August 2005 Lovebug's Birth Stories

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August 2005 Lovebug's Birth Stories

Here is mine.. I was going to wait to tell all of you this but I decided to go ahead and do it.

We went in at 10:30 for a 12:30 section. When I got there my b/p was 155/101 and was not going down. They freaked. Finally after some fluid from the IV and a LOT of laying on my left side it came down some but not all the way. They got me all preped and off we went. My mom was also able to go in there. We go in and the get me ready for the spinal. For some reason this time it hurt really bad. It took him about 10 minutes to finally get it done. so they layed me down and started. The dr pinched my tummy to see if I was numb and I felt it a little but just passed it off as "pressure". It seemed like it took forever for them to get to JD. They got to the uterus and cut through that and the my water broke and it shot up in the air. (my mom said that it was quite funny) he was so big that they had to get the vacumm extraction out just to get his head out. I felt his head come out and then I could see that dr that was assisting him standing on a stool pushing as HARD as she could down on my belly trying to get him out. Finally I felt a huge relief and I could tell he was out. He gave it a really good cry. They showed me to him and said "awhhh he has red hair" I was like "WHAT?!?!" it was kinda shocking. (later after they washed his hair the figured out it was really blonde just looked red from all of the blood) he was perfect. Shortly after that I started to feel pain not the "pressure" from before. It was horrible. On the left side I could feel everything. I could tell that my uterus was outside of my stomach and I could feel it go back in. They almost didnt get it back in. It was pretty scary. I could feel the stitches and then I could feel the staples on the outside. So I pretty much felt everything on the left side of my tummy. I was about to go nuts. The dr gave me meds 3 times to try and get rid of the pain and it never went away. It was horrible. I bled quite a bit so they couldnt do stitches and I ended up with a drain. I finally got that out on the last day. Monday I go to get the staples out.

JD was and still is perfect. His blood sugar was a little low so he had to have some sugar water but that was it.

He was 9lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long.

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Ok here it goes.....

I was having contractions all day on July 27th but I didn't say anything to anyone. I just went about my day like nothing was going on. By about 8 pm they were getting uncomfortable but I still wasn't absolutely sure that it was real labour. So I told my dh and then I asked him to drive me out to Zellers so I could buy some Well then when we got home we all went to bed and even after I lied down the contractions continued so at about 10 pm I called L&D and they told me to come in.
My mom met us there so she could be with my boys. Well the nurse hooked me up and I was having lots of contractions ...little ones and then every 7 minutes a bigger one but I was only 3 cm dialated. The doctor came in and told me that I could go home and wait it out so they gave me a sleeping pill and we all went home. On the way home I knew we would be going back the same night. The examination really got things going. So the kids and dh went to bed and I toughed it out until 4 am. I went in our jacuzzi twice and when I couldn't stand it anymore I called L&D and they told me to come back. We went back and I was 7 cm dialated.
My sister just happened to be working also (nurse in ER) and her shift ended at 7 am so she came and stayed with us also. My dh and her both rubbed my back through every contraction. When I was almost fully dialated the doc came and broke my water and then I was ready to push. It took a while because there was still a little bit of a rim of my cervix not dialated. My sister was on one side of me and my dh was on the other helping me by holding a leg and one side of my back. I was a real suck.I told them I couldn't do it anymore and I begged for a c-section. I told them I was going to pass out and die. I can't believe what a suck I was because I didn't complain at all with my other two births. I guess it was because I was up all night and I was just pooped. There was a little bit of a scare because the baby's heartrate went up to 200. The doctor looked concerned. I was freaking out inside. So anyway, when the baby finally came out and was placed on my belly my mom brought in my two boys just as my dh was cutting the cord. They were so excited. I am just so glad that they were able to be a part of the whole thing. They are really adjusting well and are really helpful. I still can't believe that Isaac is really here. Life really is good right now. I am so happy!

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Here is mine:

July 26, 2005 ( 38 weeks 4 days)

I woke up Tuesday morning a little down because I really had hoped I would be holding my little one by that point since that is when I had Jaidyn and Chase. Instead of letting myself get to down, I decided to go ahead and just get everything I had been wanting and needing to get done, done. So I cleaned the house top to bottom, cooked all meals throughout the day, played with the kids, did their rooms, all the laundry, etc. I even mowed the backyard with the riding mower.

I went to bed at 10 pm a little sore and tired, but feeling really good & knowing that I would make it to Thursdays appt.

July 27, 2005 - 38 weeks 5 days

Woke up at 2:30 a little sore. I had a couple contractions but nothing regular and nothing major. I laid back down and went to sleep again. Chase woke me up at 3 something when he came to bed and I just couldn't get comfortable, so I got up. I had a couple really hard contractions I had to breath through and actually stop walking during to get through. Still didn't think much of it though.

At 4:30 I updated here and had my first two regular contractions. 15 minutes apart. After I updated it was 20 minutes before I got another one. I just knew they would go away because they got further apart. So when I heard Bri's alarm go off I went and laid next to him in bed. We talked and laughed about such until 5:30.

I told him to go on to work and I would call if the contractions got worse. He took his time getting ready which was good because by 6 am they were 10 minutes apart and I started feeling sick. At 6:30 they were 5 minutes apart so he went over and took the kids to my sisters. I still kept thinking we should wait an hour. He insisted we go.

I remember in the car on the way to the hospital watching the clock and they became 3 minutes apart most of hte time (sometimes 5 minutes)but I felt way too comfortable inbetween them so I still wasn't convinced it was really it.

It was a little after 7 when we got to the hospital. I walked in, filled out a paper while Bri filled out another I needed to have done and then they took me to a little montoring room where they take people before they know if its a true or false labor. We talked with the nurse, I put on the gown thingy and crawled into the bed.

She checked me and said "uh oh. This isn't good" Bri and I looked at each other and both were like "what?". She said "your an 8-9 cm and we don't have any real rooms available"

So she left really quickly. They sent in another nurse to get some info from me right away and got some blood work done. I ended up feeling really sick and threw up in a pan thingy they gave me. Once I felt a little better they put me in the wheel chair and moved me to the birthing/rooming in room. I hadn't even gotten to the other end of the hall to the room when I got another contraction.

The doctor came in and I was 9. He broke my water (after asking if I wanted him to.) and they went to get everything ready and bring into the room for the baby and such.

I had about 4 really hard contractions and felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. Then I felt the burning feeling. I told Bri to go get the doctor and the baby was coming right then. He walked out and got the nurse and the doctor (who hadn't gone far knowing I was close close to having the baby). When they got in the nurse was like "Don't push" I was like "I can't not." And then I said she was coming. Sure enough 3 pushes later she was born!!

I had totally forgotten how nice it feels once that pressure is over when the baby comes out! lol

I didn't tear or anything, which was good. No problems with having the after birth or any of that. I was able to nurse her right away and she didn't leave my room until they needed to do some blood work on her later. She was gone for only 20 minutes the whole time. While she was gone I showered, dressed, etc. I felt better good!

So yep at 8:51 am July 27, 2005 Hailey Elizabeth was born. 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long. She is perfect and wonderful and we love her to pieces!!

My sister brought the kids up that afternoon and they got to see her. Bri stayed the night at the hospital with us which nice (the kids stayed with my sister)

July 28, 2005 - 1 day old

I was okayed to leave first thing in the morning. The doctor told me how easy I made it look and how controlled I was during it all. The ped. came in and told me that one of Haileys blood test came back high meaning she could possibly have jaundice. So they checked her levels first thing and then they would again at 3. As long as they came back under 8 she could go home. If they were higher she would have to stay another night for treatments.

Her first results were 3.6 and her second was 3. something or another so at 4 pm we were released, which was great because after 3 hours of having all the kids in that hospital room I was more then ready to be home.

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This is really long, beware! Wink

On Sunday afternoon, July 31st I started noticing I was having some contractions! Even though they didn't really hurt nor were they close enough, I was so excited since I never got to that point with Raegan, and didn't have any contractions with Keaton until 8 days late. This was 8 days early and I was having some, whoo hoo! Biggrin

So they continued all night, getting slightly stronger but not too painful. They woke me up in the middle of the night and sleep was very restless, but again, not regular or super painful. Monday morning they'd slowed down but were more painful when they did come. Oh, I'd also had bloody show on Sunday night and lots more Monday.

By late afternoon I was convinced that true labor was just around the corner so I told Aaron that I wanted to walk and get it going. So we took the kids to the mall for dinner, and he watched the kids at the indoor playground and I speed walked around the mall. Ouch, it was painful but I kept going!

On our way home from the mall, my contractions really intensified and got 4 minutes apart consistently. Aaron and debated whether or not we should call his mom to stay with the kids as it was 9PM already, but then I had a few contractions 2 minutes apart and that settled it, we called my MIL and she was on her way! It takes about an hour to get to our house so in the meantime we put the kids to bed, packed a hospital bag, and we took showers too. Contractions stayed 4 minutes apart consistently.

It then dawned on me that I should probably call me doctor before we left for the hospital. This whole process was entirely new to me since we'd always been scheduled with the doc and hospital so I wasn't totally sure what to do, but I figured it out. Talked to the on-call doc, who I'd never even met, and she told me to head on in. MIL got there and we left. Contractions were still 4 minutes apart.

Got to the hospital where they checked me only to find out that I was STILL at the "almost 3" I'd been at my appointment 5 days earlier. I wanted to cry. :cry: They monitored my contractions for awhile and decided that they weren't consistent enough to admit me as they'd slowed down to 6 minutes apart and they wanted to see 2-3 mintues apart for them to consider it REAL labor. (nevermind that the hospital papers said to come when contractions are 4-6 minutes apart, and my doctor wanted me to go in when they were 7 mintues apart due to fast labors even when induced and this being my 3rd.)

