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    Default Feb 2007 Birth Stories

    NOVEMBER 2006

    November 30
    Mommy: kristenlew/Kristen
    Walter Jeffrey
    3 lbs 5 oz
    16.5 inches

    DECEMBER 2006

    December 4
    Mommy: ella*enchanted
    Evan Connor
    3 lbs 12 oz
    16.25 inches

    December 30
    Mommy: VCB502/Tori
    Andrew Robert
    5 lbs 3 oz
    17 inches

    JANUARY 2007

    January 2
    Mommy: emberinthedark/Ember
    Elianah Paisley Rowan
    4lb 6oz
    18 inches

    January 6
    Sophie Mireille
    5lbs 9oz
    20 inches

    January 10
    Mommy: hope_537/Jessica
    William Avery
    4lbs 8oz; 18 3/4 inches
    Ezra Lee
    5lbs 11oz; 18 1/2 inches

    January 14
    Mommy: Rori
    Alyssandra Jessica Lea
    5lb 5oz
    18.1 inches

    Mommy: albaker55/Alison
    Mackenzie Sheree
    7lbs 4oz
    21 inches

    January 17
    Mommy: Katiedid8/Katie
    Lauren Paige
    6lbs 10oz
    19 inches

    January 22
    Mommy: Satrina/Marie
    Andrew Reuben
    8lbs 10oz

    January 23
    Mommy: klkress/Kendra
    Raiden Lynn
    6lbs 10oz
    20.25 inches

    Mommy: WhitneyLynn/Whitney
    Madisyn Belle
    8lbs 6oz
    21.25 inches

    January 24
    Mommy: dolphin23/Alison
    Blake Nelson
    7lbs 8oz
    18.75 inches

    Mommy: stephmcuk/Stephanie
    Alexia Paige
    8lbs 1oz

    Mommy: Manders_Girl/Amanda
    Charles Reginald
    6lbs 1oz
    21 inches

    January 25
    Mommy: Cassaundra
    Olivia Grace
    19 inches

    Mommy: munkyluv2431/Emily
    Troy Alexander
    4lbs 4.4oz
    16.5 inches

    January 26
    Mommy: momto6
    Ava Katherine
    7lbs 6oz
    20 1/2 inches

    Mommy: True confessions
    Austin Joshua
    7lbs 4oz
    17.5 inches

    January 27
    Mommy: Kristy1231/Kristy
    Coralynn Marie
    7lbs 4oz
    18 inches

    January 28
    Mommy: Leanbh/Dearbháil
    7lbs 8oz

    January 29
    Mommy: Kianas mom/ Schona
    Kaizekial Robert/ "Zeke"
    6lbs 15oz
    19.5 inches

    Mommy: gots14

    Mommy: hen03
    Jensen Dean
    7lbs 14oz
    21 inches

    Mommy: WaitingPatiently
    6lbs 5oz
    20 inches

    Mommy: eggdashure/Amy
    8lbs 4.4oz
    20 inches

    January 30
    Mommy: mommamoo/Leah
    Kailey Ann
    8lbs 6oz
    19 inches

    January 31
    Mommy: MaybeBaby07/Heather
    Mackenzie Lyn
    8lbs 3oz

    Mommy: candycane801
    Maddilyn Dixie-Ann
    7lbs 13oz
    19.5 inches

    FEBRUARY 2007

    February 1
    Mommy: KisterBaby/Danielle
    Jeffrey Michael Jr. / "Mikey"
    7lbs 10oz
    20.5 inches

    8lbs 8oz
    20 inches

    Mommy: jobob
    8lbs 10oz
    20.25 inches

    February 2
    Mommy: Phoenixavathar/Phoenix
    Logan Michael
    7lb 5oz
    20.5 inches

    Mommy: KatherineM/Kat
    Hannah Lily
    8lbs 3oz
    21 inches

    Mommy: FishieMom/Roberta
    Kaitlyn Rose
    4 lbs 12 oz
    18.5 inches

    Mommy: poetmom
    Najilah Haillee
    5lbs 8oz
    19 inches

    February 3
    Mommy: blue24pink
    7lbs 7oz
    19.5 inches

    Mommy: jeslynsmom
    Bella Kay
    5lbs 5oz
    19.5 inches

    Mommy: dogs4kids/Theresa
    Leah Marie
    20 inches

    February 6
    Mommy: TripleC/Laura
    Caleb Christopher
    8lbs 4oz
    19 3/4in

