Extra long & tons of pictures!

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Extra long & tons of pictures!

WARNING~~~graphic pictures of baby after birth and of the placenta!!!

My last OB appointment was scheduled for Wednesday, July 18th at 9:45 am. Everything looked good (was dilated to 2cm and baby was at -2 station)...but my belly was still measuring 3-4 weeks ahead. According to the growth ultrasound I had at 35 weeks, baby was already 7lbs.8oz. at that time, so my OB thought I was going to have at least a 9lb. baby. I really wanted to wait another week before inducing (I was 40 weeks or 40+ weeks with my 3 previous kiddos), but she said there was no way. So I asked Dr. G if I could wait until the next morning to go in for the induction (the plan was to go in that evening). I explained that when I had Zackkery, I was admitted to the birth center at night and already contracting, so they did not start the induction until the next morning. I hated the hospital bed and did not get any good sleep, so I had been exhausted throughout labor and delivery. I wanted to avoid that. But, she explained to me that they were really busy at the birthing center and that if I did not go in that night, I would lose my 'spot' for the induction. And there was still a chance they could call me (up to 2 hours before we were supposed to be there) and cancel my induction because they were full. Well, I was not taking that chance, so I agreed to check-in Wednesday night at 11:45 pm.

Because of my procrastination, I packed my hospital bag right before we left. And we picked up my mother-in-law Linda, who wanted to be there with us. So, we were a little late. I was admitted a little after midnight and shown to my room. Changed into the lovely gown (actually, they look much better than the one I had to wear 21 months before!) and had the vitals taken (blood pressure was 124/67, pulse was 90, and baby's heart rate was in the 130's).

I asked to NOT have an IV started until they found out if I'd even need the misoprostol (a drug used to ripen the cervix and induce contractions). I was checked and at 3 cm. The Nurse let the on-call OB know what was going on and he said that miso is not needed; I could be induced right away and he would most likely deliver me or I could wait until the morning when my OB was on-call and be induced then. Well, this Doc was the one OB that I do not care for (long story, but I saw him one time when 38 weeks pregnant with Zackkery. He told me that I should not even bother trying a version, which consists of having the OB manually turn the baby, as Zack was breech. He was trying to talk me into a Cesarean section. "My wife has had both of our girls via c-section and they are just perfect. The odds are against your baby turning because you are already 38 weeks. Blah blah blah" I told him that I did not want a section after having 2 vaginal births. Needless to say, Zack went head down that week on his own and I had a nice 6 hour labor and delivery the week after). So, I told them I would wait until the morning. So much for not wanting to sleep at the hospital! At least Ian and Linda got some zzzzz's...

At 5:45 am, the Nurse came in and strapped me back up to the monitors. Just after 6, she *attempted* to start my IV's (yes, I had to have 2. Because I am overweight, they have some new rule that if your BMI is over a certain number, then you have to have a 'back-up' line. Yipee!).

1st try: nope! "Oops! That one is gonna leave a big bruise. Sorry!" 2nd try: That's a NO! So I told her that I have had successful ones put in my hand just fine. 3rd try: YAY! 4th try: hahaha! Time to call IV therapy! At 6:45, IV therapy put in the second line no problem.

Pitocin (IV drug to start contractions) was started at 7:10 am. I got my first strong contraction (well, stronger than the little ones I had been feeling for days!) within 15 minutes. The nurses would then up the pitocin every 30 minutes or so. I met an OB resident and was asked if she could follow along with my labor and delivery. No biggie...I had given 2 other Docs that chance when I had Zack...the more the merrier! Dr. G came in at 8:30 am and checked me: 4 cm and -1 station (baby was still high). She broke my water and told me I could get the epidural whenever. Well, with my last 2 births, getting the epidural meant that I was going to deliver within an hour. This was going QUICK! So, epidural man had it in place by 9:30. Sabreena and my mom Cathy had arrived by this time, and Ian had gone and gotten my father-in-law Stan.

At 9:53, the nurse checked me and I was at 5 cm with room to stretch it to 6-7 cm. I was shaking during each contraction, even though I did not feel any pain cuz of the epidural. I was checked at 10:20 am and again at noon, and was still only 5 cm. Dr. G came in at 12:35 pm and checked me again. I was at 7 cm, -1 station, and 100% effaced. Baby was having some decelerations (in heart rate), so I okay'd the internal monitor to be put on her head, too. The resident got to do this~and she got it right on her first try, too!

Within half an hour, the Nurse came in and told me that Dr. G wasn't too sure if I would be able to deliver the baby vaginally. Things were starting to look like a C-section was needed. Baby was moving down, but slowly. The new plan was to wait for 2 hours and if I didn't dilate past 7 cm, a c-section would be considered. Maybe baby was just too big to come out that way?!?! For some reason, I was around 90% sure I'd have to have a c-section...so I was trying to deal with the disappointment. They said I would be checked again at 2:45 pm.

