January Jumping Beans Birth Stories and Birthdates

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January Jumping Beans Birth Stories and Birthdates

Since we've had our first arrivals, I figured it's time to start this thread! This is a no comments thread.

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Hi ladies! I just wanted to share William's birth story with you and get it written down for myself while it is still pretty fresh in my mind.

As you know we were scheduled for a c-section on Monday, Dec 21st at 12:30 pm because William insisted on being breech and they didn't want to attempt to do the version because of the placement of the placenta (it was right in the front). William was 37 weeks 6 days, but they were also anxious to get him out becuase of the narrowing of his ductus arteriosis. He was a super active, happy baby right up to the time of the c-section :grin:

So, at 12:20 they brought me into the OR and got me ready for the surgery. The two anestesiologists who were putting in my spinal were really nice and super friendly. They got it in after a few minutes, I have a very slight curvature to my spine which made it a little more difficult, but it wasn't too bad. After my spinal was in I immediately got sick to my stomach. Thanks to all the info I got from the wonderful ladies on here I knew to expect that and they had already given me Zofran in my IV and they were prepared with something else that worked great.

As soon as I stopped feeling sick though I started getting really anxious. By then DH was allowed to come in and see me and he sat with me and kept me calm. He was WONDERFUL! I wouldn't have made it through that without being a crying mess if it weren't for him. I hated not being able to move my legs, I know that was the whole point, but I really hated the feeling of having no control and it made me feel super anxious.

While they were making the incision I of course felt nothing and then all of the sudden the dr goes, "And there's a foot." She wasn't even done making the incision yet and William was trying to stick his feet out! They quickly got him out and held him up, DH could see him, but I couldn't Sad

and wisked him over to assess him and he cried immediately. This was great since Nicholas did not cry immediately, so I knew William was going to be just fine. DH was supposed to go with him, but because he could see I needed him he stayed with me while they finished up with me. At that point they gave me something in my IV was anxiety and I felt much better, not sure why I wasn't given any earlier, but if I do this again I want the anxiety stuff up front!

Then they brought DH over to see William. He was doing ok, but his oxygen levels were a little low and he wasn't maintaining his levels, they were in the 60's, so between that and needing to check his heart anyway they took him to the NICU for observation. I was kind of annoyed by this since I hadn't seen him yet and they were not telling me when he would come back. Also, they said if he were to stay in the NICU I wouldn't see him until the following day! So much for BFing immediately!

So, they brought me to recovery where they explained all of this to me and I immediately requested a pump, told them not to give him formula and sent DH to be with him. As soon as I was in my room I pumped and did pretty well and had the nurse bring it to him.

Thankfully his oxygen levels improved and his heart looked good in the EKG so they brought him back to me around 7:00. His big brother was there to meet him when he came to the room and was a little unsure at first, but warmed up to him quickly and loves him to pieces now.

We were discharged on Wednesday morning and were thrilled to bring our new little man home with us!

So, please welcome William James B____ 7 lbs 13 oz 20 in, born at Dec 21, 2009 at 12:55 pm!

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On December 28, 2009 at 5:30 am DH, my mom, and I headed to the hospital for our scheduled c-section. I wasn't very nervous, but I seem to have a way of avoidance with 'BIG' events. This was one. It still didn't seem real. As we walked to the Birthing Center they were all ready for us! The nurses gave us the paperwork to sign. They lead us to our room and they started all IV's, important info, etc.

At 7:30 on the dot I was ready to walk back to the OR. I was still not entirely nervous or even facing what was about to happen. It seemed very surreal. The OR was FREEZING!!! I could not believe how cold it was. I started to shiver immediately. The staff got me a few heated blankets and that helped immediately. I do not know how the staff in that room can keep composure!

My doctors came in as did the anesthesiologist and it was on! My spinal did not hurt and was very quick. My doctors are very calm and nurturing so they were there holding my shoulders and talking me through things. I laid on the table and they cleaned me up, put on all papers and set up screens. Soon my DH and mom came into the OR.

When the spinal started to take affect it was very weird. I had to start using breathing techniques to keep my composure. In fact, there quite a few times that I had to do that to keep myself calm. At one point, my blood pressure dropped to 70/35 and continued to rise and then fall again during and after surgery. While I was at the hospital it was always less than 100/70.

William Rourke was born at 8:12 am and weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches long. He is the heaviest baby I have ever had. And the loudest! He screamed from the moment he came out until shortly before I came out to recover. I could actually hear him in the OR after he had been taken to my room. I got to BF almost immediately, I just had to wait about 30 minutes for my nausea to pass, also, he roomed in the entire time we were there.

I just think he is awesome! He hates getting his diaper changed and he hates bathes and just to be naked in general.