I was really pissed off at this point as I KNEW I was in real labor and right when they took me off the monitor, my contractions went 2 mintues apart. I knew it was the dumb on-call lazy doctor that didn't think I was in real labor. We were given the option of going home or walking around for an hour to see if things would progress. Aaron and I did NOT want to go home so we decided to walk for an hour and boy was I grumpy about it! LOL

That hour was very painful but the contractions got closer and even more painful. After the hour was up they checked me again and HALLELUJAH I was 4cm dialated and the nurse said things were very different in my cervix. So they admitted us, yeah!

By this time it was so late, after 1AM Tuesday morning and we were exhausted, me especially since I was in labor (duh) and hadn't hardly slept the night before. I'd really wanted to have a drug free birth but I knew I needed some sleep otherwise I wouldn't have the strength to cope, so I asked for an epidural. Aaron laid down on the couch in my room and promptly fell asleep, so I was left alone to labor by myself as it took FOREVER for the anesthesiologist to come see me. I was so exhausted I was falling asleep inbetween contractions.

It was like that for about an hour or two and I dealt with it pretty well, considering my husband was SLEEPING and my labor nurse was a total *ITCH. She was nasty and unfeeling and uncaring. As I am in labor, she tells me, "You've been frowning since you got here, you need to smile more." I was shocked! :shock: So I told her, "Well, I am in labor and I am pretty tired, so while I am extremely happy to be in labor, it's kinda hard for me to smile when I've got all this tension in my forehead." I mean....DUH! I'm so sure that every laboring mother is all smiles! This was after 2 in the morning too! She said plenty of other pleasantries, but the other one I remember the best she said right after they put in my epidural but before it was working. I'd been laboring on my side and they had me lay on my back for something. While laying flat on my back I had another doozy of a contraction and it KILLED since I was in that position. So I'm in pain and said while contracting how much worse it hurt when I was on my back and answers "Nurse of the Year", "No it doesn't." :shock: Ummm...okay, I thought that *I* was the one feeling the contractions, but apparently not. :roll: I was so done with her at that point but wait, there's more!

By the time epidural man came I was dialated to a 6. BN (aka *ITCH NURSE) came in to check me and I was still at a 6 and apparently my contractions weren't very consistent. (Contractions never got consistent with Raegan or Keaton either but I managed to deliver them fine anyway!). So BN gets on the phone with the on-call doctor, whom I'd like to refer to as BD, (*ITCH DOCTOR) to let her know. This doc did not know me at all, we'd never met, she obviously didn't care about me or how I'd wanted the labor to go. I told BN repeatedly that if they broke my water that it would speed things up since they were all so freaking anxious. Did BN or BD care or listen??? No..... So I was sleeping and BN comes in talking on the phone. I woke up in time to hear her tell BD that she's starting me on Pit. I thought that I surely must've heard her wrongly, there is no way that they would just start Pitocin on me without my permission, right??? WRONG! Sure enough she starts me on Pitocin without even informing me, much less asking me and walks out with no explanation.

Aaron woke up right after that to find me bawling my eyes out. I was so upset, I swore I'd never have Pitocin after having it with Raegan, I just hated it so much and am against it for me. My doc knew how I felt and would NEVER have just forced it on me like that. I felt totally violated and like my labor and birth wishes had been jerked out of my hands just like that. I know it's silly but I really was upset...still am. I feel like the BD was being lazy by ordering Pitocin on me instead of #1 just letting my labor proceed on its own or #2 breaking my water which I was way more open to doing. Because then she would've had to come down to the hospital and do her job...not just hurry my labor up and then wait for the last minute to come and catch the baby so she could get paid. So anyway, I was extremely upset and feeling very defeated. I cried myself to sleep after that.

So then BN comes and checked me again and I was a 6/7 at about 5AM. She didn't check me after that and her shift ended at 7AM which was laziness I think but I'm glad because if I was complete there's no way I would want BD to deliver the baby.

My doctor arrived at 7:35 AM and I was so glad to see her! I didn't like her at first but after she quit bugging me about an induction I liked her a lot more. She'd heard about what happened with BD and felt really bad for me. I told her that I was feeling contractions again so she checked me and I was complete! YEAH! She had me give a practice push but made me stop because he was coming. So she had all the nurses bring everything in the room and broke down the bed. I pushed through about 1 1/2 contractions and Gavin was born at 7:45AM, just 10 mintues after the doc got there!

He came out screaming and just perfect! His Apgars were 9/9. My dr said that they don't give 10s where we live because of something to do with the high elevation but that he was the healthiest looking baby she remembers seeing! They put him on my chest and Aaron cut the cord. Then they took him to be weighed and he was 8lbs 14oz, one ounce bigger than Raegan was, and 20 1/2 inches. He is my biggest, shortest and earliest baby. He looks just like his sister Raegan with a little Keaton thrown in there but his coloring is totally different. His hair is very blonde.

So that is Gavin's birthstory! It did not go 100% as I'd wanted due to BN and BD....but he was born perfectly healthy and beautiful and that is what is most important. Biggrin

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Jospeh's Story

Monday Aug 1st...I went to my scheduled 38 week appointment. My dr wanted to see me quick before he went out of town for a week. At the appointment the nurse took my initial blood pressure and it was fairly elevated. When the dr came in he took my bp and it was up even more. I told him that i had been having more frequent false biggie. He told me that i would be likely they would induce me the week that he returned. He had me lay down for a few mn and when he returned to recheck my blood pressure it was a little higher yet! He was like "well maybe we should just have the baby today, hehe" I laughed. We talked a little more and then he checked me. I was still at 2 cm. He left the room while i dressed and returned and said "How would you like to have the baby today?" I was shocked but said ok! He said good because i already called the hospital! After i left the clinic i made a few calls and went home. to grab a few things.

Ron and I arrived at the hospital at around 2pm cst. After being checked and admited they finally started the pitocin around 3:30ish. I didn't feel any contractions until around 8:00pm. They started to feel like really uncomfortable menstral biggie, i was breathing through them. At 9:15ish the dr checked me and i was at three. Then the contractions started to get stronger....way way stronger....poof the deep breathing was gone, i was ready for my epidural. I guess during the contractions i said to Ron that i changed my mind and i wanted to just keep the baby inside and go home....he did fight the urge to laugh at that point! I asked to be checked again at about 10:45ish....and low and behold i was at 4!! Sweet its epidural time!! Once i got the epidural i was awesome, i thought that my contractions had stopped! I could still feel pressure but it wasn't painful. Once the epidural was in full effect, Dr broke my water at about 11:45pm. Everyone thought it was going to be a while so Ron and I took a snooze. about 1:15am i felt the enormous about of pressure and i asked the nurse to check me...i was at 9!! sweet! by the time the dr came in, i was at 10 and ready to push! After 40 mn of pushing, and a final push that was so fast the Dr didn't even have time to put his gloves on! I tore a small amount.

Joespeh was born at 2:03 and when he was weighed everyone was very surprised that he was a 5lb 7oz peanut! He is very healthy!

Thats my story. I can't complain at all for a labor that only really was about 6 hours!

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Heres mine Biggrin

Jayden Luke
Born Tuesday 2nd August 9.01am

We were supposed to be going to the hospital on Wednesday 3rd August for the CSEC due to the flexed breech but it turns out Jayden had other ideas Biggrin

Tuesday morning (2nd Aug) I woke up at about 4.30am with what I thought was trapped wind (got to love denial huh?) so I walked about a bit and it just got worse, coming in waves, so I had a bath and it wasn't until I was in the bath that it dawned on me that they might be contractions :oops:

Felt 'just a little stooopid' at that point... Lol

I checked and realised they were lasting about 30-40 seconds and about 4/5 minutes apart roughly. I woke Kev up at 5.45 and said I was going to ring the hospital just in case and when I did they said to come in within the next hour or so.

Well the pains got steadily worse and I started growling at poor ol DH a bit and we got to the hospital at about 7.15am. By now they were 40 seconds and a couple of minutes apart. Got to the labour ward and they checked he was still breech 'uh... yes..' and there were various 'oh were'nt you coming in tomorrow moring?' LOL oops, sorry, i'll go home shall I? :roll:

They started prepping theatre with no real rush really, they gave me gas & air (GREAT stuff ) and at about 8.00am they checked me and I was 5cm dilated Then a couple of minutes later my waters broke and they checked and there was quite a bit of meconium in them and then it all started to happen very quickly. In between contractions I walked into the theatre and they explained exactly what would happen, they were all so friendly and nice, tryign to put me at ease, they they did the Spinal Block whcih didnt hurt that much, apart from anythign else I was still concentrating on the contractions and the gas'n'air to be too bothered about what was going on behind me

They got it in, then spend a while stabbing me with pins to check I felt numb ~ thats the most nerve wracking thing, thinking, if i get it wrong, then will i feel the caesar op? lol, anyway, they pulled up the screen once it was done, lots of pulling and shoving, DH was great, talking to me etc and then I heard a little cry and they whisked him onto that (scarily named I think! - Resusitaire YIKES lol) then asked me if i wanted dh to introduce our baby to me so he went over and he came back with him and said 'Its Jayden!'


They put him on my chest for a while while they stitched me up but i was feeling really sick from the spinal which they said was normal so DH held him where I could see, they cleaned him up a bit more while they were transfering me onto a normal bed then gave them to me and he latched on straight away while i was lying on my side!

He's got really dark blue eyes and blond hair which is a bit longer at the back (a bit of a mullet ) and a tiny lil mouth like me! I reckon he's got DH's nose, which is def a good thing Lol , He's 6lbs6oz, no idea how long, they never told me... and his agpar was 8/9.

Thats our story ~ Thanks for listening Biggrin

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Mine has disappeared, so... (TMI warning!)

