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    LillyAnn Marie
    11:23 AM
    6lbs 15.3 oz
    19.5 inches

    Birth Story:

    The Tuesday (January 26) before Lilly was born, my BP was 150/100 and then after laying down 140/98. I was 1cm dialated and 40% effaced. The dr. gave me the option of being induced the next day or bedrest for six days so that I could make it to 37 weeks. I opted to wait and try to hit the 37 week mark. DS was delivered at 37 weeks and had some breathing complications for his first few hours. I wanted her to bake as long as I could.

    On Sunday, January 31, we went and ate a steak dinner and dropped off DS at my in-laws. I was admitted to the hospital at 10:00. By 11:00, I was hooked up to the pitocin. I requested an Ambien per dr. orders. The AMbien did not work as well this time as it did the last with DS. I started feeling contractions at about 2:00 AM and requested the epi. Within 15 minute, they administered it and I felt alot better. The dr. came in at 7AM to check on my progress. I was 4cm and she broke my water. When she did this, the baby dropped very quickly and her heartrate dropped.Theyt made me turn on my right side and she did not like that - heart rate stayed low. Then, they had me turn back on my left side and it finally went back to normal - very scary 5 minutes. They turned the pitocin off for about an hour after that to give Lilly a break. I was contracting on my own but not strong enough, at eight they turned the pitocin back on. By 10:00, I was 8 cm dialated. The nurse told me to tell her if I felt any pressure which is really hard to do with an epi. I asked her to check me at 10:30 and I was a 9 and about 15 minutes later, I was complete and ready to push. I pushed for about 20 minutes and Lilly was born at at 11:23 AM on Feb. 1 , 2010. Her apgar scores were 8 and 9. We were able to nurse right away and she has done great. We are so in love with our baby girl.

    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

    Adam - September 2006
    LillyAnn - February 1, 2010

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    If I tell ya I'd have to kill you!:)

    Default Julia's birth story.

    So I knew of my babys birth day for 3 wks...I counted them days down till tues(the night before c/s) I was excited but sad as this my last pregnancy. I couldnt get to sleep knowing my baby would be born in a few short hours...the moment a woman has kids she waits for her daughter to be born...it was finally happening...I had my boys now it was time for my girl.
    So at 4:45am I got dressed and by 5am I was ready...we left the house for the hospital by 510am,got there at 5:40 am (a nice quiet night drive). It was quiet at the labor and delivery and as soon as I came in they got me in my room and prepared for my c-section(iv,cath,acid reducing drink and shaved)

    my last belly pic)

    (was so tired)

    (my dh in his baby uniform)
    it all went fast and before I knew it I was getting in to the OR,getting my epi in(I had the epidoral shock this time...ekk) and they had started.one nurse asked "What is your name and what are you in here for today." Of course my tubal and a c-section.
    My hubby came in and held my hand...at 731 am Julia was born with, as predicted a bush of black hair, and a fiesty cry...

    (just born)

    "It a GIRL." was cried by the nurses...I was in my own world of happiness and shock..
    They asked me if I was sure I wanted a tubal...I was sure...later on they told me it was a good thing due to my thin uterus.
    Once closed up they wheeled me in the post Opp/pre Opp room...I was super exhausted and couldnt keep my eyes open...Jewels was with grandpa and Daddy...she was safe..
    I was put in my own room where all the nurses (due to me having one of few babies born that day) knew of Julia being my last and only girl of 4 kiddos...so she got blankies and other stuff for a girl

    (1st bath)
    ...it was nice...to be honest I never had a kid at that hospital and didnt have good experiances there either...but it was a great birth there and all went better than planned.
    Julia is a super calm,quiet baby unless she is dirty/hungry she has a zesty cry...she is a great nurser...what a way to complete my family!

    coming home in carseat

    holdin a paci

    dressed 4 coming home...
    Stef~Wife for 7.5 yr,Mom to 4 angels &
    Riley 6, Ryan 5, Adam 3.5 & Julia 2 !

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    Warning this is very long. I wanted to get as much detail as possible but i can guaranty i left something out.

