Samuel David was born December 27th
He was 7lb 14oz. And 20 inches long.

I had been having irregular contractions for about a week and had such intense crotch pain that I could hardly sit up, and laying down hurt my hips so bad. Samuel was sunnyside up so he was hitting nerves in my hips and back. The dr decided that since my history of quick deliveries and the hard time I was having with the pain, I would be a good canidate for an induction. At this point I was all for it. It felt kind of stupid schedualing pain... So on December 26th I went to the dr and asked when I could be induced. she said she had to work it with the hospital because they were pretty full. Her nurse came in and asked if I could be at the hospital at 5:30 the next morning. I was so happy it was finaly time.

I went into the hospital At 5:30 in the morning and at 6:30 the nurse started a pictocin drip. Immediately I started having contrations 3-6 min apart but wouldn't form a consistant patern. At 7:30 the dr. broke my water and turned off the pict. to see if my body would take over. It didn't. I only had consistant contractions if I were walking fast. And anytime I stoped walking the contrations slowed down and weakend. So at 10am the pict was started again. Immediately the contractions picked up in frequency and strength.
I was able to handel the contrations very well with breathig and relaxation until I hit transition at 7 cent. At that point my baby was stil high in the birth canal, and the dr said that if I felt like pushing to go ahead and push to get the baby to move down. Of course I started pushing. Wow it felt so good to push! At the same time the dr manualy streatched my perenium to speed dialation and to minimize tearing. (I have a bad scar from when my first son was born.) In about 45 min I was at a ten and finaly could feel my baby moving down. It took about 4 pushes to push him out. It was the most intense emotional, painful, and tiering thing I have ever done. And this was my third baby.
I think my motivation was when I heard the nurse wisper to the dr ( I don't think she can do it. Do you wan't me to get things ready?) And the dr looked at the nurse and said (look at her, what do you mean she can't do it. She is doing wonderful. She will tell us when she can't do it.) I am a very stubern and determined woman. Hearing those words but a fire in me and I knew that I would soon have my baby in my arms.
As I had suspected Samuel was face up, and I later learned that his head was cocked to the side a little. As he crowned I could feel his little body start wiggling around in the birth canal, and as the bridge of his nose was comming out he deciede to turn over to face down. The dr later said that when he saw the bright light he turned. That was the wierdest and most painful sensation. He came out pink and wailing his little head off.
All this done with a pictocindrip, I stuck it out and didn't have any pain relief. I think this was the most empowering thing for me.

I hemmoraged with my daughter because I stopped contracting when she came out, and before the placenta came out. I did have major hemmoraging this time also. Even with the pict drip turned all the way up, my uterous stopped contracting. The nurse had to stand on a stool to get enough levorage with pushing on my tummy, the dr had to order an shot of something(I can't remember the name of it), and then the dr had to twice reach in and pull out large clots, then about an hour later I started bleeding again, the pict drip was increased and the nurse pushed out several large clots again. One was about the size of a salad plate. Quite grose.

He is the most beautiful baby. So far he is also my easiest baby. He love to eat and sleep so that helps with the other two kids.