CJ's birth story, a few months late!

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CJ's birth story, a few months late!

Seeing as I posted Sierra's here (on page 2 now) thought I would add CJ's as well. It seems like the time has just gone so fast!

August 19th....
As you guys know my water broke around 7:20 pm, was laying on the couch watching a movie when I heard this tiny pop and got some fluid. Now mind you Jarod and I had done the deed a bit earlier so I was just thinking it was leaking from that. But got a contrax about 3 minutes later and got more fluid, at which point I started to wonder. Waited to see what would happen. Contractions happened! Started at 6 minutes, went very quickly down to 4 minutes then to 2 minutes. I tried taking a shower to see if it would help and it didnt so I tried the OB on call. Didnt get an answer, even after 4 tries. I finally got through and by the time I did the contrax were 2 minutes apart and I could barely breathe through them. Tried calling Jarod 3 times, wasn't picking up his cell. Finally called his actual work, had him paged and told him it was time to go!!! The OB on call finally did call back, I said about 4 words before getting another contraction and she says "you sound like your in labor, head on into L&D" Breathed my way through the contrax with Sierra's hands on my belly saying "its okay Momma, just breathe, its gonna be okay". I worried so much about how seeing me in pain like that would affect her but she handled it so well! Jarod called my FIL to meet us at the hospital to pick her up. Got to the hospital around 9:30 or so, ( I was listening to this group Alter Bridge the whole way there, singing to get through the contractions, which Jarod told me later was actually kinda funny!)was dialated to 3 and they did the swab test and said my water had definately broken. Contrax were pretty bad! I intended to go natural but around 10 or so I couldn't take it anymore, after trying different sitting and standing positions, asked for an epidural. They warned me it could take up to an hour if it was busy but the techs got there fast, have I said yet I love the epidural man???! They knew it was gonna be quick because even with the epi in I was feeling tons of pressure. I was all panicked about having a needle in my back but they did it really well. No foley cath for my bladder because they knew they'd just be taking it right back out.
Baby Caroline Jordan (named after her great grandmother) arrived at 11:38 pm after 6 pushes, perfect in every way. Felt like she had line-backer shoulders!! Got 2 whole stitches and got to hold her for a sec before they took her to clean her off (she'd had a bit of meconium). Weighs a good hefty 7 lbs 7oz, 20 inches long, LOTS of black hair, pudgy cheeks and all.