Feb 2007 Birth Stories

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Feb 2007 Birth Stories


November 30
Mommy: kristenlew/Kristen :sleepyboy:
Walter Jeffrey
3 lbs 5 oz
16.5 inches


December 4
Mommy: ella*enchanted :sleepyboy:
Evan Connor
3 lbs 12 oz
16.25 inches

December 30
Mommy: VCB502/Tori :sleepyboy:
Andrew Robert
5 lbs 3 oz
17 inches


January 2
Mommy: emberinthedark/Ember :sleepygirl:
Elianah Paisley Rowan
4lb 6oz
18 inches

January 6
Mommy:krazeegiggles :sleepygirl:
Sophie Mireille
5lbs 9oz
20 inches

January 10
Mommy: hope_537/Jessica :sleepyboy: :sleepyboy:
William Avery
4lbs 8oz; 18 3/4 inches
Ezra Lee
5lbs 11oz; 18 1/2 inches

January 14
Mommy: Rori :sleepygirl:
Alyssandra Jessica Lea
5lb 5oz
18.1 inches

Mommy: albaker55/Alison :sleepygirl:
Mackenzie Sheree
7lbs 4oz
21 inches

January 17
Mommy: Katiedid8/Katie :sleepygirl:
Lauren Paige
6lbs 10oz
19 inches

January 22
Mommy: Satrina/Marie :sleepyboy:
Andrew Reuben
8lbs 10oz

January 23
Mommy: klkress/Kendra :sleepyboy:
Raiden Lynn
6lbs 10oz
20.25 inches

Mommy: WhitneyLynn/Whitney :sleepygirl:
Madisyn Belle
8lbs 6oz
21.25 inches

January 24
Mommy: dolphin23/Alison :sleepyboy:
Blake Nelson
7lbs 8oz
18.75 inches

Mommy: stephmcuk/Stephanie :sleepygirl:
Alexia Paige
8lbs 1oz

Mommy: Manders_Girl/Amanda :sleepyboy:
Charles Reginald
6lbs 1oz
21 inches

January 25
Mommy: Cassaundra :sleepygirl:
Olivia Grace
19 inches

Mommy: munkyluv2431/Emily :sleepyboy:
Troy Alexander
4lbs 4.4oz
16.5 inches

January 26
Mommy: momto6 :sleepygirl:
Ava Katherine
7lbs 6oz
20 1/2 inches

Mommy: True confessions :sleepyboy:
Austin Joshua
7lbs 4oz
17.5 inches

January 27
Mommy: Kristy1231/Kristy :sleepygirl:
Coralynn Marie
7lbs 4oz
18 inches

January 28
Mommy: Leanbh/Dearbháil :sleepyboy:
7lbs 8oz

January 29
Mommy: Kianas mom/ Schona :sleepyboy:
Kaizekial Robert/ "Zeke"
6lbs 15oz
19.5 inches

Mommy: gots14 :sleepyboy:

Mommy: hen03 :sleepyboy:
Jensen Dean
7lbs 14oz
21 inches

Mommy: WaitingPatiently :sleepygirl:
6lbs 5oz
20 inches

Mommy: eggdashure/Amy :sleepyboy:
8lbs 4.4oz
20 inches

January 30
Mommy: mommamoo/Leah :sleepygirl:
Kailey Ann
8lbs 6oz
19 inches

January 31
Mommy: MaybeBaby07/Heather :sleepygirl:
Mackenzie Lyn
8lbs 3oz

Mommy: candycane801 :sleepygirl:
Maddilyn Dixie-Ann
7lbs 13oz
19.5 inches


February 1
Mommy: KisterBaby/Danielle :sleepyboy:
Jeffrey Michael Jr. / "Mikey"
7lbs 10oz
20.5 inches

Mommy:RAWSMOMMY/Courtney :sleepyboy:
8lbs 8oz
20 inches

Mommy: jobob :sleepyboy:
8lbs 10oz
20.25 inches

February 2
Mommy: Phoenixavathar/Phoenix :sleepyboy:
Logan Michael
7lb 5oz
20.5 inches

Mommy: KatherineM/Kat :sleepygirl:
Hannah Lily
8lbs 3oz
21 inches

Mommy: FishieMom/Roberta :sleepygirl:
Kaitlyn Rose
4 lbs 12 oz
18.5 inches

Mommy: poetmom :sleepygirl:
Najilah Haillee
5lbs 8oz
19 inches

February 3
Mommy: blue24pink :sleepyboy:
7lbs 7oz
19.5 inches

Mommy: jeslynsmom :sleepygirl:
Bella Kay
5lbs 5oz
19.5 inches

Mommy: dogs4kids/Theresa :sleepygirl:
Leah Marie
20 inches

February 6
Mommy: TripleC/Laura :sleepyboy:
Caleb Christopher
8lbs 4oz
19 3/4in

Mommy: ebaute/Elena :sleepygirl:
Julianna Aida
6lbs 1oz

Mommy: ClassyLinks/Carri-Ann :sleepygirl:
Janna Jean
8lbs 10.8oz
21 inches

Mommy: Mom4boys/Sherryl :sleepyboy:
William Rhys
8lbs 7oz
20 inches

February 7
Mommy: Sheila78 :sleepyboy:
Michael Joseph
8lbs 11oz
21 inches

Mommy: manders07/Amanda :sleepyboy:
Michael James
5lbs 5oz
17 inches

February 9
Mommy: AlisaK :sleepygirl:
Ruthann Kaye
5lbs 13.4oz
18 inches

February 10
Mommy: Siren34 :sleepyboy:
Ryan Karl
7lbs 13oz
20 inches

February 11
Mommy: noodlestar :sleepygirl:
Averie Malone
8lb 7oz
21 inches

February 12
Mommy: bazzill/Anna :sleepygirl:
Lydia Mae
8 lbs 13 oz
19.5 inches

Mommy: mrandmrscfrompa :sleepyboy:
Evan Charles
8lbs 2oz
21.5 inches

Mommy: runmama :sleepygirl: :sleepygirl:
Tavie Marie
5lbs 4oz; 17 inches
Kira Christine
5lbs 5oz; 17 inches

Mommy: chutch :sleepygirl:
Janiya Alexis
7lbs 9oz
20.75 inches

Mommy: lindsaye3/Lindsay :sleepygirl:
Kaleigh Elizabeth
6lbs 15oz
19 inches
February 13
Mommy: natesbear :sleepyboy:
Luke Joseph
8 lbs 7 oz
21.5 inches

Mommy: freestyle/Sandi :sleepygirl:
Madelyn Elizabeth
7lbs 6 oz
20.5 inches

Mommy: Syrreal :sleepyboy:
Brennan Nicolas
7lbs 9.6 oz
19 inches

Mommy: lillyclaire/Sarah :sleepyboy:
8lb 14oz
20.25 inches

February 14
Mommy: TracyF :sleepygirl:
Nora Grace
7lbs 8oz
20.75 inches

Mommy: rollergirl/Bridget :sleepyboy:
August "Gus"
6lbs 6oz
20.5 inches

February 15
Mommy: shuiheart :sleepyboy:
8lbs 13oz

February 16
Mommy: pamela_pinchot/Pam :sleepygirl:
Camille Elizabeth
7lbs 15oz
19.5 inches

Mommy: signingmom/Liz :sleepygirl:
Julianna Claire
7lbs 6oz
19.5 inches

February 18
Mommy: ismile888 :sleepygirl:
Kennadi Natalia
7lbs 2.1oz
20 inches

Mommy: JessicaK :sleepyboy:
Evan Henry
8lbs 2oz
20.75 inches

February 19
Mommy: Mpaschl/Michelle :sleepyboy:
Mitchell Allen
7lbs 6oz
21 inches

Mommy: jacknsally/Sarah :sleepyboy:
8lbs 5oz
21.5 inches

February 21
Mommy: anreka/Juliet :sleepygirl:
Vivian Marie
7lbs 8oz
20 inches

Mommy: EDIVEL :sleepyboy:

February 24
Mommy: whoa_baby_2 :sleepygirl:
Teagan Rhyse
8lbs 3oz
21.5 inches

Mommy: punkinhead/Emily :sleepygirl:
7lbs 12oz
21.5 inches

Mommy:AirForceWife1/Wendy :sleepyboy:
Gabriel Dominion
6lbs 15oz
20 inches

February 27
Mommy: Delinah :sleepyboy:
7lbs 15oz
20.5 inches

Mommy: Carmen19b :sleepygirl:
7lbs 12oz
21 inches

MARCH 2007

March 7

Mommy: DuckieHeart/Sarah
Cora Lee Faythe
7lbs 5oz
20 1/4 inches

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"kristenlew" wrote:

My baby - Walter Jeffery - entered this world on November 30 at 8:49am at 29wks 5 days gestation. He weighed 3lbs 5 oz and was 16 1/2 inches long.

He is doing really well - he is in NICU and will probably be there for the next 6 weeks or so, but he entered the world crying and breathing on his own and that's a really good thing. He was getting some help with the breathing thing for the first couple of days - mostly just forcing air down his nose to make sure his lungs inflated all the way, but they removed all of that yesterday and he has been breathing like a champ! They started him on "stomach priming" - feeding him breastmilk through a feeding tube that goes to his stomach, and he started out really well, but then had some issues with his plumbing getting backed up, so they stopped the feedings and gave him a glycerine suppository and he has had a few bowel movements since then - hopefully they will start the food again soon. He is also a bit jaundiced and has spent a few days under the bili lights - he was actually out of them yesterday and it was the first time we were able to see his whole face without any breathing or protective devices. He had his beautiful eyes open and was just kind of taking in the world - it was really neat, but today he will be back under the lights and have his little protective goggles on again. I've gotten to hold him twice - very briefly, but I have high hopes that I will be able to start "kangaroo care" and spend a couple of hours a day holding him by the end of the week - I can't wait!

Here's my birth story -

Last wednesday was a totally normal day - I worked at my desk job, put up some Christmas decorations, and laid on the couch - absolutely nothing strenuous or out of the ordinary that would have brought on labor. About 7pm I started feeling kind of crampy and having quite a bit of watery, pinkish discharge. The crampiness was constant and kind of achy, it didn't come and go like contractions or anything so I just laid down and hoped they would go away. I eventually did call my doctor and ask her if she thought I should head into L&D, but she said as long as the pain wasn't in waves and I wasn't gushing fluid or anything I would probably be okay until my regular appointment the next morning. So I went to bed - about midnight I was woken up by real contraction pain. Again, I couldn't believe it was actually happening, so I laid quitely and timed them. The pain was coming and going, but not in any kind of regularity or anything, I would have one 4 minutes apart and then have nothing for 10 minutes or so (come to find out later that my mom never had regular contractions either). Finally about 2am I woke up my husband and headed to the hospital. When they checked me I was 2 cm dialated and 90% effaced. They gave me a shot of terbertuline and a drip of something (magnesium maybe) to try to stop the contractions. They also gave me the steroid shot to help develop the baby's lungs. They were hoping to keep me pregnant for at least another 48 hrs to give that time to work. The drugs seemed to work - my contractions settled down and I was stable for a while. They decided to transfer to me to a hospital about 45 minutes away. That hospital has one of the best NICU units in the state and would be better equiped to handle a preemie baby. They also had to take into account that a major snow storm was heading our way. Unfortunately, as soon as they moved me onto the stretcher to go down to the ambulance my water broke. When I left Bloomington I was 3cm dialated, when I got to the hospital in Peoria an hour later I was 7 cm dialated. I got wheeled up to the birthing room and checked again about 20 minutes later and I was 9cm and +1 station. My husband hadn't made it into the hospital yet (he didn't get to ride in the ambulance with me, he was following in our car) and the doctor told me to lie really still so that he made it there for the birth! Finally DH showed up and I started pushing. It was quite the surreal experience. Between the team working on me and the team from NICU waiting for the baby there were at least 10 people in the room watching me give birth. 45 minutes of pushing later and out popped baby Walter. He cried and pinked up right away which was a really good sign. They wheeled him off to the NICU and DH followed him. I got my totally natural birth experience - though not quite the way I expected. I did have some issues with the placenta though. Apparently my placenta knew it was not time to finish working yet and didn't want to detach. I ended up hemmoraging pretty badly - I remember hearing the blood gush out and run off the table and onto the floor. Eventually they took me to the OR and actually knocked me out so they could reach in and scrape everything out. I lost quite a bit of blood and was in the hospital for 4 days so they could keep an eye on me (which was fine with me since it was really easy to go visit my son).

So - we are now home and making the 45 minute drive daily to visit our boy - he is doing as good as I could possibly hope, though leaving him was the hardest thing I have ever done and I ache to be able to hold him. Pumping is going pretty well and I am building a pretty good supply for when the little guy finally starts eating.

On top of everything else, the winter storm knocked out most of our power and phone line - so I have no pictures to post yet and I have no idea when I will be online again. I will post an update when I can - in the meantime any happy, strong, healthy baby vibes you can send my way would be greatly appreciated!!


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ella*enchanted wrote:

Looks like I have baby #2 for February!

Evan Connor was born on December 4th at 11:29 PM. He was 30 weeks, 5 days. He was 3 pounds, 12 ounces and 16 1/4 inches long. He's doing pretty well at the moment, but it's an hour by hour process at this point. He is on a nasal canula for oxygen support right now and under the bili lights for jaundice so we don't get to see his sweet face too much, but hopefully soon!

I started having contractions on Sunday the 3rd and went into L&D for observation. They were unable to stop the contractions and even though they weren't causing any cervical dilation, I started having pain between contractions and my OB's were fearful that I was stressing my already thin lower uterine segment. I was sent via ambulance to a higher risk hospital about 45 minutes away for what I thought was going to be more monitoring, but as it turned out, I had a c-section shortly after arriving. So shortly that my DH missed the delivery.

I'm home now and trying to juggle the needs of my six older children, recovering from major surgery and dealing with the emotions of leaving my newborn in a hospital far away. It's been a difficult, emotional week and I don't expect it to get easier anytime soon. Please keep us and especially little Evan in your prayers.

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What an eventful week it has been. I went to the high risk doctor on the 27th. They did an ultra sound and the doctor said that he really wanted to admit me to the hospital. I really did not wait to go but I agreed knowing that it was the best thing to do. I was on COMPLETE bed rest and could only get up to go potty and take one shower a day. My blood pressure started going back down but my protein was going up. It doubled in two days it went from 197 to 400, so the High risk doc said she waited to do an amino to see how Andrews lungs were so they could go ahead and induce. The amino was not to bad it did hurt some but it was a odd pain. Andrews amniotic fluid levels had dropped from 12 to 6 in tow days also the doctor found this out when she was tiring to find a good pocket of fluid to draw the amino. She said it was because my pressure was so high he was not getting enough nutrients from me. The amino came out great mature lungs are a 3 and his were a 3.75. So down to labor and delivery I went.

