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Thread: Heartbreaker Arrivals and Birth Stories

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    Default Heartbreaker Arrivals and Birth Stories

    Please post your birth stories here, and include your baby's day of birth and I'll add it to the original post!

    Dec 13, 2009:
    (Mommy: Lavender444) Andrew Thomas arrived at 0753 am at 31 weeks by c-section. 4 lbs 0oz and 17 in.

    Dec 30th, 2009:
    juno610 ???

    January 8th, 2010:
    (Mommy: Juliekb) Lucas Vincent arrived at 10:29 am by c-section at 34w 2d. 4lbs 7oz, 16in - no oxygen or cpap!

    January 12th, 2010
    (Mommy: Soon2BeMomOf3) Jacob Hanley arrived by c-section at 34 w 2d at 11:07 am. 6lbs 5.6 ounces, 18.5 in.

    January 13th, 2010
    (Mommy: AMANDADION) Sophie Victoria Marie arrived at 37 weeks at 5:15am. 7 lbs 7.5oz and just under 20 in

    January 20th, 2010
    (Mommy: domommy) Joshua arrived at 38 w 1 d at 1:30pm. 6lbs 14oz 18in.

    January 23rd, 2010
    (Mommy: *~*Amber*~*) Erykah Jade arrived at 38w 5d at 8am. 5lbs8 oz

    January 26th, 2010
    (Mommy: Heatherbella) Kennedy Adelaide - w. 7lbs 4oz, l. 20"

    January 28th, 2010
    (Mommy: capricornchrissy) Mila Sierra, weighed 7 lbs, 10 ounces, 19 inches long.

    January 29th, 2010
    (Mommy: terib526) Matt

    January 31, 2010
    (Mommy: Caiomhe) Daniel Blair, w. 9lb 6oz, l. 21"

    February 1st, 2010
    (Mommy: jackie79) LillyAnn Marie, 11:23 AM, 6lbs 15.3 oz, 19.5 inches

    February 2nd, 2010
    (Mommy: entmama04) Myah Addison, 5lbs 14 oz, 19in

    February 5th, 2010
    (mommy: mcraig) Santannah Lynn

    February 8th, 2010
    (Mommy: babyit-uk) Christopher Logan @ 38 weeks!!! weighing 3.250kgs (7lb11oz) and 50.5cms long (about 19 inches)

    February 8th, 2010
    (Mommy: fuocoragazza) Dominic Anthony, 8 lbs 5 oz, 20 inches

    February 9th, 2010
    (Mommy: iamelated) John Maurice (Jack) born at 41w5d, 9:10 pm by surprise c-section. Weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces, 20 inches long.

    February 12, 2010
    (Mommy: Lorah) Isabella Jenavieve, Born 37.1 weeks gestation at 8:38pm, via emergency C-Section. Weighing 6lbs 2 oz and 18 1/2 inches long.

    February 12, 2010
    (mommy: ababyboy4me1) Sierra

    February 13, 2010
    (Mommy: trixiepixie) Alexis Sophia Thompson P****** born at 3:24 pm at 38w5d. Weighing 6lbs 11oz 20 inches long, via surprise c-section which was originally scheduled for February 15th...apparently she just couldn't wait that long to see us

    February 17th, 2010
    (Mommy: lioness4)Julia Marie born @ 39 wks gestation at 7:31 am, via repeat c-section weight 7lbs 3.4oz's and 19 1/4 inches long.

    February 19th, 2010
    (Mommy: DrakePlusOne) Seth Randolph

    February 23rd, 2010
    (Mommy: kridda_88 ) William Michael Erastus born at 39 weeks 2 days, 5:47 a.m weighing 5 pounds 12 ounces, between 19 and 20 inches long.

