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    Firstly, I just wanted to say I have missed you all and hearing all the news and am excited to catch up with you all! Feb. 13th was the day of our scheduled induction/c-section, because until we arrived at the hospital nothing was set in stone. My husband and I arrived at 7:30 a.m. and after much paper filling out, questioning, getting poked, the i.v. took 4 tries... our doctor arrived and told us that she had decided after looking at our case a little more and talking with the other doctors in the group, the section would be the way to go. After she spoke with us, things moved pretty quickly as so much time had passed all ready. It seemed like no time at all and I was wheeled into the operating room, and then moved from one bed to the operating room bed. I received the spinal/epidural and unfortunately, that took 3 times of reinserting the catheter to get it into the proper place. It was a pretty scary experience since this whole c-section thing was virgin territory to me. Apparently my blood pressure shot up a couple of times after the procedure as I felt my breathing was compromised, a rare symptom of the anesthesia. It felt as if an elephant were sitting on my chest. They gave me oxygen and something to calm my system down. I dry heaved which was totally unexpected since I had not eaten anything since 5 o'clock the day before. I didn't expect any nausea at all. Just as I was asking the anesthesiologist if I was numb enough for the doctor to start my incision, he said she had already begun. My husband had not been allowed in up until this point and when I finally saw him, I was very relieved. Everything was very hazy, and I felt as if I were in a tunnel and everyone was far away from me. But as soon as I heard Baby Graham cry, I was back and feeling as if I were in the moment again. I got my tubes tied, which I am very happy about. The baby was out in just a minute it seemed, but getting me sewn back up seemed to take forever.... I am still pretty sore. My nurses and doctors ALL OF THEM were AWESOME and treated me like a queen. Never for one second did I feel any fear that they wouldn't take wonderful care of me. I must say, however, I am sooooooooooooooo happy it is all over. I was so scared. My stay at the hospital was incredible, and this little angel....this little gift is so loved and we all feel sooooooooooooo blessed to have him added to our family. My husband is being downright mushy over Graham and Bob along with all the other boys can't quit showering him with kisses and hugs. He was the perfect Valentine!!! Well I gotta run. Daddy isn't lactating and Graham is rooting around like crazy. He's definitely barking up the wrong tree! Thank you al for your sweet compliments and thoughts and prayers!! It meant the world to us!!!!!

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    January 26th, I started feeling sick. Monday, January 29th, I went to urgent care and found out that I have pneumonia. I followed up with my regular doctor Wednesday January 31st to make sure the antibiotics were working. My dr was listening to my lungs (which had cleared some) and saw a scab that worried him. He made me an appointment with dermatology for the next day. The closest dermatologist is 2 hours away, which didn't make my OB happy; but my dr felt it was important. So Thursday February 1st, we had my in-laws drive five hours to babysit, while we went to DC to the dermatologist.

    The dermatologists (I saw three) all feel that the scab/mole is almost definitely melanoma and they did a two hour long surgery that day to remove it for testing. The did the procedure with no anethesia, because they didn't want to hurt the baby (of course our top priority).

    On Wednesday February 6th (at 37 weeks), I found out that I have Stage 3 melanoma. The next step in my attempted treatment is a PET Scan, Sentinel lymph node biopsy, and wide excisional biopsy. None of the treatments can be attempted while pregnant and I have a history of going way past my due dates, so they decided we needed to do a C-section asap.

    On Thursday, I began calling my OB to let her know what was going on and find out if she could do the surgery on Monday, February 12th. She finally called me back at 4:15pm to tell me to be at L&D at 9am the next morning. I immediately called the in-laws to make the five hour trip again to babysit.

    On Friday, February 9th, My in-laws made it in at 5am. I put my son on the bus at 8am and left for the hospital. We got there at 9 and were monitored and preop work done. At 12:15, they took me back and prepped me for surgery. The spinal wasn't too bad, I remember how good it felt when my back went numb (the incision from the back surgery had been hurting). The surgery was definitely not as easy as my first c-section (which was done under general anethesia). I didn't like the pressure you feel on your lungs during the operation or all of the tugging sensations going on. But at 12:37, I heard a cry that made it all worth while Ruthann Kaye weighed in at 5 lbs 13.4 ozs and 18 1/2 inches long. Her apgar scores were 9/9.

