Colin's Birth Story

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Colin's Birth Story

Monday morning, February 2 Mark was getting ready for work and picked out a gray shirt that he really likes. As he put it on he said to himself, “this is the shirt I am going to wear to the hospital and the first shirt my son will see me wearing”. Somehow he knew that that was going to be the day. He called me several times to see how I was feeling, and sure enough, I started having contractions. I knew the doctor’s office was going to be closing soon, so I went ahead and called to talk to a nurse. My contractions were not very strong although they were about 5 minutes apart. She told me to walk around for a couple of hours to see if that made them stronger. The weather was really bad so I walked around the living room for an hour and then Mark came home and we went to the mall to walk around. The contractions started coming on stronger and even closer together. I still was not in any pain from them, but I could tell that they were more than Braxton hicks. I told Mark we had better eat in case it was close to time to go to the hospital, so we went to the food court and then made one more lap around the mall. We went home and I called the after hours nurse. She told me to go ahead and go to the hospital, so off we went.

I was crying on the way because I felt kind of scared. I was also worried that they were just going to tell me it was a false alarm and send me home. Once we got there, I got all hooked up to the monitors. They were showing contractions about 3 minutes apart, but they still were not painful. I needed to get a cervical check, so the nurse tried, but couldn’t feel anything. She called in another nurse, and then that nurse called in another, and finally she was able to feel something. It was so painful! I was crying it hurt so bad. She said I was only at 1 & ½ cm, which is what I was a few days before when I went to the doctor, so I hadn’t made any progress. I was so disappointed and I just knew that they were going to send me home. They told me I could walk around and see if I made any more progress, so we walked up and down the halls and I sat on the birthing ball for a while. I could tell the contractions were getting stronger, but they still weren’t painful. After another really painful cervical check by the doctor (and she had to try a few times), she said I was at 2-3 cm, so I had made a little bit of progress. My cervix was very posterior and that’s why they were having such a hard time with the exams. Anyway, the doctor said she could break my water to get things going faster, so that’s what we decided to do. I had no idea what that would be like, so I was pretty shocked by how much fluid came out and how it felt. I had no idea it continued to gush out for so long either.

They decided to move me to another room because I was the only person on that hall and they had a room open up for me to move into, so we packed up went to the new room. I told them I would want an epidural when the contractions got really bad, so they hooked me up to the IV. They had a hard time with that, too. My contractions started getting painful, so they gave me Stadol. It made me go a little crazy. I was hallucinating and I could not stop laughing. I was just being really silly and Mark was worried about it, so he went to the nurses station to tell them, and they said it was normal because it is such a strong drug. I finally dozed off to sleep until the contractions got so bad I couldn’t sleep through them. There was a shift change at some point in there and I had a new doctor. I had never seen this man before, so I was a little uncomfortable with that. I knew it would be fine, but I just felt better with a woman doctor. Oh well. He had to do another cervical exam.  It hurt so bad! He was getting mad at me for not being relaxed, but I honestly was trying my best to relax so it would be easier. I got the epidural and catheter after that. It was working great. I wasn’t feeling any pain from the contractions at all. I am not sure when, but at some point they had started giving me Pitocin. Colin’s heart rate started to drop pretty low after every contraction, so they turned it off. Then, the contractions weren’t strong enough to do any good, so they turned it back on and inserted an internal monitor for his heart rate and my contractions. I started to feel a lot of pain with each contraction, and my nurse was pushing the button to give me more epidural, but it didn’t do any good at all. I got another cervical check and the doctor said that I was only dilated to 5! I had already been at the hospital for 15 hours and he said I would have another 8-9 to go. He said he just couldn’t let it go on that long with Colin’s heart rate dropping so much, so we had to the C-Section. He told me that there wasn’t time to do the spinal block, so he would just have them give me more medicine in my epidural to make the pain tolerable and then they would give me drugs after the surgery. I was pretty calm, but once I got rolled into the room, I freaked out. I started crying again and I was so scared. Mark was there with me, but I hardly knew it because I was so nervous. The doctor was pinching me and asking me if I felt the sharpness, and I did. The anesthesiologist kept giving me more medicines until the doctor said OK, let’s go and he cut me right open. The surgery was painful for me. There was just so much pressure. I kept kicking my leg and moving my feet with everything he did. Then, at 11:38 am on Tuesday, February 3, Colin was born. The doctor said he would not have been able to be delivered vaginally anyway because his cord was too short. I had never heard of that before, but it turned out to be a blessing that I had to have the C-Section or we could have had some really major complications.

The doctor sewed me up and stapled me up (which hurt- I don’t think I was supposed to feel it). They said they needed to move me to another bed so they could roll me to recovery. They were really surprised when I pretty much moved myself over. Another nurse said she noticed that my feet were moving during the surgery. So, I didn’t have to stay in recovery very long since I could already move my legs. They gave me Morphine and that made me feel pretty much out of it.

Colin is now 6 &1/2 weeks old and doing great. He is 8 pounds, 2.2 ounces!!!!!! YEA! I had a difficult time with breastfeeding and thought about quitting many times, but I finally decided to just stick with it. Colin doesn't like to sleep in his bed much. He'll start there at night, but by the 2nd feeding, he won't go back down so he sleeps in the swing at that point. He is finally starting to sleep more during the day and he gave me a REAL smile this morning! Smile