They started by soften my cervix with some pill every 4 hours. That started at 5pm on the 29th. It was a long night in a VERY uncomfy labor bed, at 7:30am on the 30th they started the pitocin (sp). I was then 1 1/2 centimeter dilated. At 9:00am my doc broke my water and I was a 2. OHHHH that was the WORST pain I have ever been in. I was in tears with his hand all the way up my you know what. 10 minutes after my water was broke contractions started coming every 2 minutes and oh did they hurt I got my epi at 10:00 and was out for 2 hours I slept like a baby while I was contracting away. At 12:00 I was 4 centimeters, I cat napped around until I started feeling some pressure at 2:30pm not that it hurt just kinda some pressure and it kinda felt like I need to have a BM. So they checked me and I was at 10, she said PLEASE don’t push the baby is right there. SO they called my doc and he came in, they put my legs and all that great stuff up. I said I think he is coming out and my doc said to push, so I did then he YELLED STOP, next thing I know my baby is out and screaming his head off. He looked great his agar scores were 9 and 9. We got to hold him in the room for about 30 minutes then they wanted to take him up since was 5 weeks early. I was still feeling great I had to have one small stitch. OH he was born at 3:19 pm on the 30th
That afternoon they had to take Andrew to the NICU, because he was breathing a little hard they gave him some Oxygen up his nose and he perked right up. He has been doing great ever since. He is latching on to my breast put he falls asleep so I have been pumping and giving milk in a bottle. He has not lost any weight. Tomorrow Jan 2nd he will most likely come home. Leaving him there was the hardest thing I have ever done. The hospital is 15 minutes from my house, but it is breaking my heart. I don't know how the girls do it that have to leave their babies for more a long time. Well know that I have wrote a book I am going to go pump my man some milk. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers girls, they have all worked.

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It all started on Jan 13th when I had a home nurse over to monitor my bp and do a non stress test on my baby. We soon realized that my bp was very high (170/110) and we waited for a while and took it again and it did not come down at all.
The nurse asked mt to go into L/D and get checked out, but seeing as I had been there a few times in the past couple weeks and knowing that they would just do a monitor of the baby and see that she was great, that I figured the home nurse had just done one and everything looked good with her, that I really didn't want to go into the hospital and wait around for hours and then come home to rest!. The nurse then said she would call the on call doctor at the hospital and see what he had to say before going in. She did that and he advised her I come in right away to be induced because my bp was way too high and there was no point in waiting another week.

When I arrived there the doc came in and noticed that I had already been having regular contrations (B/H), and checked my cervix and said that it was quite favorable for the induction, so they would start me in pitocin right away. We all figured that my labor would be fast and furious as my labor with DS was only 4hrs.

An hour after I was started on the pitocin the doc came in and broke my water, this was about 4:00pm. Things started to slowly progress, I could really start to feel my contractions, but was still talking in between them and feeling pretty good. This went on for a long while, in fact things didn't really progress until about 1:00am and I started hard hard labor, it was so intense. I used the gas (my bestfriend) and I highly recomend a birthing ball. I went until 5:00am and then they checked my cervix and I was 100% effaced and her head was in +3 station, so that was fantastic but I was ONLY 5cm dialated , I was so frustrated and really couldn't take much longer of the intense pain I was in and asked for the epi. I was very upset at first because I really wanted to do it again with no drugs but I honestly couldn't go on anymore.
Once I got the Epi, I was so happy. OMG they're amazing, by this point it was about 5:45am and I laid in bed and rested a little, and then at 6:15am I told the nurse that I was feeling pressure and that I needed to push. She checked me and sure enough I was fully dialated and ready to go. DH went and got my Mom and sister who were out walking around waiting patiently. I started to push, and I honestly only had to push 3 times and out came her head, then one more little push and she was out.

At 6:30am she came out and was screaming at the world, she came right up onto my chest and I was crying so hard that I remember I couldn't even see her!. They took her and cleaned her up a little and weighed her and brought her back to my to breastfeed.

I managed to only get 1 stitch, YAH I was so happy about that seeing as I had over 70 with DS. All in all everything went great, and I'm so happy I have a beautiful healthy baby girl.

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Well, as promised, my birth story....

Woke up as usual on Sunday morning. Felt a bit disappointed as I was 38+5w on Sunday and with DD I woke up having contractions at 38+5w, so I'd kinda been hoping it might happen again. Anyhow I figured, this baby would come when he decided to and just got on with my day. About 9am started having some vague, very brief tummy pains. Thought it was gas pains as I'd taken some laxatives the night before. After a while I noticed that the pains were almost exactly 10 minutes apart and so it clicked that they were probably contractions. They only lasted about 20-30 seconds though so I still thought might be a false alarm.

About mid-day the contractions speeded up to about 5 minutes apart, but still very short and not particularly strong. DH phoned his parents who live 2 hours away as we planned for them to watch DD when we went to the hospital, so we wanted to give them a heads-up so they could sort themselves out, eat lunch etc. in case we needed them later. Things stayed pretty much the same, so we phoned them again at 1:15 to say head out as it looked likely it was the real thing. We sat down and ate lunch, then headed out to the supermarket to pick up a few things, then on to the park to let DD play on the swings. While we were out, the contractions got stronger, though still lasting less than a minute at a time and coming about every 5 minutes. We headed back home around 3, expecting DH's parents would be arriving soon after. We were only home about 10 minutes when there was a 'pop' and my waters went.

Things moved very quickly after that. My contractions were virtually continuous and very strong. We were thinking 'time to get going' though I still thought there was probably another 1-2 hours to go. DH phoned his parents on their cell and discovered they were stuck in traffic about an hour away, so we called our backup person, who lives in the same city as us, but their cell was out of coverage. Then, I suddenly got the urge to push and my body took over. I told DH the baby's coming now - he said no - I said yes Smile We called a friend of mine who lives 5 mins away and is a Paed, but two pushes later and my poor DH was delivering the baby. We just about had time to throw a towel down on the floor (though the carpet will still need to be replaced :oops: ). My friend arrived a few minutes later and helped my DH to clamp and cut the cord, then we phoned the maternity hospital who sent out a midwife who arrived about 10 minutes later and delivered the placenta. MIL and FIL arrived a few minutes after her, when it was all over and done with!!

Through the whole thing my DD was standing right by me. She did really well and when the baby was born, she came up to him, signed baby and gave him a kiss.

We've called him Arthur and he's absolutely lovely. He's still in that completely mellow newborn phase where they just eat and sleep and chill out all day. My DD is great with him, my DH has recovered from the trauma and my MIL did all my ironing as an apology for missing the whole thing Smile

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Connors birth story!

Well, I woke up having to go potty on 1-29 at 7:45. I went to sit down and it was so painful to sit. I pasted it on as constipation. I started to make breakfast and started to have some pains. They got more intense and closer together by 9:30. I finished packing my hospital bag and took a shower. By then it was about 10:20. I told dh that we needed to go to th hospital now. We arrived at L&B at about 11:00 I was 3 cm when checked. By 2:00 I was at 7 cm. Was ready to push at 4:00 and with 4 large contractions Connor was born at 4:12 PM. 8lbs 4.4 oz and 20 inches long. Things went by really fast. This is the very short version but I didn't want to bore anyone.

Connor is eating like a champ and is such a wonderful addition to our family.

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Yes, my little boy's entrance was VERY unexpected :shock:

I posted a couple weeks ago about having a REALLY bad night and after that night I just never really felt "right" for the whole next week. So after some contemplation I called my doctor again on Thursday, Jan 25. They said for me to come in and let them check me. Everything looked fine. He decided to send me to the hospital for an NST. It was going okay except baby wasn't moving much at all. Well the nurse had called the dr to come and look at it and about that same time I had a contraction and my little baby's heartbeat just bottomed out. It dropped down to about 50 bpm. So she turned me on my side, slapped an oxygen mask on me, and finally it came back up to normal. Well she told me then I wasn't going home but most likely I would just be there overnight for observation. So the dr came in and looked at the test and said there were too many fluctuations in his heartbeat and not enough movement so he wanted to do a quick U/S. Well surprise surprise there was hardly ANY amniotic fluid. He was shocked at how low it was. So, from the test he decided that as bad as his heart was fluctuating with me not even being in labor that he probably couldn't handle labor and would most likely not make it out if I really went into labor. So, he decided then to get him out via C-Section that day. So at 2pm I was given my epidural and prepped for the OR. I was in the OR by 2:30pm and my little boy was born at 3:02pm. He came out screaming and it was SUCH a welcome sound. Then my dr got another surprise ... I had almost NO umbilical cord. The whole thing was MAYBE 12 inches long :shock:. So it was a very surprise filled day. I got to see him and give him a quick kiss as they whisked him away to the nursery. I sent DBF with him to the nursery and was informed shortly after that that my little boy had a significant heart murmur and was going to be airlifted to the NICU in a large hospital in a neighboring town. I was so heartbroken. They brought him in so I could see him before he was loaded onto the helicopter. He was SO tiny. I found out after he got over here that he has a heart condition and will require heart surgery in a month or two. He has to weigh 6 lbs before they will do the surgery. I am so glad that he is here and now I just want them to get him fixed so he can start to live somewhat of a normal life. He is SUCH a blessing. I am staying over here in the hospital right now so that I can be with him as much as possible. Please keep us in your prayers ... we definately need them right now.

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I had not been feeling much movement on Sunday and thought that baby was having a quiet time. By monday I decided to cancel lunch with a friend and go see my ob. He did and internal and I had some show. Hw then sent me for an u/s and fetol (agh sp??) hart monitor. He said all going well with those we had might as well induce in the morning as I was already 38 weeks. U/s cam back perfect so we went to the hospital for monitor. Whilst there his heart rate dropped a little so ob decided that there was no time like the present so we went off to the delivery suite to be induced right away. They began at 6:30 with me strapped to a monitor and constsnt drip, and by 11:26 pm little Will came into the world. I resisited all medication except for the gas as I was caping better than I thought....... however my placenta refused to come out. they waited 15 minutes before giving me an epi rushing me to surgery to have it manually removed. Whilst there I suffered a postpartem heamorrage (again sp??) and lost quite abit of blood. i didn't get to have a good look at my son until around 3 am which by that time my parents had rushed to the hospital to be with dh. i spent the next 2 says on heaps of drugs so was unable to pick up Will - my dh was amazing and jumped into fatherhood straight away.
I was finally released yesterday and have spent my first night with my family!!

Final Stats....
January 29th 2007 11;26pm
7pounds 11

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Our birthstory...

Our baby boy Andrew Reuben was born January 22nd, at 1:09pm, 8lbs 10oz!

I was originally planned for a c-section on February 5, 2007 mostly because the baby was looking to be large (head was large - baby was measuring 8.5lbs at our 34 week apt.)

My water broke Sunday night around 630pm with a loud pop and huge gush, we arrived at the hospital at 730pm. Around 930pm I was still having no contractions, so they started them for me with pitocin. I started getting contractions, few hours later I was at 5cm, and got me a wonderful epidural. Made it through the night, progressed a little.

My contractions were all very 'weird' according to them, I was getting terrible back labor, and my uterus wasn't relaxing between contractions, so the contractions were not even registering. They were concerned and started me on meds to stop the contractions and make my uterus relax. It did, so they got the approval to start the pitocin again.

Doubled my pitocin to bring on contractions, I finally hit 9cm around 10am, however the baby hadn't moved to the right location yet, they gave me another hour of hard labor (epidural wasn't helping anymore and I was having terrible back labor) to see if I would hit 10cm and if the baby would move.

Nothing happen, my doctor was thinking the baby was stuck and wasn't going to move down anymore, so we started arranging for a c-section. I got some excellent drugs in my epidural which was heaven at this point, next we waited about an hour for the OR to clear from another c-section and then it was my turn.

My OB did the c-section and delivered Andrew at 1:09pm!

We spent the full 4 days in the hospital, mostly the extra day because he got a little bit of jaundice and was under lights for about 24 hours, and given the clear to come Friday morning!

It is great to be home, still can't believe we have a son! (it was a surprise on the gender)


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Alexia Paige’s birth story:

Weight: 8 lbs 1 oz
Labour Time: 16 hours
Born At: 2:25am, 24th January 07

First off I did have a c-section planned for Wednesday 24th January but my little angel had other plans and on the 23rd at 4am I started getting regular contractions coming every 6 minutes and lasting about 45 seconds. Since I had this happen on the Friday before I thought it could be another false alarm and couldn’t decide whether My partner Neil should go to work or not (he wasn’t due to start paternity leave till the Wednesday).But I phoned the hospital and they told me to come on down and get checked.

9:30am: I arrived at the hospital and by this point my contractions where coming every 4 minutes and lasting a minute. At the hospital the put me on a monitor and did am internal and I was about 80% effaced and 2-3cm dilated, so I was in early labour. They then asked me if I would like to have a c-section or since my body was doing it on its own try for natural delivery. (I was induced with dd1). I decided to trust my body would go all the way this time and opted for natural delivery. So the waiting game began...

10:30am: I was moved to a ward where I would walk about and the contractions gradually got stronger at

1:30am: The doc came and checked me and I was 4cm-100% effaced. So onto the delivery suite I went, Contractions coming every 3mins and lasting forever. At this point I have a Diamorphine injection and gas and air and was coping fairly well.

7pm: I was checked again and I was 5cm (slow progress again) and the doc started to question whether I should have a c-section. In the end she said lets give it another 2 hours and see if I make it any further. I have another Diamorphine injection and started to get a little worried about the pain because I could only just about cope. (Huge wimp).

9pm: The doc came and checked me and surprise I was 8cm Biggrin I was so happy I was making progress but then got a little scared when I realised I was going to have to push and I really thought I would end up with a c-section. But I struggled on with the pain.

11pm: The pain got unbearable and I asked for an epidural, I was relieved he came to me quick (with dd1 I had to wait an hour). My epidural was in and I could rest, I even started to dose off to sleep at one point.

12pm: I was checked again and I was 10cm, but the doctor wanted me to wait an hour before pushing to let her drop lower. So I waited and at 1 o'clock I started pushing, I pushed like a trooper and did the best I could for 1 hr 15 mins with just the midwife and trainee doctor but since she was getting stuck the midwife went to get the doc.

1:30am: The doc came and told me she thought it would be best if I got some help and I agreed so she was going to use forceps while I pushed, this of course meant I needed an episiotomy  but I didn’t feel a thing because of the epidural. So for the next 45 minutes they where prep-ing me and getting everything ready.

2:15am: I started pushing again and Alexia was born at 2:25am Biggrin she was put straight onto my chest and me and Neil got to look first to see if she was boy or girl, I was very emotional and cried with relief and happiness it was all over and she was born safe. They did all there checks and then she was wrapped up and Neil held her while I was being stitched up.