    February 27th, 2010
    (Mommy: nero1281) Erin Grace White born at 40 weeks, 11.34 am by surprise c-section. Weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces, 21 inches long

    March 2, 2010
    (Mommy: aunt_freya) Elliott Frances, 7 lbs. 12 oz, 21 inches
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    January 8, 2010

    Lucas Vincent's birth story:

    After posting about reaching our goal of 34 weeks and 1 day (the point at which DS1 was born) on Thursday, I was feeling very confident about going a couple more weeks at least. I had been feeling really great lately after seeing a chiropractor and going to the pool (both approved by my doc), and my contractions had really been mild and under control lately, even with weaning off the Procardia that week by doctor’s orders. I slept great Thursday night. Friday morning, my MIL had gotten Isaac up for the day, and he came into my room and crawled in bed with me, waking me up around 8:45am. We snuggled for a bit and turned on some cartoons. I was just lying there waking up when I felt a little popping sensation in my belly. I knew it wasn’t a kick, and I knew right away something was up. I felt a little trickle of fluid and checked immediately to make sure it wasn’t blood. I’d had a partial placental abruption with Isaac and had been paranoid about that. It wasn’t blood. So I got out of bed and started walking to the bathroom when all of a sudden – GUSH – Niagra Falls! There was absolutely no doubt my water had broke. And since he was breech, his head wasn’t down there to plug up my cervix, so all the fluid rushed out very quickly with every movement he or I made. It was a mess. MIL got Isaac dressed and I gather my stuff (I still hadn’t packed my bag, regret that now) while leaking fluid everywhere. We rushed to the hospital, and I was starting to have mild contractions every 5-7 minutes or so, not much different from the ones I usually have. They did a quick u/s to confirm he was still breech, and checked my cervix. I was already 4cm and 90% effaced! And she could feel a foot and leg sticking out. So they prepped me, got me a spinal block and got him out quickly. My water broke around 9am, and he was born at 10:29am (and the hospital is a 15 min drive from my house) - that’s how quick they moved. My spinal block didn’t work well, and part of my right side didn’t get completely numbed, so I felt a lot of discomfort mostly on that side. But it was mainly just very rough pulling and pressure that I felt, but it hurt pretty bad. They gave me extra morphine during to help some. Lucas came out screaming and kicking, such a wonderful sound, and they cleaned him up and brought him over to see me and let me kiss him. It was such a special moment for DH and I, because with Isaac, he was not breathing at birth and was taken away from us immediately and it was hours before we saw him again. That was so hard on me. So this was even more special. He did so well. After I was cleaned up, they even brought him to me to hold for 5 minutes or so. It was awesome. I had told my doctor before hand throughout this pregnancy, that my primary goal was to be able to hold my baby after he was born, because I didn’t get that last time. Well, I got my wish, even though I still wasn’t able to cook him longer. What a blessing.

    The doctor said that the cord had been tightly wrapped around his little neck twice, which explains why he was unable to get out of the breech position. She said there’s no way he could have turned around. And had he gotten much bigger, it would have been even tighter and may have caused more problems. She said it looks like he was lucky to have been born early and by c/s. So it’s all good.

    He weighed 4lbs 7oz, 16” long, just slightly smaller than his big brother, though he was gestationally 1 whole day more mature at birth. I still can’t believe I had two 34 week babies. My body just has a limit I guess.
    Isaac Lee - 10/3/07 @ 34 weeks 1 day - 4lbs15oz
    Lucas Vincent - 1/8/10 @ 34 weeks 2 days - 4lbs7oz

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    Monday night I went to work @ 11pm like always. Around 1230am or 1am, I felt a small gush. I always wear a pad for incotinence so I thought nothing of it, just that maybe baby had pushed on my bladder. I went to check my pad and it was saturated with fluid. I changed my pad and went back to working. I am a nurse so I am used to being on my feet all night at work. I kept feeling little gushes so I texted my husband @ 230 and told him that I was going to stop in LDR on my way out of the hospital. A couple of hours later, the leaking had picked up and I was having mild contractions, so I finshed my charting and passing my morning meds and taped report and left work a couple of hours early. I had to go home and get my husband because he didn't have any keys to the other vehicle. We dropped our youngest son off at Grandma's house and headed back to the hospital. When the dr tested the fluid, it was indeed amniotic fluid and since we were supposed to be a scheduled c-section, they made the call to the Dr and he said let's go ahead and get the baby out. I was in the OR by 10am and Jacob was born at 11:07 am. He weighed in at a whopping 6lbs 5.6 ounces and was 18.5 inches long. He had a very vigorous cry at delivery and I truly thought he would be able to stay with me. But his respirations were in the 100's. He was shown to me and then whisked off to NICU. The neonatologist told us that he would probably only be in NICU for a little while, maybe a day or two.

