August Fireflies Birth Stories

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August Fireflies Birth Stories

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Ava Katherine
June 29, 2009
5lbs 7oz
33 weeks 5 days gestation

I had been having high blood pressure problems for the last month or so. I was put in the hospital twice with my doctor threatening to deliver me if I was spilling protein. I went in to my normal biweekly biophysical profile and appointment on Moday, June 29. Ava was not very active during the ultrasound. She was moving some, but wasn't doing breathing movements. They did a NST to make sure her heartrate was rising appropriately, but she was sluggish on this test too. My blood pressure was still pretty high and I was seeing spots and having heataches. My doctor came in and looked over everything and said, "Well I suggest we have a baby today." He checked my cervix and determined that it was long and closed. Since I have an autoimmune disorder and have had a previous stillbirth, he suggested I go ahead and have a c-section and I agreed with this decision. I went over to the hospital and they started getting me ready for the c-section. They had to try twice to do the spinal because they kept hitting the bone. They did the c-section, and Ava was born screaming louder than I had ever heard a baby scream. I don't know who was more relieved to hear that baby scream, me or my doctor. Ava's apgar scores were 8 and 9. They let dh hold her and bring her over to see me, then they took her NICU. They had to put her on some positive air pressure and oxygen for the first couple of days because her saturation was a little low. She was breathing a little fast at first, but this was fixed in the first couple of days too. Ava is now off of everything and we are just waiting for her to figure out how to eat a little better and to gain weight. She is beautiful and we are completely in love already. We are hoping she will be able to come home this week sometime.

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DH and I had spent the day hanging the finishing touches in the nursery and eating cherries. We were staying up on the couch watching a movie and him on the laptop looking at photography equipment (We were planning to do my maternity photo session that weekend and were planning for it.)

All of a sudden I felt like I had "wet myself" on the couch. I said "oooops, I think I just peed on the couch!" I had DH come help me and my big belly up off the couch and to the bathroom. We did feel the couch for was dry. On the toilet my "pee" looked tinged with blood. I said to DH, "It is a little bloody." As he was looking in the toilet, he remarks, "Wow, that is a lot of mucous!" I look, and sure enough, I think it is my mucous plug. I smelled my undies and it didn't smell like urine. DH brings me the phone and I call the Dr. (while sitting on the toilet). Meanwhile DH has gotten baggies to put everything in and take with us for examination. I tried to tell him that I didn't think anyone wanted to see my mucous, but he didn't listen!

DH is getting so excited....running around the house a little frantically. At one point while I was getting ready I even hear him washing dishes. "Are you washing dishes!?" I asked him. "Yes, but I don't know why!" he responded. Smile

To be continued....

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I got a few minutes so I figured I would try to recount the recent happenings. Last Sunday, I woke up and realized Riley hadn't moved all night. I'm not sleeping through the night anymore, and am up every hour to two hours. So Sun morning, I drank about 60 oz of water, ate cereal, drank a coke - nothing. So off I go to L&D to make sure baby Riley is ok. Her heartrate was in the 160's so the doc was happy, and after an hour I felt a few squirms so I was sent home. Fast forward to Tuesday.

Tues morning, woke up and showered. LOTS of thick dark brown discharge. THICK. Solid dark brown. Gross. Go to work...felt a little movement so wasn't concerned. 8:30 AM - weekly measures out at 7lbs 14 oz. NST next - heart rate ok but no movement at all from the baby. Take my strips to my OB. Send me to the OB. Get in the office and the doctor herself calls me back to her before I can even pee in my cup. Tells me to pee and meet up in the checkin station for my weight/blood pressure.

Nurse takes my vitals, points me to a room and tells me waist down. I get my pants off, walk to the table and haven't even spread the cloth across my lap before my OB walks in. I tell her about the morning discharge, she checks me, I'm dilated to a 2. She said that's probably what is causing the discharge. She's concerned about my bp. It's "high". I never saw what it was. She sends me to L&D to see if I'm in labor or having preeclampsia. Orders IV Fluids and more monitoring for a few hours.

11:30ish, Dr. comes in "you're in labor". Checked me and I'm dilated to a 4. Discussed c-section vs attempting a v-bac. Since DS was 7 lbs 14 oz at birth and I wouldn't dilate with him, I told her I didn't figure it would work with this little one either. (I have a kidney in my pelvis on the left side, and wouldn't dilate on the left side). So I'm put "in line" for a c-section. I was told there were 2 in front of me, so it would be a bit. Put in a call to DH because he didn't want to come to the hospital unless "something was really happening".

