Jan 05 Birth Stories!

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Jan 05 Birth Stories!

After you post on the board, feel free to post your story here so it does not get lost!!!

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Charles Ian (Charlie)
December 4, 2004
10:22 p.m.
6 lbs 11.5 oz
19 in.

Friday afternoon (December 3, 2004), I went to have a Non-Stress Test done at St. Mary’s. In the 45 minutes there, I had maybe two contractions. Following the NST, I went to see Dr. Widstrom since Dr. Carr was on vacation. I was contracting regularly and my cervix had changed to 4cm and 100%. I was sent back to the birth place with the intent to labor and deliver by Saturday morning. Dr. Widstrom put me at 6cm around 2:00am. I had decided not let him break my water to get labor moving. During the night, labor stalled out. Dr. LeBarge then entered the picture. He pegged me back at only 4cm. After finding out we only lived 10-15 minutes away from the hospital, he sent me home. Little did I know how living so close to the hospital would help….

I took a long nap on Saturday after leaving the hospital and had only mild contractions during that time. Somewhere around 5:00 I started noticing the contractions were harder, but they were pretty irregular. I even was able to go to the grocery store for a few things. We ate dinner around 7:00 and I was uncomfortable sitting in the wooden chairs when I did have contractions. I had talked to my doula and she said to go lay down after dinner and see if the rest would make them slow down. Well, laying down actually started bringing regularity and strength. They were still about 8-9 minutes apart at this time. I talked to my doula again around 8:30 when my contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart. I still didn’t want her to come over yet because I didn’t think anything was really happening. She suggested a hot bath to ease discomfort so Liv and I hopped in the tub together close to 9:00. I got out of the tub, restless, about 9:15. I went to lie down and was feeling definite pain while John put Olivia to bed. I was vocalizing during each contraction. They were 2-3 minutes apart and at least 90 seconds in duration. I started saying that I wanted to go into the hospital, but John was apprehensive that things would stop. Five minutes later at about 9:45 I felt Charlie drop completely and knew we had to leave immediately. We got everything together and moving to the van. I was in a lot of pain at that point.

My mother-in-law came with us, thankfully. Our relationship has always been strained, but this experience has definitely changed things. In the family room before we left, I felt an overwhelming urge to push. I screamed to call 911, but we decided to just get to the hospital. At the van, I practically flung Olivia’s car seat out so I could lie on the seat. I called my doula again and told her we were in the car, on the way to the hospital. She knew I was well into transition because I began screaming that I wanted drugs. She helped me get through the contractions without pushing. I should say I did push a couple times without intending to push. John drove about 80mph to get us there. After hours, we have to enter the hospital at the Emergency Room. It was about 10:10. My mother-in-law ran to get a wheelchair for me. John had to park the van quick since he was in the ambulance area. Jackie ran me into the ER and I announced as soon as I get in there, “I need to push!” I guess the looks on the nurses’ faces were hysterical. At that point, my water broke all over the wheelchair and the ER floor. The nurse took over the chair and literally ran me to the Birth Place. My doula had called to say I was coming in and I think someone in the ER must have called as well because a nurse was shouting a room number down the hall when we got up there.

We got me out of the chair, my wet shoes, and my wet pajama pants. I got on the bed and at least five nurses were in there getting everything ready for the birth. I heard someone yell to call the NICU. I kept yelling I needed to push. A nurse checked me and said, “you could probably do that now.” I almost decked her one. I had to stay on my back until the monitors were in and the IV was in. The OB on call got in the room then and had to check me again. I yelled at him, “the nurse just checked me and said I’m complete, do you REALLY have to do this?” I’m so glad they deal with crabby mothers all the time, because now I feel rude about it. I was then allowed to go to whatever felt comfortable, so I rolled onto my right side. My doula and John were in the room by then. John came and helped me support me leg while I gripped on to my mother-in-law with my other arm. My doula stood next to her, helping encourage me. I remember shifting into a different state of being while pushing. I felt so incredibly powerful as I pushed. I remember voices around me telling that I was an awesome pusher and that Charlie was coming easily. Five pushes later and Charlie was born. I heard 22:22 yelled for the time of birth and a moment later his amazing cry. It’s funny because after he was born, I had to ask to make sure he was actually out even though I felt him crown and leave my body.

I sent John over to Charlie right away since he had to be taken for evaluation by the NICU team. I rolled back to my back and that’s when they dropped the table to get me ready for the placenta. Once the NICU team was satisfied that he didn’t immediately need to go to NICU, they wrapped him and gave him to John. John brought him immediately over to me so I could hold him. I was in love. I put him right to my breast and he quieted immediately. I gave him back to John because it seemed that the placenta was ready to come out. The contraction for that was like a menstrual cramp and with one small push, it came right out. I didn’t think I wanted to see it, but I knew I had to. The doctor showed me exactly what everything was on it, including where the amniotic sac was attached and where it popped. It was quite interesting.

