Of course I'm the late one

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Of course I'm the late one

Well anyway here it goes, it has already been six months and my little has grown so fast right before my eyes, but unlike the births of my other two daughters I would have to say little Zakaiah was the one that kept us waiting it all started and lasted the whole weekend I guess I was in a rush due to heart medication and I just knew that their was going to be something wrong with her, I went into the hospital for a regular doctor's appointment on friday and didn't leave until sunday, they did all that you could imagine they tried inducing, and walking and nothing was working she was not coming out until she was ready, so finally I got tired of being at the hospital and hell I was hungary, my due date was actually on the 19th of august so somewhere in the begining they got it all wrong so we were in for a wait anyway, so after leaving the hospital me and dh came home to eat and enjoy some quiet time know prior to all of this I lost my mucus plug at about at 3:40 saturday but their were still no good signs of labor and I payed it no attention so my dh suggested that we order a movie and he said the funniest thing he said just watch we are going to get into about 20mins into this movie and you gonna be like bae come on and sure enough that is what happen as a matter fact we were watching secret window and at that time into the movie it was time to get to the hospital, and to my surprise when we arrived I was already at 9cm, but my water bag had not yet burst so of course they popped the bag and after that two or three good pushes and she was out know we left the house at 12:15am, got to the hospital at about 12:45am and little Zakaiah was born at 2:36am, so august the 23rd our baby was in our arms, and I couldn't have been more relieved to see that she was perfect and nothing was wrong with her at all, so all in all I was just worried about nothing, know all I can say is that she is really enjoying being the baby because it is taking her a long time to grow up, but all in all we are still breastfeeding and I am enjoying my time with her more and more everyday...