December 2006 Delights birth stories! (no comments)

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December 2006 Delights birth stories! (no comments)

Please add your birth story and photo to this thread for all to see! No comments, please. Feel free to post your birth story in a separate thread too so the ladies can give their big congrats!!


Born in September

September 29

-- Sacarii, Jr., 2lbs, 9oz, 13 1/2"
3 months 7 lbs 8oz

Born in October

October 20

-- Aiden, 5lbs, 1oz, 17 1/2"

October 31

Born in November

November 6

-- Aidenn William, 4lbs, 2oz, 18''

November 8

-- Lindy Eileene, 6lbs, 15oz, 20''

November 14

-- Timothy Liam, 6lbs, 11oz, 19''

November 14

-- Dora, 6lbs, 14oz, 19''
1 month 9lbs 21 inches
2 months 12lbs 8oz 23 1/2 inches

November 19

-- Amelia Claire, 5lbs, 8oz

Samuel Evan, 6 pounds, 1 oz.

November 20

-- Brendon William, 8lbs, 3oz, 21.5"
2 months 13lbs 11oz, 25"

November 20

-- Kyla Lucielle Brent, 6lbs, 5.6oz, 19.25"
1 month 8lbs 10oz
2 month 9lbs 12oz

November 21

-- Kaden Thomas, 6lbs, 8oz, 19''

November 21

-- Julianna Nicole, 6lbs, 8oz, 19"

November 21

-- Alex, 8lbs, 13oz
3 months, 12lbs 13oz

November 23

-- Sawyer Timothy, 6lbs, 13oz, 21 1/2"

November 23

-- Kaden, 5lbs, 8oz, 17.5in

November 24

-- William Parker,

November 24

-- Shannen Nicole, 7lbs, 14.5oz, 20''

November 25

-- Jacob Lee, 7lbs, 13oz, 20 1/4"
1 month 11lbs 14oz, 22"
2 months 13lbs 13oz, 23"

November 26

-- Sarah, 5lbs, 5oz, 19"

-- Max, 5lbs, 4oz

November 27

-- Jacob Thomas, 6lbs, 14oz, 20"
2 months 12lbs, 23"
4 months 14lb 12oz, 25"

November 27

-- Jaelon, 8lbs 3oz
3 months, 15lbs, 26"

November 29

-- Lorenzo Michael Richmond, 7lbs, 1oz, 19"

November 29

-- Zoe Anne, 8lbs, 10oz, 20''

November 30

-- John Eric, 6lbs, 3oz

Born in December

December 1

-- Quentin Andrew, 6lbs, 9oz, 18.5"
1 month 9lbs 0oz

December 1

-- Sam Mcleod Sheppard

December 1

-- Emily Grace, 6lbs 13oz
1 month 8.5lbs
2 months 11.1lbs, 23"

December 1

-- Juliana Grace, 7lbs, 6oz
hopeful in AR~Lexi

December 1

-- Sebastian, 8lbs, 1oz

December 1

-- Levi James, 5lbs
1 month 7lbs
2 months 10lbs

[color=green]December 2

-- Madelyn Elizabeth, 6lbs, 11oz, 20''
1 month 9lbs 21"
2 months 12lbs 4oz 23"

December 4

-- Katie Annika, 7lbs, 10oz, 19.5"

December 4

-- Evelyn Josephine "EvieJo", 9lbs, 6oz, 21.5"
1 month 11lbs 12oz
2 months 14lbs 4oz

December 5

-- Evan Michael, 8lbs, 8oz, 21"
1 month, 11lbs 4oz, 22.5"
2 months, 15lbs 10oz, 25"

December 5

-- Luke William, 6lbs, 9oz, 19 1/2"

December 6

-- Avalyn Rose, 5lbs, 8oz, 18"

-- Brinley Grace, 4lbs, 15oz, 17 3/4"

December 6

-- Avery Noel, 7lbs, 1oz, 19"

December 7

-- Alice Virginia, 7lbs, 5oz, 18 1/2"
1 month 8lbs 7oz

December 7

-- Xavier, 7lbs, 8oz, 20.5"
1 month, 10lbs 11oz

December 7

-- Devon Christopher, 7lbs, 10oz, 20 3/4"

December 8

-- Amelia Rose, 8lbs, 11oz, 20"
1 month, 10lbs 1oz, 21 1/2"
2 months 12lbs 3oz, 22 1/2"

December 8

-- Zor, 8lbs, 1.7oz, 20"
1 month 10lbs, 13oz
2 months 14lbs

December 8

-- Natasha Marie, 7lbs, 10oz, 19 3/4"

December 8

-- Simone Gabrielle, 6lbs, 8oz, 19.5"
1 month 8lbs 14oz
2 months 10lbs 13oz

December 9

-- Remedy Skye, 9lbs, 1oz, 20 1.4"
1 month, 12lb 8oz, 22"
2 months 15lbs 23"

December 10

-- Koen Kristopher, 7lbs, 8oz, 19 1/2"
2 months 13lbs, 23.5"

December 10

-- Ariana Jane, 6lbs, 13oz, 20"

December 10

-- Owen Levi, 7lbs 11oz
1 month 9lbs 9oz
2 months 14lbs 11oz

[color=green]December 11

-- Lillian Rose, 7lbs, 3oz, 20 1/2"

December 11

-- Emily Kaytlin

December 11

-- 5lbs, 11oz
1 month, 9lbs 1/2 oz
9 weeks, 11lbs 8oz

December 12

-- Abby Kate Miller, 7lbs, 2oz, 20"
1 month, 8lbs 14 oz
2 months 9lbs 6oz, 21 3/4"

December 13

-- Isaiah Alexander, 7lbs, 13oz

December 13

-- Alexander Tomas

December 13

-- Rejoice Maelynn, 8lbs, 9.5oz, 19.5"
1 month, 11lbs 7oz, 22 1/2"
2 months 13lbs 3oz, 24"

December 14

-- Damian, 6lbs 4oz, 21"
6 weeks 10lbs 8oz
10 weeks 12lbs 1oz, 23"

December 14

-- Liam Thomas, 7lbs, 5oz, 19.5"

December 14

-- Brandon Nicholas, 6lbs, 7oz, 20"
1 month, 8lbs 9oz, 20in

December 14

-- William Alexander, 6lbs, 9oz, 19 3/4"

December 15

-- Eoghan "Owen" Francis, 7lbs, 8oz, 20"
1 month, 9lbs 1oz, 21.75oz

December 15

-- Jasey Nikolle, 7lbs, 9oz, 21.5"
2 months, 12lbs 2oz 23.25"

December 18

-- Brynna Rose Geegan, 8lbs, 2oz, 20 1/2"
1 month, 10lbs 13oz, 22"
2 months, 13lbs 1oz, 23"

December 18

-- Sophie Adriana, 8lbs, 4oz, 20.5"

December 18

-- Makenzie Grayce Fielding, 6lbs, 12oz
1 month 9lbs 3oz, 21.5"
2 months 11lbs 1oz
3 months 14lbs 1oz

December 18

-- Amelia Jane Louise, 7lbs, 1oz, 50.5cm

December 18

-- Emma Grace, 7lbs 8 oz, 20"
2 months 11lbs 5 oz, 22"

December 19

-- Tyler Nicolas, 6lbs, 10oz, 19.5"

December 19

-- Daniel Gordon, 4lbs 9oz
2 months, 8lbs 7oz

December 20

-- Emma Nicole, 7lbs, 14oz, 19"

December 20

-- Adriana Ellen Riley, 6.15lbs, 19 5/8"

December 20

-- Julia Addison, 6lbs, 13oz

December 20

-- Chloe Seraphina, 8.14lbs, 20"
1 month 12lbs
2 months 13.13lbs, 23"

December 21

-- Alexandre Marc, 8lbs, 21"

December 21

-- Cecelia Rose, 8lbs, 14oz
1 month 11lbs 12oz
2 months 21lbs 11oz

December 22

-- Elizabeth Ann, 6lbs, 14.3oz, 19 1/2"
1 month, 8lbs 12oz, 21.5"

December 23

-- Ember Irene, 7lbs, 8oz, 19"
1 month 9lbs 7oz, 21"
2 months 10lbs 15oz, 22"

December 24

-- Myriah, 6lbs 11oz, 19 1/2"
1 month, 9lbs 11oz
2 months 12lbs
11 weeks 14lbs

December 26

-- Trystin Scott Andrews, 7lbs 13oz, 20 1/4"
1 month, 8lbs 8oz, 22in"
2 months 14lbs, 24"

December 27

-- Samuel David, 7lbs, 14oz, 20"
2 weeks 8lbs 5oz, 21"
2 months 12lbs 5oz, 22.5"

December 27

-- Jace, 8lbs 15oz, 20 1/2"
1 month, 11lbs 3oz, 22in

December 27

-- Hadley, 7lbs 6oz, 20"
2 months, 9lbs 11.5oz, 23"

December 28

-- Emily Marie Harper

December 28

-- Adam Ryan 7 lbs 8 oz and 19in

December 29

-- John Kelechi, 8lbs 11oz, 23"

December 29

-- Vanessa Elizabeth, 8lbs 2oz 20.5"
1 month, 9lbs 6oz, 21"
2 months, 10lbs 10oz, 21.5"

December 29

-- Maille, 6lbs 13oz, 18"

December 30

-- Gabrielle Paige Bailey, 8lbs 15oz, 20 1/2"

Born in January

January 1

-- Alexis Grace, 9lbs 1oz, 21"

January 3

-- Haley Elizabeth, 6lbs 15oz, 19.5"
1 month, 9lbs 3.8oz, 22.75in

January 5

-- Ella Grace,

January 12

-- 6lbs 11oz, 18 3/4"

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i was put on bedrest around 15 weeks due to bleeding an leaking amniotic fluid..around 21/22 weeks my water fllully ruptured with my u/s showed the the fluid measured 4 on an AFI went in a week later an it merasured the end of 23 weeks i was then placed on bedrest in the hospital...i had a few episodes of bleeding during these past few weeks but never any contractions till the morning of september 29th, 27 weeks pregnant. i woke up an was gushing blood i shortly then after had started having contractions that were only getting worse by the minute i then had a contaction that would not go away an they rushed me into the operating room an did an emergency c-sec. my placenta over time had slowly abrupted in 3 diff spots. i had time to call 2 people, my mom an sons dad...thankfully due to how long it took for my spinal to be put in they were both able to make it. due to the camara malfunctioning we only have 3 pics of delivery an the day of his birth. An then Sacarii Thomas Michael Werts Jr was born into this world crying an kicking at 11:39am weighing 2 lb 9oz an 13 1/4''. ...the dr.s had only givin him a survival rate of 10%, we've made it past that with a rough start an a rocky road...but he did it!!!!!!