    However, today he was not doing as well. He had to be intubated and put on a respirator and they gave him Surfactant to help his lungs expand. They also have him on 3 antibiotics because they suspect he may have aspirated somthing @ delivery and may now have pnuemonia.

    Hopefully the surfactant will help and he will be able to transisiton out into Special Care instead of NICU tomorrow.
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    Jacob Hanley 01/12/2010
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    Sophie Victoria Marie, January 13th, 2010 at 5:15 am.

    So as my earlier post I had been back and forth to the hospital 3 times only to be drugged up and sent home as I just wasn't progressing from 3 cm's dilated and 90% effaced.
    Tuesday morning (after spending 8 hours at the hospital the day before...contracting every 4 minutes) I was just tired and sick of the labor pains and not advancing but knowing that the hospital wasn't going to do anything until I was 4 cm's or my water had broken. I started the day by having some "rougher" loving and hoping that it would either bring on stronger contractions or my water breaking. But nothing....still contracting every 4 minutes...so out comes like 5 cups of raspberry tea..... Nothing..... So at 8 pm I decided that a walk was what is best....So out I go to Tim hortons (about a 30 minute walk) through the snow just giving it.....Well I get there and I am feeling alittle bit more pain but nothing to bad....So I sit down have a cookie and a tea and start my walk home....Well then it started, the pain got so bad that I had to stop.....I got half way home and called my DH to come and get me...
    We went home and I decided to walk around the house a bit and try and keep it going, I really didn't want to go back to the hospital and have them tell me.."sorry"
    So after my DH finished his gaming (world of warcraft) at about 11:30 he decided it was time to head to the hospital.
    We got there at around 12 and the nurse said you're 4..let's get you and epidural and have this baby...Well I hugged her and said let's go...finally I was having my baby!
    So I got my epidural by about 2 am and was all settled and happy. The checked me at 4 am and I was just at 5 cm's so they decided to empty my bladder and get some pitocin started...Well Emptying my bladder did something because all of a sudden my epidural wasn't working and I was feeling every contraction very badly.. They got the epidural guy back who had to top me up twice before I was numb again. I was only 5 so they got me numbed again....
    The nurse was having trouble finding Sophie's heart beat so as soon as I was numb she called the resident in to put an internal heart monitor on her head. They asked me to go onto my back so he could put on the monitor....Well to his surprise and everyone's else's (Even mine as I felt nothing) she was crowning and there was no time...People were scrambling and the OB doctor actually never made it into the room until her head was out. The resident doctor had enough time to get gloves on only! HA ha.....
    I told each and every single one of those people that once I go...I go so be ready to catch!
    I went from 5 to delivery in 45 minutes.
    Anyways she came out but she was pretty quiet, (unlike her sister who screamed like they were killing her) and the nurses couldn't get her to breathe at a normal rate so they had to call in the NICU people who tried for about 1/2 hour to clear her out. They did a pretty good job but they wanted to take her to the NICU for observation for the morning. It worked well for me because I had to let my epidural wear off before they could move me. About 20 minutes after she was born the epidural came back to see how it was all working and was like "what the heck happened??? You have your baby?" ha ha

    So that is the story of Sophie's birth!

