Erika's (Erika Archer) twins homebirth lodge!
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Thread: Erika's (Erika Archer) twins homebirth lodge!

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    Default Erika's (Erika Archer) twins homebirth lodge!

    Erika! It's time for your lodge. Congratulations on carrying your twin girls this far. We are all excited to share your story with you.

    You might consider pasting in some of your previous posts into here so that they're all in one place.

    You go, Girl!

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    Welcome to your lodge Erika!

    Sending lots of (((((((((((stickbabiesstick))))))))))) vibes!!!!

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    Congrats on your lodge!

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    Yay! This has to be one of the most exciting lodges yet - I'm so excited about following your story.

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    Yayyy Erika! I'm so excited to share the final leg of your journey with you!
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    Congrats on your Lodge Erika

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    Congratulations on your lodge!!

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    Thank you everybody!!! This is going to be lengthy so I'll try and catch everybody up with an outline/timeline kind of thing to get you up to present speed. First a little background.

    I am 30 and my husband, Kyle is 28. I'll be 31 on the 29th of December (which also happens to be 37 weeks!) and Kyle turns 29 on Dec. 15th. So we're almost older We have known each other since kindergarten.
    We both grew up in the NW Chicago suburbs and our parents live about 2 minutes apart from each other. I left for The University of Iowa on an opera scholarship in and stidied music therapy and vocal perfermance and he joined me the following year and studied business. We were together all of college and then i went to Minnesota for awhile, he stayed in Iowa City. We were engaged in the fall of 99 and then married a year later in oct. of 2000. We moved to Des Moines and wanted to work and make some career arrangments and decesions before having children as we both always knew it was important for me to be able to stay home with our children. So we waited till just before our 5th anneversary to start "trying" It wasn't much of a try. We went to a cousins wedding and Kyle's uncle gave a beautiful speech about family and we decided to "throw caution to the wind" that night and that's how we concieved Olivia. Olivia was born at home in water. The birth was attended by a midwife and it was absolutely perfect. I wouldn't change a darn thing and knew I would do it again in a heartbeat. I even said so that same day - it was awesome!!!!

    Fast forward to April of 2006 - we decided to throw caution to the wind once again (we need to stop doing this ) and actually kind of called the festivities off that night before "finishing" (If you know what I mean ) it was a work night and Kyle was tired and I was indeifferent so we decided to just get some sleep. I found out in May that we were PG and it was a shock Kyle kept saying "I don't get it?? I Don't get it" Me: "HELLO!!!!! Do I need to explain this to you honey?" He kept saying "but nothing went ANYWHERE that night." he's not allowed to look at me after the twins come for awhile!!! lol

    So the birthing plans were simple. Hire the same MW to attend a second home waterbirth. I even joked with Kyle that this pregnancy wasn't "much of a challenge" and that I was "bored" b/c there was nothing new to read. Little did I realize the challenge ahead! During Olivia's pregnancy i never had an ultrasound and we didn't know the gender. But Kyle made me promise we would find out with #2 so we had an US scheduled for 19weeks to check gender. everything was totally normal, not measuring ahead, no sickness. I wasn't really sick with Olivia - just green a few days and I didn't even have that with this pregnancy. So we walked into the US and we were blindsided!!!

    Starting Timeline (inserting the detailed posts)

    Week 19: Found out we were having twins through a routine sexing ultrasound - no clues or suspecions - Erika melts down BIIIIIGGG time and doesn't eat or sleep for three days. It's 2 girls and they are both breech. They appear monochorionic and monoamniotic. we won't know if they are fraternal or identical until after they are born. My MW doesn't take twins and I start making lists upon lists of MW's OB, Doulas, anything and anybody who can help me have a natural birth for the twins. Experiencing a LOT of anger and frustration. I never wanted twins and I felt like I was being stripped of my choices. I was in a very bad place.

    Week 20-24 can't find a MW in all of Iowa who takes twins - find one woman willing to "not let me go unassisted" but Kyle isn't wild about her. Everyone else turns me down. We interview some OB's and make a ton of phone calls and nothing is pannig out good- - just typical OB B.S. It's looking very down and I'm thinking I am going to have to go OB and have been interviewing OB's and I am beyond unenthused with OR and OR tale requirements let alone the testing and intervention lsits and battles.

    Week 25 I locate a MW who is at a rural hospital who will take twins and the head OB is cool with it and has Lots of breech skills and is slow with a knife. We interview her and the OB and tranfer care.

    Week 26 we have our first prenatal appointment with the new MW. It's a bomb of an appointment as she is clearly uncomfortable with twins and reccomending weekly US's and non stress tests (only stressing me out way more - there is a post a few pages back) Erika melts down again We have a second ultrasound. The girls weigh 2lbs 1oz and 2lbs 3oz. and all their little parts are good. They are both head down (I am thrilled). They think they may be monochorionic now. I also did the GD 1 hour test. They had me all wound up b/c "with twin you have 2 babies and the placentas won't work as well...and blah blah blah all negative crap" So they expected me to hit the danger zone of 140-180 and I scored a 76 and did a very happy dance
    This was also when I was lurking on and saw the name of a Flying Mw reference in somebody else's post. i wrote it down and sent as email out to the woman.

    Week 27-29 I fish out all the details about the traveling MW. She is currently in Texas but moving to Belize in December. She has amazing skills and credentials! She has assisted in almost 2000 births and done 10 twin homebirths. She is a CPM who was a direct entry for years before the certification existed. She began the first birth center in Texas, served three terms as president on the Texas midwifery board and has an awesome spirit and hands off philosophy. She has traveled all over the states, canada, mexico, and Istanbul to do births (mostly higher risk) and has studdied waterbirth with the Russian Waterbirth Project. One catch..... I HAVE to find a second MW and a third MW or assistant to back her up. So I have a primary Mw - but I still don't have a team to pull this off. Erika goes into overdrive yet again! My original Mw can not be the 2nd person for liscene and local politic issues. I hunt down a direct entry 2 hours from me that has done 2 twin homebirths and is willing to second - so I drive and meet her and it's all awesome. I had my third person in my pocket a homebirth is officially planned. If I go preterm I am opting for a "no Doc" which means I walk in and get whoever is on call and totally ruin their day on the topic of informed consent

    Week 30 Ultrasound #2 I have more than 7lbs of baby in me at 30 weeks and they couldn't be healthier! My blood pressure remains real low 97/70, no swelling, and feeling very peaceful about the birth. My friend birthed twins at the hospital this week and I realize it would have been sooooooo traumatic for me! At 30 weeks and 6 days I book the plane ticket and we are officially planning a homebirth.

    Week 31 Jennie starts my Lodge and we'll take it from here.

    What a ride so far. Thank you to anyone who has made it thus far. I am going to appoligize up front for spelling and gramatical errors. i don't proof read and my mind goes faster than my fingers a lot of the time.

    You are all sisters to me and I am so grateful to have you all in my life!


    Homebirthing, breastfeeding, sling wearing, cloth diapering momma to 3 girls ages 7 and 6 year old twins and peanut #4 due sometime in late September

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    Yea Erika - congratulations on your lodge! I feel like we have a celebrity lodge. After all the hard work you've gone through to get things in place for your birth, you know every single one of us on this board are going to be routinely stalking your lodge for updates.

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    Cindy, you are a total hoot, but you're right, this does feel like a celebrity lodge.

    Erika, you are remarkably strong! Keep it up!

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