Charlie had to go down to the NICU then so I sent John and my mother-in-law along with him. Deb sat with me while I waited to go to surgery to repair the tearing from the birth. Dr. LeBarge gave me two options for repairing the tears. He could have done it in the room but it would have taken a very long time and possibly not be as good. The other option was to go under general anesthesia and have it done thoroughly in half the amount of time. I chose the latter.

I was allowed to go to the NICU straight from recovery to be with my little man. He was absolutely amazing to hold and touch. Upon returning to my room, John and my mother-in-law went home while I tried to pee. It didn’t work so well so I had a catheter put into place. I really didn’t mind it, actually.

My birth experience was wonderful and as opposite of Olivia’s as you could get. The first was one extreme by being completely unconscious for the birth. The second was the other extreme by being completely aware and unmedicated.

I can’t describe the feeling of power I had having the VBAC. It went totally away from any sort of birth plan I had, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Charlie was born the way he was meant to be born. He made his entrance to this world with a bang. I have a feeling I can expect more of these surprises as time goes on. He’s so worth it.

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William Walter
7 lb 6 oz
19 in long

we'll we had gone to the hospital friday morning due to bleeding and they said it was nothing so we went home. I was having uncomfterable pains all day friday, i tried to go to sleep but was so uncomfertable. around 1 am my contractions started to pick up and were 6 min apart, dh and i decided to take a little walk around the block by the time we were back to the house they were 2-3 min apart. we called my father took the kids over there and got to the birth care center. We checked in around 2:45 and at that time i was dialated to a 6. i asked for an epidural , due to my blood preasure they had to run labs before i could get it so an hour later i got it and went to sleep. woke up at 8 and they broke my water and i started pushing shortly after. (oh yeah i had to have antibiotics before birth because of the group b strep) after 8 wonderful pushes William was with us. i only needed 1 stich and was up and running as soon as they let me. because of the beta strep i had to stay in the hospital 48 hrs. to make sure everything was ok with me and baby. all was well and they let me go at 2 pm on monday.

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Addie Isabelle
December 17th, 2004
born at 6:16 a.m.
6 lb. 2 oz.
18.5 inches long

Well I got to my Dr. at 4 that afternoon and she checked me and said I was at a tight 3 so then I went over to the hospital and got in my room and everything else. They had to ask me a million questions and do all my vital's, get the monitor's on me and then about 6:30 I finally got my Pitocin started. The pitocin started working really fast and I was on the lowest dose. I was having some hard contractions that hurt but not really bad. The nurse came in about 10 and checked me and said I was at a loose 3. I had not progressed alot but I was still having some bad contractions. She came back in around 12:00 and checked me and I was at a 4-5 so I told her I wanted to try and get the epidural. She then called them and the Anesthesiologist came in and it went really well, by the time he got done it was 1:30 or so. It felt so nice b/c my contractions were really starting to get really bad. They were also upping my dose of pitocin every 30 min.

Well around 4:30 I told my nurse that I was feeling the contractions again and they were starting to hurt. I couldn't feel anything else below my belly but everything above the crotch I was starting to feel. She then called back in the Anesthesiologist to come in and up my medicine. He got there around 5:15 or so and upped it but it did not help much any at all I was still feeling them darn things. After that the nurse checked me again and said that I was stalled at a 5 so she was going to call the Dr. to come in and break my water. The Dr. got there around 5:45 and broke my water, she stayed for just a couple min. and was watching Addie's heart rate and everything else and then left. Well about 6:10 the nurse checked me and said I was at a 9. I then told the nurse I felt sick so DH got me the pan and I started throwing up. As I was throwing up I told the nurse that I felt like I needed to push, well then she lifted up the blankets and said OMG, her head is out. She started yelling for the other nurse to call the Dr. and then she had Jake dial the phone to call the ER Dr. so she called them but by the time they had both gotten there I had delivered Addie. The bed was not torn apart or nothing and the nurse had to deliver her. The ER Dr. came running in and he started doing everything, luckily he was an OB resident then my DR. came in huffing and puffing and she started working with Addie while the ER Dr. finished me up. I did not rip or tear or anything. DH said it was just amazing b/c she just slid out. It was a very interesting birth experience. My Dr. told me this was only the 2nd delivery that she has ever missed.

