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    My Birth Story

    I walked into my house and looked around, things were different somehow. It felt like a year since I had been here. It was Sunday afternoon and to just think that last week at this time I was complaining about being pregnant. Yet now, I kind of missed my round belly. I looked around at the mess that was everywhere. I had tried to frantically to get everything cleaned up before he came home but just ended up making the house worse. Something was different, I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

    * * *

    I woke up on the 14th of August at around 4:00am because I felt strange. I realized that I needed to throw up, something that I can’t remember doing since I was a small child. I ran to the bathroom and threw up the best that I could then lied down on the floor almost in tears calling for Greg because my stomach hurt. He ran to get me some water. I got back to sleep and at around 8:00am I felt a contraction. I ignored it as I had been having these contractions for weeks. Then I had a couple of more. Suddenly I felt a lot of pain and jumped out of bed to the bathroom. I had diarrhea. I still tried to go back to bed but told Greg, “I really think that I may be going into labor.”

    Greg, who has only had a few hours of sleep at that point, didn’t seem to comprehend what I was saying. I just tried to go back to bed but kept having contractions. I started timing them myself and they were about 12 minutes apart. They kept getting closer and a bit more painful. I finally, just nearly screamed at Greg, “You need to get out of bed now and help me time these.” I just couldn’t do it myself.

    I ate four pieces of toast and had I known what would be in store I would have eaten some more. Honestly though, I started thinking, “Well, I am thinking he should be here by midnight.” Right now I had to wait. I sat on the birthing ball, took a shower, made a couple of phone calls, updated my journal, and tried to keep my mind off of the contractions. When they were about 4 minutes apart I called the hospital and was told to come in. We took our time getting ready to go as I knew that even when we got there it would be awhile.

    The car ride was miserable. Of course, Greg had to stop to buy cigarettes but I needed a bottle of water so I couldn’t complain too much. I tried to listen to music and focus on that as opposed to my comfort level. I just remember pushing on the roof of the car and feeling really sick watching the traffic on the freeway.

    We got to the hospital and had to check in with antenatal. They had me pee in a cup which was hell as my mother called me and would not leave me alone. I was in the middle of having a contraction when I told her I would call her when we got a room. I ended up hanging up on her as she just wouldn’t stop talking. I noticed that I was starting to lose my mucous plug. My mother ended up meeting us in antenatal as I was hooked up to monitors. My contractions were coming at about 2 minutes apart and I just hated being strapped to the bed. Finally the midwife came in to check me and I was at 4 cm. I was pleased to know that as that was my goal for arriving at the hospital. I was being admitted to a room about 2:00pm.

    At this point, Greg’s mom, Glenda, had arrived and we all got settled into room 127. I immediately tried out the rocking chair and that helped my contractions immensely. I sent Greg back home for pillows as I really wanted my own. Of course he came back with them but with no pillow cases. It’s amazing at what is going to really annoy you when you’re in labor. Thankfully Glenda had her husband bring me some pillow cases.

    The nurse came in to get me settled and it was back to the monitors. This annoyed me greatly as I felt that I just got off them. I felt like I was sitting there forever when finally she came back and drew me a bath. That felt good. Really good. I sat through several contractions. Thankfully there was never ending hot water as I think I was in and out of the bath 5 or 6 times. I handled the contractions but hadn’t expected them to hurt that bad. I always had debilitating periods and just thought that contractions would feel similar. At one point I thought that I should explore my pain relief options but was afraid that using drugs would cause a panic attack or make me feel funny. The midwife came in to talk to me about it and I decided to just wait and see how dilated I was. She told me to call her when I was ready to be checked. I decided to wait it out as long as I could. Everyone told me I was breathing through the contractions well so I figured that I could make it.

    Shift change came and the next nurse sent me walking around the track. Walking was better than sitting in the tub. Greg and I walked so often that he got tired! I didn’t notice my contractions strengthening but it was easier to breath through them. The moms were starting to get on my nerves. I really wanted them there; I just didn’t want them to say anything.

    Every hour they monitored me then they needed to monitor me on the bed again. That was the worst. It sounds ridiculous, but I had developed a fear of the bed. They strapped me in but this time noticed that there was a dip in Ethan’s heart rate. This was of course a problem but at the time I just didn’t think about it. I just didn’t want to be stuck laboring in the bed. The nurse kept switching my position but there was still a dip in his heart rate at times. It was looking like I was going to have to be stuck in bed. At this point, I started talking about an epidural. If I had to stay in bed there was no way that I could sit through these contractions in bed.

    Suddenly the anesthesiologist couldn’t come soon enough. Greg filled out my consent form for the epidural and at one point I yelled, “I just want some drugs.” Greg yelled back, “The sooner I fill out this form, the sooner you get the drugs.” Men will never understand labor.

    All of my fears of being poked in the back went away. I just remember staring into Greg’s eyes and at that moment I saw all the love in the world. I was going to make it. I couldn’t even feel the whole procedure and the anesthesiologist talked the whole time telling me what he was doing but I couldn’t hear him.

    The epidural was in place and things got a lot better. The midwife really wanted me to try and take a nap but it was still really hard. Instead mom and Greg fell asleep. The lights were off and I just tried to relax as much as possible. I probably relaxed a little too much. I had made it to 7 centimeters before I had an epidural and the epidural kept me at 7 centimeters. The midwife came in to break my bag of waters. She did it in the dark but later I wished she had turned the light on as we would have known that Ethan had passed meconium.

    Breaking my water didn’t help anything so they started pitocin. I was a little worried about it but at that point I was in labor for nearly 24 hours that I just didn’t care. My labor still wasn’t progressing, and the midwife decided to put on internal monitors. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but was in no mood to argue and at the time she had a reason for it that sounded good.

    Either the pitocin or the epidural wore off. I kept re-dosing my epidural but nothing would happen. The nurse called anesthesiologist to re-dose the epidural. I only helped for a little while. About 8:00 I asked the new nurse if I could re-dose it again and she was going to do that when I started to complain that I felt constipated and that the contractions were really starting to hurt. She told me that she was going to go get the midwife. It felt like an eternity but a midwife came in to check me and I was complete!!! Unfortunately Ethan was barely at 0 station and the midwife warned me that it was going to take awhile to push him out but she wanted me to start pushing! I was so excited! I called out to Greg to wake up (my mom had been up for awhile and unfortunately Greg’s mom had gone to work). Greg lifted his head than fell back asleep. I was a little irritated but then he says, “Well, your not pushing now, I’ll get up when you start.” I had to let it go and just accept that he was tired.