And that was it, I was really happy about having a natural birth even though I had to have forceps help, I was even more happy when I got to go home the same day at 6:30pm (I hate hospitals) : D

Pic taken 2 hours after she was born:

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Baby mikey made his entrance into the world feb 1 2007 He's beatiful and is such a wonderful baby!! i'll post more details about the birth later bc i'm still kinda shaken up about it, it def wasnt the one i planned, expected or prepared myself for. So, here's the general overview: Tuesday night i started early labor, or i thought i had, "labor" stopped, so i was disappointed, but figured he'd come when he was ready. Labor began again Wednesday night, and continued. at 6am we went to the hospital. I had progressed since last being checked, but not much. My dr wanted me to stay there in case of complications (aka "big baby") I still progressed slowly and the dr asked if she could break my water, to which i said ok i started progressing great after that, but something started going wrong. All the sudden, the nurses rushed in made me lay in bed on my left side, propped up, etc. They started palpating my uterus trying to figure out what kind of position he was in (he was headdown, but they were tryin to figure out which way he was facing, etc). Anyway after lots of painful internal checks, they decided he was probably in an ok position, just with a big head. i needed an epidural by this point b/c the contractions were killing my back (i've had arthritis in my back for 8 years) i was kind of diappointed bc i was doing well with the contractions in my abdomen, but the ones in my back were crippling, so i went ahead for the epidural. i still progressed slowly, but i was progressing. little by little. Mikey became distressed and didnt seem to being doing so hot, so dr, me and dh discussed the situation and decided that we should probably go ahead with a c/s since baby wasn't doing so hot and we didnt want him suffering lack of oxygen etc. So, we went in for a c/s. Everything went well with the anesthesia and incisions, etc. Til they got to mikey. He was stuck. Not just stuck. His legs were trapped in my rib cage and his head was in the wrong position and stuck in my pelvic bone, instead of trying to come crown first, he was trying to come forehead first. This 270 lb surgeon crushed my ribs and everything in between trying to push him out, at one point we heard a loud snap and heard him whisper "i might have fractured something" at this point i was damn near hysterical, with dh there comforting me holding me hand, not knowing what to do. when they cut mikey's cord, blood shot over the drape onto me dh and the anesthesiologist, not fun. then i heard my baby boy crying and i felt better, but then i got sick. it's really hard to throw up while you're on your back. he went to the nursery and we got the call that he wasn't the 9+lb baby they thought he was, he was a healthy 7lb 10oz. recovery went well, i just kept waiting and waiting to see my baby. i didnt get to see him til 11pm b/c he was having some blood sugar issues which they resolved. when i did finally get to see him, i was extremely upset by the scrapes, welts and everything on his head from where he was stuck. you could see the outlines of my pelvic opening on his poor little skull. he was also scraped up pretty bad from being stuck so hard and getting yanked out so bad. i felt like i had disfigured my baby and i was crushed.. i am doing better now and he is healing very quickly, but that first night i couldnt help but cry bc of what i felt like he had been through. ok i know i said i was going to spare details, but i got carried away, and didnt. anyway, that's the story. i'm so very glad he's here though he's gorgeous and only cries when he's super hungry or poopy. He's a champion nurser since the first latch i'm so proud of my little man and some pics

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Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 2:10 pm Post subject: Mackenzie Lyn's birth story...


I will definatly start by saying that I was not expecting labor to be what I ended up with!!! I started to have contractions about 8pm on Tuesday night with no specifit pattern that continued until about midnight. From midnight until about 12:00noon the next day I had contractions that were about7-10 minutes apart...but with no sign that they were going to get any closer...also they were not really changing in strenght. So...my OB recomeneded I go to L&D and get checked out. When DH and I got there every room in L&D was full!!! We actually had to wait in the hall for about 30 minutes to get a room. I'm sure glad that I was not actively in labor when we got there. The room we ended up in was not really even a room....it was a bunch of beds separated by curtains...I think it was like a recovery type of room. Well we were there for a while and the nurse checked me...still only 1cm dialated and she expected the doc to send me home. Wait some more and the doc finally came and told me it was my choice to go home or hang out in the hospital and be observed for a bit longer to see if anything was going to happen. The nurse had brought me some food because I had not eaten since the night before...so doc decided to have me stay until after I had eaten and he would check me again. Waited another hour I think...doc had a delivery. By the time he returned contractions were stronger and getting closer together...checked me and I was at 3 cm and totally thinned out...glad we waited

It is kind of a blur at time from here on for me. The OB broke my water and took me to the room I would deliver in. They also started my epidural...I had always planned on having and epi, but when they came to start it I was a mess and could not relax...I was shaking like I was having convulsions...so embarassing. But it ended up taking two trys to get it in. They said I had about 1/4in of swelling on my back...I knew my legs were swollen, but I didn't guess my back would be. Epi worked wonders and I was feeling NO pain...they started pictocin because I was progressing slowly. A few hours later I started to feel the contractions again...nurse said the epi was just wearing off and she would have them give me more medication. By the time the anistisiologist returned I was in severe pain and having hard contractions every 1-1 1/2 minutes. He added more medication...and nothing...I was still feeling everything...and now I was so light headed I thought I would pass out. By this time they had decided I needed a c section...which I was not complaining about except I now had NO pain control. They tried to get me different medication through the epi to prepare me for the c section but again no luck and this time I felt like my throat was closing...I was pretty terified by this point...thank god for my DH, my mom, and MIL...they were absolutely wonderful. I must admit I have never been so scared or felt so out of control ever in my life...I couldn't cry or scream or do anything but hang on for dear life to the bed rails. I think my mom said that the contrations that were 1-1 1/2 min apart lasted about 4 hours...I have no recolection of time. They ended up pulling the epi and wanted to do a spinal...I wasn't sure if I could sit up, but I was desperate...thank goodness the spinal worked wonders. The c section was uneventful and our little girl handled it all very well...heart rate never waivered. Her apgars were 9 and 9. The rest of the hospitalization was wonderful...I can not say enough about the staff at my hospital...they were great!!!

Sorry such a long wordy novel.

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Blake Nelson's birth story

On January 24, 2007, 9 days before my due date, I woke up at 4:11 am feeling weird, but wasn't sure why. I just felt a lot of pressure and heaviness in my abdomen, but no real contractions. I got up for a while, but finally decided there was no reason to be up and went back to bed at 5:45. I got up again around 7 am, still feeling like something was going to happen that day.

At 7:20, I was standing in the bathroom when my water broke. MAJOR GUSHING! I had no contractions yet but I called my dr who told me to come right in anyway. DH took the older kids to school & got home around 7:45. By the time he got back, I had started having contractions, which were already pretty hard and close together. I was about ready to go, but then had another MAJOR GUSHING & soaked through my outfit, so I changed again, stuck a towel in my pants & put a waterproof pad on the car seat! We left for the hospital just before 8 am.

Unfortunately, it was rush hour & raining, & it took us over an hour to get to the hospital! Meanwhile, I was having hard, active labor, in traffic jams on rough roads in a compact car. No fun! By the time we neared the hospital, my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, lasting over 1 minute each. I was able to get through them by counting to myself to keep myself breathing & not panicking.

I got checked into the hospital at 9:01 am and I was already 7 cm dilated. Lots of people were coming in & out of the room. Even though I was pre-registered, they started asking me all sorts of questions, taking my medical history, blah blah blah, and even getting me to sign paperwork while in the middle of heavy contractions. I was hoping to get an epidural, and some of the paperwork & questions were to clear me for that, but I was quickly getting too far along for that. No one was helping me through my labor, they were mostly distracting me by trying to get me to talk & sign forms even during major contractions...argh! I think the main nurse didn't believe I was progressing as fast as I thought I was, & figured I had plenty of time to concentrate on the labor after she was done with the check-in process.

Then suddenly, I felt extreme pressure and had to push! I was still signing forms at that time, but just started screaming & pushing. My OB, who was out in the hallway, ran in and said "We're having a baby!" She seemed to be the only one who noticed I had gotten to that point. She checked me & I was 9.5 cm dilated. She said I should try to avoid pushing until I was fully dilated, but she started getting ready to catch him. Then I had to push again & just did it, screaming again, & the baby's head came out, & a moment later the rest of him came out! He was born at 9:36 am. Obviously I didn't get the epidural, & I also had a 2nd degree tear. The tear hurt so badly I couldn't relax or pay much attention to the baby until the OB injected some local anesthetic and they gave me meds in my IV. After that, and after the placenta was delivered, which made me feel much better, for some reason, I could turn my attention to the baby, who was calm & just looking around. We eventually (30 hours later!) named him Blake. He was 7 lbs., 8 oz., and 18.75 inches long, and he is adorable! I was able to nurse him some on the delivery table not long after he was born, & he took to it pretty well.

I had a further ordeal when I was re-admitted to the hospital at 1 week post-partum with late-onset pre-eclampsia, & had to stay there another 2 days until my blood pressure was stabilized with medication, but I was able to keep the baby with me and keep nursing him, so all worked out okay. But since this can show up anytime up to 6 weeks after delivery, I'd urge everyone to watch out for symptoms such as continued swelling in the ankles, or high blood pressure!

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Madisyn's Birth Story!

January 23rd at 6 am DH and I went to the hospital for my induction. When we went in the lady at the desk told me they had been trying to get ahold of me because L&D was full and they were going to cancel my induction! I was upset and called my OB who then called to hospital and told them to put me in a room and get me going. I was put in a "spare" room and got my IV started at about 7:45 am. I had been having minor contractions since the night before so at 8:25 my OB decided to break my water. Family arrived around 9:30. I'd been having some painful contractions but decided to wait it out and see how bad it got. By 11 am I was begging for my Epidural. I got my Epi 20 mins later and as soon as they started numbing me with novacain my contractions started coming really hard really fast. I was in tears by this point and my poor father was beside himself with grief because he couldn't make me feel better Sad . After the epi I napped on and off and got moved into a real room around 1:45. OB came in and checked me at 2 and i was 9.5cm dialated. OB had to go do a C-section so she told me to wait an hour or so before I started pushing. Luckily Madisyn decided to listen to the doctor and just kind of chilled out for a bit. OB came back at 3:15 and checked me again and I was at 10. All the sudden I felt the urge to push and Dr agreed it was that time. I pushed a few times and thanks to my fantastic Epi I felt nothing! At 4:05pm Madisyn made her entry into the world screamin like a banshee! They put her on my chest and I burst into tears and just kept saying "Hi Sweetheart!" and stroking her head and looking at her. DH cut the cord and they weighed and diapered her. Her apgars were 7 and 9 and she weighed 8lbs 6oz!

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Aidan's Birth Story

On Friday, Feb. 2 I had a regular doctor's appointment. I was only 1 cm and 75% effaced. Driving home from the appointment I started having a little stronger contractions. They kept getting stronger and closer all afternoon. I started timing them when DH got home from work. They were about 6 minutes apart. I went to the bathroom and noticed blood in the pad I was wearing. I told him we are going to the hospital now. So we went and they had to check me for what seemed like forever and was very painful because they wanted to see what was causing the bleeding. It was just major blood from my bloody mucus. And at this time I was only 2 cm. They decided to send me home. We got home and inbetween contractions I slept for about an hour or so then my water broke. So we went back up to the hospital. They checked me and I was 4 1/2 cm. They decided to keep me this time. I labored for a few hours and was thinking of getting the epidural so they checked me again before giving it to me and I was 8 1/2 cm. So I decided not to get it since I was so close. After another hour or so I was ready to deliver. At 8:55 am Aidan was born weighing 7lbs 7oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

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I delivered healthy baby Caleb Christopher *medication free* on Tuesday the 6th at 4:42pm. 8lbs 4 oz 19 3/4 in. He has a full head of straight black hair, complete with sideburns. So cute! He looks just like his Papa!
Contractions started on Monday morning at 3am. Both Brian and I stayed home from work. At 7pm that night we went into triage, and they sent me home because I was a first time mom and only 1cm dialated(but 80% effaced!). We went back home and I labored and labored (pain!) until 7am. I was going crazy (moaning etc) in the living room all night until 7am.That's when I told Brian it was time to go.
I was admitted at 3 cm 100% effaced. The first nurse I had was loopy. She kept pushing the epidural on me even though I had already stated clearly and strongly that I didn't want it. I seemed to progress rather quickly til about 7cm. At 3pm I got a new, great nurse. I was doing surprisingly well with the pain. I was talking walks til I was 9 cm and standing up at 10cm. I think going from 7cm-10cm was the hardest most painful time. I wanted to push and I was told I couldn't I felt like I had to poop too. It's really true, you think you have to poop, but nothing's there.
They started getting the room ready for delivery early because I kept saying the baby's goin to come out. Once I got to 10cm I took a few "practice pushes" before the on-call Dr came in. I pushed three times for each contraction for about 30 minutes, and out came my baby. I couldn't believe it. It happened so fast!
I had so much wonderful help in the delivery room. Brian, who did not even want to be in the room was by my side the entire time encouraging me to breathe properly. I took a couple walks with him and he thought I dealt with the contractions better standing up. He was wonderful! Completely a different person than prior to labor. My friend Jenece rubbed my feet with cooling oil early on in labor and videoed the birth (from by my head) and other clips here and there. My mom (left work early and) got there at about 10:30am and was great at rubbing my lower back. We bumped heads a couple times, but Brian helped me let her know what I needed. My sister showed up at about 4 and supported me pushing and took lots of photos of baby.
Caleb latched on right away. We were sent to a private recovery room just after 7pm. It was a long night with all the nurse checkups. We were both doing so well. Brian loved to hold him while we watched tv. And Caleb loves his Papa to hold him. We were released at 2pm on Wednesday... less than 24 hours after I delivered. We're glad to be home in our own space. Caleb and I are working on feeding and are getting better. I'm tryng to rest when he rests, but I could do better. I need to stay off my feet and rest.
So, we're both doing great. Brian and I are communicating really well and loving being parents and having a little family. Well, there you go, you have the entire story! And photos: http://hamiltonclaywedding.weddingannouncer.com/ I don't have my mom and sister's photos from the birth yet.

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What a beautiful family you are. I so enjoyed looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing with us! Your little baby Caleb is BEAUTIFUL beyond words!! Congratulations on such a happy birth!! Biggrin
Didn't mean to post on here!! I thought I was posting on another thread, didn't realize it was the birth story thread!! Sorry!!! Don't kill me........ :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Erik arrived by scheduled C-section on Thursday, Feb 8 at 11:51am. He was 9lbs, 15 oz. and 22 1/4 inches long.

Birth Story:

I was told to arrive by 8am for our 9:30am time slot and I was very nervous about all the preparations. After finally getting through Patient Registration (which is never busy, but always takes at least 15 minutes before anyone calls my name), we went to L&D and were taken to the room where I would be "prepped" and would spend the recovery period.

I met my 2 nurses, changed into a hospital gown, and was hooked to monitors before they started coming at me with needles. I received an IV in my right hand (rather uncomfortable) and had blood taken from the left arm. Various people kept appearing to ask me questions and conduct their own preparation. The surgical/scrub nurse arrived (who would help me through the spinal block and I believe did my stitches). The anesthesiologist, who was very cool, asked me his round of questions; and finally my doctor arrived. All the while, I was listening to Enya on my iPod and trying to distract myself. I was also getting very nervous as the time got closer to 9:30am. At 9:15am, someone came into the room and told us that we had been bumped from our time slot because there were twins that decided to make their way into the world and needed the OR(one of the twins was breech, which necessitated a c-section) and we were re-scheduled for 11am.