    Ruthann is doing wonderfully she's breastfeeding really well and up to 6 lbs 4 oz. I've also been able to pump enough to get us through the 3 days that I won't be able to breast feed. Recovery has been rather easy--I've even been able to go upstairs to my own bed since the day I came home! I have a pre-op appointment tomorrow, and two surgeries on Friday-so any and all prayers would be wonderful and very appreciated.

    Alisa 31
    Wife to Jason 33,
    Mom to Austin 4-28-99, Ruthann 2-9-07, Hazen 7-28-09 & #4 EDD 11-27-12

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    Default Brennan's Birth Story (a short novel)

    Taking advantage that I have a little bit of energy and another hour before a feeding.

    On Tuesday, Feb 12th, I woke up at 9:30 feeling a little funny. I quickly figured out that I was having contractions and that they were about 15-20 minutes apart. I had my OB appt that day so I went to that and everything was good. She checked me and said I was 4cm dialated and that she was tempted to send me to the hospital right then. I told her I would rather wait it out at home since my contractions weren't super regular yet, plus once I got to the hospital I knew there would be no food or drink for me so I wanted to put that off. So off home I go. I call my mom and she says I'm crazy for going to the Dr by myself and driving and still doing a couple of things. I laugh.

    I get home and wake DH and let him know what's going on. At about 5:30 pm the contractions are about 10 minutes apart so we call our doula, who had been out of town during the weekend and was on her way back, to let her know what was up. I showered and tried to rest. DH and I timed the contractions and watched some tv.

    At 10:30 pm we notice the contractions are between 4 and 5 minutes apart so we call the doula and let her know that we are going to the hospital. We also call our parents who are very excited about the whole thing. The doula beats us to the hospital! We walk into the regular part of the hospital and the securituy asks where we are going (normally they need ID and stuff) and we say Labor and Delivery and he says, "Go right ahead!"

    I go into L&D triage. They hook me up to monitors. The contraction monitor doesn't like me and won't pick up the contractions until they put it way way low on my abdomen. We worked around the fetal monitor until we found a good place for it to do its thing. My biggest issue was with the blood pressure monitor since it liked to take it when I was having contractions so it was all wonk. After all that time, I was still at 4 cm. They decided to keep me instead of sending me home because of the wonky blood pressure readings.

    I was moved to a labor room. They hooked me up to IVs and more monitors. I could walk around though, which was the only way I was dealing with my almost constant contractions. Sitting and laying down were completely out of the question.

    Finally, at around 3:30 am, it was decided that we would go ahead and have my water broken since I was still not progressing at all. I figured out that it was because my body just couldn't relax any more between contractions. Lots of people say they get the shakes once they get the epidural, I had the shakes from contractions. Once they would break my water I wouldn't be able to walk or stand anymore and I was in loads of pain so I said, "Bring on the epidural." They broke my water and shortly after my friendly anesthesiologist came and made me a very happy person. It was the perfect amount of numbing. I could still move my legs but felt no pain and in an hour I had progressed from 4 cm to close to 9. All I needed was to relax.

    Some time after, they started being worried about the baby. They still couldn't really pick up my contractions and know if they were what was making the baby's heartrate change or if it was something else. I ended up having to be on oxygen and have internal monitors put in for both the baby and the contractions.

    At 6:20 am I started getting the urge to push. I pushed for an hour and a half. My OB came in and was ready to catch the baby. Just then his heartrate strated doing funky things so I ended up having to have an episiotomy. He came right out then and had his cord wrapped once around his neck. Brennan Nicolas was born at 7:46 am on Feb 13th. He was 19 inches long and 7lb 9.6 oz.
    That was taken care of and he was cleaned up and given to his daddy. He is just beautiful!!

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    Zeke has arrived!!
    Well it finally happened. Sunday the 28th...9pm I noticed excess fluids when going to the bathroom...I waited till 9:45 till deciding it was for sure my water breaking. Sister took me to the hospital. At 10:11pm nurse checked me. At first she said she still felt the bag of water intact. But then she said she found a hole. She warned me there would be a lot of water coming out as she ripped it open. Boy was there ever. Everywhere!! Then I stood up and more and more came gushing out. They were laughing at me and I started laughing too and that made it worse. Then the Dr came in and the nurse was joking around saying she didn't believe me that it had broke and I should go home and the Dr looked at me and asked if I could have held my bladder a little longer instead of on the floor. lol. I was 5 cent and 80 % effeaced. I was then admitted.