DH is doing wonderful, I have changed a whole 4 diapers in his 6 days of life. I do take 'night duty' because I am BF'ing but DH comes when I need to get up or Rourke needs to be changed. And the older boys are bonding as well, it's so sweet to see.

Rourke getting cleaned up:

About 5 hours after birth:

We're home!

I can't wait to see all the other Jan babies to come!

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First off the baby is a great baby. the whole first day i had trouble waking him up to eat but today and all last night was great. I think he's got the idea that we wake up to eat every so often.

so far we have a first name. Eli. Its a family name but we are still trying to figre out a middle name and hopefully by the end of the day we will have it.

So things started 10pmish of the 5th. The first contrax that started in my back and around the front. they started to come regularly at 12 minutes apart or so. We were lying in bed watching TV and they were getting uncomfortable. DH fell asleep so i went downstairs to track them and get a few things straightened up. they stayed pretty consistent 8-12 minutes for a couple hours. then down to 5-7 minutes apart. DH woke up to me loading dishes in the dishwasher at 130am. He thought i should try to sleep, i really just think he didnt really think it was it. So I went to bed. I layed there breathing through the contrax for an hour. They did space back out but i HAD to breathe to get thru them. So i got up and woke DH up. 230 am Called the nanny then the OB. We left at 3am for the hospital.

After we arrived, i got checked out. 6cm, 100%, -2, and a bulging bag! I was so excited! Its the fartherest i have ever been when arriving at the hospital with any of the boys. DH got real light headed and pale when she told us my stats. I really dont think he thought it was time. So they admitted me right away.

As they were getting me prepped in my room, IV in and all, they were also tending to DH with OJ and graham crackers. It was too funny!

They hooked me up to the monitor for some HR tracings and stuff then i was supposed to be able to get in the shower walk around use the rocker, birth ball, and everything, but Eli wasnt too happy with me upright. So i had to stay on my side the rest of the labor. the midwife came back in to check me 2 hrs later 530ish and i was an 8! She didnt want to break the water for fear of cord prolapse. I was just fine with that b/c i was still debating if i should get the epi or not. We tried teh rocker to get eli's head to apply to the cervix so she could break the water but again he didnt like it. So back in bed i go. teh contrax had been down to 5 minutes apart before we arrived at the hopital but while i was laying down, they started to space back out a bit(not really sure how far but i was getting tons of rest between them which i think made it easier for me to handle. Around 720 or so we are talking to the midwife about what to do next. She was due to leave at 8 am and the next doc on call my husband and I really didnt like(tends/seems to be very pro c-section and with the u/s and with ethan and jacob being so big i thought he'd be more likely to call it quits too soon). Anyway, She checks me about 730am and decides to break the water I dont think i was ready b/c i was STILL debating with myself if i should get the epi. I could tell he was still high but she did alot of stuff in there(ouch) to make sure the cord didnt slip through. After breaking the bag, she says the cervix is back to 6-7 cm but the head is applied. I had about 2 minutes to keep debating about the darn epi. Then Bam! A contrax hits. Eli's HR drops really low they are trying to get me on my other side. I am cursing oh f*ck, f*ck*f*ck, f*ck from the intensity and trying to roll over thinking when this contrax ends i want the epi!!. The poor nurse... oh my god oh my god oh my god! and f*ck were all i could say. I didnt know what to do things spiraled out of control (IMO at the time) I grabbed my legs and started to push. I didnt feel i had any other option. i can hear the nurse in the background talking about the person coming into the room the check out the baby and i was thinking "I dont give a f*ck. Help me!" DH says i was yelling help me and screaming and grunting and all he could do was sit in the chair (still on the verge of passing out). Poor thing he felt helpless! I felt bad that he was watching me go through this. I keep pushing and I am not sure how many pushes it took but it wasnt many. Maybe 5-6 and the head crowns and pops out. then the wide shoudlers (they felt pretty wide to me) then baby. RELIEF! the whole time from water breaking to baby out was about 5 minutes. DH has documented blackberry messenger with his brother(why was he texting??? ) of the whole thing and it really was about 5 minutes total. I'll have to get the messenger transcript. It was funny to read back.

I just keep thinking now thank god my water didnt break on its own before we got to hospital. I would have died (not really but i felt liike i was) and DH would have passed out or we would have had the baby in the car, etc.

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*small disclaimer* If you haven't had your baby yet, please read with caution. I really don't want to scare anyone with my less than pleasant experience. I'd do it all again, the very same way, if needed to get her here and healthy.