    Friday the 19th I had my nearly 39 week appointment and decided to have my dr strip my membranes, I was a tight 3cm dilated, she didn’t say how effaced I was. Went home and a few hours later started noticing some bloody show. Didn’t think much of it at first sense I had just had my membranes swept and I knew that it can cause a bit of spotting. Later that night I lost a fair amount of my mucus plug but once again just shrugged it off because with my first I lost my mucus plug and still went another 3 weeks. Contractions never really changed. Saturday rolls around and my contractions seem a little bit stronger but nothing that bothered. They were still very irregular too. But my bloody show was still there. All day long I had bloody show until about 6 in the evening then it just stopped. Sunday rolls around. Contractions are about the same but have started coming more frequently but still nothing regular. Bloody show was still present but once again at about 6 in the evening stopped. So onto Monday we go. By this time I had just given up on anything happening until my due date so I was at peace with being preggo for another week. But I woke up with more bloody show. By this time I was starting to get worried because it wasn’t just a little spotting here and there throughout the day it was a fair amount every time I would have it and it’s going on day 3 of this. So I called my dr and she told us to go into L&D and check on the baby to make sure everything is going okay. Into L&D we go. I get hooked up to the monitors and the monitor the baby for about an hour. Baby does great and the whole time I’m there I have 1 contraction. All day Monday my contractions were very few where as the day before I had between 3 and 6 an hour. So now I’m really thinking I’m going to my due date. That night DH gave me and amazing back and shoulder rub and we did a hypnobirthing session to get me nice and relaxed. That evening I also decided to keep repeating, in my mind to try to tap into the subconscious mind, “It’s time to release the baby, time to open up and let the baby come into the world.” Didn’t know if it would work but I had heard tapping into your subconscious mind can move things along if they are ready. Well fell asleep around 9:30 and was completely out when I was woken up at 11:30 with contractions. My first thought was “great more practice labor, I really want to get some sleep” but then I started paying attention to them and realized these contractions were way different. Rather than starting up front and moving to the back they started in the back and moved to the front. But they were still irregular, but all but one stayed under 10 minutes. I tried to go back to sleep but at 1a.m. Tuesday morning I finally had enough of tossing and turning so I got up and went down stairs. First stop on the way down stairs was the bathroom where I had a ton of bloody show. Though still a bit wary I tried to ignore it. I then proceeded down to the sofa where I had a very intense contraction that I couldn’t move through. After the contraction went away I was a bit chilled, as the house was 60 degrees, so I went and got a blanket. In about 6 minutes time I had another contraction that did the same thing. At this point I’m starting to decide that this is more than just practice labor. As I sit there I have a couple more contractions that were 6-7 minutes apart. So at 1:30a.m. I decided to go back upstairs use the bathroom and check to see if Shem was still asleep. As I walk in the bedroom he very sleepily asks me, “what are you doing?” and I respond with, “probably going into labor.” As I walk into the bathroom I hear him very quickly sit up in bed. While in the bathroom I had another contraction and a ton more bloody show. This is when I decided that I was really in labor. When I came out of the bathroom I sat and talked to Shem and we noticed my contractions going from 6 minutes apart to 3-4 minutes apart and then very quickly going to every 3 minutes. At 2:30 we decided it was time to call our moms and get ready to head into the hospital whenever we decided it was time to head in sense we wanted to labor at home as long as possible. Shem’s mom showed up to watch Shawn at around 3. I continued to have contractions 3 minutes apart, in between contractions carrying on a normal conversation with Shem’s mom while Shem loaded a batch of dishes into the dish washer. A little before 3:30 I decided it was probably time to go into the hospital as my contractions were starting to intensify and continuing to be 3 minutes apart. I called my mom wondering where she was at and she was still at home so I told her to meet us at the hospital. We then got everything ready and in the truck and headed to the hospital. Contractions were still coming every 3 minutes almost exact. We get into the hospital at 3:30a.m. get checked in and the put me on the monitors and check my cervix. It was still a tight 3cm dilated but I was 90% effaced. My mom showed up around 4a.m. In the hour while waiting to see if I would change I have to use the bathroom so I get up and go to the bathroom and still tons of bloody show. After using the bathroom I sit on the side of the bed because laying down wasn’t very comfortable. My contractions were still 3 minutes apart. At 4:30 they check me and low and behold I am now a good 4cm dilated and I have a bulging bag of water!!! They are keeping me! We were so excited. I was a little nervous with the fact that I was only 4cm dilated because I thought I would have a few more hours of labor ahead of me in the hospital. Right after they checked me my contractions started to get a little more intense, never painful just intense. Not long after Shem came back from getting our bags they started coming every 2 ½ minutes and then I started to feel some more pressure so my mom went out and got the nurse. This was around 5a.m. The nurse checked me and I was 7cm dilated with a bulging bag of water. She started setting up the room for the delivery of the baby right then, as I had progressed from a 4 to a 7 in a half hours time. While they were setting the room up I went into transition and oh my gosh the contractions were intense, still not painful though, then I had a ton of pressure they checked me again and I was complete with a bulging bag. They very quickly finished setting up the room and told me to let them know when my bag of water broke. My doctor still wasn’t there. A couple contractions later and my water broke, my doctor walked in right as my water broke. It was about 5:30a.m. To prove how relaxed I could make myself, even while in transition, they still needed to put my hep lock in so they proceeded to take care of that, I needed to be as relaxed as possible for this, as they were putting it in while I was having a transition contraction the nurse said my arm was so relaxed it was amazing, almost as if I wasn’t in a contraction. So now it was time to push baby William out. I try a couple pushes and baby isn’t moving, the doctor checks me and finds that I still have a lip that needs to finish dilating. So onto my left side I go and try not to push. Ha ha ha. In the meantime William’s heart rate starts dropping with my contractions, the cord is around his neck. So while trying to relax to finish dilating and trying not to push I distract myself with screaming, it wasn’t because it hurt it was just a distraction. It worked it kept me from pushing but it wasn’t helping my oxygen level so they kept telling me to stop screaming. After a couple contractions the doctor checks me again and I’m now complete for real. So I start pushing, because we know the cord is around the neck I have to get him out fast. That means no breaks. So I start pushing; a few contractions and an episiotomy later William’s head is out and the cord is un wrapped and he is screaming before the doctor can even think about cleaning out his mouth and nose. His body came out in the next contraction without me even pushing. He also had the cord around his shoulder going down around his chest. My doctor gives him to me for skin to skin contact while I deliver my placenta. He is beautiful! When the doctor was stitching me up they weighed him and measured him. He was 5 pounds 12 ounces 20 inches long and had apgars of 9 and 9. He is perfect!
    DS1-7/18/08, DS2-2/23/10, DS3 1/18/12

