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    Default January Joys Birth Stories (Please post only Birth Stories)

    Well here we are, beginning our birth stories for our January Joys at the beginning of December . Tell us your stories here. I can't wait to see all of our stories unfold!!

    Please post only birth stories on this thread. Thanks!

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    Default Tracy's Birth Story

    Quote Originally Posted by tracyandtyrin
    Well, guess it all started back on October 29th.We ended up going into the hospital with some pretty regular contractions. When we go there they checked me and I was 90% effaced but not dilated.

    They kept me in that first time for a week just to see if she was really going to come that early.

    I did eventually get to go home but only a few days later we got into a fender bender and got to go back to get checked again at the hospital, where I got to spend 4 more days.

    I finally asked to go home and rest at home. They discharged me. A week later, I was back in again, with contractions. They kept me in. Gave me another 2 doses of steroid shots to help her develop. This was the final time I was admitted. On November 29th my OB did an amnio to check her maturity, but the lab wouldn't do it, because the specimen wasn't able to be used. They did another amnio, but that one too couldn't be used. We decided that since I had 4 doses of steroids that we could chose a birthdate and get induced. We chose Dec. 1st(just sounded like a cool date)

    So Thursday, Dec. 1st....@ around 8 a.m. they took me to labor and delivery. They broke my water, manually dilated me a bit, and started an epidural. Well, after about 9 hours of labor, and only dilating to about 5 cm, my OB suddenly got scared and relized that my uterus scar from my previous csection had ruptured. She rushed me into the OR for an emergency c-section. I was scared, I had lost Tyrin in the rush of things, and remember telling him I am sorry that this was all going so terrible and difficult. There was so many people around me geting me ready for surgery. Someone doing an IV, someone putting me to sleep, other nurses, people from NICU, my OB getting my tummy ready.......then I was out....

    The next thing I remember is waking up around 730 pm, shivering. Tyrin was next to me. I asked where baby was. He said she was fine and that she was crying so much that the doctors couldn't hear themselves when they were stitching me up. He went up to see Olivia and took some video and some pictures for me to see. She was so wonderful ..... 4 pounds 15 ounces and 18 3/4 inches long. She was breathing wonderfully on her own but was being watched by everyone in NICU since she was born just over 34 weeks.

    I am glad that she is here with us, the pregancy was hard, and I am so thankful that my OB came when she did that day, as I was told by herself, and a nurse looking after me that things could have gone much worse in a very short time. I am so glad that there were angels watching over us that day......

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    Birth Story
    Aurelia Michelle Lopez
    Monday, December 5, 2005

    On Monday, Dec. 5 at 2:30pm I started having contractions 5 min apart, 1 minute long. This was in the middle of my 8th period PE class. I was able to make it to 3:05pm (the final bell rings at 3:15) before I had to ask someone to watch my class. I ran to the nurse's office to lay down. The contractions soon went to 4 min apart 2 min long. The nurse called the midwife. She told me to go to labor and delivery. This whole time my husband didn't know anything b/c he was flying back to Chicago from DFW (He gad been at a hiring conference). My mother-in was in town to stay with me "just in case", so the nurse called Tina (my mother in law) and told her that I was in labor and to meet us at Hinsdale Hospital. From here two women I work with, Andrea and Jennifer decided to split up duties. Andrea took me to the hospital and Jen went to Chicago-Midway Airport to pick up Sal. My water broke in my Andrea's car at 3:57pm on the way to the hospital. We got to the hospital at about 4:30pm (Chicago traffic). My husband still didn't know anything.

    When we got to the hospital, I was hooked up to an antibiotic for Strep-B as well as the external fetal monitor. They decided to keep me on the external fetal monitor because the baby’s heart rate was in the 200’s. They also told me that I could not get out of bed. Once the baby's heartrate went down, I kept insisting on getting out of bed. They let me out a few times. The last thing my body wanted to do was to be in bed. Being the stubborn person I am, I kept saying that I had to use the restroom.

    The nurse (Lori...yes I remember her name) came in and did a vaginal exam. The nurse had done a vaginal exam and responded with "Hmm...I am not sure what I am feeling. Hmm...let me get another nurse. I have been doing this for over 15 years and I have never felt this before." Another nurse came in and did a vaginal exam and said "Well, I can feel the baby's head, but this is very unusual." Both nurses agreed that they were not exactly sure what they were feeling and were going to wait on the midwife. Let me just say that I was very calm, but knew that they probably shouldn't be saying that stuff in front of me.