Cora Emmelin’s Birth Story
1/13/2010 11:23 am
7lbs. 15 oz. 20 3/4 in.
:p> :p>
I arrived at the hospital at about 5:20 am. They took me up and started prepping me for my induction, blood draws, IV, antibiotic for GBS, etc. At around 6:30 they began my pitocin. I was already having some non painful contractions on my own. Sometime during the 7:00 o’ clock hour my doc came around and did my check and I was still about a 4, still about 70%, and baby was still stationed high. She went ahead and broke my water, since she was headed in to do a c-section. After my water was broken the contractions got a bit more painful, more in my back this time. They recommended I go ahead and start my second IV bag, so we could get the epidural, and also checked me again, and I was a 5. Found out the anesthesiologist was the same one I had last time, but his student was the one who was going to do my epidural with his assistance. Epidural was in by 8:30, and they stayed with me for a bit to make sure all was ok. I noticed I was still feeling quite a bit of pain in my back, and that I had way too much control of my legs. With both of my previous epidurals my legs were pretty much jello, and I had no control of them, and couldn’t feel my contractions. I knew something was up, but they told me it might be baby’s position causing the back labor, and it wasn’t abnormal for some to have an epidural with some feeling in the legs. Around 10:30 I was checked again, and still at a 5 but baby was moving down. My nurse updated my doc, they bumped up my pitocin, and I was still having back pain, so the anesthesiologist came in and gave me a bit more medicine. They told me that might take a few minutes to settle in, and if it didn’t work we’d have to see about doing another epidural. I was completely ok with that, I just wanted the back labor to stop, as it was getting worse. From about 10:30 to 11:00 the back labor became worse, and I was tearing up with each contraction. Right near 11:00 I told Gray to step out and get my nurse, who had just left out a few minutes before that, because I was feeling pressure. She came in and checked me and I was 9 cm, but as she was checking me I had that overwhelming feeling that I had to push. She was telling me not to, and I was telling (screaming/yelling) her I had to. I absolutely lost all control at this point, and couldn’t have not pushed if my life depended on it. It was so reminiscent of Grayson’s birth, lack of control, and I was terrified I was going to tear again. She ran to the door and told them to get Lydia (the midwife). My doc was in surgery or somewhere else. Connie (a midwife from another practice and the person who delivered my third) was able to get to the room first. Gray said she was helping me by keeping the baby from coming too quickly so Lydia could get to the room and ready. I was still completely out of control. I don’t even know how to describe it, other than to say that the urge to push was so overwhelming and my body just did it without me. I was screaming at them to help me, and that I was going to tear, and that I couldn’t stop pushing, and just feeling that total lack of control. The nurses and midwives were trying to get me to calm down. I heard Connie and Lydia say that I was complete and I had enough room and shouldn’t tear, and my nurses were trying to get me calmed. Somehow between contractions I was able to get calmed downed and focused, maybe just knowing I could push and wouldn’t tear. I pushed 3 times and Cora Emmelin arrived at 11:23 am. They hadn’t even had a chance to break down the bed. I was able to hold her while they were cleaning her up. I had a bit more bleeding than they liked and my uterus kept going boggy. They ordered some meds to stop it, but I didn’t end up having to have them. While they were finishing up with me they took her over and dressed her. They had her warmer ready, but didn’t have a chance to bring in the scale and stuff, so we didn’t get her first weight until she was already dressed and in blankets. The scale read 8lbs 10 oz. I thought that seemed high. They gave her back to me. Later the official nursery weight came back 7 lbs. 15 oz. She was also 20 3/4 inches long.
So while it wasn’t what I would have wished for, it was Quick (from 5 to 9 in about 30 minutes, and 9 to 10 almost instantly), and I did get a healthy baby and no tearing. I’m still a little hazy on those last minutes as all I can really remember is the overwhelming need to push. My nurse said that on that last check I was basically changing from 9 to 10 as she was doing it. I still tend to think that all the feeling/pain I was having had little to do with her positioning, and everything to do with my epidural not being effective. I seriously have no clue how people do an unmedicated birth and keep their composure and wits about them. I haven't been able to do it either time that my pain relief failed.

Induction morning 1/13/10 39 weeks 4 days - Last belly pic

Just born

Really getting to meet Mommy

Mommy, Daddy, and Cora

Famliy pic

Going Home (her little outfit was too big, especially the hat)

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My birth story is kinda short. I had a scheduled c-section for 1-20-10. We checked into the hospital at 7:30. We are settled in a room, I got my IV and my cath and then my doc comes in . He mentions the surgery is scheduled for 11:00. I instantly start crying becuase I was told 9:30 and so was my other doc. He said he would do what he could to get me in earlier. So then they take me to the OR- this was that part that was hard and tramatic for me, so I will skip it for now.

At 11:29 am Sophie Adele was born. She is tiny and perfect in every way. She weighs 6 lbs 1 oz and is 19 in long. I couldn't be more in love with her. She sleeps alot. way more than Sam every did at this age. We are getting though our isssues with BF and are one our way to exclusively BF.

Sam is the best big sister ever. She loves Sophie and helps out as much as a 2 1/2 year old can.

DH is amazing and is helping out so much!

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Thanks for getting this together for us!