I labor onward. DH arrives. Sis-in-law is great, she's in CA and 23 weeks pregnant with her first so she called/texted off and on throughout the day checking on me. Gave me something to focus on other than being where I was.

Finally around 4PM I'm told "you're next". They had an extra c-section in between that was an emergency... so I had gotten bumped back further. Riley was born at 4:55PM. She came out WHITE. I said "that's not normal" but she cried and DH assured me was ok because she was crying. DH leaves with Riley to head to the well baby nursery to get cleaned up and checked out.

I get to the recovery room. DH comes in. Said Riley would be an extra hour (can't remember why). I'm frustrated, I saw her 30 seconds before they whisked her away from the OR.

NICU doctor comes in and introduces himself. Says Riley was very pale in the OR - I agreed. Said she had labwork done and she's extremely anemic. Hemtocrit is normally 45-55 in newborns, hers is 15. She needs a blood transfusion. The anemia appears to be more of a long term anemia vs something extremely recent since she's not displaying any other symptoms of anemia (her body is use to the symptoms and has grown accustomed to them?). So, since she's stable, they want to transfer her to the NICU down the road because they have pediatric hematologists who can determine the cause of the anemia.

Before they actually transfer Riley, the neonatologist from the NICU returns - my blood shows Riley's blood cells. Her anemia is probably caused by an umbilical trauma and if that's the case, then transfusions are needed but she then should make a full recovery. Still want to transfer her though to the specialists. Per the neonatologist, she could probably return in the AM, and even finish her tranfusions in the NICU here with mommy. She gets boxed up and ready to go, she's brought to my room for me to see before she leaves. I spend about 5 minutes with her.

Next morning my OB comes in. She can't believe what has happened with Riley... she said there really wasn't any indication anything was going on with her other than my reports of decreased movement. Had no idea it would be this serious. She said she was hesitant to c-section me at 36 weeks but something told her not to send me home, and plus I was in labor. She's said she went home and told her husband we obviously were being watched out for from above I love my OB, she's fabulous. Unfortunately she says she's out of town till Friday and her partners would be covering most of the rest of my stay.

Later that morning, the pediatric hemotogists confirm that it's an umbilical trauma causing the anemia (the best possibility). Don't know how it happened though, per the neonatologist, car accidents are the top cause... I've not been in any nor fallen etc.

News from other NICU, she's getting more transfusions. No transfer this morning... this stretches to the afternoon which stretches into "tomorrow". Possibly next morning coming back. Next morning (Wed) told "no one to transport" Riley. Need to wait till the afternoon. Afternoon comes, told that now it was a financial issue as to if our insurance would cover the transfer back, since it was not medically necessary. Afternoon grows late. Now told possible transfer in the AM Thursday. Thursday hits, we start at 8AM with phone calls and complaints. Neonatologist where Riley is actually tells DH "We didn't know you WANTED her back". WTH!?!? Who wouldn't want their newborn baby back?!?!

Neonatologist from the NICU at my hospital brought in. He starts working from his side on Riley's return. We finally hash it all out for an afternoon transfer. My hospital said they would write off all charges. Riley to be brought back at 3:15. The hospital where she is at is only 3 miles away, but she finally arrives at 5PM. She's beautiful and perfect! So much dark hair, we have no idea where the thick hair comes from...

PHEW! Her hematocrit after all the blood tranfusions was at 33 when we left the hospital. Would like to see it higher but it's no longer critical. Her bilirubin is now the next concern. It's borderline high. Because she's soooo pale, it's making her look more jaundiced than she actually is. Saturday we draw again and make sure the level is acceptable enough to go home and it is!

So we're home now. We have to call the doctor in the AM to get an appointment for tomorrow. I'm irritated with the lack of communication between the NICU Riley got transferred to and us. I never received any contact initiated from their end, it was all me calling to check on her. I even called Thursday morning at 6AM to get a report and was told "call back at 7:45AM, nurses are giving report and I can't tell you anything". We felt like she was being held hostage at one point...

Glad to have her home and just hoping her bilirubin is lower so she can STAY at home with us!