After I delivered Addie they put her on my chest just for a min. or less and then took her over to the warmer and started working on her. They had her on oxygen and she just kept getting worse so they told me they had to take her down to the nursery and put her under the oxygen tent. The Dr. came down a little later and said she was getting worse so they had to call the helicopter team in from Childrens. I got to go down in the nursery and see her in the oxygen tent but while I was down there started feeling really weak so I asked Jake to wheelchair me back. As we were headed down there I told him I felt like I was going to pass out so we told the nurses and Dr.'s and they came down to the room with me and I had passed out so They put me feet up on the bed and got cool wash cloths and put all over my face. I did come too pretty quick after that and got back in bed.

I had a pretty good labour and delivery all in all but it was pretty stressful afterwards and I am just glad to be home with Addie.

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Hailey Marie's Birth Story

I had an appointment with my doctor early on January 21st, to get an ultrasound done and to set up my induction date. There was a little bit of concern about the baby's weight and they wanted to make sure she wasn't too big to fit into my birth canal.
The ultrasound showered her being 9.5lbs. So that means anywhere from 8.5-10.5lbs (give or take a lb). They also said that she has alot of fat around her middle. How cute that they could see that Smile We decided on an induction date of January 25th.
Later that same night (January 21st) I started to feel a little funny. I sat on the couch to watch TV with Pete and had my first 'real' contraction - the one that made me KNOW that I was in labor. That was at 11:02 pm. I wasn't in that much pain though, so we just cuddled on the couch and finished watching to TV show. At Midnight we went to bed. About 2 minutes after I was in bed I had the urge to go pee (nothing new there though!). As soon as I stood up out of the bed my water broke. I told Pete that I think I just peed on myself, but...it didn't really feel like pee. It was strange. Sure enough - it wasn't pee at all! I was so excited! The only part that I was worried about was that there was blood - not a whole lot, but enough to concern me. Pete called labor & delivery and they assured us that it was okay and that we should come in to be checked. But they told us not to rush and to take our time. I had really wanted to do most of my laboring at home, but Pete insisted that we go to labor & delivery.
We called my dad and he left to come pick up Kimberly. He got here and got her (she didn't quite understand what was going on - she was still half asleep). So we packed up the rest of the stuff that we needed for the hospital and left.
We finally got to labor & delivery at 2:00 am. The nurse asked me to pee in a cup and I just kinda laughed at her. I gave it my best but only ended up with amniotic fluid in the little cup for her. At this point my contractions were starting to get a little stronger so they wanted to check me to see where I was at.
The nurse checked me and I was only STILL 3cm & 70% effaced! I've been dialated at 3cm for 3 weeks now! That was soooooo frustrating to hear. They decided then to hook me up on my antibiotics (I was GBS positive). I had a few bad contractions and I'm not sure what happened but they couldn't get the baby's heartrate on the monitor, so they wanted to put an internal monitor in. I was assured that it wouldn't hurt the baby. It was then that they asked if I wanted an epidural and I assured them that I wanted to do this drug free.
When they went to put the fetal monitor in they checked me again and I was 6cm, 100% effacted, and -1 station! Yea - finally some progress!
All off a sudden not too long after that I had the worst contraction EVER and the urge to push. Actually, I did push a little bit - but I couldn't help it! The nurse checked me and I was at 10cm! The baby was ready Smile I couldn't believe it! I looked up at the clock and it was 3:00 am. They called for the doctor and set me up to deliever. The doctor got there and told me to push at the next contraction and I did. With that push her head crowned. He told me to wait to push and he massaged and stretched me. With the next push her head was completely out. And with my final push the rest of her body was out. The time was 3:16am. They immediately set her up my belly. She was soooo beautiful!
I delivered the placenta next and the doctor examined me and I didn't have any tears! Yea! Pete took Hailey and held her for the longest time. They didn't even really clean her off, they wiped her down, suctioned her, and wrapped her in a blanket and gave her to him. We got to be alone with her for an 1/2 hour before they took her away to be cleaned and such. Finally we found out her weight and length. She weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 18in long. My chubby little girl! Smile

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Sorry to take so long to update here but if anyone is intrested here is my birthstory:
We went into the hospital at 5:30 AM! 6 Women were delivering and did not even get my IV started till 8 AM. They checked me and I was 3-4 CM!! I jokingly said OK Order my epidural now! They broke my water and I started having contractions around 930-10. Nothing bad period cramps. ....but still I asked for the epidural knowing it would make me dilate quicker. Got my epidural around 11. At 12 I started feeling pressure and I was complete!!! I had no desire to push and the dr was not there so I said lets just wait. Well the dr got there around 1240. ....
From there it kind of gets blury. I remember them rolling me on my back.Suddenly I did not feel well at all! I do not remember much but have watched the tape. I layed there unable to move, I knew my sugar was too low but I could not even talk to tell them. I was as white as a ghost on the table with my arms above my head. I remember my mom started freaking out asking what as wrong with me, but I just could not answer her. The dr said get me some glucose stat in her IV. Well they did and a few minutes later I Was aable to wake up. I was really weak though and could barely push, luckily when the dr gave me an episomety she basically just slid out!! That was 1:03 (12:56 according to the videeo camera )They put her on top of me I was shaing SO bad from the sugars but I loved holding her, she is perfect!!!!!!!!!!
MIL missed the birth (HA!) and Thank GOD Austin did not attend I think he would have freaked out had he seen me on the table like that.
Anyway Abby is perfect!! 7 lbs even 19 and 3/4 inches. She did not have any problems with her sugars and is a GREAT nurser!We are SOO in love with Abby!!! I just can not even put her down, even when she is sleeping! Austin reads to her all the time (he has to read minium 20 mins a day), and Drew bring her more toys than any 1 week old needs! DH just stares at her all the time, as I do too!