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I just wanted to give you a update and pics on my beautiful son and whats going on with me! I also can't believe that I am a mommy so early but I'm not upset about it as I'm so glad that we are both okay.

All I can say is that its been one heck of a week! Kevin got home on Monday of last week...we moved into our new house on Monday and Tuesday...I noticed Tuesday and Wednesday I was swelling up really bad so bad my ankles looked couldn't tell where my ankles and legs started. I pretty much left the unpacking to Kevin and my sis because I was just so incrediblly tired...

I had to go to Tripler for a NST on Thursday and when they checked my BP it was really high-in the 160/100 range so they kept me there most of the day and then eventually hospitalized me because it was never going dowin. It was supposed to be just a regular observation hospital visit but my BP kept going higher and higher...they started me on BP meds and also magnesium. I was so upset and scared and I had so many docs and nurses around me at all times I knew something was going on and I wasn't going home. At one point my BP got up into the 215/120 range and for a little bit we were all terrified! The docs managed to get it down but it was still high-I stayed pretty much into the 150-175/95-120 range. The docs wanted to induce/c-section right away but we talked them into waiting untill my labs came back in the morning (Fri)and when they did it wasn't good as I was told I had severe Pre-Eclampsia and they wanted to take the baby asap!

I was really upset about it but I knew that it was the right thing to do and the docs were very accomodating to our wishes of still having a vaginal birth since he wasn't under any distress...but he was still breech. So I got a epidural and was wheeled into the OR where the docs attempted to turn the baby several times but he just wouldn't turn, only just a little bit. So we went to the C-section. It was SOO scary with all these doctors and nurses rushing around and getting things ready. I must have cried buckets of tears, I was trying to be so strong but I felt like the worlds biggest baby I was so scared.

They got started on my C-section and things went great untill they couldn't get his head out and it was stuck in there...Kevin said the doc had to stick her hand in and fish him out! My epi wasn't effective enough for that and it felt like they were ripping out my insides so the anethologist had to give me a huge dose of meds to keep me from feeling anything more which really made me woozy...I didn't remember much untill after I "sobered" up. I remember hearing him cry for the first time and asking if he was breathing (duh lol) and Kevin was crying and then I remember him going over to see him and then next thing he was next to me holding this tiny little baby! OMG he was soooo tiny! And then I just passed out for a bit and Kevin went to the NICU with Aiden...

I didn't get to see him for 24 hours as I was under strict observation and couldn't even get out of bed at all. I was so anxious and excited to see my baby! Not to mention how hungry I was as I didn't get to eat for almost 2 days! Haha I was a little grumpy for a bit!

But on Saturday afternoon I got to see him and OMG he was just the most beautiful little thing and I cried and cried! We both got to hold him and just stare at him for quite a long time! I fell totally in love!

He is really healthy and was only on his breathing tube for that first day and the only tubes he has are a feeding tube since he is having a little trouble learing how to nurse on his bottles. He has of course attached to all the little monitors that keeps track of his vitals. We are just now getting the hang of holding him and changing him and also getting around all those lines and such. The nurses are great and are really hands on and want us to do as much to him as we can like feeding, changing and such. We only feed him once/twice a day and leave the rest to the nurses as not to stress him out as he needs as much rest as he can get right now. But we go every morning for "Kangeroo care" Which is putting him skin to skin next to my chest for a hour. It is such a wonderful bonding experience and hopefully will help my milk come in sooner. He already knows who his mama and daddy is and will stop crying as soon as he senses my presence or if I talk to him our touch him. He LOVES his "kangeroo time!" And gets MAD when he has to go back into his "apartment" as the NICU nurses call it!

He is now getting the hang of nursing on his bottles but is still needing help with the feeding tube as well...he likes to be near my breasts but still won't suck on them yet which is okay as he will warm up to it in time, I'm sure! I am pumping every 3 hours and using a syrange to get all the colustrum I can for him untill my milk comes in.

I am doing good but just VERY sore! OMG I didn't realize how much pain I'd be in!! But I am getting better every day and my incision looks really good, the docs did a great job with it! So I've wrote a book now and I hope you enjoyed reading my birth story! I'll try to update when I can!

Please excuse my typos and spellings as I am "medicated" right now! LOL Biggrin

Updated: Aiden spent two weeks in the NICU and came home with us! He is perfectly healthy and we are enjoying our time with him and being parents. I never knew motherhood was like this or I would have had a baby sooner. Aiden is such a sweet baby and we love him SOO much!

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The Tuna Casserole incident

Wow I can not believe I am posting my birth story so soon.....Well here we go.......On the evening of November 5th I was feeling a little emotional. My poor DH. Wanting to fix everything and make it okay didn't know what to do. So we started making tuna casserole as I was balling at the kitchen table telling him that I can't handle these emotions anymore and it is so hard to be pregnant and I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore......Well at 2:46 am I woke up feeling like I was peeing myself. Didn't really think anything of it at first. Just went to the bathroom and went back to bed. About 2:50 I felt it again and stood up and well I had a huge gush of stuff come out of me....but I wasn’t peeing. So I thought to myself okay this isn’t right. I called my Sister at 3:00 am telling her I think something is going on. I’m standing over this towel now and it sounds like I am pouring water on it. I asked her if something wasn’t right. She told me to call the Midwife. So that is what I did. (Being a first time mom I had no clue) I called the midwife at about 3:10 and told her I thought my water had broken. She asked me what made me think that. I told her well I’m new to this but being that I am standing over a towel as we speak and I can hear stuff hitting the towel and floor and imp not peeing It just don’t seem right. She told me to come in and get checked out. So being the silly girl I am I called my sister back and told her what was up. I then woke up Iain and told him I think my water broke. He then said uh huh okay 5 more min please. I told him um Iain you need to get up we are going to the hospital. My water broke. So I jumped into the shower cuz of course I couldn’t go all smelly....he he he...and then proceeded to remember the pics of some of the births I have seen and thought um gosh I haven’t shaved in a while....Thank god for those Venus razors!!!!!! I then proceeded to shave myself there yup you got it....had to be ready for my close up...he he out of the shower this was about 3:30. I then decided um im kind of hungry and I know they don’t feed you. So I got myself a huge bowl of Tuna Casserole.....mmmmmmmmm it was so good!!!!! Keep in mind im standing up eating this as my water is leaking onto a towel......ahhh the irony... so at about 3:45 I decided um I need some makeup...and put some on....that’s when Iain asked me what the hell I was doing. I told him putting on said um NO lets go now....That’s when he started freaking out....So im stilling on the couch giving him orders honey grab your I pod....Grab your Palm Pilot, Grab your phone and mine and the charger...Call the Doula....Call your mom....oh yea and Andrew..(Our houseguest) could you drive us to the hospital? This is where things get a little hazy..... Iain’s sister dropped his mom off at our house and I’m still walking around the house in a robe and waiting to put my pants on cuz im still leaking. I shove a burp cloth in my pants and walk out the door. At the er doors I answer a bunch of questions and im off to L&D a bunch of people show up in the room…im having some hard contractions by now and my legs are shaking….This is where Iain takes over to tell the story because I cant remember much…..Iain…..take it away……….

Iain Here—
Um, well…Thank you Karrie for throwing this on my lap to finish. Please forgive me if my sense of humor is a bit odd, it’s not you it’s me…
We get upstairs to the labor ward and after Karrie is in one of those all too fashionable robes, They have her lay down and do things to her that I just didn’t want to watch all the while she is moaning every 3 minutes or so. (Okay as I’m writing this she is sitting on the sofa with two bricks of frozen spinach on her chest) (Karrie here, breast pumping hurts!!)A few minutes later the pain doc came in for the epidural. That she did really well with that, and they said she could be the poster child. It was shortly after this that she managed to sleep away half of her labor. (I woke up because I heard laughing…..apparently I was snoring rather loud though some of the contractions) Soon enough, It was time. With me holding one leg, making sure to look up, not down(I admit, I’m a bit squeamish), a nurse holding the other and the midwife spreading her in ways that no man should ever have to watch, out came our beautiful baby son. The cord was wrapped around his neck twice and under his arm. I was truly scared. Until I heard the squeak, yes I did not say cry or scream or anything of the sort, I said squeak. And squeak he did. But it was the most beautiful, precious squeak I have ever heard (not that I am an expert on squeaks or anything, but this one was great). Being premature he was covered in a pure white coating but when they cleaned him up and let us see him for the first time, he crawled into my heart to stay.

Oh, and back to that squeak, after all was said and done, Karrie told me that when he came out and she heard him, she thought to herself “I just gave birth to a puppy!”. And she says I’m odd….

Back to you babe…

The only part I really remember was the midwife putting my leg around her neck and the doula coaching me though the contractions. Because the only thing I could focus on was the beeping of his heart rate. Because he was in distress due to the cord being wrapped around his neck. But when I heard that squeak I knew everything was okay. They then had me sit for approx 2 hours before I could see my new baby boy. And that is the Tuna Casserole incident. I hope you enjoyed my birth story.

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Thursday, November 9: After being in and out of the hospital for preeclampsia, I had one final prenatal appointment. My doc informed me that the protein in my urine was borderline severe and he really wanted me to stay in the hospital until he could deliver my baby. He wanted to do an amnio that day to assess the baby's maturity and how soon he'd induce. So, later that day after spending a few hours getting ready, I again checked myself into the hospital. But I had waited too long and all the rooms were taken, so my DH and I had to wait out in the lobby for an hour or so. But we finally got taken back to a small closet they called a room for my amnio.

My doctor is a very quietly spoken man with a very positive outlook. But I saw a very different doctor during the amnio. He was irritated at something, I'm guessing the nurse. She hadn't drawn blood by the time he got there. When he said, "You won't need gloves for this," she turned right around and put gloves on... He was actually kinda scary. lol.

The next day after sending the tests out and doing another 24-hour protein test, all the results came in. One of the amnio tests were border-line and the other was mature. My protein count hadn't risen at all though. So the doc said I'd be induced monday!