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On Thursday, July 16th (36 wks 2 days), I started having contractions around 9 pm between 6 and 10 minutes apart. Around 10:30 pm they started getting closer together- 2-3 minutes apart. At this point they still weren't painful- just felt my stomach tighten. I called my ob and they told me to go into L&D to be monitored. They checked me when I got there and I was 3 cm dialated. I was having contractions every few minutes still. Earlier that day I had an U/S and baby was still breech so we were planning a c-section. The nurse called the doc who was on call and she told her despite breech baby and 3 cm dialated to give me a shot of terbutalline sp? to stop the contractions. So shortly after they gave me the shot, the contractions stopped and they sent me home. I know the doc just didn't feel like coming in. So I went home and slept. Then woke up 4 hrs later to take my husband to work. I felt alot of pressure when I was walking to the car. I took my husband to work. I came home and contractions had started up again so I went to my docs office. They checked me and I was 4 cm. They were very upset that the doc on call sent me home from the hospital. They told me to go straight to labor and delivery (This was at 9:30 am). I got to the hospital and immediately they started prepping me for a c-section. Gracelyn Joy was born at 11:32 am weighing 6 lbs 10 oz 18 and 1/2 inches long. The c-section recovery went great as did the breastfeeding. We are home now and doing great- DS loves his new baby sister.

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I went in for my 39+2 week appt on July 27th, my pressure was a little high (I think 132/90). My Dr was not comfortable with that so she sent me to L&D to be admitted and monitored. I arrived at the Hospital around noonish and was given a room and in gown at 12:45pm. They believed I had Pre-eclamsia because I also had some swelling, I was given IV meds and was told what that she basically had to come out ASAP. I was told I would need to take Magnesium Sulfate for 24 hrs if my pressure doesnt go down to prevent seizures. I was not happy about that because I would have to get a catheter and was nervous about that. Eventually my pressure went down so I was in the clear (so I thought).

I was having light contraction for what seemed like forever, nothing was happening for hours atleast I didnt think it was. I was stuck at 3cm for HOURS. I believe around 8pm the contractions started to get stronger, so I asked for some pains meds. They gave me stadol, I was in heaven knocked out for about an hour. After the stadol wore off, I was screaming for them to check me. They said my Dr. (who wasnt there yet) didnt want me to keep getting checked and said I couldnt get checked until they knew I was close to 10cm. DH argued how would they know if they didnt check me. They claimed they would know by the compression off the baby head on the monitors (whatever!) After hearing that bull I said I want an epidural, they called my Dr and she told them to give it to me

Before administering the epi, they wanted to check me first (go figure), while waiting for the Dr (not mine) to come check me the epi guy asked if I wanted him to just give it to me, I was i so much pain I couldnt answer him. The Dr then came and said I was 10cm (this was around 11:15pm). He then left the room, I had the urge to push and the said not too. I said she is coming, I have to push and I did. One push and her head was out, the nurse yelled for a Dr then I remember them telling me push again and she was out at 11:28pm. 7lbs 1oz. Oh yea at some point DH went home to shower and get Kenneth since they told him I wasnt progressing so he missed the birth. My mom and brother were with me at that point. Because of the pre-eclamsia they were collecting my urine every hour for 24 hrs, so by Wednesday when Im suppose to go home I was told that the protein levels were too high so I indeed had to get the magnesium sulfate for 24 hrs with the lovely catheter (which wasnt as bad as I thought) Thursday it was hectic they has 3 people in one L&D room so I couldnt wait to get out of there, I was finally discharged at around 7pm on Thursday the 30th.
I am almost 100 percent positive I am done having children....LOL Thanks for reading

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Induction at 40w1d due to high BP/pre-e
Born 8/14/09

Breklyn's Birth Story:
Went in Thursday (8/13) night to get induced. They had been planning on starting me with Cytotec to get my cervix to ripen, but once I got hooked up to monitors, it was clear that I had a decent contraction pattern going already, so the hospital called my doc & he decided to just have me start on pitocin right away. So I got hooked up to that around 10 pm (also got checked & was still not really dilating and baby's head was low but not firmly engaged). They were also monitoring my blood pressure really closely since that was the reason behind my induction. Contractions gradually got more intense and painful, and by around 4 am they were bad enough that I was having to huff & puff through them (it doesn't help that I had a great view of the contraction monitor so I could see them building before I even felt it!). The nurse checked me again & I was more ripe, but only a 1. About a half hour later, the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epi (which I've heard bad things about getting them in & I didn't think it was hardly painful at all). It was nice to get some relief...except that it only took on the left side of my body. He had me laying on my right side to try to get the drugs to spread, but I had a huge area that wasn't getting any medicine. Basically he said there's a chance there are damaged nerves in the area & they are having a difficult time going numb, so about an hour after getting the epi in, he gives me this huge straight dose of numbing "stuff" into my epi line. Still nothing. I am not in much pain though, definitely manageable, so I just figure hopefully it'll kick in soon.