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    I went to the ob last Tues and was 4 cm dilated and she didn't think I would make it until the end of the week so we scheduled an induction for 1/29. I got in at 6:30 and they started the pit very low at 1 bc I have fast labors and my ob didn't get in until 9. I had a feeling she would be late. She broke my water at 9:25 when I was 6 cm. Meanwhile this woman had a horrid birth apparently missing the epi she wanted and she was screaming and her voice kept changing and was yelling she couldn't do it. I was ready to jump out the window and thankfully had done this before or I might have tried. The anesthesiologist was at a csection so I was afraid I may go naturally too (sorry I am not brave). Last time with dd they broke my water and there she was. I had back labor and it got pretty intense. I got my epi at 10:30 and I was 8 cm. I went to 10 in 5 min. The epi was the bomb. Mike said I was a new person. I am happy how quickly I got to 10. I pushed longer than I did with the other two: from 10:45 until 11:06. She had to cut my episiotomy scar bc he kept crowning and then going back in- not pleasant! Hi shoulder got stuck and the umbilical cord was as huge as a small snake. Everyone stopped to look at that. It was huge. He was shorter and heavier than my other two at 8 lb 4.8 oz 19 3/4 in long. He is such a snuggler and hates to be cold. We had him circ'd yesterday and he had a bleeding episode so they had us stay later. My ped didn't bat an eye and he is great in a crisis but it was unnerving and I felt so bad. We didn't have any issue with his brother. I actually feel better than after my last baby so I am hoping I will heal quickly. Now I need a nap!

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    Kennedy's Birth Story

    After a rather uneventful pregnancy it was determined at our 36w4d ultrasound that our baby was breech. I had suspected that baby was breech for a while, but at my 30w4d appointment, midwife Sandy felt baby was head down. I was surprised! Two week later, at my 32w4d appointment midwife Margaret thought that baby was breech. The fact that the midwives couldn't agree meant we were sent for our 36w4d ultrasound on New Years Eve which proved once and for all that baby was breech.

    On the morning of January 26, 2010, we arrived at the hospital for our scheduled c-section. Our midwife, Sandy, and midwife-in-training, Dawn, met us there at 6:45 am. They confirmed baby was still breech and started my IV. Then we all just sat there and chatted until 7:45 am when nurse Vanessa came in and told us they were ready for us. It all seemed surreal. I mean, was I really going to meet my daughter today?

    DH put on his Elvis Suit (as he calls it) and we were off!

    The midwives and nurses wheeled my bed down the hall to the entryway to the operating room.

    They only took me as far as the operating room door and then I had to get up and walk into the room. Here I am going in!

    DH wasn't allowed into the room until they had administered the spinal, shaved me and prepped me. I sat on the operating table for the spinal and midwife Sandy held my hand. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Once the spinal was done everyone was quite adamant about me getting on my back quickly. I guess it's a problem when people go numb before they lay down! I could feel my feet starting to get warm as I was lying down. They put a wedge under one side of my body to tilt me and allow the fluid to run down my legs. The spinal freezing felt more normal than I expected it to. I was really worried about how it would feel to be out of control of the majority of my body, but it was just fine.

    The drape was then put up and a nurse shaved me. They did a bikini cut which is below my hairline. I'm all for hiding scars! My tummy was then prepped and DH was brought into the room.

    The air about the room was very upbeat. There were probably 10 or more people in the room and most people were just having little conversations. It was very relaxing. At one point I heard the OB talking to his assistant about the movie Avatar. We had just seen it two days prior and quite liked it.

    Next thing I knew they had started the incision. They hadn't told me, but I heard them say something that led me to believe they had started and I was right. I can't remember the exact conversation but DH and I were just chatting about things as we waited. It was all rather calm and surreal. Next thing I knew I heard suction which I imagine was them sucking up the amniotic fluid. Then someone told me she was half out then all the way out! I then heard the cutest little squeak from the other side of the curtain. I remember thinking "Is that her? Is that my daughter?" Next thing I knew there was this cute little face peering over the curtain at me. That's my girl!