Friday, July 22nd
My first day of maternity leave.
While having dinner with my in-laws who were visiting from Tenn, I thought I was just having a lot of cm. When I got home at 9:30, turns out my pants were slightly damp in the crotch. Immediately freaked. Didn't want to say anything to Dh, since I felt no contractions whatsoever. Just ran around, cleaning maniacally and packing Jake's bag. (Something I meant to do the week I thought I would be off before he was born.) I was still leaking a little bit.

Dh announced at 11 pm that he was going to bed, so I finally told him what was going on. He stayed up with me. I took a shower since I wasn't sure when my next one would be.

Saturday, July 23rd
After posting here with what was going on, I called the hospital and they told me to come in. We decided that since it was so late, we wouldn't call anyone until we were sure this was the real thing. Got there about 12:30 am and was put in a bed in L&D triage. They hooked me up to all the monitors and checked me. My doc had said I was 2 cm at my appointment on Wednesday, but the nurse said I was a "loose 1." I guess just a difference in finger size. (My doc is a very small lady.) She told me I was having contractions, but I couldn't feel them. She swabbed me a couple times to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid, but it wasn't enough to have it register on the litmus paper stuff. She told me to go home and wait until I was either leaking more or having strong contractions. She said we'd probably be back in a day or 2. We got home about 3 am, stayed up for 1/2 hour (because we were both wired) then went to bed. We left the bags in the truck.

Dh put me under house arrest for the day, since we were both convinced that we would be headed back to the hospital very soon. As the day went on, I started leaking more (enough to warrant a new pad every couple hours). I was holding off on going back to the hospital, because even though I could feel some contractions, they were very weak and I didn't want to be sent home again. If I was going in, I wasn't leaving without a baby in my arms!

A friend of ours visiting from S. Florida came by to see us and as he was preparing to leave, I started having some pretty good strength contractions. I kept looking at the clock right behind him, and they were about 5 minutes apart. Strong enough that carrying on a conversation was difficult. But still I waited. They stayed 5 to 7 minutes apart and got a little stronger, so that I had to stop and lean against the wall until they passed. About 7 pm, I felt a small gush and almost ran the 10 ft to the bathroom. Now I was leaking pinkish fluid. Looking back, I should have told Dh right then to hop in the truck, but I waited. I was really scared of being sent home again.

By 8 pm, I went to tell Dh that I was going to lay down (I had been cleaning maniacally again) and if I was still having the contractions in an hour, we would go. I mentioned the pinkish fluid and he said we should go ahead and go to the hospital. We were back in L&D triage about 8:30 and not 10 minutes after we got there, they were packed. They had ladies in the waiting room because triage was full. They hooked me back up to the monitors, said I was still 1 cm and they would check me again in an hour. At 10:30, they finally said they would check me again (the poor girl was SO busy). She ducked out to get some gloves and the Hoover Dam finally let go. I'm surprised it didn't leak over the sides of the bed! That alone was enough to get me admitted, so Dh went to call everyone. My family came in about 15 minutes later (they live literally 3 minutes away) and Mom was annoyed with me for #1. not telling them about the false alarm the night before and #2. that I was only 1 cm dialated. Like I could do a whole lot about that!

Sunday, July 24
At 12:30 am, I was finally able to get into a room. They hooked me up to a saline drip and introduced me to my IV buddy. The floor was so busy, they only checked me every 2 or 3 hours. My family went home and said they'd come back in the morning. I dozed in between contractions, still about 5 minutes apart.

At 7am, the shift changed. My nurse introduced me as "my step-child" (since I had been neglected most of the night) to the day nurse that was taking over. She in turn introduced herself as the "Pitocin Nazi" and said that I was going to have my baby before her shift ended. They put me on pitocin, antibiotics (since my water had broken nearly 12 hours before), and glucose (since I hadn't eaten for almost 24 hours).

My family came back and stayed with us a while. The contractions picked up some, but by about 11 am I was only 3 cm so they upped the pitocin.

By noon, we kicked my family out (because I could not relax with all 7 of them there being loud) and gave me some Nubain. So much for my natural labor. It didn't get rid of the pain, but made it bareable. That made me dopey and I dozed for about an hour.

By 1 pm, the Nubain wasn't enough anymore and I asked for an epidural. I was proud of myself for going 17 hours before I asked for it. By 1:45 I was a much happier person.

Soon I was at 6 cm, by 2:45 I was 8cm, and at 3:45 I was ready to push.
I pushed for about 10 minutes before they called for the doctor. They set up a mirror for me, grabbed the camera from Dh, and called for the doctor again. I could see in the mirror where the nurse was literally holding him in. After one more call, the doctor finally arrived.

Jacob William was born at 4:44 pm on July 24, 2005. He weighed 7 lbs 6.3 oz and was 20.25 inches long. He immediately gave a very high pitched shriek, looked around and peed on the doctor. That's what she gets for being late.

They cleaned me up and Dh stayed with Jacob while he was being weighed and cleaned up. The nurse that was with me commented that she didn't think he had been out of physical contact with the baby for a minute. It was so cute!

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It all started on Thursday Aug. 4th at 4:30pm. I had just taken an afternoon walk in hopes of getting things started and returned home hot and tired. I went pee and then got down on the carpet on all fours. My intent was to lay on the carpet, in front of the fan, and cool off but my body had different plans. I felt kinda a pop and then warmness ran down my leg. My first thought was that I peed myself, but then again I had gone literally 10 seconds ago, my second thought was 'OMG must be my water' and I ran to the bathroom for fear of ruining all our carpet. Never had I thought that one person has so much fluid in them. I stood in the bathroom in shock that buckets and buckets of water kept on pouring out. So I sat on the potty and it stopped and I figured the worst was over. They never tell you that the water will keep on coming out once you stand up again :-? Anyway 3 beach towls and 5 pads later we were on our way to the hospital. The L&D nurse on the phone had said to bring all our stuff because we would not be coming home for a while. All the way there all I could think was how the heck was I going to get to the 4th floor of the hospital without leaving a stream of water behind me! Had a few small contrations in the car on the way to the hospital but nothing major.

We got to the hospital at 6:30 and a doc. came in to check me out. I was only 1 cm and 80% and having practically no contrations. She told us we could start pitocin right away or try walking around, but she thought pitocin would be the best bet since my body wasn't putting out any contractions. I so did not want to use pitocin so I we tried walking first. That lasted all of about 40 minutes as I was tired by this point and all the walking produced some contractions but nothing regular. So pitocin it was! At 9:00pm, After peeing in a bucket they got me all hooked up for a long ride. It turns out I was really dehydrated (sp?) and that was possibly why my water broke but no labor really followed it. Contractions started mild at first and then picked up big time. At midnight I got some pain killers which worked at taking the edge of the peak of the contractions. Those worked all of an hour and a half. And I was only dialated 2cm and now 100% with baby at a 0. So more pitocin it was. By 5:30am I was toast. I hadn't slept, contractions were horrid due to the pitocin, I had the major shakes from all the meds and fluids, and I was starving so they ordered me up an epidural. Best thing in the world, and it didn't hurt a bit. After the epidural my blood pressure took a dive and it got really low. Somewhere around 60/20 so they gave me a shot of something or other to pick it up. Of corse that gave me the worst shakes of my life. After the whole ordeal I was able to sleep a little but got really afraid to fall asleep for some reason (probably the 100 nurses and docs coming in to check my blood pressure every 2 minutes with that look on their face). By 9:00I had dialated to a 4 and thats where I stayed until the afternoon. The doc came and talked to me at 3:30pm to let me know that I would need to conside a c-section. One because I had almost broken my water 24 hours ago and two because they measured the baby that there was very little chance that he was going to fit. At 4:00pm my epidural ran out so they got me all hooked up for with more drugs, and more shakes, and weeled me into the operating room. At this point I had a breakdown and totally started crying because I was so scared. Luckily my DH came in and helped settle me. Didn't feel a thing with the c-section except for lots of take your breath away pressure as they pushed on the top of my stomack to force the baby out. At 4:20pm our little boy Ryland Connor was born. He didn't cry right away but they assured me that he was fine. He weighed 8 pound 14 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. He scored a 7 and a 9 on his apagar thing. Dh brought him over so I could see him but I don't really remember too much about that. DH went with baby Ryland to the nursery and I went to recovery where I must have been totally loopy cause I called all the family I could find programmed in my cell phone. Finally they wheeled me into my room and DH joined me. It was like 3 hours after that (5 total) that I finally got to see my handsom boy. We spent a few hours with him and then they kept him in the nursery for the night. They tried to bring him back to BF but I was really sick throwing up (so much for the liquid diet they give you) and all so I told them to bottle feed him and I basically crashed.

Well thats the story not too exciting. We stayed in the hospital for 4 days and got lots of time to bond with Ryland and get help from the nurses. Now we are home and taking it one day at a time.

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Kayla’s Birth Story

Kayla was due on Friday, August 12, 2005. We didn’t know if she was a girl or a boy. We knew I would be delivering by c-section since both Sean and Hannah were delivered that way and were excited to have Tuesday, August 9, 2005 as her scheduled delivery date. That day would have been her GranDon’s 76th Birthday.

We arrived at the hospital at 7:30am. We signed our last two admittance forms and were taken into the triage area to start getting prepped for surgery. I got changed, hooked up to a monitor, my IV started and some blood taken. Then we basically sat for an hour and went through additional paperwork/risks etc. I signed additional consent forms for my c-section and tubal. Around 9am, we headed downstairs to the Operating Room/Recovery area. Mike got on his scrubs and we waited for my doctor to arrive since he was stuck in traffic. At 9:50, we headed into the OR and I got my spinal. The nurses finished my prep and the surgery finally began. It took some extra time to get to the baby thanks to scar tissue and finally the doctor said “OK, let’s deliver this baby.” After several good tugs I heard “What a big baby” followed by a lusty cry. The nurse said “Happy Birthday sweetie” and my doctor said “It’s a girl!!!!”