    I took a shower and chilled with the family for a while. Contractions weren't hurting yet...they had just started to get uncomfy and then at 11:30 I got an epidural. But right as she was checking my spine for positioning I had a contraction and amniotic fluid went all over Adam's legs as I was resting my feet on his thighs. It was funny! Didn't feel a poke or anything when she inserted the numbing or needle.

    12am I was now 7 cent 90% effaced and -2 station.

    1:10 am 9.9 cent 99.9 % effeaced and -2 station

    1:25 am 10 cent started pushing

    1:33 am Kaizekial Robert was born with the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times. He weighed in at 6 lbs 15 oz and 19.5 inches long. Apgars were 9/10

    He cried very little and seemed to be content.

    I have no tears or stitches so I am thrilled about that. I stayed in the hospital the regular 2 days and came home Wed afternoon. The other two kids don't seem to mind him at all. I don't think Kai has even noticed him yet. Kiana pays attention to him then goes and does her own thing. He is a good sleeper and loves to be held.He seems to be breastfeeding well.

    We are now a happy family of 5 and this baby making machine is going out of business. lol


    Zeke 1 - Kiana 5 - Kai 2

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    Connor Joseph's birthday was supposed to be Saturday, February 17, 2007, so when I woke up on Monday, February 12, 2007, I anticipated another long, boring week of bedrest. Although I was tired of bedrest and being preggo, I still had a few preparations left to make before Connor's arrival anyway. After waking, I got Hunter's breakfast ready and got Ethan dressed just like usual. After the kids left, I made myself some breakfast and sat down at the computer to check my e-mail. My mother-in-law had cooked us some food for the week and was planning on bringing it by before work, so I was just waiting for her to get here. I finished my breakfast and was still sitting at the computer when I felt this huge gush. I was almost frozen in shock....like I knew what happened but couldn't believe it, so my brain just didn't process it. Eventually (after much gushing continued as I ran frantically from our bedroom to the bathroom several times), I picked up the phone and called my husband. He had just gotten to work, and I told him to call his mother and tell her not to come because my water had broken. After I got off the phone, I decided to take a much needed shower. Josh got home in five short minutes (typically a 20 minute drive), and he was getting a little irritated with me as I tried to get dressed and put make-up on like normal. My bags (and the boys' bags) were not packed, so I took my sweet time gathering up things until Josh finally just grabbed everything and told me to get in the car. At this point, I was starting to have some painful contractions, so we drove to the hospital. We got there at about 8:30 AM. I filled out all the paperwork (again), and they took me back to triage so they could verify that my water had actually broken (like I didn't know). It took forever to get me all checked in and situated, as all the triage rooms were full at this point. Eventually, I got my IV put in, and they called my OB's office. My OB doesn't work on Mondays, so another one was expected to come do my c-section. Since there were two scheduled c-sections that day and four unexpected c-sections at the hospital this morning, they anticipated that it would be a few hours before it would be my turn. I hadn't expected to labor at all (and the contractions were extremely painful at this point), so the OB told the triage nurse to go ahead and get the anesthesiologists to do my epidural. With my previous two pregnancies, the epidural took a minute or two and was not a big deal at all. This time, it took two anesthesiologists almost an hour of digging around in my spinal column to get the epidural in. They tried to tell me that they were having trouble because I have scoliosis, but to the best of my knowledge, I've never had scoliosis before. The epidural fell out before surgery, and I wound up with a spinal block anyway. Once I was numb to the contractions, though, everything was much better. I threw up after they gave me the nasty antacid to drink, but everything seemed much calmer once I was no longer in pain. They finally told Josh to put on his scrubs and took us into one of the two operating rooms at around 12:45 PM. As soon as the OB arrived, the surgery began. They wouldn't allow Josh to videotape this surgery (like he did with Ethan's birth). At 1:32 PM, Connor Joseph was born. He weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces and was 22 inches long. He is a full pound and a half and two inches bigger than either of the other two boys were at birth. We were shocked by his size! He was bald (like Hunter was), which also surprised me, and he had the darkest eyes I've ever seen. After they weighed him and cleaned him up, Josh got to hold him and I got to look at him. I was kind of sleepy and was wondering why it was taking the OB so long to sew me back up. When the surgery was finally finished, I held Connor, and we all went to the recovery room for about an hour. My parents, Josh's parent's, and my sister and brother-in-law had been in the waiting room most of this time, so Josh told his parents to go get the boys from school and the baby-sitter's house. Josh went out into the waiting room to get something to eat and tell everyone about Connor. Connor tried to nurse for the first time. When the OB came in to talk to me, I