I need to change a couple of things about Cora's info though.
She was born on the 13th and was 7 lbs 15 1/2 oz. & 20 3/4 in.


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Kate's Birth (VBAC)

Prior C-section 2003
Induction at 41W1D, cytotec, pitocin, AROM, dilation to 8cm after 2 days.
Uterine infection and failure to progress led to emergency C-section at 41W3d
DS 9lb 7oz

This time around (2010)
Gained 20lbs, rather than 40lbs
Trouble finding VBAC'ing facility; finally accepted as VBAC patient at 32 weeks, at a teaching hospital one hour from home.
No cervical ripening, no pit, no pain meds till epidural at 9.5 cm, 1.5hours prior to birth.
DD 7lb 1oz

Zero days old:

One day old:

Two days old:

January 10 (due date)

11:30 pm Water broke with one big contraction. It actually felt like Kate kicked me hard at the top of my uterus - two strong jabs and I was doubled over. I took a quick, shallow, hot bath to relax my lower back/pelvic floor, and when I got out of the tub I thought I had a gush into the toilet, but wasn't sure. When I layed down, sure enough, another small-ish gush, stand up, nothing. Lay down, smallish gush. Woops - that's the water, then. I also had blood and while I was sure it was bloody show, I wasn't sure enough (blood can be a sign of uterine rupture - my brain loves to think of these things)

11:30-12:30am - Have to convince my DH that he really, REALLY does need to hurry, call his mother to let her know, etc. He's dawdling. Seriously. He wants to call the midwife to make sure. I told him I was sure. I'm periodically checking baby's heart with the doppler as we get stuff ready, to make sure the release of water hasn't made her fall on her cord. Heartrate ok.

January 11
12:30 am Drop Andrew off at MIL.

12:30-1:30 am Drive to the hospital - Cx are every 2-5 minutes apart and NOT fun to deal with while driving. I knew they wouldn't be.

1:30 Arrive at the hospital and get into Triage. They won't let DH into triage, no biggie, I thought.... Thank goodness they only have me in for 20 minutes. I managed one trip to the restroom before they realized my water had broken and after that they would not let me up the rest of the labor. I might add that for the past 5 months of pregnancy I haven't been able to urinate without leaning so slightly forward, so when they gave me a bedpan to urinate in I couldn't go. That didn't add to my comfort level. I was 4cm. I also started throwing up repeatedly about this time.

2:00 am
Transferred to my own room, quicker than usual because baby's heart is decel'ing occasionally. They'd told us that Jason would be allowed back once I had my room - they lied. At this point they told him he could come in once we'd been set up (including AFTER my epi). He was LIVID. At this point I was in a lot of pain (I had the same thing happen at 4cm with Andrew - I couldn't deal with the pain anymore) and I just wanted Jason there, but couldn't vocalize it. Jason argued with the nurses for the next hour or two till they finally let him come back.

3-4:00 am At some point they finally let Jason come into my room. At this point I couldn't talk except in mono-syllabic phrases... He was unbelievably angry at the staff at this point but happy to see me. Late in this time I started having to push. I grunted at DH that he needed to tell someone. He said do what my body told me to do Smile I said no, tell them, not supposed to push yet... I couldn't talk but I needed him to get them and let them know.

4:30 Epidural finally arrived. The guy was an ***, I won't even go there. After the epi, I was measured at 9.5 cm. Yikes.

4:30-5:00 I was so happy - I could talk again. I could think. I was so happy. I said, "I'm so happy! I can talk to my husband!" I asked when I was supposed to start pushing. Finally they told me to start.

5:30-ish I said, "My husband is never going to believe labor is hard after this". If I could have walked, I would have been 10 feet off the ground. I was that happy.

5:45 am After a bit of pushing, Kate arrived. Jason was very, very happy. He said he kept almost crying. After I had the epidural, I had no real pain at all. The hardest thing was trying to push when I couldn't much feel what I was trying to push. The OB helped a lot, though, and even gave me tips on when I was pushing the best (eyes opened or eyes closed, I wondered. Turned out, eyes closed!). I coughed once and it turned out that my body was better at coughing babies out than pushing, so the OB had me cough a few times. I think (but I'm not sure) that I actually coughed her head out. Wierd but true! I had a very small 1st degree tear and only required a couple stitches. The stitches cause me absolutely no problems, esp. compared to hem. issues.

After she was born, she was put on top of me for a minute. DH cut the cord (he hadn't intended to but the scissors were put in his hand and he was too out of it to resist). Then the peds checked her out and gave her back. I delivered the placenta so fast I didn't even realize I had. When I got Kate back, I was able to nurse her for quite awhile, she latched on well and nursed on both sides.