    She was then taken over to the pediatrician for evaluation. DH was still sitting with me but we had already agreed he'd go over with baby, so after a reminder he went to her. I could see her from where I was so I watched as they evaluated her. It all felt so weird. She was JUST inside me! At this point I realized no one had mentioned the baby's gender. The DNA tests we had said girl, but I still wanted to be sure. I remember asking "Is she still a girl?" Someone replied "Yes"?, phew!

    While the pediatrician had her he evaluated her hips and everything seemed to be just fine. Frank Breech can often have hip problem. She did have a bit of an oddly shaped 'Breech Head'? but that should disappear in a few days.

    Everyone was asking us what her name was and we proudly announced "Kennedy Adelaide"?. DH was offered to cut the cord so he handed me the camera to capture the moment from my angle.

    Kennedy Adelaide H***** was born on Tuesday, January 26, 2010, at 8:27 am, weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and measuring 20 inches long. Her Apgars were 9 and 9. What a strong girl! After all the standard checks were done baby was handed to DH and shown to me. What a prefect and beautiful little girl! It was hard to believe she was here and that she was ours!

    We sat there for quite a while waiting for them to sew me back up. Baby Kennedy was sucking her fists, wanting to nurse, so it was a bit hard to wait so long to get out of the operating room. After a little while DH left with the midwives to take Kennedy to our room. The nurses lifted me off the operating table and back on to my bed for the ride back.

    When I arrived at the room everyone was waiting for me. The hospital nurses had to do a bunch of checks on me and then the midwife-in-training, Dawn, held Kennedy up to breastfeed. I was starting to get pretty dozy by this time so I wasn't much help.

    The recovery has been really good so far. The first day was a bit of a blur. I know it involved Tylenol, Advil, morphine, Gravol, nausea and extreme drowsiness. DH was a savior that day as he was primary caregiver for Kennedy. I was just too drowsy to be of any help, plus, I couldn't get out of bed. The nurses bathed her and DH learned all about it, along with cord care. One of the nurses, Vanessa, went above and beyond that night. I was beyond exhausted and she latched baby on and held her there for a good 20 minutes while I drifted in and out of consciousness. What great care!

    We ended up only staying in the hospital for 2 nights. The first one wasn't bad but by the second night the bed was getting very uncomfortable. Kennedy has nursed well since day one, I'm so proud. Today she is 4 days old and hasn't received any bottles or supplements. I never imagined it would go this well.

    Here are a couple bonus pictures of our sweet girl.

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    Default Birth story of Myah Addison