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Luke Django arrived on January 26th at 9:18 pm. He weighed 8lbs, 11 ozs and was 21.5 inches long. He is perfect and we are so in love with him.

I went to my appointment on Wednesday (Jan. 26th) and my BP was high. Doctor also confirmed that I was leaking water and I had to go to L&D to deliver – couldn’t wait any longer. DH and I arrived at the hospital at 11 am. I had to get some antibiotics since I was probably leaking water for a little while. My contractions were 2.5 to 3 minutes apart but very weak. I was dilated to 3cm, about 60-70% effaced and at –1 station. By 2 pm it was decided I should have pitocian (sp?) since I wasn’t making any progress. That kicked in quick and before I knew it my contractions were coming very hard and on top of each other. Around 5 pm, I was 4.5 cm dilated and in a lot of pain. I asked for an epidural which I got about 45 minutes later. I really thought I was going to die… one contraction on top of another, yet I wasn't making much progress with dilating. At the moment the needle went in for the epidural my water completely broke. I was on the edge of the bed and it went all over the floor and I think my DH’s sneakers (he was standing in front of me providing support for the epidural). Once that was done, I felt so much better. 8 pm the doctor checked me again and there was no change – still 4.5 cm. Doctor advised us that it had been a long time with the pitocian and that she really felt the baby was just too big for me (her estimate was 9 pounds) and she didn’t want this to turn into an emergency situation where the baby ended up in distress and we were racing for a c-section. She also said that we could take it hour-by-hour and see if I do progress and continue for a v-birth. DH and I discussed it and decided to go with the c-section. Plus the baby had gone to the bathroom (we found that out when my water broke) so we didn’t want the labor to end up going on forever. The doctor prepared me and then brought DH in the room. At 9:18 our son arrived screaming – what a fantastic sound!!! I didn’t get to see him for 10 minutes because they needed to make sure everything was OK. I was going crazy asking if he was OK and what he looked like. Finally they brought him over to me. I was so happy I started crying (actually I was already crying… I just started to cry more). DH held him and went to the nursery with him while they finished up on me. I had to go to recovery. It wasn’t until around 11:30 pm that I got to hold my son for the first time. It was one of the best moments of my life and I will never forget how wonderful it was to hold him in my arms for the first time and get a really good look at this person I grew to love so much over the past 40 weeks.

P.S. – Django (the D is silent, pronounced “Jango) is after one of the greatest jazz guitarists of the 20th century, Django Reinhardt.

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Well I'm new here and even though she's a month old already I thought I'd share Reillys birth story anyway.

Reilly is our first baby and decied to come 9 days late. Dh and I went to West Point for an appointment on the 11th at 1pm. West Point is built on a huge mountain and can be very hard to get to in bad weather. As luck would have it they found I was having minor contractions when they put me on the fetal monitor. I had been having a lot of Braxton Hicks for about a month, so I didn't even realize it. With the contractions, being 8 days late at that point, her being well over 8 lbs, and the coming snow storm for that night they decided to keep me. At 2pm I was admitted and the doc broke my water, even though I was only 1 1/2 cm. By 8pm I was stuck at 2cm! We walked for hours and no progress so at 8pm he started pictosin (sp?). One small scare around 3 am. Because I hadn't eaten since 11am the day before, and the pictossin, and getting up to go potty to fast, I became really faint. My blood pressure dropped dramatically then the babies did too. Poor Dh was asleep next to the bed and the nurse woke him up yelling at him to go get another nurse! Luckily they put me on all fours and slapped some O2 on me and we were fine by the time to doc got there a minute later. But I thought poor dh was going to have a corinary. By 7am I was stuck at 9cm, in alot of pain and had no drugs at this point. Finally he started talking C/S because my water had been broken so long, who's fault was that. I didn't want drugs, but I was getting tired and knew if I kept fighting the contractions I would have nothing left to push with. So at 8 I got and ITA. Thank goodness it worked, I fell asleep for and hour and when I woke up, I was 10cm and they wanted me to push. Reilly came out after 1 hour and 10min of pushing, at 10:13am on the 12th! The little butterball weighed 8 lbs. 12 oz, and was 21 in long. The snow storm was so bad that they closed all three routes to West Point so my family couldn't make it there while I was in labor. Funny though, by the time she delivered the next day the roads were clear and they all got there 1/2 hour after she arrived! So it all worked out in the end. Not a bad experience. Maybe I'm crazy but I found the healing afterwards from the episiotomy worse than labor, but then again I was numb for the really hard part. My little butterball weighed 9lbs 11oz and 21.5 inches at her 2 week check up, but doesn't go again until the beginning of March. Dh and I are smitten with her, and she was Daddy's little girl from day one. Definately going to do it at least one more time in a year or two! Biggrin