    At 5:30pm my husband's flight landed and he called me b/c I was supposed to pick him up. He said something like " okay I landed, I should be out in a little bit." I responded with "I am in the hospital, Jen will pick you up (another teacher I work with)." He didn't believe me, thought I was kidding. Soon after I had a contraction and threw the phone to his mom. She told him that I was really in the hospital in labor. Again, Sal thought it was an elaborate practical joke that we were playing on him. (Three days before this, Sal had played a joke on my sister, saying I was in labor). He said that it wasn't until Jen picked him up that he thought it was really happening.

    At 6:30pm, Sal arrived at the hospital. I am sure it was the hormones, but I started crying as soon as he walked into the room. I continued to labor. The midwife came in and did the vaginal exam. She remembered that I had asked her about labor complications due to cryosurgery I had done in 2001. She had told me that sometime the cervix doesn't open, but in her experience, every cervix had opened. Mine was not opening. Soon after we walked to another room (my request to walk) to do a vaginal exam with a speculum in order to see the cervix better. The midwife said that sometimes she can get a finger into the cervix to break the scar tissue and "pop" it open. With mine she said it was so tighly shut that she couldn't do that. She then had the "cesarean talk" with me. She said that if my cervix didn't open then I would be at risk for a uterine rupture. She said she was going to call the OB in to get his recommedation. In th meantime I walked back to my room, sat on a chair and was leaning over the birthing ball. They brought me the cesearan paperwork. As I was tearfully signing it, something in my body told me to stand up. As soon as I stood up a gush of fluid came out (like someone dumped out a gallon of water on the floor). The moment that happened, around 7:30pm, the OB showed up (he came in a suit from his son's Christmas concert), rolled up his sleeves and performed a vaginal exam. He turned to the two nurses and the midwife and calmly said "I don't know what you ladies are feeling but she is 5 cm, 100% effaced, and -1 station." I turned to my husband and smiled. He smiled back at me grabbed my hand and tears came down my face because I knew that I wouldn't have to have a cesearean. The nurses and midwife were stunned and asked if they could feel. I am guessing I was a bit of a science experiment for them. I was a "first" in all of their years of experience. Soon after, things quickly progressed. The doctor left and the midwife took over.

    Ten minutes later, I was 7-8 and +2 station. The nurses were rushing around realizing that they were not ready for this to happen so quickly. Ten more minutes passed and I was 10 cm, ready to push. The midwife dropped the table and lowered the light. She said, "On the next contraction, you are going to push." I remember saying, "No, I don't want to. I am not ready." The next contraction came and all I wanted to do was push as hard as possible. I grabbed my husband's button down shirt and pulled him to me. I remember the midwife requesting mineral oil for the perimeum to help it stretch. Within 5 more pushes, she came out, head first. I remember asking Sal, "What is it, what is it?" He looked down and said, "A girl, she's a girl!" They laid her on top of me, waited for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating and Sal cut the cord. They took her to the table to weigh her, give her a Vitamin K shot, and returned her back to me so I could start breastfeeding. In the meantime, I delivered the placenta and received 2 stitches. They returned her back to me so I could start breastfeeding. She was born on Monday, December 5 at 9:35pm weighing 6lbs 12 oz and 19.5 inches long. She was born at 36 weeks and 1 day. She ended up losing 7 oz during her hospital stay (completely normal).

    A few things that surprised me were the stretching I felt in the clitoral region. I expected the perineum to stretch and burn but I didn't expect the clitoral region to burn. Also, the placenta wasn't hard to deliver. The midwife pretty much helped it along. Also, the midwife discovered that umbilical cord was attached about 1 inch from where it was supposed to be attached to on the placeneta. After delivery, the nurses pushed on my uterus to expell blood clots. I wasn't prepared for this. I instinctually pushed the nurses arms away. The pushing on my uterus was painful. Prior to giving birth, I remember thinking, "How will I know when and how to push?" Now I know that it is something that your body just knows how to do.

    Wow, what an incredible experience. The one thing that I didn't mention in this story was drugs and interventions. I was very fortunate to have a low risk pregnancy, therefore I had many options for this birth. My husband and I took ten weeks worth of Bradley Classes for our birthing class and learned so much about the way the human body works and felt very prepared for a natural childbirth. I declined the all drugs and interventions. I was constantly asked what I wanted for my pain management. I didn't used any drugs and medical interventions were not necessary. I am very happy that my husband was able to coach me though the birth and I was able to give birth this way. God was watching out for us that night. Sal made it on time, my cervix opened, and I delivered naturally. The human body is incredibly amazing and powerful. My baby girl is incredibly perfect.

