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    Just thinking of you today, hope all is well for you. Your bakeing looks yummy, I think I'll have to give your recipe a shot!

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    Tuesday... we had our doctor's appointment today at 10:15am. Protein is now high, bp is 139/100, and fluid levels are low. So we are being induced. 50% effaced and still 1cm...

    It's 8pm and we checked into the hospital at 3pm... they've got me on oral cytotec. When they hooked me up to the monitor I was actually already having contractions - WOW! I was feeling NOTHING and I'm fine with that. The cytotec has brought on a regular pattern of contractions - but nothing bad. It feels like my periods sometime did on their mild days. I told dh I'm glad we brought some heat therapy with us. But like I said, I'm doing really good. Only 3 people outside of our families know we're even in the hospital - we have the kinds of friends who'll call, text, and email until the cows come home... so it's best they don't know.

    I'll probably be updating my lodge from time to time while here just to help me pass the time.

    So here we go - baby girl is on her way -
    Dede & A.very 10/22/05

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    Yeah, it sounds like your body was already starting so hopefully it will take over on its own!


    You are doing it, Dede!!!!
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    Oh wow!!!!! I hope everything goes well! I'll be thinking about you!

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    ELVs and good luck, Dede!
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    Good Luck!! ELVs!
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    Yay!!! I'm so excited for you.
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    I'm so excited for you Dede! I'm even a bit jealous!

    I hope you're doing well this morning and maybe even holding your bundle of joy in your arms!!
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    I hope everything is going well and that you are holding your little girl or at least close to it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DNesbitt View Post
    So without further ado... my intro - or rather, our intro Sorry it’s so long - I’m so EXCITED!! And I want you to really know us – that way the random things I say will make more sense

    So our real to life story?

    I am of African descent- as in I was born in Nigeria… but don’t ask me anything about it because I’m considered an ‘American born Overseas’ (I’ve been in Georgia since I was a little under 2 years old, but back in the US since a little after I was 6 months old). My mom is from Mississippi, she fell in love with my bio father while in college in Boston, then moved to Nigeria to be with him. She was 30 when I was conceived and I was so small when she was pregnant they told her not to get attached because I was 99% guaranteed to die in-utero. Well – I didn’t, but in her 8th month her Volvo was hit by a speeding train, she went into labor, had me, we both died on the delivery table and God brought us back. So here I am – ready to tell my story now that you have some GREAT background info.

    ****** Be warned… I’m one of those Jesus fanatics as people like to label them… so my story is deeply peppered.

    So I guess you get that I’m a black female – 30 y.o.. I turn 31 1 WEEK before Ava’s due date (my family likes to make babies late I guess). I am one of those people who was raised in suburbia with like 10 other black people in my entire school system in Marietta, Ga (East Cobb to be exact). So when I graduated high school - I did like any self respecting sheltered child would do, I lost my ever lovin' mind. Name it - I have probably done it (here's a link to my story on our church's website http://victoryatl.com/p/12098/Default.aspx ). But God pulled me in from brink of insanity (as in, my doctor put that on my chart) and turned me into one of His radical followers. Well - in the midst of becoming radical for Christ I started serving within the 20-somethings ministry at my church.

    Well who knew I would become close friends with a gentleman there by the name of Avery? He’s a Marine (no longer active though), and he’s my best friend and favorite person in the whole wide world. We’re like to 2 peas in a pod. People say they love just sitting and watching us interact – it’s like watching a comedy series. We instantly hit it off - I mean who else remembers G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Women of Wrestling) from like 1985? We were at a friend’s party and we totally took over the conversation talking about He-Man, Legend (you remember the one – with Tom Cruise), and all these obscure HBO movies we saw when we were growing up. Like… does anyone else in the world really remember Hunk, The Family Dog, or Return to Oz?

    Well - with my checkered past I never, ever, ever thought I would ever be desirable to anyone. So then comes Avery who's past is even more checkered than mine - but this man is so on fire for God it makes no sense. And that’s what won me over, in a HUGE way.