Kayla hollered the whole time she was being checked over. Her APGAR’s were an 8 and a 9. Once the initial check was done, the nurse brought Kayla over and held her up for us to see. The surgery finally finished and we were moved to recovery around 11am. The doctor came in and told me the surgery went better than expected for a 3rd c-section. I didn’t have too much scar tissue and all of the risks were easily avoided. He tried to convince us to name Kayla “Kayla Steven” after him but we politely declined. The nurse brought Kayla over for us to hold and I told her to let Mike hold her first. He held her for a few minutes and then handed her to me to hold and nurse. She latched on pretty quickly and ate for 10 minutes. Then she went back in the warmer until noon when we were moved to our room.

My spinal didn’t wear off for several hours. I did get some of the gas pains that shoot out your shoulder but no where near as many as I had with Hannah. I had to stay in bed until almost lunchtime on Wednesday because my one leg was still slightly numb and I had to wait to get up until it was fully back to normal. I had a much easier time getting up and moving around after this delivery than the prior two.

Kayla has been a great sleeper so far and except for forgetting to open her mouth wide to latch on, she’s been doing great eating. Overall, this was a great delivery for being my last. We were released from the hospital at 8pm on Thursday night and she slept the whole way home and only woke to feed 3 times between 9pm and 6am.

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Parker Riley Johns

I went into labor early, my water had not broken, I had no bloody show. I was only 2cm and 80% effaced at my doctors apointment.

I had been feeling contractions for pretty much 24 hours before I realized that's what they were. By that time they were quite intense and quite frequent - still no water broken. When we went to L&D after contracting all day arriving at 4:40pm, I had only effacted to 90% and was still at 2cm.

The nurses admitted me to the hospital for a 23 hour observation period as I was showing a fever, dehydration and my blood indicated I was fighting an infection. They told me these things were causing the contractions and that if they got them under control that I might not be in real labor... so they pumped me full of saline, water, juice and brought my fever down. However, none of this stopped my contractions - they continued on and on gaining in strength. After several hours of contractions that were becoming so very intense, I ended up asking for help with the pain. They gave me stadol, it made me feel drunk, and did not take but half of the pain away but it was enough for me to relax some. I ended up receiving 2 doses of stadol, then as I had only progressed to 2.5cm after several hours the nurses told me I needed to deal with the pain without the stadol - hoping to get me to progress further. My water ended up breaking at midnight shortly before a nurse checked me again for progress - when she saw that she. That caused my contractions to worsen but still no more progress dialating, I ended up begging for an epidural.

The nurses pushed back and did not want to give me an epidural as I had not progressed very far, they told me that getting an epidural too early increases your risk of c-section. Finally, after I had been there about 12 hours they gave in and got the doctors permission to give me one though they told me it would probably prolong my labor.

They gave me the epidural sometime shortly after 530am. It was a GODSEND! Though I could still feel my contractions as a pressure they did not hurt anymore. I was able to doze into a light rest for about an hour and I felt my contractions change - the pressure increasing. Around 6:40am the nurse checked my progress and I was at 4cm, she told me to let her know when I felt pressure. I called her a couple minutes later. She checked me again and I had jumped to 8-9cm in those couple minutes.

I woke up DH and my Mom as they had fallen asleep when I received the Epidural. The nurses had already been in contact with my doctor and she was already on her way. The next couple contractions they told me to try not to push - this is a very difficult thing when your body decides it is going to push no matter what.

The doctor arrived at 7:05am and then the pushing began. The room flooded with nurses. After 30 minutes of pushing the doctor had me feel Parkers head as he crowned. At first I did not want to do this, but when they had me touch him I found it VERY encouraging to push harder and meet my little guy! I started tearing in 2 places so the doctor gave me an epesiodimy to prevent the tears from spreading further. Then little Parker was born! 7:34am. They rested him on my chest and let me kiss him before they took him to the warmer int he corner of the room to be cleaned up and examined.

My epidiodimy turned out to be a 3rd degree. (They only go to 4 degrees) Though I don't recomend them, I honestly could feel myself tearing so I think the doctors call was right.

Parker ended up having the same infection I had come into L&D with, due to my positive Strep B culture they put him on antibiotics immediately worried that he had contracted the bacteria. After several tests and 72 hours in the hospital they discovered he was fine, no bacteria, the infection cleared up. They had released me at 48 hours but provided me with a Nesting Room so that I could stay at the hospital with him though I was not an official patient anymore.

Then prior to release, the doctors noticed he was showing signs of jandice. When they tested him he was in a high risk zone so they had him stay int he hospital 8 hours to see if it clearned up, they retested and he was getting worse. So they are keeping him another night and putting him under the UV lights. If he does well with the light therapy they will send him home today after having stayed in the hospital 5 days.

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Heres ours!

On July 31st approx 6 days before my scheduled c section I woke up with what seems like period cramps and a weird feeling in my lower uterus...nothing painful so we went to church at 11 and church again at 6.
Throughout the day I had some contrax but nothing that was strong and regular. By bed time I really had a feeling that something was going to happen. So I made my hospital bag and the babies bag. I called my mom and told her what was up and then tried to go to bed. Oh and I also put all the babies clothes away. That was my nesting for the entire pregnancy lol

At around 2 in the morning the crampy feeling was stronger and I kept getting more contrax..enough to make it hard for me to sleep. At 4 I got up again ate some waffles and stayed up. Now I was having regular contrax so I thought well if they are real they will get stronger when I walk. So I walked all throughout the house. While my DH got ready for work. They werent super painful but I had to stop in the middle of them and if I walked it felt better then sitting down. I was so tired though!! My DH called my mom and I told them I wanted to wait some more so that the girls could go to school. So at about 6 or 7 we drove to my moms.
I was really calm and as long as I was walking I felt okay. As soon as I sat down it wasnt very pleasent. So we got the gilrs situated and were at the hospital at 8. They checked me and I was almost a 4 and 90 percent effaced. I told them he was breech so the gave me an u/s. he wasnt breech...he was transverse!!!! they started prepping me right away. i figured it whouldnt be another hour or 2 before the section so i sent george off to target to get me some nightgowns. he didnt want to witness it anyhow so my mom was there! my mom was SO excited!! they wheeled me down there and i immediatly started to cry. I wasnt scared, I was just so shocked! This was it! My baby was going to come out, and my pregnancy whould be over. I rubbed my stomach like a mad woman and talked to the baby like I had lost my mind. When they got me in the room I started crying even harder. Again I wasnt scared. I was just so overwhelmed. After they gave me the spinal I felt better. After I went completely numb they immediatly drew up the sheets and I could just tell they were cutting and then like 5 second later I felt tugging and pulling, I called out "hey can my mom come in here?!" She got in there right before they started oulling to get his feet out. Then his head whouldnt come out! It was all so WEIRD!! When they finally did get him out and he started to cry then I started to cry. My mom told me he looked like helena...all I remember saying was that "i already love him so very much" then I started to gain feeling so they put the gas mask over me and I could hear everything but I had no cares for it lol It was nice lol
Then they took it off of me, I was all stapled shut and I heard someone say "here you go mama, heres your baby" I turned to look but I couldnt focus at all...he was in double vision. When I did see him I thought "He has really big eyes..and his skin is so soft!" I kissed him as he sucked on his hands and then my mom kissed me as they wheeled me into another room. I was in the recovery area for about 2 hours before I met up with him in the hallway. And then they wheeled me to my room. I didnt see him for another 3 hours. but when i did it made the pain bearable!!! and im still so amazed that i have a son!!!!lol


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I went to the doctor for my 39 week check up on Wednesday morning and he did a NST and Caydence wasnt being very active so i had to stay on the machine for a hour...then he did another internal exam and he siad i was 3cm dialated and that if i wasnt to go into labor by Monday then i would be induced. I came home after and didnt feel good so i took a up around 7:30 and my back was killing 8:00 i was crying on the phone to my mom about how i was having bad contractions...8:30 my water broke....called DH at work (30 minutes away) and told he got so excited that he forgot to come pick me up before going to the hospital (30minutes from where we live)...after 45 minutes of waiting and freaking out because i didnt have anyone else to come get me i call the hospital and ask if my husband is there and they say yes... So i had to let them know that they needed to find him and tell him to come get me...
At 10:25 i got to the hospital...and i was in SO much pain it wasnt funny my contractions kept hitting me every 2 minutes....I am very proud of myself because i had her with no drugs! The pain was bad but i could bare it...i didnt want to be out of it when my baby came out...1:20 i started screaming at my doctor who kept telling me not to a minute later he let me, but told me that she had a bowl movement and when i had her head out that i needed to stop pushing for a couple of seconds so he could suck all the icky stuff out of wasnt even a minute but it felt like forever between the first push that made her head pop out and the second one....1:30 she is out...and i hear her little cry...DH was crying way before i even heard her...she has lots of hair and loves to sleep all the time...ive been trying to get her to breast feed but she isnt really wanting im useing a pump until she gets the hang of some formula....She was so big that on the way out her left collar bone got broken, but the doctor said it will heal fast. Ive never loved anyone/anything so much in my life!! Even with all of my problems during my pregnancy..i would do it over again in a heart beat... Ill get some more pictures up later... Thanks for reading

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Ok meet my little man: Toby William Froud born on the 17th August 2005 weighing 8lbs and half an oz.

Fist pic taken coverd in vernix about 20 mins old.

While in recovery about 1 hour old and im sooo tired!

Today (2days old) thaught he looked cute with his dummy in!