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Ok thought I would post my story. Its really long so forgive me...

Showed up at the hospital at 6:30am and was put in bed.. strapped to
all the monitors... and basically got the IV started (oops one nurse
missed and they had to redo it) and then they just monitored me for
an hour. The doctor came in and looked at the monitor and they were
going to start the cytotec to get the cervix ready but apparently I
was having a lot of contractions already. (Go figure.. I couldnt
feel anything.. I thought it was the baby moving) So with the
contractions they couldnt do it.. So he checked me then.. and said
my cervix was way up high still.. in fact he couldnt reach it because
it was actually behind the babies head. and he said to just go to
pitocin. They started at 8:05am with a really small dose and the
nurse was back every 20 minutes to up the dose. So I finally start
feeling the contractions and it wasnt too bad. But they kept having
to up the dose they wanted me to have contractions that lasted a
minute and every two minutes. So that is how most the day was
spent... the contractions would gradually get stronger and more
painful and finally they were bad enough and they offered me some
pain medication... and gave me a dose of Stadol. It was great!! It
didnt take the pain away... it just made it to where you just dont
care.. but when you get the contraction you can relax with it instead
of tensing up.. which is actually better for your body. Ohhh but it
makes you goofy and you get the most far out thoughts that you think
are really happening.. its weird and hard to explain.. but very
interesting. So a few hours passed and I started feeling the
contractions again really really badly and really really close
together... and at this point I was on a pretty high dose of
Pitocin. So the nurse came in with more stadol and the contractions
just hit hard and were constant just one right after the other.. I
kept having those sharp shooting pains in my hips again it was
horrible!! The stadol did nothing for me... and I was just crying
and actually started hyperventalating because I couldnt breathe
normally. They had this blood pressure cuff on me that was set to
automatically take my BP every 30 minutes.. and it kept taking it at
the worst part of the contraction.. so these alarms kept going off
because my blood pressure would be really high then. I finally
said "sorry this thing has to go" and ripped it off. So the nurse
came in and dropped the dosage of pitocin in half and said.. its
gonna take awhile for the contractions to calm down. So when they
did she came in to check me... and at this point I had been on the
pitocin for 10 or 11 hours.. so you figure something would have
happened right??? I was still only dialated to one.. and of course
when she told me that all I could do was cry again. But my cervix
had finally moved into the right position and was down where it
should be. But all I could think about was another 12 hours trying
to dialate. So then the nurse shift was over and the new nurse came
in.. which is the same lady that taught the child birth class and the
nurse I was hoping would be there.. YAY! And by that time the
contractions were really far apart and pretty mild. And the nurse
told me that if I wanted to the doctor said that we can stop for the
night and I they can bring me some real food (up until then it was
Jello, broth and juice) and then we can try it again in the morning.
Which really sounded good to me.. until I thought about doing this
all over again. Or we can start turning up the pitocin again. So I
said... Lets just get this over with.. I dont want to do this again
tomorrow. So she started upping the pitocin again and the
contractions picked up again. Then around 9pm they started getting
really bad again.. and she called the doctor and he said to check me
and if I was at 3cm to go ahead and get me my epidural ... so she
came in and checked me and by the look on her face it didnt look like
good news.. but she suddenly said "Oh my GOD you are at 4... maybe
even 5!!!) Oh I was so giddy. I never thought I could be so happy!
SO she called the anesthesiologist for my epidural. And she comes
back in and said "Remember how you said that your biggest fear was
that he would be in a procedure when it came time for your
epidural??? Well he is in the middle of a procedure and has one
right after it and wont be able to come down for about another hour"
Then she said she will go and get me some more Stadol. So about the
time the Stadol kicked in.. (15-20 minutes later) the
anesthesiologist came in and told me that the nurse said Ive been
having it pretty bad so he decided to get to me in between the two
procedures instead of making me wait. So they put it in... which
surprisingly isnt bad at all. And I was feeling sooooooooooooooooooo
good!!! So that was about 10pm. Then time went on and the nurse kept
checking me periodically we had thought my water broke earlier.. but
they think I just had a small leak... so she kept checking it and
trying to get it to break but that was stubborn too.. so then getting
closer to midnight.. the epidural was wearing off Sad and I could feel
the contractions again.. and the nurse said I was at about 9cm. So
then I kept feeling so much pressure and like I needed to do
something so I asked her what the feeling of needing to push felt
like.. and so she went to check and waited for a contraction and told
me to try pushing with it so she could see what would happen... and
so I did and thats when my water finally broke. WOO HOO!!! So she
went and called the doctor... and he showed up.. and man he wasnt the
same man I usually see. He looked so tired and stressed out and he