found out why it had taken so long to sew me up. She said that (because I had labored so long when I shouldn't have), my uterus had started to rupture. That caused her to have to sew double what she would normally have to. I later found out that I should have had my c-section a week or two prior to week 39 to avoid this, and when I get preggo again, there are all sorts of extra precautions and things that will need to be taken. I am so disappointed that my OB did not anticipate and prevent this, and I am sad that it's going to be a problem in the future. When I was no longer numb, we moved to our hospital room. We wanted for Hunter and Ethan to be the first to meet Connor, so Josh brought them to the room. Hunter was excited about his baby brother. Ethan looked confused. Then everyone else came to see Connor. My brother-in-law, his wife, and their two daughters were also there at this point. After all of the visitors left, we had the nurse give Connor his first bath (which he did not like). Later that evening, my neck started to get stiff and sore. This also happened after Ethan's birth and was a side effect of anesthesia. It eventually went away after Ethan's birth, but before it did, I could literally not move my neck. I expected this to be similar. Connor was awake quite a bit that evening but nursed very well. We spent a lot of the next day resting and had a few more visitors that day and evening. The pediatrician came and checked Connor over, and he had his hearing test. The pediatrician thought he looked great, and he passed the hearing test. Connor got his first vaccination, and I had to get a rubella booster, since I no longer had immunity to it. We also filled out all of the paperwork for his birth certificate. I was developing quite a headache throughout the course of the day. I was also quite sore. In the past, I had been accustomed to having the epidural for several days to help with incision pain. However, since my epidural came out, I had only a morphine pump (which didn't help at all) and pain pills to help. I wasn't aware that I had to ask for the pain pills, so the nurses weren't bringing them very regularly at all. By Wednesday, I was in a lot of pain! The headache was also affecting my vision and hearing. Luckily, Connor was beginning to sleep lots better by this point, so I was able to rest too. We were told that I had a spinal headache as a result of the epidural/spinal block. That meant that too much of my spinal fluid had leaked out of my spinal column, so my brain no longer had the cushion of the spinal fluid to support it. They offered to do a blood patch, but I wasn't comfortable with the thought of the same anesthesiologists spending additional time digging around in my spinal column. That evening, I was in so much pain that I had to send Connor to the nursery. They brought him back to nurse, but I really couldn't even focus on him enough to make sure he was latched on correctly. They took me back to triage for the blood patch first thing the next morning. They took blood from my arm and inserted it into the hole where the epidural/spinal block was. Then, I had to lay on my back long enough for the blood to clot and stop the leaking of spinal fluid. I felt better immediately. We should have gone home on Thursday, but due to the blood patch, we stayed until Friday. The pediatrician also had to check Connor's bilirubin levels Friday morning, as he was beginning to look a bit jaundiced. The levels were normal. After five days in the hospital, we were more than ready to go home. My nipples were extremely sore from the bad latch while I had my headache, so we spent the weekend at home, letting Connor nurse and resting. The other kids came home from their grandparents house, and they've really impressed me with how well they've done with baby Connor. I expected a lot of jealousy from Ethan, but instead, Ethan has acted like more of a big boy than ever and been surprisingly sweet to Connor. Hunter's already been through this before, so he's already a pro. I am feeling lots better....almost 100% by this point. Connor has been a great baby so far....nursing great, sleeping pretty good. We are so blessed!

    Connor Joseph just born:

    Hunter Alexander holding Connor Joseph:

    Connor Joseph going home:


    Proud Mommy to...

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    I first had contractions starting on Friday night but they were somewhat inconsistent. They stopped completely the next morning so I was a bit disappointed. They started up again around 6pm and became consistent Saturday night at about 9pm. So, it was a long night needless to say. I started having bloody show around 2am. My midwife came around 9:30am (I think – I really am not for sure on the times – I was a little preoccupied!) on Sunday. She brought a birthing tub (which was actually a large plastic horse trough – it worked great!) and I spent the majority of my time in there.

    I think it was around 11 I had my midwife check me and I was dilated to 4cm – it was a little depressing because I felt I had already worked so hard! The baby was already at a +2 station which put so much pressure on my rectum - it was so uncomfortable!! I didn’t have her check me again until I was starting to feel “pushy” which was around 3/3:30 and to my surprise and excitement I was at 9cm!! The pushing started a little after 4. Wow that was INTENSE! My water broke a little while after I started pushing. Being in the tub really seemed to help a lot. I wasn’t sure before if I wanted to have a water birth but I definitely wanted to when the time came!