I've never been so happy, excited, exuberant, energetic... I felt great at that point. I had no idea at all that labor could go that smoothly. I had about 3 hours of truly unbearable pain and I think the main reason that was so bad was because I wasn't permitted to move at all; but I had no pitocin augmentation, no cervical ripening, no pain meds besides the epi for the last hour or so. I contracted regularly on my own every 2 minutes the entire time. When we started the VBAC the resident OB was cautious about my chances for success but as the night wore on she got more and more excited, herself. By the end she was as excited as I was, I think, and was so reassuring. I just honestly never thought birth could be like this.

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Jakob Lucas Daniel's birth story:

I went to work on Thursday, Jan 14th like any other day. I had been having contractions off and on for a week or so, especially the night before. I started having contractions around 3pm at work and they were sporadic but pretty painful, wrapping all the way around my lower back.

I called my Dad to see if he could come up that night and go ahead and stay over (my parents were already scheduled to stay the weekend as it was the weekend before my due date and we figured that it would be nice to already have them there if I went into labor). He came up that evening, probably showing up around 7pm. I was still having very irregular contractions. They were coming anywhere from 3-30 minutes apart but they were very painful. Once Dad got in, DH and I went to WalMart for a few things and to see if walking around did anything. It definitely was hurting more and I had to stop to deal with them.

When I got home I called the nurse and they called the midwife and called me back and told me to go ahead and go to the hospital. The midwife on call was the one I had seen the day before for my 38 1/2 week appt which was nice. She wasn't my favorite but I liked her well enough. Well, when they checked me out I was 4cm. They monitored me for a bit and the contractions were still very irregular. They weren't sure what to do with me. At first they said they could do pitocin or I could walk around for a bit to see if anything happened or they could send me home. I chose to walk around as I really wanted to avoid pitocin for one of my 3 births. I walked around the smallest, most boring hospital floor in the history of mankind for about 45 minutes. We got back and my contractions were still very irregular and not much had changed cervix wise. There was talk about sending me home again but the midwife wasn't too keen on it. In the end we sent DH home to see if he could get some sleep and I would stay in the hospital. The midwife ordered some sleeping meds (a shot in the bum) for me to take when/if I decided I couldn't sleep through the contractions anymore. So, DH left and I tried to sleep.

Well, that lasted for approx an hour. I had a contraction that just reduced me to tears. I rang the nurse and all I could say was that I "needed something" and I was just bawling. Let me tell you, I did an unmedicated birth with pitocin for my 2nd and that had nothing on these contractions. They gave me the visteril (sleeping meds) and some narcotics at the same time as loading up the IV fluids to prep for the epi. Around this time I was 6cm and at some point during this, i think before I got the drugs onboard, I called DH to come back to the hospital. I desperately needed someone there with me. I also, at some point, started seriously shaking, which the midwife said was just my body's reaction to labor. At about 3:30am I got the epidural. The narcotics had taken the edge off the contractions and made them bearable (thank god) while I waited for the epi. The epi was awesome. I still had some sensation in my legs -- they were tingly but I didn't feel the pain. I was able to fall asleep!

When I woke up I was 10cm!! So, so far, even though I had pain meds I didn't have any other interventions like pitocin or artificially breaking my water. This was the 1st time I got all the way to 10cm without that. This was about 6:30am. At this point they did break my water and we started to work on pushing. It took forever to get him over the pelvic bone (or whatever that is). Turns out he was sunnyside up and the midwife said that was why it was so difficult for me to get his head out.

At 8:03 am, Friday, January 15th he was born (right at shift change). Apgars were 8 and 9. He was 7lbs 12oz and 20.5" long (though I think he had unfurled a bit by his next appt as he has measured 21.5" since then).

I had an EMT in training working with the baby nurse. I let him in because I'd want experienced EMT people if I had to deliver in an ambulance. Apparently one of the baby nurses nearly fainted and had to leave. I didn't know that was going on and still don't know what that was all about. My midwife was great. I had no tearing or anything (yay 3 for 3 on that) and I'm sure it was due to her stretching the perineum the ENTIRE time I was trying to push and in between pushes.

That was my story in a nutshell. We stayed in the hospital one night past delivery and we've been doing well since.

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Josiah's full name is Josiah Jeffrey Athanasius. He has the two middle names. Thanks!

