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    Our birthstory...

    Our baby boy Andrew Reuben was born January 22nd, at 1:09pm, 8lbs 10oz!

    I was originally planned for a c-section on February 5, 2007 mostly because the baby was looking to be large (head was large - baby was measuring 8.5lbs at our 34 week apt.)

    My water broke Sunday night around 630pm with a loud pop and huge gush, we arrived at the hospital at 730pm. Around 930pm I was still having no contractions, so they started them for me with pitocin. I started getting contractions, few hours later I was at 5cm, and got me a wonderful epidural. Made it through the night, progressed a little.

    My contractions were all very 'weird' according to them, I was getting terrible back labor, and my uterus wasn't relaxing between contractions, so the contractions were not even registering. They were concerned and started me on meds to stop the contractions and make my uterus relax. It did, so they got the approval to start the pitocin again.

    Doubled my pitocin to bring on contractions, I finally hit 9cm around 10am, however the baby hadn't moved to the right location yet, they gave me another hour of hard labor (epidural wasn't helping anymore and I was having terrible back labor) to see if I would hit 10cm and if the baby would move.

    Nothing happen, my doctor was thinking the baby was stuck and wasn't going to move down anymore, so we started arranging for a c-section. I got some excellent drugs in my epidural which was heaven at this point, next we waited about an hour for the OR to clear from another c-section and then it was my turn.

    My OB did the c-section and delivered Andrew at 1:09pm!

    We spent the full 4 days in the hospital, mostly the extra day because he got a little bit of jaundice and was under lights for about 24 hours, and given the clear to come Friday morning!

    It is great to be home, still can't believe we have a son! (it was a surprise on the gender)

    Welcome Andrew - January 22, 2007 - 1:09pm - 8lb. 10oz. - 20.5 inches - Born @ 37 weeks!

    Handcrafted Jewelry @ BroadwayBeads.etsy.com

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    Alexia Paige’s birth story:

    Weight: 8 lbs 1 oz
    Labour Time: 16 hours
    Born At: 2:25am, 24th January 07

    First off I did have a c-section planned for Wednesday 24th January but my little angel had other plans and on the 23rd at 4am I started getting regular contractions coming every 6 minutes and lasting about 45 seconds. Since I had this happen on the Friday before I thought it could be another false alarm and couldn’t decide whether My partner Neil should go to work or not (he wasn’t due to start paternity leave till the Wednesday).But I phoned the hospital and they told me to come on down and get checked.

    9:30am: I arrived at the hospital and by this point my contractions where coming every 4 minutes and lasting a minute. At the hospital the put me on a monitor and did am internal and I was about 80% effaced and 2-3cm dilated, so I was in early labour. They then asked me if I would like to have a c-section or since my body was doing it on its own try for natural delivery. (I was induced with dd1). I decided to trust my body would go all the way this time and opted for natural delivery. So the waiting game began...

    10:30am: I was moved to a ward where I would walk about and the contractions gradually got stronger at

    1:30am: The doc came and checked me and I was 4cm-100% effaced. So onto the delivery suite I went, Contractions coming every 3mins and lasting forever. At this point I have a Diamorphine injection and gas and air and was coping fairly well.

    7pm: I was checked again and I was 5cm (slow progress again) and the doc started to question whether I should have a c-section. In the end she said lets give it another 2 hours and see if I make it any further. I have another Diamorphine injection and started to get a little worried about the pain because I could only just about cope. (Huge wimp).

    9pm: The doc came and checked me and surprise I was 8cm I was so happy I was making progress but then got a little scared when I realised I was going to have to push and I really thought I would end up with a c-section. But I struggled on with the pain.

    11pm: The pain got unbearable and I asked for an epidural, I was relieved he came to me quick (with dd1 I had to wait an hour). My epidural was in and I could rest, I even started to dose off to sleep at one point.