    Mommy: ebaute/Elena
    Julianna Aida
    6lbs 1oz

    Mommy: ClassyLinks/Carri-Ann
    Janna Jean
    8lbs 10.8oz
    21 inches

    Mommy: Mom4boys/Sherryl
    William Rhys
    8lbs 7oz
    20 inches

    February 7
    Mommy: Sheila78
    Michael Joseph
    8lbs 11oz
    21 inches

    Mommy: manders07/Amanda
    Michael James
    5lbs 5oz
    17 inches

    February 9
    Mommy: AlisaK
    Ruthann Kaye
    5lbs 13.4oz
    18 inches

    February 10
    Mommy: Siren34
    Ryan Karl
    7lbs 13oz
    20 inches

    February 11
    Mommy: noodlestar
    Averie Malone
    8lb 7oz
    21 inches

    February 12
    Mommy: bazzill/Anna
    Lydia Mae
    8 lbs 13 oz
    19.5 inches

    Mommy: mrandmrscfrompa
    Evan Charles
    8lbs 2oz
    21.5 inches

    Mommy: runmama
    Tavie Marie
    5lbs 4oz; 17 inches
    Kira Christine
    5lbs 5oz; 17 inches

    Mommy: chutch
    Janiya Alexis
    7lbs 9oz
    20.75 inches

    Mommy: lindsaye3/Lindsay
    Kaleigh Elizabeth
    6lbs 15oz
    19 inches
    February 13
    Mommy: natesbear
    Luke Joseph
    8 lbs 7 oz
    21.5 inches

    Mommy: freestyle/Sandi
    Madelyn Elizabeth
    7lbs 6 oz
    20.5 inches

    Mommy: Syrreal
    Brennan Nicolas
    7lbs 9.6 oz
    19 inches

    Mommy: lillyclaire/Sarah
    8lb 14oz
    20.25 inches

    February 14
    Mommy: TracyF
    Nora Grace
    7lbs 8oz
    20.75 inches

    Mommy: rollergirl/Bridget
    August "Gus"
    6lbs 6oz
    20.5 inches

    February 15
    Mommy: shuiheart
    8lbs 13oz

    February 16
    Mommy: pamela_pinchot/Pam
    Camille Elizabeth
    7lbs 15oz
    19.5 inches

    Mommy: signingmom/Liz
    Julianna Claire
    7lbs 6oz
    19.5 inches

    February 18
    Mommy: ismile888
    Kennadi Natalia
    7lbs 2.1oz
    20 inches

    Mommy: JessicaK
    Evan Henry
    8lbs 2oz
    20.75 inches

    February 19
    Mommy: Mpaschl/Michelle
    Mitchell Allen
    7lbs 6oz
    21 inches

    Mommy: jacknsally/Sarah
    8lbs 5oz
    21.5 inches

    February 21
    Mommy: anreka/Juliet
    Vivian Marie
    7lbs 8oz
    20 inches

    Mommy: EDIVEL

    February 24
    Mommy: whoa_baby_2
    Teagan Rhyse
    8lbs 3oz
    21.5 inches

    Mommy: punkinhead/Emily
    7lbs 12oz
    21.5 inches

    Gabriel Dominion
    6lbs 15oz
    20 inches

    February 27
    Mommy: Delinah
    7lbs 15oz
    20.5 inches

    Mommy: Carmen19b
    7lbs 12oz
    21 inches

    MARCH 2007

    March 7

    Mommy: DuckieHeart/Sarah
    Cora Lee Faythe
    7lbs 5oz
    20 1/4 inches
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    Quote Originally Posted by kristenlew
    My baby - Walter Jeffery - entered this world on November 30 at 8:49am at 29wks 5 days gestation. He weighed 3lbs 5 oz and was 16 1/2 inches long.