    TTC in August

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    Elliott Frances, born March 2, 2010
    7 lbs. 12 oz, 21 inches

    So, on Sunday, Feb. 28, I was having some good contrax most of the day and had lost my mucus plug. I went to bed Sunday night thinking "something" was happening. I got up at about 3 am on Monday, March 1, with contrax about 10 min. apart. I took a shower, ate some jello, had some RRL tea, walked around, watched TV, etc. until about 5, when I made DP get up because contrax were coming every 5 min. & lasting a min. pretty consistently, and I had to call the midwife when they were that way for an hour. DP got showered and ready and I called on-call at 5:45. As soon as I called, contrax started coming every 3 min. apart, and it took the MW 20 minutes to get back to me. We were already loading the car to go to the hospital.

    We got to the hospital by 6:30 & I was put in triage. I was checked and only dilated 1 cm, about 50% effaced (same as at my appt the previous Friday!). However, contrax were consistently 3 min. apart. I hung out in triage for a couple of hours as contrax got more intense but stayed 3 min. apart. I was STILL only 1 cm dilated but a little more thinned out. So they made me walk. And walk. And walk. After two hours, I was dilated 2 more cm ^ finally admitted to the hospital around 10:30 am. As soon as I was put in my L & D room, I started throwing up! It was pretty embarrassing... I met my nurse, Molly, who put in my hep-lock and admin. my first round of antibiotics and fluids. We got kind of settled, I tried to just breathe through my contrax--still 3 min. apart. Molly set me up in the whirlpool tub--which was fantastic! I hung out in there for awhile, and when I got out, I threw up again--nothing to throw up, so not very nice. The nurse gave me zofran. I was checked again, and nothing had progressed. The doc from my practice, who I've never met, came in and asked if I wanted to sleep--maybe some rest would help. I got ambien and demerol at around 3 and I think I slept for about 3 hours. Then I was up again. The contrax were STILL 3 minutes apart but more intense. Tried the whirlpool again and it didn't help much, but my water broke in the tub--crazy! When I got out, I tried walking, but the contrax were really intense, and I was stopping every 3 min & in quite a bit of pain.