Oh and 4:02am

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Bronwyn Rosalie born 1/28 10:59 pm

Around 5:30 pm on Wednesday night I started feeling really regular BH contractions. I didn’t say anything to DH because they didn’t really hurt, but they were super regular and felt “different” than my usual BH. I decided I didn’t want to cook, and was in the mood for Chipotle. The episode of Oprah that day was about food and trying to eat food that is antibiotic free and not processed. The Chipotle owner was on because they have those values and seeing the food made me want it! It looked so good. I tried to make it extra spicy to help things along. I was a day past my due date and ready to have this baby. Well, after dinner, we came home and relaxed, and watched TV for a bit. Then at 9pm I felt it. I had my first painful contraction. I managed to still not say anything to DH for about an hour. I was slyly timing them on my phone. We went to bed around 11:30, but I had the feeling I wasn’t going to be able to sleep very well, and I was right. I downplayed the contractions to DH because I wanted him to sleep. I may have catnapped in this period, but no real sleep was happening. Around 3am the contractions definitely intensified. They were about 10 minutes apart, but lasted a long time. At about 3:45 I wasn’t feeling very well. I started throwing up. Every time I changed positions, or laid down it would make me sick. I kept trying to drink liquids when I started to feel better, but I would throw up again. I called my doula around this point, since she lives a little bit away. I was handling the contractions pretty decently. I got in the shower while waiting for the doula, the shower helped speed up the time between contractions, but it shortened the length of them. My doula arrived at about 5 am. Shortly after that DH tried to make me some light food, toast and things, but once again I couldn’t hold it down. For the next several hours I labored at home, mostly sitting on the birth ball leaning over my bed. By about 8:30 they were within 5 minutes apart lasting anywhere from 1 -2 minutes long. We decided to call L&D since I couldn’t drink fluids and the contractions were close. They said to come right in. I managed to get to the hospital without too much difficulty. Thank goodness no contractions came while we were going over railroad tracks. I got to the hospital about 9am. They got me checked in to triage. They asked for a urine sample, and I could barely get out half a cm worth of a sample. It was enough though. They checked my blood pressure, and I can’t recall any of the actual numbers at this point, but apparently it was high. My urine came back and it had protein in it. I had just been at the OB two days earlier and there was no protein and I had normal BP. I was severely dehydrated at this point so they wanted to hook me up to fluids and I agreed. Then they checked me. After laboring all night, I was a grand total of 2cm. Yeah, that pissed me off. The contractions hurt like no other, but that was probably because of the severe dehydration. I was 70% effaced though. They had to take a blood sample at this point because they were worried about my BP/proteins. About an hour and a half or so goes by and the labs come back. At first they say they are fine. I’ll probably be sent home. Especially after they check me again, and oh yeah I’m still 2cm, but hey I’m 90% effaced though. I was bummed that I was going to have to keep going, and dealing with two more car rides. So the OB leaves, and then all of a sudden like 7 people are in the room, which is TINY. They say they looked at my blood work wrong and I’m not going home. I’m definitely diagnosed with preeclampsia. This was a mixed bag of feeling. Worried, but relieved that I wouldn’t be going home. They tell me I will need to go on Magnesium Sulfate because even though I’ve been rehydrated with IV fluids my BP isn’t going down. Oh and because of this I was going to admitted to the high risk wing and wouldn’t be able to deliver with a nurse midwife as I hoped. 20 minutes or so later they change their minds and tell me that the CNM will be able to oversee it, but the OB will be on call in case of complication. Luckily the baby had maintained a wonderful heart rate the entire time, so everyone thought she was handling things well. They get me back to an L&D room at this point, about 12:30pm. Until then I thought that I’d be able to walk around and things even with the IV. When I get to the room I find out things are going to be very different than I was hoping for. Because of the Mag IV I needed continuous monitoring and can’t walk. Because the Mag can slow things down, I’m going to need Pitocin. Oh and a catheter , and oral liquid restrictions. They brought me so much water at a time and if I ran out before the time they gave, I couldn’t drink anything else til the next hour. I still didn’t want to drink much and was feeling nauseous, so they gave me Zofran, which finally made me feel a little better. I also knew ahead of time I need antibiotics for my GBS positive. An hour or so goes by, they check me again, and I’m only 2-3, but fully effaced. My mind started getting very discouraged about this point. Knowing how long I’d been going and not much was happening, and knowing it was about to get worse with the pitocin. Oh and that pesky catheter, the thought of getting that with no pain meds was weighing on my heavily. I started thinking about things and I knew I couldn’t bring myself to take any narcotics, but I might have to get the epidural. This was a very hard decision for me to make. I had prepped so much for a natural birth, and I was now having more interventions than I could count. Since I couldn’t walk around to help things along that Pitocin was definitely going to be necessary. The two good things I had going were my baby looked great on the monitor and my bag of water was still in tact. I failed to mention earlier that she was still really high up when I got to the hospital, -3 station. I finally decide to get the epidural, and came to terms with it. They tell me I’ll have it by 3:15. No way did that happen. At 3:15 they came to give me another IV of something that they wanted before the epidural, because my BP wasn’t responding to the Mag. Finally about 5ish the anesthesiologists arrive, but there is all the talk they have to go through first. About 5:30 they start, and it was taking a really long time to go in. With my relaxation techniques though they said they had never seen anyone stay so still and not flinch at all. After this I get settled and they do the cold test, and I felt everything. Yeah, it didn’t take properly. They had to do it AGAIN. It was about 6:30 by the time it was in and working. They stared pitcoin shortly after. I finally decided to try and rest. I catnapped for a while and then they came to turn me, because baby’s heart rate had gone down a little bit. The problem with this was that the epidural had taken a little better on my right side and now that I was laying on my right side my left started feeling things. I started clicking the button to release more, more often and went back to being more even. Some time passed, and I knew when I was having contractions, but it wasn’t as intense as with no epi. Finally at 9pm they check me again. Yeah I’m 3cm STILL, but -2 station and a bulging bag of water. They up the pitocin. Shortly after I start feeling lots of pressure on each contraction. After about 45 minutes of that I almost feel like I have to push, but don’t say anything because I knew I wasn’t far enough along, so I just bear through each contraction, trying to relax and let it do it’s job. I told my doula and DH that it was starting to feel like I had to push at about 10pm, because it was becoming overwhelming. We told the nurse as well. They got the Nurse Midwife to check me again. At 10:30pm, yeah I’m 8 cm all of a sudden. At this point things start getting crazy in the room, they start prepping for delivery, and I’m REALLY feeling the urge to push. More than anything I’ve ever known, and the moaning begins. The nurse knows this sound and starts hurrying the nurse midwife back, and jokes (she was really funny and great the whole time) that I better not push that baby out while she was the only one there because she’d have A LOT of paperwork. Within 10-15 minutes the nurse midwife is back and checking things again and I’m complete. She says I can push a little and my water breaks spectacularly. It went everywhere. On the next contraction I start pushing. Even though I had an epi, I was able to have full control over my pushing because with the pressure I could feel them. I wasn’t pushing for long, but at the time it felt like forever. I got to reach down and feel her head. She came out at 10:59pm. The first thing I asked was “Is she really a girl” and yes she was. She let out a wail and then calmed down pretty quickly. The cord was short so she couldn’t get past my stomach, and once it stopped pulsating DH cut it and she was brought to my chest. This is where things went wonky with me. I started losing a bit of blood, but they didn’t tell me til they had it under control. DH told me I went white. My placenta came out with 5-10 minutes. Then they started checking things over. That began a TWO HOUR repair. It hurt worse than labor. I didn’t tear in the traditional spot on my perineum. I tore up top, and inside. This was because she came out so fast. She didn’t even have a cone head. The tear up top was so bad and near my urethra it led to me having to have a catheter in until Sunday (It was Thursday night at this point). They had to take out the epi catheter for the repair, and bring in an OB because it was complex. They then had to put the new catheter in because they needed to make sure the repair “didn’t close my urethra up”. I was luckily able to keep Bronwyn (which as soon as we saw her we knew that was the right choice of name) on my chest for an hour before they took her to weigh and check. That helped me bear through the pain of the stitches. I still don’t know how many stitches were required. After the OB came and finished everything up and I was stable and had scarfed down a bite of food they took me to my recovery room where I stayed for 3 nights. She came out so fast that I couldn’t move for a bit, but it was worth it. They kept me on the mag for 24 hours after birth. She was super healthy, APGARS of 9 and 9. Bili levels later were only 8.5. She was ready to go before I was! Although nothing went as expected I got a beautiful, wonderful baby girl out of it, which I wouldn’t change for anything.