    Myah Addison
    February 2, 2010
    5lbs 14 oz

    Friday, January 29 - Doc appt he stips my memebranes and says to call him monday if nothing happens over the weekend. Baby has its hand on its head.
    Monday, Feb 1 - Well nothing happened over the weekend that was productive. So he takes all morn to decide that he does not want to induce me for the reason of that hand. They then talk a c sec and I got so scared. I was crying and I talked and pleaded with baby to move.
    Tueday, Feb 2 - Wake up as norm just fine no contractions. get doing things around the house and near 8 am a start to get a few contractions so I sit down and time them for a bit. They are 3-4 mins lasting just over a min around 9 am I start to get the shakes (I was not cold). I call dh tell him he needs to come home and I start making calls to find someone to watch the other 4 kids. My sister takes them for a while but she had to work so I let dh deal with that since I was a bit busy. We get to L&D at 1030 am and they get me on the monitor and the contraction are lasting longer than I had thought. they aslo check me and I am at 4 cm. so they have me walk for a while and check again around 2pm and I was at 5 cm. so they admit me then and tell me my doc will be in around 430pm to break my water..... I panic a lil cuz I know how fast things move after it is broken.
    Doc arrives at 345pm ( 45 mins early).... he checks and I have gone backward i am now only 3cm. doc looks for a hand and finds none. so he sees if he can get baby to stay down and he is able to hold baby down on my cervix and so he breaks my water. Turned out to be a good thing. I had polyhydramnios (too much fluid). Apparently you are to have around a quart of fluid; I had close to if not over a gallon. So he broke my water at 402 pm and I got supper around 5 and like normal I could not eat it. They also hooked me to the monitors for a while to make sure the head stayed down and the cord did not fall down. So I ask for my supper to be place in the fridge for later.. Dh tries to eat the meal they gave him as well between my contractions cuz they had picked up. So this is around 530pm and I get taken off the monitor. I can't remember what happen between 530pm and 630pm. Nurse comes in and checks at 630 and then we debate whether I was going to walk or ride to the bigger room (it was full when I was admited) I walked tothe bigger room (which in hindsight was not such a good idea to me). So at 7pm we get to the bigger room and I labor in there for 15 mins while hanging on dh wanting to cry. Then my doc comes in and says "You're gb+. we need to get the anti's on board". So the nurse was quick and worked with me and got the iv in between contractions. They waited and had me breathe thru 2 contractions on the bed while the anti's flow in. Once they were in doc checks again and I am at 8cm and 100%. He says that we need to get set up that cervix will melt away and no sooner than he siad that and I was grunting. While waiting for a contraction; doc looks at dh and asks if he wants to catch baby. Dh had a look of surprise and decided not to. I was complete at 722pm. Dh got to annouce to the room what baby is. Myah was born into the world at 727pm. They laid her on my chest and suddenly I did not have a name for her. DH cut the cord. Myah started making odd noises breathing so I had them take her to the warmer to check her out and she was fine. I got the first hour to bond with her before they gave her the meds (vit k and eye goop) she nursed well in that hour and acted like she had been for months.

    She was sent home on a bili blanket and has now come off that and is gianing wieght like she should.
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    Well my little boy arrived on Monday Night 08 Feb at 11.00pm @ 38 weeks!!! weighing 3.250kgs (7lb11oz) and 50.5cms long (about 19 inches)

    Here is how it happened.....

    Monday everything was totally normal I didnt have any signs that things were going to happen that night. I had got the kids ready for bed and we were all cuddled up watching playhouse disney waiting for DH to get home from work. It was 9.00pm when I had a very intense BH and was feeling loads of pressure when I felt/heard a pop and a huge gush of water. I got DD to hand me the phone and phoned my MIL (who thankfully lives downstairs) to come up, she took the kids while I got myself to the bathroom called DH who was just around the corner from home thankfully to come quick. When he arrived he was flapping like a headless chicken lol but I hadn't had a contraction yest so wasn't worried. We got all our stuff together and got to the hospital at 9.30pm then it was 15 mins to fill out paper work answer questions before they checked me. It was about 9.45 when the OB checked me and said cervix was soft but still 1cm and that we just needed to wait for labout to start. They got me set up and put me on a monitor and contractions started coming at about 10.00pm after 20mins she checked me again and I was at 4cms, then things really started to happen we walked down to the delivery suite to get settled there and my contractions really stepped up a notch - I really didn't remember them being that painfull lol - all this time I was still loosing tons of water with every contrax. they put me on the monitor again and it was horrible not being able to move around. I asked to get up as they were so painful so she checked me again (at 10.45pm) and I was 8cms so she said we would move to the delivery room and to tell her when I needed to push. after just two more I felt the urge so she got me up on the bed and said that with the next contraction she needed to break the last membrane and to not push!! It was so difficult not to push and I had to pant it out while she broke the last bit of waters, when they broke I just felt him coming and immediately felt the "ring of fire" then she said push and with one push his head came out, then a second push came his body all over at 11.00pm!!! I was actually in shock it happened so fast!! Christopher came out screaming but quietened down immediately when they put him on my chest. I needed just two tiny stiches which they gave me without any anasthetic (sp!).
    He is totally gorgeous and I am so in love with him, as soon as we got settled he latched on straight away and has been feeding like a champ He has been feeding every 3hrs more or less which is good.