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    It was December 13th and I was having a good day. I had been on bedrest and partial bedrest for 4 weeks. I had went to the dr. that morning and I was 3cm dilated and 75% effaced. I came home and took a nap and all was fine. My parents which were there taking care of my other two children that day decided to go ahead and head home. My husband was 10min away. In that 10 min. everything feel apart!

    I had just went to the bathroom and came and sat down in the living room and felt alittle liquid. I got up and went back to the bathroom thinking maybe my water had broke. Didn't notice anything so went back and sat down again. Same thing happened. I got up and went back in my bathroom and noticed I had started spotting. I stood up and had my first contration at 6:15pm and it was one that brought me to my knees. I quickly called my hubby to see if he was close. I was having contractions 5 min. apart and they were really intence from the beginning. At 6:45 I was sure it was time and hubby called his sister to come stay with our other two boys. While waiting for here to get there they got stronger and 4 min. apart. Hubby kept picking me up off the floor and trying to get me to the van between contractions. His sister got her at 7:10pm. we meet her in the drive way and rushed to the hospital. They were 2-3 min apart on the way and I was really in pain and uncomfortable. I told hubby we waited to long! Not a good feeling.

    Got to the hospital at 7:30pm and they rushed me to the triage area. THe nurse and hubby put my gown on I coun't move. SHe checked me and I was 4cm dilated and 100% effaced. When I got up on the bed my water broke completely. I ask about an epidural and they said it would take about an hour. My contractions were one on top the other and they quickly moved me to a birthing room at 8:10pm. She had just got me on the other bed and was trying to do my IV and I said I need to be ckecked NOW. She put one piece of tape on my IV and ckecked me I was at 8cm and baby +1 station. I knew right then and there I wasn't getting epidural! THe dr had just walked in and they told her I was 8cm. She started to walk out of the room and I started yelling he is coming! He is coming !! They said don't push and I said I'M NOT..HE IS COMING!! the dr walked in just in time to catch him on the way out.

    I delivered our baby boy at 8:21pm. He had good color and was crying loudly. They put an oxygen mask on him for little while. HE weighed in at 5lbs 3oz and 191/2 in long. He was born at 331/2 week along. We did get to quickly hold him before they took him away to the icu. After an hour or so they took us to see him. He looked soo little and was hooked up to so any wires. Big brother got to come see him for a min. that night and thought he was pretty neat.

    He is now 5 days old and still in the hospital. Not sure when he will get to come home yet. THey said 2-4 weeks. He is doing good and gaining alittle every day. Can't wait to get him home...We decided we should have named him flash for his middle name after how fast he came.
    Wifey to Kyle for 13years, Mommy to Jeremiah 9 years, Jonas 5 years and Malachi 2.5yrs.

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    Melissa (lamonsgrl)

    Coby's Birth Story

    Well, I was up at 4:30 that morning getting everything together. Took a shower and washed my hair. I even put on make up. Got to the hospital about 7:15. Got admitted in and signed lots of papers. I got a L&D room (they normally don't do that for a scheduled section). Nurse gave me my IV and had lots of vistors. All I had to do was wait for them to take me back. Nurse came in about 9 and said let's go. So, off we went. Once back in the OR, I moved onto the table. It's 9:20 now. Josh was outside talking and getting ready to come in. The anesthesia man came in to do my spinal. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it was. I sat upright joking with the nurses about how real it was finally getting. I was laid down and strapped to the table. I had on oxygen mask put on for the baby's sake. He also wrapped my head with a warm blanket to help me. Next thing I know, the dr is in and Josh is sitting at my head. I felt them doing lots of stuff but wasn't sure what. The anesthesiologist kept me informed of everything that was going on on the table though. He was awesome. At 9:51 am, Coby was born into the world. Josh went over to the warmer where Coby was and watched him get cleaned up. Then, Coby was brought over to me all wrapped up and laid on my shoulder. I got to kiss on him before he was off to the nursery. Josh and Coby left to go to the nursery and I don't remember much after that. I guess I slept through the rest of it. I was woke up to the fact that they were taking everything off of my head and arms. I was wheeled back to the L&D room where Josh and one of our very good friends were waiting for me. Josh immediately came over and told me about Coby's adventures in the nursery. He was already maintaining his body temp and doing well enough that when I was ready for him they would bring him to me. As bad as I wanted him then, I wanted to rest up first. I had several visitors while I was recovering but don't remember much. About 1, I was wheeled over to the post-partum unit. I had enough feeling in my legs that I pretty much scooted myself onto the other bed. It was painful but I knew that I needed to start moving around if I could. I called for Coby and he was there within minutes. The first several hours where crazy. Lots of visitors still. They had me only eating clear liquids. Well, I wasn't keeping any of that down. I couldn't quit throwing everything up. Needless to say, I didn't get to hold Coby much that night. Finally, the nurse gave me some crackers. By Saturday morning I was feeling better. I called for Coby at like 4 that morning and kept him until about 11 that night. We got to come home Sunday. I cut alot out of this ending cuz I've been trying to type this all day. I'll have another post about Monday night later.

