Caitlin's Birth Story (emergency c-section)

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Caitlin's Birth Story (emergency c-section)

I'm not going to make this very long. I just noticed this board and thought I would post our little angel's birth story, quickly.

Since Caitlin's birth happened so fast, and so unexpectedly, there isn't really too much to tell, but I'll do my best to make it interesting..hehe. It actually began at our baby shower (January 10, 2004) I opened our last gift (from Mike's parents). I was crouched down to unwrap the present (it was one of those stroller/car seat combos..we knew that ahead of time...I didn't finish opening, when I felt something like the start of a period (kind of a gush, but it was different). Now, considering we hadn't had any birthing classes yet, I really didn't know what it was, but as soon as I felt it, I got up, went to my mom, and told her that I thought my water had broke (that's the only thing that seemed logical to me). My mom gave me this weird, panic look, and said "What!?" (trying to be quiet so we didn't scare anyone). So I said again that I thought my water had broke and we ran off to the bathroom (the shower was being held at my parent's church). Now, I expected to see something that looked like I had wet my pants, but to my horror, I saw blood...and lots of it. My mom went back out and got Mike for me (I was so glad that we had decided to have guys and girls there, otherwise my husband probably wouldn't have been around when I needed him). Mike came into the bathroom, but was sent back out to go and start the car. At this point, I was standing in the doorway of the bathroom (with a few friends who had come to check on me and comfort me) and I was getting scared. I wasn't having any contractions and the site of the blood was making me really nervous (I did get very light headed standing there and had to have help getting to the car). My mom got in her van, we got in our car, and we followed my mom to the hospital here in town (keep in mind that our guests are still inside the church, not knowing what is going on...poor guys). Our original plan was to go to a hospital that was about 20 minutes away, but we decided it was smarter to go to the one here in town first (the one here in town doesn't deliver babies anymore). I figured that because they didn't deliver here, we would be sent to our original hospital, but a nurse came outside with a wheelchair and I was taken inside.

They put me in room, took my clothes, put me in a gown, hooked me up to a monitor (that was scary because the baby's heartrate kept falling and then there were times when they couldn't find it), and got an IV started in my right hand. My mom told the emergency room doctor who my doctor was and he was called immediately (he was there about five minutes guy). They checked to make sure my water had actually broken and that it wasn't just blood (they used something that looked like that ph paper you used in science class). The realized my water had broken and so MY doctor checked to see if I was dialating or anything. I wasn't and he figured that was a good thing. At this time I started having contractions. Because I was so scared to begin with (because I had no idea what was happening), that made the contractions a 100 times worse. They started giving me injections (in my IV) to stop the contractions, but that only worked for about ten minutes at a time (needless to say, they gave me a lot of injections). They finally wheeled me into a room where they had an ultrasound machine hooked up (Mike was by my side the entire scared as he was, he was right there trying to be strong for me as I cried....a nurse that was there, who was an OB nurse at one time, was comforting us the entire time and trying to help Mike threw everything). It only took them a few minutes before they realized the problem....a placenta abruption (the placenta had pulled away from the uterus, which caused the bleeding). My doctor had been calling up to another hospital (which was about 45 minutes away), to see if they could get me there (incase something happened, they wanted me and the baby at the best place possible...they have a children's hospital at that hospital). When they learned what the problem was, the realized that they didn't have time to send me anywhere. If they did send me, there was a good chance that the baby wouldn't make it.

As fast as they could, they called a surgeon from our original hospital (the one that is 20 minutes away) and got the OR ready. They prepped me (got an IV in my left hand, incase they needed to give me blood and put a catheter in...not sure the spelling of that). Because this was an emergency c-section and I was going to be knocked out completely for it, Mike wasn't allowed in there with me (they had to knock me out because they didn't have time to wait for an epidural or a spinal to kick in). They knocked me out and when they woke me up, it was 7:35pm. It had taken them 3 to 10 seconds to get Caitlin out, and they said she came out "pink and screaming". I was taken to a recovery room, next to the OR, where they began giving me morphine (I was still having a lot of pain..the morphine didn't really help though). Mike was allowed in there for a few minutes, but he had to leave while they prepped me for my ambulance ride to Theda Clark (the hospital that was 45 minutes away). As they got me ready for my ride, they brought Caitlin in (in her little isolet) so I could see her, and then whisked her off to the waiting helicopter (she got a flight up to Theda Clark).

I guess that's really about it for the birth story. We both were transported to Theda Clark. I stayed there three nights and four days (we got there Saturday night and I got out Tuesday afternoon) and we finally brought Caitlin home on January 27 (at 17 days old). So...

Caitlin Aeris
Born On January 10, 2004 (6 weeks early)
At 6:54pm
Weight: 4lbs 4oz
Length: 17.5 inches

And when we brought her home:

Weight: 4lbs 11oz
Length: 17.75 inches

And at her follow up appointment 2 days later:

Weight: 4lbs 15oz
Length: 18 inches