    Evan Henry was born into daddy’s loving hands at 5:15pm. He had APGAR scores of 10 and 10! Another wonderful thing about a home birth is that Evan was not taken out of my arms until I was ready. He nursed right away! Then daddy cut his cord, they did his newborn exam, we examined the placenta, checked me out (no tears!!), and got him weighed. We were all shocked he weighed as much as he did! His stats were: Weight 8 lbs 2 oz, Length 20 ¾”

    He is so precious and we are so blessed!!!

    DS Evan 2/18/07
    DD Mackenzie 12/2/08

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    ROUND 1:Our birth story began on February 8th even though Evan wasn't born until February 12th. We were scheduled to go to the hospital on Thursday evening, February 8th for an induction. I was supposed to receive cervadil the evening of the 8th and begin pitocin on the 9th. I was being induced due to my chronic hypertension. My doctors did not want me to go past my due date of February 14th. The cervadil was started aroung 6PM on the 8th. I had contractions every 3-4 minutes throughout the evening. They were uncomfortable, but not painful. The next morning my OB checked me and to my disppointment found me to still be only 1 cm and 50-60% effaced. He gave me three options: try a few rounds of cytotec to see if that would ripen my cervix, begin pitocin and if it didn't work go home and try again in a few days or begin pitocin and if it didn't work have a c-section. He gave me a 50% chance of the pitocin working as my cervix wasn't favorable.

    I opted to try the cytotec as I wasn't crazy about the possibility of the pitocin not working. I received two doses of cytotec throughout the day on the 9th. Both of which did nothing but cause some cramping and diarreaha (sorry if TMI). The next morning my OB checked me again and still no progress. He said we would try another round of cervadil. If that didn't ripen my cervix they would send me home to rest for a day or two. The cervadil again brought on contractions every 2-4 minutes throughout the evening and more diarreaha. When my OB checked me the next morning on the 10th my cervix still didn't make any progress. I was discharged from the hospital around lunch time and told to go home and rest, get a good night's sleep and come back the next day on the 11th around 5PM to try again.

    I was sooo discouraged and my abdomen was so sore from the contractions the last two days. I feared not having the stamina to make it through labor when the time came as I felt as though my stomach had been trampled by elephants the last two days. I was also upset because my mother and sister had traveled to the hospital for the weekend to be present for our child's birth only to leave at the end of the day on Saturday with no baby yet. My mother couldn't get Monday off work on such short notice, but my sister planned to return Sunday evening. Nonetheless, I got a good night's sleep, and my husband and I returned to L &D on Sunday the 11th at 5:00PM.

    ROUND 2: I guess the L&D nurses felt badly for my husband and I because upon returning to L&D on Sunday night we were given a suite twice the size of the one we were in previously. My doctor arrived around 7PM and administered the cervadil. The contractions began around 8PM along with the diarreaha once again

    The contractions were more intense this time around and by 10:30PM I was in active labor. I was 2-3 cm dilated. I asked for pain medicine at this point as my contractions were coming every 1.5-2 minutes lasting for 60-90 seconds. My L&D nurse called my OB. He didn't want to give me an epidural at this point as he was afraid it would slow down my labor. He okayed my nurse to give me an injection of stadol. I received the stadol at 10:45 and it instantly put me in a groggy state. I felt the contractions, but not as intense. I was able to drift in and out of sleep and had some very bizarre dreams. Unfortunately this state of disassociation lasted only 30 minutes and the pain was back worse than before. At 11:30PM I was checked again and I was 5-6cm. The cervadil was removed, and I again asked for an epidural.

    My doctor was called and I was told he would be in shortly for the anetheseologist to administer the epidural. He still hadn't arrived by 12:15AM. At this point all I could do was scream through the contractions. I asked the nurse to please call my doctor again. I was checked again at 12:50 and I was 8cm. My body began pushing. I couldn't control it. Two pushes later I was 10 cm. I began pushing at 1:00AM. My doctor arrived at 1:10 to explain his triplet girls were sleeping in bed with him and his wife and he rolled over and fell back to sleep after he received the first call from my L&D nurse. He had been the only OB on call since Friday and apparently he had a busy weekend. The baby's heart rate dropped to 40 beats per minute shortly after my OB arrived. I was immediately given an episiotomy and the vacuum extractor was used to aid in quickly delivering our baby.