Eventually, 11am came, and DH & I and 3 nurses walked down the hall to the OR, with me carrying my IV bag. DH was given a chair outside the room and was told to wait until they were ready for him. I went into the OR, and sat on the edge of a very narrow metal table, trying to brace myself for the dreaded spinal block.

After the anesthesiologist prodded my spine a bit with his fingers, looking for the best insertion point, I was told to put my chin to my chest and arch my back like an angry cat. In the meantime, I was given a pillow to hug and a nurse stood in front of me to help brace me, and provide a hand for squeezing. I was told I would feel “a stick and a sting” from the local anesthesia and I SUPPOSE that’s what it actually felt like, although it was a lot worse, in my head. After the stick & sting, I felt some pressure, as they inserted the regional anesthesia, but it was kind of uncomfortable. I said “Ow, ow, ow!” and the anesthesiologist stopped and asked me to describe what I was feeling, because apparently I wasn’t supposed to be feeling anything. So, again with another “stick & sting” and again with the pressure in my back, which wasn’t as bad this time around. Within a few minutes, my legs started to get really warm, and that’s when they had me lie down.

The nurse inserted the catheter (painless, since I was nearly numb); they began cleaning my stomach, and doing various other preparations. Occasionally, someone would ask, “Do you feel this?” They put a sheet up directly in front of my face and then DH was told he could come in (it was 11:40 am).

DH sat in a chair near my head and held my hand. The anesthesiologist also sat up near my head, and I told them to distract me and talk to me. The anesthesiologist began to fiddle with my iPod and I told him to surprise me with whatever song. After a few failed attempts (a melancholy Journey song, Bon Jovi shouting “Shot through the heart…!” --- not the best surgery music --- he finally settled on the Beatles.

They had told me I would feel pressure, but it felt more like the baby was moving very actively within my belly. I finally heard my doctor say something like, “Wow, that’s a big baby.” DH was told to he could stand up and he was able to watch Erik being pulled from my belly (at 11:51am).
I don’t know how much time passed before DH & Erik came over to me, and a nurse took a few pictures. Then Erik & DH and a nurse went down the hall to wait for me in the recovery room. DH says he remembers the instant that Erik opened his eyes for the first time, which was in the hallway during that walk to the recovery room.

I was still in the OR getting put back together, and that seemed to take a long time. I continued chatting with the anesthesiologist and was finally taken to recovery around 12:30pm. I was feeling very groggy from the pain medication. I was also incredibly thirsty, but wasn’t allowed to have anything until we got to the postpartum room a few hours later.

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Firstly, I just wanted to say I have missed you all and hearing all the news and am excited to catch up with you all! Feb. 13th was the day of our scheduled induction/c-section, because until we arrived at the hospital nothing was set in stone. My husband and I arrived at 7:30 a.m. and after much paper filling out, questioning, getting poked, the i.v. took 4 tries... :shock: our doctor arrived and told us that she had decided after looking at our case a little more and talking with the other doctors in the group, the section would be the way to go. After she spoke with us, things moved pretty quickly as so much time had passed all ready. It seemed like no time at all and I was wheeled into the operating room, and then moved from one bed to the operating room bed. I received the spinal/epidural and unfortunately, that took 3 times of reinserting the catheter to get it into the proper place. It was a pretty scary experience since this whole c-section thing was virgin territory to me. Apparently my blood pressure shot up a couple of times after the procedure as I felt my breathing was compromised, a rare symptom of the anesthesia. It felt as if an elephant were sitting on my chest. They gave me oxygen and something to calm my system down. I dry heaved which was totally unexpected since I had not eaten anything since 5 o'clock the day before. I didn't expect any nausea at all. Just as I was asking the anesthesiologist if I was numb enough for the doctor to start my incision, he said she had already begun. My husband had not been allowed in up until this point and when I finally saw him, I was very relieved. Everything was very hazy, and I felt as if I were in a tunnel and everyone was far away from me. But as soon as I heard Baby Graham cry, I was back and feeling as if I were in the moment again. I got my tubes tied, which I am very happy about. The baby was out in just a minute it seemed, but getting me sewn back up seemed to take forever.... I am still pretty sore. My nurses and doctors ALL OF THEM were AWESOME and treated me like a queen. Never for one second did I feel any fear that they wouldn't take wonderful care of me. I must say, however, I am sooooooooooooooo happy it is all over. I was so scared. My stay at the hospital was incredible, and this little angel....this little gift is so loved and we all feel sooooooooooooo blessed to have him added to our family. My husband is being downright mushy over Graham and Bob along with all the other boys can't quit showering him with kisses and hugs. He was the perfect Valentine!!! Well I gotta run. Daddy isn't lactating and Graham is rooting around like crazy. He's definitely barking up the wrong tree! Biggrin Thank you al for your sweet compliments and thoughts and prayers!! It meant the world to us!!!!!

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January 26th, I started feeling sick. Monday, January 29th, I went to urgent care and found out that I have pneumonia. I followed up with my regular doctor Wednesday January 31st to make sure the antibiotics were working. My dr was listening to my lungs (which had cleared some) and saw a scab that worried him. He made me an appointment with dermatology for the next day. The closest dermatologist is 2 hours away, which didn't make my OB happy; but my dr felt it was important. So Thursday February 1st, we had my in-laws drive five hours to babysit, while we went to DC to the dermatologist.

The dermatologists (I saw three) all feel that the scab/mole is almost definitely melanoma and they did a two hour long surgery that day to remove it for testing. The did the procedure with no anethesia, because they didn't want to hurt the baby (of course our top priority).

On Wednesday February 6th (at 37 weeks), I found out that I have Stage 3 melanoma. The next step in my attempted treatment is a PET Scan, Sentinel lymph node biopsy, and wide excisional biopsy. None of the treatments can be attempted while pregnant and I have a history of going way past my due dates, so they decided we needed to do a C-section asap.

On Thursday, I began calling my OB to let her know what was going on and find out if she could do the surgery on Monday, February 12th. She finally called me back at 4:15pm to tell me to be at L&D at 9am the next morning. I immediately called the in-laws to make the five hour trip again to babysit.

On Friday, February 9th, My in-laws made it in at 5am. I put my son on the bus at 8am and left for the hospital. We got there at 9 and were monitored and preop work done. At 12:15, they took me back and prepped me for surgery. The spinal wasn't too bad, I remember how good it felt when my back went numb (the incision from the back surgery had been hurting). The surgery was definitely not as easy as my first c-section (which was done under general anethesia). I didn't like the pressure you feel on your lungs during the operation or all of the tugging sensations going on. But at 12:37, I heard a cry that made it all worth while Biggrin Ruthann Kaye weighed in at 5 lbs 13.4 ozs and 18 1/2 inches long. Her apgar scores were 9/9.

Ruthann is doing wonderfully she's breastfeeding really well and up to 6 lbs 4 oz. I've also been able to pump enough to get us through the 3 days that I won't be able to breast feed. Biggrin Recovery has been rather easy--I've even been able to go upstairs to my own bed since the day I came home! I have a pre-op appointment tomorrow, and two surgeries on Friday-so any and all prayers would be wonderful and very appreciated.

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Brennan's Birth Story (a short novel)

Taking advantage that I have a little bit of energy and another hour before a feeding. Smile

On Tuesday, Feb 12th, I woke up at 9:30 feeling a little funny. I quickly figured out that I was having contractions and that they were about 15-20 minutes apart. I had my OB appt that day so I went to that and everything was good. She checked me and said I was 4cm dialated and that she was tempted to send me to the hospital right then. I told her I would rather wait it out at home since my contractions weren't super regular yet, plus once I got to the hospital I knew there would be no food or drink for me so I wanted to put that off. So off home I go. I call my mom and she says I'm crazy for going to the Dr by myself and driving and still doing a couple of things. I laugh.

I get home and wake DH and let him know what's going on. At about 5:30 pm the contractions are about 10 minutes apart so we call our doula, who had been out of town during the weekend and was on her way back, to let her know what was up. I showered and tried to rest. DH and I timed the contractions and watched some tv.

At 10:30 pm we notice the contractions are between 4 and 5 minutes apart so we call the doula and let her know that we are going to the hospital. We also call our parents who are very excited about the whole thing. The doula beats us to the hospital! We walk into the regular part of the hospital and the securituy asks where we are going (normally they need ID and stuff) and we say Labor and Delivery and he says, "Go right ahead!"

I go into L&D triage. They hook me up to monitors. The contraction monitor doesn't like me and won't pick up the contractions until they put it way way low on my abdomen. We worked around the fetal monitor until we found a good place for it to do its thing. My biggest issue was with the blood pressure monitor since it liked to take it when I was having contractions so it was all wonk. After all that time, I was still at 4 cm. They decided to keep me instead of sending me home because of the wonky blood pressure readings.

I was moved to a labor room. They hooked me up to IVs and more monitors. I could walk around though, which was the only way I was dealing with my almost constant contractions. Sitting and laying down were completely out of the question.

Finally, at around 3:30 am, it was decided that we would go ahead and have my water broken since I was still not progressing at all. I figured out that it was because my body just couldn't relax any more between contractions. Lots of people say they get the shakes once they get the epidural, I had the shakes from contractions. Once they would break my water I wouldn't be able to walk or stand anymore and I was in loads of pain so I said, "Bring on the epidural." They broke my water and shortly after my friendly anesthesiologist came and made me a very happy person. It was the perfect amount of numbing. I could still move my legs but felt no pain and in an hour I had progressed from 4 cm to close to 9. All I needed was to relax.

Some time after, they started being worried about the baby. They still couldn't really pick up my contractions and know if they were what was making the baby's heartrate change or if it was something else. I ended up having to be on oxygen and have internal monitors put in for both the baby and the contractions.

At 6:20 am I started getting the urge to push. I pushed for an hour and a half. My OB came in and was ready to catch the baby. Just then his heartrate strated doing funky things so I ended up having to have an episiotomy. He came right out then and had his cord wrapped once around his neck. Brennan Nicolas was born at 7:46 am on Feb 13th. He was 19 inches long and 7lb 9.6 oz.
That was taken care of and he was cleaned up and given to his daddy. He is just beautiful!!

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Zeke has arrived!!
Well it finally happened. Sunday the 28th...9pm I noticed excess fluids when going to the bathroom...I waited till 9:45 till deciding it was for sure my water breaking. Sister took me to the hospital. At 10:11pm nurse checked me. At first she said she still felt the bag of water intact. But then she said she found a hole. She warned me there would be a lot of water coming out as she ripped it open. Boy was there ever. Everywhere!! Then I stood up and more and more came gushing out. They were laughing at me and I started laughing too and that made it worse. Then the Dr came in and the nurse was joking around saying she didn't believe me that it had broke and I should go home and the Dr looked at me and asked if I could have held my bladder a little longer instead of on the floor. lol. I was 5 cent and 80 % effeaced. I was then admitted.

I took a shower and chilled with the family for a while. Contractions weren't hurting yet...they had just started to get uncomfy and then at 11:30 I got an epidural. But right as she was checking my spine for positioning I had a contraction and amniotic fluid went all over Adam's legs as I was resting my feet on his thighs. It was funny! Didn't feel a poke or anything when she inserted the numbing or needle.

12am I was now 7 cent 90% effaced and -2 station.

1:10 am 9.9 cent 99.9 % effeaced and -2 station

1:25 am 10 cent started pushing

1:33 am Kaizekial Robert was born with the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times. He weighed in at 6 lbs 15 oz and 19.5 inches long. Apgars were 9/10

He cried very little and seemed to be content.

I have no tears or stitches so I am thrilled about that. I stayed in the hospital the regular 2 days and came home Wed afternoon. The other two kids don't seem to mind him at all. I don't think Kai has even noticed him yet. Kiana pays attention to him then goes and does her own thing. He is a good sleeper and loves to be held.He seems to be breastfeeding well.

We are now a happy family of 5 and this baby making machine is going out of business. lol