said something like "My wife is happy that you are finally having the
baby... shes sick of my beeper going off" and I just looked at him
cuz I couldnt believe he said that.. ya know? And he said.. "Oh I
didnt mean it like that.. the ER has been paging me all day and I
think she is happy to finally get me out of the house" Umm.. ok...
anyways... he went to do his stuff.. whatever that is.. because
seriously the doctor is not there for much.. the nurse is the one who
guides you into all the pushing. So then he finally comes in and we
get everything rolling. But the bad part was... my contractions
dropped to about every 5 minutes. And werent really strong
anymore... so all the pushing wasnt doing anything and the doctor
kept telling me I need to push harder and to just get pissed and to
push because the head was right there... And the nurse kept trying to
hold my leg but with each contraction the pains in my hip were
shooting down to my knees... ugh... oh and it was so great to have
that epidural wear off.. lol.. finally he said that I was squeezing
the babies head and that we needed the baby out and that I needed an
episiotomy.. so he did that.. and after that with the next
contraction the head was out. Which he told me to stop pushing
then.. (because if you dont give the baby the time to turn and ease
out the shoulders... you can tear.. .oh plus the cord was around the
baby's neck) But that is easier said than done and well.. Sierra was
born!!! She was just crying and screaming and wiggling all around
and I must say they put her on my tummy and she just looked so tiny..
then she turned her face to me and I swear it was the most beautiful
thing I had ever seen! So then the cord was cut and the placenta
came out (gross) and they took the baby so they could do all they had
to do and I had to get stitches because I ended up tearing even with
the episiotomy. Then they gave me back my baby and so DH and I
could just cuddle with her. But they kept me there for awhile
because I was bleeding really bad and they wanted to monitor it.
Finally I got to get up and move on to my other room and go to
sleep. Ugh it was 3am by that point!
Anyways.. as DH said it went off with no major complications. Just a
few minor ones. I was so bummed tho because I felt soooo inadequate
and just like I didnt do it right. So DH was trying to sweet talk me
and cheer me up.. but I mean ya know I didnt do anything right!
(according to me) But I sent DH home and went to sleep and slept for
about 4 hours. Then woke up and called my dad to let him know he was
a grandpa. Then I didnt know what to do because I know the nursery
had my baby and I wanted to see her.. but didnt really know where it
was... and finally the nursery called me to come and get her. And so
I did... and I got to bring her back to my room and try to feed her
(she is actually being bottle fed) and she wouldnt eat so I called
the nurse and she came in and tried and the baby wouldnt eat... so
then they got the nursery nurse because we had been trying for an
hour and a half and all Sierra would do is gag and spit everything
out. So they decided to forgo the feeding and told me to come back
to the nursery at 12:30 so Sierra and I just cuddled and waited for
DH to show up so I could go and shower and stuff.
Anyways.. to make an already long story shorter.. they tried all day
to get her to eat. I still cried every time I thought about the
delivery and now they think something is wrong with my baby and kept
running tests on her to make sure she wasnt septic or had any other
virus. They kept having to stick a tube into her tummy and I guess
they basically pumped her stomach because she swallowed a bunch of
blood during the delivery. And then I decided I was going to let the
nursery take care of her and just get some sleep. So I was about to
go to sleep and my step mom called and I talked to her for awhile and
of course about the delivery which made me all sad and I was all
weepy again.. and then the nurse comes in (they come in at each shift
change .. just to say hi) well it happened to be the one nurse that
held my leg during the delivery.. so I felt like a major idiot.. and
she said said "I just wanted you to know that you did a great job
last night" Then I just started crying and telling her how I felt so
dumb and whatever ... and she actually said "No me and Dawn were
talking afterwards and we were so pissed at your doctor because he
was being so rude to you" So it was all good and Im not an idiot and
we think just things were going on at home and he was in a bad
mood... so great..what do you do.. take it out on the laboring
woman. so I felt so much better after I talked to her. So now I
know I just had a hard delivery and im not a wimp or anything. But
the next morning my doctor stopped in to check on me... and he was
normal and really nice again. He told me he was amazed at how pretty
Sierra is and how round her head was. (yay she had no conehead!) and
that he was actually surprised I was able to deliver vaginally
because he thought for sure that I would need a c-section. But was
happy that it didnt come to that. He asked me if I wanted to go home
that day... and I said I dont think they are releasing Sierra.. so he
said ok then I wont discharge you until tomorrow and if anything
should happen and they had to keep the baby.. I could stay at the
hospital and become a boarding mom which has all the same priveledges
of being a patient.. they just dont charge insurance for a hospital
But then my little girl started doing really well and eating and they
think either it was from the blood in her stomach, or that because
she was overdue, or from the cord being around the neck it sometimes
causes a sore throat. So I decided to go home Smile