    Evan Charles was born at 1:16AM weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces and 21 and a half inches. With the speed my labor progressed my husband didn't have a chance to call my sister to join us for the birth until 12:30AM. Our baby arrived minutes before she got to the hospital. She was disappointed she missed the birth, but I think it was for the best being as I was in so much pain.

    While Evan was taken to the nursery for his first bath and assessment, my husband, sister and I were treated to a 3:00AM meal in my post partem recovery room. In the end I was glad to not have had the epidural as I felt great immediately after the birth. My husband and I stayed awake the rest of the night taking turns holding and loving our son.

    I stayed in the hospital until Wednesday, February 14th. We went home on Valentine's Day in the middle of the ice storm here in PA. Evan is such a precious baby. He is such an easy going baby. We feel sooooo blessed.

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    Here's my story.

    7am--Got to the hospital, started on the pit. They tried to draw blood from the same vein and it kept blowing. It hurt like HELL!! So they got me hooked up and we waited, and waited, and waited. I was progressing very slowly, so at some point in the day the Dr came and broke my water and that really didn't get anything moving either. They had the Pit up at high as it would go and the pain was kicking my butt. I didn't want a epidural, so I opted for morphine instead. I had never had it before, and it did nothing for the pain, but did make me sleepy inbetween contractions. The baby did fine during the whole process. The dr said that once I got to a 6, I would go really fast. So that evening they checked me and I was at a tight 6. At this point I was begging for something to get rid of the pain. So I got a spinal. It was quick and painless and as soon as I laid down I was warm and itching all over. It was heaven for about two minutes and then I had the terrible urge to push. In less than 30 min I was ready to go. So the dr, who was waiting around for me, was in and we were ready to push. Becuase of the morphine, I was pretty drousy and I was having some problems concentrating during pushes. I could feel myself ease up on the push, but it took three contractions and he was out. It hurt a lot more, partly because the spinal didn't have time to take effect fully. I did tear, second degree. Its was painful for the first couple of days, but then after that it healed so much quicker than before when they cut me. I did start throwing up and they gave me something for that, it didn't make me loopy, but it also didn't work real well. Because of the spinal, I couldn't pee. That was the worst feeling ever. and they had to straight cath me a couple of times, but the next morning I was okay. Recovery was a lot harder this time around with the cramps and milk coming in. I'm still having some discharge, its yellowish now, I wish that it would go away. Raiden has been on about three different formulas and through about 4 different bottles, and I think that we've found the right combination. Now we're trying to get him on a schedule. I don't have any updated pictures of him, they are still on my camera. I will get some as soon as I can. So that's about it. My stay was great the baby is fine and growing and Robert is doing really well with him.

    Stats: Raiden Lynn Cook
    6# 10oz
    20 1/4inches

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    Okay ladies... here's my birth story. Sorry it's so long... I just couldn't decide what to include and what to leave out. It was a long 23 hours!