Monday November 13: I was scheduled to have the cervidile (that gauze that they place next to your cervix to thin it out. I was nowhere near ready to give birth lol) put in at noon but all the L&D rooms were taken until 1. Finally, I got in and was put on an iv. Then my doc inserted the cervidile and said it may make me contract. If it does, good. Not 10 minutes after that, I started having small regular contractions. Then, a nurse came in saying my doc had called for a enema. Let's just say it wasn't pleasant.

Later that night, the contractions had let up. I was only supposed to have the cervadil in for 8 hours but no one came to take it out. After checking my blood pressure, the nurse turned out the lights, turned off my tv, and told me to lay down and go to sleep. She said it was through the roof and I needed to relax and bring it down. I was very unhappy. But I finally fell asleep.

2:00am: My nurse came in and removed the cervadil and started me in the pitocin.

3:00am: I woke up in pain and called the nurse. She gave me just a normal shot into my iv. I was 1cm dialated. I hated having contractions and having her stick her hand up there to check my cervix.

4:00am: I woke up in extreme pain and again called my nurse for more medication. I was so scared. I probably hadn't dialated enough for an epideral by now but I was in soooo much pain. I was terrified of what the rest of the labor was going to be like.

My nurse checked my cervix to make sure it was ok for more meds. But then she just ran out of the room saying she was going for another nurse to double check my cervix. Another nurse came in and checked. I was 9cm dialated. After that it was all a blur. The nurses were rushing around, calling the anesthesialogist and trying to get a hold of my doctor. All I cared about was that I was in pain and no one would drug me dammit!!!

Finally, the epidural angel got there. But he wouldn't give it to me because I was already at 9cm! That devil! The nurses just stared at him in astonishment and hatred. They said her baby was coming, you'd better give her something! They argued for a bit until my doc finally called and said give me the damn epidural. After that, I really could tell my baby was coming and started pushing. I didn't know how, I just did it. The nurses finally started assissting me. But then they stopped to get some stuff ready. But this baby was coming whether they were there counting or not. So I just kept pushing like they taught me. There was no way I couldn't. My body was telling me it's time! When I would contract, I'd wake up , push, then go to sleep. Again, whether the nurses were there to catch the baby or not. LOL I was so out of it.

Finally my doc got there. He said to put the handle bars up and get my feet in the stirrups. Those handle bars helped more than the epidural LOL. Everyone got into position. My doc said, just push when I feel a contraction and don't stop. I tried for 2 contractions and failed. He said, you have to push through the pain.

On the third contraction, I finally did it. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life but it was gone so quickly. My DH tells me I screamed louder than anyone he'd ever heard. And he once saw a guy chop his fingers off with a chainsaw. And no one told me this part about delivering. There's that God awful quick pain and then absolute euphoria. My doc said there we go. Just one more push. I was ecstatic to be able to push after that. It felt great! A few seconds later, I heard Dora's first sounds. Gurgle gurgle. She was born at 5:30a.m. and weighed 6lbs 14oz. She had no problems at all.

Everyone rushed around getting stuff done. I just laid back and went to sleep. Everything after that was a blur and I don't remember most of it. I don't even remember our first breastfeeding session. I barely remember my doctor stitching me up or putting the cathater in.

The next day, they kept me in the L&D room because they couldn't get my bp to come back down. They did bring my bed from the post partum room I had been staying in. That bed never felt so good! They moved me back into post partum Wednesday morning and took me off the magnesium. I finally got to come home Friday morning. My doc still seemed a bit reluctant, but he knew I didn't want to stay.

So, now we're both home. I'm sure my bp is still bad, but it's probably doing better as are my stitches. Dora is breastfeeding well (once I finally get it right that is!!) and loves her daddy.

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Here is Amelia and Sam's birth story:

After having a small break down on Friday the 17th (I didn't think I could take being pregnant much longer; those two babies were doing quite a number on my body!), I guess the babies took pity on me. Around 11:30 P.M. on Saturday the 18th I got up to go to the bathroom. After I went I stood up and a GUSH of water came out of me. I called Dh and we just stood there looking at each other, not quite sure what to do. I was convinced that I had just peed on myself, despite the fact that I had just gone and was standing in a huge puddle of clear, odorless fluid. (um, denial perhaps?) I wasn't having any contractions, but we called the doctor and he told us to head to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 12:15 and I still hadn't had any contractions, so I was pretty convinced I somehow had peed on myself. They checked me, and yes, it was my water. The contractions started not to long after that. They weren't too bad at first, but they picked up around 4:00, and that is when I got the epidural. At about 4:05, I officially fell in love with the epidural man. That stuff is amazing. It completly wiped out my contractions, and I was able to rest for a few hours. Around 7:00 it was time to push. Pushing wasn't too bad at first, and I started to think that this was going to be a piece of cake (again, denial). However, once Amelia started to descend into the birth canal, it was the most intense pressure I have ever felt. They took me to the OR (standard for twin delivery) and I continued pushing. I was having a hard time getting her out, so the doctor did an episiotomy and used the vacuum to get her out.

Now it was Sammy's turn. I started to push, but by this time I was pretty exhausted and my pushes were not quite as effective. I didn't find this out until after delivery, but Sam's heart rate started to drop so they needed to deliver him quickly or they would have to do an emergency c-section. The doctor deepened the episiotomy and used foreceps to pull Sam out. That was the most intense pain I have ever experinced in my life, but it was also the biggest sense of relief once he was out of me.

Amelia Claire was born at 8:38, 5 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.

Samuel Evan was born at 8:55, 6 pounds 1 ounce and 19 3/4 inches long.

Both babies are doing wonderfully, despite being slightly premature. (I delievered at 36 weeks 5 days). Amelia had to spend a few hours in a warmer, but was mostly in the room with me. I attempted breastfeeding for 2 days, but after NO response from the babies (the lactation consultant said it might be a few weeks due to immature sucking reflexes) and a horrible experience pumping (my nipples are raw) I gave up. I feel guilty about it and had a good cry when I made the decision, but now I feel pretty good about it. I don't think there is any way I could be the only person able to feed these two, and feeding is so much more relaxed and stress free.

I am so in love with these babies. This has been the most unbeleivable experience of my life and I am so looking forward to watching them grow! I am truly blessed.

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On Friday, Nov. 24th about 9am I had a small leakage of fluid, then again about 10am. I decided to wait to see if it did it again. Then at 1pm after sitting for a few hours I got up to go take a nap, and the fluid kept coming in little gushes. So, I quickly took a shower and headed over to L&D. I got there and by 2:20pm, I was told I got to stay because I was indeed leaking my amniotic fluid. So, I called DH told him to call his sister to come and get Nathan and to head on over. I was close to a 3 cm and he was still pretty high and hadn't dropped completely, but at this point I was not having any contractions on my own, so they started the pitocin. By the time I reached 4 cm, I was begging for an epidoral. The pain this time was a lot worse than with my first (with DS I started labor on my own, was a 6cm by the time I got to the hospital, my water wasn't broke until I was 8cm, and I didn't have any pain meds) I got the epi and was already feeling better. All I could feel with the contractions was the pressure. The nurse wasn't sure why I was feeling so much pressure because he was still high. The contractions were coming pretty close together, and the baby started to drop his heartrate everytime I had one. So, they put an internal monitar on his head to keep a better eye on him.

They had to turn off the pitocin, to get Jacob to start responded better, and I started to dialted about 1 cm every hour. The doctor was considering a c-section because of the way the baby was reacting, but he started doing better and so did I, so wwe continued on with labor. My right side starting hurting a lot in my hip and lower stomach. The nurse first thought it was because the baby might have been transverse, and she but me in a couple of positions to try to get him to flip over, but it was very very painful. She called the epi doc back in to see if he could fix it, and he did but it only worked for about 30 minutes then it wore off again. She stretched me to a 10cm because I still had a little cervix left that was in the way. I finally got to start pushing about 2:45am on Saturday. I pushed for 2 1/4 hours and was begging for a c-section. I couldn't take all the pain. But she said with an epi that the doctors let you push for 3 hours before making a decision. So, 45 more minutes I pushed. Finally they call the doctor and he checked me, and immediately said "get the O.R. ready!" The baby was still high and it didn't look like he was coming out.

They got me into the operating room at 5:45am, and I thought I would die before they got the spinal finished. Once the spinal took effect, I was in heaven! They started to cut me at 6:02am and Jacob was born at 6:05am. DH balled like a baby! He is just beautiful and looks like his brother did when he was born. (I asked the doc afterward if there would have been any chance of me pushing him out, and he said NO that he was stuck and he had of realized it he would have done the c/s a long time again) He was running a slight temp when he was born so they kept an eye on his blood counts. He is doing good. He has a little bit of jaudice, but not enough to be put under the lights. We came home today. I'm doing ok, just really sore. Here are his stats and a few pics (I will load more later)

Jacob Lee Asher
11-25-06 @6:05am
7lbs 13oz
20 1/4 inches

When he was first born.....



Me, Nathan, and Jacob.....

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Monday NOvember 13 I had parent Teacher Conferences all day and spent the day telling the parents I was working til the end, which was suppose to be Dec. 18. Tuesday mornign I woke up dead tired from the day before went in to work. It was parent Observation day, so I had 6 parents in my classroom observing their children. We were discussing the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and what they could bring with them. I then had the kids break up inot groups to make a list of what they would bring. There I was standing in the middle of the classroom when all of a sudden I felt a small gush. My first thought was Oh My God I just peed myslef and i ddin't even bend down or sneeze, so since I ddin't do that my bladder must be shot and I'm in big trouble. So I look in the hallway for another teacher and the math coach walks by, so I pull her intot he classroom and I run tot he bathroom. I now realize something must be going on, but I'm 5 weeks earlier. I run into my AP and tell her I need to leave because something is wrong and off I go.
I call my parents and my husband who is in class in New Jersey, we live in New York. I then call the dr. he tells me to go to the hospital because he is there. Remember I'm driving myself all around. SO I am now half way home, to get dry clothes, and I have to turn the car around to go back towards the hospital. I first stop to pick up my parents, who are on the front porch waiting ... my mother ever so prepared has towels and plastic bags for me to sit on in the car .... I was wet but not that wet. Off to the hospital we go .... NO bags, NO Camera!! NOthing!! husband is stopping home to get the Cordblood kit ... forgot to tell him to get the camera
I check in to L&D around 11:00 and get checked out only about 1cm & 80% effaced. Official word my water broke, so I"m staying. My dr. comes in and doesn't want to check me to keep the infection rate down. Fine with me!!! But tells me I'm contracting every 1-2 minutes ...I don't feel a thing. HIs partner comes in later that day around 7 and checks me I'm only 2cm & 90% effaced so he breaks more of the sack and water gushes out, still not feeling a thing. He puts me on Pitocin because he says the baby is very low. By 7:25 I felt my first contraction ... bad menstral cramp. At 8:35 I get the epidural because dr. said It may be all night since I"m not really dilated, Hell I was going to sleep then and push him out in the morning. So in goes the epidural and the dr. checks me @ 8:45 and I"m fully dilated. At 9:30 they shut off the epidural and by 10:15 I begin puishing and at 11:28 Timothy Liam was born!!
It was truely amazing I wish I could have an outerbody experience and relive it just to watch the whole miracle again!!