At 1:25 pm, I told the nurse that something was happening and I was getting close. She checked me and I was at 9 cm. RELIEF!!! She told me to tell her when I feel pressure. Within a few contractions, I told her I was feeling it. BUT, I made sure to tell her that the pressure was there, but that it was nothing like the pressure I felt with my last 2 births. At 1:50, I was at 9+ cm and they started getting things prepped for baby's arrival. Dr. G rushed over (coming from another birth; she had 4 of us in labor at the same time!) and at 2 pm, I started pushing through the contractions. 2 or 3 contractions later, baby was stuck. Her head was out, but her shoulders were stuck behind my pubic bone. I swear, I was pushing the hardest I had ever pushed. Just when I thought I had no more strength left, I found it somewhere and pushed pushed pushed! I had a nurse pushing down on my lower stomach, Dr. G and the resident pulling on baby's head, and I was turning every shade of the rainbow as we were trying to get the little one out.

And at 2:08 pm on Thursday, July 19, 2007, Calissah Leigh came into the world.

She was put up onto me and there was a rush to get her to the nursery team (Dr. G had called them in when she got stuck...probably anticipating some problems), so Sabreena was unable to cut the cord as planned (she couldn't reach up and there was so many people crowded around, so Ian ended up cutting it).

They checked Cali out and then within 5 minutes, she was wrapped up and given back to me.

After a few minutes, I was ready to deliver the placenta, so the nurse took her to be weighed real quick...9 lbs. 3 oz! Good thing I did not wait another week to have her!

*Bree became the protective big sister*

*the placenta~her home for almost 10 months!*

I didn't get an episiotomy, but I had one small tear that required a stitch.
*My view~Dr. G on the left and the resident on the right*

So while my OB and the resident stitched me up, Calissah made the rounds...first to daddy, and then to sissy Sabreena, Grandma Linda, Grandma Cathy, and then Grandpa Stan.

*the placenta*

*Bree actually wanted to see it!*

Our first time breastfeeding was within 45 minutes of her birth...and lasted over 20 minutes.

She was also measured (20" long), given a bath, and had her footprints done within 1.5 hours of her birth.

*Bree helped with the bath*

A couple of hours after she was born, another set of Nurses were assessing her, and we were told that her left clavicle was broken. The one Nurse pinned her sleeve to the middle of her clothes...kinda like a sling. I asked for the on-call Pediatrician to be paged, as I was pretty upset that they had not noticed it right after her birth...she had been handled by almost a dozen of nurses/family members by then, including the nursery team! After the Ped (coincidentally, he is the one Doc in our Pediatrician group that I won't take my kiddos to see!) was called, one of the nurses mentioned that he said he'd come on over, but the most he is gonna do was 'give us his blessing'. What a jerk! When he arrived, we did ask him why this wasn't noticed right away. He said it is not normally something they assess. Well, we argued that since they thought she was so big and that there was a higher risk of problems if I had her vaginally (at my last OB appointment, I was given info about the percentages of some things going wrong...broken bones, an emergency c-section, her head being delivered and then her getting stuck, etc), then why wouldn't they check it? Didn't make any sense to me! And I had to bite my tongue because I wanted to say to him "And what about my blessing..."

Madilynn and Zackkery came to visit their new sister at 7pm that evening. Madi kept asking to hold her, while Zackie just wanted to kiss her and touch her head.
*Grandma Linda & Sabreena*

*Madi meeting her lil' sis for the 1st time*

I spent the night alone with my new baby girl...pretty much breastfeeding, changing poo-wee diapers, and snoozing off and on all night long. Her Pediatrician came in at 8:50 am Friday morning.

Dr. R said that she looked good and that I did not have to pin her arm down all of the time. This kind of fracture supposedly heals within 4-6 weeks all on its own. Most likely, when she was stuck (later, I was told she wouldn't budge for almost 30 seconds), something had to break so that she could be born. The shoulder bone is such a thin bone, and I've read that it does not even solidify until the teen years. We just had to be careful and scoop her up, instead of picking her up under her arms. She seems to have perfect grasping of the hand and movement of the arm, so no worries!

*mommy kisses*

*The 6 of us!!!*

*Madi counting toes*

*Dr. G holding Cali*

*my room*

*Calissah's 'baby lo-jack'...which kept falling off of her ankle!*

I was discharged Saturday afternoon, even though I had the okay to go home on Friday. Cali hadn't had her assessments done, so we had to stay the extra 24 hours. Her bilirubin count was 7.6 at 26 hours old, which is high-intermediate risk for jaundice. It was 10.2 at 1 am on Saturday, but then stayed the same when checked at 7:30 am. So, Dr. H (the on-call Ped) gave the okay for Calissah to be discharged, as long as we followed up with Dr. R on Monday.
*first time into the carseat*

*Egads! 4 kiddos in the mini-van!*

We left the family birth center at noon...and went to a birthday party for my friends 2 year old!!! Life just stays busy...

Coming home for the first time...

*Kobe has to check her out, too*

*Bree feeding the hungry girl*

*Zack and his 'um-maaaah' kisses on the head*

*What the boppy is really for!*

Thanks for reading!

I love my little girl.............