Went in for a possible cesarean at 8am wednesday. Had been told id have to wait all day and may get sent home as they had over booked. To my surprise they took me straight in. Scared! They walked me into theatre and gave me my spinal and an iv. This was the worse bit. Lay me on table and checked spinal worked. Steve came in and within 10 mins i heard a scream followed by surgeon saying hey dont cry your not out yet! Toby was perfect born at 953am weighing 8lbs and I cried so hard. They stitched me up but had had to cut a new scar as my old cut was wiggly. Took me to recovery where I stayed until 5pm Toby slept through night 1 and stayed awake night 2 and now im home after 2 days!!! was told a week hehe. Recovering well and can honestly say was the most pleasurable experience of my life the spinal hurt but thats it. Hes adorable and scored 9 in apgars. Oh yeah they gave him to me skin to skin for first hold and he weed in my face! I love him soooo much!

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Saturday I had been cleaning all day expecting my FIL to be staying with us in a few. I kept my self very busy just hoping this little guy would take my nesting as a hint. It must have worked.

I layed down at 6pm Saturday for a quick powernap. I was exhausted after all that cleaning. Jason had just gotten home from the gym and I thought he'd maybe go pick us up sometihng for dinner soon since i was also hungry. At 6:10 I was jolted up by what I thought was maybe a contraction. I had this huge urge to go to the bathroom too and when I did I couldn't stop peeing which was quite a change from the last several months of tinkles. I went back in the bedroom, hoping more would follow. About 15 minutes later, one did with the same urge to go to the bathroom. I had a few like this and at 7:15 I told Jason if he wanted something to eat, he better do it soon cause I thought we'd end up in the hospital sometime that night.

We decided to call my grandma to come pick up our dog. By the time I got off the phone with her, my contractions were so close I wasn't even timing the. I called the dr and told her they were constant and she told me to go in. As soon as grandma got there we were on our way. We got to the hospital at 8:05. The nurse was waiting for us, but she didn't have such great news. She told me with constant contractions, it was usually flase labor and they might have to send me home. They were going to hook me up and check me for a half hour and see what happens. I told her I wasn't going anywhere so to get the dr there. She didn't believe me.

My contractions were every minute to 90 seconds apart some without a break altogether, but I was only at 1 1/2 ~ 90%. Needless to say I got to stay. They suggested drinking lots of water since I hadn't had much to drink all day. I also decided to take a shower because walking just wasn't going to happen. After a half hour in the shower and lots of shakes later, they checked me again and I was at a 3 ~ 100%! I'll remember that next time too. They asked if I wanted any pain meds. My original plan was no, but at this time I needed something for the edge and I still couldn't get the epi. Before they could even get the Nubain started, I got sick all over myself. So I was back to the shower to rinse off. The good thing was, she said I would be a 4 in no time, they'll page the epi guy for me. They gave me the Nubain for the time being and also a cathetor since I still wasn't able to give them a urine sample. It didn't do much, but when the "epi god" (as I call him) showed up at 10, I was in heaven. Sure I hated him for making me move around so much and bend over during some rough contrax, but 15 minutes later I was loving him. I couldn't feel a thing and was finally able to relax. Jason and my mom and I chatted about stuff and watched tv waiting for things to progress. I liked staring at my monitors to see when contrax were coming that I couldn't feel. At midnight I was dilated to 5 1/2, and at 3 I was complete. They decided to turn down the epi so i could start to feel contrax so I could push. They told me it would probably be around 5 or so when I would start. At 4 am I was ready to go. Pushing wasn't as bad as I expected and actually felt better than going through the contraction.

One hour later, Colin was born and he had some problems breathing and his color was funny so they took him to the nursery while they finished with me. Jason went with him though and soon they came back and I got to hold him finally. He was perfect and the love of my life. I'd do it a million times over to have him again. I got lucky, less than 12 hours of labor, minimal pain from some stories I had heard (you know how everyone wants to tell you their horror story while they are pregnant), and I have the most precious little boy in the end.

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She is three days old now.. how is it the last three days of pregnancy can go by so slowly, but her first three days go by in the blink of an eye. It is surely one of those "hold onto these moments as they pass" times in my life.

And now, the details...

My due date was August 21st, my doctor and I decided that I would go in to be induced on August 25th if she wasn’t here yet. So, the 24th was spent cleaning the house with my husband, playing with the boys, making a nice dinner. I knew for sure I was going into the hospital the next morning, so I wanted to make the best of my last day as a mommy of two boys. Or.. maybe it was a massive dose of nesting, a sure sign I was just about to go into labor.

Tuesday, just hours before I went into labor

Exhausted, I brought the kids to my parent’s house and was in bed by 10 pm. After no more than an hour of sleep, I was awake, and would be for quite some time. It didn’t take too long for me to recognize that the contractions were not the braxton hicks I had been having for weeks, but the real deal. I trip to the bathroom proved me right, enough bloody show to wear a pad for the first time in nine months. By 2:30 am I was in the shower trying to cope with contractions that were coming every three minutes. My DH got up and came downstairs with me, where we held out until the time we had planned on leaving for my scheduled induction.

Wednesday morning, just before I changed into my hospital gown, the last ever belly picture, 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant. (sniffles back a tear)

We arrived at the hospital for 6 am. I let them know that I had been scheduled for an induction that morning, but that I had been contracting on my own all night. They got me into a room and on a monitor. Between contractions, I had to answer a book length list of questions. It was around 8 am when they started trying to give me the IV. I warned them that it never goes easily, and sure enough it turned into a huge ordeal. They tried once, they tried twice… by the third time my body started reacting badly to the stress and pain, as my blood pressure took a huge dive and the baby’s heart rate dropped right along with it. I nearly passed out. During all of this, my water broke. My water never breaks on it’s own, so that was really strange. There was maconium in the water, so they explained to me how this would affect things when she was born. I wouldn’t be able to hold her straight away, but she would need to be cleaned up and suctioned, and checked over well first. Anyway, when they finally got things stabilized and got me checked, I had made it to 5 cm, 90% effaced, and I think a +1. At that point, they decided that an induction was completely unnecessary.

When my doctor made his rounds that morning, he was very happy to hear of all the progress I had made, and said I could have an epidural if I wanted one. Being I was up all night, and I had been through this twice before, I decided I did not want to endure all this pain for a third time, and I would try it. This is another part of the story, very much like the IV ordeal, I am going to try and shorten up. One try, two tries, three tries, nearly an hour later, and seven tries, they manage to get the epidural in. Of course, at that point, I had a bad reaction to the epi. My blood pressure dropped, Charisma’s heart rate dropped, and I began throwing up. I was given some medication to help the problem, but it happened again a half an hour later. At that point, we decided that my body just wasn’t reacting well, and it was affecting the baby, so I would just have to settle with a reduced dose of the medication. I can’t say I regret it, all together, because it really did make it about 75% easier to deal with than my last two labors, but it wasn’t the miracle I was hoping for either.

After the epidural, my labor stalled, the contractions were coming, but they weren’t helping me progress. I was put on pitocin, in hopes of speeding things along, but I remained between 5 and 6 cm dilated until 3 pm. Charisma’s heart rate kept dropping with the contractions, so every time I had a contraction I had to use an oxygen mask. Finally, around 5 pm, I had made it to 8 cm, the contractions were getting a lot more intense, my partial epidural was barely taking the edge off at that point. I was complete and ready to push by 5:30, but I had to wait for my doctor to get there. Great guy, but he really could have hurried it up a little! The nurses were getting the bed ready and telling me to cross my legs! Can you imagine, cross my legs, her head was right there; I could barley get my legs together, let alone cross them! Anyway, my doctor did finally show up, and to defend him a little, it only took him about 10 -15 minutes, it just felt like forever. I gave one practice push, and then I waited for another contraction. During that one contraction, two pushes later, at 5:48 pm, Charisma Elisabeth came screaming into the world. They assured me, yes; I really did have a baby girl.

With that, my birth story is complete. The rest are just minor details. The group b strep didn’t cause much of a problem; I got four doses of antibiotic through out my labor, and let me tell you, it burned my entire arm! I only needed two stitches, so recovery in that aspect isn’t too bad. My back, however, is a mess, 7 little holes and one massive bruise. But let me tell you, holding her in my arms is nothing short of a miracle. I look back on the belly pictures I took just this week, and I can’t believe that it is over, and she is here. She is so precious; I can’t even begin to describe the feeling. Three pregnancies, three labors, three births, and three beautiful children. My family is now complete.

12 hours after my last belly shot, we welcomed Charisma Elisabeth into the world.


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I went to Dr's apt Monday, Aug 22nd morning at 11 am and I was still not dilated but cervix was soft and 50% effaced. We decided I would go into the the hospital on Monday at 6pm to get the cervical pill inserted through the night to help dilation and induction would start Tuesday morning. I was having smaller contractions through the night and they started pitocin Tues at 6am, water was broke at noon and contractions were very strong after that...they were 30 secs to a minute a part so it was rough as I was getting no break. By 3pm I was only 1 cm and the Dr said I could get I did. After getting the epidural and the pitocin kept running Max's heartbeat started dropping. They turned pitocin off and Max was better but contractions were now 14-15 mins apart (can believe after breaking water, this is what they were). They decided to try pitocin again and Max's heartbeat started dropping again. They kept having me change positions and giving me oxygen. It was really scary and I had only slept 2 hrs the night before so to say I was emotional was an understatement. At 7pm I was only a little over 1 cm... Dr came in about 8pm and talked about options. Before I was so scared of having a c-sec but now I just wanted him out... I was wheeled into operating room at 9am and Max was born at 9:57pm. From all the labor during the day, he had some trouble when he came out but was good by a 1/2 hour. I was so out it and shaking the whole time and in recovery could not move my arms and was having trouble staying awake. I finally got to hold him after an hour and half and he nursed for a little while. He is absolutely beautiful and his Daddy and I are so happy.

