Erika's twin homebirth lodge (#2) Entering the birth circle.
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Thread: Erika's twin homebirth lodge (#2) Entering the birth circle.

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    Default Erika's twin homebirth lodge (#2) Entering the birth circle.

    Welcome to your SECOND lodge!! Two babies, two lodges! Could it be more symbolic It's time to enter that circle, enclose yourself in your saftey bubble, were here to surround & support you at this increadible time of your life!

    On a more personal note, I'm so exited for you Erika, your a dear friend & I look forward to reading the rest of your increadible journey!

    Mama to 7 curious, wild & wonderful little ones

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    Congrats, Erika!! Hurray, you have made it.

    I'm so excited to be even a small part of your big twins' homebirth.

    You are an incredible woman and mama. Thank you for sharing such an intimate and personal part of yourself.

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    wow, a 2nd lodge!!! how cool is that. i agree with Jennie, thank you for letting us all in on such a special time in your life journey. the anticipation is really building. i know i have posted before that i have had 3 births, none of which were natural. but all the women on this board have made me question the possibility. definately question my ob on all the needless interventions. i have always just "done what i was told" . but i am ttc #4 now, and was talking to dh about looking for a mw instead!! he thought that was fine, he knows how miserable i was about constantly needing this test, that test, ultrasound everyweek..... i was always at the hospital instead of home enjoying.......

    anyhow..... you are truly amazing.......and a household name around these parts. even dh asked if you had the twins yet. too funny.

    anymore dreams????

    your in our thoughts!!! colleen

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    Yea for lodge #2!

    I am so excited for you and feel so lucky to be able to look in on your journey. It gives me such hope for my first birth experience. If you have been so graceful with two, I should at least be able to manage one! LOL!

    Thank you for letting us all follow you along on your journey.

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    Welcome to part 2. love ya.
    xo Robin

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    How awesome to have a lodge part "deaux" to cool!

    I went for accupuncture today (I have gone routinely throughout the last 3 years and she is AWESOME) anyways.... She did several rounds of different spots and she says to me "I don't want to dissapoint you...but I'm not feeling it" and I looked at her and said "me neither" and we laughed. She did all the preventative, maintanance, and stuff like that. We both thought nothing would happen before Sunday at the eariliest. (and she is thinking later) I have another appointment on Monday

    Then Gail and I met Kyle for our last ultrasound. We went for the last ultrasound today. The amniotic fluid is right in the middle of normal, the babies heart rates were great, all their little parts are functioning as should be. The girls are both head down. They measure right on the estimated due date...Estimated weights: baby A: 7lb 4oz and baby B: 7lbs z - so much for all those premie clothes that MIL bought

    I know it's only an estimate but dang it feel soooo good.

    I'm feeling very at peace right now. Last night I achieved "comfort" with Gail. Which was something i was kinda waiting on. We had the email relationship...but having someone live in your house is a different kind of thing. So that feels really good.

    I know the girls will comes when they are ready. I figure this could be my last pregnancy (hopefully not though). I am going to try and enjoy every last stop of this journey!

    Please remind me of all this patience if I go to 42 weeks....

    Kyle was invited to a private dinner by one of the reps at work. (as in the restraunt will only be open to us) It's only 6 people, it's on Sunday night and we are going!!!! It's so cool - it feels like it's a big date. I figure I'll either be having the girls or a "to die for" dinner - how can I loose??? too fun!

    Homebirthing, breastfeeding, sling wearing, cloth diapering momma to 3 girls ages 7 and 6 year old twins and peanut #4 due sometime in late September

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    Wow! Part two! How cool is that?

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    It must be such a comfort to have the midwife there with you at home even if you have to wait another 1/2 week or longer for the arrival of your babies. I'm impressed; you have over 14 pounds of babies in you.
    DD Eowyn born 2/8/7

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    Glad the us went well, I hope your good feelings were right on. It is nice that you are so at peace at this stage I think that is so important in the end. Everyone thought I was crazy when I was like that even at a week overdue, but I really think it helped me be relaxed for the birth. Keep up the positive attitude.

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    Wow Erika, part two! I too want to thank you for letting us "share" in this experience with you. I love the title- I teared up just reading "Entering the birth circle" How Amazing- I am so thrilled for you, and impressed with what you have accomplished.


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