    12pm: I was checked again and I was 10cm, but the doctor wanted me to wait an hour before pushing to let her drop lower. So I waited and at 1 o'clock I started pushing, I pushed like a trooper and did the best I could for 1 hr 15 mins with just the midwife and trainee doctor but since she was getting stuck the midwife went to get the doc.

    1:30am: The doc came and told me she thought it would be best if I got some help and I agreed so she was going to use forceps while I pushed, this of course meant I needed an episiotomy  but I didn’t feel a thing because of the epidural. So for the next 45 minutes they where prep-ing me and getting everything ready.

    2:15am: I started pushing again and Alexia was born at 2:25am she was put straight onto my chest and me and Neil got to look first to see if she was boy or girl, I was very emotional and cried with relief and happiness it was all over and she was born safe. They did all there checks and then she was wrapped up and Neil held her while I was being stitched up.

    And that was it, I was really happy about having a natural birth even though I had to have forceps help, I was even more happy when I got to go home the same day at 6:30pm (I hate hospitals) : D

    Pic taken 2 hours after she was born:

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    Baby mikey made his entrance into the world feb 1 2007 He's beatiful and is such a wonderful baby!! i'll post more details about the birth later bc i'm still kinda shaken up about it, it def wasnt the one i planned, expected or prepared myself for. So, here's the general overview: Tuesday night i started early labor, or i thought i had, "labor" stopped, so i was disappointed, but figured he'd come when he was ready. Labor began again Wednesday night, and continued. at 6am we went to the hospital. I had progressed since last being checked, but not much. My dr wanted me to stay there in case of complications (aka "big baby") I still progressed slowly and the dr asked if she could break my water, to which i said ok i started progressing great after that, but something started going wrong. All the sudden, the nurses rushed in made me lay in bed on my left side, propped up, etc. They started palpating my uterus trying to figure out what kind of position he was in (he was headdown, but they were tryin to figure out which way he was facing, etc). Anyway after lots of painful internal checks, they decided he was probably in an ok position, just with a big head. i needed an epidural by this point b/c the contractions were killing my back (i've had arthritis in my back for 8 years) i was kind of diappointed bc i was doing well with the contractions in my abdomen, but the ones in my back were crippling, so i went ahead for the epidural. i still progressed slowly, but i was progressing. little by little. Mikey became distressed and didnt seem to being doing so hot, so dr, me and dh discussed the situation and decided that we should probably go ahead with a c/s since baby wasn't doing so hot and we didnt want him suffering lack of oxygen etc. So, we went in for a c/s. Everything went well with the anesthesia and incisions, etc. Til they got to mikey. He was stuck. Not just stuck. His legs were trapped in my rib cage and his head was in the wrong position and stuck in my pelvic bone, instead of trying to come crown first, he was trying to come forehead first. This 270 lb surgeon crushed my ribs and everything in between trying to push him out, at one point we heard a loud snap and heard him whisper "i might have fractured something" at this point i was damn near hysterical, with dh there comforting me holding me hand, not knowing what to do. when they cut mikey's cord, blood shot over the drape onto me dh and the anesthesiologist, not fun. then i heard my baby boy crying and i felt better, but then i got sick. it's really hard to throw up while you're on your back. he went to the nursery and we got the call that he wasn't the 9+lb baby they thought he was, he was a healthy 7lb 10oz. recovery went well, i just kept waiting and waiting to see my baby. i didnt get to see him til 11pm b/c he was having some blood sugar issues which they resolved. when i did finally get to see him, i was extremely upset by the scrapes, welts and everything on his head from where he was stuck. you could see the outlines of my pelvic opening on his poor little skull. he was also scraped up pretty bad from being stuck so hard and getting yanked out so bad. i felt like i had disfigured my baby and i was crushed.. i am doing better now and he is healing very quickly, but that first night i couldnt help but cry bc of what i felt like he had been through. ok i know i said i was going to spare details, but i got carried away, and didnt. anyway, that's the story. i'm so very glad he's here though he's gorgeous and only cries when he's super hungry or poopy. He's a champion nurser since the first latch i'm so proud of my little man and some pics

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    Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 2:10 pm Post subject: Mackenzie Lyn's birth story...