    The nurse came in to get me started pushing. She kept telling me what an excellent pusher I was and that he should be here sooner than I think. I pushed him from 0 station to +4 in about 45 minutes. I felt him moving down the entire time. All I could do was imagine that I was having the largest BM ever and it seemed to work. Pushing felt good in some ways as the contractions were easier to deal with and even when told to “rest” through one, I couldn’t fight the urge to push.

    Then I felt like he just stopped and wouldn’t go any further. I pushed so hard and she kept moving me into different positions. Then two different midwives came in and had me pushing in all kinds of different positions. I was on top of the birthing ball, against a squat bar, on each side, in a “cat” position. It took so much energy and I just kept saying, “He’s not going to come out.” I was really getting frustrated as everyone kept saying that he was right there practically coming out. Apparently what was really going on was that I would push him a little out of my vagina and then he would slip back in. The reason for all of this is that he was face up. Now, I know the important difference between anterior and posterior.

    After two hours of pushing, one of the midwives suggested a vacuum. I was a little apprehensive and started to ask questions and she started to answer them, then it occurred to me, that I just wanted this over. “Just do it.” She left and came back a little bit later and things got very hectic. I saw a new woman come in and she was putting some major scrubs on with gloves and everything. She was an OB. I remembered in my birthing class, being explained how the birthing center works. Normally midwives deliver the babies and that there is always several OBs working in case of any complications. I knew that this was getting serious.

    They rose up my bed really high so that all I could see were the tops of people’s heads. People just kept coming into the room. I think that there were about 15 people. The OB sat on a stool and started to position the vacuum. With the next contraction I was told to push as hard as I could. I did. Still he wouldn’t come out. The OB said she’s get him out on the next contraction. That was a relief. I went to push with everything I had and then I felt something pop. The vacuum had popped off. The OB then said, “It’s a safety feature, its okay.” We tried again with the next contraction. At this point I started just screaming, “He’s not coming out, I can’t do this.” And the vacuum popped off again. Now the OB was getting frustrated. I heard her say, “Get me a vacuum that works.” I also heard her say, “If we had forceps here we could get him out.” On the fifth attempt I was pushing so hard and I heard her say, “Has she had an epidural?” And I saw her grab the scissors and felt her cut me. However, I was so stressed and worried that it didn’t matter. I was starting to lose myself. I felt like he was never coming out. His heart rate was dropping and I saw some man in a suit fly in the room telling everyone to move that he was the pediatrician. Things were starting to get very ugly. I saw my mom crying and Greg looking very nervous. Then one of the nurses said to me, “Push for a count of ten and we’ll get him out.” I asked her to count for me. On the sixth try, I pushed for ten and nothing. I kept pushing with the contraction and then kept pushing after the contraction had ended. That’s when his head came out. The nurses yelled for me to push some more that he was almost out. Then the OB hushed everyone and yelled, “Don’t push, don’t push.” The cord was around his neck. She cut the cord then when she finished, contraction or not, she told me to push and I did. I felt this release and just yelled, “Thank God!”

    I saw him come out and get carried to the warmer. The whole time I looked forward to having him on my chest but I also knew he wasn’t crying and I kept looking over to see what was going on. He looked black and blue when he came out.

    Everyone had shifted from between my legs to the baby warmer. The OB worked carefully to deliver the placenta. I was numb. I kept trying to figure out what was going on and all I could think was, “Where’s my baby?” The OB then told me that she had some major repairs to do. There were so many people and commotion that I couldn’t figure out what was going on. And no one seemed to tell me. Finally, Greg came over and said, “We have a baby boy and he’s beautiful.” His eyes were red and it looked like he had been crying. I finally relaxed.

    They wrapped him up and let me hold him for a second and the pediatrician came over and told me what was going on but I just couldn’t hear him for some reason. Later I found out that he came out nearly dead, not able to breath and barely a pulse. His apgar score was one because he was practically dead. They let Greg carry him to the nursery because he had to be watched but the pediatrician promised that he would get us back together as soon as possible. My mom came over and asked if she could leave me and go to the nursery. I let them go as I was stuck being stitched up. After finding out my baby was okay I snapped out of my numb state and screamed at a sharp pain. The epidural was completely gone. I got three injections of lidocaine and was worked on for over an hour. I had a fourth degree laceration.

    Finally when it was done I got lowered down and I wished someone had cleaned the room because there was blood everywhere. It made me a little sick. I saw the OB and she was covered in blood. Greg even had blood on his shirt. My mom came back and told me that everything was fine. Somewhere in the commotion lunch had arrived to my room. Greg came in later and had Ethan with him. I finally really got to hold my baby and he was okay. I was okay and he was okay. He was born August 15, 2003 at 11:43 am. He was 7 pounds 12.2 ounces and 22 inches long.

    * * *

    I was home with my baby boy in my arms. I had endured 27 ½ hours of labor and a hospital stay of four days. The strange thing was that I thought just what every other mother has said, ‘I would do every bit of it again.’ At that point I realized that of course there was something different, this was no longer me and Greg’s house but our family’s home.
    Until Ethan turns one!

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    Jessica Ashley - born Aug 13th, 2003 @ 11:22am

    For two days before she was born I had been feeling crampy and had a constant backache. I was definitely ready to have this baby. Plus, I really wanted my doctor to deliver her and he would be away the following week.

    In the morning of Aug 12th, I went to my doctors appointment and was told that I had progressed from 1 cm, no effacement, and posterior to 2cm, 80% effaced and completely anterior. The doctor said that I would have my baby by that Sat, either naturally or by induction. I was relieved that my doctor would deliver my baby and that all my suffering over the past few days was not for nothing. That night, my husband and I had dinner and then went for a walk together. I had been taking a 30 min walk everyday, but it was too hot during this day, so I thought it would be nice to do it at night with DH. When we got home, we watched our shows and I went to sleep on the couch (I had been sleeping there for the past 3 was so much more comfortable) and DH went to bed upstairs.