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Most of you know I was having contractions for many months. When it was finally time for them to actually DO something, nothing would happen and I was quite frustrated.

At my 38 1/2 week checkup (and after spending one night in L&D) My dr. did an internal exam and offered to sweep my membranes. I said "yes please!!!" She did it and said "see ya back tonight!" This was at 2pm.

We went home and got everything all packed. I really didnt think I would go into labor until the next day, so we decided to go out to dinner and go Christmas shopping. There is a mall close to the hospital so we went there. On a hunch DH said "lets ask your mom to go with us"

We ate dinner at about 7pm and my contractions started strong about 10 minutes apart. By the time we finished they were steady at 6 minutes. I really didnt want to go home so we went to the hospital. we were admitted by 9pm. It was "real labor" yes!

After about 3 hours I was doing ok with the pain - as long as DH and mom were continuously massaging my back - non stop. DH was getting stressed out and I wasnt dilating very fast so I opted for an Epidural. OMG what a lifesaver. I was able to sleep for a couple of hours.

All of a sudden I woke up to a loud popping sound when my water broke. I moved quickly after that. At about 7am the nurse told me I was complete and ready to push.

In the room was my mom, MIL, DSD, DH, and my little brother Ian who is 20 years old and totally grossed out by anything female. I originally only wanted SDS, mom, and DH. DH was pale white, and almost useless - I thought he would pass out! MIL was almost invisible so I said she could stay.

My legs were too numb for me to support so I told Ian to get over and hold them for me. He was the biggest help and coached me right through my pushing. I pushed for one hour and Enzo was born at 8:10 am November 29.

After it was all over, MIL came up to me crying and said "thank you for not kicking me out. That was the first time I have ever seen a baby being born, and it is the best gift you could give me in the world"

Shelbi cried and watched the nurses clean up her big brother. She told MIL "I loved Mavi before, but now I love her so much more!"

It was so incredible. After both me and the baby were checked out, dh finally took a deep breath of relief and he went with the baby to the nursery.

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Friday, December 1st was when it began… I woke up around the usual 3am and was uncomfortable as always, but this was different. I was cramping pretty badly and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I went back and forth from bed, to the rocking chair, to the bathroom, etc. trying to get comfortable while DH slept. Then around 6am, he woke up and was fully convince I was in labor. (I thought it was just bad gas that I couldn’t get out!) However, I didn’t notice any patterns (yet) so we went about our day. DH is off on Fridays so we went Christmas shopping at the mall and walked around, then we went out to eat with my parents and little sister since her birthday was the next day. I kept feeling the “cramps” and was timing them on my own and noticing they went from 20 minutes apart to 15, to 12 or so. They still weren’t too intense, just enough to make me wince a little, like a menstrual cramp. Then, we went home and that night I became increasingly uncomfortable with each contraction. They weren’t getting closer together or longer, just STRONGER! So we decided to go into the hospital around 1:30am or so, only to be told I was only dilated maybe a finger tip and that my cervix wasn’t even open at the bottom. They gave me Ambien and said that if it was real labor, it wouldn’t effect the progress. So we got back home at about 4am, I took the Ambien expecting to sleep finally, but it did NOTHING. So the contractions kept coming, and I stayed up again. That day was my little sister’s birthday and her party was planned out at the park. My mom came over early and made DH and I breakfast, and DH decided to take off work that day. So we all went to the store, picked up my sister’s cake, and then went over to their house to get ready for the party. All the while my contractions are getting closer together, and I’m timing them at about 7 or 8 minutes apart. Then around 1:30pm, I had a contraction but something was different… I felt a little “gush” all of a sudden and ran to the bathroom. My sister’s party was scheduled for 2pm, and had it not been for that, we would have been along our merry way further from the hospital. Hehe. But at that point we decided to go back in to the hospital. We got there around 2pm, and the nurse checked me and said I was SEVEN CENTIMETERS!! WOW. So they got me into a room right away, did the usual 100 questions, bloodwork, and hooking up to monitors… (pausing about every four or five minutes for my contraction) The nurses were so amazing, I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful they were! They were so patient and ready to do whatever it was I wanted. One nurse told me that I was to get comfortable however I wanted, even if it meant walking around the hospital for a while, or going to the bathroom, or squatting by the bed. As long as it was before I was in the pushing stage. So at that point, I jumped at the chance to go potty (although not literally…) I got up with her help, and had a contraction on the way. I had to lean over on her and she coached me right through. Anyway, after I made it back to the bed, I asked her about Demerol or something of the sort, and she said they usually don’t administer those drugs after 8cm since the baby will be affected. So I knew I didn’t have time and asked her to check me again… sure enough, I was 8cm. They said I could still have it if I wanted, though, but I chose not to. They also said the epidural was available at ANY point, up to 10cm even, as long as I can sit still. But I opted out of that one too. All I was thinking at that point was “Let’s just get her out as quickly as possible.” My legs were shaking, but my mom did such a good job of rubbing them and keeping me relaxed in that way. I also had back pains with each contraction, so every time I felt one coming on, all I would say was “back!“ and DH would put his fist behind my back to help ease the pain there. So contractions kept coming, I was checked again, and at 9cm, my body began to push on it’s own… So the nurse ran and got the doctor and the fun part began.
I went through about five contractions at that point, each with three good 10 second pushes each, and she was out! She was 6lbs 11oz, 20 inches long, born at 4:37pm. She came out ready to nurse, too! She was already smacking her lips and looking at me like “Mom, where’s the GOOD STUFF?!” So I got to feed her right away, and it was just so amazing. The entire experience was. Everyone kept telling me how strong I was and how amazing I did with no meds, but I really couldn’t have done it without the help of the nurses, my wonderful mom and husband, and the doctor. I just kept my eyes closed during the labor and focused on the encouragement, and that made it so much easier. Most of all, though, I just have to say that the woman’s body is AMAZING. The way that God has it all planned out and designed to work so perfectly, from feeling our hips begin to widen before labor, to having the baby’s head come out soft so it fits, etc. etc. Every little detail works together to help create the most incredible experience on earth.

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I was scheduled to be induced on 12-4-06 @ 615 am. Of course I went to bed late sunday night cause I was exited Lol . I woke up monday morning at 4 am. Once I got to the hospital I was started on pitocin at about 7 am. My midwife came in at 845 to check me and break my water but the baby was too high and she didn't want to risk cord prolapse so she kept increasing the dose of pitocin and would check back at lunch. As 12 pm rolled around I was having great contraction patterns about 2-3 minutes apart lasting about 1 to 2 minute long contractions although they did not hurt. the midwife checked me again and said i had not progressed and if i had not changed by 5 pm she would send me home :cry: . By this time i was fustrated and wanted to have my little girl. At about 430 pm they maxed out my pitocin and I finally was having strong contractions. My midwife checked me and i was finally 5cm and 80% effaced and she broke my water. Everything started moving pretty quickly after that. I recieved my epidural at about 630 pm(what a relief). I slept pretty much the next couple of hours on & off. My epidural started to wear off on the left side at about 10 pm and boy was i in pain. I called for the midwife and she came in like 5 minutes. I pushed with 2 contractions and she was born at 1055 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz 19.5 in. I'm so in love with her!!! :party:

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Tuesday, Nov 28th - I went into my 39 week appointment my doctor checked me and told me I was CLOSED! I was shocked because a week previous the L&D doctor told me I was dialated. Well, I went home and ate some fish and rice and some veggies at 9:37PM I felt my first real contraction. I told my BF to time it and write it down my contractions were 5-8 minutes apart and it stopped at 10:57PM. They were not painful, just uncomfortable. I told my boyfriend that I was tired and wanted to just go sleep and go home, so he took me home.

Wenesday, Nov 29th - I woke up at 3:32AM to a sharp cramp in my abdomin it was extremely painful. I was in cramping pain for 15-20 min I believe. But I went back to sleep still waking up to them, then finally slept peacefully. At about 8:30AM my boyfriend calls me and tells me that he missed my calls due to the fact he didnt hear his phone ring. I told him I called him early this morning at 3AM because my stomach pain. He said well baby lets go to the hospital -- I was very hesitant because I wasnt dilated and I knew I was gonna have this baby in DECEMBER. Well, we got our bags and left to the hosptial we got there at 9:44AM. I got checked in and was put on a monitor. My contraction were very regular every 4-7 min it was pretty darn bad. They checked me and I was at 1-2 centimeters and I they told me to go home and wait it out. I said NO! this is the real deal here, I am in PAIN. The cheif OB comes in and checked the monitors and said that my contractions were so close together and told me and BF to go walking. We went walking around the hospital and went to Mcdonalds across the way in ChinaTown. We walked for about an hour and a half and I was checked I was at 3 centimeters. It was a great relif because they admitted me. I got was taken to my room were I was to deliever it was a nice room -- very cozy. I had a bunch of nurses in there because I was the first patient to use computer information for them instead of using paper and they can monitor me from there desk instead of it printing out on paper. The nurses were learning the new system in my room. I got admitted close to 2PM and I got asked a bunch of question's and what not. After they were done asking me those thing's I tired to rest. The contraction were getting so painful that it took awhile for them to ask them because they would take a break with me to breath thur the contraction they gave me pitocin to help speed up things and they also broke my water which wasnt painful at all. At about 5PM boyfriend told me I was delirous I was singing "the wheels on the bus go round and round." and I was having conversation with myself. I was yelling at him to rub my back and he did and it got so intense I told him to stop. I know I was stressing him out, but it hurt like HELL! I asked myself how in the world do people go through this again? I hated being in pain. I got about a two min break between each contraction. I was tossing and turning I was misarble. I asked for the epidural, I got the epidural at 9PM. I WAS SO IN LOVE WITH IT! the epi answered my question on how people go through child birth again. After I recieved it my boyfriend mother and sister came to visit and gave me there love. After they left I went to sleep.