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    Mila's Birth Story

    Not much to tell really. I had a repeat c-section at the same hospital, so I knew exactly what to expect. I went in at 2:00 to check in. We immediately went to our pre-op room where I was monitored and hooked up to an IV. DH stayed with me. We tried to relax, chat, took some video. At 3:30 the anesthesiologist came in for my epidural. It went in without a hitch, I had very good luck with the epi both times. The anesthesiologist thought it was a riot that my baby's name came to me in a dream. He said it was very "Carlos Castaneda" of me. Then I got a 10-minute lecture on Carlos Castaneda and how he believed in taking peyote so that your dreams would be more vivid and could guide you in your life's decisions. Or something like that. Pretty funny. Anyway, then it was time to shave me and prep me for the operation. My doc came in with some wise-cracks about how he had to interrupt his golf game to come deliver my baby. Then it was showtime! My DH came in wearing his scrubs outfit. He stayed by my head most of the time. After what seemed like an hour of pulling and pushing, my little girl came out, screaming her head off. I think my DH was a little woozy or light-headed or something. He didn't get any good pics of her until after she was cleaned up. They brought her to me, all bundled up. DH and I held her while I got cleaned and stitched up. Once she was bundled up and with us, she stopped screaming and just looked around. She was perfect and content. She rooted around for a breast, she was ready for her first meal! I held her while they wheeled me back to the pre-op room. Once we got there, they stripped me down and encouraged skin to skin contact. She immediately started nursing with no problem. My family came in to visit: my DH, 2-year-old son, mother, MIL, and sister. The rest is just the usual somewhat painful recovery stuff. My meds did make me sick this time and I spent the first couple of days feeling nauseous and vomiting. Other than that, no problems. Mila Sierra arrived on January 28, 2010. She weighed 7 lbs, 10 ounces, 19 inches long.

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    Dominic Anthony L****
    8 lbs 5 oz
    20 inches

    Birth Story:

    Around 5 PM I went to the bathroom, and as I was walking down the hallway I felt like I had peed myself again. It was weird, and I commented on it but continued to watch the Super Bowl. After I went to the bathroom the second time, and stood up, water splashed on the floor. I was pretty sure it was my waters breaking, so we went to the hospital and they confirmed it in L&D. They got me hooked up to the monitors and D's heartrate was really elevated--so they gave me an IV thinking it might be dehydration and the IV would bring it down. Eventually his heartrate dropped a little and they were pleased, but they felt my contractions were not strong enough or regular enough that they put me on pitocin. About an hour into pit I asked for an epi--I was 4cm and 90%--and after I was given the epi I was much happier. About 20 minutes after that they had to take me off pit because D's heartrate was dropping and my blood pressure had dropped very low so they put me on the hands and knees position for 2 hours. And for some reason my Epi wore off on one side, so I was feeling one sided contractions that sucked just the same. Around 5 AM ish they checked me again and I was 6 CM (I'd only had the pit for about an hour because we were not tolerating it well) but the Dr felt that my contrax were not strong enough or regular enough to continue with my son's low heartrate (It had dropped to the 90's) so I had an emergency C that happened really quickly and I was scared. It was surreal to hear my son scream for the first time--they rushed him over to me, showed me, then he and my husband left and I was alone. That sucked too. Finally it was over and they wheeled me into my room where I moved from one bed to another and a nurse commented on a "little blood" but it was no big deal. I had the shakes for the next 4 hours and my skin was very itchy. I commented to my husband that I felt weird on my legs, and I reached under the blanket to touch them and when I pulled my hand out my fingers were covered in blood. I asked my husband to look down there and he immediately called a nurse. Soon my room was full of people and they were putting pressure on the c-section site, and got something I think they called a sandbag? and wheeled me to the OR. They knocked me out and had to reopen me, where they had found a vein that had clotted, filled with blood, then hemorraged. Luckily I noticed it before I lost too much blood. A little sore, a LOT tired and totally in love with my son! =]

    Just born:

    lol, They were mirroring each other:


    Finally home:
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    Courtney, 29

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