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Connor Joseph's birthday was supposed to be Saturday, February 17, 2007, so when I woke up on Monday, February 12, 2007, I anticipated another long, boring week of bedrest. Although I was tired of bedrest and being preggo, I still had a few preparations left to make before Connor's arrival anyway. After waking, I got Hunter's breakfast ready and got Ethan dressed just like usual. After the kids left, I made myself some breakfast and sat down at the computer to check my e-mail. My mother-in-law had cooked us some food for the week and was planning on bringing it by before work, so I was just waiting for her to get here. I finished my breakfast and was still sitting at the computer when I felt this huge gush. I was almost frozen in shock....like I knew what happened but couldn't believe it, so my brain just didn't process it. Eventually (after much gushing continued as I ran frantically from our bedroom to the bathroom several times), I picked up the phone and called my husband. He had just gotten to work, and I told him to call his mother and tell her not to come because my water had broken. After I got off the phone, I decided to take a much needed shower. Josh got home in five short minutes (typically a 20 minute drive), and he was getting a little irritated with me as I tried to get dressed and put make-up on like normal. My bags (and the boys' bags) were not packed, so I took my sweet time gathering up things until Josh finally just grabbed everything and told me to get in the car. At this point, I was starting to have some painful contractions, so we drove to the hospital. We got there at about 8:30 AM. I filled out all the paperwork (again), and they took me back to triage so they could verify that my water had actually broken (like I didn't know). It took forever to get me all checked in and situated, as all the triage rooms were full at this point. Eventually, I got my IV put in, and they called my OB's office. My OB doesn't work on Mondays, so another one was expected to come do my c-section. Since there were two scheduled c-sections that day and four unexpected c-sections at the hospital this morning, they anticipated that it would be a few hours before it would be my turn. I hadn't expected to labor at all (and the contractions were extremely painful at this point), so the OB told the triage nurse to go ahead and get the anesthesiologists to do my epidural. With my previous two pregnancies, the epidural took a minute or two and was not a big deal at all. This time, it took two anesthesiologists almost an hour of digging around in my spinal column to get the epidural in. They tried to tell me that they were having trouble because I have scoliosis, but to the best of my knowledge, I've never had scoliosis before. The epidural fell out before surgery, and I wound up with a spinal block anyway. Once I was numb to the contractions, though, everything was much better. I threw up after they gave me the nasty antacid to drink, but everything seemed much calmer once I was no longer in pain. They finally told Josh to put on his scrubs and took us into one of the two operating rooms at around 12:45 PM. As soon as the OB arrived, the surgery began. They wouldn't allow Josh to videotape this surgery (like he did with Ethan's birth). At 1:32 PM, Connor Joseph was born. He weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces and was 22 inches long. He is a full pound and a half and two inches bigger than either of the other two boys were at birth. We were shocked by his size! He was bald (like Hunter was), which also surprised me, and he had the darkest eyes I've ever seen. After they weighed him and cleaned him up, Josh got to hold him and I got to look at him. I was kind of sleepy and was wondering why it was taking the OB so long to sew me back up. When the surgery was finally finished, I held Connor, and we all went to the recovery room for about an hour. My parents, Josh's parent's, and my sister and brother-in-law had been in the waiting room most of this time, so Josh told his parents to go get the boys from school and the baby-sitter's house. Josh went out into the waiting room to get something to eat and tell everyone about Connor. Connor tried to nurse for the first time. When the OB came in to talk to me, I found out why it had taken so long to sew me up. She said that (because I had labored so long when I shouldn't have), my uterus had started to rupture. That caused her to have to sew double what she would normally have to. I later found out that I should have had my c-section a week or two prior to week 39 to avoid this, and when I get preggo again, there are all sorts of extra precautions and things that will need to be taken. I am so disappointed that my OB did not anticipate and prevent this, and I am sad that it's going to be a problem in the future. When I was no longer numb, we moved to our hospital room. We wanted for Hunter and Ethan to be the first to meet Connor, so Josh brought them to the room. Hunter was excited about his baby brother. Ethan looked confused. Then everyone else came to see Connor. My brother-in-law, his wife, and their two daughters were also there at this point. After all of the visitors left, we had the nurse give Connor his first bath (which he did not like). Later that evening, my neck started to get stiff and sore. This also happened after Ethan's birth and was a side effect of anesthesia. It eventually went away after Ethan's birth, but before it did, I could literally not move my neck. I expected this to be similar. Connor was awake quite a bit that evening but nursed very well. We spent a lot of the next day resting and had a few more visitors that day and evening. The pediatrician came and checked Connor over, and he had his hearing test. The pediatrician thought he looked great, and he passed the hearing test. Connor got his first vaccination, and I had to get a rubella booster, since I no longer had immunity to it. We also filled out all of the paperwork for his birth certificate. I was developing quite a headache throughout the course of the day. I was also quite sore. In the past, I had been accustomed to having the epidural for several days to help with incision pain. However, since my epidural came out, I had only a morphine pump (which didn't help at all) and pain pills to help. I wasn't aware that I had to ask for the pain pills, so the nurses weren't bringing them very regularly at all. By Wednesday, I was in a lot of pain! The headache was also affecting my vision and hearing. Luckily, Connor was beginning to sleep lots better by this point, so I was able to rest too. We were told that I had a spinal headache as a result of the epidural/spinal block. That meant that too much of my spinal fluid had leaked out of my spinal column, so my brain no longer had the cushion of the spinal fluid to support it. They offered to do a blood patch, but I wasn't comfortable with the thought of the same anesthesiologists spending additional time digging around in my spinal column. That evening, I was in so much pain that I had to send Connor to the nursery. They brought him back to nurse, but I really couldn't even focus on him enough to make sure he was latched on correctly. They took me back to triage for the blood patch first thing the next morning. They took blood from my arm and inserted it into the hole where the epidural/spinal block was. Then, I had to lay on my back long enough for the blood to clot and stop the leaking of spinal fluid. I felt better immediately. We should have gone home on Thursday, but due to the blood patch, we stayed until Friday. The pediatrician also had to check Connor's bilirubin levels Friday morning, as he was beginning to look a bit jaundiced. The levels were normal. After five days in the hospital, we were more than ready to go home. My nipples were extremely sore from the bad latch while I had my headache, so we spent the weekend at home, letting Connor nurse and resting. The other kids came home from their grandparents house, and they've really impressed me with how well they've done with baby Connor. I expected a lot of jealousy from Ethan, but instead, Ethan has acted like more of a big boy than ever and been surprisingly sweet to Connor. Hunter's already been through this before, so he's already a pro. I am feeling lots better....almost 100% by this point. Connor has been a great baby so far....nursing great, sleeping pretty good. We are so blessed!

Connor Joseph just born:

Hunter Alexander holding Connor Joseph:

Connor Joseph going home:

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I first had contractions starting on Friday night but they were somewhat inconsistent. They stopped completely the next morning so I was a bit disappointed. They started up again around 6pm and became consistent Saturday night at about 9pm. So, it was a long night needless to say. I started having bloody show around 2am. My midwife came around 9:30am (I think – I really am not for sure on the times – I was a little preoccupied!) on Sunday. She brought a birthing tub (which was actually a large plastic horse trough – it worked great!) and I spent the majority of my time in there.

I think it was around 11 I had my midwife check me and I was dilated to 4cm – it was a little depressing because I felt I had already worked so hard! The baby was already at a +2 station which put so much pressure on my rectum - it was so uncomfortable!! I didn’t have her check me again until I was starting to feel “pushy” which was around 3/3:30 and to my surprise and excitement I was at 9cm!! The pushing started a little after 4. Wow that was INTENSE! My water broke a little while after I started pushing. Being in the tub really seemed to help a lot. I wasn’t sure before if I wanted to have a water birth but I definitely wanted to when the time came!

Evan Henry was born into daddy’s loving hands at 5:15pm. He had APGAR scores of 10 and 10! Another wonderful thing about a home birth is that Evan was not taken out of my arms until I was ready. He nursed right away! Then daddy cut his cord, they did his newborn exam, we examined the placenta, checked me out (no tears!!), and got him weighed. We were all shocked he weighed as much as he did! His stats were: Weight 8 lbs 2 oz, Length 20 ¾”

He is so precious and we are so blessed!!!

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ROUND 1:Our birth story began on February 8th even though Evan wasn't born until February 12th. We were scheduled to go to the hospital on Thursday evening, February 8th for an induction. I was supposed to receive cervadil the evening of the 8th and begin pitocin on the 9th. I was being induced due to my chronic hypertension. My doctors did not want me to go past my due date of February 14th. The cervadil was started aroung 6PM on the 8th. I had contractions every 3-4 minutes throughout the evening. They were uncomfortable, but not painful. The next morning my OB checked me and to my disppointment found me to still be only 1 cm and 50-60% effaced. He gave me three options: try a few rounds of cytotec to see if that would ripen my cervix, begin pitocin and if it didn't work go home and try again in a few days or begin pitocin and if it didn't work have a c-section. He gave me a 50% chance of the pitocin working as my cervix wasn't favorable.

I opted to try the cytotec as I wasn't crazy about the possibility of the pitocin not working. I received two doses of cytotec throughout the day on the 9th. Both of which did nothing but cause some cramping and diarreaha (sorry if TMI). The next morning my OB checked me again and still no progress. He said we would try another round of cervadil. If that didn't ripen my cervix they would send me home to rest for a day or two. The cervadil again brought on contractions every 2-4 minutes throughout the evening and more diarreaha. When my OB checked me the next morning on the 10th my cervix still didn't make any progress. I was discharged from the hospital around lunch time and told to go home and rest, get a good night's sleep and come back the next day on the 11th around 5PM to try again.

I was sooo discouraged and my abdomen was so sore from the contractions the last two days. I feared not having the stamina to make it through labor when the time came as I felt as though my stomach had been trampled by elephants the last two days. I was also upset because my mother and sister had traveled to the hospital for the weekend to be present for our child's birth only to leave at the end of the day on Saturday with no baby yet. My mother couldn't get Monday off work on such short notice, but my sister planned to return Sunday evening. Nonetheless, I got a good night's sleep, and my husband and I returned to L &D on Sunday the 11th at 5:00PM.

ROUND 2: I guess the L&D nurses felt badly for my husband and I because upon returning to L&D on Sunday night we were given a suite twice the size of the one we were in previously. My doctor arrived around 7PM and administered the cervadil. The contractions began around 8PM along with the diarreaha once again Sad

The contractions were more intense this time around and by 10:30PM I was in active labor. I was 2-3 cm dilated. I asked for pain medicine at this point as my contractions were coming every 1.5-2 minutes lasting for 60-90 seconds. My L&D nurse called my OB. He didn't want to give me an epidural at this point as he was afraid it would slow down my labor. He okayed my nurse to give me an injection of stadol. I received the stadol at 10:45 and it instantly put me in a groggy state. I felt the contractions, but not as intense. I was able to drift in and out of sleep and had some very bizarre dreams. Unfortunately this state of disassociation lasted only 30 minutes and the pain was back worse than before. At 11:30PM I was checked again and I was 5-6cm. The cervadil was removed, and I again asked for an epidural.

My doctor was called and I was told he would be in shortly for the anetheseologist to administer the epidural. He still hadn't arrived by 12:15AM. At this point all I could do was scream through the contractions. I asked the nurse to please call my doctor again. I was checked again at 12:50 and I was 8cm. My body began pushing. I couldn't control it. Two pushes later I was 10 cm. I began pushing at 1:00AM. My doctor arrived at 1:10 to explain his triplet girls were sleeping in bed with him and his wife and he rolled over and fell back to sleep after he received the first call from my L&D nurse. He had been the only OB on call since Friday and apparently he had a busy weekend. The baby's heart rate dropped to 40 beats per minute shortly after my OB arrived. I was immediately given an episiotomy and the vacuum extractor was used to aid in quickly delivering our baby.

Evan Charles was born at 1:16AM weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces and 21 and a half inches. With the speed my labor progressed my husband didn't have a chance to call my sister to join us for the birth until 12:30AM. Our baby arrived minutes before she got to the hospital. She was disappointed she missed the birth, but I think it was for the best being as I was in so much pain.

While Evan was taken to the nursery for his first bath and assessment, my husband, sister and I were treated to a 3:00AM meal in my post partem recovery room. In the end I was glad to not have had the epidural as I felt great immediately after the birth. My husband and I stayed awake the rest of the night taking turns holding and loving our son.

I stayed in the hospital until Wednesday, February 14th. We went home on Valentine's Day in the middle of the ice storm here in PA. Evan is such a precious baby. He is such an easy going baby. We feel sooooo blessed.

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Here's my story.

7am--Got to the hospital, started on the pit. They tried to draw blood from the same vein and it kept blowing. It hurt like HELL!! So they got me hooked up and we waited, and waited, and waited. I was progressing very slowly, so at some point in the day the Dr came and broke my water and that really didn't get anything moving either. They had the Pit up at high as it would go and the pain was kicking my butt. I didn't want a epidural, so I opted for morphine instead. I had never had it before, and it did nothing for the pain, but did make me sleepy inbetween contractions. The baby did fine during the whole process. The dr said that once I got to a 6, I would go really fast. So that evening they checked me and I was at a tight 6. At this point I was begging for something to get rid of the pain. So I got a spinal. It was quick and painless and as soon as I laid down I was warm and itching all over. It was heaven for about two minutes and then I had the terrible urge to push. In less than 30 min I was ready to go. So the dr, who was waiting around for me, was in and we were ready to push. Becuase of the morphine, I was pretty drousy and I was having some problems concentrating during pushes. I could feel myself ease up on the push, but it took three contractions and he was out. It hurt a lot more, partly because the spinal didn't have time to take effect fully. I did tear, second degree. Its was painful for the first couple of days, but then after that it healed so much quicker than before when they cut me. I did start throwing up and they gave me something for that, it didn't make me loopy, but it also didn't work real well. Because of the spinal, I couldn't pee. That was the worst feeling ever. and they had to straight cath me a couple of times, but the next morning I was okay. Recovery was a lot harder this time around with the cramps and milk coming in. I'm still having some discharge, its yellowish now, I wish that it would go away. Raiden has been on about three different formulas and through about 4 different bottles, and I think that we've found the right combination. Now we're trying to get him on a schedule. I don't have any updated pictures of him, they are still on my camera. I will get some as soon as I can. So that's about it. My stay was great the baby is fine and growing and Robert is doing really well with him.

Stats: Raiden Lynn Cook
6# 10oz
20 1/4inches

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Okay ladies... here's my birth story. Sorry it's so long... I just couldn't decide what to include and what to leave out. It was a long 23 hours!

The Birth of Gabriel Dominion

• Friday, 2/23/07- woke up around 8:00 and got up to take a shower--- lost my mucus plug. Had a few mild contractions after that.
• 10:45- Dr.’s appt.- 39 weeks, 5 days- Dr. did my first internal. Said I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Dr. guessed baby was at +2. She did a mild stripping of my membranes to see if it would help get anything started. My dr. thought I would probably deliver during the weekend. Contractions started getting stronger on the way home from the dr.’s office. Asked DH if he could try and get off work early as I didn’t want to be home alone all afternoon.
• We had company come over for pizza and games at 6:00… this had been planned earlier in the week. Started having stronger contractions before they got to our house. Contractions got stronger throughout the night. They left at 9:45… and that was a good thing because the contractions really started to kick in then.
• By 10:30… contractions were 5 minutes apart and 45-60 seconds long. Left for the hospital about 11:20. Arrived 12:05. Around 1:00 am, my friend Heather arrived to take pictures and video the delivery and just offer support.
• One of the dr.’s on duty checked me and said I was 2 cm dilated and 65% effaced. He couldn’t officially admit me until I was 4 cm dilated. So, we walked the same hall, back and forth for several hours.
• Around 2:30, they wanted to monitor me again. Baby’s heartbeat showed a little bit of a slow response after a contraction, so the nurse turned me on my side and said she’d be back soon and the dr. would check me. Well, they had a couple of emergency situations arise and they didn’t check me for an hour. While lying on my side for that hour, my legs began to shake uncontrollably. It was really strange. There was nothing I could do to stop them from shaking. When I was finally checked again around 3:30 am, I was 4 cm dilated, so I could be officially admitted for delivery.
• After this, things progressed really slowly… I don’t exactly remember everything that happened. I was allowed to have intermittent monitoring… which was really nice. Tried several different positions to ease the pain. Standing and rocking back and forth helped ease the pain for awhile. Sometime in the morning around 7:00, I got in the shower… that also helped ease the pain, but slowed the contractions.
• I used the birthing ball for an hour or so after that, but my legs began to shake again… so I had to get off of it.
• Things were still progressing slowly at this point. Every time I would lie down, the contractions would space out to every 5-7 minutes. If I was up and walking or on the ball or just standing by the bed, they would speed up. Thus, every time they went to monitor the contractions and baby’s heartbeat, my contractions would space out. It was frustrating!
• Around 10:30 or 11:00, the doula that was on call from the hospital showed up. She was so young and sweet!!! She helped suggest different positions to help gravity move the baby down, applied pressure on my back during contractions to ease the pain, showed DH how to squeeze my hips to bring release during contractions, did pressure point massage on my feet during contractions, brought me chicken broth when I was starving and needed something to help regain some strength, helped count out breaths during contractions, kept verbally encouraging me to keep going, held my legs up and applied pressure during contractions to help widen my cervix, fed me ice chips, on and on and on. She gave pointers to DH and my friend also on ways to ease the pain… I was really amazed by her knowledge and how well her advice helped me make it through.
• A little after noon I began to feel very week. I think I had stalled at a 5 or a 6 for several hours and knew that it would be a while longer before I could push baby out. My goal was to make it at least 12 hours without medication… if I didn’t deliver before then. Well, I had passed the 12 hour mark and I needed some relief… so, after talking with my dr. I decided to try an ounce of Stadol. Immediately after begin given the Stadol, my tongue got thick and I began to space out. I was actually able to sleep between contractions… it was so strange.
• After the Stadol wore off around 3:00, I was able to get up and take another shower. I had to go pee so badly at this point. When I went… it kept coming and coming and coming… I thought my water had broke… and told my DH and he told the nurse. Once getting out of the shower, she checked me and said that it was still there and bulging… about 30 seconds later, I felt this huge gush and there went my water for good. I think I was around a 7-8 at this point.
• The contractions got stronger and I asked for a second dose of Stadol. It helped take the edge off the pain, which was good because they were definitely worse than before. Sometime during labor… I began to hummm and moan during contractions and vocalize a little bit. I swore beforehand that I wouldn’t do this, but I just couldn’t not do it… and it really did help me focus on the contractions and the work they were doing rather than the pain. I hope I didn’t scare any small children in the halls.
• Finally, I began to dilate more again… and made it to 9 and then almost a 10. The last little bit took some time as the lips of the cervix didn’t want to go away completely. The dr. actually stuck her hand up there and helped push them back all the way during a contraction. By the time this was completed, the baby was at a -2. The dr. kept asking me if I felt the urge to push… I never really got that urge.
• The next thing I knew, the room began to fill up with nurses, the head dr. on duty, and an attending Dr. Preparations were made for the actual delivery. They moved a mirror down to the end of the bed so I could see what was happening down there. The dr. told me to start pushing and he moved down quickly. The hard part was that my contractions began to spread out again… they were still about 5 minutes apart. So, I had to wait a while between pushes. My contractions never got closer than 3-5 minutes apart and never lasted longer than a minute. The first thing I remember someone saying when baby’s head was seen was that he had lots of black hair and they could see a curl on the top of his head.
• After about an hour or so of pushing… out he came!!! He was born at 9:13 on February 24th. He cried really well upon entering the real world. I remember being amazed that he was actually out and that I did it.
• All in all, things went really well. I got a little second degree tear… I think having it sewn up was actually worse than him coming out. Baby was immediately put up on me and wiped off. Then, after a little bit they weighed and measured him and did his footprints. I got to hold him again before they took him to the nursery. We called our parents on our cell phones to let them know he had finally arrived.
• I still can’t believe I actually did it naturally and that our little boy is here after 23 hours of labor. It was an amazing experience!!!