Thursday, Nov 30th - 12:30AM The nurses woke me up and checked me. Well, the baby's head was already out -- you could see it if you opened me. The doctor told me to push as if I was using the bathroom. I pushed, but it was so hard because I was still numb and didnt know how I was pushing. I pushed for about an hour and at 1:36AM John Eric is here! He came out crying. He is the most beautiful boy I could ever ask for. Daddy was being stingy holding him. He weighed 6lbs 3oz. When he put him on my chest he went straight to the breast sucking for dear life LOL. After being down there for an hour I was so hungry!!! the nurse brought me food it was okay. They wheeled us up to our suit on the 3rd floor. I fell straight to sleep.

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On Thursday Nov 30th I woke up w/ contractions about 8-10 minutes apart and pretty mild. I had a dr's appt that day and my dr. stripped my membranes as planned. When she checked me that day I was 3.5cm and 80% effaced. She said my cervix was getting much softer and shorter and she thought I would go into labor soon. I was instructed to walk,walk,walk do some squats and get some rest. When DH and I left my appt it was snowing really hard and the roads were getting really bad so DH decided to stay home from work (very good idea). We decided to go to the mall and walk this baby out of me! After we exhausted ourselves at the mall we went home and made sure things were prepared at home. At this point the contractions were getting closer together and much stronger. I was exhausted and decided to get some sleep. Just as I was getting tucked into bed DH suggested we place towels down in the bed just in case my water broke (very good thinking again). Not 5 minutes later... uh oh! Houston we have water ( and everywhere). So I got cleaned up and started gathering my things, off we headed to the hospital.

Once we got there and got checked in the nurses checked me and I was 4cm and still 80% my contractions were 4-6 minutes apart by now. DH and I decided to walk around the hospital as much as possible to get things going. We walked until 4 or 5 in the morning, by then we were both exhausted and had been up since the previous day. We went back to my room and tried to get some sleep. The nurses checked me again and I hadn't progressed anymore. My dr decided to start Pitocin to get things going, but they wanted to start it out really slow. They started it around 5 and by 7 a.m. nothing much was happening. At 7a.m. the day shift nurse had come on and wanted me to start walking again. By this point the contractions had no regular pattern and i wasn't progressing at all. They had really started cranking up the Pitocin,b/n 9:30 and 10 the contractions were picking up and getting much stronger and harder. i continued walking until 11:00 when I couldn't walk anymore because of the pain. By noon I was begging for pain meds. They gave me some Stadol (what a joke ) that stuff is horrible. It just made me really drunk. I was saying all kinds of weird and crazy things and it made me think weird thoughts. I finally decided the pain was getting to be too much and I was begging for the epidural. Of course as my luck would have it my IV went bad and the nurse had to start another one while I'm having contractions one on top of the other. Just then the epidural fairy flew into my room and gave me an epidural. Of course it didn't work and he had to re-do it two times, finally on the third try he was able to get it. Now my epidural was working too good and I couldn't feel a thing. Before the epidural fairy came I was 7.5cm and 90%effaced, once he was done w/ the epidural I was complete and Quentin was crowning. All of a sudden I felt a ton of pressure and the urge to push. I told my nurse i had to push and NOW! She looked down and said "crap your dr. is 30 minutes away". They closed my legs and told me not to push. Luckily, the epidural was really kicking in and i couldn't feel a thing so the urge to push went away. Finally my dr got there and I could start pushing. Only I couldn't feel the contractions so my dr would watch the monitor and tell me when to push. They backed off the epidural and I could kind of start to feel when I was having them. After less than 20 minutes of pushing, here came my little guy w/ one tiny kinda cry and there he was. They placed him on my chest and we both stared at each other in awe!!! It was the most amazing experience ever. I was so pleased w/ how everything went, it couldn't have gone any better. My DH was such a great support and really helped me stay focused and get through it!

My nurses were so awesome and took such good care of us. One thing that really helped me to push effectively was the nurse brought in a mirror and placed it at the end of my bed so i could see the baby each time I pushed and I was able to stay motivated!!!

Well sorry so long i hope you made it this far!!!

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He wasn't due until Dec 17th, but on Dec 7th, I started noticing slightly painful contractions. The contractions continued well in to Dec 8th, and by 5:30 pm became consistent enough to time at 5 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute. I headed in to the hospital at 11:30 pm, was told that I was 3 cm dilated. By midnight, I was 4 cm dilated, and the doula showed up at about 2 am.

Unfortunately, things didn't move very fast after that. By 9 am the next morning after a night of very painful contractions, I was only 5 cm dilated, so the doctor broke the water (gosh, there was ALOT of water). Contractions came hard and fast after that, but still little progress (probably because I was too stressed?). By 11 am, I'd had enough of the pain and requested an epidural. After that, we made progress (slow, but still progress) and by 4 pm, I was ready to push.

The baby was big.... the doctor had to use a suction at one point to help move things along. In fact, the doctor even indicated an emergency caesarean might be necessary, at which point I got a bit grumpy. I didn't hang out for 24 hours, most of it in pain, to get to 10 cm dilation, only to get a c-section at the end of it all. So, after a few hard and desperate pushes, Zor was born at 6:22pm on December 8th! He weighed 8 lbs and 1.7 oz, measuring at 20 inches.

He's a healthy, gorgeous baby - pictures may follow if I manage to get around to it.

The first thing I did after he was born was eat sushi! Biggrin

And here are some pictures of the baby:

Taken within an hour of birth...

And here's one a few days later with his eyes open... (He's still working on getting rid of the jaundice....)

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December 11, 2006
We went to the doctor's office for my 40 week appointment. My doctor loves Georgia Pralines (it's a sugary pecan candy made in the south) and I happen to always make them around Christmas, so I brought him some. He was thrilled kidded me that I could pick my induction date just b/c of the pralines. After a good laugh and some complaining, he checked me and I was quite favorable but still only 1 to 2 cm. He said we should go ahead and plan for this week and he did in fact ask me what day I would like. Since the following day was her due date, I said anytime from tomorrrow to Thursday. He pipes up and says, well you want to go tomorrow? That turned my miserably pregnant self into the happiest woman alive!

December 12, 2006
We came in at 5:00 a.m. to start the induction. The suite was incredible and we stayed there for the entire process including post pardum.

After getting things started, Abby gave us a scare when they started pitocin b/c her heartrate went VERY low and they had to stop the pictocin. After things calmed down and Dr. Khater gave the okay, we started the process again at about 6:30. At 8:00 the doc broke my water and the contraction pains were immediate. The dosage of pitocin was very low and the doctor said that he didn't think I would need any more b/c my body responded so well to my water being broken. I had back labor in combination with feeling the contractions in my belly. I labored for 2 hours until the nurse asked me if I was ready for the epidural. That nurse was awesome b/c she knew that the "epidural lady" was down the hall. She came right in and they bragged at how I need to teach a course in how to sit for an epidural. I was in bliss until about 2:15 and I began to feel some serious pressure. The last check I was only at 3/4 cm and when the nurse came in she wasn't going to check me for a little while until I told her about all the pressure that felt like going to the bathroom. She said she'd check just in case and her eyes got huge and she said I was at a 9! Things started to get a little crazy. The nurse told me not to fight the urge and allow my body to push. The doctor barely made it and within 40 minutes of being told that I was at a 9 and with DH on my left side and my friend Tess on the left, I pushed Abby into the world at 3:27 p.m. She came out crying before she was even completly born.

I had an episiotomy and then they had to give me a shot of stadol b/c I could feel the needle when he was sewing me up. My DH was more of a support and trooper than I ever could have imagined and this tough guy had tears in his eyes when he saw just how much I had to go through to bring his daughter into the world.

Just 24 hours later I was going crazy sitting around and with the okay from the docs we elected to go home. Breast feeding is, of course, a challenge, but we're getting the hang of it.

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We were scheduled for induction on Thursday December 14th. We got to the hospital at 6 AM and they started the pitocin. We were 2 cm dilated and his head was still -3. Labor was nothing until it was almost over. Around 6 PM we stopped dilating. I was 8 or 9 (depending on which nurse was talking..) and not moving. The pitocin was all the way up. They started talking c section because his head was still high. I gave in to the epidural when they said c section. I'm glad I did, made me SO MAD that I made it so far without it and then gave in, but they ended up letting me labor until 10 PM so it was a good thing I got it. Contractions at 8-9 cm are NOT fun! At 10:02 Damian James was born via c section. I'm still kinda mad that I had to have an epidural and a c section, but he's here and healthy so thats all that matters.

Its day 3 now and we are home. Recovery from a c section isn't something I ever want to do again! But he's worth every minute of it Smile

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My baby boy was born on Dec, 14
He was 6lbs and 9oz
and 19 & 3/4 long
We named him William Alexander Flar III
He was born healthy and strong
I was in labor for 7 1/2hrs
It wasn't too bad
We came home Saturday afternoon
and we are both doing great!!
I am a little sore but it gets better each day...
I am just so happy he is already here!

Here are a few photos:
One Day Old

Proud Parents

We were 3 now we're 4

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Around 7:30 p.m., I started feeling some cramping pain. I felt pain for about a ½ hour before DH noticed me breathing harder and asked me if I was having contrax. We went upstairs and I took a shower and we began timing the pain in earnest. By this time, it was clear that the pain was starting in my back and moving to the front with each wave. I had also noticed that I appeared to be losing my mucous plug – a few drips of blood and a slippery discharge. For the next half hour, we timed the pains at 30-50 seconds each, every 2 minutes or so. Being 40 minutes from the hospital, we decided to call the doctor for instructions. The doctor hadn’t called back after 20 minutes, so we decided to call the hospital. By the time we called the hospital, I had begun leaking a clear fluid and suspected that maybe my water was breaking.

We arrived at the hospital around 10:00 p.m. The contractions were definitely showing up on the monitor about 2 minutes apart. The nurse checked me and I was hard and closed!! No effacement, no dilation. She confirmed that my water had ruptured, but wasn’t sure whether she was seeing meconium in the fluid. So now my body would have to catch up and efface. I was in for a long night.