    The Birth of Gabriel Dominion

    • Friday, 2/23/07- woke up around 8:00 and got up to take a shower--- lost my mucus plug. Had a few mild contractions after that.
    • 10:45- Dr.’s appt.- 39 weeks, 5 days- Dr. did my first internal. Said I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Dr. guessed baby was at +2. She did a mild stripping of my membranes to see if it would help get anything started. My dr. thought I would probably deliver during the weekend. Contractions started getting stronger on the way home from the dr.’s office. Asked DH if he could try and get off work early as I didn’t want to be home alone all afternoon.
    • We had company come over for pizza and games at 6:00… this had been planned earlier in the week. Started having stronger contractions before they got to our house. Contractions got stronger throughout the night. They left at 9:45… and that was a good thing because the contractions really started to kick in then.
    • By 10:30… contractions were 5 minutes apart and 45-60 seconds long. Left for the hospital about 11:20. Arrived 12:05. Around 1:00 am, my friend Heather arrived to take pictures and video the delivery and just offer support.
    • One of the dr.’s on duty checked me and said I was 2 cm dilated and 65% effaced. He couldn’t officially admit me until I was 4 cm dilated. So, we walked the same hall, back and forth for several hours.
    • Around 2:30, they wanted to monitor me again. Baby’s heartbeat showed a little bit of a slow response after a contraction, so the nurse turned me on my side and said she’d be back soon and the dr. would check me. Well, they had a couple of emergency situations arise and they didn’t check me for an hour. While lying on my side for that hour, my legs began to shake uncontrollably. It was really strange. There was nothing I could do to stop them from shaking. When I was finally checked again around 3:30 am, I was 4 cm dilated, so I could be officially admitted for delivery.
    • After this, things progressed really slowly… I don’t exactly remember everything that happened. I was allowed to have intermittent monitoring… which was really nice. Tried several different positions to ease the pain. Standing and rocking back and forth helped ease the pain for awhile. Sometime in the morning around 7:00, I got in the shower… that also helped ease the pain, but slowed the contractions.
    • I used the birthing ball for an hour or so after that, but my legs began to shake again… so I had to get off of it.
    • Things were still progressing slowly at this point. Every time I would lie down, the contractions would space out to every 5-7 minutes. If I was up and walking or on the ball or just standing by the bed, they would speed up. Thus, every time they went to monitor the contractions and baby’s heartbeat, my contractions would space out. It was frustrating!
    • Around 10:30 or 11:00, the doula that was on call from the hospital showed up. She was so young and sweet!!! She helped suggest different positions to help gravity move the baby down, applied pressure on my back during contractions to ease the pain, showed DH how to squeeze my hips to bring release during contractions, did pressure point massage on my feet during contractions, brought me chicken broth when I was starving and needed something to help regain some strength, helped count out breaths during contractions, kept verbally encouraging me to keep going, held my legs up and applied pressure during contractions to help widen my cervix, fed me ice chips, on and on and on. She gave pointers to DH and my friend also on ways to ease the pain… I was really amazed by her knowledge and how well her advice helped me make it through.
    • A little after noon I began to feel very week. I think I had stalled at a 5 or a 6 for several hours and knew that it would be a while longer before I could push baby out. My goal was to make it at least 12 hours without medication… if I didn’t deliver before then. Well, I had passed the 12 hour mark and I needed some relief… so, after talking with my dr. I decided to try an ounce of Stadol. Immediately after begin given the Stadol, my tongue got thick and I began to space out. I was actually able to sleep between contractions… it was so strange.
    • After the Stadol wore off around 3:00, I was able to get up and take another shower. I had to go pee so badly at this point. When I went… it kept coming and coming and coming… I thought my water had broke… and told my DH and he told the nurse. Once getting out of the shower, she checked me and said that it was still there and bulging… about 30 seconds later, I felt this huge gush and there went my water for good. I think I was around a 7-8 at this point.
    • The contractions got stronger and I asked for a second dose of Stadol. It helped take the edge off the pain, which was good because they were definitely worse than before. Sometime during labor… I began to hummm and moan during contractions and vocalize a little bit. I swore beforehand that I wouldn’t do this, but I just couldn’t not do it… and it really did help me focus on the contractions and the work they were doing rather than the pain. I hope I didn’t scare any small children in the halls.
    • Finally, I began to dilate more again… and made it to 9 and then almost a 10. The last little bit took some time as the lips of the cervix didn’t want to go away completely. The dr. actually stuck her hand up there and helped push them back all the way during a contraction. By the time this was completed, the baby was at a -2. The dr. kept asking me if I felt the urge to push… I never really got that urge.
    • The next thing I knew, the room began to fill up with nurses, the head dr. on duty, and an attending Dr. Preparations were made for the actual delivery. They moved a mirror down to the end of the bed so I could see what was happening down there. The dr. told me to start pushing and he moved down quickly. The hard part was that my contractions began to spread out again… they were still about 5 minutes apart. So, I had to wait a while between pushes. My contractions never got closer than 3-5 minutes apart and never lasted longer than a minute. The first thing I remember someone saying when baby’s head was seen was that he had lots of black hair and they could see a curl on the top of his head.
    • After about an hour or so of pushing… out he came!!! He was born at 9:13 on February 24th. He cried really well upon entering the real world. I remember being amazed that he was actually out and that I did it.
    • All in all, things went really well. I got a little second degree tear… I think having it sewn up was actually worse than him coming out. Baby was immediately put up on me and wiped off. Then, after a little bit they weighed and measured him and did his footprints. I got to hold him again before they took him to the nursery. We called our parents on our cell phones to let them know he had finally arrived.
    • I still can’t believe I actually did it naturally and that our little boy is here after 23 hours of labor. It was an amazing experience!!!
    DS 2/24/07, DD1 3/17/09, DD2 9/15/11, DD3 10/02/13

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