    Birth weight: 7 lbs 12 oz
    length: 20 in
    head circ: 14 in
    chest circ: 13 1/2 in

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    We got to the hospital at 10 and got settled in our room. At about 10:40 or so, they started the Pitocin, which works so FAST to get contractions going. I started contracting so fast with no breaks in between, that they ended up turning it off for a little bit and I kept contracting every 2 to 3 minutes on my own. At 12, my doctor came in and checked me, but I hadn't made any dilating progress, so she broke my water.

    At 12:15, I was ready for the epidural, so they came in, and that was done by 1:00. I was at 3cm dilated when she checked me right after the anesthesiologist left. I had some problems with my blood pressure dropping and then shooting up way high, so it was a pretty shaky time.

    I took a little nap and at about 2:30 woke up in pain. She checked me again and I was fully dilated!! Instead of pushing as long as I did with Kael, they did "passive dissent" which is just sitting me up in the bed and letting the contractions push her down with only pushing a little bit through every 4 or 5 contraction.

    My doctor came at 3:30. She did some perineal massage, so I only got a little tear. Maryn was born at 3:53 and my placenta was out at 3:56. I got to keep her with me and I fed her as soon as my stitches were in and I could sit up without trying to faint. It was within the first 20 minutes. She latched on right away and ate for about 10 minutes.

    The nursery nurse came in around 4:30 and weighed and measured her ~ nobody could believe that she weighed as much as she did. They did the footprints and everything and gave her right back to me. I fed her again and she ate for another 10 minutes!

    I started to get really shaky and nauseous at about 5pm, so I had to give her up for a few minutes to Dan while they gave me some more IV fluids and got my shakiness to go away.

    On our way to the Family Care room, they put Maryn in the nursery to get her warmed up and give her her bath. She had to wait a bit for her bath since there were three other babies born right around the same time. She was in there for about an hour and a half because it took her awhile to get warmed back up. They also had to test her blood sugars a couple different times, because I guess it was really low the first time. It's been steadily going up, but because she's pretty big according to gestational age, they are checking it before every feeding.

    I did let her go to the nursery around 2:00 last night, so Dan and I could both get some sleep. I kept her when they brought her back at 4:30 to eat, though.

    So, there you go. Hope it's not totally boring. But, it was a much better labor and delivery than I had with Kael. I am just so in love with her and it's funny that I ever thought I wouldn't have enough love for two kids.

    Kael is coming later this afternoon and I can't wait to see him, and I can't wait to see him with her. He will be so mad that her name isn't Dump Truck, though.

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    HalieRose’s Birthstory
    4 lbs 14 oz