The nurse checked me again around 1:00 p.m. and I was 80% effaced but not dilated. She offered me pain meds and said that the meds might be good to relax me and help move labor along. I would need the rest the Nubain would provide, so she thought it might be a good idea. She gave me the Nubain and it definitely helped with the pain level and allowed me a little rest, but it also slowed down the contractions. At 3:30 a.m., she came in saying the doctor wanted to start pitocin. They didn’t want the labor to go “backwards” – they wanted to maintain my 2 minute apart contractions. I was sooooo tired!!

The pitocin made the contraction pain far worse and my back was killing me. DH and my mom had been putting ice on my back, which had helped quite a bit, but I was in a lot of pain. I was counting down the time until the next check because if was dilated, they might let me have the epidural earlier than usual in light of my back pain. When she finally checked me at 6:00 a.m., I was 100% effaced, but only a fingertip dilated. The nurse said I could have another dose of Nubain, but no epidural yet. I was so disappointed. The Nubain pretty much did nothing this time. I was in so much pain, I was moaning through every contraction. I couldn’t imagine how much longer I would have to endure this. And then Judy, the day shift nurse, came into my room around 7:30 a.m. She was like a mother hen. She said as far as she was concerned, there was no reason for me to suffer like this. She could see the agony in my face and was trying to help me breathe through each contraction. Judy said I could have the epidural whenever I wanted. I said, “I want it now.” She said, “I’ll call the anesthesiologist.” By 8:00, I had my epidural. It was soooooooo great. By about 8:10 or so, I was no longer in pain!!

Judy didn’t want to check me until we had a reason to since I my water had ruptured. No need to introduce the opportunity for infection unnecessarily. After the epidural was in, she checked me and I was 1.5 cm – after she massaged my cervix through some contractions!! It was going so slowly.

I slept for a few hours and she checked me again at about 12:45 p.m. I was now 4 cm, but again, only after she massaged my cervix through some contractions. It was going to be a while still, but at least I wasn’t feeling any pain! Christian’s parents came to visit and my mom and sister were there.

I was sucking on butterscotch lifesavers and ice chips, but I was hungry!! I started feeling a little pressure so Judy, who had just arrived to put some internal monitors in to measure the strength of the contractions, decided to check me again. It was about 1:35 and I was 8 cm!! I had dilated 4 cm in 40 minutes!! She said I’d likely start pushing in an hour and chucked the internals. She set up the room for delivery. By 2:30, I was pushing! She said the average time was 2 hours for first time moms. I pushed for 33 minutes in total! She called the doctor and he arrived just in time to catch our little man. Judy said I was one of the best pushers she’d ever had.

Jacob Thomas weighed in at 6 lb. 14 oz. and 20 inches in length. He had the biggest feet! They barely fit in the box for his footprint! He is adorable. Smile

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Brynna Rose Geegan
Born: 12-18-06
8lbs 2oz
20 1/2 inches

Sunday night at 7:30 I went into the hospital to be induced. They put Cervidil in my cervix at 8:30 and that was kept in until about 6:30. Around 4:30 in the morning, I started having contractions. Around 7 they started me on Pitocin....ouch! The contractions started and OH MY GOD did they hurt. The doc broke my bag of water around 7:30 and we learned that there was meconium in it which meant she had pooped in the uterus which posed a potential problem. The doc was afraid that because of that she might have swallowed some of it. The contractions went from bad to worse. TThe frequency was 90-120secs and the duration was 50-70 seconds and the worst part was they weren't doing anything to help progress the labor. Around 8 I asked for pain medication, but since I haded progressed at all, the doc said no. Finally around 10 I had gone to 2 centimeters...and I was given something called Diolate (sp?). Basically it knocked me out and I only felt the contractions a little. Around 1:30 it wore off and it was NOT a slow letdown. The contractions immediately started kicking my ass again so I begged for more drugs. They checked me and realized I was already 7 centimeters so I was allowed to get the epidural. What a relief! Around 4:00 they checked again and realized I was already at 10 centimeters. I had no idea because I couldn't feel anything. I was ready to push, but I had to wait for the neonatal specialist because they wanted to make sure that when she came out they could check her throat and lungs for traces of the meconium. Needless to say I had to wait another 20 minutes, but then the nurse finally decided that I should push anyway. So, I did...for another two hours. The funny part is that it was just the nurse and DH working with me. My doc and the neonatal doc didn't even show up until about 5:50. She seemed to be stuck so I pushed and pushed and pushed.....

6:14 she came out! She was immediately swept to the warmer in the room to clear her throat and lungs and luckily she seemed to be okay. To be on the safe side they said they were going to take her to the NICU. I got to hold her for about 5 min and then they took her away. I tore a little so they stitched me up while I got to hold her..probably to take my mind off the uncomfortableness of it. About two hours later, she was fine and in my arms. It's still a little fuzzy so the time frame on all this might be a little off, but all I know is pushing for two hours was exhausting. The epidural wore off somewhat by the end and I pushed so hard that I popped blood vessels in my face so it kind of looked like I had been punched in the eyes.

All in all, I'm so glad to have her out and she is just the cutest thing.

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Sophie Adriana has arrived...

Born: December 18th
Time: 10:48 am
Weight: 8 pounds 4 oz
Length: 20.5 inches

I got home from the hospital Tuesday night, but I have been too busy to post! Biggrin Anyway, here is the birth story for Sophie...

I was told at my appointment on Thursday, dec. 14th that I was easily 3 centimeters dialated and 70% effaced. My doc said that if I didn't go into labor over the weekend that he would be willing to induce me Monday morning. I agreed to this as I was anxious to meet my new little girl and get her home for Christmas.

I arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am Monday, dec 18th for the induction. I spent the first hour and a half just being monitored. Then at 7:40 am they started me on some pitocin and said that I could go walk in the halls to try and get things started. Not a whole lot happened. I felt maybe 3 extremely light contractions over the next hour. At 8:30 am my doctor arrived and said that he would break my water to get things going. So, he checked me... I was still 3 centimeters dialated, and broke my water at 8:40 am. Within one minute after my water was broke I felt my first painful contraction. I told the nurse I wanted to get in the tub. I got in the tub and I very quickly realized that I needed more then water to deal with the contractions. I got an epidural soon after. I then felt MUCH better (after an initial episode where my bp crashed, but that was quickly resolved). At 10:20 am (just a little over an hour and a half after my water was broke) I told the nurse that I felt a lot of presure. She checked me and her eyes got big. She said the baby's head was crowning. My doc was called and at about 10:30 am I started pushing. The baby's head was buldging the entire time, and I gently pushed. With dd I was giving a HUGE episiotomy by that doc, but this time the doc just gently let me push. It BURNED so bad, but after about 20 minutes of pushing Sophie Adriana was born! Only a three hour labor!!

I got to help pull Sophie out and then they helped me lay her on my belly. She was there for the next three hours before they took her off of me to do ANY procedures. She latched on about 10 minutes after she was born and breastfed for 2 straight hours! Biggrin She is a nursing champ and my milk came in about 46 hours after she was born.

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Getting ready to go home

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Ember's Birth Story

December 8
I went to the hospital with contractions 5 minutes apart for 3 hours. I was 2cm 70%, no change from the previous doctors appointment. I stayed for a few days because I had the flu. The doc on call mentioned induction on the day they released me, but because I STILL hadn't changed, the head nurse wouldn't allow it.

December 18
I went to the doctors expecting an induction date. Instead I'm told I need to be another week along before they will induce. I was VERY upset about the whole thing and ended up walking over a mile that day. They didn't even check me because I was so pissed at the docs.

December 22
I felt great all day. No hard contractions for once. I had stayed up late the previous night - Yule! and slept in, so I was wide awake when DH was ready to go to bed. I played Civ 4 (a computer game) until 3 am, then took a shower and let the dogs out. I got into bed at 3:30 on the 23rd.

December 23
I wake up around 5 with contrations, only they are COMPLETELY different, so much that I didnt realize they were contractions at first. They were 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 12 minutes, 8 minutes, 5 minutes. Its about 6am now, and my dad (we live at my folks b/c we are saving for a house) leaves to go Xmas shopping. I knew this was it, so I wake up DH. Poor man, he had just worked 10 hours on 6 hours of sleep, now I was waking him up after only another 6 hours. I tell him its the real thing I think, and we call the doc and get ready to go. By 6:30 the contractions are 3 minutes and I am almost screaming. Still no answer from the doc, but we leave anyway. We get to the hospital at about 7 (still no call from the midwife or doc), and get checked in, and find out the midwife for my doc's office is not in, so the hospital midwife is covering (explains not getting a call). In triage, I'm nearly in tears, contractions 2 -3 minutes apart. I'm checked and I'm 5cm and fully effaced. I get assigned a room, and DH goes to call the folks. They order the eppi, and I'm told I can have it as soon as I get a bag of IV fluids in me. I get in my room, and the IV bag is half gone. I'm in a LOT of pain, DH is pushing at my back to help, so they give me something in my IV that makes me feel funny, and helps me relax between contractions. It helped with the contraction pains for the time it took to finish the IV bag, but I still hurt a lot. They call the eppi god, and he says he's on his way. 20 minutes later, I'm screaming through the contractions and he still hasn't come. He was in the OR. They tell me I can't be screaming or he wont put in the eppi. So I somehow control my screams just as he is walking in. Its about 10am, and I have four contractions from the time the eppi god walks in and he is done. My sis, DH, the nurse, and I are the only ones in the room. The midwife has a patient in the next room as well, so she stops over to check me just as the eppi god is finishing. He is just waiting to hook me to the pump. I'm checked and... I'm fully dialated, baby is at +2. TIME TO PUSH! Well, the eppi god and the midwife discuss hooking me to the pump, the widwife says no, since I should be done by the time the first dose wears off in an hour and a half. He says ok, but its not his fault if I'm in pain. I laughed at that, I was feeling really good. I'm joking with DH and sis, and the midwife is talking to the nurse. The midwife's other patient is also ready to push, so she goes over to do her first. The nurse asks if I can feel the contractions. I can sorta feel the really hard ones, so she tells me how to push and sets up DH and sis to hold my legs and help. I push through a few, and my bag of waters ballons, they hadn't broken it yet. The midwife was really excited about DH being able to see it. He was grossed out a bit Smile The midwife stops my to check on me, and tell they to let me rest a minute. Then she goes next door and delivers the other baby. When she comes back, I can feel the contractions, but I'm not in pain, its 11:05. She gets me to push through one, then breaks my bag of water, then I push through another, then another and she crowns, and I got to feel her head of hair. Then one more and the head is delivered and they make me stop that one was the only one that really hurt. Then one final contraction to deliver her at 11:20. She had some fluid in her lungs, so the had to suction her a little more, the DH cut the cord, and they put her on my chest. She still had a lot of fluid in her, so they took her and put a tube in her. She was crying the whole time though, so they didn't make her go to the NICU. My sis went to tell the families the stats - 19in, 7lbs, 8oz. The nurses bundled her up and gave her to DH. He held her for a while and then gave her to me to go talk to the families. I tore a little so they stitched me (internal 1st degree).
When I got to the mother baby room, they brought her to me and I asked for an LC, and she latched PERFECTLY the first time. The hospital was really good about not giving her a bottle or anything. I had her with me the whole time, except for testing. The released me today (the 24th) at 12:30.