    So, they tried more demerol in the evening (I have no idea what time...). That did NO GOOD... all I did was drift for 3 minutes and then have a painful contrax. I breathed through them pretty well. All day I had been telling myself, "pain is just fear leaving the body" over and over. Finally, a little before midnight (after almost 18 hours in the hospital), I was offered an epidural, which I gladly accepted! It was hard because my contrax were every 2 or 3 min. apart and you have to "relax". Yeah, right! The epidural allowed me to sleep for a few hours & when I woke around 3 AM I was 8 cm & 90%... I was really loopy, so I wasn't aware that after the epidural went in my bp dropped to 80/37 and I was given 2 doses of ephedrine & there were some worries... Anyway, one would THINK the last 2 cm would progress pretty quickly. Not so much. They started to administer pitocin. The doc went home & the midwife I'd been seeing pretty regularly came in at around 7 or 8? We were all just waiting. She did tell me if things didn't move forward, we were looking at a c-section. They upped the pitocin some more at around 9:15 & she said she'd be back to check on me in an hour. At 10, I made DP get the nurse because I was having tremendous pressure, like I wanted to push. The midwife checked me and I still was only 8 cm, but almost 100% effaced. She felt my cervix was "floppy" & maybe she could manually dilate the last two cm. Which is what we did... After about 20-25 minutes of pushing, the midwife realized the cord was wrapped around baby's neck twice and getting tighter w/ each push, so she cut it (which is when I tore).

    Baby Elliott Frances was born at 10:33 AM--I pulled her out myself! And then freaked a little, because she was blue.

    Then my placenta wouldn't come & I passed a rather large clot... I ended up having to keep the hep-lock in because they were afraid they might need to administer some more meds. Placenta finally came out 40 minutes later.
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    DD--Elliott Frances 3-2-10

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    nvm messed up my attempt at copy/paste, will fix tomorrow

    Alexis Sophia 02.13.10

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    Daniel Blair W* born January 31st, 2010, 9lb 6oz, 21".

    We thought we had the weekend free and clear to tidy up the house and run for groceries since they weren't supposed to do inductions on the weekends. I had gotten up early after staying up late nesting, my back had been hurting pretty good and I thought a shower might help. I was ringing my hair out with a towel when the phone rang.

    It was the hospital and they had an opening. James was in the bathroom, so I dressed and phoned Mom so she could come over for Patrick.

    After I told James he went to wake up Patrick while I double checked the bags and packed his diapers.

    After Mom arrived we left Patrick eating his cereal and headed to Tim Hortons for food for the nurses and breakfast for us in case they made me fast like last time. I headed in by myself, lugging the boxes and cups pretty much on my belly - I'm sure it was a sight!

    James dropped me off at the entrance to hospital and went to clean and vacuum the car and install the car seats. I went upstairs and got the initial paperwork done but they couldn't start the Ivs until an Ob came on shift because my doctor hadn't given me the form to sign. So I had to wait so I could hear the risks, etc. I was measuring 42 weeks during the prep work which surprised the nurses since most stop measuring past 38-40 or get smaller after baby drops. I guess that was why my back had been bothering me so much.

    James came up with the bags around this point. We took a few last time pg pics.

    After awhile the head nurse came in to review my allergies because almost all the nurses had brought salads and no one brought toothbrushes so they had to be extra cautious about who came to work with me. It felt a bit like she was waiting for me to say I was kidding or exaggerating. She almost cancelled the entire induction, I remember trying so hard not to burst into tears.

    A bit later the ob made her way up and we went over my entire history again, especially my previous birth and spinal injuries. She did an exam and then they started the IVs.

    We chilled out for a bit waiting for the contractions to start. I started to read a book for an hour or so before asking to walk around. They had to get a portable monitor for the pit which took another half an hour. Once I was all hooked up James headed off to go check on Patrick and I started my rounds.

    I walked. And walked. And walked some more. In hindsight I should've brought slippers. I hadn't so I was required to wear my big heavy snow boots - which would be fine if I were walking outside, but it was a cozy warm hospital and I had walked for over an hour and a half. I'm sure I was not a rose after that.

    The battery started getting low on the portable close to 1hr 45 min or so of walking and I was stopping every 3-4 min to catch my breath so back to the room. Sitting was majorly uncomfortable at that point so I opted for a shower since I knew water therapy was a big help the first time. James came back about the same time and offered to stay with me after I was taken off the portable pit.
    While the water helped it was awkward having to have someone within arms reach at all times, so after another half hour or so I got out. My mistake. Water drowns out how much pain pressure I actually feel so when I I finished drying off I was almost bending over in pain. We tried the ball and counter-pressure but it didn't really help.