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I am finally able to get to writing up a birth story. I've just been so busy!

So Saturday night, 12/26 I tried nipple stimulation. I was getting contractions almost right away, so I'd stop the nipple stimulation. I'd get two to three good contractions, and then they'd stop. So I did that off and on for a few hours. I gave up and went to bed as they fizzled out again and my boobs were getting sore. lol.

I was just falling asleep, and about 11pm I had to get up and use the bathroom. TMI alert. I totally and completely emptied my bowels in a very short time. That made me wonder if something was up. I went and laid back down in bed and the contractions started up almost immediately. 3 minutes apart. But they weren't hard at all. And they weren't getting any harder. But when they didn't stop after 2 hours of laying down, I had a feeling they weren't going to. Being that we live an hour from the hospital, plus we had to get someone out here to watch the boys, I figured we'd better be on the safe side. The last time I went so fast.

So we got to the hospital about 3am. They checked me, I was 5cm 80% effaced (I had been 3cm 70% effaced last appt). So they kept me. Contractions started spacing out, so the doc broke my water. They picked back up, and got harder. Then, they spaced out again. At this point it was like 8am. And I was still at a 5-6cm. At this point I decided to get an epidural. I knew I was getting pitocin, I was super tired from being up all night, and didn't know how much longer I could take it.