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Daddy, Mommy, and Baby

Merry Xmas!

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Myriah's Birth Story: The Greatest Gift I have ever been given! (It still brings tears to my eyes) beware, its long

I am so blessed beyond is what happened. On Thursday afternoon I started having strong contractions and more bloody show,hence L&D. I changed from 1cm to 2cm within 30mins. I was admitted. I was told if contractions weaned/waned, would start pitocin in morning. (was told weeks ago I was 3cm..go figure...different fingers, differnence of opinion.) They gave me demerol twice during night and knocked out my contractions almost completely...if you ask me on PURPOSE. Come to find out, surgery is closed for the holiday on Friday and they won't induce anyone for fear of Csection....I was discharged. Nurse that comes into let me go, checks me and cant believe they are letting me go because of being significantly effaced, dilated and on my chart, they put bag of water was bulging on Thursday. Went home depressed and decided baby will come out on her induction date of Christmas present here.

Skip to Sat night...was up till 3am watching movies, went to bed was snoring, DH kicks me out of room..(haha, J/K) Went to extra bed where I have this really hard braxton hicks that I cant even move with. I was falling asleep and then I barely hear this pop and I peed. I get up mad and go to the b-room to finish peeing and wipe out some nasty gooky stuff...go to stand up and water starts coming out. Im like..."I must be crazy and keep smelling it. Finally wake up DH and he thinks Im crazy too. I wipe completely dry and stand up but feel nothing. Decide to go back to bed except I havent felt baby move and get scared. Try to move her and no response. DH decides to take me to hospital...he seems irritated. So I feel nothing the entire trip to the hospital and think..the people at L&D are going to be pissed at "me the crazy girl"

We get there and get out and within seconds, I said, "Its my water" and DH says how do you know? I say cuz Im peeing and well it wont stop and we start laughing as we are walking in because its steadily soaking my pants and I like an idiot brought no towel.

So....they check and yes indeed my water doubts there. They admit me, hook me up..Im 3cm. Start pitocing to speed things up and ask if I want an epi. Im like so soon? Im not in pain...they said "you will be and fast" Im so GLAD that the nurse talked me into getting it then. Guy comes in to give it to me and says you have scoliosis..and its gonna take him a minute. By the time he starts the contractions are already killing me. He gets it in, and Im told to rest. Time flew real fast.....all I know is at noon or 1230 I said I felt you have to realize the last time I was checked I was 3cm...they check and I AM 9 CM ALREADY!!! They set up, came in ( I felt like I was in a dream, at how fast it all happened) and I was told to take a deep breath and push with a contraction. I told them, it felt like she was gonna pop out (no pain ladies, just pressure) and they said she is fine but with the 2nd push, everyone in the room went "OH MY, HERE SHE IS"....lmao....HOW THE hell did that happen so fast and so easy? I immediately cried upon seeing here. Having a child is like nothing I have ever experienced. I am still in awe of my body, her, and how God created something so perfect.

Sorry this is long but I wanted to save this to always remember how blessed I was to not be in pain, and to experience such an easy labor. Im truly blessed. (downside: ripped 2 degrees, have the worst hemerroids the docs had seen in a long time, and the after labor part has been more painful then labor itself) recovery is tough!

Here's to everyone: hope you had a great Christmas and have a beautiful New Year!!!!

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I had Jasey Nikolle at 4:51 am on December 15. She weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 21.5 inches long.

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On christmas eve, tim and i went to my parents because we always have dinner there, go to midnight mass and then come home and open our gifts. All day christmas eve i never felt farther from going into labor. My appt the day before, my doc had said there was no way i would have a baby in the next few other than the uncomfortable feelings which were normal and the tiredness, everything was the same. We went to church, came home and opened gifts and my mom had gotten my dad this shiszu (spelling) massage i sat in it and started that thing up and it was giving me a lower back massage. I sat in that stupid chair for like 10 minutes.............about 5 minutes after i got up i had my first contraction.
Tim and i went home and went to bed. Around 5 am on christmas day....i was awoken to some serious cramping and contractions. I held out all day pretty much. Around 5pm, they started comming every 7 minutes and were so painful, i started crying. We had dinner at tims mom's house and then went back home. I sat on my birthing ball while we opened the gifts we had gotten for each other. At this point, the pain was too unbearable so i told tim to take me to l&d. When we got there.......i was checked and hadn't really progressed but the doc told me that my cervix had thinned and was really soft and that he expected my back by 8am because i was in labor. I was so tired and in so much pain i just cried. He sent me home with ambien.
I had horrible horrible horrible contractions all night. didn't sleep or anything. At 7am i woke tim up because i was crying through them and we finally went back to the hospital. When i got there, they checked me and i was 4cm so they admitted me and started my first round of antibiotics for the GBS. Everything is crazy from this point. They told me my epidural was about 2 hours away and so they gave me phentanol in my iv. i passed out for an hour.
10am- was started on pitocin because my labor was slowing down due to the narcotic.
11am- the narcotic had worn off and i was cussing everyone out.
11:30- epidural....................OMG what a sweet relief.
12:30- Trystin starts having decels and the alarm on my machine goes off. they come in and turn me over to the other side. I'm thinking that this is where they screwed up my epi because about 10 minutes later, i started feeling everything.
1:15 the head nurse came in with the doc and broke my water and put an interal monitor on trystin's head. I was checked and was still 4 and a half. So they jacked up my pitocin.
1:30- I was in agony. I felt everything. they were giving me so much epidural medication that i got a headache and started to get sick. They pretty much tried to reposition it, it failed so i was not a happy camper.
2:00 I was checked and was 7cm. Every one of them hurt.
300 I was checked and was 9cm but trystin's head was stuck on the right lip of my cervix so they tried to push it back over his head. I told the nurse if she didn't get her f&&&*** hands out of my vagina, i was gonna knock her into the next room.
4:00 pm - i was checked and feeling pressure and lots of horrible pain. I told the nurse who didn't believe me so she told me to push through the contractions. When i told her that i felt like i had to poop, she looked and told me to stop because she could see his head.
4:15 I screamed at the nurse and my mom to get me some f&&***& medication right now. I continued to push even though they told me to stop. I couldn't help it. It's like i had no control over my body.
4:26 Trystin was born.
I pushed about 15 minutes and the doc never had the chance to break down the bed. after he crowned they told me to stop pushing but i didn't and the doc barely caught him cause i spit him out like a torpedo.

It was the worst pain i have ever felt in my life. I didn't tear and only had a couple of skid marks . I cried the whole time and was in utter agony. After he was born, i didnt hold him for like 20 minutes. When i finally got him.......i didn't bond rihgt awsy.

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I woke up at 5:30 am on Friday to stronger cramps. They got closer together and weren't going away. By 7 or so we knew that this was it. It's funny, because my whole family was here the day before waiting for the baby and eventually they went home. Now they would have to turn around and drive back (about 2 hours). Anyway, by 10 we were headed to the hospital with the contractions about 3 minutes apart.

My doula and good friend, Kristina met us there and I labored with the birthing ball, whirlpool tub, and "danced" with my dh. He was awesome!!

The doctor broke my water at some point and labor got really hard and intense. However, John was turned the wrong way, his heartrate was decreasing drastically during the pushing, and he wasn't moving down at all. Plus, there was meconium in the waters which was giving the doctor concern. So around 7 or so (do I really know? I was totally in the zone) they decided to do a c-section. At that point I was so tired after pushing for an hour and not having any pain relief the whole time, I was just ready for them to do anything to get the baby out.

So they quickly prepped me for the section and I battled through a few more pushing contractions (which now I couldn't push through anymore, that was an AWFUL feeling!!!). Then the blessed spinal block came. At 8:27, my baby boy John was born and looked beautiful!!

Recovery was totally unexpected and I didn't prepare for it at all. I had no idea having a c-section would be so difficult, I didn't study that at all or even enter it into my mind that I would have one.

But things are better now, and I have a great prize at the end!!

He weighed 8 lbs, 11 oz and was an amazing 23 inches long! The nurse had to measure him 3 times because she didn't believe it!!!!

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Last Tuesday, January 2nd, I had a NST since I was post term. My docyore had already scheduled my induction for Friday Jan 5th. We arrived at the hospital at 3pm. During the NST the baby’s heartbeat would drop slightly during my contractions. The doctor thought it would be best to move up the induction and admitted me. I was given Cervadil and they kept monitoring me.
Around 9:00 I decide to try and get some sleep. I had rolled to my side and slept for about 10 min when the nurses and doctors rushed in. The baby’s heartbeat had dropped to 60 without me having a contraction. They tried moving me around to get the heartbeat up, it took 5 minutes for the heartbeat to get back to normal. The doctor said she didn’t think the baby would be able to handle the stress of labor and said I needed to have a c-section. They removed the Cervadil and said we would have the baby that night. They gave Ryan some scrubs to put on and brought me into the operating room to get a spinal. I felt some pressure and pulling but no pain during the surgery. Haley Elizabeth was born at 10:13pm. Hearing her cry for the first time was amazing. They held her over the curtain so I could see her and then brought her over to the warmer to get cleaned up. She weighed 6lbs 15oz and was 19.5 inches long. Ryan got to cut the umbilical cord and then they brought her over to me so I could give her a kiss. After they transferred me to the maternity ward they brought her in so I could start breastfeeding. The bond was immediate, I love my little girl.[/img]

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Well, on Wednesday Dec 27, I went in for my induction. They started the cervadex at 9 and let me attempt to sleep. I ended up getting about 2 hours of sleep the whole night because I was having really intense cramping and couldn't get any pain relief until 5:30 AM because the maternity ward had a bunch of emergencies that night (two women delivered in their cars). Anyway, at 9 the next morning I was only dilated to 2cm, so they started me on Pitocin. Again, lots of cramping, lots of contractions, no dilation.