    At that point we had another cervix check and with only a 2 cm change since the start we didn't want to hinder things like the first time. We opted for the epidural, which would turn out to be another waiting game. We had to have my old charts pulled because of my history with diffult placement and go over them with 2 nurses and the ob.

    It hurt would be an understatement, and I remember one nurse asking me when it was over if I screamed because of how much I remembered the first one hurting or if it really was that painful. Knowing now that my S.I. joints in my tailbone are out I can say it was probably both the actual placement and the pressure on those joints that made me scream, but yeah.... it hurt. Haha.

    After the epi was in James left to get supper for both of us - bringing me my last chinese food for the next year. I was warned not too eat too much since it could slow labor, but I wasn't risking starving in the last phase again. There was periodic adjustments to the pit and a few times it was lowered because my contractions were too close together. They would try rolling me on my left to increase the oxygen, especially after one instance where Daniel's heartrate was dropping, but he didn't approve of that in the slightest. His heartrate would go even lower if I tilted left, and each time they tried my epidural would completely fail on that side. With Daniel so much bigger and "stuck" in my tailbone my SI joints were driving me up a wall, but I was too numb on the right side to move around at all.

    Two 'top-ups' on my epi and a heartrate monitor attached to Daniel's scalp later Daniel and I were stablized. James went to put Patrick to bed at Mom & Dad's and I read books or played solitaire on my ipod. Around 11 I started having a lot of pressure pains, and was checked - 8cm but Daniel's head was still very high. He was stuck after all. James came back just prior to that check and he started cleaning up the room a bit and putting our things back in the locker in case things started to progress quicker.

    Midnight came and I was having waves of pressure but breathing through them when they started kept things under control - another nurse/ob change but my chief nurse decided to hang around the area for awhile longer since she had gone through all my medical stuff with pretty much everyone. She gave up around 1am and transferred me to a new nurse. 10 minutes later I asked James to go get her and requested another check.

    9 3/4, just like the last time. She went and got the OB and had my epi turned off so I would be able to move around if I wanted. I couldn't do much and tried sitting up to get gravity to lend a hand. The OB came and offered to try moving things out of the way - which worked, thankfully. We were done and ready to go.

    Daniel's heartrate continued to drop periodically and I was kept on oxygen tilted to my right since it seemed to give him the best chance. From there I had the ob resident, the chief ob, and 4 nurses with nicu standing by. Toward the end both OBs were whispering about a c/s, and the ob told me "We know now that he's too big for you, but it doesn't matter because we need him out so you're going to have to push."
    10 minutes later my baby boy was born with a broken collarbone and very hungry and angry. They cleaned him up briefly while I got stitched and examined and then brought him to me to nurse. He was born shortly after 2am weighing 9lbs 6oz and 21". We had to stay in our room for over an hour because my bleeding wasn't slowing and they were concerned about hemorraging, but it did subside eventually. After that I was wheeled holding Daniel to bathe and test his reflexes - all of which he passed successfully. We were issued our room which had one other mother in it, and by this time it was close to 5am so James was given 5 minutes to stay and then we were left on our own.
    Daniel nursed almost the full day around the clock, and due to my bleeding I was asked to stay an extra day. Grandma and Papa and Patrick and Daddy all showed back up around 9 to meet the baby and I was blessed to get to hold Patrick for the entire stay - I had missed him so much! They left around lunch time and we went back to our eat-sleep-nurse-nurse-nurse-poop routine.

    The following day my mommy buddy was discharged and a much larger family moved in. With the constant noise and in and out commotion I asked to leave - though they had offered yet another day given everything - thankfully we were allowed to go home. We brought up the carseat to pass inspection then James took it back down to put back in the car. Nobody had told us we had to leave with the baby *in* the seat (it was a RF/FF type that wasn't removable) so I was kept at the nurses station until a nurse could verify who I was and that I was allowed to leave, and that Daniel was in fact mine. That was a very painful 20 minute wait with no chairs and no pain medication. Once everything was verified we set off to pick up Patrick and make our way home.
    Amanda ~ DH James ~ DSs Patrick + Daniel

    Accept. Understand. Tell a friend. Include. Support. Matter.

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    I'll at least get his birthday up Then I'll try and find my birthstory and c/p it.

    Seth Randolph 2-19-10

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