    I will definatly start by saying that I was not expecting labor to be what I ended up with!!! I started to have contractions about 8pm on Tuesday night with no specifit pattern that continued until about midnight. From midnight until about 12:00noon the next day I had contractions that were about7-10 minutes apart...but with no sign that they were going to get any closer...also they were not really changing in strenght. So...my OB recomeneded I go to L&D and get checked out. When DH and I got there every room in L&D was full!!! We actually had to wait in the hall for about 30 minutes to get a room. I'm sure glad that I was not actively in labor when we got there. The room we ended up in was not really even a room....it was a bunch of beds separated by curtains...I think it was like a recovery type of room. Well we were there for a while and the nurse checked me...still only 1cm dialated and she expected the doc to send me home. Wait some more and the doc finally came and told me it was my choice to go home or hang out in the hospital and be observed for a bit longer to see if anything was going to happen. The nurse had brought me some food because I had not eaten since the night before...so doc decided to have me stay until after I had eaten and he would check me again. Waited another hour I think...doc had a delivery. By the time he returned contractions were stronger and getting closer together...checked me and I was at 3 cm and totally thinned out...glad we waited

    It is kind of a blur at time from here on for me. The OB broke my water and took me to the room I would deliver in. They also started my epidural...I had always planned on having and epi, but when they came to start it I was a mess and could not relax...I was shaking like I was having convulsions...so embarassing. But it ended up taking two trys to get it in. They said I had about 1/4in of swelling on my back...I knew my legs were swollen, but I didn't guess my back would be. Epi worked wonders and I was feeling NO pain...they started pictocin because I was progressing slowly. A few hours later I started to feel the contractions again...nurse said the epi was just wearing off and she would have them give me more medication. By the time the anistisiologist returned I was in severe pain and having hard contractions every 1-1 1/2 minutes. He added more medication...and nothing...I was still feeling everything...and now I was so light headed I thought I would pass out. By this time they had decided I needed a c section...which I was not complaining about except I now had NO pain control. They tried to get me different medication through the epi to prepare me for the c section but again no luck and this time I felt like my throat was closing...I was pretty terified by this point...thank god for my DH, my mom, and MIL...they were absolutely wonderful. I must admit I have never been so scared or felt so out of control ever in my life...I couldn't cry or scream or do anything but hang on for dear life to the bed rails. I think my mom said that the contrations that were 1-1 1/2 min apart lasted about 4 hours...I have no recolection of time. They ended up pulling the epi and wanted to do a spinal...I wasn't sure if I could sit up, but I was desperate...thank goodness the spinal worked wonders. The c section was uneventful and our little girl handled it all very well...heart rate never waivered. Her apgars were 9 and 9. The rest of the hospitalization was wonderful...I can not say enough about the staff at my hospital...they were great!!!

    Sorry such a long wordy novel.

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    Default Blake Nelson's birth story

    On January 24, 2007, 9 days before my due date, I woke up at 4:11 am feeling weird, but wasn't sure why. I just felt a lot of pressure and heaviness in my abdomen, but no real contractions. I got up for a while, but finally decided there was no reason to be up and went back to bed at 5:45. I got up again around 7 am, still feeling like something was going to happen that day.

    At 7:20, I was standing in the bathroom when my water broke. MAJOR GUSHING! I had no contractions yet but I called my dr who told me to come right in anyway. DH took the older kids to school & got home around 7:45. By the time he got back, I had started having contractions, which were already pretty hard and close together. I was about ready to go, but then had another MAJOR GUSHING & soaked through my outfit, so I changed again, stuck a towel in my pants & put a waterproof pad on the car seat! We left for the hospital just before 8 am.