So I got the epidural, got the pitocin, and then tried to call my son, Austin. He was at his dad's house. His dad decided that was a great time to pick a fight with me. He was being the biggest asshole. Sad I told him we could talk about it later, that this wasn't the time. But he just kept going. I got off the phone with him, was pretty upset for a short time while my mom and the nurse tried to calm me down. Shortly after that it was time to push. Even the pushing contractions were strange. One contraction would be 5 minutes in between, the next would be 2. The doc and the nurse kept commenting on how I had such a strange labor pattern.

I pushed for a while, and I could tell he was more on the left, like he wasn't coming out quite right. The doc thought he was fine though. I kept pushing, and pushing. At one point, during a break between contractions, I felt a ton of more pressure. I guess the baby was finally turning to the right position. After that he came out great! The cord was wrapped around his neck twice, but he was fine. He had quite the cone head, in a weird spot. The back of his head instead of the top.

Anyway, he was born at 10:11am, 7lbs 11oz 12 3/4 inches long.

Look at that cone head, on the back of his head instead of the typical top. And you can see how bruised it was. Sad It already looks a ton better

Here he is!

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January 28th
9:40am - went to the drs to have my membranes swipped. I was 3cm, had a bulging bag of water and the babys head was right there.

2:30 pm - Very mild timable contractions started I cleaned the house and gave Dh a haircut.

6pm - I could tell this was going to be the night! Everyone ate dinner I ate 2 pasta noodles. contrations were still mild and getting closer about every 4min

8pm - contractions picked up and I was not able to walk through them. I said to DH we should get ready to go now - I don't think he was 100% that this was it... I kept wanting to sit on the toilet thinking I had to go to the bathroom but did not. That is when I knew we had to get going.

8:30 - 8:45pm - Contractions were every 2-3 min and getting stronger - It was time to leave. Saying good bye to Dylan was so hard - I have never left him before so I was a bawling mess....and not wanting to go - then the girls were getting teary and trying to reasure me - Brittany held Dylan and he said bye and watched us leave. It was like he knew what was going to happen.

9:10 pm we got to the hospital.
I went to the desk to sign in the nurse asked can I help you I said I am here to have my baby shen sadi are you a scheduled induction? I said no I am in labor - I don't think she believed me...then I was told all the triage rooms were filled and we would have to wait in the lobby for a few min until a room became available.

9:15 pm-9:20 pm a triage room was available
Nurse was getting the basic info and I was on the monitor contractions every 2 min and I was having to hold DH's hand and breath through the contractions. (still rating them as a 5) The nurse made a comment after I mentioned to her that I had my membranes swipped that morning that, that was why I was having to breath through the ctx's .. then she checked me and I was 7cm!!! I declined the IV as I planned to do this one all nat with no meds. I also kept asking that they contact my Dr.

9:30pm - I was admitted to a L&D room
I kept asking for them to get my Dr here (she was on call ) They got a hold of her and she must have given the nurse instructions per my birth plan we had discussed. I had the best nurse who was all for a natural child birth. I also asked for the birthing ball and ice chips. The nurse helped through a few hard ctx's by holding pressure points (one pressure point was my lower back and another point was squeezing my knees) Then Dh did this w/ each contractions as well as feed me ice chips as I was on the ball. I was only on the nomitor for short periods at a time and was able to move around freely while on it This was GREAT! After she showed us those she left me and dh alone to labor together.

9:45 pm My Dr showed up I was still 7-8cm. She asked what I would like to do I requested my water be broke.

9:50 pm - Dr broke my bag of water (baby was right there my bag was thick)

10:10pm - I was checked again and was 8-9cm. Contractions were really getting strong I wanted to get back on the ball for a little while longer I could tell transition was starting...

10:20pm - I could tell the baby was close! I had a really strong ctx where you could just tell it was almost time.

10:30 pm I got into the bed to be checked and the Dr said the next contraction I could push!!
1st big push and there was his head, 2nd BIG/Long push and out came his shoulders
The Dr said reach down and grab your baby - I said I can't she gave me a look like do it...and I let go of the bed side and dh's hand and grabbed my baby under his arms (dh also helped with his hand on my hand and the babys side) one more little push and I pulled him out onto me. I rubbed him he let out his 1st cry and I kept rubbing him as he turned pink... The dr waited over 5 min to clamp his cord it def stopped pulsing and dh got to cut it. No tears! I held him and got him to nurse pretty quickly then the nurse took his vitals he got 9's on his 1st and 2nd apgars! Dh and I were able to hold him as long as we wanted we were asked to let them know when to weigh and do his vit k and eye drops. We were there for 2 hrs and finally said ok to his weight --- he was 8lbs 5oz -- 20inches -- and then he got the drops etc Dh was the one who carried him over to the scale and he helped get his measurements too.
This by far was the best birth I have ever had - Thanks to my Dr for being there and making sure things were done just right for my last baby Oh and another plus was they lifted the visiting ban on Jan 28th!!!! So the kids got to visit me and meet their baby brother on Saturday!!!

Derek Colton just born