Anyways.. if you actually got to this point you deserve a medal!! LOL
Sorry it was sooooo long!! But it was a long day...

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Boston's Birth Story

January 17th 2005, 5:30am
I awoke to the feeling of wetness in my bed, my water had broken. I stood up and actually smelled the sheets to see if thats what it really was. It was. I woke up Tom and he tried to go back to sleep. My contractions started about 20 minutes later, there was nothing little about them. They were long, strong, and painful. I begged Tom to take me to the hospital. We got Natalie out of bed and ready to go. We then drove to my parents home and dropped her off. Auntie Jill came over and watched her though because grandpa wanted to go to the hospital too. We got into the Expedition and Headed for the hospital and Grandma and Grandpa Dooley followed in their car. We got there and got checked in and the nurse checked my cervix, I was a 4. I asked for an epidural right then and they sent for the lab to come and do bloodwork first. I had an IV put in and the technician tried 4 different times to get blood but i was so dehydrated that they landed a vein in my hand finally on the 5th time. I was checked again and i was an 8. I wanted to push. I was hanging onto my mom with all my might ,I actually bruised her arms. The Anestheisologist came in and tried to administer an epidural, but she said it would take to long so I opted for a spinal block. I got the block administered and I was checked again and i was a 10. Grandma Kay came running in and we were ready to push. AFter 4 good pushes Boston Thomas Sauvageau was born. 9:17 am on the 17th of January 2005, with a full head of dark hair and features like his sister 9lbs and 9oz, 20 1/2 inches long. We couldnt ask for a more beautiful little boy.

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Hope it's ok to post my birth story so long after the fact. I'm just really starting to feel at home here and wanted to be a part of everything even if I wasn't at the start. Hope nobody minds.
Well, after a relatively uneventful pregnancy, my labour/delivery was anything but. On January 13th I went for what was supposed to be my final visit with the Internal Medicine specialist to monitor my blood pressure. I expected everything to be as normal, a little on the high side, but stable. Well it was a little higher than usual so she gave me a tentative prescription for blood pressure medication and sent me off to see my OB. At his office, BP was still high and he decided that I needed to be admitted to the hospital for 24 hour monitoring. By the time I got to the hospital my BP had gone from 150/100 to 178/118. I was admitted and put on BP medication, and was told I'd likely be there over the weekend just to monitor things. This was Thursday. By the end of the weekend my BP was still high, but seemed more stable and each day I was teased with the idea that I could likely go home "tomorrow". No such luck. Each day the protein levels in my urine were increasing, along with the liver enzymes in my blood, and my platelets were dropping. It was time to induce. I'm glad they didn't tell me at the time, but I ended up with preeclamsia. I just thought everything they were doing was precautionary, but it was more than necessary and the nurses have since told me since how concerned they were toward the end. So 3:30pm Thurs they gelled my cervix. At the time I was 1cm dilated, cervix was soft, and I was starting to efface. Everything looked good. The first gel didn't do much, so they did another at 11:30pm that night. I had quite a bit of cramping and woke up with contractions at about 2am. They were lasting about 30 to 45 seconds and ranged from 2 to 4 minutes apart. I was moved to a labour/delivery room and thought things were on their way. I forget when I was checked next, sometime Friday morning, and was at 3cm, 75% effaced, so it seemed like everything was progressing nicely. My OB decided to start the oxytocin drip and put in an epidural. We were all very optimistic for a vaginal delivery, but there was still a long way to go. The epidural went in nicely, which was a relief to me, but it soon became obvious that it wasn't really working. I was still feeling painful contractions, but on my right side only. They tried changing the dosage and type of medication through the epidural, but no go. To top it all off, I developed SEVERE scapular pain in my right shoulder/neck area. Apparently it's a rare reaction to labour where pelvic pressure causes referred pain in the scapular area. I have never felt so much pain in my life. Contractions were NOTHING compared to this. If I moved so much as a muscle, the pain was excrutiating. Finally the doctor came in to check me, still at 3cm, and broke my water. I was also given a much stronger medication through the epidural that allowed me to find a comfortable position that I didn't move from for hours. I was still feeling the right sided contractions, but we were again optimistic that things were progressing. Next check hours later, at about 3am Sat morning I believe, and I was still only 4cm. My OB gave me a deadline of 7am to progress, or we would likely have to go c-section. 7am came and went and still only 4cm. Not only that, but the preeclamsia was getting dangerous and they were becoming very concerned about seizures. After 29 hours of labour, it was time for a c-section. I was taken to OR where they changed the epidural medication yet again. Still didn't work. I could feel pretty much everything. We had no choice but to put me under. I was ok with that by this point because I was really scared. I could sense the urgency and the epidural drugs were causing my body to shake out of control. DH and I had one major request, that he be the one to tell me whether we had boys or girls. The nurses told me later that my OB was constantly reminding everyone that the husband has to be the one to tell. I even remember waking up in recovery and hearing the nurses mention how anxious my husband was to see me and tell me what we had. They finally let him in, from what he tells me it was about 1 1/2 hours after the start of the surgery. I could barely open my eyes to see him, but will never forget the feeling when he told me the names ouf our new children, Talia and Keira. We had our girls! I was so out of it, but so thrilled at the same time. I was in and out for the rest of the day, but managed to get myself up that same night (with lots of help of course) and see the babies in the nursery. They were SO beautiful. Over the next 24 hours I was monitored very closely for seizures, and woken every hour to have my vitals checked, but have bounced back very well. It's kind of scary after the fact to know how serious things were though, to have all the nurses come up to me with big hugs and tell me how worried they were and how happy they are that the girls were so big and healthy. Everything turned out well in the end, even though the journey wasn't exactly as I planned. Now to get my girls home....