    At 2:45am on Aug 13th, I woke up because I felt a small pop. It felt like a balloon had popped in my belly and some air came out. I laid there for a moment and thought, "did my water just break?". I got up to use the bathroom, and everything seemed fine. So I thought it must have been just a kick. So l laid back down on the couch. A minute later, I felt warm water gushing out. I ran to the bathroom and sure enough, lots and lots of water! I tried to get up, but it just kept coming out. I finally ran upstairs and got an old towel to put between my legs. I turned the bedroom light on and called to DH..."Chris, Chris, wake up, it's time." He was sound a sleep, but finally he stirred and asked, "time for what". He thought he overslept for work. I said "time to have the baby, my water just broke." He got up and started to get ready. We finished packing our stuff and I called the doctor.

    When the doctor called me back, I told him my water had broken but I wasn't feeling any strong contractions...should I stay at home for awhile since I was GBS negative? He said no, only because the hospital was so busy and he wanted to make sure we got a L&D room. So we got the car packed and got ready to go. I was upset though, because I was leaking so much, I didn't want to go to the hospital with wet pants so DH suggested I wear a maxipad...which was a great idea!

    We arrived at the hospital. I was having some light contractions...but they were coming every 4 min. The hospital was under construction so there was no one at the entrance (I always envisioned someone whisking me off in a wheelchair...instead, it was completely empty...kinda spooky!). We went to the 3 floor to the PET unit. It was quiet up there as well. The woman at the reception desk was on the phone and just ignored me for about 20 min. In the meantime, I went to the bathroom and changed my pad. I also had one of the most painful contractions ever. It took my breath away. Then I had the shakes after that. But no strong contractions after that. The woman finally took my information. Then we waited again for 20 min for someone to take me to get checked out. Once in the room, no one came again! We sat there for about 15 min. They didn't even check to see if my water really broke...just asked if I was sure that it had. Finally a nurse came in and hooked me up to monitors. Then they put an IV in. Hospital policy, so there went the first part of my birth plan out the window. I couldn't get up and walk around...I was strapped to the bed and pretty unhappy about it. Another nurse came in to give me an internal and said that I was at 3cm (1 more cm than I was that morning). This was fine because the contractions were only moderate. The anethesiologist came in and took my info even though I said I did not want and epidural. He kept saying, you can have your epidural at any time now.

    Since my contractions did not regulate, they decided to augment with Pitocin. I wasn't happy about this either, but I was already bedridden, with an IV so I figured what the heck. The contractions were more intense but still not regular. They finally moved me to Labour and Delivery, which was nice because I had my own bathroom. When I got there, I used the restroom and had some strong contractions on the toilet. Then I noticed that I lost my mucus plug. They hooked me up to the monitors again. A new nurse came in because it was shift change time. She was awesome!! I told her I lost my mucus plug. She showed DH and I how to read the monitor. My contractions were still very irregular so she upped the pitocin again. At this point I told DH that I was scared about having the baby. I started to feel nauseous and out of control. It was a really scary feeling. The nurse asked me on a scale of 1-10 how my contractions rated, and I said about a 5. A few minutes later I told her they were about a 6 now. She came in and still no regular contractions, so she upped the pitocin for a third time. Now my contractions were getting really strong but still extremely irregular. I told her they rated about a 7 now. She kept reminding me I could have an epidural but I still felt the pain was manageable. Then, I had the most horrible contraction ever!! It lasted almost 9 minutes. My OB had arrived and gave me an internal. He said I was dialated to 3.75cm. I was like WTH?!! So much pain and I wasn't even in transition, nor was I having regular contractions! My doctor then said I was being ridiculous for not having the epidural. He said it would help regulate the contractions. At that point I just gave in. I would have done natural if I was like a 6 or 7 but not even a 4...and I was told that I still had several hours to go. It was already 9:00am. So since nothing was going according to my plan, and basically I was being induced in my mind, I asked for the epidural. The anethesiologist came in. He was really nice. They let DH stay for it. DH held my left had and the nurse held my right hand. I had about 3 contractions while he did the procedure, which I hardly even noticed. He did a wonderful job! It was a very low dose epi, just enough to take the edge off, but I could still pee on my own, so no cathetor. It started to work in like five minutes and it was ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!!! After that, I just kept thanking the nurse and the doctor for talking me into it! I felt stupid for waiting so long to get it.

    The doctor said he was going back to his office but that he would be back by noon to deliver the baby. Apparently, there were 8 other woman there giving birth, but they all must have had epidurals, because there was only 1 screamer there. So I rested for a few minutes. The nurse came in to check my blood pressure alot because of the Epidural. She made me lay on my left side and use the oxygen. At about 10:30am, I felt like I had to use the bathroom. I thought, there is no way that I am complete yet. So I ignored the feeling for awhile. DH was now on the phone to a coworker. I told him to hang up because I thought it might be time to push. He did and I called the nurse in and told her how I was feeling. She did an internal and sure enough I was fully dialated! She said she would call the doctor and to just try not to push yet. This was hard because I really wanted to push, but I held off. The doctor arrived at 10 min to 11:00am. He did an internal and confirmed that I was complete and that I had bloody show. Him and the nurse put my leg against these stirrup things. I was definitely scared. The nurse explained what I needed to do to push. She said, "take 2 deep breaths, then on the third breath, hold it in, bear down, and push for a count of ten." They turned off the epidural. With the next contraction I did as she said. It was a lot of work but it didn't really hurt...just uncomfortable. I had my eyes closed with each push, and just kept thinking, I am pushing a baby out right was so weird! The next time, I had to pee and just did that on the bed. Then I felt myself have a BM (sorry TMI)...remember, I had been constipated so I knew that this would happen. That poor nurse! I pushed a few times, but it wasn't doing alot, so she asked DH to hold my one leg and she held the other. I kept pushing and in between I kept telling DH not to look. But of course he did! And there I was going to the bathroom on the bed...I was so mortified! Now the doctor came over and began to massage my perineum every time I had to push. They kept yelling, "push, push, push, push, push!" I guess the babies head got stuck and I heard the doctor ask for forceps and the vacuum, just in case he needed them. I kept pushing and finally the baby's head began to crown. DH was like, "I can see the head"...meanwhile, I'm telling him to stop looking! The doctor called in another anethesiologist because he was going to do an episotomy (another deviation from the birthplan! But I figured it was better than the vacuum). I didn't feel it at all though. A few more pushes and the head was out. The cord was around the neck, but my doctor quickly unwrapped it. Once the head was out, it really hurt down there. I was told one more push and the baby would be born. I pushed with everything I had, grunting loudly and then it felt like butterflies coming out. I opened my eyes in time to see legs and a cord coming out of me. They looked at her real quick, and I asked, "it's a girl right?" and they said yes! They put her on me right away. Jessica Ashley was born at 11:22 am. She wasn't crying yet, just whippering a bit. The nurse was like come on sweetie, let's hear a cry, and then she did. The nurse took her away to the warmer to clean her up and weigh her. I then birthed the placenta. It was uncomfortable but nothing compared to labour. I saw the placenta and it looked small compared to what I had expected. The doctor then sewed me up. Meanwhile the nurse was measuring Jess and DH was looking at his daughter. Jess scored a 9 and 9 on her APGAR. The nurse said to me, your daughter looks exactly like your husband. She then brought Jess over so I could breastfeed. She latched on right away! I was so happy that I could do that. While I was feeding her, I asked if I could upgrade my PP room. The rooms are semiprivate otherwise and they only have 12 private rooms. The nurse came in and said that I got the last one and that there were 2 other girls that delivered 2 minutes after me. I was sooo happy!!