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Here’s the birth story of Audrey, it’s long.

I started having mild contractions on Mon Aug 22nd. Tues the same, Wed a bit more, etc etc.
Friday night they were irregular and 20-30 minutes apart. Saturday, all day, 20 min apart. I was not comfortable so we called the hospital to see what they though. The lady on the phone said wait until 5 minutes apart. That night they stayed 10 minutes apart. It was all in my back so I got up every ten minutes and walked around and around in the house with an ice pack on my back.

In the morning the same thing. By 1pm they started to get really intense. I could walk through them and I was starting to lose it. We called the hospital and said we were coming in. I was scheduled for an induction anyway and they were waiting to see when a room was free. I figured, worst case, they’d send me home.

This was my first baby so I didn’t know how labor was supposed to feel. They checked me in the assessment area. There was one bed free in delivery and it was between me and a woman on her 2nd child. They checked me and I was fully effaced, 6cm dilated and my bag of waters was bulging. May I add, my contractions were still 10 minutes apart. We kind of “lied” a bit to get in to be checked, because they were pretty strict about this 5 min stuff.
The nurses were very impressed I made it to 6 with back labor.

We got into the delivery room. I had an on call doc. Doctor Unenthusiastic. I think she had jet lag and a cold. Not to happy about her coughing all over the place... Whatever. She broke my water and things picked up a bit. BTW that didn’t hurt at all. Not even a little.

Things started to get really rough and I couldn’t breathe or walk through contractions any more. I was thrashing and freaking out and screaming (and a lot more I won’t share). I was so afraid of getting an epidural (huge needle fear) and then figured it’s got to be better than this.

So I got the epi. I am the stupidest woman alive. I should have gotten it way earlier!! I was a “loose 7” when I got it. It didn’t hurt at all and it wasn’t scary at all. It took a while to kick in and I needed a lot of help from the nurse to get some kind of personal control back. My husband couldn’t do anything because I was too wild. I was being really scary and it was hard for him to do anything because nothing was helping. He saw a lot of scary stuff. I have no memory of the pain now at all. Just memory of a few embarrassing incidents.

After that everything was great. I was focused and in no pain at all. They gave me quite a lot of it. Stuart was great.

The baby turned because I had relaxed and then I pushed her out in an hour and a half. Dr Unenthusiastic and the nurse were talking about signing their kids up for indoor soccer and all this other crap. I had to ask them twice to please “cheerlead” for me when I’m pushing because it was really helping. I also had to ASK for the handle things to pull on (which helped so much!). I really wish they would have made suggestions instead of waiting for me to ask. What do I know?

So 11:35 pm on Sunday Aug 28th, they put my little baby on my tummy! She was pink and crying and peed all over the doctor! That’s my girl! I had a 2nd degree tear that is really no big deal. She got 9 and 9 on her apgars.
She feeds like a maniac. I didn’t even know I’d had a “rough labour” until they decided to keep the baby in the nursery that night and let me sleep. I thought it was just normal and everyone goes through this. Now I know. The next kid will be a breeze!The nurse brought her to me in the middle of the night saying she was rooting and rooting and rooting. I fed her for almost 2 hours. She was still rooting so I had to supplement her. Today the at home visit nurse suggested that she is a good feeder and also likes sucking. We’ve taught her to suck her hand and that’s helping my poor nips. My milk is in so things are going really well.

Babies are so cool! I love her so much!!!

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I posted this once before but am just now getting around to adding it to this thread!

Lily's birth story...

Lily’s official due date was August 5th but after a full moon and some severe storms, she graced us with her presence exactly two weeks early…just as her daddy had predicted.

We were expecting some bad storms during the night of Thursday, July 21st. I had been sleeping on the couch for over a week and asked Jason to blow up the air mattress and sleep in the living room with me. I just didn’t feel like sleeping out there by myself. Neither one of us slept well that night for a number of reasons.

At around 5:30 AM on Friday, July 22nd I got up to use the restroom. When I came back to the couch I felt a warm sensation. I was pretty certain that my water had broken. As I hurried back to the bathroom I told Jason “I think we’re going to have a baby!”. Sure enough, my water had broken…how exciting! I called the doctor’s office and was told to come to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:30 AM and got hooked up to the monitors for a little while. Luckily, I ate some toast before we went to the hospital since they don’t let you eat once you’ve checked in. By 11:00 the contractions were getting pretty strong. The anesthesiologist offered the epidural at that time but I chose to hold off for a little while longer. I ended up getting the epidural when I was 4 cm at around 12:45 and was much more comfortable after that! I was able to sleep through the contractions so I would have energy when it counted. My main complaint throughout the afternoon was the fact that I was absolutely starving!

We visited with family during the afternoon and at 6:30 I was fully dilated and ready to start pushing. Lily’s head had a hard time fitting under my pelvic bone so the progress was slow but steady. After almost 3 ½ hours of pushing, our beautiful baby girl was born at 9:49 PM on Friday, July 22nd. It was amazing when the doctor placed her on my chest. Lily was having some trouble breathing so they quickly took her to the warming table for some additional care. It turns out she had inhaled and swallowed a large amount of meconium and was not breathing as well as they would have liked. She had the most pitiful little cries. The special care nurses came and continued to work on her by suctioning her lungs and giving her oxygen. It was really pretty scary not knowing exactly what was going on with her. As the doctor finished up with me, Jason went with Lily since the nurses wanted to take her to the special care nursery. Before they left for the nursery, I was able to have her on my chest for a few more minutes. Our families were so excited to finally see her as they had been anxiously waiting right outside of the nursery for many hours. Lily ended up spending the night in the special care nursery but we were able to visit her briefly on the way to the recovery room.

The pediatrician examined Lily on Saturday morning and told us that she appeared to be doing well and we could expect her to be brought to our room soon. The nurse brought her at about 8:30 AM and no sooner had walked in the room than Lily spit up a lot of meconium. They took her back to the special care nursery. We were so close to having our baby with us! We visited her in the nursery again that morning and finally she was brought to us for good at around noon. It was so amazing to have her with us and to be able to hold her! It was love at first sight!

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On Friday, August 26 (my due date) I woke up at about 4:00am experiencing some pretty painful, but irregular contractions. I figured it had to be another false alarm, but was unable to go back to sleep, so I spent some time chatting online.

Around 9am I got a phone call from the HR department at work. They wanted me to come in for a job interview for an internal position I had applied for. I explained that it would have to be early in the day because I was still experiencing contractions and even though I was pretty sure it was another false alarm, I didn't want to leave it too late in case it was in fact the real thing.

My interview was at 12:15pm and I was still having the contractions, but of course, nothing strong or regular enough to make me think it was real. If anything, all it was doing was discouraging me.

After the interview, I went to lunch with my mom and out to run some errands. After all of the running around, she dropped me off at home as she had a football game to go to that evening. She told me she would have her cell phone on in case something happened, but I told her there was no way it was happening. Ethan was far too stubborn to actually decide to come on my due date.

Boy was I wrong. Not long after I made a post about how miserable I was because of these false alarms, I found myself in the most incredible pain. I couldn't even make it up the stairs to bed without crawling. I told Leo I felt like Gollum from LOTR.

By 10:30, I told Leo I thought we might actually have to go to the hospital. I didn't want to go yet because I wanted to make sure the pains were coming frequently and were lasting long enough. Sure enough, they were.

Just after 11, I called my mom on her cell phone. She was on a bus coming home from the football game and neither of us could hear each other because the bus was full of drunks who were yelling and singing. I yelled for her to call me as soon as she got home.

My mom got home and called me and I told her what was happening, so she quickly came over and off the three of us went to L&D.

They quickly told me that YES! I was in labour!! Unfortunately I was only 2.75 cm dialated, so they said that I could stay and walk around for 2 hours, or go home and rest and take a warm bath or shower, etc. and come back after 4 hours. I was in so much pain that the thought of walking wasn't very appealing and I knew Leo was tired and thought that some rest might be worth a try. Who was I kidding? I didn't get any sleep. I did take a long, warm bath and by the time I got out, the contractions were about 3 minutes apart.

At 6am we went back to the hospital where they did another internal. They said I was only about 3.5 cm dialated and that I should go home again. I refused! I explained that I was in too much pain to rest and that I had been up since 4am the previous day. They then told me to walk around for another hour and come back. So we did.

When I went back, they did another check, 4cm dialated. They then decided that it was still too soon to admit me, but that things were starting to happen, so I should have some sleep. They gave me some Demerol and put me in a room where I slept for 2 hours.

When they checked me again, I was a little over 5cm dialated. They admitted me at that point and put me in a delivery room where I pretty much immediately got my epidural. Oh that was wonderful!

Not long after being set up, the nurse came running in slapped the oxygen on my face and forced me onto my right side. Then one of the doctors came running in, they had me open my legs, and before I knew it, my water was broken and they had stuck an internal monitor to Ethan's little head. Apparently his heart rate had dropped dangerously low and they were concerned about it. Once the monitor was attached, they saw that things were actually not so bad, so they left the oxygen on me as a precaution and let things continue on their own.

The doctor decided to start me on Oxytocin because I wasn't progressing as fast as she thought I should be. Shortly after, the baby's heart rate dropped again! There had been a shift change and now a different doctor came in to talk to me. They replaced the original internal monitor with another one, just in case it had come loose, but Ethan's heart rate was still on the low side. The doctor determined that Ethan did not like the Oxytocin and had the nurse turn it off. He then sat on the edge of my bed and started to tell me that he was a little concerned because this had now happened twice. I immediately interupted him and told him if he wanted to do a C-Section, that I was all for it and that I had told my doctor all along that I would end up in one regardless of what she thought. He said he wanted to err on the side of caution and that if it happened again, that is what we would do.