Fast forward an hour and a half, and I'm having contractions that made me wish they would do a c-section and just knock me out (which is crazy since I was so avid about avoiding one). I was actually making whining sounds during each one and had tears rolling down my face...not to mention they were really close together & were very strong (thanks pitocin!) according to the monitor. So I tell my new nurse (shift change) & she says she'll get the anesthesiologist in and see what he can do. So then a new anesthesiologic comes in (also went through a shift change I guess) and he gave off the impression that he didn't believe I could be in that much pain since I have an epi; I'm sure he thought I was just one of those girls who thought a little pressure was pain. He ends up doing the same thing as the previous one & gave me the huge dose right into my line. Well that again didn't do a thing & at this point it seemed my whole epi was wearing off because my skin wasn't as numb and the area I can feel is 10x bigger than it started. But they made me wait it out 45 minutes to see if it would kick in before they would go talk to the anesthesiologist again. During all of this, my doc showed up & does a quick check and I'm between 3-4 cm dilated. He also broke my water which I guess was in a really thick sac and was super warm and weird coming out. The nurse finally sends the anesthesiologist back in & he says he'll pull my old epi out and put a new one in but "it probably won't work" since the first one didn't. I tell him I would still rather try, so he essentially rips out my first one & then I get the new one placed. Within 10 minutes, instant relief. This is about 7 or 8 am, and I finally got to close my eyes and relax a bit.

About 10 or so, I started feeling a ton of pressure down there (it felt a lot like the lovely pregnancy constipation pressure I've been having on and off the whole time). I wanted to get checked again, but decided to wait until a nurse came in to check on me (since they had been in a ton between baby's heartrate & my BP). Well, go figure, no one came in for about 30 minutes. When the nurse finally did come in, I told her about the pressure & she checked and was shocked that I was a full 9. So she's like, "We're going to have a baby here very soon!" so I made DH call our parents so they could head over since we'd told them an hour earlier it could be a while still. After the got the room prepped for delivery and informed the doc probably took 20 minutes), I got to start pushing which was a totally bizarre, out of body experience. Baby very slowly progressed down the birth canal until suddenly she stopped coming. She was coming down sort of sideways & they had me lay on my side to push for about 15-20 minutes and finally she budged and started inching her way out again. Finally she was right there & they called the doctor and told me to stop pushing but rather just leave pressure there to keep her from going backwards. Well the doc seemed to take forever (maybe 5-10 minutes) and when he got in, he's like "whoa, we're right there"...uh yeah! So he gets his gear on and tells me to do a few pushes then tells me that I need to push gently - I guess he was trying to help guide her head out with minimul damage to me. He decides he needs to do an episiotomy (which he had guessed before I started pushing for him), so on the next push he does that and within maybe 2 more pushes, her head was out (although I still tore a little bit beyond the cut he made). He sucks her out and has me push her shoulders out (which felt huge BTW) and then out she came almost 14 hours exactly from the start of my induction. She didn't cry right away and he had to suck her for a good 15 seconds before she made any noise, but as soon as she did, he put her on my stomach. Poor little conehead baby!! She grabbed my finger immediately and I couldn't believe that she'd just come out. DH was totally in awe and all emotional, it was cute. Anyway, they got her cleaned up & me stitched up, and got moved to the postpartum room where we got to start getting used to life as a family of 3.

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Miss Scarlett Marie Poston was born Aug. 14, 2009 and 10:37 am weighing 7 lbs and 1 ounce and 20 inches long.
Eric and I arrived at the hospital at 0500 on the morning of the 14Th for our scheduled induction. We didn't get into our room until 0615.
We settled into our birthing room and took my last pregnancy photo.

As soon as i was in the bed the nurses came and hooked me up with Iv and started the saline and Pitocin. At this time I was measuring 3 1/2 centimeters dilated and 85 % effaced.
They had me on "high dose" Pitocin and within 5 minutes contractions started.
0715 my OB Tamie Mott came and popped my water. After that happened contractions intensified and gotten worse. I was then 7 centimeters dilated and this is where we got a picture before things got ugly.

Then things got ugly. The contractions were right on top of each other and before I could recover from the last another started. Eric was telling me to breathe as seen in the movies, " HEEEHEEE HOOO." yeah whatever. I forgot how to breathe... I am a teeth clenched, hold your breathe kind of gal. I even brought pictures of Eric and Caitlin to "focus" on. Eric said to focus on them... pain was sooo bad I couldn't open my eyes. This is where I asked for the epidural. I asked for it at 8am.

