Back Labor - 27 hours!!

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Back Labor - 27 hours!!

I went into labor at 9am on tuesday,and I didn't know that they were contractions. I just started feeling some uncomfortable cramping in my belly and back. By 12pm we realized it was labor, and I decided to clean my 3 bathrooms since my hubby's mom said she'd come to stay when the baby came. 3pm my mom shows up at the house and helps time my contractions, and by 4pm we were on our way to the hospital. My husband and I pre-registered 2 weeks before, but that seemed a waste of time since we still spent 20 minutes in admission. Finally, we get to the room and the nurses are witches!! I got attitude about not wanting an IV. I didn't plan on pain meds, but 18 hours into horrendous back labor, I gave in. I was exhausted!! By the way, during a contraction around 9pm, some idiot came in who said he was a resident, and he says, "so what brings you in today?" I said, "Um, I'm having a baby!!" That was a little scary. Anyway, after the epidural at 4am, they put me on pitocin because I was stuck at 5cm. Finally, at 11:45am on Wednesday, I was ready to push. The nurses expected it to take awhile since it was my first baby, but 15 minutes later the baby's head was out up to the top of his ears. At that point the doc was still 10 minutes away, and the nurse held her hand over the baby's head to prevent him from popping out, and they told me to stop pushing. STOP PUSHING!!! The doc didn't show up until 12:15pm, and he threw on scrubs as I screamed at the nurses for not being trained to deliver a baby. As soon as the doc sat, he said push, and my son was born at 12:18pm on Wednesday April 9th 2003. Needless to say, my son will be an only child!!!

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Aw,how horrible that the nurse did that to you hon. Just know that not all nurses are like that...not all doctors either. I'm glad that you're doing well now though,and that your little man is here and well.

Thank you for posting your story. It's amazing to see how all of our births are different,or even the same,lol!

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