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On February 20 I went to my 40 week app't. I had felt no contractions or anything since being taken off of terb a few weeks later, and I didn't feel at all like the baby was coming.

At the clinic, my blood pressure was somewhat high (135/81) and I was still showing signs of edema in my internal organs. My doctor decided we would induce that afternoon, which was quite the surprise to me. I called my husband and my friend to let them know. My friend came to pick me up and take me to the clinic after I went home to get my suitcase and shower (and cut up carrots for my hospital stay!) I was admitted to the clinic at 2pm on Feb. 20. They got me ready in case I had to have a c-section, including making me remove my wedding rings (first time in 5 years) and a crapload of x-rays. First I had sponges inserted to increase my dilation. By 3:30 I was having mild contractions. My friend stayed with me until DH could get to the clinic.

The doctor said I was progressing slowly so I probably wouldn't give birth until the next night. DH spent time trying to get someone to cover him for the next morning, but couldn't. I was really upset about this.

At 7pm they gave me more sponges and the contractions became more painful. DH left when visiting hours were over and I stayed in my room until 12:30 when the pain became too much. They rang DH and moved me to the L&D room. DH had to leave at 5:30 am for work but promised he'd be back at 11 am. My friend came with her son to help me through labour. It was great to have her, but her son is 2 and just can't understand boundaries, so having him close to my IV was disastrous. He knocked into it twice, meaning they had to reinsert the needles. Eventually her husband picked their DS up. I spent the time staring at the clock waiting for 11am when DH would arrive. At 7am they put me on a pitocin drip. My contractions sped up almost immediately, but I was obsessed with waiting for DH!

At about 9:30 I knew I was going to deliver soon. The pain was pretty awful and I only had about 1 minute between contractions. My friend and the midwife kept rubbing my back as I stayed on my right side. Another midwife held the fetal heartbeat monitor to my stomach- but that was what hurt the most. I was pretty loud and vocal during this time. I apparently made up new swearwords when the F word just wasn't doing enough for me! My friend was fantastic during this time. She kept saying it would be over soon and the pushing would be easy, and I believed her.

At just after 10 I felt like the world's largest poo was about to come out. I wanted to hold it in until 11 but it was sooooo hard. The midwives checked me and I was still only 7 cm, so they called the doctor. When she came in I was up to 9cm and she said it was okay to push. My friend scrubbed in so she could stay, but then my MIL showed up. I wanted her to come in but there wasn't time for her to scrub in as well so she stayed outside. I kept saying I wanted to wait for DH but the pressure in my butt was unbearable. I started pushing but soon tore. The tearing actually felt comfortable, like a weight released. I pushed again and tore again. The doctor told me she would perform an episiotomy (we had discussed before that I only wanted one if truly necessary, but at this time I knew it was) and cut me open. My friend was so awesome during this time, telling me that she could see the baby crowning and keeping me in the loop. 4 more pushes and the baby was out at 10:52 am on Feb. 21. It felt so good! I did it without any pain meds at all.

They had to immediately give the baby some shots (I think for RH incompatibility) so he was whisked away but they kept a camera on him and the huge flat panel screen above me showed what they were doing. I made my friend follow him so he would be okay and she gave me a play by play. She kept saying "oh my god, his balls are huge". They looked bigger on the screen! My friend was totally crying but I have to admit all I could think was that DH wasn't there. They cleaned the baby up a little and put him on my chest. MIL came in and DH followed a few minutes later. He missed the birth by 15 minutes, arriving just after I delivered the placenta.

DH came in just bawling. He was so upset to have missed the birth and he was so worried about me. It probably doesn't help that our favourite movie is Jersey Girl (I know, we are probably the only ones in the world!) but he was really afraid I wouldn't make it through. Turns out the anti-clotting agents I've been taking worked and I had barely any blood loss at all. Ryu held his son and quickly declared he was definitely a Julian. We had been agonizing over the name for months but seeing the baby it was clear he just wasn't a Jiro.

I had to stay in L&D for 2 hours, and during that time they whisked him off to give him his Hep B vaccine (I had to have them special order it as it's not routine here but I'm super glad I did). They asked DH if he wanted to come and he didn't know what to do- he kept saying he didn't know who he loved more, me or the baby. He cried for about 2 hours straight I think. After the baby came back we put him to the breast and he sucked well.

In the end I was glad my friend was there even if DH wasn't. I was there for her birth but was a little useless as I had no idea what was happening. She knew what to do and say and that was fantastic. She really has a gift so I could see her as a doula someday. I don't know how DH would have handled the birth part either. He was there soon after and that is what matters. It was so awesome to see him with his son.

When I moved back to my room they wanted to take the baby to the nursery but I wanted to room in with him. I just couldn't imagine giving him up. We co-slept in the hospital since he didn't like his bassinet much.

Normally you have to be in the hospital for 5 days after birth, but I wanted Sunday alone with my husband and the baby so they let me out early. During my clinic stay I had tonnes of visitors so I thought it would be nice to go home and rest (ha!) For coming home from the hospital Julian wore the sweater and booties my mom crotched for me when she was pregnant and that I wore home from the hospital. It was really sweet.

Our first Sunday at home was great. After that we had some feeding problems. It was pretty clear Julian wasn't getting enough to eat and he was getting more and more yellow each day so I took him back to the Lactation Consultant twice. I started handpumping but that was terrible- feed for an hour, pump for an hour, and then I had an hour to eat or sleep or whatever. Eventually I broke down when we saw the pediatrician on Wednesday and he said the baby's stomach was underdeveloped and he was malnourished. Now I'm supplementing with formula and Julian seems much better. I'm less stressed too.

We're having fun figuring out what parts belong to whom. He definitely has DH's nose and my chin, but the rest are up for grabs. His ears are so weird and the left one sticks out a bit- but I love it!

Anyway, that's the first part of our story but the hard part is just beginning! I have a few doctor appointments over the next while to see if my organs go back to their regular size or not, and Julian has to see a digestive specialist. Otherwise we're great!

Here's the kanji we chose for Julian. He has no middle name.

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Monday, Feb.26 at 9am I went in to have prostagladin gel inserted on my cervix.
Came home with no signs of anything happening. It was snowing outside, and icey, so I couldn't really go for a walk, I didn't know what to do to help things out. My Mom was over at our place to help with dd if needed, so we all just hung out.
I was supposed to call the nurse at about 4pm to find out if I could come in again. So I did and she told me to be there about 5:15-5:30. As soon as DH came home from work I told him and he was ecstatic. We arranged for dd to sleep over at my IL's place, because we figured this second gel might get things going in the middle of the night. We were right.
I was checked before the second gel was inserted and I was 2-3 cm. Nice to hear there was progress and I didn't even know about it. My cervix was very soft, but long since he hadn't dropped at all yet.
The second gel was inserted and we were sent home.
I woke at 12:30am with contractions I couldn't sleep through anymore. I got up and paced the hallway, then got into the shower. DH woke when I got into the shower and was up.
At 4am we decided it was time to head to the hospital. They checked me and I was 4-5cms, 100% effaced, but still long since he hadn't dropped.
I was admitted, and continued laboring at the hospital. My Mom arrived at about 5:00 and was with me through labor so DH could get some sleep.
I was checked again at 8:30 when I said my contractions were getting more intense. I was 4-5 cms. WTF?! My Dr wanted to hook me up to oxytocin, so I said I wanted the epidural then.
I finally got the epidural at 10:30. Baby's heart rate was dropping with each contraction I was having, so they checked me again at 11:45. I was 8cms. They wanted to hook baby up to a Fetal Echocardiogram instead of the external fetal monitoring to be sure it was his heart rate they were picking up. It was, and it was actually dropping a little lower than we thought. So they checked me again after my next contraction, and I was fully dilated - 2 cms in 10 mins! Dr told me it was time to start pushing. So I gave it a push, they told me to stop because the cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times and they had to cut it. Then once that was done, I pushed one more time and there he was. Beautiful and healthy.

Kaleb Nicholas
7lbs 15oz
Feb.27/07 12:17pm
Apgars 9 and 9

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Baby Hannah

Hi everyone,

On Sunday Feb 25th, I was told to contact the hospital at 6am to see if they were ready for me to come in and get induced. Unfortunately they weren't ready till 10am to have me in, so I got up really early just waiting around. I got to the hospital and had a quick NST before the doctor came in to decide what to do with the induction process. He checked me and I was at 2-3cms dilated and with a very soft cervix, so he (FORTUNATELY) saw no point in the gels and decided on oxytocin right away. It was just after 3pm before I had the IV in and the oxytocin administered, so I felt very much like I was waiting for everyone else to get with it (I was more than ready). I had some small tightenings within the hour, but nothing overly active, and this continued till around 6pm. The dr said he would take me off the oxytocin in a few more hours and let me rest before restarting the drug, and I guess that kicked in the actual labour (I was determined for this to be over! Lol ). The contractions kicked in like a train hit, and were all over the place. I had several within 10 minutes on top of each other with no more than a 30 second break between, they I wouldn't have one for 5 minutes (really strange). The dr. broke my water at 8pm, and I was in a lot of pain! Started pushing at just after 11pm...and the baby was born at 11:33pm on Feb 25th. A GIRL...
Hannah Eliza Rose. Weighing 7lbs 15.9lbs (didn't quite want to be 8lbs) and just shy of 20inches long.

She had some mucous in her lungs, but after two days that was cleared. Unfortunately, she ended up with her dad's blood type (as with her siblings) and had ABO incompatibility jaundice (usually starts within 24 hours of life) and had to go straight under the lights for 48 hours (coming out only to eat). So we were in the hospital till Thursday lunch time before being discharged.

I am so glad to be home with my baby! All is going well, and when I get my pictures developed and work out how to put them on the net I will get some to you all.


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Little miss Eileen decided she finally wanted to show herself to the world! I went in on Sunday afternoon at 3:30 because I was having some really strong contractions. They set me up on the monitors and sure enough, I was having contractions every 3 minutes, for about 30 seconds at a time. I was dilated to a 3 and 50%. They checked me again at 5:30, to see if I should go home or stay, and I had progressed to a 4 with 60%, so they went ahead and admitted me. I received a shot of Demerol and phenegren to help with the pain cause they were getting pretty unbearable at that point, and ended up sleeping except through the peaks of the contractions. I was having such a hard time staying awake, I didn't even get to finish my conversation with the epidural doc. They checked me again at 8:45, and was wavering on an 8 and 80%, so they called the doc in to do the spinal, since they didn't think an epidural would be needed. He came in, I sat up (very painfully I might add) and he started the numbing of my back to put in the spinal. At 9:20, I felt a gush, and realized my water had finally broken! Unfortunately, it was all over the floor, and hubby's shoes! OOPPSS! He didn't care though. The doc kept asking me to sit up straight, which I swear I thought I was, but apparently not. He couldn't do the spinal with me sitting off center. So after my water broke, I was not getting any kind of break from the contractions, and suddenly realized I was feeling like I had to go to the bathroom. For anyone who has given birth vaginally, you know what this means! So I yelled (mostly from the pain) that he had to stop because I had to push, and they helped me lay back down on the bed. The doc checked me, and Eileen was already at +2!!!! She was halfway down the birth canal! So, he said to push when I felt like I needed to, but I was already pushing, lol. I pushed all of maybe 4 times, and she was out. Man did it hurt! I had a second degree tear, which required 10 stitches, and unfortunately, even though he numbed me up, I could still feel him doing. Needless to say, I have the birth listed as medicine free, all-natural. Man, I don't envy those who do it all of the time! How do you take that pain??

Anyway, Eileen was born at 9:34 PM on March 4th and weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz, and was 21 inches long exactly (yes I only had a 6 hour labor). She has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes, and is absolutely adorable! I will post pictures as soon as I possibly can, I need to upload them to the comp still. Christy loves her very much, and is very jealous. She is always wanting to hold her, but unfortunately, it is usually when she is in the middle of eating or sleeping, lol. Everyone is starting to adjust to being home, and we even ventured out tonight to go celebrate my birthday today at a restaurant, and go pick up some last minute supplies I needed for being home finally. I will update her info when we go in for her 2 day weight check, but I think she will be fine. She is taking both breast milk and formula, depending on how much I can pump out. Even colostrum, I can get darn near 2 full ounces! WOW! Cant wait to see what happens when my milk actually comes in! She wont latch on, but other than that, she is doing great.

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I've finally got some time to put my birth story here.....