    He is doing really well - he is in NICU and will probably be there for the next 6 weeks or so, but he entered the world crying and breathing on his own and that's a really good thing. He was getting some help with the breathing thing for the first couple of days - mostly just forcing air down his nose to make sure his lungs inflated all the way, but they removed all of that yesterday and he has been breathing like a champ! They started him on "stomach priming" - feeding him breastmilk through a feeding tube that goes to his stomach, and he started out really well, but then had some issues with his plumbing getting backed up, so they stopped the feedings and gave him a glycerine suppository and he has had a few bowel movements since then - hopefully they will start the food again soon. He is also a bit jaundiced and has spent a few days under the bili lights - he was actually out of them yesterday and it was the first time we were able to see his whole face without any breathing or protective devices. He had his beautiful eyes open and was just kind of taking in the world - it was really neat, but today he will be back under the lights and have his little protective goggles on again. I've gotten to hold him twice - very briefly, but I have high hopes that I will be able to start "kangaroo care" and spend a couple of hours a day holding him by the end of the week - I can't wait!

    Here's my birth story -

    Last wednesday was a totally normal day - I worked at my desk job, put up some Christmas decorations, and laid on the couch - absolutely nothing strenuous or out of the ordinary that would have brought on labor. About 7pm I started feeling kind of crampy and having quite a bit of watery, pinkish discharge. The crampiness was constant and kind of achy, it didn't come and go like contractions or anything so I just laid down and hoped they would go away. I eventually did call my doctor and ask her if she thought I should head into L&D, but she said as long as the pain wasn't in waves and I wasn't gushing fluid or anything I would probably be okay until my regular appointment the next morning. So I went to bed - about midnight I was woken up by real contraction pain. Again, I couldn't believe it was actually happening, so I laid quitely and timed them. The pain was coming and going, but not in any kind of regularity or anything, I would have one 4 minutes apart and then have nothing for 10 minutes or so (come to find out later that my mom never had regular contractions either). Finally about 2am I woke up my husband and headed to the hospital. When they checked me I was 2 cm dialated and 90% effaced. They gave me a shot of terbertuline and a drip of something (magnesium maybe) to try to stop the contractions. They also gave me the steroid shot to help develop the baby's lungs. They were hoping to keep me pregnant for at least another 48 hrs to give that time to work. The drugs seemed to work - my contractions settled down and I was stable for a while. They decided to transfer to me to a hospital about 45 minutes away. That hospital has one of the best NICU units in the state and would be better equiped to handle a preemie baby. They also had to take into account that a major snow storm was heading our way. Unfortunately, as soon as they moved me onto the stretcher to go down to the ambulance my water broke. When I left Bloomington I was 3cm dialated, when I got to the hospital in Peoria an hour later I was 7 cm dialated. I got wheeled up to the birthing room and checked again about 20 minutes later and I was 9cm and +1 station. My husband hadn't made it into the hospital yet (he didn't get to ride in the ambulance with me, he was following in our car) and the doctor told me to lie really still so that he made it there for the birth! Finally DH showed up and I started pushing. It was quite the surreal experience. Between the team working on me and the team from NICU waiting for the baby there were at least 10 people in the room watching me give birth. 45 minutes of pushing later and out popped baby Walter. He cried and pinked up right away which was a really good sign. They wheeled him off to the NICU and DH followed him. I got my totally natural birth experience - though not quite the way I expected. I did have some issues with the placenta though. Apparently my placenta knew it was not time to finish working yet and didn't want to detach. I ended up hemmoraging pretty badly - I remember hearing the blood gush out and run off the table and onto the floor. Eventually they took me to the OR and actually knocked me out so they could reach in and scrape everything out. I lost quite a bit of blood and was in the hospital for 4 days so they could keep an eye on me (which was fine with me since it was really easy to go visit my son).

    So - we are now home and making the 45 minute drive daily to visit our boy - he is doing as good as I could possibly hope, though leaving him was the hardest thing I have ever done and I ache to be able to hold him. Pumping is going pretty well and I am building a pretty good supply for when the little guy finally starts eating.

    On top of everything else, the winter storm knocked out most of our power and phone line - so I have no pictures to post yet and I have no idea when I will be online again. I will post an update when I can - in the meantime any happy, strong, healthy baby vibes you can send my way would be greatly appreciated!!


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    ella*enchanted wrote:

    Looks like I have baby #2 for February!

    Evan Connor was born on December 4th at 11:29 PM. He was 30 weeks, 5 days. He was 3 pounds, 12 ounces and 16 1/4 inches long. He's doing pretty well at the moment, but it's an hour by hour process at this point. He is on a nasal canula for oxygen support right now and under the bili lights for jaundice so we don't get to see his sweet face too much, but hopefully soon!