    Unfortunately, it was rush hour & raining, & it took us over an hour to get to the hospital! Meanwhile, I was having hard, active labor, in traffic jams on rough roads in a compact car. No fun! By the time we neared the hospital, my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, lasting over 1 minute each. I was able to get through them by counting to myself to keep myself breathing & not panicking.

    I got checked into the hospital at 9:01 am and I was already 7 cm dilated. Lots of people were coming in & out of the room. Even though I was pre-registered, they started asking me all sorts of questions, taking my medical history, blah blah blah, and even getting me to sign paperwork while in the middle of heavy contractions. I was hoping to get an epidural, and some of the paperwork & questions were to clear me for that, but I was quickly getting too far along for that. No one was helping me through my labor, they were mostly distracting me by trying to get me to talk & sign forms even during major contractions...argh! I think the main nurse didn't believe I was progressing as fast as I thought I was, & figured I had plenty of time to concentrate on the labor after she was done with the check-in process.

    Then suddenly, I felt extreme pressure and had to push! I was still signing forms at that time, but just started screaming & pushing. My OB, who was out in the hallway, ran in and said "We're having a baby!" She seemed to be the only one who noticed I had gotten to that point. She checked me & I was 9.5 cm dilated. She said I should try to avoid pushing until I was fully dilated, but she started getting ready to catch him. Then I had to push again & just did it, screaming again, & the baby's head came out, & a moment later the rest of him came out! He was born at 9:36 am. Obviously I didn't get the epidural, & I also had a 2nd degree tear. The tear hurt so badly I couldn't relax or pay much attention to the baby until the OB injected some local anesthetic and they gave me meds in my IV. After that, and after the placenta was delivered, which made me feel much better, for some reason, I could turn my attention to the baby, who was calm & just looking around. We eventually (30 hours later!) named him Blake. He was 7 lbs., 8 oz., and 18.75 inches long, and he is adorable! I was able to nurse him some on the delivery table not long after he was born, & he took to it pretty well.

    I had a further ordeal when I was re-admitted to the hospital at 1 week post-partum with late-onset pre-eclampsia, & had to stay there another 2 days until my blood pressure was stabilized with medication, but I was able to keep the baby with me and keep nursing him, so all worked out okay. But since this can show up anytime up to 6 weeks after delivery, I'd urge everyone to watch out for symptoms such as continued swelling in the ankles, or high blood pressure!
    Alison, mom of 3 boys!

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    Madisyn's Birth Story!

    January 23rd at 6 am DH and I went to the hospital for my induction. When we went in the lady at the desk told me they had been trying to get ahold of me because L&D was full and they were going to cancel my induction! I was upset and called my OB who then called to hospital and told them to put me in a room and get me going. I was put in a "spare" room and got my IV started at about 7:45 am. I had been having minor contractions since the night before so at 8:25 my OB decided to break my water. Family arrived around 9:30. I'd been having some painful contractions but decided to wait it out and see how bad it got. By 11 am I was begging for my Epidural. I got my Epi 20 mins later and as soon as they started numbing me with novacain my contractions started coming really hard really fast. I was in tears by this point and my poor father was beside himself with grief because he couldn't make me feel better . After the epi I napped on and off and got moved into a real room around 1:45. OB came in and checked me at 2 and i was 9.5cm dialated. OB had to go do a C-section so she told me to wait an hour or so before I started pushing. Luckily Madisyn decided to listen to the doctor and just kind of chilled out for a bit. OB came back at 3:15 and checked me again and I was at 10. All the sudden I felt the urge to push and Dr agreed it was that time. I pushed a few times and thanks to my fantastic Epi I felt nothing! At 4:05pm Madisyn made her entry into the world screamin like a banshee! They put her on my chest and I burst into tears and just kept saying "Hi Sweetheart!" and stroking her head and looking at her. DH cut the cord and they weighed and diapered her. Her apgars were 7 and 9 and she weighed 8lbs 6oz!