What felt like eternity and 45 minutes later the epidural guys came into my room "by mistake" they were supposed to go to room 5 first but i said, "Me First me First!" Let me tell you, trying to sit up and sit still is so hard to do when in the middle of contractions... not to mention I felt like I was sitting on Scarlett.
If you know me then you will know I try to find humor in every situation and laughter is the best medicine so of course I cracked a joke to them with clenched teeth about they must love their jobs a lot to be looking at butt cracks all day. At least I have art back there. (tattoo)

So, I got my epidural and was smooth sailing for the next hour.

10:27 fully dilated and pushed a few times and at 10:37 am. She was born kicking and screaming. I held her for a good 20 minutes before they took her.
Scarlett is beautiful, dark like mommy but like Caitlin has daddy's hair line.
i held her fresh out of the womb for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then they did her tests. I also got bragging rights because the nurse, Eric and i placed bets on the birth time and i won voting for 10:30 , nurse voted 12 and Eric just said whatever.
Scarlett received 8/9 on Agar's . They also told us that the bruising on her face is normal (around nose and mouth) because labor was super quick and she pretty much fell down the birth canal. After they did that, they gave her to me to feed and she took instantly. During this time, epidural was turned off and i was shaking uncontrollably and freezing. Didn't stop me from feeding her.

My mom and dad were the first to visit followed by my sister with Caitlin. Caitlin really didn't know what to make of it then she was just really happy to see daddy and wanted nothing to do with me.
After the family left it was just Eric and I bonding over Scarlett.

We were discharged the next day. So, as of now Eric and i are getting used to having a new baby with a 18 month old. Caitlin is teething and she has the sniffles so she is being a booger. (literally). Eric and i are doing great though. Every day we look at each other full of love and appreciation. I call Eric the "Poop Aficionado". He is also a master "Swaddler". Caitlin is pretty good with Scarlett in the house. Touching is minimal between her and Scarlett. Caitlin does have her blanket and teddy bear that she loves on when mom is with Scarlett. Thursday, there is a special outing that is going to happen with just Caitlin and daddy. He is going to take her Gymnastics which is something I usually do with a mom group. So, Eric is going to be the only man in a room of probably 15 moms and their kids. Kudos to Eric! He will do anything for his Girls. So, i that is us in a nutshell at the moment.
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Part 1: Pre-labour, Labour and Birth
Sat 18/07 – Intermittent pains started. Not too strong and not at all regular (between 10 and 30 minutes apart).
Sun 19/07 - Pains continued. Went for walk in afternoon and pains stopped for several (about 4) hours before beginning again that night
Monday 20/07 – Pains continued with exception of 2 hr break in the afternoon. Had gross night sweats overnight.
Tuesday21/07– Contractions continued. Got down to 6 minutes apart overnight but didn’t stay regular. Strong enough to wake me and continued frequently through the day but not regularly (6 – 30 minutes apart).
Wednesday 22/07 – Contractions continued frequently but not regularly. At appointment Doctor said am starting another incoordinate labour like my son and not much we could do. She offered to do a stretch and sweep to see if that would get things moving. When she tried though my cervix was high, closed and posterior so couldn’t reach to do the sweep. Started to lose mucus plug in the afternoon. Took 2 panadol and a warm bath at bedtime and was able to get 2 hours sleep before the contractions woke me again.
Thursday 23/07 – Lost more of my mucus plug. Contractions are definitely stronger again today then they have been on previous days. In the morning they were between 5 and 20 minutes apart. Am starting to get really worn down and am wondering how I’ll cope with labour once it actually starts.

Between 8 and ffice:smarttags" />9pm I went to the toilet and noticed a light pink tinge on the toilet paper when I wiped. There wasn’t much so I didn’t pay it a lot of attention, I kind of just assumed it had to do with loosing my plug. The contractions are requiring more concentration now then they have been. They are still irregular when I time them. I might get two in a row that are 8 or 9 minutes apart but then the next one wont come for 10 – 20 minutes. When each contraction hits I have to really focus and breath through them. I’ve found if I stand when I first feel one coming and sway or rock my hips it really helps.

Around 10pm-ish I took another couple of panadol and went to lie down. The contractions are much worse when I lie down and a few I feel I’m not going to make it through without crying out. I have to concentrate hard and breathe with each one. Most of the time I try and make a picture in my head and concentrate on it – for example, I’m sitting on a white sandy beach under an umbrella looking out at blue ocean with yachts bobbing in the water. The longer the contraction goes for the more detail I try and fill in. I time a few contractions but they are still all over the place. I’ll have a contraction lasting 40 seconds followed by one 8 minutes later lasting 1min then another 12 minutes later lasting 1.5minutes. There is no pattern to them at all.