    We finally admitted to ourselves that maybe, possibly there was something more to this thing we had been dealt. So between July 2004 and January 2005 we had our ministry leaders, our friends, and our families praying that God would just reveal His word for what was going on between us - if anything. Every January our church does a 40 day congregation wide fast. So during this time (mind you, we did an absolute fast where the only thing we could take in was liquid) we fasted about our possible courtship since dating had left both of us completely miserable, useless humans.

    Well - on the last day of the fast we came together and spoke about what God showed us during this time. AVERY came right out and said it - I love you, and I've always loved you and God said that you are for me. HAHA!!! You want to talk about stupified - I've never been speechless, but I was that evening. Well after courting for 5 months, and 1 week before we were to leave the country to head down to Nicaragua and work on the missions field, he proposed to me in front of our entire young adult ministry (about 300 strong) on stage in front of everyone!!!

    That was Oct 2005. Here we are the end of Oct 2008 expecting out first child. In Dec 2007 our pastor approached us about leading our church’s missions training base in Cuernavaca, Mexico. We of course said yes because we really have a heart for missions and foreign countries. We were scheduled to leave August 2008 and be gone for the next 5 years. In March we sat down and ironed out all the financial support details with our missions director and everything was a go. We told our friends at a huge party we threw and started going through our belongings to get things ready to sell since we couldn’t really take anything with us. We also decided we wouldn’t start TTC until we were 2 months out from returning to the US.

    Well – 1 week later on a Thursday my cycle hadn’t visited... I mean I had ZERO symptoms, which was very, very, very odd since I am like clockwork every month. So I looked back at my trusty Fertility Friend calendar and it wasn’t looking like I could be pregnant, so I figured I was stressed out. It was 11:15 am and I got up from the desk at work, sped over to Walgreens, nervously purchased a pregnancy test and headed to their bathroom. I was crying, and shaking, and really just trying not to vomit. I had the worse panic attack right there, in the Walgreens bathroom. But I took the test – immediate positive. So I sat there crying for quite some time. Why? Well.. I’m a planner, and I felt like I had just ruined God’s plan for us to go to Mexico. I had to overcome a LOT of shame in those first few weeks afterward. So now it’s about 11:30am and I come back to work. I’m sitting in my car and I call my husband who instantly knew we were pregnant – he didn’t even know I left the building. He was STOKED! I was so surprised by his reaction it scared me really. So we made an appt with our PCP for 2 hours later to see if I was indeed pregnant… and the doctor told us we were very, very pregnant.

    So here we are - expecting little Ava 11/23. She’s the first great-grandchild and the first grandchild… so you know what that means. I am so excited – I never thought I’d be able to have children due to my really tainted past – but God has different plans. We are thrilled, and overjoyed, and enjoying our very uneventful (in doctor’s terms) pregnancy.
    Here are a few pics over the years of myself and Avery. Thanks for reading through all of that.. I know it was a whopper.

    When Avery gave me his courtship covenant - on the only snow day Georgia had that year.
    [img]Covenant 4[/IMG]

    [img]Engagement 6[/IMG]

    [img]The Ice Cream Shop[/IMG]

    [img]Nesbitt Rockwell[/IMG]


    Random Missions Field Pics from the Last 4 Years
    [img]Day 2 (395)[/IMG]
    [img] Day 2 (384)[/IMG]

    [img]More Day 5 (2)[/IMG]

    [img] by Da Nes, on Flickr">Belize (148<img src=" />[/IMG]

    Our trip Oct 1st 2008 to St. Simons Island
    [img]Fusion Advance 08 (241)[/IMG]

    [img]Fusion Advance 08 (242)[/IMG]
    WOW Your story is amazing and I'm very happy that you have put it out there for us to see...God Bless and I wish you the best during your labor/delivery, I'm a backslidder that cant seem to get back on her feet but I trust one day I'll get to it

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