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    Aidan's Birth Story

    On Friday, Feb. 2 I had a regular doctor's appointment. I was only 1 cm and 75% effaced. Driving home from the appointment I started having a little stronger contractions. They kept getting stronger and closer all afternoon. I started timing them when DH got home from work. They were about 6 minutes apart. I went to the bathroom and noticed blood in the pad I was wearing. I told him we are going to the hospital now. So we went and they had to check me for what seemed like forever and was very painful because they wanted to see what was causing the bleeding. It was just major blood from my bloody mucus. And at this time I was only 2 cm. They decided to send me home. We got home and inbetween contractions I slept for about an hour or so then my water broke. So we went back up to the hospital. They checked me and I was 4 1/2 cm. They decided to keep me this time. I labored for a few hours and was thinking of getting the epidural so they checked me again before giving it to me and I was 8 1/2 cm. So I decided not to get it since I was so close. After another hour or so I was ready to deliver. At 8:55 am Aidan was born weighing 7lbs 7oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

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    I delivered healthy baby Caleb Christopher *medication free* on Tuesday the 6th at 4:42pm. 8lbs 4 oz 19 3/4 in. He has a full head of straight black hair, complete with sideburns. So cute! He looks just like his Papa!
    Contractions started on Monday morning at 3am. Both Brian and I stayed home from work. At 7pm that night we went into triage, and they sent me home because I was a first time mom and only 1cm dialated(but 80% effaced!). We went back home and I labored and labored (pain!) until 7am. I was going crazy (moaning etc) in the living room all night until 7am.That's when I told Brian it was time to go.
    I was admitted at 3 cm 100% effaced. The first nurse I had was loopy. She kept pushing the epidural on me even though I had already stated clearly and strongly that I didn't want it. I seemed to progress rather quickly til about 7cm. At 3pm I got a new, great nurse. I was doing surprisingly well with the pain. I was talking walks til I was 9 cm and standing up at 10cm. I think going from 7cm-10cm was the hardest most painful time. I wanted to push and I was told I couldn't I felt like I had to poop too. It's really true, you think you have to poop, but nothing's there.
    They started getting the room ready for delivery early because I kept saying the baby's goin to come out. Once I got to 10cm I took a few "practice pushes" before the on-call Dr came in. I pushed three times for each contraction for about 30 minutes, and out came my baby. I couldn't believe it. It happened so fast!
    I had so much wonderful help in the delivery room. Brian, who did not even want to be in the room was by my side the entire time encouraging me to breathe properly. I took a couple walks with him and he thought I dealt with the contractions better standing up. He was wonderful! Completely a different person than prior to labor. My friend Jenece rubbed my feet with cooling oil early on in labor and videoed the birth (from by my head) and other clips here and there. My mom (left work early and) got there at about 10:30am and was great at rubbing my lower back. We bumped heads a couple times, but Brian helped me let her know what I needed. My sister showed up at about 4 and supported me pushing and took lots of photos of baby.
    Caleb latched on right away. We were sent to a private recovery room just after 7pm. It was a long night with all the nurse checkups. We were both doing so well. Brian loved to hold him while we watched tv. And Caleb loves his Papa to hold him. We were released at 2pm on Wednesday... less than 24 hours after I delivered. We're glad to be home in our own space. Caleb and I are working on feeding and are getting better. I'm tryng to rest when he rests, but I could do better. I need to stay off my feet and rest.
    So, we're both doing great. Brian and I are communicating really well and loving being parents and having a little family. Well, there you go, you have the entire story! And photos: http://hamiltonclaywedding.weddingannouncer.com/ I don't have my mom and sister's photos from the birth yet.
    Laura(24)~ Wife(9/06) to Brian(25), Mama to Caleb (2/07)

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    What a beautiful family you are. I so enjoyed looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing with us! Your little baby Caleb is BEAUTIFUL beyond words!! Congratulations on such a happy birth!!
    **************WHOOPSIE!!!!************************ ****
    Didn't mean to post on here!! I thought I was posting on another thread, didn't realize it was the birth story thread!! Sorry!!! Don't kill me........