    As far as my recovery, I had a 1-2 degree episiotomy and no hemrroids. Luckily, the epidural was a pleasant experience for me and I had absolutely no side effects from it. My recovery was great, and didn't need to take one single pain killer.

    So, although my birth was nothing like I had planned it. I still think it was a wonderful experience. Next time I have a baby, I would get the epidural right away, and skip all the pain. I feel the epidural really let me enjoy the experience more, and also made me feel more like I was in control. That really put my mind at ease. But the best thing about my experience was the end beautiful daughter!!
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    Jessica - 8/13/03
    Anthony - 4/16/05

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    The Birth of Rilee Anne Martzloff

    It all started at 11:30am on Sunday, August 3rd. Jason and I slept in until about 10am, thinking it was going to be our last day as a family of 2 (I was scheduled for an induction Monday morning). We got up and had a late breakfast of homemade waffles and sausage with our new housemates. I got up to start clearing dishes and when I got to the dishwasher with my hands full of plates I felt this little gush of fluids. Not knowing if it was regular preggo discharge or if it really could be my water (it was so little I doubted that right off the bat...) I waddled my way to the bathroom. As soon as I sat on the toilet another gush came pouring out, and what looked like part of my mucous plug was in it. That's when my heart raced for a moment and I called for Jason. He came in and I explained to him what had happened, we decided to call the doctor.

    My OB was on vacation until Monday morning, so I spoke with the on-call OB who told me it sounded like it was my water that had broken, just put on a pad, have a light lunch, hang out for a few hours and then head in to the hospital - as long as my contractions were 5 minutes apart or more. Well I wasn't having any contractions yet and I'd already eaten, so I decided to call my mom and let her know what happened, take a shower, get dressed, and finish throwing a few last minute things into my bag. Jason installed the carseat (I know, nothing like last minute, huh??!) and double checked our list of things to bring. At about 1:45pm I started feeling a bit uncomfortable so we headed to the hospital.

    We arrived and got checked in about 2pm. I changed and got into the hospital bed, where the nurse (Kelly) checked my fluids to confirm it was my water that had broken - sure enough, it was, I was there to stay! I was only 2cm and 80% effaced. I was hooked up to the monitors for 20 minutes to get a good strip of how Rilee was doing. She looked great so they let me up to walk. I was praying that would get something going, as I still hadn't had any really good contractions yet. Kelly instructed us to come back around 4pm so she could listen to Rilee again to make sure she was doing well. So we walked the halls for a few hours, got some mild contractions coming and headed back to the room. As we walked in the phone was ringing. It was my mom. Since she could be there with me, she wanted to keep in touch and share the experience as much as possible. I sat in the rocker and chatted with her a while, the contractions seemed to get a little more intense and a few I had to breathe through, but nothing too bad at that point.

    About 4:30pm Kelly came back in and wanted to check Rilee's heartbeat. I was getting a little tired so I had it all worked out in my head I'd hop into bed, let her hook me up to watch the contractions and heartbeat while I napped for a bit, then I'd go get into the hot shower. That could not have been any further from what was really going to happen!! As soon as I got into the bed, I started having one of the worse contractions I'd felt so far. I couldn't speak, felt like I could hardly breathe! It was at that time that Rilee's heartrate dropped from her normal 150's down to 70. The nurse quickly had me get up on my hands and knees to see if that would help - no luck. She called on the intercom for assistance ASAP. I looked up at Jason who asked if everything was ok - he got no answer. The look of panic on his face made me start to cry immediately. Before I knew what was going on, I've got someone between my legs (keep in mind my rear end is up in the air, bare, as they have me on all fours!!) they were trying to stimulate the baby's head to get a reaction. A nurse is throwing an oxygen mask over my face, a blood pressure cuff on my arm. Another nurse is putting an IV in my other arm. Finally the panic stopped as we hear the little beeps of her heart shoot back up into normal range. Nobody knew why that happened, but it sure was scary! It was then that they told me I was pretty much confined to bed, as I needed an internal lead on her head to track her vitals more closely.

    I decided I wanted the epidural around 6pm. They had to finish giving me another bag of liquids before I was able to have the epidural though. The contractions were getting very uncomfortable, and they advised me that since I had the high blood pressure all along, labor wasn't helping that go down at all, and that wasn't good for the baby - the epidural would help lower my blood pressure and increase the chances of having a healthier delivery for both me and Rilee. It made my decision a little easier to go for it. My epidural was in at 7:01pm. It was nothing like what I expected, it actually did not hurt one bit. I was 5cm and 100% effaced at that point.

    Once the epidural kicked in my whole body started shaking and shivering, but I wasn't cold. The night nurse, Kim, told me it was normal for women in labor to shake like that. It was annoying, but at least the crampiness was gone. It was just replaced with a whole lot of pressure!! They kept putting warm blankets on me which helped for the first few minutes, and eventually I just got used to it.