They were checking me every 2 hours and I wasn't due for another check until 11:30. The nurse came in and I explained that although I wasn't feeling any contractions (Thank God for Epidurals), I did feel as though I was going to crap a watermelon. Because I had been progressing slowly, she didn't like the way it sounded and said she would have the doctor check me then (10:30) instead of waiting until 11:30.

The doctor quickly came in, did a check and told me that he felt a C-section was what would have to happen as the baby was stuck due to the fact that my pelvis was too small!! Do you think maybe they could have figured this out before I was in labour??? Anyway, when he pulled his fingers out from the exam, the baby's heart rate dropped to about 50! I don't remember what he said, but the only word I understood was "NOW!" as he called for help and started ripping cables and cords out of the wall. I'd never seen so many people move so quickly. I felt like I was on an episode of ER! My mom was crying hysterically and Leo was being told where to go to change into scrubs.

They got me into the OR (after banging me through doors and into walls in the big rush). Immediately they hooked me up to a fetal monitor and what do you know... the heart rate was normal again. I asked my nurse to please go tell my mom that much so that she could calm down as it was going to be a long wait for her.

They began prepping me for surgery and I was told that they were concerned at the speed my IV was flowing. I knew this might be a problem as they had already had to flush it several times during my labour with saline. I told them to poke a new hole, just get things going. It took them forever and after several pokes and prods, they finally found a vein and we were off to the races. They almost forgot to bring Leo back in... if I hadn't said "aren't you going to get my husband?" I don't think he would have been there at all.

I was so exhausted by this point and extremely nauseated (I had already thrown up 3 times in labour in the delivery room) and had to ask the doctor to make sure I got some more gravol in me before he began or I was afraid I might be sick during surgery. I dont' know what they gave me, but it worked. I had to fight to stay awake throughout the surgery, but I was wide awake when I heard my little boy cry for the first time. Rather than say "It's a boy" the doctor said "What a BIG boy". Immediately I thought, OMG, he's gotta be 12 pounds! But when they weighed him, he was only 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 20.8 inches long!

They stapled me back together and cleaned my little man up and then we were off to recovery. They finally brought my mom in. I was shivering and shaking like crazy and couldn't even think about holding my son at this point. I was just too out of it. I was offering all of the nurses a chance to hold him and they thought I was nuts but I knew I just couldn't hold him right then. They put him in my arms when it was time to go up to our room, but once we got there, I was pretty quick to hand him back over. It wasn't that I didn't want to bond with him, I was just so tired and couldn't stop shivering.

They got me into my room and it wasn't until the next morning that I realized I wasn't in the right room. I was to be in either a semi-private or private room, but they had stuck me in a ward room. I was pretty upset by this because I knew we'd have lots of visitors and that with 3 other patients in the room, it would be hard, especially since they all had visitors too.

I asked Leo to find out when I'd be getting a private room and they told him I wasn't on the list and that they couldn't find my paperwork. I could have cried. Finally they found it and immediately offered to move me to a semi and said I could have a private room by the following day. Then, my amazing nurse, Linda came in and asked if anyone had talked to me about the Victorian Suite. I explained that I knew about it but no one had talked to me about it. She told me it was available if I wanted it at a cost of $50 a night. Of course I took it! It was basically like having my own hotel room in the hospital with my own bathroom and shower, double bed that DH could stay in and included a regular size TV and phone! I couldn't have been happier and my stay was much more comfortable as a result!

Ethan's official Time of Birth is Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 11:51PM... he was almost a Sunday baby!!

Anyway... now that I've probably bored you all to death with my story... you can check out the pictures of my little one at

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My due date was Thursday, Aug 25th. On the previous Thursday, I was convinced I was going into labor. I was at work and started noticing a little bit of bloody show or loss of my mucous plug around noon. I had been getting a lot of contractions, nothing consistent and I wasn't really timing them. There were a few of them every once in a while that would stop me in my tracks.

Thursday night I was getting just more and more uncomfortable and nauseated. I didn't sleep well at all, but again, no consistent contractions. Anyway, I decided not to go to work because I was convinced that I would be going into labor on Friday. There was a full moon on Friday, Aug 19th and I kept thinking that was going to mean something. By about 10am, I was feeling great, so I decided I might as well get something done. I cleaned everything, I did all of the laundry, I ran a bunch of errands that I had been putting off. Around 4pm, I called into work to talk to my boss saying that I would be in on Monday, having the whole day off was driving me nuts and I was mad I even stayed home. Then, I went and got a pedicure. I started having more painful contractions later that afternoon, but still not in any kind of consistent pattern.

We went out for Chinese with my parents and brother, I thought that the hot and sour soup was a little more spicy than usual. I started noticing contractions every 10-15 minutes, but I figured they'd go away again. We got home and by about 9pm, the contractions were right at 10 minutes apart. I decided to do my best to get some rest, and I convinced my night owl husband to try to do the same - at this point, I knew it was going to be a long night.

I slept as best as I could and gave up around 2:30am, the contractions were strong and 5-6 minutes apart. I noticed real bloody show at this time. I got into the jacuzzi and felt much better. I woke my husband up at 3:30am, knowing they were less than 5 minutes but too strong that I could hardly pay attention any more. We called our midwife around 4 and my husband and I both took showers and got ready to go. We got to the hospital around 5:30/6 and I was 5 cm and completely effaced.

I had to get an IV for being strep b positive - I really hate getting stuck! I was 7 cm by 9am, bag of waters still intact. My midwife wanted to break my water but I wasn't ready. By 10:45, I was barely 8cm and I let her break the water. Everything rapidly got much more intense. An hour later, I didn't think I could deal with it anymore. My husband, midwife, doula and nurse were great! A little after noon I was complete and pushing.

Even though I didn't have any drugs, I still had a difficult time pushing. I definitely thought that I would do better with the pain and pushing, so this was kind of embarrassing for me. After about 35 minutes, Jack's heart tones kept decelerating and they wanted him out fast. My midwife was ready to do an episiotomy (the biggest thing I wanted to avoid!), in fact, she had the scissors in her hand. I gave 2 big pushes and Jack was born at 12:44pm Saturday Aug 20th - 7lbs, 15oz, 20.5in long. No tears and no need for an episiotomy (very close call)! I was completely elated, definitely in an euphoric fog. We are so in love with this little boy!

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So techinically I was due on August 10. At my 38 week appointment the dr checked me and the baby was nowhere near the exit door and I was not dilated at all. He asked me what I wanted to do. I was so frustrated I said go ahead with the induction. He scheduled me to be induced on August 3rd.

I was immediately uncomfortable with that decision and for the rest of the day I was really upset about and simply could not decide what to do. I was miserable but I didn't want to be "selfish" and make the baby come out before he felt he was ready.

You know I had contractions from week 23 on and to know they were not doing anything was soooo frustrating. I mean, sometimes they were really painful and uncomfortable.

Anyway, I decided I would cancel the appointment but I would give myself permission to change my mind at any time. I took this same stance in my decision on whether or not to go natural during delivery.

That weekend I had a friend who is a labor/delivery nurse check me and I was dilated to 3. I also went into the hospital with contractions every 2-4 minutes at one point - false alarm :!!

On Monday I called the dr. to cancel the induction and he then proceeded to tell me all these horrible things to try to scare me but I wouldn't budge. The next day I awoke to a racing heart that would not stop all day long. I eventually called the dr. and was told to come in. He checked me and I had not changed a bit!!! He then threw in his two-cents about how the scariest patient is the one who does not listen to the dr's advice. :blink: That really confused me considering it was my decision to induce in the first place, not his. And he never even gave me a reason why an induction would be recommended. Yes, the baby was going to be big but my first one was big too.

I was just done. I was insanely uncomfortable and could not sleep anymore.

So we rescheduled for the next day, which was the original induction date Wacko I was told to go in at 11 but call at 9:00 to confirm.

The hospital called me at 7:30 in the morning to say "Come on down!". Chris and I took our time getting down there and everything was under way by 10. When I first got there the nurse checked me and I was still at 3 and his head was still nowhere near my cervix, so (I forget why) but she thought it would be better to start the pitocin instead of breaking my water.

The contractions- which had never really stopped - developed a pattern after an hour or so. I was allowed to get up but could not leave the bedside because I had to be on the monitor since I was on the pitocin. The nurses brought me the birth birthing ball and I spent a lot of time on that. Chris and I just basically watched the news and relaxed. I had a picture of Blake and some pictures from our trip to Ireland. I also had a little Buddha statue, I thought it would be a good focal point. I made some cds as well. I brought massage lotion and lotion for Chris to rub my feet but everything went too fast.

Chris would sneak me bites of a chocolate chip cookie Wink

At noon the dr. came and broke my water. The baby was such a mover that he would not stay on the monitor so they attached the fetal scalp monitor which broke my water. You would NOT BELIEVE how much water I had!!!!! In fact, that little detail explained a lot. The bag of water was so big that he had all the room in the world in there. Room to spin and stretch out his legs. So that explained why I was more uncomfortable than normal and it also explained why he was not engaged in the birth canal at all. So, who knows when I would have gone into labor!?!?! Wacko

Well, the dr. was in and out in a flash so he didn't notice that the monitor was not reading correctly so the nurse tried to adjust it. She was unable to so she actually had to unhook it and as she pulled it out she showed it to us and there were a bunch of dark hairs on it. Chris and I were shocked...where would this dark hair come from? Both of our sons had blonde hair or were bald!! We were tickled and so anxious to meet this little stranger.