    I started having contractions on Sunday the 3rd and went into L&D for observation. They were unable to stop the contractions and even though they weren't causing any cervical dilation, I started having pain between contractions and my OB's were fearful that I was stressing my already thin lower uterine segment. I was sent via ambulance to a higher risk hospital about 45 minutes away for what I thought was going to be more monitoring, but as it turned out, I had a c-section shortly after arriving. So shortly that my DH missed the delivery.

    I'm home now and trying to juggle the needs of my six older children, recovering from major surgery and dealing with the emotions of leaving my newborn in a hospital far away. It's been a difficult, emotional week and I don't expect it to get easier anytime soon. Please keep us and especially little Evan in your prayers.
    DS 2/24/07, DD1 3/17/09, DD2 9/15/11, DD3 10/02/13

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    in love with my boys!!


    What an eventful week it has been. I went to the high risk doctor on the 27th. They did an ultra sound and the doctor said that he really wanted to admit me to the hospital. I really did not wait to go but I agreed knowing that it was the best thing to do. I was on COMPLETE bed rest and could only get up to go potty and take one shower a day. My blood pressure started going back down but my protein was going up. It doubled in two days it went from 197 to 400, so the High risk doc said she waited to do an amino to see how Andrews lungs were so they could go ahead and induce. The amino was not to bad it did hurt some but it was a odd pain. Andrews amniotic fluid levels had dropped from 12 to 6 in tow days also the doctor found this out when she was tiring to find a good pocket of fluid to draw the amino. She said it was because my pressure was so high he was not getting enough nutrients from me. The amino came out great mature lungs are a 3 and his were a 3.75. So down to labor and delivery I went.

    They started by soften my cervix with some pill every 4 hours. That started at 5pm on the 29th. It was a long night in a VERY uncomfy labor bed, at 7:30am on the 30th they started the pitocin (sp). I was then 1 1/2 centimeter dilated. At 9:00am my doc broke my water and I was a 2. OHHHH that was the WORST pain I have ever been in. I was in tears with his hand all the way up my you know what. 10 minutes after my water was broke contractions started coming every 2 minutes and oh did they hurt I got my epi at 10:00 and was out for 2 hours I slept like a baby while I was contracting away. At 12:00 I was 4 centimeters, I cat napped around until I started feeling some pressure at 2:30pm not that it hurt just kinda some pressure and it kinda felt like I need to have a BM. So they checked me and I was at 10, she said PLEASE don’t push the baby is right there. SO they called my doc and he came in, they put my legs and all that great stuff up. I said I think he is coming out and my doc said to push, so I did then he YELLED STOP, next thing I know my baby is out and screaming his head off. He looked great his agar scores were 9 and 9. We got to hold him in the room for about 30 minutes then they wanted to take him up since was 5 weeks early. I was still feeling great I had to have one small stitch. OH he was born at 3:19 pm on the 30th
    That afternoon they had to take Andrew to the NICU, because he was breathing a little hard they gave him some Oxygen up his nose and he perked right up. He has been doing great ever since. He is latching on to my breast put he falls asleep so I have been pumping and giving milk in a bottle. He has not lost any weight. Tomorrow Jan 2nd he will most likely come home. Leaving him there was the hardest thing I have ever done. The hospital is 15 minutes from my house, but it is breaking my heart. I don't know how the girls do it that have to leave their babies for more a long time. Well know that I have wrote a book I am going to go pump my man some milk. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers girls, they have all worked.

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    Mommy to echidna baby Lyssa (Jan 14 2007, 34w) and welcoming tiny Abigail (May 3 2009, 29w)!
    Missing angels Andrew, Hannah, Emilie and Josette.

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    It all started on Jan 13th when I had a home nurse over to monitor my bp and do a non stress test on my baby. We soon realized that my bp was very high (170/110) and we waited for a while and took it again and it did not come down at all.
    The nurse asked mt to go into L/D and get checked out, but seeing as I had been there a few times in the past couple weeks and knowing that they would just do a monitor of the baby and see that she was great, that I figured the home nurse had just done one and everything looked good with her, that I really didn't want to go into the hospital and wait around for hours and then come home to rest!. The nurse then said she would call the on call doctor at the hospital and see what he had to say before going in. She did that and he advised her I come in right away to be induced because my bp was way too high and there was no point in waiting another week.