Eventually I decided I wasn’t going to sleep and they were too painful lying down. I got up and went and told Rob this baby better come soon because I can’t take too much more of this. Then I went to the toilet and while there had a little gush of red blood – maybe a couple of teaspoons worth. A few more visits to the toilet over the next hour showed more pink but no more red. I decided to call the hospital anyway just in case. I was told that I could come in and be checked but that I would probably be sent home. I had a contraction on the phone that I was able to talk though so they thought I was probably still not in true labour. We packed Hayden and his things up, DH dropped him off at my parents and then we headed in.

Friday 24/07 – On the way to the hospital DH asked if I wanted to go the bumpy road or the main road. I told him to take the bumpy road as it might help things along. On the trip in the contraction were around 7 minutes apart, give or take and lasting about a minute each.

Rob dropped me off at the front door of emergency then took the car around to the parking area. I had a contraction when I first tried to get out of the car but then didn’t have another one for quite a while adding to my suspicion we'd be sent home. Being the middle of the night security escorted me to L&D. There was a bit of confusion in emergency and DH didn't get escorted up after parking the car and ended up sitting in emergency watching the tv for a while.

I was made to give a urine sample and hooked up to the monitors. Bubs was moving around nicely and contractions were still frequent but not regular and I could talk through them. My urine sample contained a lot of blood. A doctor came and examined me and found I was still high, closed and posterior but thought that my hind waters had broken. I thought they'd send me home but they said as I hadn't slept well all week they'd admit me, give me some panadeine and tamazapan plus a heat pack to see if they'd take the edge off enough for me to sleep and I'd be induced the next morning.

DH was told he could stay the night with me or go home and get some sleep. As they thought the next day would be a long one based on my being closed, etc, he said he'd head home and get some proper sleep. This was around 2.30am. DH brought my bags up and then headed home.

The contractions kept coming but there didn't seem to be any pattern to them. They still hurt most if I was lying down but if I stood and swayed or rocked they weren't as bad. I kept getting up to use the bathroom and it seemed like getting in and out of bed brought them on.

At 3.20 I messaged DH to say hope he got home safely and to tell him they contractions were coming thick and fast and making me have to focus. I then buzzed the midwives as they'd said they wanted to do my obs an hour after I was last checked. They came and said they'd decided to do them at 2hrs instead so I went back to bed.

As soon as I lay down I was hit by a strong contraction and felt like I had to stand up if I was going to be able to deal with it. I think I had already started moaning before I lifted my head, but the second I did I felt my waters go. They literally exploded - I was fully clothed and they still managed to soak most of the double bed from my waist to my feet! I wasn’t immediately sure if my waters broken or if I’d wet myself but I could feel it gushing everywhere and I had no control of it at all. The contraction seemed to go on forever and I couldn’t get my body to move to hit the call button.

I started moaning very loudly and calling out ‘help me’. A student doctor opened the door and asked if I was alright. As he was asking I felt the baby start to come down so I yelled out ‘the baby’s coming!’ I heard him yell out down the hallway ‘the baby’s coming’ but I had closed my eyes. When I next opened them the room was full of people. I saw the Doctor who had checked me earlier and someone was saying ‘I thought you said she wasn’t dilated.’ Things were moving very quickly and the contractions were sapping my energy. I think I had my eyes squeezed shut most of the time. The doctor was telling me she had to check me again then I could hear her telling the midwives she was looking to see if there was any lip. I knew this meant I had to be close to dilated. The doctor then said to me ‘I can tell you your baby has a full head of black hair.’ She was right there and ready. She then told someone else in the room that I was at +1 or +2 (?) station – I think, it was a bit hazy and I was more concentrating on the contractions. The main point was I could push her out whenever I wanted to.

I think I’d started to go in to shock already as my body kept shaking uncontrollably. They gave me dry clothes to change in to then said there was no point if baby was coming. Instead they wrapped me in blankets and put a heat pad underneath me. I still couldn’t stop the shaking.

The midwives were then asking me if I had the urge to push. I told them other than with that big contraction I didn’t and then was telling them I wanted Rob to come back in. Somebody went to make sure he was called and Sam (my midwife) stayed with me. I could hear someone telling her that it was probably good that I didn’t want to push straight away as baby had come down so fast it would not be in the right position for birth.

As things had happened and were happening so quickly they were using a pressure cuff to monitor my blood pressure and a stethoscope to monitor the baby during and after each contraction. At some point they swapped to using something else, I just don’t know what it was.