Contractions started wed 31st Jan around 7.30pm and were 3-4mins apart and quite painful. Eventually went to the hospital 6.30am the next morning but they said it was early labour and, even though my cervix was softening, it was still closed. The contractions were hurting so much because Hannah was lying "back-to-back" i.e. face-up instead of face-down so her back was against mine. This meant that early labour was likely to take longer than usual and be much more painful. The drs did say that she would likely move back round though and so the back pain would lessen. hmmm....
Meanwhile for the rest of the day I had very very painful back contractions every few mins but all they could give me was some Tylenol and some Pethidine. My blood pressure had also shot up so I ended up having to stay in the hospital to be monitored for pre-eclampsia.
I was finally seen again by a dr around midnight on the thursday who announced that I was at 3cm and could go to the delivery suite when a bed came free (it was a full moon and very busy). She then did a membrane sweep which was exceedingly painful and put me back on the monitors. These could pick up baby's heartbeat ok but were having trouble with the contractions. We ended up having to mark on the paper when I had a contraction so they could see if they were upsetting baby (her heart rate kept dipping every now and again).
While I was waiting for my delivery room, my plug came out (yuck) and I had some more Pethidine. Tried gas and air but I felt like I couldn't breathe and it made me feel really sick. Had to then battle on through my contractions.
Waited 4 hours and then it was time to go. All I wanted to do was sleep but was in too much pain and kept being disturbed to be connected to IV's and monitors etc. I was now at 4cm and they decided to induce me to try to speed up the contractions (they believed them to not be very strong and not "proper" ones as the monitor couldn't pick them up). The midwife then broke my waters as well and found that Hannah had done a small poo. Because the pain was still all in my back and very intense, I decided I wanted a spinal epidural and so had that installed as well. This all took about 2 hours and then while I was waiting for the epidural to take effect I had this overwhelming need to push. The midwife said not to as there was no way it was time as I'd not had proper contractions and was probably only at about 5cm. I could not stop it at all so she checked me and I was up to 8cm!! I still couldn't stop and so she checked again and I was then at 10!!!! Still no numbing from the epidural so she added more to it and I started pushing. About 30mins and 4-5 pushes later Hannah Lily was born. She was put straight onto my chest and was just so perfect and amazing. She weighed 8lb 2.5oz, measured 21in and her Apgars were 9 and 10. Luckily she hadn't swallowed any poo so didn't need to be taken away to the Special Care Unit and I could then just hold her while the midwife fixed the damage.
Hannah had come out arm and head first so I hd a deep 2nd degree non-perineal tear plus lots of other scratches and grazes. All worth it though.

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Camille Elizabeth's birthstory

On Thursday, February 15, 2007, my doctor scheduled an ultrasound for me at 38 weeks, 6 days at a local hospital. I was wondering what the point was. I figured that I was full term and she should just go ahead and do the c-section. I was also quite aggravated about going to the appointment because the hospital is downtown and parking is a problem. Plus, I had to drag Jackson with me. It's quite a feat to keep him entertained at the doctor's office. Anyway, the ultrasound was quite disappointing because the baby is so squished in your uterus at this stage that there is not much to see. But, the tech. estimated that Cami weighed 8 lbs, 1 ounce and sent me on my way. The tech. never said a word about too much amniotic fluid.

On Thursday night, I was whining to DH about how bad I felt. I couldn't sleep. I had heartburn all night. I had too much discharge. I felt a lot of pressure in my pelvis (felt like someone was trying to push a bowling ball out!). I would snap at Dh all of the time. I was also very depressed because I knew that my doctor was going on vacation on Saturday and either I would be delivered by another doctor or I'd have to wait 10 days for my scheduled c-section (Feb. 26th).

So, unbeknownst to me, on the morning of the 16th DH called my doctor and explained to her how I was feeling and asked if there was anyway she would do the s-section that day! When I got to my appt., the nurse starts to specifically ask me about my symptoms. "Are you sleeping? Do you have a lot of discharge? Are you having a lot of pressure?" While she was asking me these questions, it did occur to me that it was weird that she was describing to me my exact, same symptoms. Then, the nurse asked me, "you do know that the doctor will not change your scheduled c-section date unless there is a medical reason, right?

After the non-stress test, Dr. K came into the room. She said, "so, your husband called this morning and explained how you were feeling." The light bulb went off in my brain . . . that's why the nurse gave me the third degree. I was quite embarrased, but she said, "he's just worried about you". Then, she looked at the results of the NST and said that Cami was experiencing decreased fetal movement (although she still passed the NST). She also did a pelvic exam and said that I was still 2 cms dialted. She asked me to wait in the room while she called and got the results of the ultrasound. After they faxed the results to her, she said that I had too much amniotic fluid. She started to explain to me exactly why she should perform the c-section today. I started to laugh! I told her, "you don't have to twist my arm. How fast do you want to meet me at the hospital?" I had to be at the hospital at 2 and she would do the c-section at 4.

When I left the doctor's office, it was noon. I called DH and aksed him, "how would you like to have a baby today?" DH jokingly said, "hey, that's not convenient for me. We're having our lunch catered!" DH works in Cincinnati, which is an hour away. Despite that, I did find out later that he grabbed a quick bite before he left! How could he think about his stomach at a time like this?? After calling DH, I briefly thought about going home and mopping the kitchen floor, cleaning the tub, and changing the sheets on our bed. I quickly discarded that idea and decided to keep my mani/pedi appointment. I think I would have gone crazy if I had just gone home and waited for DH to come pick me up.

DH and I got home at the same time around 1:30. I was ready to throw the bags in the car and head to the hospital, but DH needed to throw a bag together and he was trying to find the camera. We turned the house upside down, but we never did find the camera. At 2, we jumped in the car to head to the hospital. We were in a panic because we didn't have a camera for our daughter's birth. So, we agreed that DH would drop me off at the hospital since we were late and he would go buy a disposable camera.

While I went to check into L&D, DH instead ran to Radio Shack and bought another digital camera! I was wondering what was taking him so long! Although it was a bit nerve-wracking without him, not a lot happened while he was gone. I got put into a room, changed into a hospital gown, and strapped to some monitors. It was so quiet in the room for about 30 minutes. At 3:00 p.m., DH returned to the hospital and things went quickly from there. The phlembotomist came and drew my blood. Then, the nurse came into the room and told me she was going to start my i.v. I was quite worried about this as I had terrible i.v. experiences in the past, but nurse Cheryl got the i.v. in the 1st time! The next thing I knew, the anesthesologist came into the room and explained how she was going to give me a spinal. She asked DH to wait in the room and led me to the O.R.

Once in the O.R., she had me sit on the table and she put in the spinal. Besides an initial sting, I did not feel a thing! I would definintely recommend a spinal over an epidural. It starts to work almost immediately and it wore off by the time I got to the maternity ward. Then, the nurse brought DH into the room. He sat on a chair by my head and held my hand. This time around, I did feel a lot of pushing and pulling to get Cami out! But, it wasn't painful. At 4:23 p.m., Camille Elizabeth was born. She weighed 7 lbs 15 ounces and was 19 1/2 " long. (So, the ultrasound tech. pretty much nailed her weight). She screamed for about 10 minutes.

After the doctors were done sewing me up (no staples this time!), they let me hold Camille for the 1st time as I was being wheeled to triage. I had a couple of different reactions: I was shocked about how much different she looked than Jackson. She had a head full of dark hair. Jackson was bald as a cue ball and very, very blond. I guess I was just expecting another Jackson. I thought she even looked like him in the ultrasound pictures. I was also amazed again by the miracle of conception and childbirth. I could believe that just yesterday this beautiful, little baby had been in my tummy just as she was now. Finally, I just let my love for my newborn baby slowly wash over me. This was also a little different feeling than with Jackson. With Jackson, it was like someone punched me in the stomach the feeling of love I had for him was so strong and so sudden. It was like, "this is my flesh and blood. He's part me and part DH. He is a precious gift from god. And, he is ours to love". With Camille, the love was still there, it just wasn't so unexpected. It was more like, "Oh, I know you. You are the precious little girl who has been growing in my tummy for the past 9 months. I've grown so attached to you already. Of course, I love you with all of my heart".

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Luke's Birth Story.

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Sorry this took so long to put up. Elizabeth was born on 2/20 at 1:49 pm. We knew most of this in advance because on 2/13 I had an u/s to see how big she was. At that u/s she measured 9lbs 14oz. So the dr did not give us the option of a vaginal birth, he said with her measuring that big she was only going to get bigger in the next week (due date was 2/23). So we picked her birthdate (we have 4 birthdays in that week including mine) and they set up the c-section. We went in to the O.R. at 1:30 pm, I got my spinal, and she was out at 1:49 pm. I have to tell you that I could barely walk my last couple of weeks because she was laying on my left side and putting too much pressure on my hip. I felt the huge release of pressure when they pulled her out. I had wonderful Drs, nurses, and anasthesiologists (sp?). The anasthesiologists told me step by step what to expect and what I should be feeling. The only thing was that she had the cord wraped around her neck and no one told me anything about that until the next day. DH has it all on video and they actually had to push her back in to get the cord off her neck. When I found that out I had a little break down, but she is perfectly healthy.

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I went in for an appt and the doc said "It is your lucky day...they're coming out! YEAH!! So I went to the hospital but since I was having a c I had to wait 8 hours after I ate...so while I was waiting, I went into labor naturallty! Bonus! They were born at 8 pm...6 lbs and 5.4 lbs..went home rigth away

Rachel & Rebecca - Feb 15/2007

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Sure. Shes three months old. I'll write out her birth story. Cant read anyone elses without bawling- so we'll see how we do...

The dr told me at my 39wk appointment that she doesnt let anyone go past 40wks. At my 40wk appointment, I told her I felt great, and reminded her how unsure I was of my dates. She let me go an extra week. At 41 weeks, she agreed to let me go a few more days. I walked miles a day for 3 weeks, and nothing happened.

So, I was 41 wks and 3-4 days, it was Wed and the Dr told me it was time to be induced. I went in at about 5:30 in the morning. They started me on pit right away, which I knew I should have objected to (I should have insisted on Cervadil, but I was so mad I was being induced that I didn't). I was "almost a two". By noon, I was in active labor, having nice consistent, well spaced contractions. They felt awful, but I was coping well.
At 1pm, they stopped. Around 2, Dr G came in and I told her I hadnt had any contractions (she already knew). She broke my water (which again, I now regret). She also put an internal monitor on Cora Lee, which was so re-assuring, because she had kept moving away from teh outside monitor. It also meant I couldnt get up to pee... She said I was a good solid two now. Dr G said Cora Lee was still face first. I knew that this meant a slow, painful labor, and most likely very bad tearing- but I was ready. Also, there was mecconium in my water.
The contractions picked up again within an hour of her breaking my water. They were extremely painful. Around 7pm, I asked for some pain medication (12 hours of labor). I had said I didnt want any narcotics- but I was in so much pain, and the nurse said I couldnt have an epi until I was a 4 (I was still a two). So, I let them give me a shot of pain meds, and another an hour later. I remember stories of women waking just at the height of a contraction, so they felt they were always in pain. I didnt want that to happen to me, so I made Matt talk to me the whole time. I do remember having really strange waking dreams / hallucinations. But, I still felt every contraction.
Around 9 I asked for an epidural. The nurse checked me. She said I was close to a three. Yep, 14 hours of labor for one centimeter. I was really angry with myself about it, and tired, and hurting. My stomach felt awful from these pitocin contractions all day long- I wanted to cry and climb under a rock. Four women had had their babies in the time I made one centimeter. I felt like Rachel on Friends, when they kept wheeling all these women ahead of her to delivery.
The Dr came in to talk with me shortly after the nurse checked me. Dr G checked me again, and agreed I was almost a three. I remember feeling like the lowest man on earth, and looking at my husband who looked alot like I felt. She told me I could get the epi now, but she thought all it would do was stop labor. She said it was time for a c-section. I asked her to give me the epi, then give me until morning (I knew I had 24hrs after my water broke before I needed to really worry). She said that was fine.
The Dr came in from to give me my epi. The nurse said she had run out to the parking lot to stop him from leaving until I got some relief (did I mention how much I LOVE my L&D nurses?). I remember the POP sensation when he put in the epi, and the warm feeling he said was the pain medications. It instantly numbed me, and I felt so much better. However, right after they let my mom and husband back in, I could hear the Drs voice change. They had turned the fetal monitor away from me, but I knew something was wrong. Then I started passing out and waking up. The Dr kept saying, "Did I give her too much? Is she really sensitive?" Apparently she didnt believe the nurse the 30 times she said I was very sensitive and had a very sensitive vaso vagal (sp?). The next thing I know (remember, Im in and out of conciseness) anther anesthesiologist is next to me, telling me she will put me to sleep if she has too. I told her I couldnt breathe, and she freaked out. It worried me how much she was trying to comfort me, like there was something I didnt know. I told her that I wanted my husband, she said he was suiting up- but that if she had to put me to sleep, he couldnt come in. I asked her to please leave me awake. She said at least 5 times that she would put me to sleep if she had to. I was still passing out, and couldnt breathe. Then I couldnt hear, and I couldnt see straight (Id always wondered what double vision looked like- not fun).
I passed out, and woke up again in the OR room. I told my husband to make sure I was awake when she was born. He told me he would. I remember Dr. G asking if daddy would like to see his baby girl being born, and Matt got up and went to see. I passed out, and missed her first cry. I remember hearing the Dr say she was a screamer, but I dont remember her actually screaming. Im not sure if they'd settled her by that time. She was born at 9:41.
The nurse brought her over to me, and I remember how sweet she smelled. I kissed her at least ten times. I wanted to hold her so bad, but I was too sick and out of it to form the words. I wanted to see my husband hold her, and apparently I did (I have pictures of him holding her next to me, but I dont remember it, so I'm not sure where I was in the process of passing out). I had always told Matt, that if I ended up with a section- to stay with the baby. I would be fine, but don't leave her alone. So, he did. And when they took her out (it seemed like 2 seconds after she was born), I passed out again. I woke up when they were transferring me to the recovery room. The nurse asked me where all I could feel, and where I was still numb. I told them I wanted my baby, so I could feed her. I hadn't even been able to hold her. I hate our recovery nurses. She told me I couldnt see Cora Lee until I was completely over the epi.
Then the shakes set in. I remember shaking for hours- watching that ***** of a nurse eat a sandwich and talk to friends. I know there was a section immediately before mine. They had let her return to her room immediately to be with her baby, but because I was so sick, I had to wait. I was so angry. The epi was out, and I needed to feed Cora Lee. I was not going to let this hospital ruin her birth and our BFing relationship. I could see a clock, and I tried so hard to move my legs around and poke my stomach so I could hopefully get the numbing meds out faster. I'm sure it was pointless, but I was terrified and alone, and I wanted to see my daughter. Every ten minutes, I would mention again that I wanted to nurse my baby. Four hours later, my epi still hadnt worn off, but apparently I had worn the nurse down. She called that she would be bringing me to my room. I shouted to please have my baby waiting for me.
They wheeled me by the nursery window. They held up this beautiful pale, toe headed girl and asked if she was mine. I was so angry, I snapped "I have no idea, you wouldnt let me have her". Then I started bawling I was so angry over the whole situation. Because I couldnt feel my legs, the nurses had to transfer me to my bed. One nurse asked if I was wearing a bra, and told me I would need to put one on in the morning, and wear one the whole time I was BFing. That was teh extent of the BF advice I got. Thanks lady!
My maternity nurses (who I also dis-like), told me that the nursery wasn't done with Cora Lee yet, and that it would be a few more hours. HOURS?!? So, I decided the ole, wear em down trick would work again. I sent DH to the nursery door every 15 minutes, asking when we could get our daughter.
At about 4:45 am, they finally brought her to me. Another nurse I dislike, thought it was pivotal that I be taught how to use the bulb syringe before I could have my child. At that point I was seething. I was honestly ready to grab my daughter and leave this hell whole. I hadnt held her, and some idiot is going to teach me to use a bulb syringe when my mother, the nurse, is standing right there. Wanted to kick her in the clam. About 20 minutes of syringe training was enough I guess, and she handed over my hostage. My biggest regret, I couldnt let go of my anger over the whole thing and just enjoy being with my new daughter. About 20 minutes later, I sat up in bed and latched her on. No one told me about the risks of a spinal headache, so I ended up with a bad one. I would be stuck in bed for two weeks once we got home.
I was so glad I had educated myself on BFing, because no one helped me- except one idiot nurse who told me to wear a bra, and she is the same one who told me not to nurse more than five minutes every 3 hours- "Thats all a baby needs anyway". No wonder no one in this city breastfeeds!
Anyway, when I got Cora Lee latched for the first time, my ager and bitterness melted. I cried and told Matt to take a picture, it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. She was perfect.