    Not only did I have the internal lead on Rilee's head, they put in an internal contraction monitor to better get exact pressure my uterus was putting on Rilee with each contraction. And since I had the epidural and wasn't able to get up to use the toilet, I had to have a catheter in my bladder. I felt like an electrical outlet that was overloaded. I couldn't stop shaking and I had an IV, blood pressure cuff, and three wires coming out of me! Kim predicted I had about another 8 hours of labor and 2-3 hours of pushing ahead of me. It was going to be a long night at this rate! She helped me get situated on my left side and I tried to relax for a while.

    Our housemates called and asked if we felt like some company, and offered to bring Jason some dinner. Poor guy was starving since he'd eaten breakfast at 11am and refused to leave my side since the whole heartrate drop scare. They arrived around 9:30pm or a little after with McDonald's food and sat down to eat with Jason.

    I was just laying there listening to their conversation when all of a sudden this huge wave of pressure came over me. It was like I had to poop and pee all at the same time, and my natural reaction was to try and hold it all in. I had been begging the nurse every time she came in to let me up to use the toilet, and she kept telling me that wasn't possible, and I didn't really have to go, it was just the baby moving down. I didn't believe her but was pretty much stuck where I I had been dealing with the discomfort. The clock was above the head of the bed, so I couldn't see what time it was, and the monitor was behind me, so I couldn't tell if the contraction was going to end soon. It sure felt like forever and so by the time I tried to get Jason's attention to ask him to tell me what was happening, I couldn't speak. All I remember was wrenching my arms around the rail of the bed and praying for it to end soon. Jason looked over and saw my face (I'm sure my eyes were about ready to bulge out of my head by then!) and asked me if I was ok. I managed to utter out the words, "when is it going to end???" but he wasn't sure what I was talking about - the labor, the pregnancy??? I

    t seemed like an eternity ago the contraction started, and it wasn't letting up, just getting worse. I closed my eyes and buried my head in my arms. I thought it was for a few seconds, but when I opened my eyes our housemates were gone, and a whole team of nurses and the OB and the anesthesiologist were in the room. Jason was at my side holding my hand. The OB had come in with her clipboard and bag of pitocin, thinking she was going to start me on that since my contractions hadn't been regular and didn't appear to be all that strong. There was some commotion and then the nurses started helping me up on my hands and knees again. Someone is between my legs stimulating the baby's head again. Looking back I should have known something was wrong, but at the time all I could think was I was going to poop on whoever was down there! The only thing I remember hearing was the OB going to the monitor saying, "That's 2 strikes, kid - 3 strikes and you're out!" The pressure was so intense I could hardly stand it, even with the epidural. It was then that I heard those most wonderful words, "I don't feel any cervix left!" and I knew immediately I was going to start pushing - it was 10pm.

    It was the best feeling to be able to push. I know they say it's hard for some first time moms to know what to do or how to push the right way when they have an epidural - but that was not the case for me. It was almost like an out of body body took over and my mind went on a little vacation for a while. I pushed and pushed, the nurses and Jason kept telling me how great I was doing. When it seemed like I had pushed long enough (I know, I'm impatient, lol!) I snapped back into reality and got serious. I thought she would be out by now - so I told the nurses not to lie to me just to keep me pushing. If I wasn't doing well tell me so! I had it in my head they were lying to me just to keep me going. Keep in mind the clock is behind my head so I had no idea how long I'd been pushing. Seemed like a long time though! They kept assuring me I was doing great, keep going. Jason was so encouraging throughout the whole thing. Nobody counted to 10 and told me when to take breaths, etc. - they let me do my own thing and rest when I wanted. I truly believe my body just knew what to do and when to do it. Finally they said they could see her head. Jason peeked down and I thought her head was about to come out. I asked how much can you see of it?? He held up his hand in the "OK" sign, with thumb and forefinger together and said about that much. I was devastated - that's it??? It was good though, it made me push harder to get her out. The nurses kept doing perineal massage to help me stretch, and it actually helped me push harder I think.

    When her head really had crowned, I remember feeling a little stinging, which was my slight 2nd degree tear happening. One more push and her entire head popped out. I was ready to push the rest of her out and the nurses kept telling me not to. NOT TO?? I was so frustrated, I just wanted her out but the doctor wasn't ready. I screamed at her to just hurry up and remember wondering why she wasn't fully dressed and ready - I'd been pushing forever, it's not like she didn't know the baby was coming out!! She finally turned around and suctioned out Rilee's nose and mouth, and let me push the rest of her out. It was the biggest feeling of relief to have the pressure gone. My baby was here!

    Rilee Anne Martzloff was born at 10:49pm on Sunday, August 3rd. 11 hours and 19 minutes after my water broke. She weighed in at 6lbs 10oz, and was 19" long. Her apgars were 8 and 9.

    The first glimpse of my little angel I will never forget. The doctor was holding Rilee's back up against her belly as she finished suctioning her airways out. Her cord was still attached, and my eyes immediately went to hers - they were WIDE OPEN and looking all over the place. They put her on my belly, and cut her cord. Then she finally started to cry. It was such a beautiful sound!! Jason was a quick thinker and called my mom right from the room, and when she picked up the phone and heard Rilee's screams, she knew she was finally a grandma! Jason told her she had the most beautiful granddaughter, and handed the phone over to me. I talked to my mom and held my gorgeous little peanut while they delivered my placenta and got me stitched up. I know it sounds wierd I was on the phone at the time, but since my mom has to have chemo once a week now, she was unable to come be with me for Rilee's birth - I just wanted (needed) to share the experience with her. I never thought she could ever sound so happy. It really made me think, "My God, I love Rilee so very much and I've only had her in my arms a few short moments - I cannot believe my Mom loves me this much, and I'm 25!!!"

    I got off the phone with my mom after a short while, and they took Rilee to clean her up, take her footprints, and put bracelets on us all. We were a family of 3 now, it was finally real! They let us have some more bonding time before they took Rilee off to the nursery to get her "official" measurements and have her first bath. When they took her away I felt like I had never given birth - nothing hurt, I was on some sort of high! The nurse got me up to use the bathroom and clean up a little, then went to get me something to eat. We got settled into our overnight room and they brought Rilee back to us. It was so amazing to see her again - she was ours, we made her!!