The contractions seemed to have eased off in intensity once I got through the big one that broke my water. They were still painful but I was back to what they were like before my waters broke. I was lying on my back with my knees bent and heels near my bum. I’d been lying on my left side when my waters broke and hadn’t wanted to move but they’d had me roll on to my back for the internal. Once it was over I didn’t want to move and part of me knew that lying like that would slow things down enough that Rob might make it there in time. With each contraction I knew there wouldn’t be much longer I could hold on. Sam was holding my hand with one of her hands and rubbing my leg with the other. I was able to talk to Sam and the student doctor between contractions and they were offering me sips of water which I was gladly accepting. I don’t really recall being aware of Rob coming in the room, just knowing at one stage that he had arrived. I had a few contractions where I could feel the baby starting to move but I was scared of pushing. The urge wasn’t strong enough that I couldn’t resist. Eventually I had a big contraction and felt her coming and automatically pushed. Because I had started to push the midwives had me keep pushing with each subsequent contraction. I never really had the urge to push again but the contractions didn’t stop this time like with Hayden. I never went numb this time either and the burn was unreal. I kept trying to picture what she would look like in my mind but the pain made it hard to think. Eventually they told me to start panting and I knew her head was almost out.

Finally she was out and they brought her to my chest. She didn’t really cry until she up and I held her. That sound was like music to my ears.

Part 2: Retained Placenta - poss tmi
I could feel the cord and it was uncomfortable. I don’t remember being able to feel it with Hayden. I could also feel myself burning a little down there and thought I must have torn. Rob was able to cut the cord and I was vaguely aware of him leaning over to do that.

I was given a shot of syntocin to try and help me contract and force the placenta out. I could feel them pulling on the cord and they had me push. I think they were pushing on my belly trying to get it to come away too. We repeated this a few times, each time having to stop as it wasn’t working. Then on yet another attempt the cord came away from the placenta. I can vaguely remember thinking ‘crap’. By this point the shock had me well and truly in its grasp. At some stage I asked if the baby was a girl and they said we had better check (it was). At some point I was also asked if I would like to try breastfeeding and I said yes. Because of everything going on they had me lie on my side and feed her like that. She took to it like a champ.

I’m not sure when my doctor arrived though she later told me she got the call around 5.30am. That is not quite half an hour after Kaia was born. They gave me gas and explained it would only take the edge off. They also told me that gas when in labour is different to gas when not labouring. I had to pass Kaia over to Rob and then they got me to take a few deep breaths. I was concentrating on sucking the gas in as hard and long as I could then letting it out as quickly as I could. The pain was absolutely horrendous. It felt like everything was on fire and I could feel Dr N. poking and pulling at stuff. Every now and then I could feel a slimy feeling as stuff came out. It felt like big slimy clots. At

first Dr N.
thought she’d be able to get it easily as it appeared to be in the birth canal. When she went to remove it it completely crumbled. I think she was explaining things as she went but I could only concentrate on sucking that gas in as hard as I could. I was gripping the tube so hard my hands were probably white and I was sucking back as if it was the last gulp of oxygen on earth. At one stage someone was asking me questions and Sam told them to leave me be as I was concentrating. I don’t even know who was in the room at that stage so don’t know who she was talking to. Eventually they told me it hadn’t worked and that I had to stop sucking. By this stage I was as high as a kite. As soon as I stopped sucking I started to giggle and then I couldn’t stop giggling. My eyes wouldn’t focus on anything either. When they finally focused the hospital doctor from earlier was there. She said ‘I think she’s starting to come around now, her eyes are starting to clear.’

Dr N. then explained that part of my placenta was wrapped around my cervix and that she thought some more was still attached to my uterus where it had been implanted (at the top of the fundus). She said she couldn’t manually extract it and I would have to go to theatre. She kept apologizing to me over and over.

We're left alone while they go and call people in and get things organized. I’m starting to get some decent contractions (due to being put on a syntocinin infusion plus syntometrin (sp)) so I focus on Kaia through each one.

Sam comes back and tells me I have to have a catheter before surgery. She tells me no one likes her when she does one of them. She inserted it and I wanted to scream. I was already burning down there and this just added a whole new dimension to the pain. Fortunately it was soon over and the pain subsided. I also had to sign the waver forms about this time. I know I signed them, I just don’t really remember doing so.

A nurse comes in and gives me a drink that I will have to drink before theatre. I’m told that it is bitter and horrible but I have to drink it anyway. They check my stats and say they’ll be back. I just keep trying to feed Kaia and memorise her face. Richard comes in and explains that he’ll be looking after me this morning and taking me to theatre. They ask if I can move to the trolley and I tell them I’ll try. I haven’t really moved other than to roll to feed Kaia. They wake Rob up and give him Kaia. I didn’t really want to let her go.