My mom later told me, every time I contracted, Cora Lee's heartrate would drop. This would explain the panic. Even worse, when I would pass out- her rate would drop for a long time.

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...posted from my blog...

Henry Glen made his way into the world on February 12, 2007 at 37 weeks 4 days.

I went in for my 37 week appointment on Friday and my OB found me to be at 3cm and high. He told me I should expect some spotting from the exam. Saturday, I started getting some bloody show and it stopped. Sunday, Steve called my mom and told her that she needed to get me out of the house I was going crazy. We got the boys and went to Wal-Mart to get some last minute things for baby and me. I had more show that day and didn't say much before we left. We had a good time and I am glad that we got out now that I think about it. Got home and Allison and Joe were shoveling the snow off of our shared porch so I offered to have dinner for everyone. I decide before dinner to call Dr. Cooley to check about the spotting. He said he thinks everything is fine so I ate the chili for dinner. Steve and I spent some time together that night just in case the baby did decide to come and for the first time in about a month I fell asleep before midnight.

I woke up a little before 4am feeling "squishy" I didn't think anything about it and rolled over and felt "squishy" again. (I have been wearing pads for awhile since I was having a little bladder leakage) I slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom with my knees together all the while a little bit of something was coming out. I sat down and my underwear were soaked and yet I was still able to pee. Every time I stood up a little bit more dribbled out. I figured it would be a good time to give Steve a call. It is about 4:30 am now so I call Steve and then call Dr. Cooley,my OB, or was it the other way around? My OB says to go ahead and come in and I ask him if it can wait till Steve gets home after 6am. He said that it would be fine, but if I started to contract not to wait around. At the time I wasn't having any noticeable contractions so I wasn't nervous...yet. I called my mom to have her come over and Allison. When Steve got home we were all hanging out in the living room. I took a quick shower and we were off.

We got to the hospital about 7am. The nurses where happy to see me, they had nothing else going on. My nurse checks me and I am 3Cm's and still high, same as Friday. She swabbed me and sure enough, my water had broken. I get hooked up to the machines and the OB has called in to check to see how I am doing and there have only been 2 contractions and they where so light I didn't even notice them. He gets in just before 9am gives me a check and gives the go ahead for the pitocin. Mom and Allison also show up about this time. Mom and Steve take off to go look for food and Allison and I spend the next hour or so watching Regis and Kelly. Steve, Mom and Allison take turns on and off for the next couple of hours going out and getting food, something to do.

The nurse comes in every hour to check on me an increase my Pitocin dose. One of the few things that has been different from this labor than the others is that I am able to get up to use the restroom still, or that I actually know that I need to use it and it isn't just the pressure of the baby. I spent a little time in the rocking chair, back to the bed and finally after one of my final trips to the bathroom the nurse asks if I would like to stand. I think that it is a great idea, because sitting in that bed is so not comfortable. Allison comes back in thinking I am mom standing there and asks where Steve and mom are. An hour or so later they show up and I am still standing and rocking back and forth. It is almost 1:30 when I feel Henry move down. The nurse comes in and I am starting to really feel the contractions after she turns up the Pitocin. I get back into bed. I ask for the Stadol shot and the nurse has to check me before I can have it. I am measuring in at 6cm's so I can have the shot. I got my shot and then the contractions started coming right on top of each other and at 2:30 they called for my OB to come over from the office. He told the nurses that if I said I needed to push to believe me. I must have hit transition by then, because I was shaking a bit and moaning. I was riding the Stadol wave and griping Steve's hand for dear life. My eyes where shut and I just started telling myself that I can do it and we were gonna have a baby soon. My OB asked me to push and I as I did I felt him move right through the birth canal. Dr. Cooley sorta finished suiting up and had me push again and out came Henry. The nurses called him the One Push Wonder. I have no idea what his APGARS where, but as we were waiting for the placenta to deliver Dr. Cooley was telling me how wonderful I did and says, okay just waiting for the baby now I sat up straight from bed and said WHAT! He stammered, sorry I meant placenta. I delivered the placenta and after I heard the second best news that day, no rips or tears. The nurse cleaned me up and helped me get into a clean gown before we went to our postpartum room. Mom and Allison decide to go home since it is just after 3:30 and Allison has to go to work that night.

I walked over to our room pushing Henry in the bassinet and the nurse and Steve carried the rest of our stuff. We were the only people in the whole maternity ward. As we walked from the Labor and Delivery part to postpartum the nurses and some of the aides were all surprised that I had delivered, since they didn't hear anything (IE. me screaming). We get settled into our room and Steve decides he is going to go home for the night. I ask if he will be coming back and he tells me that he is tired so it looks like it will be me and Henry for the rest of the night.

I was able to get in a few phone calls to some friends and tried to take a nap. The thing is that I am too keyed up to sleep and there is no one there to talk to. My mom rode in with my sister so they both left at the same time since my sister had to work. Steve was tired since he had worked the night before. I can't lie and say that I wasn't upset, because I was. My aunt Jeannie did come to visit that night and even brought me something to eat. My aunt Terri called later that evening to get details. Steve never even called me that night. I called about 8 o'clock to tell the boys goodnight and nobody answered the phone. It was a long night.

Steve calls me at 4 o'clock in the morning to ask me where his glasses are. I have no idea, I am in a hospital bed 45 minutes away. My night nurse comes in and we discover that I know her sister and was actually friends with her in high school. Steve calls twice more while we are talking and I ignore him until we are done talking. Henry gets brought in to me about 6am. Dr. Cooley shows up just after 7am to check in on me and let me know that I can go home on the 14th and that he was very proud of me. He confessed that I made him a bit nervous when I was asking for a Valium and hadn't even felt any pain yet. I told him that it was more my nerves that the pain that I hadn't felt yet. Around 7:30 the nurse came in to take Henry for his circumcision and to met the pediatrician.

Just after 8:30 Henry comes back and I ask for him to be taken to the nursery so I can shower. The pediatrician comes in to talk to me and tell me he is doing well. I shower and eat my breakfast. The nurse brings Henry back and we get him ready for his pictures. It is during the time that Henry is gone that I am talking with another of the nurses and she admits that she is concerned about Henry and I leaving on the 14th. We are supposed to get another storm that day. I tell her that I am comfortable leaving that day if the doctors allow it. Dr. Cooley comes in about an hour later and asks if I want to go home, of course I do. The nurse follows and says that pediatrician will release Henry at 2:45 (he is 24hours old). I call Steve back to let him know that we are being released that day and to bring the car seat.

Aunt Jeannie comes back to visit again and brings Henry gifts. We talk a bit more and she is headed off to see Grandpa. Henry and I hang out waiting for Steve to get there. He arrives and gets most of the stuff down to the mini van, including my shoes. I have to send him back for those, since I am not going out barefoot. Two-thirty rolls around and the nurses take Henry out for a final test before we leave. Just before 3 o'clock on February 13, 2007 we are released from the hospital and sent home to meet the boys.

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December 31st, 2006, 8:30 am.
Did my water just break? I call Jen the Doula, she says "calm down and call the doctor." So I do. Jani says to come into the office, even though it's a Sunday and she'll test to see if it's amniotic fluid that I'm leaking. So, I stuff my pants with papertowels and drive myself to the doctor. Jen the Doula meets me there. They test the fluid. Yep, my water broke.

So I go home, Jen drives me in my car. I panic. What the hell do I bring? I wasn't ready. I don't have a going home outfit yet! Carseat. Take that. Granola bars. Underwear. A sleeper. Okay, what else? Jen says to calm down, so I try. I have to call Leigh. "My water broke and I'm going to the hospital in Medford." Leigh's already at work. I tell him to come after work. That I'll be in labor all day anyway. (He calls every couple of hours, all day.) He sounds more scared than I am. I hang up the phone and finish packing. If I forget anything, it's okay. It's okay.

Jen's whole family drives me to Medford, to Rogue Valley Medical Center. I'm having light contractions every once in a while. Jen's kids are cute, and they make me feel better. Beautiful little girls.

I get admitted to the hospital. They take me to one room, but then switch me to another because the door on the first room won't close. And then we wait. Jen and I go walking around outside to stimulate contractions. That works for a while. Leigh calls while we're walking - wants to know what's going on. I try to tell him not much, that I'm having contractions now, but they're light. He says he'll be there after work.

At around 6pm, Jani comes. She says the contractions aren't enough and we need to start pitocin. I reluctantly agree. My water's been broken for probably 12 hours now (I woke up wet.) The pitocin starts to work. Leigh gets there, and he's brought his friends. He's nervous, and he needs their support. I don't mind. They leave. He makes me nervous and labor slows. We talk. He holds my hand and we're nervous together. The contractions continue. We miss the ball dropping - not sure why. It's a new year.

At 5 am nurses rush into the room - the baby's heartrate has dropped too low. They flip me over and put an oxygen mask on me, make me shift around until her heartrate picks back up. It takes 11 minutes. It's so frightening. Jen comforts me and Sara, my friend who went to all the birth classes with me, comforts Leigh. He's just as scared as I am - maybe more. Eventually they say she's fine. They turn the pitocin off and wait for the doctor to come.

Dr. Rollins comes in the morning, says we can turn the pitocin back on. She checks me (Leigh dashes from the room when he realizes what "checked" means.) 24 hours after my water broke, I'm still at 1 cm. But, the baby is pretty low. She says we can turn the pit back on, but I have to have internal monitors. Vaginal abuse begins.

January 1st, 2007. Day 2 is good. All the nurses are impressed that my contractions are so strong - they just assumed they were weak since I was coping well. But, they're strong. I try to "relax" - we have some fun. Leigh and Sara make it okay. Leigh tries to coax the baby out by imitating a raptor. During the contractions, I try not to laugh because I know that if I leave my "zen place" the pain won't be okay anymore. I move around as much as I can with an IV and wires hanging out of my vagina. I have to say "can you unhook me so I can go to the bathroom" more times than I can count.

In the evening, the doctor returns. This time when the doctor checks me, Leigh stays - up by my head. I've made no progress. So, a new plan. We're going to turn the pitocin off for the night and let me get some sleep. I've been up for 2 days straight and I'm tired. Jen goes home for the night, but Leigh and Sara stay with me. We try to think of names and they give me a shot of morphine. Elianah is added to the list. Every time I wake up, Leigh asks me if I'm okay. It helps a lot to have him there.

January 2nd. Day 3. I get another rude awakening at 5am. I've had a contraction and the baby isn't tollerating it. Again, I'm flipped over and given oxygen. Sara calls Jen. Leigh holds my hand this time. At six am, Dr. Rollins is back. No progress. By this point, I don't care who sees my vagina. And Leigh's stopped caring, too. We turn the pitocin back on and I have contractions all day. But no progress, and when Jani checks me again, she says the baby has moved back up. I can't do it anymore. The baby can't handle the contractions at all. Ellie has a name, but she doesn't want to come out. Leigh holds my hand and we both cry. It's time for a C-Section. Leigh will be in the room. He'll hold my hand. He puts on blue paper scrubs. They shave my belly and put in a catheter (and let me just say, that without any pain meds, this process is excruciating.)

At 5:30ish, they wheel me to surgery. As we're heading toward the operating room, there's a woman screaming her head off in one of the other labor rooms. Leigh holds my hand until they stop him and we leave him behind. Jani is in the operating room - she can't do the surgery because it's not her hospital and I'm a month early. But she's there to tell me what's going on and help me before Leigh can come in the room. They move me to the table and make me sit up. A cold foreign man stabs me in the spine three times before he gets the spinal in the right spot.

I start to feel warm and floppy. They lay me down and run around preparing things. The room is freezing cold and there's a loud constant hiss of air. Jani holds onto me and keeps me feeling safe. After I'm down, they tape my belly up and hang a curtain in front of my face. I can feel them moving and pressing on me, but there's no pain. Leigh and Jen come in. Leigh holds my hand. I don't want to know what's going on, so he starts naming colors - "Tell me something blue," he says. "Your scrubs." "Tell me something yellow." "The sun." Then he asks me about France. I start talking about the trees in the park by the room I rented, how they were square.

(6:04 pm.) Then they're saying, "Ember, look!" and in front of me is a purple, gooey, scowling, baby. They whisk her away. Leigh says "I gotta go" and he follows her. Jen stays with me. I throw up in a yellow plastic dish while they sew me back up. The only other thing I remember was asking what that strange sound was and Jen telling me it was them stapling me shut. At some point they came in and told me there was an obstruction in the baby's essophagus. Then they lifted me up and over into my bed. It was the strangest feeling. Since I couldn't feel my legs, it felt like they were just moving my upper body, leaving my stomach and legs behind.

Fuzzy nurses and shots of morphine. I'm back in my room. Leigh and Sara come back. They say she's beautiful. He tells me her nose is small (we were worried she'd have his nose). He goes back to her. I miss him, but I understand.

The doctor comes in with a drawing of Ellie's insides - her essophagus doesn't go anywhere. Her stomach is connected to her trachea. It's called TE Fistula. She has to be flown to Portland to have surgery. She'll be there for weeks. Leigh is already "Dad." He'll go up with her, he says, even if he has to learn stick and take my car.

But first, they let me see her. They wheel my bed into the NICU. She's BEAUTIFUL. She's got lots of blonde hair and a cute version of Leigh's nose. I get to hold her. I ask Leigh if we can add "Rowan" to her name. He says "hizzy", which means yes. Sara takes pictures. Leigh's parents come in one at a time to meet their grandbaby. His mom says Ellie has his nose and my lips. His dad takes pictures. Leigh leaves the NICU with his parents and I stay until they kick me out, holding her. She's so small and perfect. I can't believe it.

They wheel me back to my room and give me more morphine. I talk to people on the phone - my mom, friends. Drugs addle my brain. We find out that they'll let Leigh fly with Ellie. His friends bring him a suitcase of clothes. They even bought him socks. Before he leaves with her, they bring her into my room on the way out so I can see her one last time. She stops breathing as I'm trying to reach out and touch her and they rush her out of the room. They say she's fine, it was just a bout of apnea. I say goodbye through the doorway, and then they're gone. Leigh's parents and friends both come back to see me again. Sara stays with me and we sleep.

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