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    I *finally* got caught up with your lodge. I'm sorry that you didn't get the birth you wanted, but you're right in that LO comes first. I only wish I could have shared some of my fluid with all the ladies I hear say they had low fluid levels. When my waters broke, and after I finally stopped gushing and leaking 5 HOURS LATER, I looked like I had lost 2 months worth of pregnancy. And still had plenty of fluid to spare.

    I hope your supply comes back. I had a horrible time with mine. Those c/s do not help matters either.

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    Sorry to bump this but it looks like my hard drive I saved it on is fried and I can't find my backups Just want to make sure it doesn't disappear before we get the computer back up and running and I can save it! Posting this from my cell btw...
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