Moving beds HURTS! They try to help me as much as possible but basically it is still up to me. I feel like my insides are coming out and the burn in my genitals is pretty unbelievable.
Once on the new bed I get to drink my lovely drink. The nurse keeps telling me sorry it is so horrible. I tell her it is bad, but it isn’t like I can’t swallow it. I just do it very quickly. Then they are wheeling me out of the room. I quickly say goodbye to DH and we’re off.

By now I’m getting pretty strong, regular contractions. A few times I automatically start to hold my breath through them which just makes them worse. Richard keeps telling me I’m being brave and that I’m going through a lot. I’m aware of everything going on around me but at the same time it seems like a bit of a dream.

I am wheeled into the staging area (for lack of a better term) and have numerous nurses fussing over me telling me ‘poor thing’, etc. Richard and the nurse from labour and delivery stay for a while and are coaching me through my contractions. I’m still shivering uncontrollably and have basically lost all control of my body. I keep telling them with every contraction that it feels like something is coming out and they keep telling me that would be the best scenario and that it does often happen. They also say that at this point even if the placenta does come out on its own I’d still have to go to theatre because it had crumbled and they couldn’t be sure it was all out. Several times I feel something come out but I still don’t know even know if that was some of the placenta or gushes of blood. I know I haemorrhaged, I just don’t know when.

The anesthetist comes and asks me to decide whether I’ll have an epidural or general anesthetic. Dr N. had told me they’d remove it under a general so I wasn’t expecting to have a choice. I told him I didn’t really have a preference so he started going through all the risks. He said if I had a general they would give me morphine for the pain and that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed for a certain amount of time (they told me but I forget). I was terrified of having an epidural but I didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot breastfeeding right from the start so I said epidural. The nurse then came back and said if they’d known that I was going to have the epidural I wouldn’t have had to drink the yucky drink.

They then read through all the risks of both the epidural and the general – if the epidural failed I would have to have the general. They were reeling numbers off at me but between the shock and the contractions I couldn’t really take in what they were saying. I could hear them, but it was like they were talking in another language.

I was then wheeled into theatre. They had told me they were going to move me again and I said I didn’t know if I could. They then said they’d do most of the work. They rolled me so that they could slide a board under me then had me roll the other way – I’m not sure why. Then I was slid across to the new bed. This was all timed around the contractions that were coming thick and fast. Richard was now coaching me through every contraction, reminding me to breathe and telling me when to slow my breathing down. He’d tell me when to breath in and when to breath out because when left to my own devices I kept resorting to moaning. The pain was so overwhelming. I kept my eyes closed a lot and kept picturing Kaia’s face in my mind. In my mind I was focusing on every little detail that I had just memorized and just trying to hold on to her. When I focused on her I was able to control my breathing better. I could hear people telling me I was doing really well but I kept thinking I was just being a big sook.

They had me lie on my side for the epidural. The contractions were coming so fast I was scared I was going to get one and move and be damaged from the epidural. They wanted me to arch my back but when I tried I had another contraction. I wanted to just moan but Richard reminded me to breath so I concentrated on Kaia and on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth.
I could feel them prepping me but I wasn’t really there anymore. I could feel the anesthetist trying to get the needle in but it wasn’t working. They told me that they couldn’t find the space because I hadn’t arched my back. They told me to pretend I was arching my back like a cat. I was able to arch it just the smallest amount before being hit by another contraction. Richard told me it would probably be the last one I had to feel (it was the second last.) They were finally able to get the needle in and I was set. They explained I would be able to feel pushing and tugging but no pain. They then asked me to let them know when I started to feel any sensations such as warmth or coolness or pain. I was just starting to feel my hands go warm / cold (can’t remember which now) when I was hit by another contraction. It wasn’t as bad as the others so obviously the drugs had started to set in.

I could feel someone poking and prodding at my legs. Dr N. was asking if she could remove the catheter and someone was telling her to leave it in as I would need it later. I could then hear her saying she needed to wash me down to see if there was any tearing. In my head I was thinking I was sure there was because of the burning but I don’t know if I spoke aloud or not.

I started to feel really, really tired. The voices in the room were all muddled and I couldn’t focus on what anyone was saying. It was too hard to keep my eyes open so I didn’t and then I started to drift in and out of consciousness. I was woken a couple of times by someone asking me if I was alright and I’m sure I said something to them but then I would pass out again.

4.5 hrs after Kaia was born I finally made it to maternity and got to see her again. She'd slept the whole time. DH had been so worried he hadn't even told his parents she'd been born yet