The contractions picked up and gained in strength. During the one o'clock hour it was almost unbearable how hard they were. I worked as hard as I could to keep consistant with my breathing and Chris tried so hard to help me. At 1:45 I went to the bathroom and told Chris I wanted to be checked at 2:00 and then I would make my decision on the epidural. At 2:00 she checked me and I was only to 4cm :tdown: !!!!

So without hesitation I asked for the epidural. While we waiting for him, which was only a matter of minutes, the contractions were on top of each other and I could barely see straight let alone concentrate on my breathing. The very nice man arrived, put me on my side, curled me up in a ball and caused me so much more pain and distress I wanted him to just leave. I was shocked at how much the epidural placement hurt. Then at one point, my right leg involuntarily flexed up towards my chest. I could have broken someone's nose if they had their head any closer. I was a bit panicked. "I didn't do that! I didn't do that!, " I kept saying.

They positioned me on my back and said the pain would subside. In general I think it did, but the pain moved and became concentrated in one spot in my lower abdomen. It was killing me...I was starting to lose it. She called the anesthesiologist back and he changed my position and gave me a different type of drug in the catheter. She checked me at some point and I was 6 cm dilated. This was around 2:30.

He left but it didn't stop. He was called a third time and basically said he would give me the cadillac of drugs in the catheter and if that didn't work there was nothing more he could do. As soon as he did this the nurse checked again and said I was complete. This was 2:45. So I went from 4 to complete in less than an hour. And let me tell you, I felt every single centimeter of it!!!! :yuky: She said call the dr. and tell him we're delivering now.

His office is a block or so away from the hospital, so about 10 minutes later he arrived all sweaty and red-faced. (he's so overweight) He had to run. There was a little bit of panic in the room as everything was getting ready. Chris's cell phone rang at 3, it was my mother saying there were at the hospital and how do they get to where we were. He tried to explain and told them I was starting to push.

At 3:00 I started pushing and let me tell you, I could not feel a damn thing!!!! But somehow I was pushing him out effectively, because they kept saying look at that hair. The nurse asked me if I wanted her to get the mirror so I could see and I said no, and she sort of gave me a guilt trip about it. But I still said no. I have a fear about that image haunting me. Besides, I was getting him out. But it wasn't long that his heartrate was indicating that he was not doing too well with the delivery. So around 3:20 the dr. said we need to get this baby out now - which, of course made me a little nervous.

So they used the vaccum to help him out. Luckily they only had to use it once and he was out.

Kage Phoenix entered this world at 3:27pm. He weighed 8.12 and was 21 inches long.

Looking down at this little stranger was surreal. Luckily he did not look like either one of his older brothers - Blake, or Chris's son - he was completely himself. He began screaming right away and was taken to the warmer. Proud Papa, Chris went with him and I did not see him again for a while. Which was fine, I was being mended myself. I tore a little, but at least it was not an episiotomy. {Sidenote: did you know that along with circumcision, and episiotomy is the most unessessary procedure done in the hospital?}

At one point the nurse asked me if I was having him circumcised at the hospital or the dr.'s office. I said I was not having the procedure done at all. And again, she kind of gave me her two cents saying, "if you're going to have it done you really should have it done now". Um, Hellooooo. I just said I was NOT HAVING IT DONE. But no, I just smiled and nodded and said, ya, ok.

Anyway, at the same time there was a nurse that was in charge of the baby and what was being done to him and it was so funny because I could hear her bossing Chris around constantly, telling him where to stand, telling him to get the camera. Even if we walked over to see me, "Chris! come here!" It was known that my parents were in the waiting room and this nurse was letting us all know "they can wait". I'm glad they did tough.

After all was said and done they made sure that Chris and I were left alone for as long as we wanted with the baby. And as soon as everyone left, I was holding the baby and Chris was sitting at the side of the bed and he just lost it. So then I lost it and we just cried so many tears of joy and amazement.

My parents came in eventually and got to see him. My mom was in such wonder of him. A bunch of phone calls were made and the nurses brought me food. My parents only stayed for a couple hours and then had to fly back to Phoenix.

I went to a recovery room. And eventually I talked Chris into going home to sleep because he could not get comfortable in those beds. So Kage and I spent our first night together by was wonderful. He remained in my arms the whole night.

We left the hospital less than 24 hours after he was born. We could not get out of there fast enough. There were probably 3-4 people coming in and out of the room each hour to give me something, take something, ask me something, check on something... it was so annoying. I did not sleep at all that night.

So that's our story. He is very sweet. He has amazing blue eyes, his father's crazy eyebrows and hair, he has my nose and long fingers and toes.

I wonder what his karma is and what he is here to teach me. I look forward to the lessons.

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Alexander Patrick

My birth story is a bit of a long one. I'd been hospitalized twice for preterm labor; Memorial Day weekend, and July 31st. Monday August 8th I woke up and noticed some pink fluid. I'd been having increased discharge for a few days, which the doc said was normal, but being as it was pink I was worried. I called the doc first thing, and they set me up a 10:00 appointment. My doctor was out for the day, so I met with the other doctor in the office. She checked me out, my cervix was closed, but my water had broken. So it was off to the hospital. We arrived and got settled in. Since my water had broken early I had to have antibiotics every 6 hours. I saw the doctor again tuesday morning, and I had dialated to 1 cm. The tentative plan was to induce me at 36 weeks (monday the 15th). Every afternoon around 1-130 I would have really bad contractions for a little over an hour, then they would go away. On wednesday evening I was dialated to 2 cm. I met with my doctor, who ran a test of my fluid for lung development. He said based on how mature the baby's lungs were he would decide when to induce. Thursday morning (august 11) the nurse informed me that the baby's lungs were not yet fully mature according to the tests, and the doctor would be in later to talk with me. Well, around 130 as usual I started having really bad contractions. I informed the nurse that it would pass, I just needed to go to the bathroom (hence the constant cramping) and rest and I'd be fine. She checked my cervix and I was dialated to 4 cm. She proceeded to start an IV so I could be moved to the delivery room. At this point I was still being stubborn informing her that I just needed to use the bathroom and it would pass. At 230 they moved me to the delivery room. I was at 6 cm. They gave me a sadol (sp?) injection and called for my doctor. About an hour later the sadol had worn off. By this time I was at 8 cm, so they called for the doc to do my epidural. We got that all set, and waited for my doctor to arrive. He arrived a little after four. He was joking about my being in labor since my the test had came back at 19 for the baby's lungs, and fully mature is 45. So the doc hadn't figured out yet how to tell me he wasn't going to induce me for at least another week and a half. Oh well. No need to explain it now. The other doctors arrived and were informed of the test results of the baby's lungs. In the delivery room was me, DH, my brother, my doctor, my nurse, and baby's nurse, a neonatologist, and a respitory specialist...quite a full house. After about an hour of pushing Alex was born at 5:26 PM. His left foot and right arm were bruised, and they were both up next to his head. The doctor joked with my parents the next day that he had to turn away for a second as that position looked rather painful both for the baby and I. Alex had no problems breathing on his own, and never required oxygen. He weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces, and was 18 inches long. He was taken to the NICU. He spent 7 days there before being sent home. He's now doing wonderful and getting bigger every day. I hope that you're all doing well. Take care. Always, Kristin

Make sure to check out our site for pictures and the newest updates on Alex.

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I just got back on-line at home. I will do my best to catch up.

Well I went to be induced at 6 am Monday September 5 only to find out it had been changed to Tuesday. Someone from the drs office was supossed to call but didn't. I was very upset. The dr called later that day to apologize.

Anyway I went back Tuesday morning. The nurse started the pitocin around 7:30. I actually started having contractions. I had had like four of them in the past week. I believe this boy would have stayed in forever. The dr came in and broke my water around 9:30. It was the weirdest feeling just laying down and leaking fluid while family was coming inand out of the room. The contractions got stronger and I got some Staydol(sp?) around 11:30. That got me very loaded and I went to sleep.

Around 2:30 pm I was awake and the contractions were really painful so I got an epidural. It wasn't a bad as I thought it would be and felt alot better than the contractions did. I was at 5 centimeters then. The monitor didn't show that I was having very strong contractions for the next few hours. After 5:00 the doctor came in and said if I didn't start making any more progress he would do a C-section. I got so upset. I started concentrating on dialating. Around 8:00 the nurse came and said I was between 7-8 centimeters and an hour later she checked and said I was ready to start pushing andshe began getting everything ready.

My mom, boyfriend, and best friend stayed with me for the delivery. Pushing is the hardest thing I have ever done. The nurse was very annoying and I told her to shut up a couple of times. It took about forty five minutes of puhing and a suction cup to get him out, he was turned sideways. The had him half way out and I was said "please pull him all the way out!!" That was exactly 10 pm.

I must say he was quite funny looking when I first saw him all purple looking. But he is the most beautiful, wonderful little boy. He was 7 lb. 3 oz. and 21 inches long.

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I was due on the 14/8 but my baby decided to take his time and I was still waiting 13 days later...

I started getting contractions at 7am on the 27/8. They got stronger and stronger so I took a bath, which didn't help, so I got out and started timing them. I phoned the hospital at around 11am when my contractions were every 5 minutes apart, but they told me to wait till they were every 2 minutes and phone back (Grr!). By 1pm I was in total agony and my contractions were every 2 minutes, so I phoned the hospital and demanded they let me come in so I could get some relief from the pain in some way. Got to the hospital at 1.30pm and was examined... I was already 5cm dilated. My waters broke at around 4pm and I was fully dilated by 5.45pm. Started pushing and 30 minutes later my gorgeous son, Callum, was born at 6.14pm on the 27th of August 2005, weighing in at 9lb 3oz. I had a second degree tear and needed stitches, but other than that I really enjoyed my labour and birthing experience, the whole thing lasted 11 hours though it seemed much faster.

Anyway, that was my birthstory Smile