    What an awesome experience it was. I could not have been happier with the way things went. Of course it was painful and had it's ups and downs, but the reward at the end makes it worth every second of it. I can't imagine what life would be like without Rilee now!

    Thank you all so much for letting me share. I can't believe I'm not pregnant anymore!
    Happily Married to Jason 7.20.02
    Mommy to Rilee 8.03 & Reagan 4.05 & Aidan 8.06

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    Ok here goes...

    She was born on August 15th....I went into the hospital to be induced at 6:30 that morning..Sat in the lobby for about 20 min.. Finally got back in the room and they gooked me up on the monitors at about 7:30.. They checked me and i was only 2cm and about 90% effaced..At about 7:45 they gave me something to go to the bathroom and boy did it work... I don't like that stuff...LOL...(tmi)At 8:00 they started me on the pitocin@19. Within the next hour they had bumped it up to 72. At 10:15 my dr came in to break my water and upped the pitocin to 84.. It didn't hurt like i thaught it was going to...At about 10:38 they gave me my nubain shot...At 11:48 they checked me and i was 3cm and 90% and upped my pitocin to 96.. They asked me if i wanted to go ahead and get my epidural by the time they talked me into it it was about 12:08. I wanted to wait as long as i could so i know it wouldn't have worn off by the time i had her... I wish i had.. They came in to give me the epidural, that guy about killed me... Seriously, He picked me up off the bed slamed me down on my side jerked my knees up to my head and slung my head down to my knees.. He about killed me... He started to poke me in my back and missed, he had to go in again by this point i was balling my eyes out...My blood pressure had droped to 87/52 not very good...He about killed me i sware.. He got threw and asked me if i could wiggle my toes and my husband said you better hope she can wiggle her toes.. He was not very happy, and neather was i...I will never have another epidural again. That hurt worse than having her... Well after he finnished killing me they checked me and i was dilated to 4cm and still 90%. So at 1:00 they upped my epidural... At 2:45 i was still the same.. They inserted a cathetar to monitor my contractions cause they could not get them by the belly monitor. At 4:45 they came to check me again and i had dilated to 5cm still 90%. So they upped my pitocin to 108 at 5:40i had gone to 6cm still 90%. I was so tired at this point i was ready to have her...I went to sleep for a little while while i could cause me little cousins had been in the room all morning argueing with everyone getting on my nerves at I had finally snapped at them and made them get out... I woke up from alot of pressure I told the nurse that i was having alot of it and she checked me still the same... She said she wasn't going to check me anymore cause there was an shift change at 7:00 she wanted the other nurse to know where i was at and get her feel on things.. Well she came in my room at about 7:20 and checked me i was still the same... At this point they had already started talking about giving me an c section.. Something that i didn't want unless life threating.. She said she was going to talk to the dr and see what he said she wanted to run something by him to try called the wedge position I said ok... She came back at 7:50 and put me in it .. She rolled me on my left side, put a pillow under my belly, a pillow and blanket behind me and a pillow between my legs and put me in the fetal position...And upped the pitocin to 120.. By this time i had no more epidural for one it had wore off and i told them not to give me anymore cause it was spaceing my contractions out so i felt everything... At 8:05 i told her that i felt like she was coming out and that it was hurting.. My contractions started comeing strong...She checked me and i was already at 8cm and paper thin. I had dilated 2cm in not even 15 min. The pressure then started getting stronger... At 8:55 she said I was complete that I could start pushing. I pushed 4 times and not 20 min latter at 9:18 she was here... James didn't get to cut the cord cause it was wrapped around her neck. So my dr was cutting it off. He put her up on my stomach she looked huge. She weighedn 6lbs 11oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. She was beautiful.. I don't know who was happier me or my sister. She was crying so hard when she came out it made me cry though i felt everything.. It was the most wonderful experiance in my life. It was well worth it...She is truely the light of my life and i would do it all over again... The next time i get pg i will have a natural labo.. If it was up to me i would start trying as soon as i was able too..I am loving being a mother and ready to have another one.. Call me crazy i know.. Everyone does that i say that too.. But i love kids and now that i have one of my own there is nothing like it... We named her Chloe Michaela... And today she is a month old and getting so chunky.. I will post pictures as soon as my husband hooks up my scanner... Sorry so long ...

    until Chole Michaela arrives!

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    Okay, I know I'm real late on this, but here goes...

    Brianna was due on August 14th. That day came and went and if some of you remember I was whining about being overdue. I was scheduled for induction on the 26th, not sooner because my doctor was on vacation the week of the 18th.

    I woke up several times on Monday, the 18th, having to use the bathroom. I didn't feel good, but when did I? I remember getting up at 2:30am to pee, then went back to bed, then awoke at 4am with contractions. It felt like menstrual cramps/intestinal pains. I went to the bathroom again and went and sat on the couch. I thought I was just not feeling well, I really didn't think this was the beginning of anything. DH got up around 6am, wondering why I was not in bed. I told him I thought I was having contractions. So we sat on the couch together and timed them. They were all over the place. No pattern, but coming nonetheless. DH called into work and stayed home with me. All throughout the day, I was having contractions, walking around made them worse, and they never stopped for longer than 30 minutes. I even tried to lay down and take a nap, but I couldn't because of them. I called my mom at work and she was so excited, she wanted to know if she should leave work, I told her no, I was okay, and we'll just wait and see what happens.

    Around 10pm the contractions started coming at 5 minutes apart. I was getting uncomfortable and a bit scared that this was it. We waited another hour to make sure they stayed at 5 minutes. DH got everything together and I called the hospital. The nurse I talked to was RUDE. I told them that this was my first and I was having contractions at 5 minutes apart. The nurse was like, "yeah?...... so are you coming to the hospital?" (like all irritated that I called or something) So then I called my mom and told her we were headed to the hospital.

    We arrived at the hospital around 11pm and I had a hard time walking to the entrance because of the contractions. Some guy was standing outside smoking, and yelled to us across the parking lot "Do you need a wheelchair?" I shook my head yes and they guy went and got one for me. DH was all like "I could have got you one..." He was carrying the bag and the pillows and everything else, and was trying to help me walk. Just then my mom pulls up and comes in with us. So DH wheels me into the hospital and we get to the desk. There was another pregnant lady there with her husband and we all went up to L&D together. (She was walking though, I felt sort of dumb in a wheelchair - but I just couldn't walk!)

