain was unbearable and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it. I was whimpering and crying and she told me to stop and concentrate and to push with the pain. I stopped crying and concentrated really hard. I was determined to get her out fast! I pushed and pushed and suddenly the head started coming out. She asked me if I wanted to feel it but I didn’t want to I just wanted it over with! The head came out and she told me to pant and stop pushing so that I wouldn’t tear so I did and then told me to give another small push and the body just came out. I was so relieved and felt so good! The placenta came out straight away. Her apgar scores were 9 at one minute and 10 at five. I was so tired though that I just fell back and rested, James held her cause I was too tired and about an hour later I woke up and fed her. She latched on perfectly; she knew exactly what to do! James is so good with her, he’s a natural. We keep looking at her and can’t believe she is here and that she is ours! Looking back now I wouldn’t have done it any other way. It was definitely better that I didn’t get the epidural topped up cause things would’ve slowed down a lot. And I am so proud I did it with the pain! I didn’t get any tears at all and no stretch marks. My labor was only 5 hours long (from when the contractions started) and I only pushed for 40 minutes. I don’t think it could’ve gone any better… I’m so happy I just sit there and stare at her and can’t believe that she is so perfect! James misses the bump though, but it will be at least 4 years until the next!

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    Abi's Birth Story

    Quote Originally Posted by RazorbackMommy
    1 a.m. July 27th, 2003 I started to have contractions. There was nothing then all of a sudden they were 1 minute long, 2 minutes apart. After a half an hour I decided to get up and shower, then we went back to lay down to keep timing them….it reached 1:50 and I decided I couldn’t wait the last 10 minutes…and we were on our way!

    We got to the hospital…got checked in and they put me in triage. They checked my cervix there and told me I was almost a 5 and said that we were going to be having our baby! Then came the first scare…the bump we were told was the baby’s behind for the last 4 weeks, the nurse said was her head. They brought in the ultrasound machine and the nurse said, “Yup, that’s her head, she’s laying sideways.” I was so confused! They all told us that they could feel her head…and she said all she could see was her heart right there…How could they mistake her chest for her head?! They had Jason fill out all the paperwork for the c-section, they were ready to rush me in there…then she comes in one last time and looks again and says oh look, I had it tilted when I was seeing her heart…if I put it this way it is her head. Talk about being scared!

    They asked then if I wanted the epidural and I told them yes. By the time he got there to give it to me, it was about 6:30 and I was at 6 cms. The anesthesiologist came in and started to look my back…he told me because of my weight, it was going to be difficult to get the needle in. He numbed me, put the needle in, hit bone and tried again. He tried 7 times before asking if they had a longer needle for the numbing…at this point I looked up and Jason was sitting on the floor white as a ghost. He got it after 3 more tries…then I was in heaven, lol.

    Jason’s parents got there about 9:30 or 10 a.m. At 11 they decided to go ahead and break my water since I was stuck at 6 still. They came in and broke it, then started me on pitocin immediately. Jason’s step dad and our niece, Amber, went to get something to eat at this point. I fell asleep for the next hour, and woke up and was feeling my contractions. I called the nurse to tell them, they came in and told me I was almost at a 9. They uped my epidural and came back about 12:30 and said I was almost at 10 cms. but the baby was high yet and had to move down, if I felt the urge to push, let them know. Five minutes later….I called them saying I felt the urge. My nurse came in a few minutes later and told me I can bare down, but don’t push yet…she got the bed all ready and called for the equipment. Once it was all set up, she told me we were going to start pushing. I pushed for all of 20 minutes and Jason’s mom said at this point she could see her head with a little finger sticking out. About this time, Jason’s step dad and Amber came back and got the shock of their life, lol.

    The nurse called for back up and the doctor at this point since they were sure it’d be soon…well the tech gets there and then the front desk calls and says that the doctor said don’t push, and he’s on his way. He’s the one that said the baby’s head had to move down when I was 10 cms, and he left?! So then they told me not to push….which if I didn’t have that epidural, that would of never happened. We waited for the doctor for 45 minutes, he ended up being across town delivering a baby…can’t be mad at him for that =) He got there, I pushed through 2 contractions and he said that she would be born on the next contraction. The nurses told Jason they’d hold my legs and he could go watch…and he was right! 3 pushes in and her head came out, her cord was wrapped around her neck once. Then he had me push again, and I delivered the rest of her! It wasn’t until the shoulders came out that I tore. They offered to Jason for him to cut the cord, which he had said he didn’t want to…if they had asked one more time I think he would of done it…but they offered it to his mom and she did it, so that was cool. =) I delivered the placenta right after…what a relieving feeling =) Then he sewed me up and we got to hold her =) She was born at 1:59 p.m. central time. She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and 20 ½ inches long. It was so amazing…we didn’t even realize we weren’t letting anyone else hold her until they took her away and Jason’s mom mentioned that she hadn’t held her.

    They came and got her 2 hours after she was born and said they’d give her a bath and then after a couple of hours she could come back. Well, the nurse came back in and said she wouldn’t be back tonight cause her pulsox was wavering between 95 and 80. It should be at a 100. They had to put her on oxygen. They also told us she had a murmur, which I had one and so did my mother so we figure it’s nothing to worry about. They said that Jason was welcome to come visit her but I couldn’t until my I.V. was out…so I didn’t get to see her until 11 p.m. that night.

    We went to visit her on the morning of the 28th. She looked great! The pediatrician came in 2 hours later to tell us they took her off the oxygen cause she was doing so well…but when they did that her pulsox dropped again. They decided to take her to the NICU in the next town for an e.k.g. to make sure everything’s okay.

    They let me go before my 24 hours was up to be with her. When we arrived they said her murmur sounded great since they moved her and that she hadn’t needed to be on oxygen since she arrived! She looked great, there didn’t even look like there was a reason for her to be there, lol. I even got to breast feed her while we were there. All she had was her I.V. of antibiotics at that point. They did her e.k.g and it could be back anytime between the 29th and the 31st of July…then hopefully she’ll get to come home with us! We have to take a cpr class before she leaves…which we’re scheduled for the 30th, so I’m sure it will be at least then.

    Of course until we get her home, this will be edited!

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