    When I arrived there the doc came in and noticed that I had already been having regular contrations (B/H), and checked my cervix and said that it was quite favorable for the induction, so they would start me in pitocin right away. We all figured that my labor would be fast and furious as my labor with DS was only 4hrs.

    An hour after I was started on the pitocin the doc came in and broke my water, this was about 4:00pm. Things started to slowly progress, I could really start to feel my contractions, but was still talking in between them and feeling pretty good. This went on for a long while, in fact things didn't really progress until about 1:00am and I started hard hard labor, it was so intense. I used the gas (my bestfriend) and I highly recomend a birthing ball. I went until 5:00am and then they checked my cervix and I was 100% effaced and her head was in +3 station, so that was fantastic but I was ONLY 5cm dialated , I was so frustrated and really couldn't take much longer of the intense pain I was in and asked for the epi. I was very upset at first because I really wanted to do it again with no drugs but I honestly couldn't go on anymore.
    Once I got the Epi, I was so happy. OMG they're amazing, by this point it was about 5:45am and I laid in bed and rested a little, and then at 6:15am I told the nurse that I was feeling pressure and that I needed to push. She checked me and sure enough I was fully dialated and ready to go. DH went and got my Mom and sister who were out walking around waiting patiently. I started to push, and I honestly only had to push 3 times and out came her head, then one more little push and she was out.

    At 6:30am she came out and was screaming at the world, she came right up onto my chest and I was crying so hard that I remember I couldn't even see her!. They took her and cleaned her up a little and weighed her and brought her back to my to breastfeed.

    I managed to only get 1 stitch, YAH I was so happy about that seeing as I had over 70 with DS. All in all everything went great, and I'm so happy I have a beautiful healthy baby girl.

    DH Wes
    DS Keenan 4
    DSS Zachary 3
    And the new edition to our family, our DD Mackenzie Sheree. Born at 36 weeks Jan 14th weighing 7lbs 4oz and 21 inches long.

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    Well, as promised, my birth story....

    Woke up as usual on Sunday morning. Felt a bit disappointed as I was 38+5w on Sunday and with DD I woke up having contractions at 38+5w, so I'd kinda been hoping it might happen again. Anyhow I figured, this baby would come when he decided to and just got on with my day. About 9am started having some vague, very brief tummy pains. Thought it was gas pains as I'd taken some laxatives the night before. After a while I noticed that the pains were almost exactly 10 minutes apart and so it clicked that they were probably contractions. They only lasted about 20-30 seconds though so I still thought might be a false alarm.

    About mid-day the contractions speeded up to about 5 minutes apart, but still very short and not particularly strong. DH phoned his parents who live 2 hours away as we planned for them to watch DD when we went to the hospital, so we wanted to give them a heads-up so they could sort themselves out, eat lunch etc. in case we needed them later. Things stayed pretty much the same, so we phoned them again at 1:15 to say head out as it looked likely it was the real thing. We sat down and ate lunch, then headed out to the supermarket to pick up a few things, then on to the park to let DD play on the swings. While we were out, the contractions got stronger, though still lasting less than a minute at a time and coming about every 5 minutes. We headed back home around 3, expecting DH's parents would be arriving soon after. We were only home about 10 minutes when there was a 'pop' and my waters went.

    Things moved very quickly after that. My contractions were virtually continuous and very strong. We were thinking 'time to get going' though I still thought there was probably another 1-2 hours to go. DH phoned his parents on their cell and discovered they were stuck in traffic about an hour away, so we called our backup person, who lives in the same city as us, but their cell was out of coverage. Then, I suddenly got the urge to push and my body took over. I told DH the baby's coming now - he said no - I said yes We called a friend of mine who lives 5 mins away and is a Paed, but two pushes later and my poor DH was delivering the baby. We just about had time to throw a towel down on the floor (though the carpet will still need to be replaced ). My friend arrived a few minutes later and helped my DH to clamp and cut the cord, then we phoned the maternity hospital who sent out a midwife who arrived about 10 minutes later and delivered the placenta. MIL and FIL arrived a few minutes after her, when it was all over and done with!!

    Through the whole thing my DD was standing right by me. She did really well and when the baby was born, she came up to him, signed baby and gave him a kiss.