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    Erik arrived by scheduled C-section on Thursday, Feb 8 at 11:51am. He was 9lbs, 15 oz. and 22 1/4 inches long.

    Birth Story:

    I was told to arrive by 8am for our 9:30am time slot and I was very nervous about all the preparations. After finally getting through Patient Registration (which is never busy, but always takes at least 15 minutes before anyone calls my name), we went to L&D and were taken to the room where I would be "prepped" and would spend the recovery period.

    I met my 2 nurses, changed into a hospital gown, and was hooked to monitors before they started coming at me with needles. I received an IV in my right hand (rather uncomfortable) and had blood taken from the left arm. Various people kept appearing to ask me questions and conduct their own preparation. The surgical/scrub nurse arrived (who would help me through the spinal block and I believe did my stitches). The anesthesiologist, who was very cool, asked me his round of questions; and finally my doctor arrived. All the while, I was listening to Enya on my iPod and trying to distract myself. I was also getting very nervous as the time got closer to 9:30am. At 9:15am, someone came into the room and told us that we had been bumped from our time slot because there were twins that decided to make their way into the world and needed the OR(one of the twins was breech, which necessitated a c-section) and we were re-scheduled for 11am.

    Eventually, 11am came, and DH & I and 3 nurses walked down the hall to the OR, with me carrying my IV bag. DH was given a chair outside the room and was told to wait until they were ready for him. I went into the OR, and sat on the edge of a very narrow metal table, trying to brace myself for the dreaded spinal block.

    After the anesthesiologist prodded my spine a bit with his fingers, looking for the best insertion point, I was told to put my chin to my chest and arch my back like an angry cat. In the meantime, I was given a pillow to hug and a nurse stood in front of me to help brace me, and provide a hand for squeezing. I was told I would feel “a stick and a sting” from the local anesthesia and I SUPPOSE that’s what it actually felt like, although it was a lot worse, in my head. After the stick & sting, I felt some pressure, as they inserted the regional anesthesia, but it was kind of uncomfortable. I said “Ow, ow, ow!” and the anesthesiologist stopped and asked me to describe what I was feeling, because apparently I wasn’t supposed to be feeling anything. So, again with another “stick & sting” and again with the pressure in my back, which wasn’t as bad this time around. Within a few minutes, my legs started to get really warm, and that’s when they had me lie down.

    The nurse inserted the catheter (painless, since I was nearly numb); they began cleaning my stomach, and doing various other preparations. Occasionally, someone would ask, “Do you feel this?” They put a sheet up directly in front of my face and then DH was told he could come in (it was 11:40 am).

    DH sat in a chair near my head and held my hand. The anesthesiologist also sat up near my head, and I told them to distract me and talk to me. The anesthesiologist began to fiddle with my iPod and I told him to surprise me with whatever song. After a few failed attempts (a melancholy Journey song, Bon Jovi shouting “Shot through the heart…!” --- not the best surgery music --- he finally settled on the Beatles.

    They had told me I would feel pressure, but it felt more like the baby was moving very actively within my belly. I finally heard my doctor say something like, “Wow, that’s a big baby.” DH was told to he could stand up and he was able to watch Erik being pulled from my belly (at 11:51am).
    I don’t know how much time passed before DH & Erik came over to me, and a nurse took a few pictures. Then Erik & DH and a nurse went down the hall to wait for me in the recovery room. DH says he remembers the instant that Erik opened his eyes for the first time, which was in the hallway during that walk to the recovery room.

    I was still in the OR getting put back together, and that seemed to take a long time. I continued chatting with the anesthesiologist and was finally taken to recovery around 12:30pm. I was feeling very groggy from the pain medication. I was also incredibly thirsty, but wasn’t allowed to have anything until we got to the postpartum room a few hours later.

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