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I'm new to the board, but wanted to share my birth story as well! Let's see how many details I can remember 3 years later! LOL! I'm also adding a little about my pregnancy and TTC journey since I wasn't around to share it before!

DH and I TTC for 11 months to get pregnant with our little man. Around then, I decided that we would go into do some fertility testing because DD had only taken 1 month! I went in and had some blood work done and I was to go back to get the results and have more tests done. I was still 2 days away from AF, but wanted to take a test just in case, before we went back (and spent more money! LOL). I was in TOTAL shock when the test came back positive!! I went ahead and went into my appointment and she said "go ahead and test again this weekend and if it's positive, call us and we'll have you in on Monday." So, of course, the test was positive and when I called Monday, I went in. They told me my progesterone level was low (from the blood work they had taken before), and I needed to be on a supplement for the 1st 10 weeks of pregnancy. During that time, I took progesterone every day and once a week my HCG and my progesterone levels were checked. I feel that he is my little blessing, because if I hadn't gone in to have the testing done, I probably would have miscarried. I like to think it was my motherly instincts. Wink

My pregnancy with Little Nate was pretty uneventful(aside from my progesterone levels). He was healthy and so was I, but I was in a LOT of pain for a good part of the pregnancy. I think it was the way he was sitting when I was pregnant that caused a lot of pelvic pain for me. Also, the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy, I had contractions. They were not real strong and would just come and go...more than anything it was annoying!

So, on the night of January 25th around 10pm I just felt something wasn't quite right. I was having the same contractions as I had been, but I was very wet "down there" (sorry if TMI!!). I told DH that I wanted to go and make sure my water hadn't started leaking. So, we went up to the hospital and I figured they would say "No water leaking or break, come back". They did tell me that my water hadn't broken or any leaking, but the nurse said "How long have you been having these contractions?" I almost laughed at her, thinking to myself, 3 weeks! But, I told her just a couple hours and they didn't hurt. She said they would keep me an hour and check my progress. Well, in that hour I went from 1cm to 3cm, so the contractions were finally doing something!!! YEAH!!! So, they decided to keep me and I was there for the long haul! Smile Now, when I had my 1st child, the contractions were never really bad, and I got my epidural at 3 1/2cm. With Nate, I had back labor and I thought I was going to DIE!! They hurt sooo bad! So, when the doctor came in and broke my water at 4cm, I said "Give me my epidural, NOW!!" Smile Of course, he was more than happy to and shortly after that I got my epidural. When I got to 10cm, I was sleeping! The nurse came and woke me up to tell me she was checking me. She said "Oh MY! The head is RIGHT there! Don't move!! I'm going to move your bed up a little, but don't move!" I held VERY still, waited for the doctor to get there. The nurse said "If he doesn't hurry, he's going to miss this!" But, Dr. Swanson arrived and I pushed about 1 1/2 times, and my baby boy was born!

My little man, Nathanial Ryan Jr. was born at 12:21pm on January 26, 2005. DH and I were sooo happy to have our healthy son join our family!! He is a joy to our lives and our family wouldn't be complete without him!