    Get to L&D and they put me in a triage room. Told me to undress. I say to my mom and DH, "boy this is weird getting naked in front of my mom and my husband!" The mean nurse I spoke to on the phone got me hooked up to the monitors and she checked me... I'm only 2cm! I was like WHAT? The pain was bad and I thought after having contractions ALL DAY that I would be more than a 2!! So they watched me for awhile and the contractions spaced out... to like 10-15 minutes apart. I was getting worried they would send me home! The mean nurse left and a new nurse came in, she was much nicer and I was more comfortable with her. I tell ya, the nurses/healthcare staff totally make a difference in your experience. She checked me and said yep 2 cm but with a BULGING bag of water. She said since the bag was bulging, they would keep me and not send me home! WOO HOO! She was going to see about getting a room for me and that I should walk around a bit.

    At some point my IL's showed up and they waited in the waiting room while DH and my mom took me for a walk around the halls. That sped up the contractions. I walked for what seemed like hours. Around 4am (?) I got into the birthing room. They checked me again and I was a 3cm. They asked me what I wanted in terms of pain relief and I said epidural. Around 6 or 7 am a new nurse came in. She was an angel!!! Her name was Stacey (like mine) and said she picked me because we had the same name. She asked my middle name and I said Lynn, and she said her's was too! Spelled the same and everything. They told me I needed to have a bag of fluid first before the epi, so I said fine, however I'm real hard to get an IV in. (One time at the ER, it took them 45 minutes and several people before getting the IV in... they started looking at my foot to find a vein, it was horrible.) But anyway, Stacey said she would try real hard and she got it first try! I was so relieved because I've had terrible experiences with it before.

    Around 8am, the anesthesiologist came in to give me the epi. Wow, he was SO nice and it didn't hurt at all. He was foreign so I enjoyed listening to his voice. I think he was Russian or Chec or something. He was just so nice and I felt very comfortable with him. I was scared to have it done, but Stacey the nurse held me and talked me through it telling me it would be okay, etc. The whole procedure took approximately 15 minutes. Then I laid back and relaxed, FINALLY! It had been 28 hours since my contractions started... finally some relief. The nurse had to put in a foley catheter. (which later caused a bladder infection.......) I dozed in and out and DH and the family went down to the cafeteria for some breakfast/lunch.

    **At some point, they started me on pitocin, but I don't remember when. I don't know if it was after the epidural or before or later...

    My doctor was on vacation that week, so another doctor came in to see me about 10am. He was very nice and I felt comfortable with him. He told me he was there to check me and break my water. So he checked me and I was a 5 (I think?) and he broke my water. I didn't feel a thing, I was totally numb down there. I could still feel my legs somewhat, but down there was numb. After he broke my water, he told me that it was slightly green colored... I knew what that meant (all those Baby Stories on TLC) He explained that the baby had passed a bowel movement and that it was nothing to worry about, but they would have the neonatologist there to check her out after she was born, and that I would not be able to hold her right away. That made me sad, but I wanted her to be okay. I was a little scared, knowing that some babies get pneomia from passing meconium, but tried to put that out of my mind.

    When DH and the family came back, I explained to them that the doctor had come in and broke my water and that baby had passed meconium. Things get a bit blurry from here. I was in and out of sleep. Around 2pm I started to get uncomfortable, my left hip was killing me! It was difficult to move and I wanted to move to another position. I kept complaining about it. They checked me again and I was complete but just a LIP of cervix, and baby was still a little high. So they had me to start to push. This was the most difficult part and most tiring for me. My mom held one leg, and Peter held the other. They had me take a breath, let it out, take another breath, hold and push for a count of 10, let it out, take another breath, and push for another count of 10, let it out, take another breath and push for ANOTHER count of 10. Looking back now, that was just way too much to do for one contraction. So I did that for 30 minutes. They checked me again and said they could still feel that lip of cervix, and that I should rest awhile before continuing, because they didn't want that lip to become swollen. So I stopped pushing and rested. But my hip was stilling bothering me.

    I rested (if you can call it that) for 30 minutes. It was now 3pm. That is when I started to feel sick. I told them I felt like throwing up. So they bring me this little bag thing. I tried to breath and get rid of the feeling, but it was too strong. I started throwing up. I HATE THROWING UP. It tasted all mediciney, icky. They checked me again and said the lip was gone, that I could start pushing again. So here we go again, I pushed and pushed and pushed. I remember they had me grab on to this handlebars that came out of the bed to help me get leverage to push. I remember grabbing on to these and my thumb kept locking up because I was grabbing them so tightly. I was getting discouraged, it seemed like I was pushing FOREVER with no progress. Peter and my mom were GREAT coaches, and the nurse was awesome. They all were cheering me on and telling me that I was making progress. I felt like they were lying to me. I wanted to tell them to stop lying to me! There was a mirror on the ceiling and I looked a few times, but I didn't see anything! They told me to continue, but I started to lose control. The epi was starting to wear off and my hip was stilling bothering me! I felt like I couldn't do it anymore and told them so. I started to shake my head back and forth, saying no no no, I can't! At one point the nurse got right in my face and told me to look at her. She said, "You are in control. You can do this. You are doing it." That helped boost my confidence a little bit. Around 4:15pm the room filled with people and carts and all kinds of stuff. I felt so out of it, like it was a movie happening. I started to feel sick again and threw up several times. They called the anesthesiologist at some point (again, I don't remember when) because my epi bottle and run out, so he hooked up another one.

    The doctor came in and I thought to myself, this is it. This is it! They had me push and then all of a sudden the doctor ran out of the room. They told me to stop pushing.... I was like WTF??? I told them I couldn't stop! They said just push enough to take the edge off. YEAH RIGHT! Doctor was back in a minute or so (I later found out he forgot his boots in the other room. He had delivered 6 babies by the end of that day! My dad and IL's were waiting outside the room and saw him run out and then run back in.. they were wondering what was happening!) They had me push and I could start to feel something move. I looked up at the mirror and saw part of her head! That gave me great incentive to push again. I did and her head was out! They told me to stop pushing. Yeah right. I watched the mirror as the doctor unwrapped the cord from her neck (it was around once) and suctioned out her mouth and nose. Then they said push slow. Out she came! I felt total relief. Brianna Lynn Hamilton was born on Tuesday, August 19th and 4:31pm.

