Baby teasing me with giving birth

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Baby teasing me with giving birth

my due date was meant to be the 21st of August 2008 but people were telling me that they thought i would give birth on the 8th of August. when the 8th of August finally came, at about 3.30am i woke up and i was having contractions and we all thought 'this is it, the baby is coming' so david kept in contact with the midwife with how things were going. i didnt think it was too bad so i was trying to go along as usual with david following me around timing each contraction.

i ended up seeing my midwife at about 9 in the morning and she checked me and told me that i was 3cm dilated so i decided to carry on as per usual. david got off work that day cause his boss didnt want him at work if i was about to give birth. in the end my parents were called and they were in the room with david, his mother and i and we were all waiting to hear from the midwife. davids mother had just told us that his great aunty was in the hospital in a room directly above as and she was about to die.

The midwife finally came in and said i was still 3cm dalited and it had all come to a stand still so my parents had to drive 2 hours home again and since there was a possibilty it could start up again they said i couldstay in the hospital for the night and see how things go.

that night i was in the hospital bed while david had to sleep in a lazyboy chair as there weren't any spare beds for him. the next morning at 7am nothing had happened and we woke up to a phone call from davids mum saying his aunty had just died. i cried cause i kept hearing babies cry and i had just had my day ruined cause i thought i would have had my baby in my arms by this time

on the 16th of august (a week later) i woke up at 9am and was feeling a bit sore and without even knowing why i turned around to david saying "i think im going to be giving birth this afternoon but go to work anyway". he was meant to start at 12 so he decided to drop me off at his mothers at 11.30 who lived just down the road. about 12.30 i started getting really sore contractions but i though i was still fine so i was trying really hard to get comfy on one of the armchairs. at 1.15pm i was rushed into the hospital and i had to wait until my midwife got there. i kept feeling like i needed to go to the toilet but i didnt so i decided to sit on the toilet since it was comfortable. each time i went back to the bed though i would almost pass out so they tried giving me oxygen but i pushed it away. (i already had no painkillers at all). i went to the toilet for the last time and i turned around to my mother-in-law saying how i had the arge to push so her and the midwife came and pull me up and i noticed there was heaps of blood in the toilet and it freaked me out.

at 1.15 my water broke and david arrived and then i kept trying to push each time i got told to. the head had just come out and my mother-in-law decided to say "whoever wants to be born now, put your hand up". surprisingly her hand came out and because of that i got a small tear. she was born at 1.36pm and then 'autumn marie' got put in my arms. the placenta came out naturally with a bit of a tug from the midwife. once i was showered autumn was weighed and she was 7 pounds 4 ounces.

now im in the process of trying to persuade david to let me have 1 more child. hopefully he lets me:D