    On Thursday, 12/22 I was at work and I thought maybe I was leaking fluid. I was doing managerial work and decided to go home. When I got home at 2pm I went to the bathroom and it was a HUGE gush….no question my water had flooded the bathroom .
    Patrick had just gotten back from the post office and I yelled down to him…”don’t take your shoes off”….he was a little shocked to say the least. So, we called the midwife and headed off to the hospital. I was worried considering she was only 35 weeks. Our 10 yr old and 5 yr old came with us. We still didn’t have a name picked out for her…Patrick suggested Noel…which we all vetoed.
    I was 3 cm on arrival, but not having any contractions. They started IV antibiotic’s because of her being a preemie. The midwife said they would start pitocin at 6pm and we were expecting her arrival between 9-10pm. It didn’t go as planned. The pitocin wasn’t on very long and Halie’s heartrate kept dropping to the 80’s. So, they slowed the pitocin. Being that she was so small she wasn’t tolerating the contractions. Then we waited…….contractions weren’t too bad and I still didn’t need pain medicine. By 8ish I was only at 4cm. With our other babies 2 hrs of pitocin and that was it. She wasn’t going to cooperate. Her heart rate was now behaving and they started upping the pitocin slowly. My sister was with us the whole time and was a huge support. She walked around with the older kids when they started getting bored. Sometime around 10ish the midwife checked me again and I started bleeding heavily. I didn’t know anything was wrong until she told the nurse to turn off the pitocin. They called in the Doctor who we also knew and liked (thankfully). He checked me and I was still bleeding and he tried to put a monitor on the babies head. At this point I started crying and getting scared. He wasn’t able to put the monitor on her head, but was still picking her up on the external monitor. Thankfully she was doing fine through all of this. He wasn’t sure if I was bleeding from the placenta or the cervix. He said because I had delivered before and I was at a 6 we would restart the pitocin and see how she did. By now I was in a lot of pain, but couldn’t have any pain medicine. I knew it was for the best for Halie, but it was not pleasant! If I had the pain medicine and her heart rate dropped they wouldn’t know if it was the pain medicine or the placenta tearing. I really wanted to avoid a c-section if she was doing okay.
    So I had a roomful for the next 3 hours. The OB doctor didn’t dare leave in case we had to go to the O.R. stat. Our 5 yr old was sleeping at midnight and slept through until 8:30 the next morning. Our 10 yr old was awake for the majority of the time and was doing great. My sister was going to take her out of the room if she needed too.
    At 3am it was time to start pushing. We had the OB doctor, Midwife, Neonatalist (who I love), 3 RN’s, kids, husband and sister…and still no pain medicine…….erghhh.
    She was in a bad position, but after 4 long pushes (20”) she made her appearance. Her head was turned in the wrong position which is why she was stuck. A tiny tear that didn’t need stiches…YAY.

    The placenta did indeed tear. They could see an area that had clotted over. We felt very lucky and blessed to hold her in our arms. I was able to hold her briefly before they took her to the special care nursery. She was only in the nursery for 3 hours and was passing with flying colors. They cleaned me up and I was able to nurse her when she was only an hour old. She has taken to it like a champ.
    Our family doctor told us later we gave the OB doctor quite a scare which made me doubly thankful. I’ve not needed any pain medicine and other then a low blood count feel back to normal.

    Our pastor came in and prayed over her before I had delivered her and everything I asked for we received. She is such a blessing and miracle.

    Cynthia Homeschooling mom to: Brendan 14, Brianna 12, Shaina 10,Micah 6, Faith 3, HalieRose 1.5

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    Jack Thornton
    7lb 10oz, 20"
    December 30, 2005

    Friday started like any other day...I felt fine that morning and went into work--got there at 6am. (Ironically it was supposed to be my last day at work before my maternity leave!) Around 6:30 or so I started feeling little "gushes". At first I thought it was discharge since I had been having lots of it lately. Ick. But it kept happening every few minutes and it was getting pretty annoying. I kept making trips to the bathroom to wipe myself since it was just pretty gross. I still couldn't tell if it was my water or if it was thin discharge. Finally around 9am I figured I should call my dr just in case it was my water. She wanted me to go to L & D to get checked out.
    Made it to the hospital and they checked and sure enough it was amniotic fluid. So I was there to stay. Jason met me there from his work and then once I had gotten settled he ran home to get our bags (I had packed them the night before, coincidentally enough, but didn't put them in the car.) Weird thing too, I had a dream the night before that my water broke!
    Anyway, basically just hung out at the hospital all day. Was having contractions that didn't hurt, but I felt totally normal, like I could've been at work! Finally they started me on pitocin around 3 or 4pm just to try to kick-start things. Nothing really happened with regards to contractions. Still no pain. The nurse kept upping my dose. She said when your water breaks first, it's pretty normal for your body to take around 12 hours to figure out what's going on and get things rolling.
    Can't remember the exact timeline, but I started having stronger contractions (still no pain, just a tightening). Finally had my first uncomfortable contraction around 7pm--I think I was around 4cm then. The epidural guy came and got me all fixed up by 8pm. So I only had a few minutes of painful contractions (yippee!). I was 10cm by 8:35 and pushed through about 4 contractions and Jack was born at 8:51! I was amazed at how easy and fast everything went. The dr even said that he was slowed down a bit coming out because he had his fist by his face. I wonder how much faster it would have been! I didn't even need stitches. One tiny tear that didn't even bleed. I was so relieved.
    Jack Thornton (Thornton is a family name on DH's side) weighed 7lb 10oz (a pound lighter than big brother) and 20" long. He was just under 38 weeks. I've been pretty impressed with him so far--he is already a pro at nursing. No trouble latching on or anything. We are so blessed to have him here and healthy too! I'm in love...