    The room was suddenly quiet. I was like, what is wrong? Is something wrong? But I felt like I couldn't speak, I just looked around. My mom finally said "It's a GIRL!" Peter was standing there trying to get the camera to focus when the doc held out the scissors and told him to quickly cut the cord. They whisked her to the incubator and suctioned out her lungs. I was trying to see her, but there were so many people in the room (what were they all doing there anyway?) and everyone was gathered round her, so I couldn't see! Doctor then delivered the placenta, it was uncomfortable but I didn't care. He then told me I had two small tears that he was going to stitch up, but they were just skin tears, not muscle or anything.

    After doc finished up, people started leaving the room. They finally wrapped her up and brought her to me. It was awesome. I felt so many emotions in one second. Pictures were taken and my dad and IL's came in. Everyone was crying and hugging. Her apgars were 8/9. She weighed 8 pounds 5.1 ounces and was 20 inches long. The meconium had no adverse effects on her!


    She is now 4 weeks old. Time does go by so quickly. What an angel I have. I enjoy every moment with her. It truly is a miracle.

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    LOL.... I am quite late too Stacey! I am finally getting some time to myself now that DH is back to work... so I can read and post more. Anyways here it is.... copied from a previous post.

    Here is my birth story:

    After much walking and eating spicy food (the previous 2 weeks at least twice daily)... my labor finally began at 4:00 a.m. August 25th (one week past my due date). It started sometime before that... but I was too lazy and tired to get out of bed and begin timing the contractions. But I knew that it was definitely different from the Braxton Hicks I had been feeling non stop for the whole month previous.

    Contractions started about 8 minutes apart. By 6:00 a.m. I woke up my DH and told him what was going on... and by this time the contractions were about 5 minutes apart. Because of the previous braxton hicks... he wasn't sure that "this was it" until my pains started to become more intense. I took a shower... and yelled out the start of each contraction to DH... and they were 3-5 minutes apart by the time I was out. So we decided we better be on our way.

    At the hospital my contractions definitely became much worse. I was becoming frustrated with everything. When the nurse couldn't say our last name I was quite frustrated (even though no one ever says it right... it is spelled Goetz, but pronounced "gets".... of course everyone says "goats"). Well, when she said it a second time.... I yelled out to DH.... "Tell her how to say our name!!".

    Once they checked me, I was dilated to a 4cm. By this time I was quite uncomfortable and wanted a epidural. But they had to monitor the contractions before moving me into my L&D room.

    When we got to the room we were pleasantly surprised.... we got the SUITE! It had its own side waiting area where family could see the baby after she was born! We really lucked out. Contractions really started to pick up at this time. The nurse later told me that I was probably at the worst of the pain... I would have just had to endure the long labor (which I don't think I could have). By the time the anesthesiologist came I was dilated to a 6cm. It was like HEAVEN once the epi kicked in. It did slow down my contractions... so I was put on pitocin (which with the epi I didn't care... or so I thought).

    Shortly after the pitocin was administered... I began to feel back pain. At first it wasn't much worse than when I was dilated to a 4... so I figured that I could manage that pain. Then suddenly it was as if I had never received the epidural! When we told the nurse... she said that they would get the anethesiologist as soon as they could... but that she was in surgery, so it may be awhile. Meanwhile family started arriving. But I couldn't have anything to do with them. I was in so much pain. And DH was trying so hard to use the techniques we learned in Lamaze... but everything he tried seemed to make it worse. I didn't want him to touch me at all! It wasn't until about 2 hours later that the anethesiologist was out of surgery. By this time I was dilated to an 8cm. So she gave me a "bolis" (sp?).... instead of a constant drip of the epi.... she gave a large dose (I guess... I don't quite recall what she said.... I just wanted the pain to stop). After about 15 minutes.... it finally started to work.

    The anethesiologist explained that the epi may have been pointed downward.... so that is why I was mostly feeling numb in my legs but it did not stop the pain from the contractions. So she said to let her know if/when I felt anything again. So maybe another hour later... when I felt the same back pain beginning.... I asked the nurse to get her ASAP. She gave me another bolis. My legs were so numb I could not move them at all!!

    Shortly after my doctor returned and checked me to find out that I was completely dilated and at a +3 station. So the pushing was to begin!

    I was quite uncertain that I could push, since I couldn't feel a thing! But I guess I was doing great.... they had some way of monitoring this??? But unfortunately... even though I could see her crowning... she was not budging. First the doctor had to do the episiotomy (which I didn't want)... then when I still could not budge her.... the dr. suggested the vacuum. I said I really wanted to try longer with the pushing. But she just wasn't budging... and I was losing strength. So she used the vacuum.... and Melanie was out in a few more pushes.

    Immediately when she came out they had to suction out her nose and mouth (I was told this in advance... so I knew that she would not get to come to me right away). There were 3 doctors, my obgyn, the pediatrician, and the NICU doctor all working on my little girl. I was quite frightened... because no one was saying anything. Finally I heard a cry... which was good.... but they continued to work with her. Apparently she had swallowed some Meconium.... so she was having difficultlies breathing. They did bring her to me... but I didn't want her to stay... cause I could see that she was not breathing well on her own. So the quickly took her to the nursery to be monitored.... then shortly after to NICU. Because of the breathing... she was placed on antibiotics.

    Yikes... this is getting way too long!! Long story a little less long.... she was ok... but because she was placed on antibiotics, she needed to remain in NICU to complete them before they could give the final evaluation and release her.

    So now we have our beautiful 9lb 9oz (now 10lbs... at Tuesday's doctors appointment) girl!!! I just love her to peices!!

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    Hi! Sorry to add so late, but can someone add Tommy's bday to the list please? Tommy was born August 17 at 9:40pm. He was 7 lbs, 13 oz. I see all these bday wishes and don't want Tommy's to be missed.

    Nicholas 4/21/01
    Thomas 8/17/03

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    Tommy has been added

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    Can you add Amelia Gehret under the 8/13 birthdays? It doesn't have her name there just baby Casebolt Thanks!!!

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    Thanks Carrie for adding Tommy so quickly!! I really appreciate it!!

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