    We've called him Arthur and he's absolutely lovely. He's still in that completely mellow newborn phase where they just eat and sleep and chill out all day. My DD is great with him, my DH has recovered from the trauma and my MIL did all my ironing as an apology for missing the whole thing

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    Default Connors birth story!

    Well, I woke up having to go potty on 1-29 at 7:45. I went to sit down and it was so painful to sit. I pasted it on as constipation. I started to make breakfast and started to have some pains. They got more intense and closer together by 9:30. I finished packing my hospital bag and took a shower. By then it was about 10:20. I told dh that we needed to go to th hospital now. We arrived at L&B at about 11:00 I was 3 cm when checked. By 2:00 I was at 7 cm. Was ready to push at 4:00 and with 4 large contractions Connor was born at 4:12 PM. 8lbs 4.4 oz and 20 inches long. Things went by really fast. This is the very short version but I didn't want to bore anyone.

    Connor is eating like a champ and is such a wonderful addition to our family.

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    Yes, my little boy's entrance was VERY unexpected

    I posted a couple weeks ago about having a REALLY bad night and after that night I just never really felt "right" for the whole next week. So after some contemplation I called my doctor again on Thursday, Jan 25. They said for me to come in and let them check me. Everything looked fine. He decided to send me to the hospital for an NST. It was going okay except baby wasn't moving much at all. Well the nurse had called the dr to come and look at it and about that same time I had a contraction and my little baby's heartbeat just bottomed out. It dropped down to about 50 bpm. So she turned me on my side, slapped an oxygen mask on me, and finally it came back up to normal. Well she told me then I wasn't going home but most likely I would just be there overnight for observation. So the dr came in and looked at the test and said there were too many fluctuations in his heartbeat and not enough movement so he wanted to do a quick U/S. Well surprise surprise there was hardly ANY amniotic fluid. He was shocked at how low it was. So, from the test he decided that as bad as his heart was fluctuating with me not even being in labor that he probably couldn't handle labor and would most likely not make it out if I really went into labor. So, he decided then to get him out via C-Section that day. So at 2pm I was given my epidural and prepped for the OR. I was in the OR by 2:30pm and my little boy was born at 3:02pm. He came out screaming and it was SUCH a welcome sound. Then my dr got another surprise ... I had almost NO umbilical cord. The whole thing was MAYBE 12 inches long . So it was a very surprise filled day. I got to see him and give him a quick kiss as they whisked him away to the nursery. I sent DBF with him to the nursery and was informed shortly after that that my little boy had a significant heart murmur and was going to be airlifted to the NICU in a large hospital in a neighboring town. I was so heartbroken. They brought him in so I could see him before he was loaded onto the helicopter. He was SO tiny. I found out after he got over here that he has a heart condition and will require heart surgery in a month or two. He has to weigh 6 lbs before they will do the surgery. I am so glad that he is here and now I just want them to get him fixed so he can start to live somewhat of a normal life. He is SUCH a blessing. I am staying over here in the hospital right now so that I can be with him as much as possible. Please keep us in your prayers ... we definately need them right now.

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    I had not been feeling much movement on Sunday and thought that baby was having a quiet time. By monday I decided to cancel lunch with a friend and go see my ob. He did and internal and I had some show. Hw then sent me for an u/s and fetol (agh sp??) hart monitor. He said all going well with those we had might as well induce in the morning as I was already 38 weeks. U/s cam back perfect so we went to the hospital for monitor. Whilst there his heart rate dropped a little so ob decided that there was no time like the present so we went off to the delivery suite to be induced right away. They began at 6:30 with me strapped to a monitor and constsnt drip, and by 11:26 pm little Will came into the world. I resisited all medication except for the gas as I was caping better than I thought....... however my placenta refused to come out. they waited 15 minutes before giving me an epi rushing me to surgery to have it manually removed. Whilst there I suffered a postpartem heamorrage (again sp??) and lost quite abit of blood. i didn't get to have a good look at my son until around 3 am which by that time my parents had rushed to the hospital to be with dh. i spent the next 2 says on heaps of drugs so was unable to pick up Will - my dh was amazing and jumped into fatherhood straight away.
    I was finally released yesterday and have spent my first night with my family!!

    Final Stats....
    January 29th 2007 11;26pm
    7pounds 11

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