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    We were up at 4 am getting everything ready. We were out the door by 4:30 and arrived at the hospital at 5am. We went up to the OB floor and the set us up in a labor and delivery room. The nurse, who by the way was absolutely wonderful, got all the paperwork part done. While another nurse came in to put in my IV. They started this wonderful task at around 5:45. She poked a couple of times and got nothing. The other nurse poked a couple of times and again got nothing. So they said they were going to call in the elder(the experienced). She came in with a full hot IV bag and place it on my arm for a minute or so, then attempted a couple of time and to no avail again got nothing. By this time I'm sore and they're feeling bad. So they called a nurse up from the surgical unit. She tried once got nothing, then tried again and finally they got it. By this time it was 6:35 and they needed to have me finished and down to surgery by 7. She got me finished up around 10 till 7 and let my family in to visit before they took me down. Well, she forgot about me and I didn't get down to surgery until 7:15.
    Seen the anethesiologist, and Freddie got in his scrubs. Went into the OR where they put in the spinal. Needless to say they were concerned about my BP. It was kind of high. Finally all that was done and they checked and double checked to make sure I was numb. Then in came my Dr. and made the first incision at 8am. They then brought in Freddie. The anethesiologist kept us informed as to how far along they were. Then he said almost there and the tears started flowing. Then he said there's the feet and there he is. Aaron Joel was born at 8:16am. He started crying very loudly I might add. The nurse brought him over for me to see then wisked him off to get cleaned up. She then brought him back for me to hold him while she took some pics of the 3 of us. Then off went Aaron and Daddy.
    They took about another hour to finish up as I had my one tube cut and tied. I did get a little worried when my Dr. says to me, "Nicole, did you have your left tube and ovary removed?" I was stunned, and said, "UHHH Yeah." Then the nurse told him the date. The reason I was stunned was because he had all of my records from my previous Dr. Then I hear Oh yes that's right. As I'm laying there I'm started to get some feeling back in my chest and upper abdomen. I then start feeling really sick. The anethesiologist lets me know they are almost done. Thank Goodness because I was about to toss my cookies. Finally at 9:16 I was taken to recovery. Unfortunately they couldn't get my BP down for the next 2 hours. After 3 doses of medication it started creeping down and I got to go up to my room.
    I made it there at 11:10 and at 11:15 in came the rest of my family with our new addition. Freddie put Aaron in my arms and the little stinker was starving. We had no trouble latching on and he ate for 15 min. on one side and 5 on the other. My family left at around noon and I ate lunch while Aaron slept at my side. I nursed him again at 1pm and then we just cuddled for the next hour. My wonderful nurse came in and gave me something for pain and suggested she take Aaron because what she gave me was strong. I said ok I could use some sleep. Well when that medication kicked in I felt nothing and slept for the next 2 1/2 hours. My dinner came at 5 and I was just starting to eat when Aaron's Dr came in and told me that he was having trouble breathing and that it seemed one of his nasal passages were blocked. He thought that and the combination of his jaw being recessed could be the culprit but he wasn't sure so they were going to have him transferred to the NICU @ Children's Hospital, which is about an hour away. Needless to say I was devastated. The nurse came in and got me up to go to the nursery to see him before he went. The transport team arrived at 6:45pm and did they're assessment and let us hold him and kiss and then he was gone. My parents and sisters hadn't got to hold him. One of my sisters hadn't got to see him. My girls were really confused. It was a mess. The nurses from Akron gave me a special little doll to sleep with. I was to keep it close until my husband went up there to see he was to take it with him and give it to the nurses who would then put it in his isolette so he had mom's scent with him. I slept with that little guy all night. We called that night and they said he was doing a little better and he didn't need the oxygen anymore. Freddie, my sister and his mom went up the next day and he was doing a little better. The nurse said he was a little stinker b/c they had put an IV in his head and he promptly pulled it out. They also put in a feeding tube that he also promptly pulled out.
    I was hoping to be discharged early but Dr. said b/c my BP was still high he couldn't let me out. I was thinking well what do you expect I got to spend about 4 hours with my baby and he was wisked away. Well being the person I am I sucked it up and decided it was best. Finally on Sunday I was released and was in Akron by 2:30pm. Aaron was doing better but still on the feeding tube. Spent about 5 hours there then back home. Went back today and Aaron is out of the isolette and in a regular crib/bassinet. No more feeding tube. He is doing much better and there is no blockage in the nasal passage and all other tests are normal. So he should be home by the weekend.