Around the same time, my nurse noticed that Adam's heart rate kept dropping really low randomly, and she called in another doctor to confirm that he had an arythmia (sp??). They said that my water would need to be broken within a few hours and a scalp monitor put on him to watch his heart. Well, my nurse unintentionally ended up breaking my water at 1:30 PM while checking me for dilation. Anyway, another few hours went by, still on the Pitocin, almost at full blast. When she checked me at 5:00, I was only dilated to 3cm. They called my OB, who had been in surgery, and he said that when he got out, he would come over and we would decide how to proceed.

So the hubby and I (and 15 of our immediate family members) waited until 7:30 for the doc. When he got to the room, he said that it looked like we needed to do a C-section, to keep Adam from getting too distressed. However, he decided to go ahead and check my cervix, before we did anything. As soon as he put his fingers in, he turned to the nurse and said "What would you say if I told you the head was on her perinium?" The nurse started freaking out and ran out of the room to prepare for delivery. At which point, I started panicking, because I had to mentally transfer from "Early Labor/Possible C-Section" to "Push now." Anyway, I started pushing at 8:00 PM and Adam was born on Dec. 28th at 8:29, 19 inches long, 7 lbs, 8 oz. Tons of long dark hair and dark blue eyes. In summary, the most perfect baby ever.

Just a few pics:

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Whew! We made it!

Marty and Cooper were in Iowa. I contracted lightly all evening 3-9 every 5 minutes, at 5am the next morning i was woken up by them and contracted until I called the clinic. I got to the clinic at 9 and she checked me and I was 4-5. She asked if I wanted to stay, the contractions were still not very painful.

I said YOU BET! and went to call Marty while she called L and D and told them I was coming. Marty headed here.

We got all checked into L and D at 10am. I was evaluated, then they broke my water and I hopped in the shower while they filled the birthing tub. The contractions were really hard and fast. The nurse came in, took one look at me in the shower and they started dumping buckets of water in the tub in addition to the faucet filling it. They were so awesome. They knew how bad I wanted a water birth.

At 11:15 I got out of the shower and sloooooowly made my way back to my room. She checked me in between contractions and I was 9. I climbed in the tub and it continued to fill but it felt very, very nice.

The midwife asked me to try pushing. I wasn't really excited about moving to a new and possibly more painful part of my labor but I did try. With the last push of the first contraction I felt everything change. The next contraction she moved down and out in four pushes and that was it! She was out! A huge difference from pushing for 2 hours with Cooper!

I couldn't believe it! Yes it hurt like hell but it was over so fast. I didn't even miss lunch. And everything was so calm there. It was just me, my friend, and the midwife and her nurse. Noone else came in for over an hour. I couldn't have planned out a better experience except for Marty not being there. She was born at 12:12. I called and told him to stop speeding he wasn't going to make it.

He came home and got the heat set up and made a cozy place for us to come home to last night. She nurses like a champ but I make a lot and she gets too much so she's a little puky right now. Other than that everything is great.

Although we haven't added cooper to the mix yet. He comes along with my IL's today.

She was 7 lbs 5 oz and 18 1/2 inches long.

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Sorry I'm so far behind in posting our story. We're thrilled to introduce our newest addition... a healthy baby BOY.... Owen Levi was born on Sunday Dec. 10th at 2:00 pm weighing 7lb 11oz and 18" long.

Labor started at around 5:30am with some cramping and bloody show. We decided to make our way to the Hospital asap as I was GBS positive and my last labor was only 45mins long. We arrived at the Hospital at 6am and got settled in IV antibiotics and all. Things were slow I was contracting every 3-5 mins, and only dilated to 3cm, 75% effaced on arrival. At 8am Dr. came to check us and broke my water at that time. This is when everything came to a screeching halt. My "overstretched" uterus decided to call a time out and everything stopped. No contractions, no cramping..... nothing. We walked the halls for 2 hours straight... still not a twinge of anything going on. Not a good thing when you want to meet your baby!! The nurses said this is quite common in women who have multiple pregnancies (this being my fifth) So at 10am the pitocin was started. I was terrified by all of the horror stories that I had heard about inductions... but I have to say. This was one of the nicest labours out of all of my babies. The nurses started things out slowly and gradually increased the pitocin. I was laughing and watching movies with my DH and my mom until 1:30pm, everything was great... I was checked at this time and already at 8cm and 100% effaced. They increased the pitocin yet again just a touch... and it was hello torture for the next half hour.... Two pushes later and Owen was here. My heart was overflowing... and so were the tears. It is such a miracle!! Words just can't even come close to describing the feeling meeting your baby for the first time. We spent the next 2 hours getting to know our little one. He latched on like a pro... breastfeeding is great! And little Owen loves to suck his thumb. It's the first thing he did when they delivered him onto my belly. I'm sure he'd been practicing for quite a while. We are so in love with our little man!!

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i just realized in never posted my *birth story* in here. i dont have MUCH of a story..a week before i had evan i had my normal dr. appt...and i was measuring at around 41 weeks..something like that..the baby was at least. the dr. saw my belly and was're gonna have a big baby, he's WAY too big for he wanted to do a ultrasound just to see. we did that and the baby didn't even fit on the screen..she measured him at about 8lbs. i had to go back into the waiting room so they could figure out what they wanted to do with me. i went out there, called shawn, called my mom, called my best friend and told them what was going on. NOTHING was ready for this baby. lol. after about 20 minutes of waiting i got to go back in there to talk to my dr. and he said it was pretty much my choice on what i wanted to do...the baby could be between 7 and 9 lbs he if i didnt want to push out a big baby, then i could get a c-section..if not i could try laboring through it all, but possibly end up with a c-section anyways. i told him i wanted the c-section, so we scheduled it for dec. 5th..the day after my mom's birthday.

when i went home i flew..getting everything done, all the shopping..whatever i needed to do before the 5th.

when the 5th came, we went to the hospital(after not sleeping-me-and crying all night..being scared and anxious at the same time..shawn and i were was so emotional and nuts)i had MANY visitors in the morning..finally around 12 or 12:30(i cant remember exact i was so drugged)they wheeled me down..took me away from shawn and did my spinal which was the WORST pain i have EVER FELT IN MY LIFE..they had to do it THREE times cause they couldn't get it in right..they wouldn't let shawn in until they were ready to chop me open. finally they did and i didn't feel anything..pressure, nothing. 2:32pm evan michael was born at 8lbs 8oz, 21 inches long. they took him out of my belly, showed me and we both cried so hard. evan didn't cry..he just had open arms and looked at me like "mom! yes!" they cleaned him up, weighed him and gave him to shawn. he held him, we took a picture, i kissed him and they left..i was in there getting sewn up, then off to recovery i went. i didnt get to see evan til about 6:00. well hold him at least. i saw him when they brought me up around 4 and wheeled me around the was amazing to see him!! i never loved someone SO MUCH.

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Samuel David was born December 27th
He was 7lb 14oz. And 20 inches long.

I had been having irregular contractions for about a week and had such intense crotch pain that I could hardly sit up, and laying down hurt my hips so bad. Samuel was sunnyside up so he was hitting nerves in my hips and back. The dr decided that since my history of quick deliveries and the hard time I was having with the pain, I would be a good canidate for an induction. At this point I was all for it. It felt kind of stupid schedualing pain... So on December 26th I went to the dr and asked when I could be induced. she said she had to work it with the hospital because they were pretty full. Her nurse came in and asked if I could be at the hospital at 5:30 the next morning. I was so happy it was finaly time.

I went into the hospital At 5:30 in the morning and at 6:30 the nurse started a pictocin drip. Immediately I started having contrations 3-6 min apart but wouldn't form a consistant patern. At 7:30 the dr. broke my water and turned off the pict. to see if my body would take over. It didn't. I only had consistant contractions if I were walking fast. And anytime I stoped walking the contrations slowed down and weakend. So at 10am the pict was started again. Immediately the contractions picked up in frequency and strength.
I was able to handel the contrations very well with breathig and relaxation until I hit transition at 7 cent. At that point my baby was stil high in the birth canal, and the dr said that if I felt like pushing to go ahead and push to get the baby to move down. Of course I started pushing. Wow it felt so good to push! At the same time the dr manualy streatched my perenium to speed dialation and to minimize tearing. (I have a bad scar from when my first son was born.) In about 45 min I was at a ten and finaly could feel my baby moving down. It took about 4 pushes to push him out. It was the most intense emotional, painful, and tiering thing I have ever done. And this was my third baby.
I think my motivation was when I heard the nurse wisper to the dr ( I don't think she can do it. Do you wan't me to get things ready?) And the dr looked at the nurse and said (look at her, what do you mean she can't do it. She is doing wonderful. She will tell us when she can't do it.) I am a very stubern and determined woman. Hearing those words but a fire in me and I knew that I would soon have my baby in my arms.
As I had suspected Samuel was face up, and I later learned that his head was cocked to the side a little. As he crowned I could feel his little body start wiggling around in the birth canal, and as the bridge of his nose was comming out he deciede to turn over to face down. The dr later said that when he saw the bright light he turned. That was the wierdest and most painful sensation. He came out pink and wailing his little head off.
All this done with a pictocindrip, I stuck it out and didn't have any pain relief. I think this was the most empowering thing for me.

I hemmoraged with my daughter because I stopped contracting when she came out, and before the placenta came out. I did have major hemmoraging this time also. Even with the pict drip turned all the way up, my uterous stopped contracting. The nurse had to stand on a stool to get enough levorage with pushing on my tummy, the dr had to order an shot of something(I can't remember the name of it), and then the dr had to twice reach in and pull out large clots, then about an hour later I started bleeding again, the pict drip was increased and the nurse pushed out several large clots again. One was about the size of a salad plate. Quite grose.

He is the most beautiful baby. So far he is also my easiest baby. He love to eat and sleep so that helps with the other two kids.

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