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    Kaizaiiah Adam Kessler's Birth Story

    Monday January 1, 2006: It was around 8pm when I first thought my water might have started leaking. But I didn't think too much of it since I didn't want to get over excited. Especially since I had gone to the hospital 3 times already and got sent home everytime. So we went home thinking nothing of it. Well I called my sister only to find out that my other sister who was due a week later than me had delivered her baby by c-section. I was thinking how unfair she beat me! So I got off the phone and went to the bathroom. Finished and wiped and suddenly stuff just started streaming out. I was shocked. Called hubby in and showed him. Got a cup to catch the fluid to examine it. Did this 3 times. Finally believing that my water had broke I called the hospital. They told me to come in to get checked. I offered to bring the cup but they said they didn't need it.

    Tuesday January 2, 2006: It was 2:30am by the time we got into a room in labor and delivery. She hooked me up the the monitors and then checked me. I was at a 3 still and 80 % effaced still. She swiped inside on the baby's head to check for a sign of fluid leaking. The paper turned green blue. She then checked the 2 pads I brought in and it turned bright blue. But since the internal didn't change as much she said she would check again in an hour. Well I had to use the restroom and she gave me the fun stretchy gauze underwear and a pad so she could see any leakage. I went to the bathroom and started contracting. They started to hurt now. When I was done I stood up and pulled up undies. On my way back to the bed I had a contraction. I felt a bunch of fluid come out. She walked back in the room and I told her. So she checked again and the strip turned smurf blue like she had described it should. So it was then I was admitted. I started having contractions closer and closer. They were tearing me apart man. I had to go to the bathroom again. Luckily to empty bowels cause I really didn't want any of that stuff to come out when I started pushing, especially since it was all on video. But I could barely move. They were 1 minute apart and horrible. Got poked 3 times by 3 different nurses trying to put an iv in. The 3rd time it worked. They said I had tiny veins that weren't working with them.

    At 7:15 am I got checked again. I had progressed to 8 centimeters and got an epidural. Didn't feel it at all since I was contracting so bad and fast. Got some pics of me in pain during contractions. They are great! lol. After my epidural was placed my blood pressure dropped really low for a few minutes. Everyone was rushing around sending all the family out trying to get it up again. They ended up rolling me to a side and putting on an oxygen mask for a few. Then all was well again. I was painfree after about 6 or 7 contractions I think. And that was heaven.

    At 8:00 am the nurse checked me and I was 10 centimeters and 100% effaced. She had me do 2 practice pushes to see if I could feel them enough to get the baby out. We decided to wait 10 minutes.

    At 8:10 am I started to push. I had the mirror down at my feet so I could watch the whole thing. It was great!

    At 8:36 am I had Kaizaiiah. He weighed in at 7 lbs 2 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. No cuts and no tears so no stitches! I was a happy camper.

    Sometime right before I started pushing or after I had him they checked my temp. I was at 103 and so was he. So they ended up taking him to the nursery and giving him an iv in his hand to administor antibiotics. They kept us for 48 hours. I enjoyed the room service alot. I kept him in the room with me 98% of the time. His cultures all came back negative. He is nursing well... no problems with that. And he likes his binky too.

    Wednesday January 3, 2006: Cramping got worse today. Almost as bad as my hardest contractions. I went home around 1:30 pm. Got my drugs at the pharmacy and went home. Around 5pm had friends over but the cramps wouldn't go away. Even after taking 800 Ibuprofin and 2 vicatin. (Spelling?) I started crying in pain and went to my room to lay down. My friend brought me an icepack and my water then they went home. Finally they started to ease up again. I nursed Kai and took a little nap. Hopefully the cramps start to fade. So I can enjoy being home with my new baby and hubby. Overall it was a good experience. Let's see if I will ever do that again! lol


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